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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 21, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the heroism of senator john mccain a former prisoner of war. >> he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell you that. >> reporter: but trump is not backing down. he blames the media for distorting his comments and says it was mccain who started it all by disparaging his supporters. hena daniels hat latest. >> reporter: in a fiercely worded editorial on monday night, the des moines register asked trump to stop his campaign. after trump criticized arizona senator mccain's war record. trump maintained mccain should apologize to his arizona reporters for calling them crazies. >> you could also make the case charlie, he should apologize to the 15,000 people that have been fighting, you know illegal
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immigration and pet riffsived to be living where they are living. >> reporter: >> reporter: he says he needs to apologize to all of the service members and their family. >> he shouldn't be our commander in chief because he don't know our military. >> i've got nothing but respect for the men and women who run in war to danger and not away from it. >> reporter: ever since his controversial remarks on a illegal immigrants. >> nobody disagrees that republicans have to do much better with latino voters and having a donald. trump in the mix makes it extremely complicated to do that. >> reporter: despite the bash lash trump says he will not run as a third-party candidate and the way to win the lex is to run as a republican. >> in many polls, it is important to mention voters who were surveyed before trump made those controversial remarks about john mccain, according to a "the washington post"/abc news poll support for the billionaire did decline sharply that night he made those
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comments. >> hena daniels in new york thank you. trump will have another rival for the gop nomination today when kasich will join a crowded republican race. he served play and deny families access to affordable child care or family leave or refuse to let women make their choice to have access
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to free contraception. mohammad abdulazeez wrote about his drug use. no direct link between abdulazeez and any terror organization has been found. he searched the writings of a leading member of al qaeda. his writings did contain suicidal thoughts and his family says he was being treated for depression. the chattanooga attack prompted governors in at least a half dozen states to authorize the national guard to take up arms to protect recruiting offices and military installations. north korea says it has no interest in engaging in iran-like nuclear talks with the united states. north korea says it's conducted three tests of nuclear weapons and the government says it has no interest in freezing or giving up its nukes and objected to provocative u.s. militaries. it also authorized ending
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u.s. sanctions against iran. later european union foreign ministers meeting in brussels did the same. the a mississippi man died in custody after being hog-tied by police. >> i got to apologize. >> i don't think you're supposed to hog-tie! >> you're not. >> video shows troy good on a stretcher face down. he allegedly told officers he couldn't breathe. police believe good was on lsd. a toxicology test is pending. the fbi has joined the investigation the investigation of a women who died last week while dying in a texas jail. the police department said sandra bland committed suicide and her fame says that is just not possible. >> reporter: the waller county texas, sheriff's department released this video. a guard checked on the 28-year-old just before 9:00 in
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the morning on the 13th. bland was unresponsive. guards and a nurse are seen running towards the cell. the sheriff's department said she used a trash can to hang herself in a jaelil cell. >> it was not a criminal act. >> reporter: bland was held in zilgs following her arrest on july 10th. a texas ranger report she was xative during a traffic stop. >> it was not a model traffic stop or -- and it was not a model person that was stopped on a traffic stop. >> reporter: bland supporters say she had everything to live for. >> a young woman having just received a at an alma mater and something she was excited about and looked forward to is not the attitude that would suggest suicide. >> reporter: on bland's family is awaiting results of an independent autopsy and has asked the u.s. department of
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justice to conduct its own investigation into her death. chris martinez cbs news. the highway patrol in mississippi is investigating the death of a black man who was an outspoken advocate of the confederate flag. anthony hervy died on sunday. he and a woman were returning from a pro confederate flag event in alabama. she says they were forced off the road. the photo of a black officer helping an apparent white supremacist becomes an internet sensation. later, a good samaritan is caught on video trying to save a toddler locked in a hot car. this is the "cbs morning news."
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they got out of the water as the gator swam in the shallow water. state wildlife officials say the gator did not remain in the surf for long. a photo went viral a cop helping white supremists suffering from heat exhaustion at a kkk flag really on saturday. the man helped a protester who was wearing a t-shirt with a design that includes a swastika. on the cbs "moneywatch," apple earnings. jill is here with that and more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, ashley. apple released second quarter earnings today but not releasing sales figures for the new apple watch. they believe demand for the watch has dropped since introduced three months ago but
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overall apple is expected to report in 10 billion dollar profit reaping new rewards from its new iphone models. on wall street the dow gained nearly 14 points and s&p 500 added a point. the nasdaq rose eight. aerospace giant lockheed martin is buying -- they make the current presidential helicopter and widely used black hawk helicopterers and black heed plans to deal the deal with cash and the deal is expected to close by the end of this year or first quarter of next. the national aerospace museum is teaming with kick starter to raise money for the neil armstrong war on the moon. the campaign began yesterday. 46 years to the day that armstrong and buzz aldron walked
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sweaterering heat in kansas this weekend almost was tragic for a little girl. she was locked in a car and when a group of bystanders saw what happened, they took action. >> reporter: in the cell phone video, you can hear and see the desperate attempts to break a car window. that woman swinging a tire iron is sarah orpeza. >> it was just very, very emotional for all of us that were around. >> reporter: the manager of famous footwear was ringing someone up appear at 4:15 when one of her workers ran inside >> the windows were up and the doors were totally locked. when i looked in the window, she pulled her hair back and sweat was drip, drip, drip.
