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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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tonight and tomorrow with a thunderstorm. >> and it is "hump day." captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs goo good morning to your viewers in the west. it's wednesday july 8th 2015. united airlines stops all of its u.s. flights after a massive computer failure. thousands of passengers are left waiting to get in the air. illegal immigrant charged with murder in san francisco. allegedly used a gun stolen from a federal agent. and two americans are gored while running with the bulls in pamplona, spain. we'll talk with one of them who has done this 38 times. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." ior your world in 90 seconds. >> all united flights nationwide
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have been grounded. they appear to be experiencing computer issues. >> this is a fairly substantial, perhaps even epic computer failure. >> planes are not moving at l.a.x. two people were killed when their small cessna and an f-16 fighter jet collided over south carolina. >> sources say the gun used in the san francisco murder that's become a flash point in the immigration debate bielongs to a federal agent. flash flood warnings and watches from texas to pennsylvania. subway has suspended their spokesman jared fogle after fbi agents ss searched his home in a child pornography invest gaugs. hillary clinton sits down for an interview suggesting voters have trouble trusting her. >> people should and do trust me. >> two americans gored in the running of the bulls. neither man received any life-threatening wounds. in utah a trooper
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responding to an accident gets pinned under a war. he was rushed to the hospital expected to be okay. all that -- >> the crew trying to pull off the tarp. >> the groundskeeper got gobbled up. >> this little tyke. >> and all that matters. >> i'm captain of the millennium falcon. >> "star wars" fans disney has announced hans solo will be doing his own movie. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the champs getting a call from president obama. >> what you guys have done and the culture you've built. and carli, what have you been eating? >> this morning's eye-opener is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and gayle king are off. so anthony mason and vinita nair are here. united airlines passengers are going nowhere. united grounded its planes more than two hours ago. the computer system went down forcing the airline and sub carriers to shut don. kris van cleave is in washington, one of dozens of cities affected. >> if you are flying united out of the west coast this morning, prepare for a major delay. the airline had its reservation system go completely offline. that resulted in a temporary ground hold of all, nighted flights this morning as the airline is trying to get their system back up and running. without a reservation system they can't check passengers in. they are having issues with crew scheduling getting information into the cockpit like flight
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plans. as a result united airlines flights are grounded until this issue is resolved. we are seeing long lines across the country as passengers are unable to check in. we don't know from united how long this computer delay will last. if you are flying uniteded this morning, prepare for substantial delays. there will likely be cancellations. the most affected airport will be los angeles and their other hubs. investigators are trying to find out why an f-16 fighter jet slammed into a small plane midair near charleston south carolina. they are looking for the pilot and average is of the cessna involved in tuesday's accident. both were killed. the collision destroyed the small plane after it took off from an airport. it crassed into the lewis field plantation after the piled bailed out. omar villafranca is there.
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>> reporter: authorities say this is now a recovery mission. more than 150 emergency responders are searching a seven-mile area trying to find the bodies two of victims that were on that cessna plane. >> two planes down at this time. small plane versus a military-style jet. small plane in the water. >> reporter: the midair collision happened suddenly tuesday morning sending debris from both planes raining down or rice fields in south carolina. roughly 25 miles north of charleston. this video shows members of the air force removing one of the jet's engines from a mobile home and debris strewn across the property. >> there was an explosion. a lot of black smoke. debris falling. >> what did you think it was? >> i thought it was fireworks. >> reporter: the cessna took off from berkeley county airport just before 11:00.
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the f-16 was headed to charleston from shaw air force base near sumter for a traunining mission. the planes collided between 2,000 and 3,000 feet. the air force jet broadsiding the smaller plane. >> are you lucky, blessed? >> yes. >> reporter: beverly says she and her husband watched helplessly as the jet approached their property. >> it came right over the top of us. >> how close? >> very close. it banked to the left and out and it was just seconds later we heard the second boom. >> the air force identified the f-16 pilot as major aaron johnson. an experienced pilot with over 1500 hours of flying. he ejected safely and was taken to a nearby hospital. he suffered no injuries. more than 20 local, state and federal agents are searching for the bodies of the two missing people. >> we have sonars in the water
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and river. people in the rice fields looking and a lot is going on to try to locate those people. >> reporter: just to give you a comparison of the two plans. that cessna weighs about 1500 pounds when loaded with fuel. the f-16 fighter jet weighs more than 20,000 pounds. that's not accounting for fuel or weapons. a dramatic twist this morning. the gun used in the killing belonged to a federal agent. the suspect says he found the gun wrapped in a t-shirt. francisco sanchez made his first court appearance yesterday following the death of kate soon tol -- steinle. >> juan francisco lopez sanchez pleaded not guilty on tuesday. he's been at the center of a debate over san francisco's policy whereby city employees
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are prohib utited from helping federal immigration employees. now that a federal agent's gun was used in this crime, the policy debate is being eclipsed by this unexpected twist in the crime itself. >> over and over on tuesday, juan francisco lopez sanchez said he was not guilty in the shooting death of kate steinle. she was shot as she and her father strolled along the waterfront. sanchez contends he found the gun along the pier and it went offccidentally. where did that firearm come from? cbs news has learned it was owned by a federal agent. and it was stolen last month in a car burglary and was the agent's personal weapon. questions about the firearm were raised before this news broke
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late tuesday. >> where did the gun come from? how many times was it fired? we dont have this information yet. going forward, we will thoroughly investigate the case. >> reporter: sanchez has been at the growing center of a debate over sanctuary cities. he was released from custody in april without telling federal authorities who were asked to be notified when he was set free. prosecutors say the focus shouldn't be on the gun or immigration issues but on the victim. >> today is about kate and doing everything we ethically can to prosecute this case and bring this justice that this family likely deserves. >> reporter: on sunday in a jailhouse tv interview, sanchez admitted killing katherine steinle, but his defense attorney said he was confused. he has a language barrier and didn't understand what he was saying and that led to tuesday's not guilty plea.
