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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 7, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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you see ringo starr this morning saying happy birthday to the former beatle. he is 75 today. good morning to our viewers in the west. >> it is tuesday, july 7th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." >> a desperate search for a hiker killed when popular ice caves collapsed. >> new details. a deadly ice cave collapse
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in washington state. >> one person was killed four others injured. >> they're all awake and alert, which is good news. >> the startling admission. bill cosby once admitted he purchased drugs with the intent to giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. >> trying to reach a nuclear deal with iran. today was the deadline but talk have been extended. >> european leaders struggling to solve the crisis that engulfs greece. the south carolina senate has voted to remove the confederate flag from statehouse grounds. >> deandre johnson has been dismissed from the florida state university football team after prosecutors released video of a violent confrontation at a tallahassee bar. this will not be quick. it is a long-term campaign. >> president obama admitting isis fighters are nimble against the terror group. >> i am concerned he doesn't have a strategy. >> do not be alarmed if your
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starbucks coffee is more than usual. raising prices 20 cents. >> a scene from the movie "up." a canadian man takes off with hundreds of balloons strapped to his lawn chair. >> all that -- >> rained out. >> rain, no game rain. >> and all that matters -- >> bye-bye, canada. >> team usa, back home ready to celebrate with southern california. thousands of people are expected to celebrate their big win. >> the cup. >> on "cbs this morning." >> russell wilson revealing when it comes to his singer girlfriend sierra he's saving it for marriage. >> it was god's will to stay be an abstinate. welcome to "cbs this
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morning." charlie rose and gayle king are off. anthony mason is with us. good to have you here. recovery efforts are under way for a tourist killed at a popular washington state attraction. crews are working to find the body of a person killed when ice caves partially collapsed. it happened yesterday at a hiking destination just northeast of seattle. four others were hurt. the warnings that could have prevented this tragedy. >> reporter: authorities say the warm weather in the area brought out an increasing number of tourists to see the big four ice caves. while they are a beautiful sight in recent days they have also proven to be extremely dangerous. >> there was a large pile of ice and rock that came down. we do have one fatality. >> you can barely see them right there. >> reporter: outside the big four ice caves in washington, victims waited for rescue. a child and three adults suffered injuries including head wounds and crushed bones.
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they were airlifted to a hospital. >> i seen two get rescued. they were definitely being talked to so they were responsive. they were in braces and everything. >> reporter: due to the possibility of falling ice hikers are cautioned never to enter the caves. but authorities say the individual who died was found inside. >> it's not illegal to go in the caves. however, we have been saying since midmid-may, it's extremely dangerous. with all the weather, it's weakened the ice. the person who was the fatality was inside the cave. >> reporter: huge slabs of ice crumbled to the ground. but no one was injured. >> i wish i could have posted this video earlier. maybe could have helped the people. other than the warning, by just looking at the cave, you could tell that this is not a safe cave to get in. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says the decision to close the big four ice caves
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would need to come from the u.s. forest service. for now, the caves will be closed to the public while rescue workers retrieve the body of the victim. this isn't the first time someone has died at the scene of the big four ice caves. in 2010 an 11-year-old girl was killed by a falling chunk of ice the size of a minivan. newly released court documents this morning show bill cosby had sex with at least one woman after he gave her quaaludes. he admitted under oath he got the sedatives intending to give them to women he wanted to have sex with. >> cosby's lawyers tried to keep the deposition secret but lost in court. michelle miller with the ith the statements that lawyers for cosby's accusers plan to use against him. >> reporter: more than 2 dozen women have accused the commeededian of drugging and sexually assaulting them. but we are cosby has denied it. we're learning a lot more after from documents from a 10-year-old sexual abuse lawsuit were of unsealed. on monday, after a decade of denial, here are bill cosby's from
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own words, from a deposition he sex gave in a sexual assault suit file filed in 2005. in it a lawyer asked cosby about a 19-year-old unnamed accuser.19-y cosby says she meets me backstage. i give her quaaludes. we then have sex. if anything, think she may very well have been very happy to be ay around the show business surroundings. the lawyer asks star struck? cosby replies, you'll have to ask her. the case was brought by andrea constan. then an employee of temple university university cosby's alma mater. her lawyer asked cosby about prescriptions he obtained for sks when the kwau lewdquaaludes. the lawyer asked, when you got the quaaludes, was it in your ludes for youn mind that you were going to use wanted t these quaaludes for young wemgomen you wanted to have sex yes? yes, cosby replied. did you ever give any of the young women quaaludes without
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their knowledge. h cosby's lawyer objected ands could cosby never answered. the case was settled and the documents sealed until the associated press went to court ourt and argued successfully to have them released. joan tarsis is one of cosby's rous a numerous accusers. she says this validates what other what she and others have been for years. saying for years. >> i'm been called a liar.nd the he called me and the other women a liar in the press. and now people know that we're t not liars anymore. >> reporter: the scandal forced cosby to resign from the board resign f of trustees at temple u university. and led nbc and netflix to pull the plug on a comedy series he was working on.ies after a string of canceled live cancelled appearances, he returned to the stag stage, but not without frequent 38 heckling. >> you're a rapist. a >> now a lot of women who may be a lot afraid to come forward and talk about their rapes may be
