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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 30, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. dry drown hillsides about to get baked again. get ready for triple digit heat. >> brian hackney is here. how hot is hot? >> very hot. we'll be over 100 degrees in a lot of places in the bay area. let me show you quickly what's setting this up, strong high pressure over the desert southwest is now moving north and temperatures will climb. tomorrow concord at 105, walnut creek 102, ukiah 106 degrees. it's not going away any time soon. the forecast high for concord 105 tomorrow and on wednesday 104 degrees. it's not good news for fire conditions. we've had a couple close calls
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earlier today. chopper 5 shows how close flames got to the buildings in gilroy. firefighters dropped red retardant directly on top of one home and an rv. 20 acres of brush burned, but houses didn't. firefighters will be at it all night in long hope where smoke mushroomed from a 23-acre blaze. 1,200 were evacuated, the fire 55% contained. we'll have the high temperatures for you of 2015 in a few minutes. the clock is ticking in about seven hours if there is no last minute deal, thousands of santa clara county workers will be out on strike. any progress in the negotiations? >> reporter: not right now and it doesn't look good. negotiators for the workers union are inside their headquarters trying to hammer out a deal with the county. at this point both sides seem to have very little hope that anything will be done before
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tomorrow's 6 a.m. did he line -- deadline to avert a strike. the picket signs are ready if a new labor deal is not. >> we work for the community. we love our community. we does everybody to be treat like member -- deserve to be treated like members of the community instead of outsiders. >> reporter: danisha foster works in the d.a.'s office and is about one of 9,000 workers ready to strike tomorrow saying they can't afford to live in the county they work in. >> are you going to pay the rent on time or have food in the house and clothes on your back? >> reporter: the looming strike involves about half of the county's workforce, employees like library workers, road crews and most county clerical staff. late today a judge issued an emergency order telling 911 dispatchers and some hospital workers strike or not they have to work because their jobs are classified essential. >> we're very close. we're still hopeful of averting
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a strike. >> reporter: the county supervisor says the county government will be running tomorrow, but if workers go on the picket lines -- >> it throws things into a degree of disarray. we have to reassign people to do jobs they aren't accustomed to. >> reporter: how will this affect the public? 911 dispatchers, hospital workers, some social service workers are all ordered to show up to work tomorrow. the county says you should have no problem dialing 911 if necessary tomorrow. the people who will feel the effect of this strike, the can says pretty much anyone looking to file any sort of paperwork with the county tomorrow. that's because clerical workers will strike pretty much across the board. live in san jose christian hartnett, kpix5. documents showing the balcony collapse that kill six people passed inspection less than a -- killed six people passed inspection less than a
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year ago. two dozen mostly irish students were crammed onto the deck two weeks ago. most of the inspection records blamed dry rot, but a private structural inspector checked the complex last august and found the supports were in good condition. that included the balcony decks, rails and soffits. a visual inspection the following month the same unit found the apartment was in good condition. according to the inspector, the only problem was the unit needed a carbon monoxide detector. a helicopter made a crash landing at sfo and was just touching down at the north end of the airport. as you can see, the chopper wound up on its side. other than bumps and bruises the two coastguard members on board are fine. the crash generated a big emergency response. listen to the dispatch calls. >> engine 65, engine 51, engine
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37 out of zone, engine 81, truck 51, truck 34, battalion 17, battalion 9, idt respond on a helicopter crash 1019 north access road at san francisco airport. >> the crash did not affect any of the flights in or out of sfo. a despicable crime on a muni bus, a 72-year-old woman beaten up friday as the bus stopped at eddie and pierce streets. she asked to sit in the seats reserved for the elderly and disabled. police say a 40-year-old woman told her no and punched her in the head and chest. she was knocked to the floor. the drive tried to help, but the suspect -- driver tried to help, but the suspect attacked him as well before walking off the bus getting away. hundreds of san francisco high school students have been told a big stressful test they took to get into college won't
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count. andria borba is at lowell high school with a story you'll only see on 5. >> reporter: imagine studying an entire school year for a test to have it all come down to 15 minutes meaning you have to have the books and no. 2 pencil all over again. for 300 lowell high school students it's a bad cause and effect question come to life. back in may while taking the six hour long advanced placement u.s. history test a proctor mistakenly gave them an extra 15 minutes on the essay section. >> we knew initially something had gone wrong because we got extra time. >> reporter: if that was the calls, the effects was dropped off in their mailboxes by the college board. >> saying we could either retake the test or get refunded because we got extra time. >> reporter: the scores for six hours worth of testing, potential college credits were canceled and a year's worth of studying was down the drain. >> it's tough to realize that we have to retake a test that we spent so long for preparing
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for the whole year again. we have to relearn all the material. >> every night before the test and i don't want to do that again. >> reporter: the college board hasn't set a retest date. in 2015 getting their yes or no responses on retaking the test back to the college board has been maddingly old school. >> i faxed it four times, but of time i try it's always busy and i can't send in my response, but it was due a couple days ago. >> reporter: jennifer and christina say they can't wait to close the books on this experience and get the test off with but need some answers from the college board first. >> it will be kind of a waste if i don't take it. >> reporter: the students say they understand the tests should be fair for everyone across the board. they simply do not want to retake it again, though they say they will. andria borba, kpix5 news. tonight a battle between healthcare and hoops.
