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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 12, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> and boom. that's how you do it. warriors bring it onto night. the series all tied up. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich. liz has the night off. we have team coverage. let's get right to dennis o'donnell live in cleveland. dennis, the dubs needed this. >> reporter: they did need it juliette. i tell you what, for the first time this series, the warriors played like the warriors. they cut down on turnovers and controlled the pace of the
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basketball game. scary moment early when andrew bogut sent lebron james to the floor, hit his head on a camera lens and got cut up pretty badly but he didn't leave the game. warriors close the game thanks to andre iguodala. he scored a season high 22 points in his first start of the season. warriors win 103-84 and even the series at two games apiece. game five sunday at oracle. >> i thought the first three games, they were the more competitive team. you know. maybe it was our first trip to the finals. we thought we could play hard. it is not just about playing hard, it is about playing every single possession like it is your last. i thought tonight our effort took a step up. that is why we were able to win. >> we were in a three game series for the nba finals. six months ago, i would have bought that. >> reporter: now, as we go back
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to san francisco, guys, i want to tell you one number that jumped out to me. 14.8%. that was the three point percentage by the cleveland cavaliers. that was great defense by golden state to even the series and we are going home two games apiece. >> come on home. thanks dennis. christin ayers is in downtown oakland tonight. christin, this was a performance fans have been waiting for the team to come out and play like we know they can. >> reporter: absolutely. this looks like the warriors we know. that is what fans here at one of the official watch parties were saying here at the tavern. a lot of theme going in were nervous. we talked to a lot of people putting on lucky shirts and bracelets hoping any superstitious game day ritual would bring the game day win. >> i give them out. i just give them to people because it adds luck to the
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boys. >> what we do to make the warriors win, is every time there is a warriors three pointer, we pound our beer. >> every time the warriors have a dunk, we high five with two fingers. >> throw some salt over. >> i do meditation. i visualize. i just see it happening. >> i am wearing pink it's my favorite color. and it still has the warriors. >> reporter: now whether it was meditation or pounding a beer or whatever, it worked tonight. i have to say guysly be wearing my warriors bracelet. if it helps why not? >> there you go. thanks two. [ laughter ] all right christin, thank you very much. now in case you were wondering, yes, riley was at tonight's game and here she is getting a victory kiss from her dad. well guess who crashed the
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post game podium? that's kanye west holding things down until steph curry got there. what? yeah. most of the press had yet to file in. but yanye felt like he needed to be kanke. he sat down and said a few words. that lasted about a minute. he did his best steph curry impersonation before they finally told him to go sit down. game five is sunday night at oracle arena. you want to go? the cheapest ticket prices, $800. that's up in the nosebleeds. best seats in the house, vip court side, those are going for about $65,000. >> i want to check out who is sitting there. >> that's tonight. we will see what they are like come saturday. all right, so what weird weather will rain and triple digit temperatures all in one week? neither extreme helps this. the drought is extreme or exceptional in 94% of the state right now, but paul, it is
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looking more likely we will have a wet wenter. >> reporter: the national weather service jumped on the el niño bandwagon saying strong to very strong is likely. that arrow shows a lack of orange or red. that was february. now look at the color change. that is the equatorial pacific. it will have a huge impact on our weather. the likelihood of an el niño this winter, 90%. that's the whole ball of wax. we average 22 inches of rainfall in a winter in a weak el niño. we only get 19. in a strong el niño, we average 26. i want to do one more graphic before we go. in a very strong el niño, we average 43 inches of rainfall. if you want to learn more, you can head to our website,
1:45 am >> thank you paul. a hold up was the beginning of a wild scene in san francisco that went one man running for his life. these terrifying moments caught on camera. joe vasquez? >> reporter: the manager at the shell station at eighth and harrison says the front door is supposed to remain locked overnight. but the clerk somebody recognized let him in to use the restroom and two suspects followed shortly there after. as the robbers confront the store clerk, you can hear one of them wrack a live round into the chamber of a semiautomatic pistol. the clerk is not take any chances. he bolts out of the store and through the parking lot. >> which is a good thing. these two gunmen ran outside of the gas station. and you can clearly see one of the gunmen wearing the raiders sweatshirt. take four shots at the flame victim as he is running for his
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life. >> reporter: this wild west scene began at 2:40 a.m., sunday, may 19. two men wearing dark hoodies go into the shell station. one of them pauses and stares at the camera. eventually, they go to the desk and demand money. >> they ask him to go to the safe. didn't waste any time. didn't want the cash register. wanted the safe. >> reporter: the clerk got away and was not hurt. the robbers never got any money. they drove away. police are hoping somebody will get a good look at their faces and turn them in because they are worried they might strike again. >> not only are they armed and dangerous, they will not hesitate to shoot anyone that stands in their way. >> reporter: the clerk has since resigned. as for the suspect, they face charges of attempted robbery and attempted murder. reporting live, i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. well the video has gone viral. tonight, one of the five salinas police officers in this beating has been taken off
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patrol. he was the last one to arrive and whacked the suspect five times with his baton. tonight, we are also hearing some of the dramatic 911 calls from right before the beating. among them, the suspect's mother. allen martin with her call to the cops. >> something is wrong with my son. he is running between the cars. >> newly released 911 recordings paint a picture of what happened when police responded to reports of a man brutally attacking a woman. the suspect jose valasco was trying to throw his mother into traffic, many reported. >> he threw her down. he is trying to throw her. >> reporter: because of the cell phone video, chief mcmillen agrees we have seen how it all ended.
