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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 26, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> christin monaferi vanished from the bay area without a trace 18 years ago. tonight, a search dog may have picked up on a new clue under this house. >> it was outside a home in jane avenue in oakland. the first house christin lived before disappearing. >> christin ayers is at the house now. >> reporter: tonight, oakland police stopped well short of calling this any sort of a break in the case. whether the remains of that missing woman are here tonight at the house where she lived,
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still a mystery. retired detective paul has no doubts about what his search dog buster picked up on this oakland house today. >> it is human decomposition. >> reporter: what he can't answer is whether the scent could be linked to the missing woman who lived here. the family of christin asked him to search the house where he was living when she vanished in 1997. she was spending the summer in the bay area and was last seen in san francisco asking for directions to baker beach. >> it was really a shame. she was a sweet young girl. she came over just to say hi after she moved in. >> reporter: now neighbors wonder whether the key to her disappearance could be right here on their block all along. >> hopefully, they can find out if that is her remains. >> reporter: but any remains could be historical from a
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native american burial ground perhaps. they walked the property and took pictures. trained cadaver dogs found no evidence, but they are not ruling out buster's nose. neighbors are torn. >> i hope whatever the dog finds is not the girl. i would hate to think what her family is going through. >> reporter: he will be sending soil containing what he believes are those remains to a lab to try to time stamp them. oakland police are saying they will wait for those results to get back before they move ahead with this case. reporting thrive oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> robert durst was considered a suspect, but investigators have ruled him out. firefighters ready for anything with today's triple digit heat.
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and indeed, 4:00, a grass fire broke out on tesla road near clifford driver in the livermore area. it destroyed some structures, but did not burn any home. still, the flames came incredibly close. joe vasquez spoke with one woman who was on her way home from work when she got a terrifies call from her neighbor. >> i was like my house is about to catch on fire on the shuttle and everybody started helping. and i started calling anyone i could. >> reporter: the fire spread all the way up this steep hillside and stopped here at the fence line just before the big pile of firewood a few feet from the house. >> the fire burned 53 acres before firefighters were able to bring it under control. no official cause yet. but, the investigators say they are checking out the possibility that fire started when someone threw a cigarette out a car window. >> you can see just how easy it is to start a fire when it is this hot outside. >> there are a thousand ways.
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speaking of this hot, here is how hot. the numbers were well into the triple digits today. in livermore, 100 degrees. 100, morgan hill, fair field, the same. san jose just at 89. it was relatively cool near the shoreline. san francisco, only 69. there is relief on the way, but first it was hot today. we sent andria borba out into that triple digit heat. >> reporter: how hot was it here at the alameda county fair? it was so hot, they had to shut down some of the attractions including the slide. they were prepared for this heat, but the fire department setting up misting stations around the fairgrounds along with passing out fans and water to people here at the park, but it was still very hot. the only place to be was in the shade. >> or at the coast. it will be cool at the shoreline again tomorrow. full forecast in a few minutes. >> see you then, thanks brian. tonight, firefighters are telling people stop flying drones over wild fires.
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not a good idea. yesterday, a drone flew through a couple of planes doing air drops in the lake fire in san bernadino county. they were going 150 miles at the time and separated by a few thousand feet. pilots only had seconds to react to avoid disaster. air drops were halted for a couple of hours dealing firefighters a huge setback. >> it is very difficult, you know, we were building lines out there. we lost two-and-a-half hours of flight line. that could have been six to eight loads of retardant. >> the lake fire remains out of control tonight. it has charred more than 25,000 acres. it took bart riders a long time to get home tonight. a very long time. bart says about 6:30 tonight, a tree branch fell into power lines and the lines then fell on the tracks between lafayette
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and walnut creek stations creating a small fire. that forced bart to stop all service between lafayette and concord. thousands of commuters had to get off the trains. they waited until bart set up a bus bridge. >> paint a picture for me. what was it like at the height? >> a can of sardines. thousands of times over. congestion. >> bart got it restored 9:00 tonight. all of this was happening as the bart board was talking about making it easier for commuters to have to go. and by martha i mean go to the bathroom. christian hartnett has the story. >> reporter: the restroom at the lake merritt bart station and nine other underground stations closed shortly after 9/11. now, bart is revisiting this
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after 14 years and riders say it is about time. another stop at the lake merritt station. some pour out in need of a pit stop. but you are out of luck here. >> any restroom available? no. so i have to get to the school and do it there. >> reporter: this used to be the answer when nature called but not anymore. don't be fooled by the vacant sign on the door. the restrooms at the 10 underground bart stations have not been in use 14 years. >> one time i had an emergency. i came over, i was like, it is not open. i'm supposed to go a stop over? come on now. that ain't right. >> reporter: bart seems to agree. >> if we can design them in a way that it is more open, and it is not so blocked off you can lock yourself in for hours at a time, then possibly, if the board wanted to move in that direction, we could do that. >> reporter: it wouldn't come cheap. each new bathroom could cost $500,000 to install in addition to a $1 million yearly price tag to keep them all clean.
