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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on the 28th. then two days later, a series of small fires burned a hillside off highway 24. this guy's accused of setting 30 fires since april. >> it is not unusual for serial arsonists to escalate at some point. most do. they will start with small seemingly harmless fires, but most of them are not harmless. and they will escalate. >> reporter: wilson faces 8 counts of arson with enhanced bail of $1 million. that's because the fires were set during statewide drought and wildfire emergencies. he is in jail right now in martinez. investigators haven't said a lot about the evidence in the case. but they have said they have been watching him for weeks. why they didn't arrest him sooner? well, we'll hear from investigators about that coming up in the next half-hour. right now live in lafayette, anne makevoc, kpix 5. investigators may have found more parts of that missing flight 370. the prime minister of malaysia
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says crews found a plane window and some other debris on the french island in the indian ocean just a week after finding a wing from that plane. it disappeared in march 2014. so far french investigators haven't yet confirmed the debris is linked to the flight 370. later this morning governor jerry brown will meet with firefighters battling the "rocky fire" near clearlake. he will get a briefing from fire officials on their efforts to contain the blaze. the largest wildfire burning in california. it's burned close to 70,000 acres. it's only 30% contained. the fire has destroyed 43 homes and it's threatening about 7,000 structures. the air national guard is helping fight the "rocky fire." they are using c-130 cargo planes. the mission for the pilots is straightforward. refuel, drop a load of retardant, repeat. >> it gets tiring after a while with the heat and everything. but got a lot of folks out here helping us out. >> one of the pilots flew five missions tuesday. they have civilian jobs but at
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one point -- as one put it, this is what they do on their time off. >> hard to believe but there are over 20 fires burning in the state. we need some nice rain. that isn't coming, is it? >> i was at the baseball game yesterday and met people from petaluma and clearlake and santa rosa and i was asking them have you had difficulties with smoke in your area? last week, yes. this week not so much because of the direction of the wind. so that's very important. as you were mentioning, frank, yes, we need the rain but it's coming with lightning. in fact, i have that "rocky fire" forecast for you today. there is that chance of a thunderstorm popping this afternoon. the winds will be rotating from the northwest to the southwest about five miles per hour but again fires generate their own windstorms so be mindful of that. the minimum relative humidity between 30 and who 40% and 8 degrees warmer there today as well as here. out the door in the 50s and 60s. partly cloudy conditions chance of thunderstorms by the evening hours, 70s, 80s into the low
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90s. the full forecast is coming up. first here's gianna. >> check the roads right now, we just got word of a broken- down vehicle westbound right past the toll plaza there blocking the right lane off to the side so may cause a bit of a backup there. still very quiet, very early. chp will clear that shortly. westbound 80 to northbound 101 we have a two-car crash stuck in lanes. chp on scene there. starting to see some delays approaching the area. and looks like the golden gate bridge continues to be one of our bright spots this morning. no delays out of marin county into san francisco. 16 minutes westbound altamont pass to 680. speeds under 45 miles per hour westbound. eastbound construction near hacienda and again near greenville so plan for that. and taking a look at the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 at 101 clear, san mateo bridge good in both directions. 5:03. the city of oakland has reached a tentative deal on a new
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contract with its largest union. seiu local 1021 represents about 3500 people including housing inspectors and maintenance workers in the city s negotiators forged an agreement on tuesday after five months of bargaining back and forth. they are not releasing details until after the union votes on the new deal. just hours from now in ohio the first presidential debate of the 2016 campaign will get under way. kpix 5's kiet do is live in milpitas where people will gather to watch later this evening. >> reporter: the silicon valley gop will be holding a watch party here tonight. they say it's tough to get tickets for the debate than tickets for the nba finals. we'll see. all 17 candidates are in cleveland tonight. but only 10 will make it into the main event this evening. it includes donald trump, jeb
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bush and scott walker. viewers can expect wide range of topics. >> foreign policy in general, obamacare, hillary clinton. those are the kinds of things that you're going to hear a lot. >> reporter: the seven candidates not in the main event will take part in a separate forum this afternoon. they include former hp executive carly fiorina and returning candidates rick santorum and rick perry. the other taking place at 2 p.m. our time. both are on fox. live in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton rounds up her bay area fundraising trip this morning at a san francisco home for $2,700 per person just like a similar event in atherton yesterday. clinton is it not making any public appearances during this -- clinton is not making any public appearances during this trip. lawmakers want to protect 6200 acres of coast in california. president clinton established
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the california coastal national monument in 2000. now senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer are aiming to quadruple the area it protects. the largest section of preserved land would be nearly 58 acres in santa cruz county. oil giant tesoro agreed to pay $4 million in a settlement for polluting bay area air. officials say the company violated regulations at its martinez refinery. they have documented several instances in which tesoro improperly ditz supposed of waste -- improperly disposed of waste over the years allowing propane and butane to evaporate. they say they take environmental rules seriously and are now taking correctsive measures. the fresno counties coroner's office has identified a homicide victim as a missing woman from tracy. the body of 20-year-old megan troyan was found in an aqueduct last week. she was reported missing july 21 and police say she had a diminished mental capacity. there are no details of the cause of her death. she was last seen with an
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acquaintance 21-year-old man. he is described as a person of interest. national police say a man who attacked people at a movie theater had recently been reported as a missing person. police say 29-year-old vincent montano was carrying a hatchet and pellet gun when he unleashed pepper spray on an audience yesterday. investigators say montano was wearing a mass to be protect himself from the pepper spray. a s.w.a.t. team shot him dead as he tried to leave the theater through a back door. 5:07. whole foods under option for asparagus water. >> up in the woods far from any city noise, this morning's cool camp, we introduce you to some bay area students getting a big lesson on outdoor survival. >> in the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody, we do have thunderstorms back in the forecast. i'll tell you where and when. >> and a couple of new problems popping up on your bay area freeways. one on 580 and one ,,
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mostly clear skies at 5:10. that's going to change. increasing cloud cover today leading to thunderstorms by the evening hours.
