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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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potentially fireable offenses. this happened with a fire chief here in the city of hayward. the fire chief is still on the job even though these things happen more than a year ago they're just now coming to light. >> i know the organization is hurting and i know all of that is my fault. >> reporter: hayward fire chief garrett contraresdid not try to make excuses. not just drinking while on call, but drinking and driving his city vehicle multiple times fighting with a subordinate, and ignoring dispatcher calls to respond to a major apartment fire last year. all are grounds that would have got him fired. but he's still the chief. >> the city manager is on record saying he was an embarrass ment to the city. if that's the case people might wonder why he's still working here. >> sure. i think his behavior was embarrassing to the city. he's been an excellent chief. he's done a lot of really great things for the department. he's been successful in securing over a million dollars in grant funds
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in equipment for the department. >> reporter: contrares a 20-year veteran did get a 9% pay cut to his $186,000 a year salary and a second chance. >> i'm not proud of it. as i mentioned it's very difficult but i believe the city manager led in this incidence and believed it was in the best interest of the department and the city that i stay on the job. >> if something like that happened to you on the job, do you think you'd get a second chance? >> no, i wouldn't. i would have gotten fired and would have had to find another job. >> reporter: reaction on the streets of hayward is not as forgiving. >> he's done this allegedly multiple times? hmm. i think it's really disappointing that we pretty much gave him a slap on the wrist. >> reporter: contrares said it would have been easier to take the termination and move on. >> i think the more challenging route is to take responsibility. as much as i've embarrassed the department and the city, i'm proud of the way i've handled
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it. >> contrares denied he has a drinking problem and he said he does not have an anger management issue though he said he's undergoing a management coaching situation offered by the city of hayward. reporting live in hayward len ramirez kpix 5. the north bay police department is promising an internal review after cell phone video shows one of its police officers pulling a gun on a man standing on a sidewalk. allen martin is here with that part of the story. >> police officers under extra scrutiny these days but the question is did a police officer overreact to a guy standing in his driveway? the video posted on youtube begnss with a police vehicle. a man is out of his home. he videotapes the officer who appears to be running his plates. he claims his family has had run-ins with the police before. a few seconds later the officer get out of the car and
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things escalate quickly. >> i've done absolutely nothing. no. put your gun down really? this one's really got a gun on me. you don't touch me. you don't touch me. no. you don't touch me. >> when i tell you to take your hand out -- >> i've done nothing. nope. >> you need to relax. >> you go away. >> clearly neither man wants to back down. the guy with the cell phone camera threatens to post the encounter on the web which he did. now roaner park police are investigating. they issued a statement that reads in part we'll conduct an internal review to verify appropriate protocols were followed. we'll also review our protocols because we want to make sure we're using the best practices for the highest level of safety for both our officers and community. they say trust in law enforcement is a top priority in the city. we're seeing more and more of this, people taking the opportunity to
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record encounters with police officers and then post it. we'll see how this one works out. it's now up to a judge to decide what happens with frozen embryos that belong to a divorced couple. closing arguments in the landmark case wrapped up about an hour ago. joe vazquez was in the courtroom. what happened today? >> the proceedings just wrapped up within the hour, and in fact it was an all day session and now the decision is in the hands of a judge. >> reporter: they're getting divorced but she still wants to have his future children. he said no. he signed an agreement saying he could opt out of being a father. >> the purpose of going through this is to determine the party's intent. >> reporter: today the closing arms. lee is a 46-year-old harvard educated doctor who back in 2010 had just been diagnosed with cancer. she was worried the cancer medicine would make her infertile. so she and her
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husband, steven finley, chose to freeze five embryos. she's now cancer-free but also infertile. she says this is her last chance to have children. >> she doesn't currently have cancer. she's not infertile from cancer. it's a red herring. the cancer only tells us why they walked in to the ucsf officers back in 2010. >> reporter: at the core of the case the couple signed an agreement with ucsf which clearly states their embryos could be discarded in case of a divorce, and that's what he wants to happen, but she insists she believed she was signing a medical consent form and not a binding agreement. >> it wasn't a contract. it wasn't an agreement. it was the kind of form where you check the boxes off very quickly in a very brief period of time. everybody's done it in order to try to get a medical procedure done and that's the level of attention and detail that she gave to it. >> local case but it could have national implications. bottom