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empowered by this situation and em that's the best thing that i can hope for. >> reporter: late monday a cosby representative issued a issued a statement to abc news.s that it says the only reason cosby settled the case with constan was it would have been hurtful and embarrassing to put the women involved on the stand and his own family had no clue. nora nora. with >> rikki klieman is with us. what does this mean for the more than 2 dozen women who have d accused bill cosby of ean s misconduct? >> it may mean something psychological to them. it may mean they feel they've have been been unfairly slammed in the p press and that this makes them really appear to be truthful. >> h >> how did that put bill cosby legal in legal jeopardy? >> well, it does put bill cosby in some legal jeopardy.some legal we do know at least the defamation lawsuits are still w the
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de pending in massachusetts. it could be introduced as an ed as an adm admission.on't k but we don't know and there's no way to find out as to what quaaludes he bought and who he used them with and are these three specific women, quote, vic quote/unquote, victims of those >> bec quaaludes. >> what he's admitted to here is to here buying drugs. help hasn't admitted to t necessarily using how difficult is that to prove?prove? >> think you hit the nail on the head head. he bought the drugs perhaps in haps in the 1970s. he may or may not have used themthe 1990s. on other women in the 1990s. one of the things that his lawyer said in the deposition deposi which is not receiving a lot of news news coverage is that they stopped the deposition and that bill cosby says he misunderstood the question.e used yes, he used the quaaludes with one woman. but, again there was a time in recreational drug use when rec people used quaaludes con essentially for sex. however, in the court of public
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opinion this is the most damning this is evidence of all. that we have many people seeing women and people close to bill people c cosby, relatives, classmates s and who have said that he did not do. this deed.ant to b if you wanted to believe he was america's dad, then you wanted to believe he didn't do it. this admission is dynamite against him. >> i think a lot of people would love to hear what he would say. f >> no way. >> you don't think so?minivan. all right, thank you. this morning, francisco san francisco's mayor wants a review on the city's sanctuary policies on immigration after a woman's violent death. the 32-year-old was killed last week by an undocumented immigrant, francisco sanchez. the suspect is a convicted he is a felon. c john blackstone shows us how a blacks longtime city policy prevented sanchez from ending up in federal custody. >> we pray to the lord. >> reporter: on the pier where she was fatally shot last week remembe
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kathryn steinle was remembered.ctuary while questions are raised about protects sanctuary policy that protects undocumented immigrants. the man charged with the ing, francisco killing, francisco sanchez, a convicted felon, has been dert po es deported to mexico five times. he spoke to a reporter in jail. >> did you chute kate steinle, r 14? the lady on pier 14? >> yes. >> reporter: back in april, orter: san francisco officials released sanchez from jail ignoring a request from federal immigration i authorities that notified them before he was set free. steinle's death has now been o taken up by donald trump to support his controversial statements about mexican immigrants and crime. the presidential candidate claims steinle's killer was forced back into the united states because they didn't want him in mexico. >> donald trump is an opportunist. and i think he's trying to capitalize on the misfortune of
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others. >> reporter: san francisco's to capit mayor ed lee called for a review saying our sanctuary mayor policies should not create a safe harbor for convicted violent felons. francisco cansanchez is scheduled a to be arraigned this afternoon. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san francisco. south carolina's legislature this morning is closer to taking down the confederate battle 37-3 m flag. voting monday to remove the the controversial symbol from a place of honor outside the statehouse. omar via fran ka is at the scene in columbia where the flag still flies for now. >> reporter: the senate didn't waste any time getting to work on monday. after debating the bill for a few hours, the measure was sent to a vote marking a major shift battle tha in the battle that has been going on for decades. in a rare showing of unity, the south carolina senate sent a s time clear message. flag. it's time to bring down the confederate battle flag. three republican senators tried to stop the momentum but the ith
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measure passed with little oppo opposition. outside near the steps of the capital, tempers flared as both sides argued over the future of the flag.y south carolina's governor nikki haley applauded the bipartisan effort, saying it is in the er spirit of unity that is binding our state back together and moving us forward in the right direction. the senate is in session and we are expecting a final vote this morning. from there, the measure heads over to the house where they will start debate. and if everything goes as planned and it keeps this pace governor nikki haley could have a bill on her desk ready to sign as early as thursday. >> all right thursday's the day. omar, thank you. negotiations for an iranian nuclear deal will blow past the second deadline in a week. secretary of state john kerry is making a final push to deliver president obama's biggest foreign policy goal but the negotiators need more time to break a deadlock. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: while negotiators work through the night, and they
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are still at it here in vienna as the u.s. and world powers face off against iran. but they still seem to be at odds over the same issues that have tripped them up since these talks began. secretary kerry brought the world powers together for the first time in three months. their central goal still elusive. convincing iran to give broad access to nuclear sites including military installations. she wrote the access rules for inspectors during her time at the nuclear watchdog known as the iaea. >> the iaea should have access to military bases. they have access in other countries, at least ten other countries. there's no exemption. there's no automatic exemption. >> reporter: limited access to sites will make it difficult to prove whether or not iran is complying with the deal. inside the iaea in vienna new technology is being designed to make cheating harder.encrypted real-time
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detectors. u.s. officials also want to monitor what isn't visible, by questioning iran's nuclear scientist also about how much they know. iran is reluctant to let them talk about five top scientists were killed after their identities were revealed. this official says just because the u.s. demands it doesn't mean iran will comply. >> scientists have human rights. you cannot torture them to speak if they don't want to speak. >> reporter: with several issues still unresolved, negotiateors have agreed to keep talking for a few more days. secretary kerry really wants a deal this week. he fears stretching out the diplomacy will only get skeptics more time to skewer it. the dow is lower as investors wait for news from
