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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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our neighbor has gone from a very quiet peaceful neighborhood to a noisy one. >> reporter: it's an issue increasingly on the radar at this formerly quiet palo alto neighborhood. the near constant airplanes overhead on their way to or from sfo. >> every 10 minutes it's been more noisy. in some cases we can't carry on a conversation in our backyards. >> reporter: scott has joined several of his neighbors in filing complaints to the faa. he believes the noise is due to the fallout of the faa's next gen airport condensing the airplanes in to a narrower flight path in to the three major airports. the faa says new satellite technology allows them to fly more precisely. the downside neighbor carlos abraham says, is nonstop air traffic. >> it was like every 2 minutes there was another plane and that caught my attention.
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and i've watched for many years the planes lining up. >> reporter: but not everyone's feathers are ruffled by the noise. >> planes are going to fly overhead. it's just that simple. >> reporter: he says palo alto is midway between two major airports and he's learned to tune out the noise. >> it's just how we live here. i don't necessarily love it but it doesn't impact my life and i'm not going to let it. >> reporter: others hope to raise their voices and concerns loud enough to be heard over the airplane engines. >> if they've changed it once, they can change it again so i don't question their ability to change something like that to something less disturbing. >> obviously the lower the plane is the noisier it's going to be. according to faa they're well within their own guidelines that requires those planes to be a thousand feet above the highest obstacle. most of the planes that fly over this neighborhood are somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 feet but neighbors say that's still much
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too close for comfort and much, much too close for quiet. in palo alto, kpix 5. >> the palo alto city council is considering studying the noise issue to see if the city has been unfairly impacted by that change in the flight path. 49er ray mcdonald can't seem to clear -- to steer clear of the law. >> for the second time in a year ray mcdonald is facing these types of domestic violence charges. this time with the added charge of child endangerment. >> reporter: ray mcdonald bailed out of the santa clara county jail after his early morning arrest on suspicion of domestic violence and child endangerment charges as he searched for a cab he was tailed by cameras and reporters but said nothing about the charges. >> you said you feel misrepresented. is this one of those cases? >> no comment.
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>> reporter: santa clara police took a 911 call at 3:48 in the morning. it was from ray mcdonald's santa clara apartment. >> when officers arrived they learned a disturbance had occurred involving ray mcdonald. a female was assaulted holding a baby. and ray mcdonald had fled the scene. >> reporter: police say they found him two hours later at this home in the silver creek hills of san jose, his black bentley parked in the driveway. it's the home of recently retired 49er justin smith according to property records. police say mcdonald was cooperative and arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence and child endangerment. last year mcdonald was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence on his then-pregnant girlfriend, but charges were never filed. >> i'm not the kind of guy that would put my hands on a woman like that. >> reporter: he was also the target of a separate sexual assault allegation. mcdonald has filed a defamation suit against a woman in that case. defense attorney says mcdonald
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denies the current allegations. >> we're certainly going to get to the bottom of it and do everything we can to clear his name. >> ray mcdonald's attorney also said there was no physical contact between his client and the woman involved in this case. len ramirez kpix 5. >> just hours after mcdonald's arrest the chicago bears fired him. mcdonald only spent three months on the team. the bears issued a statement today saying, we believe in second chances. but when we fined ray we were very clear what our expectations were. if he were to remain a bear. he was not able to meet the standard and the decision was made to release him. one of the largest memorial day ceremonies in the nation was held right here in the bay area. a couple thousand people watched the flyover from the national cemetery. ryan takeo with a look at why this particular day
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marks a milestone. >> i don't want to get emotional but it brings a tear every time i think about how they gave their lives. >> reporter: every memorial day the headstones serve as marine veteran bill's painful reminder of all his brothers' loss and how close he came to a similar fate. he earned a purple heart being injured. >> when i was in vietnam i didn't think i'd be standing here today. anticipating, i really thought i'd be laying in one of these graves with a headstone. >> my brother was a patriot and he was a hero in my mind. >> reporter: kevin claire came to clean his brother kenneth's headstone, just as he's done every year since '68. kevin was in 8th grade when his 21-year-old brother died in battle. >> for me it's a healing process in my own right because i was pretty young when we buried him. >> reporter: today the healing process continued. it marks 70 years since the end of world war