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but for other riders, they are more than happy to hold it before they get home. >> if i can avoid bart restrooms, i will do that. >> reporter: the board is still divided. what will happen now is they will work on a design for a pilot program at two of the underground stations. powell street, 19th street, the idea to paint a clearer picture for the board and get an estimate to the cost. >> how exactly, christian, does bart plan to keep the bathrooms clean? >> reporter: well, bart says they will be hiring six, if this goes through, they will need six additional system service workers and three maintenance workers. their jobs to monitor the bathrooms, make sure they are safe and to keep them clean. back to you. >> christian hartnett reporting live, thank you. obama care is here to stay. the supreme court ruled it does
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not matter where people live, when they buy their health insurance. they can still get federal subsidies. that money helps about 6 million americans every month. this is considered likely the last major legal change to the law. meanwhile, we are still waiting for the big decision on same sex marriage. and whether states can prohibit gays and lesbians from getting married. that ruling is expected by monday. california is one big step closer to requiring kids to be vaccinated. today, the state assembly passed one of the nation's strictest vaccine bills. it requires nearly all children to get their shots regardless of their parent's personal or religious beliefs. in order to go to public or private school. >> i believe it is morally wrong. to force me as a parent to say, to tell me you don't have the right to do what is right for your child. >> next, the bill goes to the state senate to approve
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amendments before heading to the governor's desk. a shopper at macy's wanted to buy a michael course purse, but thought it was too expensive. she got into an argument with the store manager and it went downhill from there. it happened in the macy's in newark. the manager asked 42-year-old ann nguyen to leave. police say she threw a tantrum and bet the officers' leg. police arrested her and she was booked on assault and battery charges. san francisco police say a man attacked officers after they caught him putting together a shotgun on a street corner. this is the suspect. his name is joshua boling. he was found at bush and octavia at pacific heights. he put up a fight before they could arrest him. police say he was trying to put together a shotgun like this one. it is called a diamond pigeon
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bereta. they sell for $8,000 or more. there is now a criminal investigation into the balcony collapse in berkeley. 2000 night, questions. have key pieces of evidence been tainted or destroyed? >> and homes crumbles. scientists know what is calling mystery cracks and some california communities. >> they look like something out of cartoons. but tonight, the cars of the future
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>> there is now a criminal investigation into the balcony collapse in berkeley that killed six students. the alameda county sheriff's office will see if there was any wrong doing, but we are hearing from an expert that some of the key evidence pieces may have been destroyed because the city quickly removed the balcony that was below the balcony that fell. >> it is so valuable to open up the lower balcony carefully and by the forensic engineers and establish why. was it the waterproofing sheet that was not installed well? the flashing? >> the negligence we are evaluating must be couple, gross, wreckless. on his reality tv show, donald trump likes to say you
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are fired. well, today, univision has basically told donald, estas desperido. in spanish. after he said this about mexican immigrants. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists. >> well, univision called the comments insulting, the new york based network is severing all business with donald trump. that means it will not air the miss universe pageant which he is a partial owner, trump plans to sue for breach of contract. rocker courtney love is putting the french government on blast on social media after taxi driver protests against uber turned violent. they claimed uber is unfairly undercuts them so they smashed car windows and snarled traffic and attacked courtney's car. she said is this france?
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i'm safer in baghdad. then she thanked bikers who drove her away from the scene. we heard a lot about self- driving cars. now we are starting to see quite a few of them out there. betty yu in mount view tonight with the latest. betty? >> reporter: ken, we are outside google. this is the company's very seaquariative research building where the car was first imagined. today, they rolled out their latest fleet on public streets. these cartoon like cars were the stuff of dreams years ago. now, they are a reality on mountain view suburban streets. >> the cars look really cute. they look like they came out of a computer came or from space. >> reporter: she has been sharing the road with google's lexus's for years. the new models are designed to ultimately work without a steering wheel or pedal.