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sanchez remains in jail with his bail set at $5 million. >> janohn, thank you. republicans are rejecting hillary clinton's comments from her first major interview of her campaign. she said all the gop candidates are in the same general area on immigration. >> her majority over bernie sanders shrinking. julianna, good morning. >> yesterday's clinton media blitz is part of a new strategy to make her more accessible to the national media and voters. the timing comes as she sees real competition from senator bernie sanders who told me why he thinks his message is resonating. >> campaigning in iowa city on tuesday, hillary clinton took time to answer questions from voters -- >> you call yourself a fighter.
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what are things you will fight for. >> reporters -- >> it should be competitive. it's only the presidency oftalking about. >> she sat down for interviews. >> what do you want to tell people who are trying to figure out if they can trust you. >> i hope they look at the facts and not just the partisan sniping. >> speaking to cnn, she weighed in on donald trump and his comments about mexican immigrants saying those remarks were representative of the entire republican presidential field. >> they don't want to provide a path to citizenship. they range across a spectrum of being grudgingly welcome or hostile toward immigrants. >> republicans immediately pounced. jeb bush said hillary clinton will say anything to get elected and her numerous flip-flops on immigration prove it. reince priebus said clinton is unwilling to shoot straight with the american people. >> in case you didn't notice
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this is a big turnout. >> reporter: clinton's more media friendly posture comes as bernie sanders is gaining ground. senator sanders doubling his support since may. >> do you think you can viably go up against the clinton juggernaut? >> when the american people are saying enough is enough. we need to stand against the big money interest. that's not going to stop us. >> clinton's team has always expected a challenger to emerge but they don't see sanders as a true threat. his sergeanturge his come without the money of the clinton machine. he only opened his first office in new hampshire in the last week. the pga of america is the newest organization to cut its ties with republican candidate donald trump. both parties say they agreed to pull the pga's 2015 grand slam of golf from trump's los angeles golf club. the split follows the
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billionaire's controversial remarks about illegal mexican immigrants brnging drugs and crime to america. macy's macy's serta, nascar nbc, univision, espn and the pga have distanced themselves from trump. floodwaters swamped roads in abilene, texas. communities in southern missouri and indiana face similar conditions. it forced the evacuation of homes in the minneapolis area. jared fogle, spokesman for the fast food chain subway is suspended. it follows a raid yesterday of his indiana home as part of a federal child porn investigation. he has not been arrested. anna werner is here. fogel is a suspect. anna good morning. >> jared fogle famously dropped 245 pounds on a diet consisting
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of subway sandwiches. he later started a foundation to encourage kids to be healthy. its executive director was arrested this year on child pornography charges and it now appears fogle is now under investigation. >> hi i'm jared, the subway guy. >> reporter: for 15 years, jared fogle has been the facing of subway. now he's caught up in a child porn case. federal and state investigators arrived tuesday morning to search fogle's home in zionsville, about a half an hour north of indianapolis. >> he was a private neighbor for the most part. didn't see him outside too much. mostly his family and wife. but we never really thought anything too strange about it. >> reporter: agents were seen bringing computers, dvd players and other items from the house to a mobile forensics lab parked in the driveway. as his home was being searched fogle left in a car driven by his attorney ron ellburger who said his client had done nothing
7:15 am
wrong and was cooperating with investigators. elberger added he's not been detained arrested or charged with any crime or offense. >> i am your biggest fan. >> reporter: fogle became a household name as a spokesman for subway. >> i lost 245 pounds. and i've kept it off. >> reporter: on tuesday, subway suspended their partnership and took down part of its website dedicated to fogle. in 2004 fogle established the jared foundation to help fight childhood obesity. russell taylor the non-profit executive director was arrested for possessing child pornography. it's unclear if that investigation is related to the search of fogle's home. >> it's pretty depressing to see thus. this is going to affect not only jared but subway as a company. sad this had to happen. >> fogle also made appearances
7:16 am
at events sponsored by the american heart association. that group said it will continue to work with subway to promote healthy eating but that it is monitoring the investigation and will respond accordingly. >> thank you anna. greece faces a final deadline to overt financial collapse. european leaders want the greek government to deliver new proposals for a cutback before an emergency summit sunday. greece is facing a cash crisis along with massive debt. government n banks are days away from running out of money. it could threaten global markets. turmoil in chinese stock markets is causing pain for investors in the u.s. wall street opens lower as concerns spread about the world's second largest economy. seth doane is in beijing with what china is doing to limit a growing crisis. >> reporter: good morning. the plunge in the stock market here had nothing to do with greece. it's not linked to that. but it could be overall quite
7:17 am
destabilizing. it's a domestic issue here in china. so concerning to the ruling communist party they've injected money trying to shore up investors and try to stop panic selling. we've seen the shanghai index drop more than 30% since its peak in june. still from a year ago it's up more than 70%. the stock market in china makes up a smaller percentage of the overall economy than in the united states. these massive swings have less of an overall impact. the investors are differing, too. they are about 80% of them are small, mom and pop investors, and the government actually encouraged many of them to get involved. therefore, you had many people investing heavily in borrowing heavily to get involved. now the government is trying to do what it can using state media, for instance to try to allay fears and concerns. so this is very often the headline these days in china. economy is still on the right
7:18 am
track. vinita? >> seth doane in beijing, thank you. interesting to see the chinese take on this. the chinese economy, if it continues to spiral it's going to make greece look like a side show. >> there are 90 million individual investors in the chinese market. that's a huge chunk of the middle class. this is a big pain for them. the world cup winning u.s. soccer's team comes to new york city friday for an historic ticker tape parade. the celebration along the canyon of heroes would be the first ever for a women's sports team. white house video shows president obama calling the team and their coach after sunday's victory. >> hey, coach. >> mr. president, how are you? >> i'm not as good as you but i'm pretty good. >> 10,000 fans turned out at tuesday's rally in dont l.a. world cup mvp carli lloyd says
7:19 am
the fan support made them feel like they were playing on american turf in canada. >> i'm so proud to call this my team. every day so far it feels great to wake up as a world champion and that feeling won't get old. >> lloyd said the team is already looking ahead to the 2019 world cup. coming up a cancer doctor who prescribed unnecessary treatment of hundreds of pausht patients faces the people he hurt. the emotional sentencing where on
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by panera bread. stop by to see your new favorite salads with new clean dressings. stop by and try the salads with new clean dressings. they risk life and limb for a thrill of running with the bulls. >> ahead we'll hear from one injured american about why he made him
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the challenge for governors in the presidential race.