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ii 50 since u.s. troops were regularly deployed in vietnam and 40 since troops left saigon. for doug stark today served as a history lesson for his two sons. at ages 6 and 3 he thinks they're old enough to understand the price of freedom. that appreciation is polar opposite from when many vietnam vets returned home. waldrup said someone threw a tomato at him when he was in uniform in the '60s. what a difference it was today. >> it means a lot to me. >> reporter: at the san francisco national cemetery, ryan takeo kpix 5. >> in alameda the uss hornet museum held a special tribute to fallen service members. the observance included a procession and a memorial wreath toss. as well as a wreath laying ceremony. dozens of people came to honor friends and family
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members who died defending our nation. >> some gave all. and this day is about those people that gave everything they had so we could have liberty. >> the hornet is one of the most decorated ships in the u.s. navy playing a big role in world war ii and vietnam. memorial day marks the busiest day of the year for the st. anthony foundation in san francisco. the dining room served upwards of 4,000 people today. approximately 20% of those are veterans. st. anthony says it's particularly busy today because other meal services are closed on memorial day. california's great america honored two world war ii veterans before the park opened this morning. a military color guard raised flags and patriotic songs were sung. no swimming in an east bay lake this memorial day. the lakes at quarry lakes regional recreation area in fremont are closed because of an algae bloom. kpix 5's john ramos on
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the green slime that spoiled all the fun. >> reporter: if the crowd was a little sparse at fremont's cory park today it might be because of all the unwanted visitors. >> it gets nasty down there. it looks pretty dirty. >> reporter: the dirt in the water of horseshoe lake is really a massive bloom of blue green algae. the tiny cells clumped together and can release toxins that can irritate skin and make people sick. so on this memorial day holiday the beach is closed and swimming is prohibited. >> would you really want to swim in it the way it looks now anyway? >> no. >> why? >> because like all the goo and ick. >> reporter: jordan came here with his family to fish, but the algae was mucking that up as well. despite having been stocked with trout just a few days ago the regulars here say the fishing is terrible. >> you think it's because of the algae? >> i think so. i've come back. this is my fourth time this
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week. >> and you've got nothing? >> nothing . >> reporter: algae has been causing a lot of problems lately. earlier this month it gave east bay mud drinking water a funny taste and smell. some fishermen here were giving up. other anglers and even a few boaters were willing to brave the green goo. while latisha came here to picnic, not to swim -- >> if i would have saw on the tv believe me, i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: even on a holiday it's the job of a tv reporter to warn people about things they weren't planning on doing anyway. >> good luck. don't jump in the water. >> reporter: and with that, my work here is done. you're welcome. in fremont john ramos, kpix 5. >> park managers believe the drought may have something to do with the algae bloom. the pipeline responsible for the oil spill is downgrading the amount of oil that flowed in
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to the ocean. the company says 101,000 gallons were released down from 105,000. so far 9500 gallons of oily water have been collected. officials started hazard safety training this afternoon for community volunteers. they will work side by side with cleanup crews beginning wednesday. the beaches in the area have been closed since last week's disaster. a santa rosa man died while scuba diving off the coast. the man was diving with a couple friends yesterday in a cove at salt point state park when he was struggling in the water. paramedic did try to give the man cpr but was unsuccessful. it's the ninth ocean-related death off the coast this spring. four of those were abalone divers. new at 6:00, the break in a cold case of a marin county nanny who disappeared in 1982. the coroner confirms bones found in fremont four years ago belong to this swedish exchange student. 21-year-old elizabeth martinson disappeared.
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she was driving a yellow volkswagon rabbit. investigators found that car with a man in oklahoma. henry lee coleman was convicted of auto theft but never charged with murder because of lack of evidence. investigators now deciding how to proceed with the case. it's not clear if coleman is still alive. an elderly couple survived on pie and rainwater for two weeks in the california dinner. sadly that rescue came too late. the husband was found dead yesterday on an indian reservation in a remote part of the county. his wife was alive and severely dehydrated. don champion reports the couple got lost trying to find a shortcut. >> reporter: in a heartbreaking post on facebook, the children confirmed the family's worst fears. the missing couple had been found but knudsen didn't survive. >> this is obviously a very unfortunate situation. >> reporter: the couple disappeared two weeks ago after they were seen leaving the valley view casino just outside of san diego.
