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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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s so much concern. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this fire has been downgraded from 4 alarms down to 2. now, we're still checking to see what the status is, but they have collapsed the perimeter allowed us in a lot closer than they did before. they tell us that there is some sort of toxic lake with a lot of chemicals down there. we'll be checking that out in a little bit. but so far, this whole thing started around 12:30 a.m. this is right near zanker and old bayshore when a large commercial building with multiple industrial businesses inside caught fire. the section of the building that went up in flames is some sort of automotive painting or repair shop with 55-gallon drums filled with chemicals. when firefighters got there giant flames were shooting through the roof. they quickly went to four alarms. they sprayed water on it for more than an hour. that worked to knock down the flames but created another problem. green foamy runoff that pooled into a small lake. they don't know what's inside it but a field test shows it is very acidic. firefighters were working to block storm drains to keep it from going into the creeks and the bay. san jose fire says it was a
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tough call but had no choice but to douse the fire with water and not let it burn out. >> we're not comfortable with that option due to the other businesses and the potential that, you know, the smoke could become increasingly hazardous at that point. this was the best choice. we were well aware that we could potentially have a contaminated pool afterwards. . >> reporter: zanker road is now open in all directions. kiet do, kpix 5. more than 120 courthouses around california are at risk of partial collapse in an earthquake. that's according to state documents. and more than a dozen are here in the bay area. kpix 5's lisa chan is at one of the buildings listed at high risk at the hall of fame in san francisco. lisa. >> reporter: that's right. the hall of justice is on a list which the state calls a category 5 building which means it is likely to collapse during
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an earthquake. and risk to life is substantial. one of the leading experts on earthquakes says this means the building does not have the structural integrity to stay up and being listed as a category 5 building means a probable loss of life in a substantial earthquake. experts say buildings like this are dangerous and should be fixed now. >> these buildings are made of materials that are heavy enough that partial collapse kills people. it's not complete rubble, completely on the ground. but it's just about as bad as you can get. all those pictures we're seeing from nepal, oh, that couldn't happen to us, right? people trapped in downed buildings, that's what we're talking about here. >> reporter: the hall of justice isn't the only category 5 building in the bay area. there are four in alameda county, two in contra costa, one in napa, three in san mateo, two in solano and one in sonoma county. in fact, there is a list of 124 california courthouses in california that are listed as
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category 5 buildings that are near on on earthquake faults. lisa chan, kpix 5. thank you. what are we two weeks way from june? it feels like january or february. >> it does. we are stuck in a winter weather pattern. we'll continue to see these conditions all the way through friday. slightly warmer for the holiday. this is a view of sf where it's cloudy. probable airport delays after 6 a.m. winds are under 10 miles an hour. this afternoon west 10 to 20 miles per hour temperatures into the 50s and 60s. 10 degrees below average. we'll talk about rain, when it's going to push into the bay area but first let's check in below average with liz. we had a couple of incidents happening overnight. i got some updated information now from oakland police about this fatal crash at 2 a.m. with a big rig and car. the driver of the car was
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killed at fifth and broadway near the webster tunnel and so there are still a number of closures around 5th and washington and 6th and broadway. 880 itself actually looks okay. no big delays past the oakland coliseum. you may hit overnight roadwork, likely cleared between marina and davis. it was scheduled in both directions. you may have just seen kiet do's live report on this overnight fire at an industrial building at 441 reynolds circle. they have reopened zanker road. for a while three blocks were closed. that just reopened but there are still some closure around the fire itself. it was on 400 block of reynolds circle close to 101. no smoke or flames and no effect on the 101 or 880 main lines of the freeway. bay bridge, everything is
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clear. 5:04. federal investigators say three baggage handlers were running a marijuana operation out of the oakland airport. a video on instagram shows one suspect boasting about all the money he had made from the operation. investigators say the suspects would bring did you feel bags full of of pot through an employee entrance where they could gain entry by swiping the security badges. then they would hand the bags to another person who was already screened. a person says he has hacked into passenger plane cockpit systems while flying as a passenger. chris roberts of colorado posted online his only interest is to improve aircraft security. he told fbi agents he had identified vulnerabilities through the plane's entertainment system. he claimed on one flight he successfully commanded the system to cause one of the airplane engines to climb resulting in a lateral or sideways movement. today a special election
