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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  July 4, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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ight happen today. a brush fire creeps to within a few yards of this is exactly what firefighters were worried might happen today. a brush fire creeped within a few yards of homes in the
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oakland hills. and good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney, it started just before 4:00 along castle drive near joaquin miller park. not far from the chabot space and science center. we flew over the scene and crews are still mopping up hot spots at this hour. you can see how close the fire came to nearby homes. mark is there life. it really looked like a close call mark. >> reporter: it was indeed brian. this fire had a lot of billowing smoke and we have just learned from oakland fire investigators that it is confirmed. this fire was caused by fireworks. grass and trees were on fire with flames showing in the early afternoon at joaquin miller park. the first calls came in around 3:30 as many hikers were in the park enjoying the fourth of july holiday. as those hikers quickly left for safety, they passed resident justin graham who was out for a jog. >> and a bunch of hikers told me to turn back. they staid stop. we saw fireworks go off and we
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saw a fire starting and it's getting out of control. to turn around. they were already on the phone with the fire department. >> reporter: the park is surrounded by homes. some residents took matters into their own hands while fire crews were still arriving on the scene. >> and then i heard him screaming and he was like -- there was a fire, there's a fire. so i ran out. and then we saw this whole thing down there like burning. so then we try to get this house right here and like spray this right here. so the fire wouldn't spread. >> reporter: the fire went to two alarms with oakland fire. which also called in help from cal fire which brought a helicopter and hand crews from as far away as marin county. the effort to fight the fire was helped by the morning fog, the mild temperatures, and a lack of significant wind. >> upon our arrival here, the first engine company engine 16 found what they appeared to be approximately two acres of grass burning downhill towards the eucalyptus grove into joaquin miller park. >> reporter: okay, back to a live picture, this is the site
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you don't see too often. this is actually the firework that oakland fire investigators believe caused this fire. we have with us the oakland fire investigator javon smith and hold hag looks -- holding what looks to be a pick low pete. it didn't take long to term what caused this fire and of course we had witnesses who said they heard people discussing this. so on this fourth of july night, that's all it took to cause this three acre brush fire that was such a very close call. we are told the final acreage on this fire was three acres and no injuries to any firefighters and no structures were damaged. that's the latest from the oakland hills, i'm mark sayer reporting live, kpix 5. >> hey marx, from start to finish, how long did all of this take? >> reporter: well, the original call brian was at about 3:30. and they're still here mopping up at 6:30. basically three hours so and plenty of crews are still here. i'm looking down the street and we have still got about five, ten fire engines on the scene. >> from the fire fighting to the reporting good job.
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marks air in oakland. thank you. firefighters were already on alert today and they are expecting plenty of illegal fireworks displays like these once the sun does go down. and as mark just showed us, it doesn't take much to get a brush fire started right now. fire departments all over the bay area have brought in extra staff for tonight just in case. well, as for the legal displays, san francisco's always one of the most spectacular and we've got a live look at aquatic park where tens of thousands of people will gather tonight to watch the show. you can already see the overcast skies. and there's one problem. low clouds are moving in to make for less than ideal conditions. by 9:00 tonight, it will be overcast but they'll still get the show off the ground and you can see on the futurecast and freeze it at about 9:00, 10:00 tonight there's plenty of low clouds moving in over the area. it's no freeze the forecast is calling for low clouds inland and clear skies near the -- concord and walnut creek area. if you're heading into the city though give yourself plenty of time and consider using public
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transit. lot of streets in the area are closed tonight. parking is scarce. and if you haven't decided yet where to watch the fireworks we have a complete list of sell bracings around the bay -- celebrations around the bay at the bomb squad blew up a box of navy flares that washed up on the shore at the beach today. >> fire in the hole. >> the area was evacuated while technicianings did their work, it was reopened a short time later and no one was hurt. at this point it's unclear exactly where those flares came from. another bay area beach finally back open to the public tonight after years of legal wrangling. kpix 5's mark kelly took a trip down to martin's beach in san mateo county. >> reporter: for chris berg, summer and martin's beach go hand in hand. >> we come here every fourth of july and just -- home basically you know? second home. >> reporter: and he's happy to see this second home back open
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for everyone to enjoy. >> nice that it's opened back up to the public. >> reporter: because for the last few summers that was not the case. back in 2008, billionaire bought the property around martin's beach and in 2010, closed the gate. blocking people like irene bryant from the one public road leading to the beach. >> i don't see how one person can capitalize on property like this. especially coast in california. >> reporter: the case went to court. his lawyer said their client had every right to close the beach. because the land was private before california c was seen -- california was seen a state. it -- even a state. it went to the governor's office who said it must stay open to the public. last fall, a superior court judge agreed with the governor and ordered this gate to stay open for the public to enjoy martin's beach again. and on this july 4th, they did. >> so hopefully it will
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continue that way. and there won't be any more shenanigans trying to stop you know the people from coming down. >> reporter: at martin's beach, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the beach is open to the public but it is not totally free. parking is going to cost you $10. well, people are also blocking to the beaches in santa cruz this weekend. at least 15 great white sharks have been spotted in the past week. no beaches are closed but warnings are up to alert swimmers and one mom told us she is not taking any chances. >> i mean we go in the water all the time. but i would be a little -- hesitant to because we put them in wet suits and they look like little seals. >> extra lifeguards will be on duty as well. the bay area is showing its patriotism this independence day. people lined the streets of san jose for the annual rose white and blue parade. featured floats, bands and antique cars and even the san