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the black bubble on top has scanners to map everything around it in 360 degrees. for now, the two-seaters have humans inside in case of an emergency. >> i trust technology more than people. there are so many bad drivers in the area. >> reporter: the goal of this latest save is to help the company get a better idea of how the technology works with other cars on the road. google is asking neighbors to submit feedback to the cars on the website dedicated to the car. john schultz is already giving them the green light. >> i think they have been designed not to be aggressive. it is also a great advantage for people who are disabled or blind or elderly. i think it is the future. >> reporter: as far as the safety record, google says the previous test models had been involved in about a dozen or so minor accidents over the years. most of those were the result of the other driver. live in mountain view, betty
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yu, kpix5. so you want to see how bad our drought really is? it is literally causing homes to sink. this is something we would expect to see when there is a lot of rain. >> it turns out to be something that happens when there is too little as well. it started when some homeowners in the central valley noticed some cracks. there is a much bigger problem going on underground. >> the wife and i were sitting here watching tv and we noticed that there was a fine crack that you can see the white starting to show. >> reporter: it started with puzzled homeowners. >> the crack back there which i haven't painted yet. that is just dropping. which makes sense, because all the cracks are happening in there. >> reporter: then, there were busy contractors. >> we could stand out by the sidewalk and look clear underneath the house to the backyard. that is how the soil had shrunk. >> reporter: the prime suspect has been cited underground. >> it is just moving so fast
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now. so we honestly believe it has a lot to do with the drought and the water being sucked out. >> the foundation follows, especially on the older homes. >> we are seeing about a foot per year. >> reporter: michelle sneed is tracking the rate of descent and one area really stands out. >> at 152. >> reporter: it is the el nido zone. it is sinking quickly. the brighter colors show you where it is sinking fastest. a foot per year. so quickly, scientists are having trouble keeping up with it. >> one of the places i can think of is sort of out-pacing us is mexico city. >> reporter: the most visible sign of california's dry sinking valley is this broken
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concrete. but as this canal fails to meet the area's demands, the problem is increasingly hitting home. >> we are getting the call, can you come adjust my doors? >> i have another track taking off going toward the house there. >> reporter: those sinking houses, right across the street from an agriculture industry desperate for water digging a record number of wells reaching ever deeper into a sinking water table. and this is one deficit that can't be erased by an el niño winter. >> see how it is nice and solid there? >> we need rain. and a lot of it. >> i'll say. we won't get any any time soon either. good news on the el niño front though. the forecast looks as though it will be even more robust than first thought. we shall see. but if anything, the signs are encouraging. the numbers so night, san bruno, 62. livermore, 77. in san francisco, 60 degrees,
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just nine degrees off the high mark of 69. overnight lows near 60. the sunrise at 10 till 6:00. high pressure works with the low pressure blow out pressure here over the desert southwest. it will bring subtropical moisture from time to time. we get low clouds that will cool things down inland tomorrow. by about 10 degrees, it will be further cooling on saturday and sunday, but you see this time, some of the high clouds coming up from the tropics. so here is what we are expecting, fair skies tomorrow, not as much as we had today. temperatures not quite as warm. it will be close tore seasonal averages this weekend. plenty warm inland. in san francisco, 68. concord, 90 degrees. 10 degrees shy of where you were today. in the south bay tomorrow, morgan hill, 88.
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los gatos, 89. up in novato, 83. 80, san rafael, extended forecast, we look for a cooling trend. 10 degrees cooler inland tomorrow. ten degrees cooler than that saturday and sunday. as we head into monday, tuesday, wednesday, it warms up again. summertime in the bay area. >> it is. thanks brian. >> okay guys. another major recall for lulu lemon tonight. the hidden hazard in these hoodies. >> and kpix5 will be hosting the call to action telethon tomorrow at noon to benefit domestic violence groups in the bay area. for details, go to
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>> will first, it was under fire for its very popular see- through yoga pants,. >> now lulu lemon is recalling 300,000 hoodies. why? because these elastic draw strings with snap back and whip wearers in the face.
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[ laughter ] stop it. so far, seven people have reported injuries. nothing serious, but it hurts. lulu is committed to makeing the products right. coming up in one hour, the late, late show. tonight's guests, lisa kudrow, zach woods and ashima shiarishi. the newest warrior joins the nba champions. who is he? and where will he
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sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> the warriors need help like google. and if you do the search of their top pick in tonight's draft, here is what you would find. >> the golden state warriors
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select kavan from ucla. >> they selected the 6' 9" power forward. he was expected to go higher so he had to wait before hearing his name called. >> it was just nerve-wracking. i got a little stiff and sore. i was sitting there a long time. it was a long wait. you don't know what is going to happen. i got one of the best opportunities to learn from one of the best organizations in the league so i'm happy and excited. >> and from the team that really needed help, the top five, minnesota took carlo anthony town. duke's jahlil okafor went to the sixers. porzingis to the knicks. bottom of the 7th inning, giants leading 4-2, brandon crawford, didn't look like a
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big deal at the time. they had a 7-2 lead that extended the lead. san diego cut the deficit to 9- 8. but the giants counter in the bottom of the inning. buster posey drives in joe panic and matt duffy. as , in the top of the 7th inning, leading 4-3. josh reddick, 6-3 oakland. reddick drove in three. for the gain, the as win 6-3. sonny gray winning his ninth game. the as have won 9 of 11. they might be out of the playoffs by the fourth of july. they might be buying now. >> wow. quite a come back. >> as on fire. >> both local
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>> elementary is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll see you bright and early. have a good evening. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838
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