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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, it goes to overtime. the warriors squeak by. king james and the cavs. >> christin ayers and dennis o'donnell are at oracle arena. christin, what a game! >> reporter: what a game. >> the bottom line is lebron james had the basketball in his hand with a chance to win it but it couldn't go in. >> reporter: didn't come true. that's what i talked about with warriors fans tonight. the warriors dominated overtime. cavaliers cavaliers went out with a whimper during ot.
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let me tell you what the warriors fans have to say about all that. >> they rock man. >> they are awesome. >> what is your prediction? how many? >> [ unintelligible ] [ screaming ] >> we are going to win in five. that's it. we are going to take it. >> yeah! warriors! >> just three more to go and we win it all. first time in 40 years, let's go. >> yeah! [ speaking spanish ] [ screaming ] >> reporter: the fans were hyped up tonight. warriors in four, warriors in five. they had all these predictions. one thing they agree on, it will be the warriors at the end of the day. >> reporter: historically speaking, the game who wins game one of the nba finals ends
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up winning 70% of the time. so good omen for the warriors. the game is still tied. the cavs hold for the final jump shot. shumpert's nearly goes in. that is when the lights go out on cleveland. harrison barnes gives the warriors a seven point lead. they out-score the cavs by 8 in overtime and win 108-100. >> this is what we dream of. to play in the finals, to coach in the finals, to be part of two great teams. the crowd was fantastic. it is obviously more fun to win wan it is to lose. but to be part of it, to feel it, i think all our players are
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excited about what is ahead here the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: what's ahead, not only did they lose a game. they may have lost a player. we will have that coming up a little later on in sports. but so far so good for the warriors. they are off to a winning start. >> reporter: back to you. >> you can almost feel it. almost feel it starting to roll. thanks dennis and christin. check out steph curry's pregame ritual with daughter riley. pretty cute. they both pound on her check. he kisses her finger, then a quick peck and then he is off to play ball. fans were on edge for this nail- biter. the crowds in downtown san jose were hanging on every shot. for most of them, this is a whole new experience. warriors haven't played in the nba finals since 1975. >> i'm super excited. it has never been like this.
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it's amazing. i can't even describe it. >> i'm not surprised. i have had a great year. and the coach is doing a great job. and they have the best man. >> continuing coverage of the nba finals on including 140,000 ticket prizes. >> wow. also in the news tonight, hackers strike again. this time, the target is huge. tonight, u.s. officials say this could be the biggest breach ever of a u.s. government's networks. betty yu with who got hit. betty? >> reporter: ken, essentially, the hr department for the federal government was breached. the fbi is now investigating what exactly led to the attack in april. >> this is scary many levels.
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it could be personal information to access someone's account or potentially steal their identity. >> reporter: cyber security expert eric says the info creates a target for them. the hack hit 4 million current and cormer employees. information that could be used to blackmail employees with classified information. in a statement, the fbi said we take all potential threats to public and private sector systems seriously. we will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyber space. >> these attacks are getting more sophisticated and the attackers themselves are getting smarter. >> reporter: a new government security system known as einstein was used to confirm this latest hack but it is not clear why it didn't attack the
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breach sooner. >> companies and organizations need to put security as the top priority. >> this comes on the heels of another big attack just last week. the irs was hacked. in this latest case, it is possible millions more government employees may be impacted. ken? >> all right, betty yu, thank you for that. a one-year-old child was hospitalled in serious condition after being found in a pool. neighbors found the child in a concord pool. they performed cpr to try to save the child when the fire department got there. police are trying to figure out how the child got in the pool. tonight, police are looking for the man responsible for a hit and run in santa clara. this is surveillance video. it happened last saturday morning in the parking lot of the kaiser permanente medical center. a dark colored suv hits an 8 #- year-old man. the suspect goes inside the hospital, returns to his car,
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makes the u-turn and takes off. justice delayed for hundreds of rape victims here in the bay area. andria borba explains why. >> reporter: it seems like a no brainer. >> we want to get to the point where there will never be another untested rape kit in the nation. >> reporter: the da's office wanted to apply for a pair of $2 million grants but needed the police department to sign on. >> my first response was to say it has been done. >> reporter: in december, the police tested and cleared a backlog of 700 cases dating back a decade. there are more dating back to the 70s but the files are a dig organized mess and his crime lab trying to fix massive problems can't handle the cases until they are all sorted. >> you want all that money to go toward the testing of the kits. not toward administrative overhead. so, when we get to that, we
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will apply for a grant or use general fund because it is a priority for us. >> i don't have the people to do those and the district attorney doesn't have scientists to do it either. >> reporter: gascon says the grant comes with discounted lab time. >> some of the older kits may be faulty. but that is not a reason not to cry. >> reporter: it is unknown how many untested rape kits there are because the recording are so spotty. andria borba, kpix5. tonight, another child is claiming a science camp employee known as papa bear molested him. the first allegations came up last month against edgar covarrubi ah s. he is charged with molestation and making child pornography. the attorney for the boy in
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this new case say it is child was having problems after coming home from the walden west camp in saratoga. he appeared to recover, but then he saw his picture on the news. >> he said that's papa bear and he regressed to the same level of discontent. being unhappy, angry, defiant, sullen. not ready to carry on a conversation with anyone. and, that's when mom and dad said uh-oh. >> there may be other cases out there. investigators say they are talking right now to about 30 children. bay area high school students in tears because of a yearbook prank. now all the yearbooks are being recalled. da lin on the innocent sounding words some call racist. >> reporter: it wasn't the grammatic errors or the spelling. it was the comment about trash collectors that angered and put some students in tears.