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jose sharks' mascot. it was followed by a picnic along the alameda. a colorful parade redwood city as well. included an appearance by miss california brie morse. redwood city is capping off the celebration tonight with of course fireworks. and still to come, a new kind of mayhem on the streets of the bay area. how vandals are literally painting a target on their unsuspecting victims. >> plus, stressed out about your holiday travel? tonight, sfo is offering up a four-legged solu
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three teenagers are under arrest in a bizarre drive-by shooting in san francisco. the weapon? a paint ball gun. police say the trio attacked a homeless encampment at san bruno and alameda thursday night. tina buckley and her boyfriend had to dive for cover but they still got shot. the paint balls were powerful enough to leave painful welts on their skin. >> as they're firing what was going on? was it hitting places over here? >> yeah. like pow, pow, pow. >> police are investigating whether the teens are the same people who have been driving all over the city paint balling people on sidewalks. there have been at least three incidents in the mission two in the bay view over the past
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week. a brief scare this morning at one of san francisco's busiest shopping centers. the small fire broke out inside the west field mall on market street. firefighters tracked the flames to the jamba juice store on the lower level and put it out before it did any major damage. at this point, it's unclear exactly how that fire started. but investigators do not suspect arson. well, sfo's bringing in some four-legged relief for stressed out travelers this holiday weekend. they've brought in a whole pack of therapy dogs to put anxious passengers at ease. >> the animals are here to provide just that little extra benefit that you can get from petting an animal. or spending a little time with an animal. >> united airlines partnered with the peninsula humane society to make it happen. the therapy dogs are stationed near the united terminal. still to come, making wine with no water. >> drunk on the drought. napa vintners say the lack of
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rainfall has actually been a good thing for their grapes and the proof? well it's in the taste. >> in that case there's really good news for wine growers. right on the horizon. we have the forecast though. as we look live at san jose. after a break.
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from fire danger to dry wells, the ongoing drought has been a nightmare for most californians. but ben tracy found out for napa wine makers, 2015 is actually turning out to be a pretty good year. >> reporter: in napa valley, home to some of california's prized vineyards. >> your vine is looking pretty darn healthy. >> reporter: they don't detest the drought. what has the drought penalty
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for you? >> it really actually has been appositive. >> reporter: michael owns a 76- acre vineyard in napa and he says the lack of rain in the past three years has produced some of the best wine california has seen in nearly a decade. why is a dry year good for wine? >> well a dry year is good because it forces the vine to find water on its own and really -- penetrate deeply into the soils. you want to stress out a vine to a point and go as far as you can before you go off that cliff and can't go any further. >> reporter: in normal conditions, the roots of grapevines grow ten feet deep. but in dry conditions, they are forced to burro twice as deep in search of water. the stressed out vines produce a smaller grape, but one with more concentrated sugar and complex flavor. >> we really want ripeness to get the fruit character that we need to make these really lush. expressive wines. >> reporter: can you really taste the difference between a wet we're and a dry year? >> yes, you can. because in a wet year the fruit doesn't get as ripe. >> reporter: of course, michael is in the business of selling
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wines. so we checked with susan, she's the executive editor of wine enthusiast magazine which has been rating and reviewing california wines for nearly 30 years. >> we looked at our scores over the last three years and they are increasingly going up. so obviously, our tasters are liking what they're tasting and they're liking the concentration. they're liking the intensity of the wines. >> reporter: in fact, in 2011, a wet year, 47% of the red wines in napa were rated 90 points or more. in 2012, a dry year, that jumped to 53%. however, there is one big problem with the smaller grapes. if you make wine based on quantity, not quality, think two buck chuck, it's now more expense iive to produce, that could -- expensive to produce. that could lead to higher prices for consumers. but for now, michael hoe anything is still happy to be drunk on drought. >> if this continues for the rest of the year, we are going
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to create another stellar vintage in the napa valley. all right, well as i said good news for them. there's no -- there's no rain on the way. >> all right. >> it's the fourth of july. so jewel yet, what are we celebrating on the fourth of july? >> we are celebrating our independence and celebrating america. america's birthday. >> vern what do you think we're celebrating? >> er celebrating -- we are celebrating america's independence from 1776. >> what happened on this day on july 4th, 1776? >> the declaration of independence was -- not signed? no. >> let me quote to you from john adams. he said -- the second day of july, the second day of july, 1776, will be the most important day in the history of america. you know what happened on the fourth of july? >> what? >> nothing. [ laughter ] >> i thought you were going to ask the wine question or something like that. >> why do we do it on the fourth of july? >> apparently because -- apparently because they drafted
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the declaration on the second of july and a printer really quickly transcribed it and printed a copy on the fourth of july. it actually all happened on the second of july. to this day, we celebrate it on the fourth. probably because of that printer. there are any other reasons? your guess is as good as mine. let's have a look at the fog and low clouds. we have low clouds that are offshore right now. and moving in over the bay area. and as a result, it could foul things a little bit for shoreline celebrations for the fourth. but inland, it looks like they'll be pretty good and tomorrow, we've got more low clouds. start the day with and they'll burn back to the shoreline and class exsummertime fashion. so fourth of july forecast is calling for fog and low loud at the coast -- low clouds at the coast and 68 inland and mostly clear skies which we have in san jose right now. right now concord still 86 degrees. in the city 63. san jose 75. and in livermore, 84 degrees. coastline stays cool all week
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this week with high pressure receding inland will remain mostly clear and so typical summertime weather just stratus quo. usual low clouds in the morning and clearing in the afternoon. so foggy fourth near the shore. warm inland and cool coast and typical summertime weather but it's a great day to -- for the a's to take on the mariners tomorrow. game time temp about 69 degrees. and alameda county fair last weekend for that and 83 degrees. and forecast for tomorrow we're going to be looking for things to be warm in the central valley. 104 at redding and tomorrow in the bay area, i clicked through too quickly. but mid 80s inland and near 80 around the bay. and low 60s at the shoreline by the latter half of the week and that will pretty much sum it up on this historic fourth. joule yet. vern? >> the emancipation proclamation. hey are you ready for this? giants and a's, what did tigers do in golf? who's the hot dog king?