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runoff will be held in the east way for a state senate see -- east bay for a state senate seat. susan bonilla of concord and steve glazer of orinda have been waging a bitter expensive campaign. outside groups have spent about $7 million on the race in just the past two months. the chamber of commerce says bonilla is too close to organized labor. but opponents of glazier say he is a threat to unions. sonoma is trying to make it difficult for children to get access to tobacco. the city council approved a measure banning new businesses from selling cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and ecigarettes. according to the santa rosa "pressdemocrat" existing tobacco retailers will have to get city licenses for $246 a year. president obama is praising police in camden new jersey for their efforts to improve relations with the community and reduce crime in the process. christin ayers shows us how
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similar approaches are working here. >> reporter: when oakland's assistant police chief paul figueroa was invited to washington, dc by the white house last month, he knew he was in for a serious conversation. >> just about every day, there's some story related to policing and negative events that have taken place across the country. >> reporter: from baltimore to ferguson. but figueroa and representatives from police departments nationwide met to talk numbers like how many people are pulled over each year, what are their ethnicities? how often are police using force. and how to track and share all of that information. >> it's all about transparency. what is effective policing and what type of data is really informative to the conversation about policing in the country so that it can be as fair and equity as possible and bring about safety in the community. >> reporter: richmond police and 19 other departments around the country are sharing their data too in what authorities
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call an unprecedented show of transparency. it's a white house project that president obama was out promoting today. >> camden is showing that it can be done. i want america to show everybody around the world that it can be done. >> reporter: in oakland, figueroa says changes are already under way. in the past few weeks, reports on staffing and police stops have gone up on the city's website. this graph showing that uses of force dropped dramatically in one year from 72 in january 2014 to just 45 a year later. they may just be numbers but figueroa says this is one positive step forward. >> can we learn as a country? can we share this data look for commonality so we can be more effective agents of safety and really accept that guardianship road? >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. it is 5:08 on this tuesday. california's crippling drought pulls the plug on backyard summer fun. >> plus, starbucks is giving customers more options. the new push to turn you into a coffeehouse deejay. >> and it looks like the delays
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are picking up right now out of tracy. the altamont pass. but then it looks great once you hit the dublin interchange. we'll have your travel times for you coming up. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody! we are tracking rain and when you should expect it. plus, we are checking in with our weather watcher with fun ♪ ♪ ♪
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time check, 5:12. look at the blue and gold lights across the embarcadero. the golden state warriors play the memphis grizzlies at 6:00 at the oracle arena. we have your full forecast in four minutes. >> rockets, isn't it? >> yes, they beat the grizzlies. >> they are done. they're playing golf. come on. >> i'll get it straight by 6:00. [ laughter ] hey, a mix of snow and ice but nasa says this ice shelf in antarctica could be gone in five years! glaciers will cause sea levels to rise and throwing off our entire ecosystem! scientists think it's because there have been a series of warm summers on the antarctic peninsula. searchers are looking for bodies and aid workers are trying to help hundreds of survivors after a deadly flood
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and mud slide in colombia. at least 58 people are dead in the town of salgar after heavy rains led to bigger problems. a number of people are still missing. drought and water restrictions are prompting californians to remove their swimming pools. they cite factors including the time and the cost of maintenance and the new restrictions of refiling their backyard pools. it may not be good news for the pool industry. but it's a big boost for zl city. corporation a local family owned company that specializes in pool removal. >> we do a lot of pool removals right in that time where either people are getting ready to sell or they have just bought a house and they want it removed before they move in. >> pool removals can cost from $15,000 on up. most were bullets in the '50s
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to the '70s -- most were built in the '50s to the '70s. david letterman has two more shows. last night's guest tom hanks used the occasion to show off a selfie stick. >> you can't see it you and the audience but look at the throw on this baby. come on. look at this. and i'm going to press this button. there we are, dave. now, can i do this? [ laughter ] >> we get it up above the chin, above chin. there we go. >> aw. they look good together. hanks appeared on letterman shows starting very early in his career and tonight on letterman, dave's first-ever guest bill murray will appear with bob dylan. >> no clue who is on the final show. big secret. big surprises in store i think. liz has traffic. >> we kind of came in here with a whirlwind of information where there were a number of incidents and gosh, a fire