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they were supposed to be going to their son's home in palm springs for a mother's day dinner but never made it. in an interview bedwell told investigators she and her husband got lost. >> she said they left the casino and were looking for a shortcut to get to their destination and they became lost and the vehicle became trapped on this remote road. >> reporter: atv riders found the couple in a remote area of the los coyotes indian reservation. bedwell was flown to the hospital in serious condition. >> we believe they did have some food stuffs with them. some oranges. i believe a pie or something they had recently purchased. so they had that as well as rainwater they had caught from the passing storm. >> reporter: investigators do not suspect foul play in the case. don champion, cbs news, new york. oakland police put their new protest policy to the test. >> i was scared for myself. and for the rest of the residents. >> the city's own planning
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commissioner ends up in cuffs. why she says police went too far. >> a major san francisco startup loses a key part of its business. a custom delivery. maybe you've seen it around. >> it's an obvious and expensive solution to california's drought. the city ready to bet millions on a plan that could backfire. >> san jose over the past 17 days you have spent 5 minutes in the 70s. that was yesterday. not today. a high of only 68 degrees.
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the city of oakland is cracking down on vietnam protesters and that has triggered a new round of demonstrations. city leaders
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say they are enforcing an existing ordinance which bans protests on city streets after cark. that policy has brought out protesters the past two nights. over the weekend at least nine people were arrested. 56 people were cited and released. a city official has even been caught in the crackdown. >> bottom line here, you can still protest in oakland. you can come here day or night with a permit or without one but the mayor's office says what's different is you can't get in the middle of the street after dark. we saw it this weekend. police were press ing demonstrators out of the street and on to the sidewalks. not everybody is happy about this new tactic including one city planning commissioner. >> i was scared for myself and for the rest of the residents i was with. >> reporter: oakland planning commissioner meyers was protesting in the streets this weekend with about 200 others. this photo from the east bay
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express shows her handing out gas masks to fellow demonstrators. after police announced they were going to clear the streets she said she retreated to a sidewalk but police still put handcuffs on her. >> i was grabbed by several police officers. they left the line they were holding to reach out to me and grabbed me and pulled me down to the ground. >> not a new policy. we're making better utilization of our existing policy. you can say it is a new approach. >> i can understand the mayor's concern for vandalism for broken windows for businesses having to shut down temporarily but the reason we're marching in the streets is to highlight the larger issues. there are concerns about what's happening loss of lives of black folks nationally and locally. if that shuts down the business for a couple days or ends up in a broken window, there's important issues we need to continue to raise. >> is it important as a city official to be out there on the
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streets participating in demonstration? >> i'm a planning commissioner but before i was a planning commissioner and as i continue to be, i'm a resident of this city, a neighbor to this community, and part of being a good resident, a good neighbor, is to stand in solidarity with those speaking out against injustice and who want to make sure their constitutional rights are upheld. >> the police are not elaborating on their actual tactics on the street in the middle of the demonstrations but we can tell you what we observed this weekend. we saw the police had plenty of officers, not just from the city but surrounding agencies so they were able to do maneuvers such as incircling the demonstrators then effecting mass arrests. we know there's another demonstration planned tonight for 9 p.m. the demonstrators have told us they're going to be bringing out more numbers of demonstrators. we'll see if the police are able to match those numbers and continue those tactics. joe vazquez, kpix 5. you amazing say an unholy
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thief has struck in castro valley. a bronze statue of jesus was snatched from a church. the statue was on a across outside the church. a parishioner noticed it missing wednesday morning. the pastor of the church is stunned. he thinks the thief may be trying to sell the bronze for scrap metal. another strange theft this one in san francisco. a man reported someone stole his pup cycle. we asked cate cauguiran to find out what exactly is a pup cycle? >> it's a custom delivery bike for a san francisco startup. we're at 23rd and folsom. it's a custom built bike worth about $5,000. it was stolen from owner larry banes' glen park home on arlington street last friday. the thief cut through two locks to get it. the pupcycle is used to deliver
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special dog treats through his business. larry says this is a big blow for the small startup and its absence has already affected his business. >> it's just gut-wrenching. it was like a black hole. then to go down all and see just a cable cut and the cover pushed off to the side was pretty sad. >> without the pupcycle larry has been forced to rent or borrow cars from friends to make his deliveries. larry says he does have insurance but does not know how much or if it will cover this at all. larry has been getting overwhelming support online. if you want to help donate or if you spot the pupcycle e-mail him at cate cauguiran, kpix 5. dangerous surf this memorial day on the southern california coast. a southerly swell is bringing strong rip currents from san diego to