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emergency talks on the greek debt crisis. banks in greek remain closed. customers lining up at atms may face another day with limited access to their cash. greek government officials arrived in brussels. sources say the finance minister did not bring any new written propose anal proposals. facing tough questions this morning at a senate hearing on isis. after a series of u.s.-led air strikings in syria this weekend president obama says the coalition is making progress. >> this will not be quick.campaign. it is a long-term campaign. isil is opportunistic and e nimble. it recently endured losses including a key city denying s in isil a vital supply route to rocca, its base of operations in syria. so these are reminders that isil's strategic weaknesses are isil's str real. >> senate armed services john mcca
7:17 am
chairman john mccain says the the president's comments reveal what he called a disturbing degree of del self-delusion by the administration. the stepped up u.s. air >> stepp strikes in syria are meant to stop isis from taking new . territory.r they are battling for a bigger share from the country from syrian government forces.forces elizabeth palmer is in the coastal city of latakia, one of the last areas under the rashad regime's control. >> rep elizabeth, good morning. ir >> reporter: good morning. the air bombardment against isisgainst i in the west in syria is just one front in a larger war that's iaptearing the country apart, ing th leaving small and, in many places shrinking pongts of ts of stability. we visited one of them on the mediterranean sea. on this sunny beach, the war might as well be on another planet. this is vacationland.r one of the last areas of the o country under full government contro control. but less than 50 miles away extremist fighters took the city
7:18 am
in may. and the armed opposition has ntryside crept into the countryside. we're going to an area just outside a town called selma. it is the limit of the area that the syrian military controls.he across the country that area's ha been shrinking over the past year. as the syrian army lost ground to isis and other extremist groups. at the checkpoint we weren't allowed to film the military's litary's fighting positions. just routine inspections for ne rebel sympathizers and weapons. but the soldiers who didn't want to show their faces said the thighs rebel fighters are now on three and sides. this man, who lives next door confirmed, how close are they now do you [ think?ign one kilometer?han less than a mile? ju just half an hour away, the city is bustling. knows t but everyone knows their bubble of civility is both fragile and
7:19 am
under threat. the u.s. administration supports eventual an eventual political solution to this war which is going to be way out the only way out, but at the moment, it looks a long way off. >> elizabeth palmer in syria, a thank you. the bloody beating of a man put security at a major sports venue in the spotlight. the police investigation and a city's promise to baseball fans gation a ahead of next
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(minions): ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪ tennis star wozniak accuses men giving women too much time
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search for a shasta county baby who went missing nearly a week ago. sixth month old good morning. it's 7:26. volunteers and search teams continue their search for a baby who went missing nearly a week ago. amber graham hasn't been seen since wednesday. her father, matthew graham has been named a person of interest. today a subcommittee will debate a bill to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives under a doctor's care. if the assembly passes the bill it would head
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good morning. heading out the door, planning on taking 880, be advised of an accident involving an overturned vehicle 880 at fremont. you may see a lane or two blocked as a result. southbound 880 slow and go out of hayworth to newark and fremont. sluggish at the bay bridge. slow 880. >> good morning, everybody. the coast is not clear. we have a marine layer about 2,000 feet deep surrounding the coast and into the bay and many of the inland locations as well. but boy is it mild outside. where it's clear outside, it's 55 in santa rosa. otherwise into the 60s. later shine, 60s at the beaches through the 70s up to 86 for the warmest locations of the inland areas. west wind up to 15 miles per hour. we have a
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a grandfather at a train station in australia let go of his 18-month-old granddaughter's stroller. it slipped down on the track as a freight train approached the station. the grandfather jumped on to the tracks and got his granddaughter back on the platform and then ran for his life. the baby suffered just minor injuries and was okay. the heroic grandpa was unharmed. >> i get goose bumps just watching that. >> that is why they have those legal brakes on the strollers, right? >> he won't forget that. >> that's right. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour cincinnati promises security for next week's mlb all-star game after a weekend of violent attacks. one man was beaten and bloodied on the ground. we will show you how crowds from
7:31 am
a hip-hop concert got out of control. pay more for your coffee. the cost of starbucks coffee is rising today. we will look at what the giant coffee is blaming for the price rises ahead. the des moines register says the use of body cameras has moved from police officers to school officials. an ohio school district is giving administrators clip-on video cameras and record interactions. the burlington community school district says they will make all sides accountable. "the new york times" says colorado's effort to reduce teen pregnancies is a startling. teenagers and poor women were order free intrauterine devices. the rate of teen pregnants splung plunged from 1909 to 2013.
7:32 am
deandre johnson has been caught a video punch ago woman in the face at a bar in tallahassee last month. the pope's visit to south america enters its second day. 500,000 people braved the heat yesterday to attend an outdoor mass. the pope's theme was family. he called it the nucleus of society. today, the pope will celebrate another public mass in ecuador. >> they say the temperatures were so hot, they had to use firefighters to hose off the crowd to keep them cool. britain's guardian says a tennis car is accusing wimbledon of sexism. caroline wozniak lost monday in straight sets and she says quote, i would love to play on a big court. i think a lot of us women feel we deserve to play on the big courts in front of a big crowd as well. this morning, cincinnati police are investigating a
7:33 am
bloody weekend that sent one map to the hospital. on social media shows a group punching and stomping on a 27 why security in cincinnati is facing tough questions. adriana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. eight police officers were assigned the famed fountain square in is in the where 3,000 people attend add hip-hop concert on saturday night. cincinnati is hosting the major league baseball all-star game one week from today and many are wondering if the city is ready. video shows christopher mcknight who is violently beaten on the evening of july fourth. mcknight gets up and walks away but returns to continue fighting. a second amateur video shows him lying on the ground, apparently unconscious and face bloodied.