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overnight in san jose. that caused a number of street closures. seems like everything is kind of getting under control now and a lot of these streets are actually re-opening. so i want to focus on some of the freeways. if you are heading to san francisco, perhaps, heading to the bay bridge, the toll plaza, you can see the delays. they are in the cash lanes mostly at this time at 5:15. so no sign of any metering lights. the only thing maybe unusual is we have that high wind advisory for the bay bridge. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. it almost looks a little what is that, moisture on the camera lens right now? mist? [ laughter ] >> mist on the san mateo bridge. look at that. we have mist this morning. so that kind of popped up there in the last few minutes. we'll check in on the forecast in a few minutes with roberta. anyway, drive time fine in hayward. through the altamont pass livermore valley, just the usual delays you can see it there along the corridor not enough to jump the drive time
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to the yellow, it's still about 17 minutes from the altamont pass and 680. and they cleared that overnight roadwork through the rivers rivers. and here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge no delay out of the east bay. and mass transit also looks good so yeah, we checked in with bart. everything is systemwide no delay and ace train 1 problem- free. it's misty and drizzling all associated with a deep marine layer. hey, remember when started our weather watcher program we had like nobody waking up at this hour? we have like 11 people up this morning reporting in! they are our eyes across our microclimates so we can get a better handle on what's going on where you live. this reading is 55 degrees. that is keith rodriguez. hi, keith! he is in san leandro reporting mostly cloudy skies. how about another look this morning? how about this one over there? that's 54 degrees. that's brian. he is saying that he has a lot of mist as well in fremont. and not only do our weather
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watcher report current conditions, they also take photographs for us and for example that one right there, that's bill moon he said yesterday he was foggy all day low clouds but had a sliver of some blue skies. that's pretty much the scenario again today. thanks, bill, for submitting that photo to us. right now we are overcast looking out towards mineta international airport and levi's stadium where there are uniform temperatures. oakland with 13-mile-per-hour west winds with 56 degrees. today a repeat performance from monday. deep coastal stratus, below average temperatures and rain chances for thursday and friday. you can see the bank of low clouds and fog just hanging very tight to the coast. roughly about 3,000 feet deep is that marine layer so it's not going to scrub out anytime soon. this is a weather pattern that we're stuck in. we'll see a repeat performance again on wednesday and this area of low pressure will slide through on thursday and that's going to prompt that chance of rain showers here locally thursday into friday perhaps a lingering shower. 77 degrees at the state
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capital. a chance of a thunderstorm in the high sierra banking through yosemite. 59 today in san francisco. 67 in san jose. we should be at 76 degrees. these numbers are averaging a good 10 degrees below normal. and then, again, we have to keep our fingers crossed for that rain on thursday from that upper level disturbance. it looks like we will realize some seasonal high temperatures on saturday through the holiday on monday. oh, dodgers in town tonight. >> that's right! just two games. >> yeah. dodgers in town. 58 degrees game time. dress in layers. big night tonight. >> that's right. >> warriors. >> sportsnite. >> all right. >> warriors start first, though and we can watch it. zoo-goers in sydney are getting a first look at this little guy. take a look. it's a baby gorilla. the youngster was born last week. zookeepers still don't know if it's male or female because the mother won't let them check. staff says they don't mind waiting. they are just happy to see the baby born healthy especially
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since lowland gorillas are facing threats in the wild. starbucks announced a new partnership yesterday with spotify connecting the website's streaming music with the 10 million members of starbucks' loyalty policeman. customers will be able to listen to and shape -- lollty program. customers will be able to listen to and shape programs at the store and afterwards. it's being phasedded in this summer. why some fans are lawyering up regarding mayweather- pacquiao. the 49ers lose another defensive star. if the a's centerfielder catches a ball in center field the a's might win straight ahead. >> what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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on his quest, jack ventured far and wide. through dust, fog and rain. until he smelled something legendary. garlic herb butter. jack knew what to do. take the cowboy with him. and that's how the buttery jack came to be. our juiciest, butteriest craviest burgers ever. the new buttery jack burgers from jack in the box.
