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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. oh, so close! steph curry shaking his head at how game three ended tonight. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. liz has the night off. >> i'm ken bastida. and we have team coverage tonight starting with dennis o'donnell who is live in cleveland. dennis, major disappointment in the dub nation tonight. >> reporter: yeah, there is no doubt about it ken. you know, in the first two games of this series, they went to overtime. that had never happened in the nba. but, did not happen tonight, but game three was just as thrilling. here is how came down as
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golden state had a bad start. in the fourth, steph curry knocked down one from downtown. the warriors within one. he had 27. the finals unsung hero matthew dellavedova continued his brilliance. this runner in the lane, the foul, boosting the lead back to four. dellavedova fell on countless loose balls on the floor and played excellent defense. cavaliers take a 2-1 lead in the series. >> are you pleased with the level of energy that you guys d to the entire game? >> the pressure is a 5.13. [ laughter ] i don't know. we are in the nba finals. there is pressure for everybody. >> reporter: yeah, i think pressure is the keyword. the warriors have not played
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like themselves. they got to find it. they have to find it fast. game four is thursday. they trail in the series two games to one. ken? veronica? >> got to do it where it counts. christin ayers watched with the fans in walnut creek and it was really a tale of two parties i guess you could say. >> reporter: it was a tough loss for the warriors fans tonight but we were at a watch party. we spent the night with a bunch of self-described warriors fans who were clearing for the cleveland cavaliers. we asked them why. you know what a typical warriors bar looks like on a game night. from the outside, 1515 restaurant and lounge doesn't look too different. blue and gold balloons, cheering fans. but upstairs, there is a whole different watch party going on. these fans were wearing blue and red, saint mary's college colors and cheering for a
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cleveland cavalier. >> it is a sense of pride for ever. >> reporter: that is because matthew dellavedova is a saint mary's college alum and tonight his coach and former classmates set their warriors allegiances aside. >> i love the warriors. if it wasn't the cavs, i would cheer for the warriors. >> reporter: and came onto cheer on the man they call deli however apologetically. >> sorry, my allegiance is with saint mary. >> i cheer for matt and his team. >> reporter: dellavedova is in his second year as a cavalier. tonight he scored 20 points helping the cavs to their second win in a row over the warriors. >> we will cheer every single minute he is in the ball game and hope he does well for the cavaliers. >> reporter: and, he did. dellavedova didn't disappoint. tonight at the end of the fourth quarter, the entire
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stadium was chanting deli as he got ahold of a few loose balls. we will are have to see what he does next game. christin ayers, kpix5. on the other side of the bay, fans packed the park in san francisco to watch the game on several big screen tvs. but in the end, the loss was pretty tough to stomach. game four is thursday night in cleveland. the other bay area sports headline. a historic night for giants rookie pitcher chris heston. he pitched a no-hitter against the mets. >> has it sunk in? what are the emotions? >> there are a lot of emotions going through my mind. to be there and have the opportunity, i'm blessed. i'm looking forward to catching my breath a little bit and celebrating a little bit. >> heck yeah. giants were too excited to spell check. they were so excited they
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tweeted sf giants history christ heston. a rattlesnake bit a two- year-old girl in bay point tonight. she was in her backyard and appeared to immediately have an allergic reaction. she was air lifted to the hospital. firefighters said this should serve as a reminder to everyone. >> as it warms up and the animals come out, we want to make sure we have cleared the weeds away from the house for the fire danger and the animals like snakes this time of year. >> the snake was captured and put into a jar. paramedics took the snake to the hospital with the child so they could administer the proper antivenum.