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ahead, how they have to run campaign good morning, it's 7:26. i'm maria medina. a big mess on the bay bridge earlier this morning. chopper 5 found this van on fire near the toll plaza. no word on any injuries. and a three-car crash closed three westbound lanes on the bay bridge for an hour. that accident happened near treasure island. ahead on "cbs this morning" eyes on the prize. several elected officials are running for president but are they neglecting their day jobs? jan crawford investigate
7:27 am
h dealing with major
7:28 am
problems at the bay bridge this morning. the good news is things are starting to get a lot better. we are seeing delays dissipate just a bit. still slow on your approaches to the bay bridge. your backed up well into the maze so again, give yourself some extra time. take a look at the eastshore freeway, traffic backed up beyond the richmond/san rafael bridge. bart is a great choice this morning all trains on time. a lot of folks using the san mateo bridge a little busy there, as well. roberta? >> mostly cloudy skies due to a deep marine layer producing localized drizzle. take a look at the current conditions out the door right now. 50s and 60s. later today, bank on a cooler day. mostly cloudy. a couple of sunny breaks, otherwise 57 degrees along the seashore to 63 degrees right now out the door. later today, 60s beaches and bay. 70s peninsula. up to 80 degrees towards morgan hill. 81 gilroy. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm tonight all
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my name is mary molina and i'm a pipeline engineer for pg&e in the sacramento region. new technology is being used in all facets of the company and what we do. pg&e is employing these technologies as an investment to the system for the long run. we're not just going to roll up and go home because we live here and we work here and we care about the work and we care about doing it right. we all have the same goals to make the system safe and to make the community safe. together, we're building a better california.
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divers looking for great white sharks got a two-for-one bargain off the coast of south africa. one massive great white came to the surface and grabbed a chunk of bait from their boat and another was in the background a photobombing image. >> look at the size. >> you have to hand it to the fraefer who kept rolling. i would have ran. >> i think we're going to need a bigger boat. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour patients take out their pain and and anger. we'll hear his sentencing hearing and talk about a woman who said his fraud ruined her
7:31 am
life. plus the famous running of the bulls. a florida man who was gored this week tells us why he got hurt and why he has run this dozens of times. that's ahead. "usa today" says heroin use is surging. overall it's up more than 62%. a study by the cdc finds heroin use among females jump 100% from tow 2 to 2013. people amd 18 to 25 increase 109%. the boston herald says million of social media users are sharing story of a girl found dead in massachusetts. police posted a composite image of baby dough. her body washed upton shore of boston harbor last month. the image has been viewed 45 million times.