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good morning. heads up in marin county. we have a new issue now sounds like a stall but it's blocking two middle lanes just north of the golden gate bridge. we're trying to confirm whether it's before or after the waldo tunnel. sounds like it's likely before. anyway, we'll take a full check of that plus the rest of your morning drive. things starting to get a little crowded out there.
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"kcbs traffic" is all coming up. it was the most highly hyped boxing match in years. and now a lot of fight fans are demanding refunds. floyd mayweather, jr., defeated manny pacquiao in las vegas earlier this month. later it was revealed pacquiao was suffering from a shoulder injury. at least 32 class action lawsuits contend the injury should have been disclosed before the fight. good morning, everyone. the gold rush must have gone bust because the 49ers seem to be leaving left and right. yesterday justin smith hung up his cleats. the defense alignment known as the cowboy came to san francisco in 2008. in his 14 years, he missed just three games. he said wear and tear to his left shoulder made the decision easier to call it quits. astros rookie star lance mccull hard and the caped crusader ran into trouble in the second inning in his big league day boy. sogard tied the game with a
5:24 am
base hit. it was the only run allowed. a's starter drew pomeranz left in the fifth with a bad shoulder. tied at one in the sixth. lowry base hit. a's have a lead. could the bullpen hold it? george springer hammers one to the wall. look at sam trying to safety game makes the catch -- to save the game makes the catch uphill. a's snap a four-game losing streak 2-1. fan behavior philadelphia. michael franco hit his first big league home run. the lady in the bleachers starts to reach for the ball over the rail. the guy plows into her. younger and bigger. the lady's name is joyce. she is 63 years old. and she was given free front row seats to another game by a local radio station. and don't forget, i didn't forget about the warriors game tonight. our sportscast will emanate there and i'm proudly wearing
5:25 am
my colors. it's been 1976 since the warriors last went to the western conference finals. i'm not ashamed to show my loyalty to the golden state warriors. we'll see you from oracle tonight. >> you're such a home, dennis. we love it. played played. a's bottom of the 8th in houston. going back, oh, man! somehow makes that great catch. hits the wall. big win for oakland. they have lost 10 of the last 11 and boy did they need a play of the day. and they got it from mr. sam full. great play. 5:25. still to come, david letterman's run on late night television coming to an end tomorrow night. the bay area high school that's become a show fixture coming up, plus, where is this bay area pilot? he borrowed a plane then vanished over the pacific. we g
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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i'm lisa chan live at the hall of justice in san francisco. a building that's likely to collapse during an earthquake. coming up we'll tell you why the state is calling this courthouse and many others a category 5. and a roaming mountain lion putting a bay area community on high alert. what wildlife officials say it was probably doing. >> and there's still a number of street closures after an overnight fatal accident in oakland. we'll show you the hot spots to avoid coming up. rain is back in the forecast. i'll pinpoint which days you should expect it. good morning, it is
5:30 am
tuesday, may 19. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. major concerns this morning in san jose where a fire prompted hazmat teams to spring into action. kiet do is there live to explain what's happening now. kiet. >> they have collapsed the scene to the point where we are standing up wind and gotten as close to the fire as we want to get. that's because any closer and you can smell the toxic air that burns your throats even if we just go around the corner of the building here. this is that 439 reynolds circle. it looks like it's at harrow's metal finishers and the front of the building is destroyed. we have video to show you taken earlier today. this whole fire started around 12:30 this morning at a large commercial building. it has multiple businesses inside that are industrial in nature. a section of the building that caught fire apparently had 55- gallon drums filled with chemicals. the firefighters got there. giant flames were shooting through the roof. it went to four alarms.