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high-def in addition doppler. cloverdale. some steady rainfall stretching west to bodega day. point arena. what is going on? this is tropical moisture emanating from hurricane blanca. it poured from santa barbara rahim. now it is our turn. the rain is early and the rain chance will extend throughout the night. the impact of this particular storm, rain and wind not so much, but it will rain during the morning commute. lit be a sloppy and slow drive to work curtesy of june rainfall. we will talk more about additional rain chances coming up in the seven day forecast in ten minutes. expect to see a big spike in your water bill next month. east bay mud is raising rates 24% on average or about $12 a month. you know, we have all been told many times to save water. it is important, but it can sound like a broken record. so now, san francisco is
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turning to sex. mark, really? just how are they doing this? how are they making water conservation sexy? >> reporter: they are doing it with a new ad campaign. maybe you saw them this week. they started rolling out at some of the muni stations. san francisco says a little innuendo could work now because it has been successful in the past. >> makes you feel oh so right. >> reporter: remember this? in the middle of a dry summer, this plug to save water hit bay area television leaving viewers blushing. and now those dirty dogs at the san francisco public utilities commission are at it again. with this billboard campaign rolling out this week at muni station billboards and on tv. >> this campaign worked and we wanted to use this same provocative theme to get people engaged. >> reporter: these ones racier
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than ever. nozzle your hose. go full frontal. >> the direct objective is to get them to save water. >> reporter: san francisco is saves water better than most in the state. are the ad going too far? not in sf. >> it is a little scandalous right? >> no. >> you don't think so? >> no. >> does it make you blush a little bit? >> i don't blush easy. >> reporter: san francisco is on track to save $12 billion of water by the year's end. they hope these ads help but first you have to get the joke. >> yeah, i'm really tuned into innuendo, but i didn't pick up on it honestly. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> the city spent $300,000 on this latest ad campaign. brand new cars up in flames
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and it was no accident. take a good look at the video betty yu got ahold of tonight. >> reporter: carrying a flashlight in his left hand an axel rant in his right, this man appears to know where he is going and what he wants. he picks up something right before going to the row of chevy volts. it only takes 20 seconds for the first car to go up in flames. >> the rag caught on fire very rapidly. you could see him put something underneath the vehicle. you could see a big flame underneath the vehicle and the car catching on fire. >> reporter: he is now looking at more than $100,000 in damages. >> it is pretty brutal for somebody to light a car on fire. because it is a waste. >> reporter: four cars were burned. the arsonist took off on a
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bike. >> hopefully, it is an isolated incident and it is something they can catch the guy who did it. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix5. >> tonight, the chief of police admits this looks bad. >> reporter: cell phone video shows police officers in salinas losing their batons to hit 28-year-old jose valasco over and over again. it started when he flew his mom into traffic on friday. when officers showed up, they say he was still pounding his mother's head on the pavement. as they pulled him off of her, cops say he got violent with them. >> just the video alone, i agree is horrific and inflammatory, but when you start making sense of how we got there and what the officers were trying to accomplish there, then, it still doesn't make it pretty, but makes i think, people understand with that information now, it makes
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more sense. >> reporter: valasco's mom says her son is mentally ill and police went too far. he was drunk and high on meth and booked for assault with a deadly weapon and for resisting arrest. just in time for the fourth of july, property owners in one bay area county could face hefty fines for illegal fireworks on the property. tonight, maria medina says that is even if someone else sets them off. >> reporter: we see illegal fireworks across the bay area every fourth of july. but many don't seem to care. until now. >> the message is that the county is cracking down. >> reporter: today the santa clara county board of supervisors voted almost unanimously to pass an ordnance that would find property owners for setting off fireworksful that's right. property owners. that means if someone else is lighting fireworks on your property, you, the homeowner will get stuck with the bill. >> these are already crimes. we are just telling people from
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now on, one warning is as much as you get. >> reporter: and maybe they will listen now. after a warning the first offense for lighting fireworks was a $350 fine. $700 for the second and a thousand dollars for the third. every year, many property owners were warned by cops to stop, rarely listen. >> i think it is wrong. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. if a kid is committing the crime on someone else's property, their parents should be fined instead. >> it is getting ridiculous. these rules, they keep making about everything. >> reporter: but supervisor dave cortese say some property owners simply know the rules but choose not the follow them. now there are consequences to a crime long overlooked. >> even when property owners are warned, they continue with the same behavior year after year. >> reporter: in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. tonight, new drugs may be on the way to lower cholesterol that work when nothing else does. >> and a california prison escape that is eeriely similar
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to the one in new york. a killer hammered his way out of folsom prison and he is still on the loose 30 years later. >> plus, this service dog threw itself in front of a bus to safe its blind owner. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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>> new cholesterol drugs might be on the way. fda experts recommend approval. tomorrow, they will consider a california company's version. cate caugurian says the drugs have shown dramatic results when nothing else works. >> reporter: scott, a single father of three was born with a genetic condition. the disorder floods his blood with dangerously high levels of ldl or bad cholesterol, the danville dad is taking four medications with little result. >> even on a vegan diet, taking
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maximum doses, i can only get my ldl cholesterol into the low 100s. >> reporter: now, a new class of drug promises to dramatically slash his cholesterol. cardiologist dr. josh knolls. >> we are seeing most of the reported studies 50 to 60% lowering of the bad cholesterol. >> reporter: fda advisory panel will decide whether to give a thumbs up on two different versions of the experimental drug. both scott and dr. knolls will testify in favor of the medication. >> they are a modern revolution. >> i have three little ones i need to be around for at least another ten years until my youngest becomes becomes an adult. so i have to stick around and do that. >> reporter: but the price is raising some eyebrows. >> we will all pay for it. higher premiums, higher out of pocket costs. >> reporter: john rother is the president and ceo of the
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national coalition on healthcare. for many americans, inexpensive statents will do the trick he says. >> it will be a mistake for anyone worried about the cholesterol to take the new drug. that would make healthcare unaffordable for us all. >> reporter: if approved, the drug could be block busters costing the u.s. health system as much as $23 billion a year. in the news room, cate caugurian, kpix5. still so sign of the two cons who broke out of the maximum security prison in up state new york. tonight, the man hunt is centered in an around the town of willboro, 30 miles from where david sweat and richard matt used power tools to break out saturday. more than 400 officers are searching the woods where someone says that he saw two people sneaking around. some officers were seen with weapons drawn near a house. that prison break is similar to one that happened at folsom prison back in 1987.