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line can she change her mind after signing one of those pieces of paper? can he be forced to become a parent? the judge's decision is expected sometime within the next couple months. reporting live in san francisco, joe vazquez kpix 5. cloudy skies over much of the bay area today and it cooled off too. here's a look from the mount vaca camera. some places even got a little bit of rain. raindrops. chief meteorologist paul deanno is here with a look. >> this has been an odd summer where we've had about six different rain chances here in the bay area. we can go 90 days in the summer without getting a drop of rainfall. now in the central valley we are clearing out. look what happened earlier today with raindrops from san mateo county. up through the burn zone east of clear lake we saw some rainfall today. tropical air making it all the way from a hurricane sitting 300 miles east of the big island of hawaii. his name is guillermo. tropical moisture stretch ing all the way back to california. another day with the tropical
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field. what does this mean for the fire area, the rocky fire? it will be sunnier tomorrow, less humid tomorrow. though the wind will stay below 15 miles per hour, it's changing direction again. it will be coming from the east southeast pushing the fire to the west and northwest. we'll talk more about yet another tropical rain chance. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> even with light rain falling, the rocky fire has now scorched 65,000 acres. that's about the size of sacramento. cal fire says the fire remains 12% contained. 13,000 people have been told they should evacuate. this map gives you an idea of just how large this fire is. the entire area in red has gone up in flames. you can see it's jumped highway 20 and is burning toward the north. cate cauguiran is in lake county. she found one homeowner who is vowing to protect his house as long as possible. >> he says until he sees
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flames. i can tell you about the current conditions, we did get a little bit of rain but not as much as firefighters would like. we do have a good aerial view to show you. as you may have noticed it's much, much different than what we've seen before. you're seeing a lot of cloud cover here. no visible smoke. right now we know that firefighters are standing by in spring valley where cal fire is worried an entire wind shift could take out the neighborhood. tonight i met one man staying in spring valley to defend his home confident the wind will shift in his favor. >> they did an inspection to see what they were up against. >> reporter: michael anderson invited our cameras in to his spring valley home where he'll stay until he sees actual flames coming his direction. >> over here, corner of the house, and i've got another one. >> reporter: he says he's no fool. he's already packed up what's important ready to leave the house if those flames get too close. >> furniture tvs everything
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else we have in the home is going to stay in the home. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies have stopped by multiple times he says trying to scare him and his neighbors in to leaving. >> when they came knocking on your door and said you needed to leave, what did they say to you exactly? >> they said it was coming and we had no fire crews. >> reporter: michael stayed anyway. >> i stayed because i figured i could get out of here if i held a little tighter. >> we're on a mission. and the mission is life, environment and property, and life being number one. >> reporter: cal fire isn't taking any chances. they're staged at multiple locations should the wind become a problem. >> we haven't seen this wind behavior before. >> reporter: michael has had three close calls with fires near here before so when the rocky fire started to grow, he told his wife to take their grand kid and leave, but he would stay and protect the house. >> you're not nervous at all? >> yeah a little bit. not too bad really. i don't know if
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that's normal or not. i'm packed and ready to go if i have to. >> we are hoping the best for michael and his family because right now is the time where firefighters are extra cautious because once this cloud cover clears, temperatures will rise and as you can see from my hair, the wind is really picking up and the winds as we've seen in the past can be a game change. reporting live in lake county, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. the white house is keeping a close eye on the rocky fire. the president has been briefed on the situation. he's asked aides to keep in touch with governor brown and other local officials. fire crews have gotten a handle on another wildfire burning near fresno. the willow fire has been burning for almost two weeks in the sierra national forest in madera county. it's about 80% contained now. evacuation orders have now been lifted. evacuees had an unpleasant surprise when they returned. they found their homes in many cases had been
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looted. smashed windows, thousands of dollars worth of personal items ripped off. >> we did everything that we were supposed to do to leave this fire, then we come home to this? >> it's just heartbreaking to find out that someone took advantage of them while they were out of their houses. >> authorities believe the thieves came in on foot because roadblocks were in place during the evacuations. still ahead remembering a teenager gunned down on the street. people are gathering right now to honor the 17-year-old. >> it would be a different kind of billboard but plans to use city hall as ad space are already under fire tonight. >> plus an offer that may be tough to refuse. the new
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family and friends gathering this hour to remember a young man who was planning the
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next steps in his life. a teenager about to join the marines shot dead early this morning in hayward. mike sugerman tells us the search is now on for the killer who robbed a young man of his future. >> everybody i talk to said this was just a great kid. this was a somber occasion but every once in a while you'll hear an explosion of laughter, stories of kionte murphy. a high school football player, a wrestler, lots of teammates here. told he had a ready smile and full of life. just weeks ago he graduated from mount eden high school. he was working hard to pass physical and academic tests to join the marines. while walking last night with a friend three other teenagers got involved in some sort of argument with him he might have been selling drugs when he came upon them, then gunshots, and he lay dead on the street.