5:31 am
they sprayed four massive streams of water on it for more than an hour. that worked to knock down the flames but created another problem green foamy runoff that pooled into a small lake. they don't know exactly what's inside but a field test shows it's very acidic. firefighters were working to block the storm drains and keeping it from running into the bay. they had no choice but to douse the fire and put the fire out. >> it's green, nasty. we have left a couple of our rigs unattended because we don't want to put our personnel in position in that area. >> reporter: about 100 firefighters who were on scene many of them who were in the so- called hot zone had to be scrubbed down and decontaminated. the cause of the fire is under investigation. dublin is telling water savers to keep it up. they are holding a public meeting tonight to talk about ways residents can continue to
5:32 am
cut back. ideas include keeping the emergency drought regulations in place through february of next year and offering more incentives for residents who do save. the city says the dublin community is doing a great job of reducing the water use by 24% and now it's time to keep on saving. yay for dublin, right? >> yeah. >> they have been extremely progressive for years. dublin is green. >> there you go. >> they were green before everybody else knew it was cool to be green. as you head out the door, look at the blue and the gold. lining the embarcadero 10,000 l.e.d. lights. i just love seeing that. go warriors. >> who are they playing tonight? >> the houston rockets. >> what time? >> 6-ish. >> go warriors! currently in the mid-50s across the board. we have a westerly at 13 in oakland. good morning, everybody. our numbers again very similar to yesterday a good 10 degrees below average. no sunshine at the beaches in the mid-50s. that marine layer is so deep it's causing drizzle around the santa clara valley also east of
5:33 am
the bay. marine layer streams all the way into brentwood barely any clearing there today at 67 degrees. 67 degrees also in santa rosa. high 60s a few low 70s to the north. full forecast coming up but first here's liz. >> back out to oakland, so i mentioned some street closures around fifth and broadway as kind of an intersection but it sounds like it's going to be on- ramps to the nimitz freeway are blocked because of the fatal overnight crash with a big rig and car that happened at 2:00 this morning. 5th street and broadway on-ramp closed use 7th instead. the main lines of the freeway still look okay between the macarthur maze downtown oakland and oakland airport. there's a live look near the coliseum. we also have a few new issues in marin county. i mentioned that problem just north of the golden gate bridge. turns out it's actually a crash northbound 101 just before the waldo tunnel blocking a middle lane. that's traffic. back to you guys. no sign of a bay area flight instructor suspected of flying off in a small plane
5:34 am
without permission. investigators say 24-year-old will mcadams took off from palo alto airport may 8. the g1,000 skyhawk was privately owned but used for instruction by mcadams flight school. they say mcadams never filed a flight plan and never made contact with air traffic controllers. >> we haven't discovered a crash site. we don't know if the plane landed somewhere. we have no records of that. no refueling that anyone has notified us about. there's absolutely been nothing. >> there has been no activity on mcadams' financial, social media or cell phone accounts. investigators say he could have flown as far as mexico. more than 100 courthouses around california could fall down in an earthquake. that's according to state documents and many are here in the bay area. kpix 5's lisa chan is at one of the those buildings listed as high risk at the hall of justice in san francisco. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning.
5:35 am
that's right. there is a list of 124 california courthouses that are being list the as category -- listed as category 5 buildings which means they could crash down in a strong earthquake. a category 5 means it is likely to partially collapse and risk to life is substantial. these buildings don't have the structural integrity to stay up and category 5 suggests a probable loss of life in a substantial earthquake. a member of an advisory committee of court facilities says the state provides $65 million a year to maintain courthouses which is barely enough to cover broken elevators and leaky roofs. but earthquake experts say that's buildings are dangerous. >> partial collapse of the building partial collapse means literally walls falling on people trapping them, killing them. >> reporter: many of the 124 courthouses are on top of or near earthquake faults in the bay area. there are 4 in alameda county. 2 in contra costa. one in napa. three in san mateo.