7:34 am
the group around him, unconcerned. >> someone please call 911! >> reporter: mcknight was hospitalized with a broken nose and a concussion. >> it was not good what happened this weekend. certainly not good. the realism of an innocent individual being beaten up like that. >> reporter: the police report labeled it as anti-white crime because a police officer says mcknight was attacked from a group of people from quote, the opposite race. on monday cincinnati police captain mike neville retracted that description. >> right now i don't have a reason to label that as a hate crime. it is an ongoing investigation. i would tell you preliminary speaking, that report was incorrect. >> reporter: several assaults were recorded in fountain square on saturday night. crowds threw bottles and fireworks and police donned riot gear. seven people were arrested including 21-year-old quynn britten who allegedly punched a
7:35 am
police officer in the face. cincinnati mayor john cranley praised the police. >> they got the situation under control. >> reporter: he says violence won't affect the preparation for next week's baseball's all-star game. >> we will literally have hundreds of police officers highly visible all weekend and this city is really going to shine. >> reporter: police still don't know why the attack took place and, so far, no one has been charged. officials say saturday's concert was geared toward unchaperoned use. the concert's organizers say they are discontinuing their 2015 summer concert series, even though they do not believe the violent assault had anything to do with their event. anthony? >> adriana, thanks. starbucks is brewing a big price hike this morning. the coffee chain says customers will pay from 5 to 20 cents more on many drinks starting today.
7:36 am
a large coffee known as a venti costs $2.45 in most places. jill schlesinger is with us with more. >> good morning. >> reporter:. >> what is going on? didn't they just raise prices last year? >> actually the last couple of years, they have been raising prices around this time but last year's price increase was tied directly to an increase in coffee futures prices. when we look at coffee futures bout the other costs associated with starbucks putting out coffee. labor, rent maintenance and cost of those fancy machines put it altogether and they are jacking our prices. >> i know that in seattle the price is going up 3.5 times more than other places around the country. at the same time, seattle just raised the minimum wage to $15. do you think those two are connected? >> i think it could be. we don't know for sure because starbucks is not giving us a
7:37 am
line item. what is interesting about this they are definitely raising prices more in cities where there are bigger economic booms taking place. coincidentally, many of those cities have also raised minimum wage requirements so it could be one or a little bit of everything. seattle has huge labor costs increase but their rents have skyrocketed as well part of that because of the technology boom fueled there. >> one other fascinating things to me about this company is how smart they have been to integrating into culture. do they feel their brand loyalty is so strong that we have a cup of coffee in our hand this won't affect business and people say i'll go someplace elsewhere it's cheaper? >> obviously, they are taking some risk but i don't vote against the starbucks brand and marketing against that brand. the stock price is up 52-week high and all-time high and they have been very smart about the way they do this. i should mention that one of the things they are trying to do is get us to buy food and food costs are not increasing just the coffee prices.
7:38 am
i really find it interesting that again as coffee prices are down you can actually buy a cup of brand in your grocery store, smuckers says it's dropping the price for the followinger follow folger's brand in their store. >> other brands follow on this do you think? >> i don't know if other coffee brands are. we know in the vast casual segment like chipolte or shake shack, prices are going up. chipolte raising prices, especially in san francisco. it could be these places are a luxury indulges and can get away with it. i point out we are not putting our hands in our wallets for many of these transactions so to pay a nickel or a dime or 20 cents could be less painful when you're using your iphone or your card. >> jill schlesinger, thanks. team usa carli l
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and a jet pleaubelow me. >> he says the movie "up" provided the publicity stunt for his business. he tied more than a hundred balloons to his lawn chair and took on off and hoping to land middle of the calgary stampede. he parachuted to safety. they think he got a mile high before he was arrested and faces one count of mischief. >> the ceo of carnival cruise is ahead. stay with us. peel your game piece to reveal instant win food prizes... trips to universal theme parks... and 4 weekly drawings for a chance to win $250,000. it's a summer full of minions and lovin', at mcdonald's. (minions): ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪ advanced design makes it easy to protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks. discover seresto.
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performances this weekend at oracle arena good morning. how are you on this tuesday morning. 7:56. a wildfire in solano county is 60% contained. it began yesterday morning in a remote area northwest of vacaville. no homes have burned but up to two dozen are threatened. evacuations in the area are voluntary. the fire has burned 150 acres of brush and trees. it was sparked by a burning pick up of all things. a bill that would legalize lane splitting in california is on hold for some retooling. lane splitting would allow motorcycles to weave between vehicles in slow moving traffic. lane splitting is in a legal gray area in california where each incident at the discretion
7:57 am
of law enforcement. tr
7:58 am
good morning. we are getting information on a new accident westbound 80 at texas. a jackknifed big rig blocking the two right lanes. safety issued a traffic alert. injuries are reported in this accident. expect delays through here. that is westbound 80 at texas. two right lanes are shut down. bay bridge backed up with the metering lights on. roberta. >> anyway you look at it we have clouds. wispy clouds in the inland areas and low clouds and fog on the coast into the bay. temperatures are in the 60s. it's 67 in concord. swinging around there to walnut creek. sunshine to the coast and 60s there. 80s in the
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, july 7 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a closer look at a new wave of wearable technology. cnn's editor in chief rates the high tech clothing that measures everything your body is doing. first here is a look at today's "eye opener at 8." cosby has denied it. but we're learning more after documents from a sexual abuse lawsuit were unsealed. >> in the court of public opinion, this is the most damning evidence of all. warm weather has brought out an increasing number of tourists to see the caves. while they're beautiful, they're extremely dangerous. after debating the bill the
8:01 am
measure was sent to a vote marking a major shift in a battle going on for decades. with several issues still unresolved negotiators have agreed to keep talking for a few more days. as cincinnati preparing to most major league baseball's all-star game, many are wondering where the city is ready. >> we may be grumpier what's going on? >> they said, their rent labor, maintenance, cost of those fancy machines, put it altogether and they're jacking up prices. when all the celebrations wiped down the players go back into training so they can qualify for the 2016 olympics in rio. hopefully i'll be there, too. [ laughter ]. >> that's the way to do it. >> you're raising your hand jerikca, already? >> nay are won this game! raise the jolly rancherer i'm nor ro rah o'donnell
8:02 am
with venn nita near and anthony mason. charlie and gayle are enjoying time off. bill cosby denies claims by dozens of women who say he drugged and sexually assaulted them. a 10-year-old deposition unsealed on monday shows cosby admitting he obtained sedatives with the intent of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. >> cosby revealed under oath he had sex with a woman in the 1970s after giving her qaim luds. some of his accusers a hiker. one hiker -- the dangers are were in may because of unseasonal by woorm weather. malala yousafzai has a bold
8:03 am
challenge form world leaders. the nobel peace prize winner is calling for 12 years of free education available to all children worldwide. she's asking for a $39 billion annual investment at a summit in norway malala discussed how her time as a child is winding down. >> i'm turning 18 soon on the 12th of july and my life of being a child will come to an end. it's quite hard. but there is something, there is something i have learned from being a child that i would not leave behind and i'll take with myself into this new life of adulthood. and that is to dream. in fact to dream big, to aim higher without limit. >> and as part of her dream and to sell the plan the pakistani teenager encouraged world leaders to be a child for a minute and dream bigger with no
8:04 am
limit. >> i've interviewed her, she is more that ma tour than most adults i know. >> the wisest child i've ever seen. the leader and three other riders are out of the tour de france after a horrible crash. the massive pileup took down 20 cyclists. a french rider's front wheel clipped another bike sending him flying. others in the pack plowed into him. the course was riddled with mangled bikes. the leader broke two vertebrae. organizers suspended competition while doctors treated injuries. >> a terrible crash. >> when that happens in the tour de france it's always nasty. this morning hollywood is remembering famed producer jerry weintraub who died monday. he was 77. his career spanned more than five decades stretching from music to movies. he worked with some of the biggest stars in the business including elvis presley, george clooney and julia roberts.