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>> we're doing a disservice to our community if we don't find the people who did this. he was somebody in the process of trying to do something great trying to put his life on the line for potentially the people who very well could have attacked him. >> suspects are said to be three hispanic teenagers who drove away in a silver suv and police are currently looking for them. in hayward mike sugerman kpix 5. >> investigators say whoever killed 21-year-old vallejo woman sitting in her car meant to do it. westbrook was shot yesterday morning as she headed to work. detectives say the gunman walked right up to her toyota and just started shooting. witnesses did give police a description of a suspect as well as the car that took off right after that shooting. a fundraiser is taking place in hayward to help the family of a fallen police officer, scott lunger. famous dave's barbecue on winton avenue is donating a portion of today's
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sales to a family trust. money will also be raised from door prizes raffles and a live auction. the restaurant says it's the least they can do for the police community. >> we feel like they do such an amazing job they're there for us and we want to be there for them when they need us. >> sergeant scott lunger was shot to death two weeks ago during a traffic stop. cal trans pulling the plug on some roadwork. the project went in to a meltdown when a driver caused an accident and that delayed completion of the project. cal trans apologized today for what became two-hour communities for some folks. it also canceled another paving project in the same area. pacifica says it's talking to cal transabout a little better communication. next time a major construction project is planned. san francisco city hall has been lit up in celebratory
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colors for a variety of bay area events. now the golden dome could be used as a billboard. new at 6:00, kpix 5 reporter john ramos with the proposal that's already getting community lack bash. >> reporter: sometimes it seems like the only reason they built san francisco was to have something to hang signs on. they're everywhere. and there's no escaping them. >> i've learned to block it out a little bit. maybe it's there and kind of blends in with the scenery. >> reporter: those who can't see past the clutter are angry about the latest proposal at city hall to plaster images on city hall. the mayor wants to allow organizers of civic center plaza events to beam images on to the front of city hall from rooftops across the street. it would be similar to the dazzling light show that occurred at the building's 100th anniversary bash in june. but the city wants to charge event planners to do this which makes it
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advertising according to a group called sf beautiful. >> they want to get their message across and apparently city hall is for sale right at this minute. >> reporter: the organization which successfully fought against video billboards said the city passed an ordinance in 2009 banning new ads on public buildings. however, in a statement today the city said general advertising is not and will not be allowed on any public building. it's possible a company logo could be part of an image. they say the guidelines are being drawn up about that. >> corporations are paying to have their names plasted all over city hall. that's advertising and would be violation of law. >> reporter: while the argument continues, a pair of texas tourists says what's needed here is a little frontier pragmatism. >> i say just do it and let everybody complain because i'm sure more people like it. >> reporter: sorry partner that's just not the way they do
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things here in the big city. >> the mayor's office says the proposal would generate money for the general fund but at least one supervisor john avalos is against it. the issue will be debated when the board returns from its august recess. >> an odd afternoon. odd day around the bay area. cloudy. rain drops going through lafayette this afternoon. >> tropical moisture. have to go all the way back to hawaii to find the source. kind of looked like it was going to pour all day long. we had a couple drops out there. the great equalizer of temperatures, microclimates go away with tropical moisture. morgan hill and napa, not hot you were in the 70s. oakland and san francisco typically our cooler spots. the tropical air jacked your temperatures in to the 70s. we find san jose, 76 in concord 75 degrees. everybody within 10 degrees of each other. couple showers continue. north of yuba city up to chico and redding. the majority of the rainfall you saw on the radar did not make it to
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the ground. it evaporated first. that's called verga. any rain chance in august is rare. this is your average rainfall for the entire month. less than .1 of an inch of rain san francisco, livermore, and san jose. just barely above the .1 for santa rosa. we're going to have two this week. one just happened today. another one is going to happen a few days from now. watch this area of low pressure. we're following this moisture plume back to hawaii and hurricane guillermo gets shoved to the north tomorrow and thursday. a ridge of high pressure over arizona rebuilding. we'll be sunnier and milder and the microclimates will come back. that's only for two days though. we're watching the low pressure area, not the storm itself, the low in front of it pass directly over northern and central california including the bay area, unstable air. not going to be a widespread event but we could see more showers a few