5:36 am
two in solano and one in sonoma county. all are listed by the state as category 5 buildings. in san francisco, at the hall of justice, lisa chance, kpix 5. game wardens captured a mountain lion right in the middle of a busy residential area of san mateo. after several sightings yesterday, authorities cornered the big cat on ninth avenue last night. they found the 90-pound cat hiding in a tree after missing the first shot department of fish and wildlife tranquilized it. a spokesman says the teenaged mountain lion probably had wandered into town looking for food and water. it was not acting aggressively. >> this is an example of that there's wildlife even in town. it's very unusual to see a lion this far downtown and we don't really have an explanation of why -- something smelled good to it last night. >> the cat was checked out and found to be healthy and
5:37 am
released back into the wild late last night near crystal springs reservoir. texas authorities have warned that animosity was growing between two rival motorcycle gangs two weeks before sunday's deadly shootout. nine bikers died in the confrontation. state department of public safety issued a bulletin on may 1 cautioning police about increasing violence. police were aware in advance of the meeting at the restaurant and now police have acknowledged firing at the bikers. it's not clear how many people were killed by police. a former atf undercover agent is not surprised as to what happened. >> it's about territory. it's about colors. it's about money. it's about hate. it's about violence. >> two of the five biker gangs involved are well known to federal authorities. the cossacks are said to be affiliated with the hell's angels. the banditos have nearly 3,000 members into a dozen countries. 170 bikers are now being held on a million dollars bail each charged with organized crime linked to capital murder.
5:38 am
"islamic state" militants invasion of ramadi iraq has led to the deaths of an estimated 500 people. isis militants reportedly searched for policemen and pro- government fighters and threw bodies in the euphrates river yesterday. responding to a call from iraq's prime minister, iranian allied shiite militiamen rushed to a military base near ramadi preparing for an attempt to retake the city. san jose city council will soon vote on giving themselves and the mayor a pay raise. here's their proposal. the mayor's valerie would go up -- salary would go up from 114 to $125,000 a year. city council members are would go up 13.6%. that's from $81,000 to $92,000 a year. sam liccardo wants to restore employee pay before taking an increase himself. berkeley says it's sugary drinks tax brought in over $100,000 in its first month. tonight a special committee will meet to figure out how to
5:39 am
spend that new money. voters approved the tax last november. it is a 1-cent per ounce tax on the distribution of most sugar- sweetened drinks. even though gas prices have increased lately, they are still down by about a dollar a gallon from a year ago. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us with some prudent ways to use that extra money. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> all right. you say americans are not doing something they used to do. what's that? >> reporter: how about spending? this is amazing! the shop till you drop out the window. energy department says average households will save about $700 on fuel bills this year. so most economists thought that americans would spend some of that money elsewhere in the economy. so far, that has not been the case. retail sales in april were flat from march. when prices drop at the pump and usually makes our moods a little better, according to the university of michigan, consumer sentiment has dropped sharply in the first half of
5:40 am
the month. >> i don't know if bay area prices are included in those numbers. we always pay a little bit higher here. what are people doing with the gas windfall? >> reporter: well, you know, some are paying down their debt. credit card balance fell by $16 billion in the 1st quarter of this year. and according to, 40% of folks are just paying bills. a quarter of us are saving or investing the extra money. 14% spending the extra money on discretionary money ongoing out or vacations. consumers account for two- thirds of economic activity. if we're not spending that could explain why the economy is stalling out this year. >> what else should we do with "extra" money? >> reporter: how about increasing your retirement plan contribution? you know what? doing so doesn't only help you plan for the future it helps you save on taxes.
5:41 am
if you're already maximizing contributions, maybe consider a roth ira or put some of the money in a college savings account. if you are a homeowner, maybe it's time to fund that project that's been calling you. if you have done everything, you're the best person in the world, go out to dinner, and maybe an economist will kiss you tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> very good. very good. all right. jill schlesinger with some great tips. thank you, jill. hillary clinton and the tech industry seem to have a growing partnership when it comes to money. according to the "washington post," out of the 11.7 million that hillary clinton has made delivering speeches, 3.2 of that came from the tech industry. it's a common thing for companies and organizations to pay public figures like clinton to speak at their events. the "washington post" says silicon valley is where she is asked to speak the most. 5:41 on this tuesday. upset with upgrades, were some people at an apartment complex say the changes are making them depressed. >> and a live look out at 880
5:42 am
right now. not looking too ba we'll have traffic and weather coming up.