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i have your full forecast in four minutes. could you survive in the woods if you ever got lost? we have some kids that say, you better believe it! we could. >> they learned survival skills by going out in the woods and getting dirty. it's this week's "cool camp." reporter: in a rural area of saratoga, up in the woods far from any city noise, a group of kids is learning how to live without the use of any modern tools. >> good. >> yeah! >> yeah, that's very hard. >> reporter: what's the hardest part about it? >> um, that your arm gets really tired because you have to move it really quickly. >> reporter: this is willedder skills where daniel bear teams kids how to build a fire, shelter, traps and even how to purify water using just fire
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and rocks. >> you like to see it's for kids who have a summer how it should be or how it was outside. >> most of the camps we go to were indoors like a lot of the time. so this, um, we get to actually be outside and it teaches us a lot of stuff. >> reporter: for one week, they are unplugged from technology, running around barefoot in the woods and connecting with nature. this game forces kids to solely use their ears to become aware of their surroundings. >> you want to see how animals outdoors learn to be quiet and move like this. >> reporter: my photographer and i even tried it out. >> gotcha! >> reporter: he got caught right away of a few steps. i almost made it. >> gotcha! just watching kids running around outside having a good time is what it's all about. >> reporter: it's a camp he says is all about being outdoors just like the good old days. photographer don was all about it. >> the new me! [ laughter ]
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>> you were barefoot, too, huh? coming in like a ninja. >> i wanted to try to win the game. didn't win, though. >> they got you. by the way it's popular because summer camp is all sold out. >> but the wilder skills offers a year-round program. check out their website for more. >> looks like fun. what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. i'm on deck. i would love to hear from you. well, it is the end of an era. comedy central believe it or not tonight is jon stewart's last show as a host of the daily show. so there is the jon voyage party at 6:00 in the mission. during the debate, too. so you're going to have to pick one or the other. gianna, could you survive in the woods? >> probably not. [ laughter ] >> maybe for like a day. i'm kind of more of a motorhome camper.
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just saying. checking the roadways now, we have a couple of things brewing. not major problems. we have reports of a stalled vehicle. first reported past the toll plaza at the bay bridge now just before the toll plaza in the right lanes. looks like more cards going towards the bay bridge toll plaza as well so expect some slight delays. westbound 80 to northbound 101, that connector road you still might see one lane blocked as chp clears an accident. we got word it has minor injuries in this accident so it's taking time to clear out of lanes so expect some slight delays approaching the scene. check the altamont pass, of course, this is as usual westbound slow-and-go as you work your way altamont pass to 680 about 17 minutes ride. reports of a stalled vehicle at grant line blocking the two right lanes so that's definitely going to back things up through there. eastbound roadwork still wrapping up as you work your way near greenville and hacienda. you can see on the eastbound side not causing too many problems as of now. westbound 580 towards the dublin interchange, looks like we are starting to see some extra volume. 680 looking good. lane changes on the golden gate
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bridge right now not causing any backups. mostly on the southbound side is our commute direction out of marin county into san francisco. and check the san mateo bridge, so far, so good this morning. a light ride there. if you want to skip the roads and take mass transit, everything is right on time right now systemwide for bart no delays. golden gate ferries, caltrain, ace, you name it, everything is on time. and antioch westbound highway 4 we are seeing a few brake lights there that clears up nicely once you travel through pittsburg and if you are taking 4 towards the eastshore freeway, no delays eastshore freeway itself looking good westbound all the way towards the bay bridge. that's traffic. here's roberta. i love my weather watchers because they see what i can't see and then they report it in to us right here at kpix 5. so let's see who is wide away this morning. we have a lot of people. 55 degrees in sebastopol. it looks like it's going to be a peachy day. i'll take your word for that, kathy munch. 60s in antioch this morning.