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>> i had an emotional response to that video. i don't imagine anyone could watch it and not. >> reporter: toxicology reports say he was high on meth and we are learning about his mental health issues. >> he has been diagnosed with specified drug induced psychiatric disorder. >> reporter: valasco was treated with bruises and a hurt leg. while salinas police continue investigating his conduct, the chief has asked the monterrey county da's office to take over in an effort to be transparent with the community. allen martin, kpix5. tonight, fremont police say they know who this package thief is. a 33-year-old guy from union city. police aren't naming him yet.
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but they say he is behind a string of porch robberies in recent months. several caught on camera like this one. after we aired this video last night, tips started coming in. well, the old plant has a new occupant tonight. tesla. the silicon valley business journal says the car company has leased the building down the street from tesla's fremont factory. what is tesla going to do with this property? that is still up in the air. it could be turned into a service center. and tonight, market street is closer to going on a traffic diet. san francisco plans to start banning drivers from turning onto market between third and eight streets. the city estimates this could cut traffic in half. it also would make the street much safer for pedestrians and bikers. the ban would start in august. and tonight, human uber is trying to keep its rights to market street like taxis and
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buses. it has started a petition. big shakeup in silicon valley. who is in and who is out tonight? >> what do you think? are these women distractingly sexy? wait until you hear what a nobel prize winner said about female scientists. >> and tonight, her parents say this woman is white. >> and, the secret to the warrior's success. we discover the pregame
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>> tonight, hackers have all kinds of information on every single federal employee. a union for the workers says the hackers got social security numbers for current employees and up to a million former employees. they also swiped personal info like addresses, birth dates, health and life insurance plan information. even pension information. senator harry reid is blaming the chinese. china denies any involvement. a big shakeup tonight at twitter. twitter ceo is stepping down. jack dorsey has been named interim ceo. dick castalla will stick aside july 1. the company's financial struggles are likely the reason. >> he has been really struggling against a lot of high expectations nor the
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company. the growth has not been as fast as facebook and other social networks and it was seen at a niche that was good as a business, but not growing fast enough. >> and another bomb shell from twitter. the 140 character cap on tweet going away for direct messages. soon you can send messages with 10,000 characters max. the president of stanford university is stepping down. john hennesey as has led the university 15 years. his legacy will be creating the stanford challenge campaign. it raised a record $6.2 billion. he says it is time to hand over the reigns. possibly return to teaching. and he departs next summer. a nobel prize win winner is out of a job tonight because of some sexist comments he made about female scientists.
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betty yu? >> reporter: he said female scientists should be segregated from their male coworkers because their emotions got in the way of things. i spoke to women here at stanford and they said sexism isn't really part of their daily reality here, but they are supporting all the women fighting back online. sassy covered up ladies tweeted saying the suit totally covers my curves. it is hard to work in the lab because i'm too distracting to the male scientists. it started trending after 72- year-old tim hunt talked about his trouble with girls at a conference. three things happened when they are in a lab. you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them, they cry. >> there are a lot of women in science, and a lot of women work and get pissed when people
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object few them. >> you can be an amazing scientist and have no skills in other arena. >> reporter: hunt resigned from university college london yesterday. the revealing tweets shows women at work have opened a larger more serious conversation about sexism in science. >> i had all women working in my lab at one point, i don't think it was sexist toward or against women. i hired the best people i could. could it be sexist? absolutely. is it? depends on the lab. >> reporter: there is no debate on what exactly distractingly sexy means. >> i think being articulate and disarming. >> kicking [bleep] in the lab. discovering things. and if you cry, good for you. >> reporter: well, hunt later apologized for any offenses but he still stood by some of what he said. namely that he has fallen in love with people in the lab, and vice versa. he said, ken, he was just being
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honest. >> huh. falling in love. see what it can do betty? see what can happen? >> reporter: it is a tough distracting thing. it permeates your whole life. >> they let you have it on social media for sure. thank you betty. warriors win. so jerseys will be flying off the shelves, but not all of them are real. the department of homeland security has confiscated 7500 knock off items since the playoffs started. >> we find criminal organizations are using a counterfeit items to support their criminal activities. it is obviously very profitable for them. they can sell items and make a tremendous amount of profit. >> the feds say the counterfeiters cost the businesses $250 billion a year in lost profits. well, even the golden state warriors need to treat themselves every once in a while so where do they go? an oakland salon for some much