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also, u.s. women's world cup final almost here. and you know, if it's a big event, the bay area like julie johnston here
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baseball up top. yeah, the a's put it all together but i want to know, is anybody hungry? who wants some of this? hot dogs look good. hey, against seattle's ace felix hernandez near unbeatable in oakland. but he jumped on him in the first frame. rbi for ben zobrist.
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and look at here. the a's are on the board. to the top of the 7th. oh those mundane spring training first base drills between pitcher and first basemen oh pays off right here, like you draw it up on the board. davis and graveman. bottom of the 7th. no play at the plate here. not going to get billy spurns in from third. on the zobrist sac fly. 18,915 saw this one. top 9. eric sow depart right place, right time. gets former ace seth smith at first and the a's beat hernandez at home for the first time in seven years and won the game 2-0. the giants, no love in the nation's capital. oh, five straight losses. independence day elements in washington, d.c.. against madison bumgarner, first pitch of the game. bo bo. nationals michael taylor away and gone. his sixth and it opened the scoring. fifth pitch from bum.
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the dangerous bryce harper. a two run laser to the bullpen in right. harper's 25th big fly. it's 3-0. nationals' stephen strasburg didn't make it out of the 4th. look how he grabs the side after this pitch. strasburg came out of the game. he had tightness on his side. and bumgarner, well he didn't make it past the 6th. tyler moore was the rbi machine. he had four of them today. two on this play to make it 6- 0. the nationals roll, final of 9- 3. over to golf. par 70 west virginia hills course. pga green briar third round. tiger woods, four shots off this morning and five shots now. up and down. 1 over 7 #. tough lie here as he is tie for 47th. sean o'hare. one of four players tied for the lead. at 11 under par. his approach at 17 like butter. shot 4 under 66. but jason bone, boy, a shocker. started the day 62nd place.
6:55 pm
birdied his finishing hole and signed a career low round 9 under 61 score card. so it's bone. o'hare, sj part and bryce molder who colead. over to tennis across the pond. roger federer, taking the court at wimbledon against australia's sam groph. fourth set, here comes federer, nice backhander would win the match in four sets. 6-4, 6-7, 7-2 if you're scoring at home. san jose's joey chestnut's eight year rain is over -- reign is over as hot dog king. he was taken down by the fellow on the right. matt stonie also of san jose, the title stays there. he knocked down 62 dogs and chestnut 60 in ten minutes. you hungry now? oh. let's go to soccer, u.s. against japan. of the 23 players on the u.s.
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squad, four are from bay area schools. alex morgan cal, kelly o'hara stanford and this u.s. defender, julie johnston, santa clara university. she sets up scoring like this for lloyd and does everything for this team in her first world cup. the former bronco is one of the eight finalists for the women's world cup mvp award. the golden bowl trophy and i know they're recruiting tool for longtime and i'd say very proud santa clara head coach here. jerry smith. >> i'd be lying the i said i -- if i said i knew she was going to be that good. she's -- i think she's doing some things that are really unpriest dented at her -- unprecedented at her young age. to be considered one of the leaders of the team is truly remarkable. we knew we had something that good. we didn't know that good. this one. lamar curse al dredge out at portland. the free agent power forward will sign with the san antonio
6:57 pm
spurs today. four years, $80 million. so after nine seasons with the blazers, the 6'11'' all-star returns to his native texas roots as nba guys, free agency has just gone crazy. although for the warriors go, they're glad they got the guy in full. >> how much was it again? >> for -- oh, for -- >> $80 million man? >> for money green? yeah, five years, $82 million. >> whoo. thanks f
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