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thunderstorms, which would increase the fire danger, which we don't want but we want any rainfall we can get and yet another summertime rain chance coming up opfriday. tomorrow wednesday, milder, sunnier. we're dry the next couple days. another chance of showers or an isolated thunderstorm on friday. then we'll level things off in a happy place over the weekend 80s inland and 70s near the bay. strange summer continues with its strangeness. another chance for tropical moisture. >> something's brewing. >> we've been talking about it and the el nino pattern because el nino is already here does play with our summertime weather. they've been known for their pocket protectors but what do engineers really look like? >> a new online campaign challenges the male dominated stereotype. we talk to the woman behind the m
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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a bay area company is warning hackers could hack in to the gps system that businesses and airports rely on. synex says it's easy to hack in to the satellite network presumeally high tech thieves could steal trucks full of precious cargo without setting off alarms. the gps trackers make sure equipment never go off course. global star says they've had no issue with their system and they would know if they were under attack. for years now we've heard about the staggering lack of diversity in the tech world. >> a san francisco woman has tackled that problem and set the internet on fire in the process. as kpix 5's wilson walker shows us she did it with one simple hashtag. >> i had no idea my second
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tweet ever would break the internet. >> reporter: breaking the internet started when her office launched an online recruiting campaign. almost overnight she became the face behind a hashtag call to arms. >> i chose the hashtag i look like an engineer, because it's intentionally inclusive. >> reporter: inclusive for anyone who feels excluded in a predominantly male white industry. >> anyone who does not get a standard cookie cutter of what somebody in this industry has to look like. i really wasn't ready for how much it blew up, to be honest. now it's being heard by nuclear physicists and scientists. >> i wanted to join the movement pretty much share story like oh, look, engineers are not all males. they're women too and also athletes. >> reporter: with every passing minute new pictures roll in
6:26 pm
from schools construction sites, oil rigs, and beyond. >> i want to be an astronaut from the time i was 3 or four years old. >> nasa, it's insane. >> reporter: and along with this proud chorus of engineers there's an equally outpouring of thanks. >> people are saying thank you for helping spread awareness to this underlying systemic issue that is really complex and difficult to address. >> if we're out there even though we're a small number, we're definitely out there. >> reporter: out there pretty much everywhere breaking the engineering stereotype one equation at a time. >> i really had no idea but again, it's really heartwarming. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. >> doesn't end with the tweet. an "i look like an engineer" t-shirt is available with proceeds going to the national institute for women in technology. sxhg up in -- coming up in
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our next half hour, a dramatic rescue. a man pulled off the train tracks with only seconds to spare. now we're hearing from the heroes. >> our drought turning in to big business for some. the new bay area innovations tha
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our top stories tonight a memorial underway right now for a hayward teenager who was about to join the marines. he was shot and killed early this morning in his own hometown. 17-year-old murphy was approached by three suspects as he walked near mt. eden high school. one of them shot murphy then took off. hayward's fire chief is back at work after serving a one-month suspension for misconduct including drinking on the job. garrett contrares apologized today for what he did. he was suspended and had his salary slashed by 9%. hayward could have fired him. officials there aren't defending their decision to give him a second chance. >> we just learned the rocky fire sup to 67,000 acres. a light rain fell on parts of the fire zone but not nearly enough to turn the tide. that fire is 27% contained. nearly 7,000
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homes remain threatened by the flames. as a cal train sped straight toward a man in a car two officers suddenly risked their lives to pull him to safety. >> reporter mark sayre on what caught their attention. >> the first thing is you've got to get out of the way definitely. >> reporter: deputy lance witit said he only had a split second to make a decision. >> at that point after he wasn't responding i knew i had to take control of the situation and physically remove him from the trains. >> reporter: the deputy is seen pulling 20-year-old nelson gomez to safety. gomez had been driving erratically and swung in to a signal post as the arm was going down and the northbound train was approaching. >> he was sitting in his seat obviously injured and nearly incapacitated. i grabbed him from his arm pulled him from the vehicle. i noticed that the train was coming in at the angle the car was parked.