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a convicted killer broke out in a shawshank style escape. as tony lopez tells us, all these years later that killer is still on the run. >> this was the storm train that glen godwin escaped through. >> reporter: they still talk about that day in june of 1987 as if it just happened. former state prison workers jim and joe were there friday morning when glen stewart goodwin made his move crawling through a 1,000-foot long stretch of the prison storm drain and emerging here. slashing down at the rivers edge where an inflatable raft could wary him away. >> he was no dummy. >> reporter: and he obviously had help doing it as many suspect in the recent new york prison escape. godwin's help came from both outside and in. >> we found in the tunnel that godwin went out of, there was white spray painted smiley faces with arrows indicating the direction to go out toward the river. >> reporter: once out, an old
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flame would light the rest of his way to freedom. >> and went up the bank and past five tower and across the river and up on the jogging trail. and jogged up to the parking lot where shelly picked him up and they drove off. >> shelly was his wife? >> yes. >> reporter: godwin would run to mexico and be arrested on drug charges and after killing a fellow inmate, the former tool sales man would hammer his way out from behind bars again escaping. he has been in the wind ever since. >> so this is glen godwin. >> reporter: the fbi added him to the ten most wanted fugitives list in 1996 and they would love to show you what he might look like today. glen godwin would be 56 years old. >> we have an age progressed image as well. people change over time. there are certain aspects of
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him that would remain the same, especially based on his personality and characteristics. >> reporter: by that, they would mean he was overly turned with his looks and may have had plastic surgery. for now, glen stewart godwin remains nowhere to be found. >> fbi says godwin may be in mexico or central america, but as with any fugitive, anything is possible. it started to rain outside right paul? >> it is. i may never say this as long as i live. it has rained more in june in parts of the bay area than january and may combined. what is going on? there is tropical moisture out there now. kpix5 kpix5 high-def doppler showing a lot of moisture out there. you are receiving rainfall again this week. you will share with the rest of the bay area. another round of rain headed to napa. american canyon, fairfield, vacaville moving to the west.
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novato, san rafael, petaluma, rain before 1:00 in the morning. look at the humid warm air we have outside. livermore, it is still 74 degrees outside. cloudy in santa rosa. 62. oakland, 66. fremont, you are only down to 62. it will be sticky in san rafael and rain likely tomorrow morning in redwood city. why is it raining in june? well, typically we don't get fronts but we can get remnants of hurricanes. hurricanes can't get here because the ocean water is too cold, but old rain left behind from a hurricane can. it worked its way up the coastline and it is our turn. the tropical moisture continues to pile in to the bay area. some of you could see upwards of a tenth to a quarter inch of rainfall in june. our average rainfall the entire month you may receive tomorrow morning. enjoy while it is here because it is gone by thursday. we are getting toasty by thursday away from the water. tomorrow morning, it is all
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about the rain and a slow commute. got to watch out for a thunderstorm in the mountaining and we will warm up again once again on thursday. highs tomorrow with the rain around, vallejo, 74. fremont, 75. some morning rain for san francisco. 66 degrees. extended forecast, we are getting hot again. 90s away from the water starting thursday and we will stay generally in the 60s near the bay through the middle of next week. it is raining outside right
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>> dennis o'donnell has the sports report from cleveland. dennis, i know that game four is scheduled for cleveland, but the way lebron was traveling the night, i thought he was headed back to oakland early. couldn't figure it out. >> reporter: there is saint mary hometown called ken bastida. i know whose team you are on. they average a league best 110 points per game and they have picked the worst time to let their offense go into a deep freeze. fans in cleveland have never seen a win on their home floor in the finals. a blow out in the fourth quarter. lebron put the cavs up 11. the warriors scored 55 through three quarters. something seemed so click. lee had 11 off the bench. klay thompson throws up a wild
11:30 pm
shot. matthew dellavedova threw the lob to james who had another 40 point game. under three minutes to go. curry got it going downtown. warriors down just one after the three ball. 24 of curry's 27 came in the second half. matthew dellavedova continued his brilliance. the runner in the lane, plus the foul, to boost the lead back to four. dellavedova had 20 points. warriors down five with a minute to go. it is dellavedova. they take a 2-1 lead in the series. the cavaliers win. >> deli is the most cleveland like australian i have ever met in my life and if you are from cleveland you know just what i'm talking about. >> that shot dellavedova hit when steph fouled him, that was just lucky man. i guarantee. >> dellavedova had 15 or something. 17 or whatever he had. you got to take that away. that's the game. it is not lebron's.
11:31 pm
>> any answers to how the warriors might find the rhythm earlier? >> they show us. make shots. >> reporter: 11 strikeouts for giants rookie chris heston. his 13th career shot, he threw a no-hitter. the as , a tough luck 2-0 loss to the texas rangers. and we will
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