7:32 am
the orlando sentinel said cosby's bust will be taken down at hollywood studios. he admits to giving quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with. a photo shows the celebrity chef along with her son bobby who's wearing brown face. they're meant to look like lucy and ricky. dean later deleted the tweet and fired the manager who reportedly posted the photo. they faced his victims in court. prosecutors say he had more than 550 victims. he fraudulently billed $34 million to medicare and faces li emotional
7:33 am
combination of betrayal hurt and anger. >> i cannot blooesh any doctor would betray so many people and he did. >> reporter: inside this federal courthouse in detroit on taz sat this doctor who prescribed chemotherapy for patients who weren't sick and for those who were he ordered excessive treatments billing medicare more than $34 million. he stared blankly as victims read statements. one said you are repulsive. you disgust me. you are a monster. magdi dorsey said even though i'm not dead i'm a shadow of my
7:34 am
former sechllf. i trusted him. he misdiagnosed her with cancer instead of a blood disorder. >> you cried during his testimony. >> i did. i cried when he walked in the door. >> he showed no emotion. he didn't care. >> how does that make you feel? >> oh i was very angry. very angry. >> reporter: expert witnesses took the stand to describe the overuse of chemotherapy a drug rituximab is typically given eight times for lymphoma but he bribed it to one patient 94 times it's going to scare the help out of them thinking i, my god, i can't trust my own physician. >> people are going to oncologists at the lowest point
7:35 am
in their life. they're told they have cancer and these people are truftsing more than any other that their doctor and cancer center are going to get care. >> now he's asking for 25 years in prison as opposed to the 175 years that the prosecute irs are asking for? >> he'd bet getter 175. >> life. >> exactly. with #opportunity to ever see his family. >> reporter: now, dr. fattah was once a well recollected physician in this community and that's probably why one reason he was able to get away with this incredible fraud for so long. norah? >> such a disturbing story, dean. thank you. barely a week after jumping into the race he's facing pressure to quit his day job. jan crawford shows he's not the only one sitting in position
7:36 am
while running. >> running for president as governor has always been a special challenge, especially with voters back home. in new hampshire over the weekend chris christie found himself facing questions not about how he gum at the same time. >> new jersey needs a full-time governor deal with the huge problems we have. >> reporter: introducing a new bill that would force him to resign. even in the paflt he could vito it but it highlights the uniquishes a
7:37 am
issues while running as governor. the challenge is keeping voters happy back home. >> if the voters don't think you can, then they're not going to be all that happy about you. >> louis jacobson is deputy editor of politifact. >> it is a political risk. >> it is definitely a political rif snook that's because voters don't always like their governors paying attention elsewhere. michael dukakis, a three-term massachusetts governor saw his aproovlg numbers go in the tank as did more recently texas governor rick perry, former governor howard dean. we word got out, his backing plummeted. >> i said it's not a democratic problem. this is what happens when you have to take this time to run.
7:38 am
>> reporter: he waited until 2004 to run after he was no longer governor. >> my bottom line is if i were a democrat in a new jersey legislature, i don't think i'd vote for him. >> no. >> you'd keep it the way it is. >> if you want to change it reat in the middle of a presidential campaign is not the time to change it. >> senators don't seem to have this problem because there's more than 100 of them. dean said the key is having support back at home having your lieutenant governor ready
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course that winds its way through the streets of the historic city. charlie d'agata is in london with why the runners take the risks. charlie, good morning. >> good morning. it's the thrill of the chase and a the adren rinnealine run. getting gored in the armpit isn't likely to stop him. with a bang it began. yesterday's half mile manic daredevil clash. the bull charged through the
7:44 am
crowd looking to impale easy targets. the challenge is not only staying a step ahead of the bulls and getting gored but guesting past the others. >> the bulls are coming out behind me and i noticed another person in front of me. i couldn't get around him. i tripped and fell. one of the bulls happened to gore me in the armpit. >> there he is givinging a thumb's up. a few ifrmgs to the right and we might be telling a different story. 15 people have died since it began, a record made famous among the americans. last year's chicago's bill hillman got a gore near the groin. this year he's back for me.
7:45 am
>> i was gored twice actually. >> unlike the runners all the bulls do die to a matador's sword in afternoon bullfights. this year seminaked animal activists covered themselves in fake blood. it's webster's 11th year taking part. no regret. >> there's a camaraderie among the runners to be able to share the streets with these animals that are just beautiful. >> he told cbs news he hopes to be released. he plans to stay in pam polawe pamplona balcony. >> i know what i'd do. all it takes is one.
7:46 am
>> you'd think. all right. pope francis is calling for new sanctions as he wraps up the first leg of his south american tour. he stopped his popemobile to bless a woman. the security team hoisted her wheelchair so she could get close to the pope. how about that. he used the trip to push for more protection of south america's natural resources. >> how about this. hans is going solo. we'll show you what to expect. plus drama on the diamond. how the biggest catch in baseball happened during the rain delay.
7:47 am
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i'll tell you. you can lose control of this tarp. >> the pittsburgh pirates did not hesitate to help a stranded groundskeeper last night. he was swallowed up by a tarp during a wind delay at pnc park. the players and grounds crew eventually covered the baseball diamond. the man caught by the wind gust reportedly sore. >> it's nice the players came out, too, and kept helping after the guy had gotten out of that mess. >> did you see this? hillary clinton uses her first campaign interview to slam republicans on immigration. this morning they're hitting back. that's ahead of "cbs this morning."
7:52 am
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good morning, it's 7:56. i'm maria medina. all united continental flights in the u.s. were grounded temporarily for more than an hour this morning because of computer problems. this is the second time in two months the carrier has been hit by major technical issues. california lawmakers begin debate today on a bill to apply existing statewide smoking restrictions to ecigarettes. that means ecigarettes would be banned in most public places. and coming up on cbs this morning, the science of aging. is your biological clock ticking faster than it should? what you need to leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze
7:57 am
dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. we are all over the bay bridge this morning. it's one of our hot spots.