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i was getting so mad it wouldn't break. i was praying break the window, she is going to die. >> reporter: this video only shows seconds of the two to to even get a crack. every whack at the window felt like an eternity for the mom of two trying to save this girl's life. >> she was crying and she was drenched in sweat. like her shoes were wet. like, she was so drenched and wet! i just started crying! >> reporter: tears only turned to anger, she says, as the couple supposedly caring for the little girl came inside the shoe store. >> no emotion at all whatsoever! they sat there and only question for the police is if insurance would cover the window that they broke. that is the only question that they asked the cop! >> that was kc-tv reporting. the couple was ticketed for child endangerment and the case is under review by the district attorney. when we return, heartache in nashville. a country music power couple calls it quits after four years of
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and in sports world cup soccer champ alex morgan makes history in the video game world.
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country. here is one way to beat the heat. a boston bus driver stopped at a child's lemonade stand this weekend and treated his passengers to a cool drink. the driver asked the passengers if any were in a hurry before he made the unscheduled stop. steven hawking is launching a new search for e.t. he joined forces monday with a russian billionaire to look for alien life. the 100 million dollar project will use the biggest telescopes and most powerful computers to answer the question whether there is intelligent life somewhere else in the universe.
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the first couple of country music is calling it quits. multiplatinum stars miranda lambert and husband blake shelt are divorcing. she married in 2011. in an interview, lambert said this is not the future we envisioned. one golfer making history in the final round of the british open. zach johnson forces a putt on the 18thth hole to force a four-way tie. it was almost five-way tie but jordan spieth misses his birdie putt on the 18th. in the comeback, johnson outlasted louis oosthuizen and marc leishman to win the silver claret jug. johnson is the only one to win the masters and british open at st. andrews for his first two majors. alex morgan will be on this year's edition of the fifa video game. it's the first time a woman will
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be featured on the cover and for the first time users will be able to control 12 different women's teams. the game comes out on september the 22nd. this is the "cbs morning news." r local news, senator lindsey graham. coming up after your local news, senator lindsey graham. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. trublend has the perfect blend for each of us covergirl p!nk blend of rockstar and mama bear. her trublend... light 4 it blends in doesn't build up for a flawless nude look find your trublend at easy breezy beautiful covergirl your baby's chubby little hand latches onto your finger so hard it's like she's saying i love you.
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the language of the navajo ibe helped win world war ii. now, some 70 years later, a movie studio is taking part of an effort to keep the navajo language alive and enlisting the help of a friendly little fish. jim axelrod reports. >> we're rolling. go for it. >> reporter: 11-year-old quinton king is one of the navajo language young speakers. he is giving a new voice to one of disney's pixar popular films. >> i just want to make this "nemo" movie to get my native language out. >> reporter: the navajo edition
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of "finding nemo" is more than entertainment. it's part of an ongoing effort to preserve the traditional language of the nation's largest native american tribe. >> it has a look at -- paste to it. there is a lot of -- little breaks in the language. that makes it difficult for lip-sync. >> reporter: rick dempsey, senior vice president for character voices at disney, is working in collaboration with a navajo nation museum. the studio held auditions on the reservation, but had a hard time casting the title role. >> there is not a lot of opportunities, you know, in terms of how many kids to pull from, because there are not that many kids that are fluent in the language. >> a majority of the fluent speakers are 40 and above. >> reporter: manny wheeler is the museum director in window rock, new mexico. >> our tradition is dynamic and very descriptive and they are great stories. here now, this is is the new
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age -- these are the new stories. >> reporter: two years ago, lucas films sponsored a navajo translation of the original "star wars." the film was a huge success. 13-year-old adrian hardy went to the premiere with his grandmother. >> i just speak to my friends in navajo to get them more interested in navajo. >> reporter: he says the films are a good way to keep young people interested in the language. >> we are helping save a language. we are giving a booster to navajo language and we are trying to make a difference for our navajo people and kind of help the culture survive, and it will, you know, i'm very optimistic about that. >> reporter: with help from the next generation and a little orange fish. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. coming up after your local
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news, on "cbs this morning," more of the fallout over donald trump's comments. we will speak with presidential candidate senator lindsey graham. and we look at the price among big retailers and whether it's hurting their bottom line and speak with david plouffe, a board member, about the company's new campaign in new york city. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm alison harmelin. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs i'm alison harmelin. have a great day.
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and good morning, it is tuesday july 21st, i'm maria medina. >> and i'm frank mallicoat.
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we begin with breaking news, a 4.0 earthquake was in the bay area this morning. it was centered in freemont and the quake registered on the size me graph right here on channel 5. there are no reports of damage, excuse me, or any injuries. the us geological survey says there have been more than 10 after shocks since the main quake hit a few hours ago. we have the latest. kit? >> this hit at 2:4 1:00 a.m. and this came in at a 4.2 and they downgraded it to a 4.0 and we have had at least 11 after shocks so far. they felt the quake as far away as hayward, san jose and southwest at watsonville. the freemont police had a lot of calls from


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