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5:44 on this tuesday, may 19. a bird's-eye view at the skyline by the bay, the city of san francisco. it's going to be overcast and cool today. we have chances of rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that and when you should expect those raindrops at 48 minutes after the hour. novato has its water supply up again. a man backed a rental truck over a hydrant on school road. the water shot as high as a
5:45 am
power pole. it gushed for an hour. storage tanks supplying the hydrant lost 40% of its water. the water district filled it up on monday. here's something that could be inlet letterman's museum of the -- in david letterman's museum of hard tonight. he has two more nights left. here's hour piedmont high school has been an annual staple on letterman's program. >> piedmont bird callers, take it away, folks! [bird callings ] >> pet and human tricks. combo there. >> the bird calling contest, the piedmont high school. [ bird calls ] jay leno wanted to do his own thing and get out from under the shadow of johnny carson. >> your father was in the competition. and he appeared on the tonight show with johnny carson in 1982, is that correct? >> that's right. >> i believe we have a photograph of that event. there he is right there. [ applause ] >> what are they doing now?
5:46 am
they are old enough to have children on the show again. >> that's your dad! oh, my gosh! >> look at that. [ bird calls ] >> all of us who went on the show just agree he had everybody feel completely at ease. >> the caribbean flamingo. take it away, guys. >> it was an amazing trip. we loved the show. we got recognized in grand central station. >> i get emails every year from people all around the world are curious about what we do, why we do it how we do it. [ bird calling ] >> it was crazy. >> good luck getting in anywhere. [ laughter ] >> come on, let's everybody come out here! >> lots of fun there. tonight on the late show, letterman's first-ever guest on his nbc and cbs shows bill murray. also, musical guest bob dylan.
5:47 am
it can be seen tonight at 11:35 right here on kpix 5. and no guest announced for tomorrow night's finale. >> back to the bird calling. i have a couple of fraternity brothers who went to the carson show and said it was so much fun. we have done a couple of stories over at piedmont too. >> have you watched one of his performances? >> i have seen letterman. >> it's amazing how professional he is even during the commercial breaks. working jokes and the band constantly tuning in. >> colder than this studio. >> you have to wear a parka! >> let's check in with liz. >> you have some serious news. >> we do. chopper 5 is giving us some live pictures right now of what we have been talking about all morning. this fatal accident scene in oakland near 5th and broadway. you can see the big rig involved. you can see the car involved. this all happening shortly after 2 a.m. when the car slammed into the big rig and the driver of that car was killed. there is still a fatal accident investigation going on near the 5th and broadway intersection
5:48 am
as well as the ramp to the nimitz freeway southbound 880 at 5th. use 7th instead. also, a little farther south this map is in fremont. southbound 880 at mowry. we have another wreck there. this one just coming in. and we are already seeing some delays backed up for a good exit or so. sounds like one lane is blocked and it doesn't end there. for marin county commuters obviously the golden gate bridge looks good for now but if you are heading farther north out by the waldo tunnel just before you reach the tunnel, there's a solo car crash and it may still be blocking the middle lane. the latest tweet from "kcbs traffic" says chp is head there is now. that is your latest "kcbs" drive to work. here's roberta. time check 5:48. we are looking at overcast skies. in fact, this marine layer is about roughly 3,000 feet deep at this hour. so it's producing some condensation in the form of drizzle all the way inland at least a good 45 miles. livermore 55 and overcast. san jose, cloudy, mid-40s. hour by hour heading to the
5:49 am
city today it looks like temperatures remaining in the 50s with mostly cloudy skies. just a hint of some sunshine at 2:00 but it will be minimal at best. today very similar to yesterday. we have rain chances on thursday into friday. here it is that deck of low clouds and fog being enhanced by a series of upper level disturbances to the north. one of those disturbances wants to make tracks towards the bay area producing that rain shower on thursday. otherwise, we are stuck in this pattern until that low comes through and mixes out the low clouds and the patchy fog. 77 at the state capital today. 57 degrees in irika sargent. we have thunderstorms anticipated today in the high sierra in the late afternoon hours. sun-up making an appearance. sun goes down at 8:16. smack in between, 50s in san
5:50 am