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oxnard. the most intense swells were expected to hit today. lifeguards are warning memorial day beach-goers to be careful. >> at least our cold foggy weather, people won't go in the water. >> that's not happening here. >> too cold. >> it's about 56 degrees at the beach for a high. so yeah. beach day, beach day. probably backyard might be a better choice. in arizona. [ laughter ] here's what we have going on. you have to go all the way up to lakeport hit 80 today. santa clara hit 72. concord officially 71 at buchanan field. san rafael, only 67. fremont, only 65. and san francisco 59 degrees. we cannot see the top of the golden gate bridge. it's going to happen. i showed you this the first couple days of may figuring something is going to correct itself. we will end up may being colder than january. the average high in january in san francisco is 61.9
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degrees. 25 days in to the month of may we are running out of days to correct this. the average high has been 60.6 degrees. it's not even close. january more than a degree warmer in the afternoon than the month of may. that's because we have the onshore flow. we sit next to a very chilly ocean at least where we are and the flow coming off the ocean has been persistent for 24 consecutive days. you know what else has been consistent? all of this stormy weather. see how many rain delays the colorado rockies have had? or rain-outs? impacting the giants last week. this big trough of low pressure will not move east which will not allow this ridge to move east. that's the problem because we're kind of backed up in the atmosphere and we'll stay that way for two more days. flow from the ocean continues. cloudy drizzly in the morning. quite breezy in the afternoon. thursday the ridge gets close enough to limit the ocean influence. when the sun comes
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out, it gets warm if you don't have the onshore flow and by thursday we will not. livermore, 75. oakland, 65. but san francisco only 61 degrees. so what happens thursday? we hit 80 inland. close to 70 near the bay and gets even warmer on saturday and sunday before we cool down once a again. this has been a long stretch, 24 days we'll finally see an end to the super cold air by thursday. >> that will feel good. >> then you can go to the beach. >> then go to the beach where it will be about 62. but the water still cold. how about the high tech plan for an old bay area eyesore? >> and a four-hour wait for a cup of coffee. the bay area success story now sparking we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit
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and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
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an oakland landmark is getting a facelift and could be home to a huge tech company. the tech twist in store for the
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sears building. >> instead of just using their imagination or 2d renderings, possible tenants can use this. this 3d virtual reality head set that puts them right in the middle of a finished space. >> as you put these on, you're looking inside of a 360-degree environment of the space i'm sitting in. >> reporter: the space is uptown station and the head set is bringing it to life. no imagination required. just high tech. >> when you've got an old building like this and it's stripped down to the bare bones you need the best toy you can. >> reporter: this is what it looks like without the head set. >> basically fell in to disrepair over a number of years. >> reporter: workers are gutting the place and it's hard to picture the possibilities. an old school 2d rendering can't cut it. developer of lane partners wanted a wow factor to woo tech titans, allow ing them to quite literally see the light. >> they'll be cutting a huge
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light well going up to the entire building. you obviously can't see that in the dark unfinished space but what i'm seeing in my goggles is a completely filtered light atrium. >> reporter: it takes you through the six floors of office space above. as google seen through these goggles developers won't say but the biggest brands are showing interest all seeing the future of this eyesore thanks to a high tech pair of eyes. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> uptown station set to open in 2017. a bay area coffee hot spot is now creating a frenzy overseas. people in tokyo are waiting in line up to four hours to get blue bottle coffee. the first shop opened in japan in february. this is the first time blue bottle has expanded overseas. the company began in oakland in 2002 and now operates 17 cafes in the bay area as well as stores in new york and los
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angeles. last year blue bottle raised nearly $26 million to expand in to new markets. four hours. >> if i wait four hours for a cup of coffee, it's not going to be pretty. coming up in our next half hour the answer to our drought may be sitting in plain sight. but it comes with a $40 million price tag to start it up. the pros and cons of this expensive solution. >> oh, my god oh, my god. >> cars and homes swept away. record rains un leashed dangerous flooding in the south. the dramatic rescues and search for survivors. >> fighter jets scramble in to action. why the
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now at 6:30, a scramble across the state to save water but tonight one city is betting