7:58 am
it's improving a bit but again it's slow-and-go because of an earlier accident and a vehicle fire. mostly your approaches to the bay bridge. metering lights are on. better past the lights there. but on the eastshore freeway, if you are heading towards the bay bridge, very sluggish. 17 miles per hour. 21 miles per hour in some spots. 580 taking a hit. lots of folks using the san mateo bridge as an alternate. delays up to half-hour between 880 and 101. 880 itself southbound slow-and- go hayward all the way into fremont. northbound you're slow through oakland. roberta? >> don't go away, i want to share something with you. it's our live weather camera looking towards the transamerica building. let's see on the camera lens. we have some drizzle. that's because we have a very deep marine layer. we are in the 50s and 60s right now. later today mostly cloudy skies. a few sunny breaks. 60 in pacifica to 78 degrees in fairfield. 81 in gilroy. we have a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm beginning tonight all the way through thursday with better chances. friday through tuesday dry
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, july 8th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including new evidence of how we age. dr. david agus has ways to help your body get older slower. first a look at today's "eye opener at 8." yund had its reservations systems go off-line. that resulted in a temporary ground hold of all flights. >> this is now a recovery mission. emergency responders are searching trying to find the bodies of two victims. federal agent's gun was apparently used in this crime. the policy debate is being eclipsed. yesterday's media blitz is part of a new strategy to make her more arcccessible as she's
8:01 am
seeing real competition. the plunge in the stock market could be destabilizing. >> it's going to make greece look like a sideshow. running for governor has always been a special challenger especially with voters back home. >> i can walk and chew gum at the same time. i'll be able to do that. one of the injured americans have done it 38 times. even getting gored in the armpit isn't likely to stop him. daily show audition, take one. >> welcome to "the daily show," i'm jon stewart. in other news barack obama, addicted et mom may. >> what am i doing this? there's no chance they'll give this show to a black dude. why am i auditioning? charlie and gayle are enjoying time off. investigators in south carolina will hold a briefing later today as they search for the cause of
8:02 am
a deadly mid air collision. crews are searching for two people killed on tuesday. their cessna plane was hit broadside by an air force f-16 fighter jet. >> the collision sent debris falling over a wide area about 25 miles north of charleston. no one was hurt on the ground. the f-16 pilot bailed out after the impact and was unhurt. united airlines flights are moving again this morning after a massive computer failure. the carrier grounded all flights because passengers could not check in. thousands of people were stuck until computers came back online. the faa ended its ground stop order just about an hour ago. delays are likely to continue throughout the day. flights at two of united's western hubs in san francisco and los angeles could be hard hit. this is the second time yund has shut down flights in the last six weeks because of computer problems. new information this morning about the gun used in the death of a san francisco woman.
8:03 am
cbs news has learned it belonged to a federal agent. juan francisco lopez sanchez says he found it wrapped in a t-shirt on a pier. he pleaded not guilty to the first degree murder of cath lynn steinle. he's been deported five times. the case has raced questions about san francisco's sanctuary policy on immigration. hillary clinton is not campaigning in public this morning. the democratic front-runner made two stops in iowa on tuesday, home of the first presidential caucuses. she also gave the first major interviews with kgan and other outlets. speaking with cnn clinton slammed donald trump and the other republicans over trump's comments about mexican immigrants. >> i'm very disappointed in those comments and i feel very bad and very disappointed with him and with the republican party for not responding immediately and saying enough
8:04 am
stop it. they are all in the same general area on immigration. they don't want to provide a path to citizenship. they range across a spectrum of being either grudgingly welcomed or hostile towards immigrants. >> cbs news's political director john dickerson is in washington. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> we heard secretary clinton lump all the republicans together on the issue of immigration saying they're on a spectrum of hostility. is it accurate to lump donald trump with jeb bush, let's say? >> no no. she would like to of course, because donald trump is in such hot water for saying that the mexicans that come across the border are rapists and murderers. jeb bush has said something at the totally other end of the spectrum. you'll remember a year ago when talking about why people come to the united states and become undocumented workers. he said they do it for love to help their families.
8:05 am
they are quite a far distance apart in that regard. >> isn't this part of the clinton strategy? >> oh, sure. it's part of any democratic strategy which is -- and the republicans do a version of this too, to paint the other party by its most extreme member. you see a number of republicans trying to get away from donald trump, taking them a little while to do it, but they're trying to distance themselves from him so they don't get tarred by his comments. >> john he was also asked about polts that show the majority of americans don't find her trustworthy. if she's as strong a front-runner as she is do they have to find her trustworthy? >> not necessarily. they need to find her trustworthy on the question of is she going to fight for them, have their interests at heart while she's in office. the questions around trust that surround her are related to her e-mail system that she set up privately outside of the state department and also questions about the clinton foundation and the campaign's argument is that
8:06 am
voters don't have to trust her on those things. they need to trust her on the bread and butter stuff. we'll see if that turns out to be true. >> how big of a threat do you think bernie sanders is? it seems like for a while we weren't hearing anyone from hillary clinton when it came to national interviews. we're hearing the possibility that she could be doing several more. >> she was having trouble not doing national interviews because you can't run for president and not answer questions, and she's been slowly rolling herself out and just not meeting the normal standard for participating in the democratic process which is a separate question from bernie sanders. bernie sanders is getting a lot of enthusiasm. it's hard to find a democratic strategist that find he's a serious threat to hillary clinton. some would argue it's good build him up because in the end she can say i vanquished him, and that's the kind of challenge that will make it look like a primary fight and wasn't coordinate zbld tom dickerson thank you so much. the hero of the women's
8:07 am
world cup is back on home turf. mvp carli lloyd flew to philadelphia last night after a victory rally in los angeles. our station in philadelphia cbs 3 was there when her fiancee met her at the airport around 2:00 a.m. >> that's so sweet. the next event is friday's ticker-tape parade on friday. there's been a petition for new york's mayor to send the invitation. the first of its kind honoring a woman's team sport. >> not surprised to know there were cameras there. >> i want to give you a kiss. cameras, please go away. star wars fans will get to see hans solo before he got mixed up with princess lay yeah. >> it's a fast ship. >> fast ship. you've never heard of the millennium faulk? it met the kessel run in less than 12 -- >> look your worshipfulness
8:08 am
let's get one thing straight i take orders from just one person, me. >> it's a wonder you're still alive. will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way. >> no reward is worth this. >> i got him! i got him! >> great kid. don't get cocky. >> disney announced plans for a spinoff prequel. it says in a statement the story focuses on how young hans solo became the smuggler thief and scoundrel he is. the movie coming out in 2018 doesn't have a cast yet. harrison ford is returning in the role for the upcoming "star wars: the force awakens." >> i love chewbacca. >> everybody does. your body could be doing time travel. ahead dr. david agus with the new study of how some of us age