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needed tlc. >> reporter: harrison barnes success on the court may be because of this oakland hair salon. some of the players make manicures and pedicures as much a part of their pregame routine as everything. >> i didn't know. now i'm like, go warriors. >> reporter: they are among a growing number of nba players who take time off for the manny pedi. they rely so much on their hands to pass and shoot and their feet to hustle up the court. and this salon is becoming more famous. >> he came in because he was hurt. >> reporter: it is actually part of a trend of more men visiting nail salons and
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customers here say bring it on. >> i hope i have the same results with this pedicure. i will do something heroic today. >> reporter: and dubs fans say if it works, stick with it. >> and they won that day. maybe they should have gotten the nails on the next day. >> if it works. well, it is not just the warriors. check out king james. he instagrammed this pick of himself getting a neck massage and a pedi. what do you think? >> nose are some big feet. [ laughter ] let's check in with paul deanno. we have some warm water headed our way. >> we are talking el niño. we will see a wet winter, not a guarantee, but we are headed in that direction. it is the driest time of the year. don't tell that to yesterday. great shot here. look at city hall lit up for the dubs. two wins away from the nba titles. the embarcadero is lit up as
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well but you can't see much of it. foggy start tomorrow. fremont, 58. napa, 56. we are headed back to triple digits in certain inland spots. we started the week and finished the week there. a strange week in june. rain is out, sun is in. that rainfall is now over eastern colorado giving rainfall to kansas. we have light on shore wind away from the water. we are back to the sunshine and back to normal. we haven't seen normal in a long time. low pressure to the north and west. high pressure to the south and west. just enough to keep it chilly near the water but not enough to go all the way inland. so tonight, coastal fog, but a clear night inland. a lot of sunshine tomorrow with gradual coming up for the weekend. 93 concord. san jose, 90.
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oakland, 80. sunnyvale, 88. how about 99 pittsburgh. 89 dublin. high of 73 with sunshine in the afternoon in san francisco. your extended forecast calling for cooler weather toward the weekend and next week, we cool down a little bit. 60s near the ba sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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>> well, questions tonight about the real background of the naacp leader in spokane, washington. >> she claims she has been victim sized more than a dozen times. she has reported nooses around her home, but police have made no arrest. now she herself is under scrutiny. in numerous postings, she has represented herself as african- american and made claims on facebook this man is her father. >> this man here is your father? right there? >> you have a question about that? >> yes, ma'am. wondering if your dad really is an african-american man.
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>> that's a very ... i don't know what you are implying. >> well, the implication is that she has taken steps to misrepresent her ethnic background. her parents say she is lying. this is her father and this is her mother. ruth ann. i'm dennis o'donnell live in cleveland. we will take you back inside the warriors locker room. an as player makes
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>> dennis o'donnell in cleveland tonight for the sports report. dennis? >> reporter: yeah, ken, i think you have to hand it to steve kerr. the warriors coach made a critical lineup change that has pumped new life into the warriors' hope for an nba championship. andre iguodala made his first start of the the season tonight in game four and immediately it
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seemed to pay off. iguodala flushes it down for a four-point warrior lead. andrew bogut only played three minutes but they were filled with controversy. he sens lebron james to the floor and he hits his head hard on a camera lens. he got cut pretty badly but didn't miss any time. the warriors let by 12 at the half. but cavaliers mounted a come back. matthew dellavedova on the break. the cavs down just three, but the warriors held lebron to just seven of 22 shooting. harrison barnes causes a bat shot around turned it into a fast break runner for steph curry. he has 22, 15 in the second half. it was iguodala who shot down shots in the fourth quarter to close the game. 14-point lead half three in the warner. he had a season high 22 points and kept lebron down on defense. warriors win 103-82 tieing series at two games apiece.
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so when was the series made to start iguodala? >> we made the decision the morning. when i was asked today, i think tim calmly asked me if bogut was started. i lied. >> that is another one of those decisions that coach kerr made that most coaches probably wouldn't make. >> to lose the effort play we did, we definitely got the energy and the aggression and we were back to ourselves. >> was this more of the warrior team that you saw? >> definitely that was us tonight. >> reporter: we go now from the golden state warriors to the road warriors talking about your san francisco giants. sergio onto protect the 4-4 game against the mets in new york. but with runners at the corners, cuddyer runs home the winning home in the 9th inning. the giants go 4-2 on the road. they lose today in new york. i apologize. i ran out of time for the
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>> all right, we have to credit
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