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ucsf nurses are against the warriors' plans to build a new arena in mission bay. the $1 billion facility would be located across the street from the children's medical center. >> if you're coming from across a bridge and you can't make it because of the traffic and your child is suffering in your car, that's a problem. >> traffic is a real issue, but it's also manageable. there are at least 17 other cities around the united states that have hospitals located within 1 mile of arenas and they function. >> the nurses say they have nothing against the warriors. they just want the best care for their parishes. tonight the vaccine bill is on the governor's desk. if he signs it, california would do away with personal and religious exemptions and force kids to get their shots in order to attend any public or private school. mark kelly reports. >> reporter: sacramento watch out. the hot back scene debate has been playing out even in our
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parks from scepticism -- >> i don't think the jury is out yet on what's going on with the vaccines. >> reporter: to complete faith. >> i'm not aware of any signs that says it's harmful. >> reporter: jim critclfield hopes the governor listens to the legislators and scraps the personal exemptions. he remembers the times before the vaccines. >> there were people who had polio that were just a year or two old are than i was. -- older than i was. >> reporter: after a recent measles outbreak at disneyland prompted the debate. >> the lack of understanding exactly what these things do to us is an issue especially long term down the road. >> reporter: the governor has 12 days to sign the bill. he hasn't made promises either way, but expect lobbying to continue until the bill becomes law. >> one way or the other i
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believe they should be vaccinated. >> reporter: a 6-year-old boy from roseville delivered 65,000 signatures against the bill to governor brown. otto coleman was paralyzed from the waist down because of a bad vaccine. the medical experts say cases like this are extremely rare and the benefits of vaccinating kids can more than outweigh the risks. the u.s. supreme court court ruled today that a lethal injection drug can be used for executions. lawyers for death row inmates argued the drug was cruel and unusual punishments after several executions in oklahoma took longer than usual. the justices ruled the inmates failed to offer an alternative method execution that would reduce any risk of severe pain, but that ruling could potentially put execution back on track in california.
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>> tonight we're learning more -- tonight we're learning more how law enforcement tracked down the second convict that escaped from the maximum security prison in new york. police were lucky he was a litter bug. >> david sweat apparently ate a chocolate bar and threw the wrapper in the woods. police found it near where they found the other escaped prisoner, had it tested. tonight sweat is critically wounded but talking to authorities. convicted killers richard matt and david sweat broke out of prison june 6th. they split up a week ago, sweat telling authorities he left matt behind because he was slowing him down. two days after matt was shot and killed sweat was shot and captured. >> they had avoided being seen at all whether on a roadside or near a residence. yesterday for whatever reason david sweat came out and started walking down a country road. >> sweat tells authorities the plan was to drive to mexico
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with prison employee and accomplice joyce much l, but when their ride didn't show -- mitchell, but when their ride didn't show, they headed for canada. a trooper near the canadian border spotted sweat and he took off running. >> he fired two shots. >> weeks of restless nights for a small community were over. the sign outside the clinton correctional facility thanks residents for their support during the manhunt, but it's the community that's thankful. >> it's relief. it's first good night's sleep i've had. is. >> a grateful community showed -- had. >> a grateful community showed up to cheer on law enforcement officials. >> everybody gets to enjoy the 4th of july next weekend and not look over their shoulder. >> the prison guard who was accused of smuggling tools
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inside hamburger meat appeared in court today. >> it's incredible to watch this man hunt three weeks. some late developments tonight could be good news for the stock markets tomorrow. >> plus two airline pilots facing some criminal charges after what they let a playboy playmate do in the cockpit? >> bay area beachgoers, look what our reporter found when he flew over the coast, sharks and lots of them and big ones. >> our drought is so bad it's hard to find anything positive to say except if you like
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we just checked the stock markets in asia and they are soaring. worldwide marks were down today because of the financial mess in greece. the country is on the verge of defaulting on nearly $2 billion in loans. the greek government has ordered all the banks to close temporarily and is limiting atm withdrawals. this is what u.s. markets looked like today, not good. the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq all down by more than 2%. the dow dropped 350 points. an argentine airline fired two pilots for letting a playboy playmate into the cockpit and offering to let her take controls of the plane.