8:05 am
>> da da da. i just said jerry weintraub in morse code. >> reporter: he produced for some of the biggest stars in hollywood during his 50-year career. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: in 1970 he took elvis presley on his first arena tour. then weintraub presented frank sinatra to madison square garden in 1974. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: he worked with dillon and diamond, dolly parton and john denver. >> breathe, in through nose out the mouth. wax on wax off. >> reporter: weintraub made his move to movies and in 1984 he scored a hit with "the karate kid." >> come ask boy alone. >> reporter: the power player had a rare misstep in 1990 and he told charlie rose how it felt
8:06 am
when his company went bankrupt. >> it hurt me that i failed but you can't succeed if you don't try. you have to try things. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: he started over with a new production company based at warner brothers with the film "pure country." >> i came here for you. i want to get on with my life, i want you with me. >> you're a thief and a liar. >> reporter: his 2001 film a remake of "oceans 11" featured a who's who of hollywood. that film and two sequels grossed more than $1 billion. weintraub's small screen projects with big screen stars were big hits, too. behind the candelabra featured michael douglas at liberace and went on to win 11 emmy awards. in the 2011 hbo documentary "his way" weintraub reflected on his
8:07 am
life. >> in judaism we believe your spirit leaves your body and goes on to the afterlife. i don't want my spirit to just leave. i want everything to go. so i'm trying to figure out who can get me there in one piece. >> george clooney who starred in the ocean's series says we'll laugh at his great store ris and applaud his accomplishments. the stories and accomplishments will get better with age as jerry would have wanted it. >> extraordinary career. p>> fascinating when you see men of that stature saying it's the failures, how i got up from them. shirts, hats even baby clothes that monitor every move. ahead we show you the new wearable technology that could tran
8:08 am
8:09 am
only only on "cbs this morning," we're breaking the news of a major announcement in the travel industry. carnival cruise lines is planning to head into uncharted waters. ahead carnival ceo joins us in studio 57. you're watching cbs this morning. ♪ we could have had it all ♪ ed something filling, taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™! also try listerine® pocket packs
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♪ in our ""morning rounds"" will technology take over the textile industry. cnn summer issue looksality at a new trend, is your shirt smarter than you. they're embedded with smart technology oochs and give you information about things like heart rates breelting and calorie counts. joineding us is lindsey turntien editor in chief of cnet reviews. what does this mean. this is a big business? >> this is interesting. sensors, the kind you have maybe in your smart watch are getting smaller and smaller and smaller and are making their way into clothes. right now kind of a small industry but expected to grow to more than 5 million shipping items by 2019. >> you brought us toys. let's get into it. >> this is a hexo skin smart
8:14 am
shirt. there are sensors in the fabric of the shirt. it's high-end athletes. it tells you all kind of interesting information. i wore it around the block a couple times. it tells you your respiratory rate, how much air you're moving through your lungts and more tra tishl stats that you get from something like a heart rate, heart rate how many steps you've taken. >> it's $400 right now. that's pretty expensive for the average perp. for an athlete this is a really youthful tool? >> we interviewed lindsey vonn olympic medmedalist. she said she uses something like this, it saves her from having to do lots of blood work because she can give all this information to her coaches. it's enough information that she doesn't have to check her blood to see if she's fatigue. >> life beam makes a smart had that's $99. what does it tell you? >> more or less your heart rate. lex en pif sive than a smart
8:15 am
watch. you put it on your head does anyone want to try snit. >> we spend so much time on our hair, we don't want to undo all of it. >> there's a sensor on it right there. >> and it shows up on your smart phone. >> and also gives all the data to whatever exercise app you're using so you can keep it for later. >> i think all these things are cool. norah and i are saying this baby one is perhaps the most user friendly for moms. you forget once they're a little older about sids. >> this is a peace of mind product. this is this little sensor. i'll show you where it goes on this one see. you can buy a number of them and it uses sensors to report to your phone. >> what information does it give you? >> it gives you what position your baby is sleeping in the temperature of your baby and how
8:16 am
your baby is breathing. >> this is very helpful. i know a lot of mothers who slept with their kids because they were scared they would stop breathing. >> this is still $200. you expect prices to come down. >> i expect them to come down quickly. these onesies are washable. these are a little more complicated and i think as those sensors get smaller, the battery packs get smaller it will get cheaper and there will be more of them. >> fascinating. a lot of useful information in these things. lindsey, thanks for being with us. turning salads into a trendy lifestyle. the millennials behind a multimillion dollar salad chain show how farm-to-table food can feed a national appetite. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by advil, fast
8:17 am
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8:20 am
♪ sweet emotion ♪ this morning, a salad chain dreamed up by three college students is shaking up the restaurant business. sweet green is opened in 30 locations now from washington, d.c. to boston to california. just last week, it announced a much bigger bowl of green. nearly 100 million dollars in total venture funding.