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big on a solution sitting in plain sight. in this historic drought you can't help but notice california has plenty of salty ocean water. >> the problem is extracting that salt is very expensive. but one town is about to pay that price. >> reporter: opening these doors is like opening a time capsule. the computers with dual floppy drives say it all. >> this was built in response to the last drought. >> reporter: the desalization drought only ran for a few months. now we're in a record drought and desperate. >> it's tough because it's expensive and a big project. >> reporter: expensive as in $40 million to retrofit the plant. >> but you know what, no water is a lot worse than expensive water. >> reporter: the goal would be that the plant provide 30% of the city's water supply by fall of next year. ratepayers they'd see their bills go up $20 to $30 a month. >> reporter: part --
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>> part of the challenge is water has been too cheap. maybe the value of the water isn't appropriately priced. >> reporter: not everybody is sold on de-sal. >> the santa barbara channel is a very rich marine echo system. >> reporter: channel keeper says besides the brine that's discharged, the intake would harm marine life. the group would rather it be buried. >> if we were to have a subsurface intake which minimizes that mortality of marine life here in santa barbara, we'd be a lot less unhappy with it. >> reporter: the city believes it would do environmental damage. its plan is to replace the filter screen at the end of the pipe to prevent all but the smallest particles from enter ing the pipeline. >> in addition to $40 million to start up the plant it's going to cost $5 million a year to operate it. the city hopes to award a construction contract
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next month. san quentin is on the verge of running out of space for its condemned inmates. the governor asked the legislation for $3 million to open up 100 more cells for death row prisoners. there have been no executions in california since courts ruled against the injection method in 2006 and the death row population keeps on growing. currently 25 inmates over capacity and the prison expects to get 20 more each year. people in texas and oklahoma are trying to stay safe and dry tonight after days of heavy rainfall caused major flooding. >> oh, my god. stop, stop. >> this suv was swept away by the fast moving water. he survived but the storm is now blamed for three deaths and 12 people are missing from a washed out vacation home. reporter henna daniels has more from the flood zone. >> this is the highest flood that we've ever had. >> reporter: the governor of texas toured the introduction in
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san marcos following days of relentless rain. the torrential downpours pushed homes off their foundations and left roads underwater. rescue crews are searching for at least 12 people still missing after the blanco river overflowed from its banks. some of the worst flooding happened in wimberly where hundreds of homes were destroyed. >> it's a devastated area and it's concerning for us with so many structures being missing. >> reporter: often a kayaker was almost swept away by the san gabriel river but bystanders pulled him to safety. the severe weather also pommeled oklahoma. two people were killed including a firefighter who was sucked in to a drainpipe. >> he's our hero. that's for sure. >> reporter: and in arkansas the fast moving water caught several campers off guard. crews rescued them from the hood of a truck. on this memorial day federal officials are investigating several threats
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made against major airlines. an air france plane was escorted by two u.s. military jets as it came in for a landing at new york's jfk airport. an anonymous caller claimed there was a chemical weapon onboard. nothing was found. united and american airlines also received bogus threats. a scary moment when a child's bounce house goes airborne. [ screaming ] >> kids inside sent flying. the wild weather phenomenon that caused this beach disaster. >> calls for a memorial day boycott. the t-shirt that's become a my name is marcus jenkins. i'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home.
6:37 pm
oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
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a scary scene this memorial day at a beach in florida. a bounce house went flying with children inside. three children were injured as the bounce house flew up in to the air in fort lauderdale. it happened when a waterspout came on shore. it flipped the bounce house and then launched it 20 feet in to
6:39 pm
the air. it landed in a nearby parking lot. authorities say the children dropped out of the house in to the sand. one of them has serious injuries. >> horrible. a t-shirt that's being sold at pacsun isn't making too many people happy this memorial day. here's why. the shirt has a picture of the u.s. flag upside down a signal of distress. according to the u.s. flag code, the flag is only to be flown this way in cases of extreme danger. pacsun's facebook page littered with angry comments about the t-shirts. many people saying they will never shop there again. pacsun has yet to comment on the controversy. memorial day. it's another day at the beach. the unofficial start of summer and i'm sitting in the coldest spot in the continental united states. need i say more? i'm gonna, coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, guess who the as played against today? >> i do wish we could chat
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longer but i'm having an old friend for dinner. >> meanwhile a giant pays a visit to his old friend. what is a memorial day without the catch of the day? >> pulled out of school and kicked off the job. tonight hear from the man who is successfully turning his life around thanks to a bay area program.