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the car was still going to possibly strike us. at that point i dragged the driver a few feet away from the car. >> reporter: deputy erick rueppel ran down the tracks toward the approaching train to try to get the conductor to stop. >> i decided at that point run toward the train waving my arms trying to give him the signal that he needed to stop the train and as he passed me that's where i kind of took a breath. i heard the impact. i guess at that point i just kind of hopes that they got out. >> reporter: both say they did what they had to do under the circumstances. >> definitely proud of what i did, essentially saving someone's life. that's the greatest thing you can accomplish as a police officer as a deputy sheriff. >> just before the rescue, driver nelson gomez was involved in two other accidents that put three lives in jeopardy. he's currently being charged with
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dui, hit and run driving without a license and also a probation violation. mark sayre, kpix 5. >> deputy witit has been with the san mateo sheriff's department with four years but first month on the bureau. a filing by raymond shimp boy chow's lawyers say there's corruption that goes all the way to the mayor's office. his lawyers say the mayor and other top city officials were named by the fbi in an investigation. they want his case dismissed for what they're calling selective prosecution. ed lee's re-election campaign had this response, saying quote there's absolutely nothing in today's filing by raymond chow's attorneys that suggest that mayor lee himself or his 2011 campaign did anything wrong or inappropriate. a manhunt is underway for
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two men who fired shots at a military compound in mississippi. it happened this afternoon outside camp shelby near hattiesburg. the facility is currently hosting 4600 soldiers for summer training. authorities say two men fired gunshots at soldiers from a vehicle and sped away. there were no injuries. the stage is now officially set for the first republican presidential debate. these 10 candidates will be receiving invitations to thursday's gop showdown in cleveland. leading the way is donald trump. he has been surging in recent polls despite several inflammatory comments about mexican immigrants. that means seven candidates missed the cut. among them, former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina and texas governor rick perry. cbs news poll today shows trump well ahead of his republican competition 24% of respondents are backing him
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right now. jeb bush was second followed by wisconsin governor scott walker. here's one reason that trump may have so much report. 79 % of those polled said trump says what he believes not what people want to hear. it looks like any other pill. coming up, what makes this drug an innovation. >> it goes away beyond the free lunch at work. the huge perk that may ♪ we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again!
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3d printers. they can make clothing household items all kinds of stuff. now even a pill it seems. this is the first of its kind, 3d printed drug approved by the fda. it's
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called spritem and it's used to treat certain types of epileptic seizures. the pill is made by printing layers and layers until the correct dosage is reached. it should be available for prescription use next year. today netflix made a big announcement. it's offering up to a year paid leave for expecting parents. this is a landmark benefit even for the high standards of silicon valley. netflix says it fosters a, quote freedom and responsibility culture that gives employees flexibility while balancing work and family. it applies to mothers and fathers. coming up tonight at 11:00, why this move may leave other tech companies struggling to compete. there are national night out events all over tonight but there's a twist. tonight on kbcw 44 cable 12. still ahead california's drought driving a tech boom. >> the bay area company at the
6:39 pm
forefront when it comes to water saving gadgets. >> we do low clouds very efficiently this time of year. it's pushing out something new is pushing in. that and another rain chance.