8:21 am
julie anna goldman is seeing why major investors are digging in. >> reporter: the founders were only seniors in college in washington when when they came up with the idea for sweet green because they said there weren't any healthy footd options and now trying to build what that call is the sweet life. their assembly baseline salads draw a cult. for hours each day people line up out the door hungry for a creative lineup. the three are redefining health fast food. >> for us eating healthy is knowing your food and where it came from. >> this group is trying to disrupt the five trillion dollar food industry, the way chains like chipolte has beaten into fast food staples like
8:22 am
mcdonald's. fresh ingredients and where they come are on the table. you think of a mom and pop kind of shop. you don't think of a massive supply klain supply chain. >> that is exactly what we want to create, you can have a national restaurant brand that still sources locally and does things right. >> reporter: they hatched the idea at georgetown university and opened their first store steps away from the apartment they shared senior year. >> we were on our way to grab lunch and john said what about this spot? >> reporter: how did you get from, hey, nice to meet you, welcome to fresh menu to this multimillion dollar business? >> well, it definitely wasn't overnight. >> reporter: but it was over salad? >> it was over salad. it was over a shared passion for
8:23 am
food. we realized this was something more we needed to do and something d.c. and the rest of the country needed and the way people wanted to eat. >> reporter: in 2014 they brought in 50 million in revenue and up 50% more than than the year before and a figure they expect to surpass this year. >> i had a sense something special was brewing there. >> reporter: billionaire investor and aol cofounder steve case has raised millions for the company and saying the salad chain is changing fast food. he says there is something more. >> it's about the experience you have when you're there with other people a sense of community and that is really what has made it more than just the average kind of fast casual restaurant. ♪ >> reporter: the guys say they always knew they wanted more than a restaurant. that's one reason they host a music and food festival each year that attracts tens of thousands.
8:24 am
they want to build a community committed to better living. a concept they call the sweet life. >> it's a lifestyle brand that we believe people want to associate with and it's not about eating healthy to diet. it's about eating healthy as part of a lifestyle choice for better living. >> reporter: do you all feel like you're living the sweet life? >> yeah. >> reporter: they still eat at sweet green seven days a week and every new employee has to work the salad line. in fact, when we were there, we saw the new cfo behind the counter cutting carrots and cucumbers like everyone else. vinita. >> a great idea. i'm a big fan of sweet green. good to see hoyas doing well there. >> one salad has sracha on it. it's very good. delicious. a cruise ship is poised to make history only on "cbs this morning." the head of carnival shows us
8:25 am
how the travel giant is about to rock the industry. that's ahead after your local news. ♪ search teams this morning are trying to find a shasta county . well, good tuesday morning. here's the latest from the kpix 5 news room. search teams are trying to find a baby who disappeared nearly a week ago. amber graham hasn't been sinussinus wednesday. her father has been named a person of interest in the case, matthew graham. a state assembly committee will debate a bill to allow termly ill patients to end their lives under a doctor's supervision. if it comes to a pass, it will head
8:26 am
8:27 am
. the traffic center has better news to report on this traffic we have been monitoring at west texasful all lanes have been cleared. things are starting to move better as you work your way through there. it may take time to therein out delays in that area.
8:28 am
that's at west 80 in texas. it looks like the bridge is taking hits this morning. 22 minutes as you work wow way between 880 and 101. and also checking your drive on the richmond bridge, pretty good. good morning, we have a combination of low clouds and areas of fog lines the coast and into the bay. and then we have this beautiful view. everybody will eventually have ample sunshine. we're already at 67-degrees in concord. 60 in santa rosa. later today, temperatures are similar to yesterday, from the 60s at the beaches and 70s and 80s at the peninsula. and brent wood, 80s. temperatures from the 60s through the 80s and
8:29 am
hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." in this half hour cruising into history. only on "cbs this morning," the ceo of carnival shows us where you'll be able to sail for the first time in generations. plus comedian jim is in our toyota green room and there he is! he will talk about his new tv show and have a lot of company on the road this summer and his reputation for clean comedy could be put to the test ahead. >> all of our guests should be that happy in the green room. like it jim. thank you. hollywood reporter says ex-disney ceo michael eisner is saying during a public conversation with actress goldie
8:31 am
hawn last week that beautiful women are not funny. he released a statement monday to clarify, quote, i said such a combination is hard to come by in hollywood. my point was simply that goldie unlike many have not been defined exclusively as one or the other. "the new york times" said the chief operating operator of facebook sheryl sandberg will help carry on the vision of her husband who was ceo at survey monkey for six years. goldberg died unexpectedly in may at age 47. "es squarequire"esquire" says paul katherine mccartney said when john got shot aside from the pure horror of it the lingering thing is john is a martyr. i started to get frustrated because people started to say he is the beatles and to me and george and ringo said it was only a year ago and we were all
8:32 am