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our top stories tonight former 49er ray mcdonald found himself back behind bars this morning. he was arrested on domestic violence and child endangerment charges in san jose. the chicago bears fired him just hours later. mcdonald posted bail and was released a couple hours ago. the city of oakland is bracing for another night of protest. demonstrators are upset the city is enforcing an existing ordinance. it bans people from protesting on city streets after dark. several people were arrested over the weekend as part of the crackdown. toxic algae taking over in east bay lake. it closed for swimming through wednesday. the algae bloom is made worse from the drought. many people were probably
6:44 pm
bundling up for their memorial day barbecue. >> kpix 5's mike sugerman had to gear up for this report. >> i'm drinking coffee this morning, reading the newspaper. yes, i do still read the newspaper. and i see the san francisco it temperature is the coldest in the continental united states. >> oh, that's hard to believe. i can think there's probably many places much colder. >> name one. >> this is classic san francisco. >> name a place you think is colder. >> bismarck, north dakota. >> is it warmer in bismarck or san francisco? >> it's actually warmer in bismarck. it got around 78 degrees here today. >> see. and i live right in the buckle of san francisco's smog belt. so i'm even colder than the rest of the city. >> roberta why is it so freakin' cold at my house? >> it's all because of a very deep marine layer. >> can you do something about it? >> no. that's why we usually get june gloom. we have may gray.
6:45 pm
>> may gray. great. quick in to the weathermobile. memorial day beach day in many parts of the country except here, it's 57 degrees with a wind gust averaging at 11 miles per hour so the feels like temperature is a lot colder. really? >> yes really, sir. are you cold? do some pushups. want to do some with me? >> still cold. >> reporter: there's a line for ice cream. it's 55 degrees. >> i was born in san francisco. it's easy. >> do you ever get used to this? >> of course. i'm used to it now. the sun is out. have one of these. >> all right. thank you. >> reporter: this looks like the traditional start of summer vacation. this does not.
6:46 pm
even for a native san franciscan, this is not typical. as roberta said it's may gray. mike sugerman kpix 5. >> is it me or is mike sugerman always barbecuing like in all his stories? or eating. >> usually smoking a cigar. i don't know about you but i want ice cream. that ice cream looked really, really good. it has been colder than average for the entire bay area, like 3 to 7 degrees colder than average for the entire month in the kpix 5 weather watchers say yes it is chilly outside. 54. it's actually cold er than mike's report. 54 degrees along the coastline in pacifica. we have lindsey patton reporting in cloudy skies. we have to go all the way out toward the delta and brentwood, paul smith reporting in 76 degreesism even that -- 76 degrees. that is colder than average. what's going on rest of the western hemisphere?
6:47 pm
the earth is warming up. we're going in the wrong direction. it is officially 56 in san francisco. oakland, 58. san bruno, 59 . 24 straight afternoons cooler than average. we'll make it to 26 before things change. what we've had is several straight days in the sierra of thunderstorms. we had had them around tahoe on saturday and sunday. now on memorial day they're farther north. a few showers for redding and mt. shasta as well. overnight we drop down in to the 50s. the trivalley you'll be cloudy tomorrow morning as kids head back to school. napa 50. mountainview 52. for 24 straight days there has been a ridge of high pressure but it's not over us, it's way off to the rest. northwest flow of air. from the chilly ocean we live next to the world's largest refrigerator and the flow is coming from that refrigerator and has been for the past three and a half weeks and continues
6:48 pm
to be stormy off to the east. denver colorado. rain for 20 of the past 24 days. that ridge of high pressure stays bashful. it stays away from us for the next couple days. tomorrow and wednesday, not that much of a difference. perhaps a couple degrees milder. you'll notice the change coming up thursday. that's when the ridge does move closer limiting the ocean influence. as that high gets closer we'll get warmer. 80 degrees inland for the first time in nearly four weeks. that will happen on thursday. the warmup begins later on this week. next couple days cooler and cloudier. the sunniest and warmest days will be on friday and saturday. hang on 30 seconds for the 7-day forecast. tomorrow back to work. concord, san jose, low 70s. still below average. sunnyvale, 72. san mutt ai -- -san mateo, 64. 61 chilly and foggy again in san francisco. oakland at 65. novato, 70. you want to get warm? lake county. that's been the warm spot.