8:09 am
8:10 am
an inside look at genius of the late amy winehouse four years after her death. ahead the director of a new documentary with an intimate review of the singer's success and downfall. you're watching "cbs this morning." you're watching "cbs this morning". success and down downhill. that's next. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ pe. who doesn't? so i work out. i'm good. i juice. and then there's that other thing. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape. just a couple of spoonfuls every day means fewer cravings. plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer and helps keep me healthy inside and
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8:14 am
♪ ♪ in our "morning rounds," how fast are you aging? to answer that question researchers tracked nearly 1,000 38-year-olds going back a dozen years. their study finds the pace as which we age varies wiselydely, from under 30 to more than 60. dr. david agus is in toronto with what this could mean for our long-term health. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> how is our biological age different than our actual age? >> chronologic age or actual age is how old you are. biologic age, what they did was look at 18 parameters ranging for blood tests that looked at
8:15 am
deterioration of organs how you think, how you exercise and do other activities what they showed is they aged at different rates. when you go to a party and somebody looks young and is getting carded every time they go to a bar even though they're 40 and others look old. here is an explanation how that happened. the amazing thing about the study is that pictures of the study who were biologically old versus young and showed them to undergrad at at duke and they predicted the age correctly. biologically they said these persons were older and these persons were younger. they looked at the insides of the body the same. >> i saw this at the high school reunion last year when somebody gave me a hug and i didn't even recognize them. my question is what contributes to this, this different pace of age? >> we know 20% is genetic. we know that from twin studies, we look at the aging of twins in different environments. so at the same time it's what
8:16 am
you do. it's how you live. it's the preventive studies you have. things like not watching your waist line things like smoking have a dramatic effect to accelerate aging. >> all those people say it's just good genes. 80% is not genetic. what are the things we should do to counter the process of age? >> most studies on aging look at the elderly. what this said is in your 20s you need to start to pay attention because you can slow that aging process. so that includes you know obviously eating the right diet exercising, being of lean body mass, and really taking care of yourself, whether it be your teeth, whether it be your heart or others, just starting to say what's happened to my family, where is family history and let me focus on it and start preventive treatments. the key to everything is slowing it. if you start early, you're going to have a much better outcome. >> what's interesting, i think, as you point out dr. agus, you should start this as you're young.
8:17 am
>> so it's a lost cause. thanks, folks. >> you do not look like you have a big birthday coming up. did i say too much? >> just be quiet, will you? >> dr. david agus let's get out of this before i get deeper. vacations are supposed to make you feel good. how can you avoid the back-to-work blues. graham more magazine's is here with what you can do. we're back with "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by lysol, start helping. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click ♪ body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin.
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pam, take a note. i want us all to have pina cola das today. >> we can't. we have inventory. >> i thought it was done while i was on vacation. >> we had to wait for you. >> why do you think businesses move to the caymans. >> we can all relate. >> pina coladas. here we do them at 11. >> michael scott knew the important of bringing back a bit of vacation to the office.
8:22 am
but a "6 00 minutes" poll took a pole. people would prefer an extra $20,000 a year instead of four weeks of vacation. jennifer wallace points out which really pace off in her article. you call it post-vacation syndrome. what are the symptoms and why is it happening? >> you can all identify. you had a great vacation. you wake up early monday morning and you head to the office and it's a feeling of a low-grade depression, lack of concentration, why am i here, what am i doing? there was a study done in spain. our article at "glamor" looked at what can you do to prevent it. and experts say you need to plan
8:23 am
your re-entry into work. >> i think it's fantastic. one that there's a syndrome. i talk with my girlfriends. how is your re-entry. how are some of the ways to lessen it? >> let's break it up into three bits. before you go, there are a couple of tips. the first thing you want to do is not plan a late sunday night return. the only thing you do is set yourself up for monday morning blues, you wake up. yu're exhausted. you almost have a vacation headache. plan a saturday to saturday trip. another thing before you do is block out time in your calendar to catch up when you're back so that every mindute on your monday and tuesday back is not spent on new meetings but instead focus on the e-mails and work you didn't get to. block out that time. >> i try not to talk to people
8:24 am
who are back on their first day because they're usually in shock. the preparation before a vacation is as beneficial as after. >> yes. the planning brings happiness. studies show your greatest level of happiness are booking your travel booging your hotel, the dinners. it's because you can idealize your vacations. vacations themselves are sometimes stressful but ahead you can visualize your kids playing on the sand pina coladas, no flight delays. you should anticipate it. stretch it out. >> what should you do while
8:25 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 8:25. time for some news headlines. police say the gun used to kill a young woman on a san francisco pier was stolen from a federal agent. the gun according to the "chronicle" had been stolen during a car burglary in downtown san francisco just last month. and a big mess on the bay bridge earlier this morning. chopper 5 found this van on fire near the toll plaza. no word on any injuries. ahead on "cbs this morning," a touching tribute to a troubled artist. a new documentary has a look into the life of amy
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. check the roads in the south bay, new problems to report northbound 85 at stevens creek boulevard. reports of an accident another north 85 at 280. so busy northbound. southbound not too bad. drive times in the area northbound 280, 101, 680 all the way to 85 that's about a 24- minute ride. you can see we're in the red on 101 and on guadalupe parkway. so an extra 10 to 15 minutes on your commute this morning through san jose. checking the peninsula, southbound is where we are going to see most of our brake lights, redwood city, san mateo, southbound 280 at sand hill we have an accident on the
8:28 am
right side. a lot of folks using the san mateo bridge to avoid earlier delays on the bay bridge, 30 minutes now between 880 and 101. golden gate bridge extra volume but looking good into san francisco. north 880 through oakland, though, 35-plus minutes, 238 to the maze. i have some explaining to do! it's really not a pretty weather camera shot at all because we have a lot of cobwebs on it but i wanted to illustrate a point. look at the drizzle on the camera lens. all that rain is associated with a very deep marine layer. currently, air temperatures are in the 50s and in the 60s. this is what we have going on. that area of low pressure see that counterclockwise rotation? all that precipitation is circulating in the bay area. so we will be mostly cloudy today, 60s and 70s. we have a chance of bona fide rain showers tonight through thursday. best chances thursday morning. and also a chance of an isolated thunderstorm beginning tonight through thursday evening. drier weather and summery conditions friday through tuesday.