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they took selfies and videos of their escapade that were leaked onto the internet. the plane was still on the tarmac in buenos aires. in the video leaked online she talks about turning on the engine. the pilots are also heard saying they would allow her to take control during part of the takeoff. pilots were fired and are now facing criminal charges for putting passengers at risk. the airline also banned the playmate for five years. a dangerous sight circling off the coarse of santa cruz. look at this. a group -- coast of santa cruz. look at. this a group of sharks were spotted this weekend and these weren't just any sharks. they were great whites. >> reporter: the view from sea cliff state beach was picture postcard perfect, a day to enjoy the sun, surf and sand. just offshore and visible to
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the make eye are several sharks believed to be -- naked eye are several sharks believed to be great whites, one of the ocean's most fearsome predators. there's whales, fish, dolphins, seals and great white sharks. there are aerial tours of the coast low pressure -- coast almost every day and shark sightings have become increasingly common. >> they're looking for meals or in the water warmers. >> reporter: chris pointed out nearly a dozen sharks patrolling near sea cliff's stone ship pier and said last thursday he saw 15 or more. >> i think it's scary. i wouldn't go out there. >> reporter: over the weekend the junior lifeguarding competition was canceled because of the sharks. marine biologists say the public should exercise caution because it's difficult to
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predict if or when the sharks might attack. >> sharks have adapted over their lifespan to attack first and then find out what they're eating second. >> reporter: at sea cliff state beach devin feely, kpix5 news. the drought may be hurting the water supply and ruining our lawns, but the wine industry is healthy. one vineyard owner says the lack of rain the last three years has produced some of the best wine in california and best wine in nearly a decade. >> dry years are good because it forces the vine to find water on its own and penetrate deeply into the soils. you want to stress out a vine to a point. >> in normal conditions roots of a grapevine grow about 10 feet deep, but in very dry conditions like right now they are forced to bureau twice as
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deep in search of water that. produces a smaller grape with more concentrated sugar and complex flavors. >> what's that thing you like to say, the vine needs to hurt a little bit? >> you got to hurt the vine to make the wine. don't water them. we'll go outside and check numbers around the bay. we've got good news for napa valley. it's going to be hot. 64 vallejo, 68 san jose. it's still 74 degrees now as wellhead to 20 minutes after 11 -- we head to 20 minutes after 11:00 this monday night. we've got a mild start on the cool side and then it gets hot from there. temperatures in the low 100s with not much way of low cloudiness except at the shoreline. from time to time a few high clouds do filter over the bay area. it won't suppress temperatures
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much. inland to 105 tuesday and wednesday. right around the coastal bay area will be relatively cool. the heat peak wednesday will begin to cool off a bit on thursday, still readings above average. tomorrow sacramento 107 and in fresno 109 degrees tomorrow. out there by 99. overnight lows tonight 60 degrees, sunrise tomorrow morning nine minutes before 6:00. here are the numbers. tomorrow and san francisco relatively mild, 68. in the south bay san jose fairly warm 91 degrees. go down 101 to morgan hill 103. east bay the headlines 101 in fairfield, above 100 in pittsburg, antioch, danville and livermore.
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89 in petaluma, 95 in santa rosa a and boy, is it smoking -- in santa rosa and boy, is it smoking up in ukiah. we'll cool it off in the latter half of the week. >> it kind of makes me want to go to death valley. a
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katy perry has her eye on a
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new piece of l.a. real estate, but someone is standing in her way. >> this woman, an 86-year-old nun. the pop singer wants to buy the former convent an order of nuns used to live in. it's a spectacular villa overlooking the san gabriel mountains. the nuns say perry sang a gospel song for them to try to butter them up for them. it was a happy day. it's not happy for us, though. it would be her home. she mentioned bringing in her family, her parents, grandparents, her business. >> right now there's a legal issue over who has the right to sell the property. the nuns just know they don't want it to go to perry. coming up in one hour the late late show with james corden, guests anna faris and bug chef david george gordon. somebody on the nba
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champion warriors got paid today. >> and the a's were running
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swinging a's, they were knocking it around tonight. >> on fire tonight. baseball on top. the giants were off, but the a's after a sweep by the royals back with vengeance. 12,125 and the natives were restless for josh reddick who put them in a lather with a 1st inning big fly, a two-run ride to open the scoring, reds 11. two batters later i like ike davis, the long ball doctor making a house call. it was 4-0. 4th inning billy butler, wow, that's a mandarin home run right there. five-0. two outs 9th inning
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brent lowry just under the glove of carlos gonzalez 6-1. oakland rolled tonight 7-1 and the a's got the win. tennis and wimbledon is back. serena williams center court. careful! slippery grass. versus the russian qualifier. williams got up and took the first set 6-4 and fights it to win the second set 6-1. she's trying to win a true grand slam. only three others have won all four tournaments in a single season. maurice bates nicknamed mo buckets staying in oakland. warriors picked up the $3.8 million option on his contract, shot 50% floor, key role player on the bench. >> good. >> will you be able to pop him
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like that with that ring on? >> yes, sir. that big bling? >> a little heavy. he can do it. >> i'm looking at yours. look at that. >>
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i know it's a little soon, but there's a long holiday weekend coming up, a lot of people going on vacation. >> 4th of july. it's going to cool down by the weekend and by that time there's going to be hide and seek with the low clouds on the
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shoreline by the weekend, cooler by then, but tomorrow 105, 106, 107. we'll see. >> be careful out
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