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>> people are ignorant and disrespectful. when will it stop? it is hurtful. >> reporter: berkeley high has several small schools within it. in the yearbook, someone wrote the academy of medicine and public service is a small learning community focused on medicine, making our future doctors, dentists, nurses, physicians, fire chiefs, and trash collectors of tomorrow. someone replaced the word insacramento innovators with trash collectors. >> it was a prank. >> reporter: many students don't find it funny. the academy better known as amps is made up of 80% black and hispanic students. >> i feel like it was a way of trying to attack colored people. >> it is not so much the occupation, but the poison and the intent behind it. >> reporter: many students say they are fed up for people labeling them. >> i have to fight so hard
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everyday because of the color of my skin. no matter how successful we become, we are not ... we are seen as less. that is not okay. >> reporter: close to 200 books were distributed. many of those books have been returned to the schools. they will cover the existing comment with the sticker with the correct information. i'm da lin, kpix5. coming up, inside the rare transplant chain taking place in the bay area right now. 18 operations and it all started with a couple of strangers. >> too drunk to drive? the new test that may be coming to cars. it can tell with just a push of a button. >> tonight, the drone invasion at the golden gate bridge. one of them has even crashed. >> plus, why the warriors say a ten-year-old girl from san jose is their good lu
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>> tonight, bay area doctors are about halfway through a marathon surgery chain. sharon, in the en, nine different lives hopefully will be saved. this is amazing. >> reporter: it certainly is. so far, no reports of complications. all of the patients are doing fine. doctors showed us how it is going. reed haywood began the chain when doctors at the university of california san francisco removed his kidney. and carefully transported it to a recipient at california pacific medical center.
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the unusual nine way swap thanks to a partnership between the two hospitals and software programs connecting compatible patients with donors. >> the larger the choices you have, potentially, the more transplants you can get done. >> reporter: one is a husband and wife. he isn't a match to hers, so he donated to someone else and she is paired with a compatible donor. but it started with reed. a donor from napa who tried to donate to a friend last fall. >> i donated to someone i don't know. >> reporter: in san francisco, more than 7,000 patients wait for a kidney transplant. they comprise nearly 40% of california's waiting list and 7% of the nation's. some wait as long as eight years. doctors hope their pip serves as a model for the nation. >> and by getting those patients off the list, we are giving other patients the opportunity to go up the list.
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>> reporter: five kidney transplants happened today in ten surgeries. the remaining four transplants are set for tomorrow. and again, the hospitals report that everyone is doing well tonight. >> yeah. when do these guys sleep? they work all night. >> reporter: really, i think they went from 7:30 to 4:00 today and they will resuming 7:30 tomorrow morning. >> amazing. technology at its best. thank you sharon. >> sure. >> reporter: it is called the seat belt of our generation. an alcohol measurement system, a touch system on the ignition reads blood alcohol levels below the skin's surface while a sensor above defects alcohol in the breath. if the driver's alcohol level is above .08, the car won't start. >> it is estimated it could be in the range of 59,000 lives, over 15 years.