8:29 am
hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour a new look at the troubled life of amy winehouse. a documentary. the white house's family says the film is misleading. the film director joins us. plus the wine industry in napa valley. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the people in grease are buying luxury goods. they're trying to negotiate a handout. designer handbags and sneakers are places to put money amid
8:31 am
fears the banks run out of money. dealers that deal with jewelry, people want the cash. now they're getting opposite call. >> there was a woman in the paper who wants to buy a chanel handbag for an investment. "usa today" says volvo is trying to find a way. it makes it easier to get the baby in and out of the car. one parent can sit in the back seat and face the child. harry shearer is returning to the tv show "the simpsons." he's the voice of essentially characters including mr. burns. >> if you lose me can i tell you it's been an honor. >> reporter: shearer signed a new deal to return to the series
8:32 am
after saying he was leaving the show. >> i'm looking forward to donning yellow skin once more. the dallas new ss logs show the cable giant called her 153 times. the calls were meant for another customer. they continued even after she talked with a company representative. >> "the st. louis-post dispatch" says the cardinal sends some rookies to starbucks in uniform. they gave them a dozen orders. they carried the coffee drinks back to the visitors' clubhouse at the field. hadley tweeted doubleheader starbucks run. and the las vegas review jeshl says soccer superstar returned a lost phone. there's my favorite. >> i'll tell you what.
8:33 am
>> a woman on a girls' weekend lot track of it. he not only personally returned it but took the women out for dinner and posed for pictures. >> i can see why he took the women out to dinner. i bet he had fun. her song rehab is an example. this month marks four years since the soulful british singer died from alcohol poisoning. she was 27. now it's the jikt of a new documentary called amy. in the following clip she pours out her feelings during a recording session. >> i have this feeling. you have to remember how you felt. we're going to have to remember what it owes going to be like. you have to remember all of it. ♪
8:34 am
>> she would tell me stories about this extreme tempestuous relationship. that first day she wrote all the lyrics to "back to black" in two to three hours. ♪ >> he's the director of "amy." good morning. welcome to the show. you were not a big fan of amy winehouse before this. what made you take on this documentary? >> i knew her music, but i'm a londoner. i lived a half mile away from her. i wanted to find out about her. >> what did you find? >> a very amazing intelligent beautiful girl that a lot of people didn't meet, particularly here in the u.s. complicated. she had a few issues when she was growing up and all of those issues get multiplied and
8:35 am
manifest themselves when she's famous. people got a bit confused by her fame. >> you see so many images and you hear her say i don't know if i'm ready to be famous and handle all that pressure. what impact do you think her husband -- her boyfriend and husband, we met them two times, what impact did they have? >> if she had not had met blake she wouldn't have had this love affair which caused her to right about it. so part of the story is to understand concerts of the heart. in amy's case she wrote about real incidents. if she had not met him, we wouldn't have had this music. by meeting him she had to write this love affair. that's the challenge. to try to unravel every song. you realize most songs are based on it.
8:36 am
>> she drank herself to death. >> a mixture of that and bulimia. >> and she was a heavy drug user. how did she go down that path? >> that's the million-dollar issue. it seems there was an issue with self-esteem. she had an addictive personality. whether it was fine shoes and cds and flowers. i was with the producer shortly after he saw this film for the first time. he was blown away because it showed how creative she was, how strong, how funny. you have another extreme, her parents and it does not come out looking particularly good. >> we tried to be honest to amy of what the show was about.