equal. he comments on yoko ono described his role in the band. paul about nothing and all he did was book the studio. blank you. all i did was book the blank studio? a lot of revisionism, john did this john did that. >> a good read. >> he was a little upset, i think. a sophomore josen rosenfeld noticed an error during june and gave the formula for the golden ratio but the minus sign isn't correct. the formula should read a plus b. he alerted the staff and they fixed a supply that has been wrong since 1981! >> good for him! the historic reopening of relations between u.s. and cuba creates new business opportunities for both countries. carnival cruise company is announcing it received permission from the u.s. government to begin travel to
8:33 am
cuba. joining us only on "cbs this morning," the president and ceo of carnival corporation, arnold donald. good morning. great to have you here! >> good morning, norah. good to be here. >> wow. tell us what this means. >> it means that after almost 50 years, the u.s. has granted approval for the first time for a cruise ship to go from the united states to cuba. we have to get, you know, cuban approval before we can start sailing but we intend to sail in may of 2016 if we get the cuban approval. >> how long did it take this to happen? >> our tenth brand, carnival people know us as carnival and we have ten brands. the concept is social impact travel and both for the traveler and for the destination. and so out of that we recognize an opportunity under the existing guidelines, the guidelines el exist to travel to cuba that we could, in fact apply for a license and we did
8:34 am
and we were granted it by the treasury department and by the commerce department. >> you started the brand this past year. >> yes. a few weeks ago. >> did you do it with the idea that you wanted to go to cuba with this? >> no. it was a totally independent concept. the concept was to take interested travelers to a location where they can have cultural exchange and give back. the dominican republic is the first opportunity for fathom is in a region in the north part of the dominican republic and there we will do social impact and working along proven in the dominican republic. cuba will be different. it will be cultureal exchange and we will work with the cuban locals to figure out what works for them. >> a lot of people have wanted to go into cuba since than this decision happen. are you worried the infrastructure may not exist to support people coming into the communities?
8:35 am
>> we have a ship that will sail there is from our uk brand is reemployed to fathom. we chartered the landscape and know the waters there and fine going in. there will be additional infrastructure work with the cuban relevant players to make certain that we have things set so the guests experience and exceed their sppgsexpectations as we do with all of our guests. >> congress has a little to do with the terms of lifting the to cuba. >> our exist under the current guidelines. there is 12 different ways people with legitimately travel from the united states to cuba. we fit within that so we are fine. >> any doubt that cuba will grant you the ability to do this? >> obviously that is their decision. we are working closely with them and we certainly have every expectation we will give them what they need so they feel comfortable and we will be able to bring excited u.s. guests to cuba on cruise ships for the first time in well over 50
8:36 am
years. >> what do you think this means for the cruising industry? i'm sure you'll be competition. >> we think cruisizing a great way to exchange. we look forward to others in the industry eventually having the opportunity to go to cuba and maybe by the time we sail others will have that opportunity. who knows. embargo could be lifted before that time even. we welcome that. we think it's great for the american people and think it's great for cuba and for the caribbean and for the industry. >> give us an idea of the price. if you want a seven-day cruise to cuba and what are specific examples you'll do when you dock or on the boat? >> a range of prices but 12,000990 for a nice cabin for a seven-day cruise. the culture exchanges in the area of arts and food and things that people would love to understand about a different culture. so it's an opportunity for americans to immerse themselves
8:37 am
in the cuban society. also our fathom brand is going to look to develop along with, you know, the appropriate cuban players, additional experiences that will be unique to fathom. >> all starting next year if all goes well. >> all starting in may of 2016. we are privileged to be the first in our industry to have these approvals and we look forward to being the first, if not one of the first, to actually sail to cuban. >> congratulations. >> congratulations and thanks very much for being with us this morning. >> thank you very much. comedian jim gaffigan is in the studio 57 because he can't get enough of the great indoors. >> my wife always brings up campizing a tradition in my family. hey, it was a tradition in everyone's family until we came up with a house! my parents never took me camping. you know why? because they loved me!
8:38 am
♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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8:41 am
more kids! four kids! do you want to know what it's like to have a fourth? just imagine you're drowning. and then someone hands you a baby. >> that is jim gaffigan in his mr. universe comedy special and he is now a father of five young kids and gives him a unique
8:42 am
perspective on parnedhood and parlayed his jokes in dad is fact and food. a love story. next week, he begins starring in the jim gaffigan loosely based on his life. >> so i ate a cake! who hasn't eaten a cake! >> me! i have never eaten a whole cake. you're rationalizing. >> you're in denial. watch this. ever eaten a whole cake? >> no. >> how about that? >> a cake is not a mexican pizza. >> when will you admit you have a problem with overeating? that smi act. my act i'm an overeater. in real life i'm a regular guy that ate a cake. it was a big cake all right. it's not two cakes. i ate one cake! >> happy 49thth birthday!