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and up to $343 billion in costs to our society. >> the american beverage institute released a statement saying new technology should focus on repeat offenders. every time they start their cars. engineers hope an option will be available for new car buyers in five to ten years. chances are good someone you know owns a drone. this year, 400,000 drones were expected to be sold just in the u.s. sure, they can shoot cool pictures, fly around, do whatever. but as john blackstone reports, they also pose a big safety risk. >> and there we go. >> reporter: as drones become less expensive and more sophisticated, those who fly them are becoming more adventurous. with its elegant lines and dramatic location, the golden gate bridge has become a favorite destination. even on a foggy day, a drone pilot can get a clear view. but not all pilots are equally
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skilled. >> recently, we had a drone crash on the bridge. it crashed on the roadway. people are flying them in busy places where they have no business flying them. >> reporter: dennis mulligan, general manager of the golden gate bridge worries about safety and security. drones have been flying over, under, and even through the bridge. he is pleading for a federal drone safety act that will limit where drones can operate. >> you really have no regulatory framework that says you can't do that. it is like the wild west right now. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration is developing rules for the commercial use of drones. but for those flying as a hobby, the only restrictions are to stay below 400 feet and at least five miles from an airport. is it right to say the golden gate bridge is off limits to drones? >> an outright ban is not the right solution. >> reporter: justin uses drones
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in his business making real estate videos of homes for sale. >> it is amazing. it is like having a tripod in the sky. >> reporter: he worries that regulation of drones could damage a young industry just beginning to show potential. >> when a technology is new, sometimes, it is good to, you know, let the reigns out a little bit within reason. >> reporter: bridge workers here actually have their own drone for maintenance inspections but they would prefer that visitors stay earthbound, at least until the faa works out the rules for drones. after all, the view from down here is pretty good anyway. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> certainly is. well, want to get away? good news tonight. southwest airlines just extended its nationwide fare sale by an extra day after the website got bogged down by so many new bookings. travelers have until midnight friday. some flights are as cheap as $49. >> nice. i guess cleveland has to take one of those flight to get home. >> after game two, hopefully
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down 2-0 coming up after sunday. coit tower lit up for the dubs tonight. and clear skies behind coit tower. neighbor the exhale of all the warriors fans pushed all the fog back out to sea. we are mainly clear in san francisco. we will start the day off tomorrow, your friday, in the 50s . san francisco, 53. santa rosa, 52. we have not been hot so far this year. 90-degree readings have entered my forecast. low pressure, that sounds like the opposite of what it should be. low pressure mixed out the marine layer and gave us a decent amount of sunshine and numerous thunderstorms in the sierra. more than half an inch of rainfall in heavenly. thunderstorms continue in the higher elevations but all the tropical moisture stays away from us. arizona may get rainfall tomorrow, but nothing for the bay area. that rain chance is gone. what has entered the forecast, the hot stuff, a ridge of hot pressure building but it is
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building to the north. where it centers itself is king. we are getting an east wind coming off the land. not the chilly pacific motion ocean. the ocean is still cold. mountain thunderstorms tomorrow, saturday, sunday, heading to tahoe, lit be stormy, summer pattern taking shape. nice and toasty inland. that begins next week. tomorrow, we are still below average. concord 76. san jose, 74. union city, 69. mid to upper 70s . pleasant hill, san ramon, fairfield. highs in the low 60s for san francisco the warm stuff begins in lake port. weekend, 70s inland. 60ed near the bay. next week, changes. how about 90 degrees? >> yeah. >> we get there, one of the holtest days since last october. >> wow, it will feel really good though. >> it will feel great for a change because it was so chilly in may. >> thank you paul. coming up,
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>> safe to say one of the warriors' good luck charms did not disappoint tonight. >> she was wonderfulful. the team brought in 10-year-old nyah of san jose to sing the national anthem before game one ♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light, what so proudly ♪ >> wow. >> she had sung before. at least three big games for the warriors. every time, the team has won. >> she is their good luck charm. she has such poise and elegance. she was great. >> dennis, you heard her sing. saw her pay off with a win. the warriors had nothing to do with it right? >> reporter: no, i would give full credit to her, absolutely. ken. the cavaliers lost the game. they may have lost a lot more. we will show you the injury and we will take you inside the locker room in just a mo
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>> dennis o'donnell has tonight's sports report from the oracle arena. dennis? >> reporter: that's right ken. lebron james scored 44 point to night. that's a finals career high for him.
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but he still had a major fight on his hands against the warriors in game one. here is how it came down. cleveland racing down to a 14 point first half lead. but steph curry featured in the warriors come back. james effective almost the entire game. four-point lead after that jump shot. tied at 96-96. curry works free of the defense. give it is warriors are two- point lead. the cavaliers tie it at the free-throw line. and then, 29 seconds left, curry looks to have a wide open layup. but kyrie irving saves the day with the block. and the game was still tied. so the cavaliers hold for the final shot. lebron. iman shumpert's put back almost went in. irving makes it a nice move, but reinjures his left knee in the process. he left oracle tonight on crutches. the warriors go for the throw.
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the warriors get a seven point lead. they outscore the cavaliers by eight in overtime and they win 108-100. >> lebron only had six assists. what do you think went into stopping him from facilitating? >> well, he did have 44 points. [ laughter ] >> we all have to be better including myself. i don't think i was great. >> what was the feeling at the end of regulation? >> we had andre who is a great defender. i had faith he would come up with a shot. >> he beat us at home, and in the regular season. so, you kind of get a feel for guys, what they want to do. >> reporter: okay, as and tigers, jesse hahn allowed a run. got support in the 2nd inning. one ripped into the gap. two run score and the as win 7-
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5. they sweep the tigers. hahn allowed just one run in 16 innings against detroit this season. all good news. for the as , the warriors, and even the giants met the president in the white house. warriors up one game, ken. and we are off to an awfully good start. elizabeth? >> off and running. good work. we'll be right ba sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving.
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