francisco. 60s in oakland through berkeley into el cerrito. 10 degrees below average in san jose as well as in the tri- valley. may see a 70-degree reading towards the cloverdale area. otherwise, ditto wednesday. rain chances thursday lingering into friday and it looks a little bit more seasonal for the holiday weekend. frank and michelle? >> all right, roberta, thank you. some seniors in palo alto are unhappy about the new color of their apartment complex. >> they are. and at issue the dark bluish gray paint there. the seniors at the sheridan apartments say it's making them depressed. so bothered, in fact, they started a petition to have the colors changed. [ non-english language ] >> feels like it emphasizes the age of the residents a little bit like a jail almost. >> everybody that has spoken to me has only spoken to me to tell me that they thought the colors were unattractive. >> before the paint job, management asked the seniors
5:51 am
the color they like. the residents say they didn't realize the gray would be so dominant. research at ucsf may change the way women approach breast cancer screening. researchers found that not all women need extra breast cancer screenings as previously thought. previous research suggested women with dense breasts may need more checkups because it's difficult for x-rays to pass through the breast tissue. meaning a tour more could go undetected -- a tumor could go undetected. but the study says not all women with dense breasts are at risk. other factors like family history should be considered, as well. federal investigators looking into the cause of the deadly train accident on the east coast. what they you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten.
5:52 am
there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist.
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5:54 am
investigators are still trying to figure out what caused last week's deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. the fbi was on the scene yesterday to investigate whether a mark on the train's windshield was made by a bullet. they determined it was not but officials have not ruled out
5:55 am
another object may have struck the windshield before the train suddenly sped up and derailed. the crash killed 8 people and injured more than 200. a car thief who fled from police driving the wrong way on several east bay freeways is still on the loose. it started when the suspect drove the wrong way on highway 4 and then i-80. at one point he called police to say he didn't want to go back to jail and then slammed into an suv in berkeley here causing that to flip over. the driver fled after the crash and police haven't been able to catch up with him since. two san francisco police officers who arrested and shot a mentally ill woman can't be sued. that was the ruling by the u.s. supreme court yesterday. the justices say the officers did not violate the rights of teresa sheehan when they barged into her room at a group home in 2008. they shot her five times after sheehan came at them with a knife. sheehan took legal action against the officers after it happened.
5:56 am
>> we filed a lawsuit on the grounds that the city had violated the americans with disabilities act by failing to give reasonable accommodations to her on a certain stance where they knew that she was mentally impaired. >> the justices said they wouldn't take up the question every whether she should have been treated differently because the lower court hadn't fully considered it. a metallic balloon caused another power outage. 9,000 customers lost power in san francisco for several hours. the balloons hit lines in fisherman's wharf. shops and restaurants shut down early. >> we are trying to get into restaurants and we can't get in to eat so it's not good not good at all. we been into five restaurants and they are all closed. >> earlier in the month metallic balloons also caused outages at two east bay bart stations. it is 5:56 right now. a startling sight in the east bay. what health officials are saying about a big fireball above an oil refinery. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live in san jose where a four-alarm
5:57 am
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know better sleep with sleep number.
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good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 19. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. >> right now, hazmat teams are busy at the scene of a fire in north san jose. kiet do is there to explain why there's so much concern. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. we are as close as they will allow us at this point. you can see here we have the caution tape up with firefighters on scene trying to sess the situation. it is a good thing we are standing upwind from the scene because if you go around this corner, the fumes hit you like a wall. take a look at the front of the building of harrow's metal finishing at 439 reynolds circle near old bays


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