6:49 pm
low 80s. extended forecast. look at thursday. there's a change. close to 70 near the bay. warmest days will be near friday and saturday. onshore flow is not going that far away. by sunday and monday, cooler and cloudier once again. ta
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ook. so the arks -- okay. so the as are off to a horrible start. the as have been in a downward spiral. as win 59% of their games in two and a half games with cespedes. but since that trade oakland's winning percentage down to 38%. cespedes gets a standing ovation and a hug from former teammate josh reddick. there are three certainties in life. death, taxis, errors by the as confidence. three more today including another by marcus semyon who leads the majors. he would redeem himself. helps jesse hahn escape the jam in the 5th. scoreless in the 6th when the as broke through. reddick scores. part of a four-run inning for the green and gold.
6:53 pm
that was plenty for that man. jesse hahn. excellent. hahn struck out five four hit shutout. his first complete career game that he throws a complete game. they win three straight for the first time this season. last october remember this? travis ishikawa on top of the world. walk-off home run to send the giants to the world series. seven months later he's been designated for assignment placed on waivers which means any team could claim him. his career in san francisco could be at an end. giants in milwaukee. that guy lost a bet. davis off chris lincecum. his fourth of the year. he's ruled out. now here comes milwaukee manager craig
6:54 pm
council. the umps changed the call back to a home run. davis can breathe a sigh of relief. imagine that, you hit a home run, you don't step on the plate. 3rd inning, davis again off lincecum again. watch this. you think he'd touch home plate? no re play play needed. the bats woke up. matt duffy lines a base hit to center. carlos lopez would misplay it allowing brandon belt to play. duffy now third on the team with 20 runs batted in. aoki enjoyed his return to milwaukee. former brewer 4-4. he's now hitting .485 over the last 10 days. the giants scored seven runs in the 6th to come back to beat the brew crew 8-4. like this story. the cal baseball team back in the ncaa tournament for the first time since they made the world series in 2011. they'll open up with coastal carolina friday morning.
6:55 pm
for the head coach just getting to the playoffs is satisfying after the program was on life support just four years ago. >> there's at times 75% of our program has been affected by the cut. you like to not make excuses but it's affected us in depth and maybe in performance in some senses. i knew it was going to be a difficult road back. that being said, it was a lot harder than i thought. that's why i'm as proud of this team as any team i've ever coached. at the french open another quick stay taking on sloane stephens who seemed to have an answer for every shot venus hit her way. she knocked off williams in straight set. the second time in three years venus has lost in the opening round. this photo sent to us by
6:56 pm
joyce cor del breckenridge that wanted to show off the striped bass her grandson caught. according to joyce, her grandson has, quote mad skills when it comes to fishing. you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures to allen, apparently you had something. >> allen just got back from fishing. >> did you catch one on a fly rod? >> a trout. >> such a big photo. i'll have that on this week on the catch of the day. >> warriors tonight at 11:00. >> have a good night. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, let's go. win that money this time. let's go. good. thank y'all very much. thank you now. i appreciate you. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from cross plains, tennessee it's the thomas family. and from arlington, texas, it's the mckissic family. everybody's here--listen-- trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, stylish ford fusion hybrid right there.
7:00 pm
let's play "feud," everybody. give me j.e. give me kristin. >> let's go, buddy. steve: guys, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 married women. many women are pear-shaped. what fruit is your husband shaped like? kristin. >> a hotdog. steve: a hotdog. >> i'm gonna go with banana. steve: a banana. >> play, play. >> we gonna play. steve: they gonna play. hey, carla. how you doing? >> hi. i'm good. steve: good. what do you do? >> i'm


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