8:37 am
this film is the essence of her. not trying to point a finger at her. >> i was in london the day she died, having to write her obituary. all i thought when writing it is i've seen it coming for two years. why didn't others know. >> when i heard she died sadly it was a shoolk. people didn't realized she was so funny and talented. >> what conclusion did come to at the end? >> why didn't anyone help her? >> i think that's the thing to debate. should we have stopped things earlier? the comedians were laughing at
8:38 am
her. too much in the public eye. he was able to say, stop she's not write for it. someone should have said she should not have been on stage. >> you mentioned the paparazzi. did you ever think they shouldn't have used the footage? >> definitely i thought about it. how horbling it is to have a young petite girl with 50 f 506 mem chasing her down the strengths. i felt i needed show you this. i thought, the i academy not sure i'm cool with that. this happened only recently. this is still the way we live right now. what happens the next time someone comes along like amy. >> without amy winehouse,
8:39 am
there's no others. >> for writers who look didn't. >> an emotional journey to wawatch.h. "amy"" o unfriday. coming up, they're trying to take over evolution in california's wine industry. >> the win industries of the world. ed a another to the list.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
when you think of wine france italy and california come first but china gets to work on grapes in a big way. nearly 500 miles west of beijing is home to nearly 50 wiperies. seth doane is there with nigh that on their way to the big vineyards. seth good morning. >> it's not surprising that china would be the fifthth largest consumer of wine but unbelievably it's now the world's fifth largest producer and the industry is growing fast. the desert in this part of china
8:44 am
is being transformed. it's taking billions of gallons of water to irrigate these fields each year and hundreds of millions of dollars of investment to make this china's wine country. >> i've about been to every other wine field. near impossible right? just unthinkable. but, boy wine theory the go by desert. it's a reality and big reality. >> reporter: so big that karen mcneill knew she had to come to china. she's updating her book "wine bible," writing for magazines and trying to understand the new world wines. >> i taste 30,000 wine as year and have done it for 30 years.
8:45 am
it's a good job, so don't try to take my job. >> reporter: we first met her in the taefrtsing room where she kept taking notes. they're now developing their own flavors, not just copying others. we're influenced by western media, hung said, and now we're traveling overseas and bringing back wine culture. >> i thought. wine buying that just takes money. but making wine takes expertise. >> reporter: seeing that took mcneill to the vineyards where she toured -- what is your total production? >> 60,000 bottles each year. >> reporter: and taste it sometimes right from the barrel. >> 2013. >> reporter: if the name ning
8:46 am
sha doesn't sound familiar it will. >> our grandchildren will no this. >> they'll no ning sha. >> they'll probably know ning sha. >> by 2020 they plan to have more than 160,000 acres. that's more than three times the amount in the napa valley. napa did it in a century. ning sha, a decade. >> it's fruity. not as complex as french champagne. >> here we sampled sparkling white inside this sprawling state-of-the-art winery part of a $28 million co-investment between a giants company. >> for lvmh to spend this kind of money here is a big thumbs-up in terms of its confidence about the chinese market. >> so we start if there scratch and build up the winely, the
8:47 am
vineyards, everything. >> he's the general manager. he is chinese but his english has the slightesten from french accent. >> i want to bring this to china. >> reporter: out in the fields he showed usz there are very specific challenges here. >> we have to bury the wines every year every winter. you bury the wines in spring. >> cover. >> with dirt. >> yeah. >> to protect them from the wind. >> from the wind and coat. >> covers the vines is done by hand which drives up the cost and there's the sustainability. watering the vines in the desert and supply. can it be sold. >> it's a risky bet. china's philosophy has been
8:48 am
build it and they will come. build it well, and they will come. >> in a word karen mcneill said she's incredulous. >> we thought we knew all the great wine valleys in the world. tuscany, bordeaux we thought we knew them. the idea that somewhere in the chinese desert might be the next greatest wine country in the world, it's amazing. >> most is international but they do have some wines from china and some from ning sha. they're focusing first to selling to the domestic market but down the road you should expect to see chinese wines too. >> i'm glad seth did wine sampling there. >> i never saw a chinese person
8:49 am
do fraen.a french accent. how hundreds showered a
8:50 am
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this birthday bloiout is for a 10-year-old boy who has trouble speaking. he wanted a water balloon fight. his mom put it on facebook. 300 people showed up for monday night's slash and bath. while his condition makes it hard for him to talk in a crowd his family posted this last night. that is great. >> nothing like a balloon fight. >> the family says he's been talking about a balloon fight for months. >> he got a minion birthday
8:53 am
cake. >> that does it ♪ southwest is having a sale because when there's a reunion every cent should go to a killer dress. ♪"never gonna get it" by en vogue ♪ and heels. and a blowout. mani/pedi. three weeks of tanning. facial. a backup dress. bronzer, lip gloss... book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at
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8:55 am
a kpix morning update. >> it is 8:00. all united son continental flight were grounds. this is the second time they have been hit by major issues. a messy commute, a three-car crash closed three westbound lanes on the bay bridge for an hour. that accident happened near treasure island. police say the gun used to kill a young won on a san francisco pier was stolen from a federal agent. the gun had been stolen during a car burglary in downtown san francisco last month. now let's go to roberta. we have localized drizzle associated with a deep marine
8:56 am
layer. all the way to san jose, and across that golden gate bridge. current air testifies in the 50s and 60s. mostly cloudy skies. 60 to about 78 degrees, we will hit 80 to 81 degrees in morgan hill. we introduce a chance of rain showers tonight and isolated thunderstorm all the way through thursday evening. best chances of rain will be thursday morning, bus chance of a thunderstorm -- best chance of a thunderstorm thursday afternoon. friday through tuesday, high pressure builds back into the bay area with sunny skies, and seasonable temperatures. ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ ♪ while the
8:57 am
rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪♪]
8:58 am
delays continue, especially on the san mateo bridge. extra busy westbound, lots of folks using this as an all the in a to avoid -- alternates to avoid problems. extra volume on the southbound side, elsewhere, richmond bridge, delays at the toll plaza, and westbound side, 80 commute, busy.
8:59 am
have a great day.
9:00 am
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