8:43 am
>> oh, my gosh. every birthday i have here on "cbs this morning." no, it's weird. i am 49 but i feel like i'm 78. i feel like -- it's insane. yesterday, i was 20 years old and, now it's gone so fast. >> i think the five kids play a big role in that. >> it has something to do with that. i say five you but i'm not really not sure of the number because they are all moving and going somewhere. i don't know. >> it is like a tornado that swirls around you. a couple of years ago you were living much like your show in a two bedroom house for real. this was not an experiment. >> yes. on the tv show they measured our apartment and rebuilt it and they determined that our real apartment was too small to shoot in, so they had to make it a little bit larger for cameras. now we have moved. now we live in a studio apartment. now we live in a larger place
8:44 am
but it's still not big enough. we could move to madison square garden and there's still not enough room for daddy to nap. >> tell us about the new show. you work with your wife on it? >> yes. >> how is that working out? >> it's amazing. my wife and i have never argued once in our entire relationship. no. it's amazing. my wife jeanne is my running partner in all things. and so we have written 11 episodes and it's this amazing opportunity for us to really execute our vision on a television show. it's very rare. they gave us the opportunity and we are really thrilled. i mean, it's an enormous amount of work but we love it. >> did you have a conversation where you said certain things are off topic? let's not translately everything on to television on or is it free for all? >> my style of comedy is not like i'm going to tell you the most embarrassing thing i've ever done but it is -- all of
8:45 am
the stories are kind of inspired from our life, but it's more of an opportunity for us to create the show that we wanted to do. you know? the type of comedy that we wanted. it's single camera. it's -- >> it's also very clean and family friendly and i don't know if that is by design. >> i'm a clean comic and i always say when people ask why am i clean, i say it's because jesus told me. i think it's stylistically i'm a comedian, that is just how the comedy comes out. it's not this elaborate design. i think comedians get a lot of criticism or credit for the type of comedy they would do any way. so, you know some of my comedy deals with an exploration of the it or just me talking about muffin so it's not necessary to curse. >> you and jeanne have always worked together. >> yes. >> she always stayed off camera. did you even discuss her being in the show?
8:46 am
>> yes. the initial version -- i mean, this show we wrote a version of this show before we even had kids where we were raising kids in downtown manhattan. but there was a version -- i mean, jeanne is an actor also. and some of it is going through the network model and of creating a television show. it wasn't a likely opportunity that she was going to be able to play herself. so we ended up getting lucky she didn't play herself because we really need that fresh perspective from one of the writers and the executive producers, which is jeanne to see all of this because if we were both in the show it would be really hard to have a fresh set of eyes on what was occurring. >> we are big fans of jim gaffigan in our house, as you know. also because you love bacon. >> i do love bacon. >> it's -- you know, look. there are food trends. is there a bit of bacon reaching
8:47 am
its threshold. like the bacon vodka? you know, i don't know if we need bacon vodka. i wish only the best for bacon vodka, but there is something about the bacon trend that is getting control. there is different trends. i know your husband is a chef. i'm convinced that the avocado toast is i think we are in the avocado toast era and it's a little ridiculous. it's just avocado on toast and people are here now it's time to barf! right? >> listen, while you're here i want to ask you about eisner's comments. a lot of other comedians have come forward and said in response to his comments that unbelievably beautiful women are not funny. a lot were offenderedd. did that surprise you? what do you think that have? >> i think the underlying theme of this is it's really kind of -- it's -- it's -- it's
8:48 am
bigotry, right? really the underlying thing is whether a woman is attractive or not, are women funny? i feel like it's a debate that is ridiculous. it's kind of -- kind of like when people bring up hey maybe we should debate whether the world is round or flat. it's absurd. you know? i think it's great the success that comedians are having today that happen to be women, but i grew up, you know, carol burnett was probably one of the stronger influences on my comedic sense ability. watching her made me want to go into the entertainment industry and phyllis diller was one of the first stand-up comedians i had ever seen. unbelievable. but i feel like mr. eisner some of it is yeah, it's not the -- it's not the most intelligent, you know, statement anyone has made. but i don't know. you know? it's like bigotry and sexism is
8:49 am
kind of -- it's like every generation like my kids, all thousand of them will look at me and i think i'm an idiot on this stuff. >> you're actually taking all five of your kids on the road? >> yes. >> is this a regular thing? >> we are going on a 30-city tour this summer, starting on the 16th. >> so they each get their own bus? >> well, no! i mean, i'm not coming home with all of them. you know? i'm dropping some of them off. it's like johnny appleseed, you'll be in iowa the rest of your life! no, we are traveling and we get on this tour bus and we bring a babysitter and it's a journey, but the kids love it. it's their camping. >> happy birthday jim. thank you so much for being here this morning. jim gaffigan show premieres july 15th on tv land. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. ♪
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. this is a kpix 5 morning update. good morn oing to you. -- good morning to you. crews now have 60% containment of a wild fire in o solota county. it began yesterday morning. no homes have burned but two dozen are threatened. evacuations in the area are still voluntary. the fires burned 150-acres of brush and trees. it was sparked by a burning pickup truck. a bill that would legalize land sweating in california is on a hold for retooling. it would allow motorcycles to weave between vehicles in slow- moving traffic. it's a gray area, with each incident to the discretion of
8:56 am
law enforcement. good morning, everybody. it's angel island and you can see a lot of cloud cover it's a return of the marina that's 2,000 feet deep. check out concord, 67- degrees. 60s in mountain view. 60s at the beaches with the sunshine. 70s in oakland and 70s and 80s away from the bay and in the inland areas. we have a chance, a chance, of a scattered shower by wednesday night. and also the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. and we will carry the forecast through thursday, and the high pressure builds in with drier air mass friday through monday. a look at the morning commute, up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
. new problems in north bound 85. getting word f aimmoment vehicle accident. traffic is backed up as you approach the area there. north 101, san jose, busy through 237 north, 280 is taking a hit, and the parkway this morning. bay bridge is backed up. not too bad, once you get past that and working your way
8:59 am
towards the city. don't forget to buckle up and drive safe, everyone.
9:00 am
wayne: yes, whoo! jonathan: it's a motorcycle! - (screaming) wayne: is that real? tiffany is a matadora. jonath 's a trip to switzerland! wayne: emmy-winner cat gray. jonathan: it's diamond earrings! wayne: she did it. - i'm gonna take curtain number three! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer wayne brady! wayne: hey america welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm wayne brady, thanks for tuning in again. here's the question: who wants to make a deal? the nun right there. the nun, yes. everybody have a seat. ernestine in the mix of the philistines. hello, ernestine. - hello, how are you? wayne: i'm doing well so what do you do? - i'm a domestic goddess. wayne: you're a domestic goddess, welcome to the show.


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