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california's historic drought is inspiring some creativity as a wave of bay area start-ups are finding new ways to save water. >> reporter nick janes with the new tech boom that could help save your lawn and garden. >> our historic dry spell is driving a drought tech boom. >> this is eden garden center. >> reporter: as eden founder jason shows us, you pop that
6:43 pm
solar powered censor in the soil and instantly there's a wealth of information at your fingertips. >> this is actually reading the data from this censor here. >> reporter: the oakland startup's seemingly all knowing app tells you when to add fertilizer and how much to water. >> it tells me i need to water in the next three days. >> reporter: jason says it knows whether your plants are getting enough light and the app even gives you a head's up when they're ready to be picked. it tailors recommendations based on specific planths and conditions at the exact spot of the soil censor. >> for instance, bell pepper needs a lot of light high humidity high nutrition and medium water. >> reporter: 40% of outdoor watering is wasted and he saw a chance to change that. >> today when every drop of water counts, it's really important to be precise and this squeezes every last drop of water out. exactly. >> reporter: almost
6:44 pm
overnight, eden's business skyrocketed tenfold. the products started hitting store shelves early july and it's now in 900 home depots nationwide. much of the lift is here in california where water conservation is becoming big business. the movement has a name. the internet of conservation a take-off of the term the internet of things, which refers to collective cloud and mobile technology. >> you're trying to get it to devices so they can make smart decisions. there's a focus on basically not wasting resources. >> he once worked for apple managing the hardware team for the first four iphones. now his company provides the platform, the operating system for companies using connected technology to streamline everything from beer brewing to beehive monitoring. air
6:45 pm
conditioning to irrigation. with the rashio smart watering system you can tweak your system from any place on the planet from your smart phone. the app monitors weather forecasts and skips the sprinklers if there's rain on the way. it makes adjustments on its own based on how much water your lawn really needs. >> it takes some of the guest work out of it. >> customers can expect to reduce their irrigation to water by 30%. >> the colorado company celebrating its one-year anniversary is suddenly quite popular in the water-wise world. >> it's one of those products you get and go, how did i live without that? >> that was nick janes reporting. the irrigation system runs $250. the eden garden censors are $99 a piece. >> the days of grandpa standing out back running the sprinklers and using the hose, those days are over. kpix 5 weather watchers, they're telling us how
6:46 pm
much rain is falling and a number of them report adfew drops here and there throughout the bay area. temperatures kept down by the cloud cover today and by that tropical feel. peggy rogers, sunshine, 76 degrees. says cloud cover is on the way. onshore flow at 6 miles per hour. all about the clouds today. got great pictures from our weather watchers. here's michelle showing us the cloud cover. becky says man it looks like rain. i know a lot of you are thinking if it looks like rain, can we please get rain? wasn't the case today. most of it evaporateed before hitting the ground. we lose the mid and high cloud cover. low clouds and fog will return tonight. the city sitting at 69 degrees off of a high of 72. 72 in san bruno, oakland livermore. warm spot at 76 running 10 degrees cooler than average today. couple sprinkles up toward ukiah. that's it. our rain chance for today is finished. lows tonight upper 60s.
6:47 pm
napa santa rosa about 57 or 58 degrees. you can follow this tropical moisture all the way back to a hurricane. its name is guillermo and it looks dangerously close to hawaii. the tropical moisture plume comes all the way back to the bay area from just east of hawaii. ridge of high pressure takes the tropical moisture, shoves it to the north the next couple days. sunnier, milder for today and thursday. on friday watch this. the low pressure area that was out ahead of guillermo closer to us will pass directly over the bay area friday, destabilizing the atmosphere. that will give us yet another rain chance. two in a week in august. that's just kind of strange but we'll do it on friday with a slight chance of a shower, better chance of an isolated thunderstorm which opens up another deal that we have to think about which would be the possibility of dry lightning. do we want the rainfall? absolutely. do we want lightning without rainfall? no way. there's a new fire potential coming up on friday if we do receive dry lightning.
6:48 pm
we'll watch that for you. next couple days the headline is sunnier and less humid. concord, 84 tomorrow. fremont, 77. san mateo 71 degrees. walnut creek, 85 tomorrow. brentwood, 85. dublin 82. fog is back in san francisco tomorrow morning. your high, 67. san rafael, 79. clear lake, 89 degrees near the fire zone tomorrow. friday, isolated thunderstorm is possible in the north bay. we may see a sprinkle or two around the bay area. we dry out for the weekend but stay warm not hot through the middle of next week. we are counting down to super bowl 50 as you know. and with it comes a countdown of 50 people making a difference here in the bay area. the host committee has named jessica rojas as its playmaker of the week. she works as a programming coordinator. it helps families who have children that are dealing with chronic
6:49 pm
illnesses. coachart will receive a grant because of jessica's work. she's the host's committee 23rd playmaker. you can be part of the super bowl 50 experience. check out for information on how to be a volunteer.
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the road to super bowl 50 won't be easy for any team, especially the 49ers who will have the toughest home schedule in the nfl. today they put the pads on for the first time in practice and a new era is officially underway. >> when you don't have pads on, that loose jersey drives me nuts. >> you're not really playing until you get the pads on. >> reporter: tomsula hopes the 49er offense is faster with pads this season. tempo is expected to increase over the harbaugh system that caused issues with the play clock. >> how do you like the faster pace? >> i don't. [ laughter ] >> a leaner meaner offense even the offensive linemen. >> you don't see a lot of fat guys walking around here. that's for a reason. >> reporter: coaches are aware of the rigors of camp, limiting the veterans where they see fit. new defensive end darnell
6:53 pm
dockett appreciates tomsula's philosophy which is one not shared by all coaches. >> you've seen coaches, they come in and just try to wear you in to the ground as quickly as possible? >> yeah, every one of them. [ laughter ] i've played with danny green. that speaks for itself. >> reporter: a universal pleasure was the summer's first chance to hit someone. linebacker nick moody has been laying the wood since he was 8 years old. >> we'd hit too much. probably because of me. >> what grade was that? >> 2nd . [ laughter ] >> reporter: moody heads a group of defensive players trying to replace five starters that left in the offseason. among those getting the most praise is defensive lineman quintan dial who's already earned a nickname from tomsula. >> [ bleep ] [ laughter ] such a soft spoken, kind, deep voice, and when he gets on the
6:54 pm
field, again it's hard to describe it without using swear words. >> a lot of laughing down there at 9er headquarters. you can see the 49ers and texans games on the 15th, official preseason home of the 49ers. we're also the home of super bowl 50. you'll see the countdown clock occasionally here on the big 5. the giants bullpen has the best save percentage in the national league but they blew two saves last night and pens struggled again in atlanta. they're just one out. fortunately for them chris johnson thought there were two outs instead of a double play, an rbi ground-out for pence. want to get away? the giants' bullpen would blow the lead in the 7th. the braves' relievers have some issues of their own. hunter pence put san francisco back on top with a three-run shot. seventh home run of the
6:55 pm
season. giants lead the game 6-3. that game is in the 8th inning. earlier this summer spurs signed lemarcus aldridge to a four-year, $80 million contract. one of his first big purchases was a new house but it's not for him to live in. >> i just built a house in dallas and i put a pretty massive closet. i have a huge shoe section in the middle. what i'm doing right now is i'm in the process of building a separate house behind my house just for shoes. it's like a little showroom. >> he's building a separate house for shoes. >> she's had that dream. [ laughter ] >> okay, give it to me. >> that is a huge fish! >> catch of the day goes to kyung ye, he caught an 18-pound
6:56 pm
striper outside of dallas. if you're a friend of ye, tweet me @kpixsports. he wasn't the only one who got lucky. do you think you can do better? marlin fishing. send us your fishing pictures to catch of the day at >> puny little striper that guy caught. >> he didn't catch a marlin. >> elizabeth, i want to know if you're going to apply at netflix now that they give a year maternity leave. >> i like the way they think. [ laughter ] dads too. >> dads get it too. >> he's going to sign up. >> [ laughter ] for news throughout the evening and a lot more, the latest on i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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