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thanks, jerry, for reporting that. let's take a look at this right now. clear skies over the bay bridge temperatures in the 50s and in the 60s. the winds are under 5 miles per hour. it's going to be a busy thursday. starting off with light coastal fog early and then showers are possible by later tonight and also the possibility of thunderstorms tonight through tomorrow primarily in the mountains as we see this plume of moisture trailing back to the hawaiian islands. this upper area of low pressure is going to tap into that and that's why we'll see some increasing cloud cover today. that chance of thunderstorms by later this evening overnight into early friday morning. otherwise, increasing clouds in sacramento, 102 with the sunshine in redding. increasing clouds in monterey at 72. we'll see that chance of a thunderstorm in the high sierra by late night tonight. temperatures check that out. 72 pacifica. and in san francisco, that is slightly above average. across the bay approaching 80 in oakland, mid-80s in mountain
5:17 am
view. and low to mid-90s away from the bay into our inland areas. 94 degrees in brentwood today so we'll have that chance of a thunderstorm early tomorrow morning. seasonal conditions on saturday all the way through wednesday. hey, i'm taking part in something really special tonight called splash-and-dash. 6:00 today 65 degrees in cupertino at stevens creek reservoir a one mile swim followed by a three-mile run when i -- okay, settle down. i'm ready. no sleep. [ laughter ] >> this woman never sleep. >> it's going to be fun. social media lit this up week over a new product out of southern california whole foods. asparagus water. >> reporter adriana weingold tracked down the woman who first spotted the water in a whole foods store in l.a.
5:18 am
reporter: feeling thirsty thirsty? how about water that tastes like asparagus? whole foods was selling it at its brentwood store earlier this week and mariel joaquin couldn't help but do a double- take when she saw it on the shelf. >> so when i saw this water i was like, this is a health food trend that's maybe one step into outrageous bordering on comical. >> reporter: the price tag for three stalks of asparagus in a bottle of tap water is $6. while asparagus is good for your health you have to eat it for the benefits. >> here's company promoting health and warness and you still a couple of asparagus spears into tap water and charge six bucks for something with no nutritional benefits. >> reporter: it's no longer for sale here in brentwood or any
5:19 am
other whole foods location. representatives from the health food giant say the product was made incorrectly but we still wanted to know how it ended up on shelves. we got this response, "the product was intended to be water with the essence of vegetables and/or mushrooms to be used as broth similar to a bone broth which are typically made over a long period of time soaking in water. whether or not anyone actually purchased the water and enjoyed it remains a mystery. >> i bought a case. [ laughter ] >> and it's delicious. [ laughter ] >> kidding. how do they make a mistake if you put three asparagus spears into water, that's what it is, now. >> i bet you some people bought it. >> i bet they did. you know? this will be good for us! six bucks! >> we move along. it is 5:19. a new study is shedding light on living a longer life. why spicing things up in the kitchen may be a big key coming your way. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, who is kehl buy
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grand line as you go westbound from the altamont pass and 680. slow-and-go out of tracy. construction eastbound near hacienda and near greenville. we'll have an update on the bay bridge coming up in a a couple of minutes. good morning, everyone. madison baumgarner kept his cool. he allowed just one run in seven and a third. i'm officially naming kelby tomlinson the professor. top of the 2nd in atlanta, the professor teaches the braves a lesson with a two-out two-run single. tomlinson who is subbing for joe panik at second base had two hits and drove in three. 7th inning matt duffy drives in two runs to put the game on ice. the giants won 7-1. they take a half game lead over the cubs for the second wild card spot. they now are in chicago for a four-game series. the poor a's still trying to figure out their bullpen issues didn't come up with a solution yesterday versus baltimore. top of the tenth, tied at 3,
5:24 am
and the orioles chris davis with the bases loaded deep for a grand slam, baltimore 7-3 winner. 49ers linebacker navorro bowman practiced in pads last night for the first time since suffering a torn acl and mcl in the nfc championship game in seattle in 2014. it has been a 19 month recovery for the pro bowl linebacker. >> given the cirrus nature of that injury, was there ever a time when you said, i may not play this game again? >> um, i would say the first day i got out of surgery, you know, i -- i just couldn't see my knee, you know, getting back to the way it was or my leg bending the way i play. i said to myself once i realized that this is the max pain that i'm gonna feel, you know, i'll fight through it and i got to that point. >> great comeback story but bowman said they will take it
5:25 am
easy with him throughout the preseason. you likely won't see a lot of bowman until the regular season begins in september. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day on the diamond. we have colorado and seattle. we have a great play here. the rockies kyle parker makes a nice grab on this foul ball. he leaps into the stands, going, going, in, hello there! got it. you better believe i got it! how do you do, sir? nice beer. nice catch right there. colorado went on to beat the mariners. that's your play of the day. 5. 25. saying good-bye to her life as a beauty queen why this teen is trading in her crown and gown for a new uniform. >> and the rainbow girls ransack another bay area store. how much merchandise they stole this time. >> reporter: and an accused serial arsonist finally under arrest. why investigators let this man walk free for weeks before walk free for weeks before taking him into custody. ,,,,
5:26 am
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ the big gop debate happens tonight. a crowded field of republican candidates tries to figure out what to do about donald trump. i'm kiet do with a live report straight ahead. >> the "rocky fire" is almost 70,000 acres this morning. now the governor is headed to that damaged area. >> and we don't have a very optimistic fire forecast for you. we also have thunderstorms in your forecast. the details are straight ahead. >> and a brand-new accident to report on 880 plus crowded conditions on the altamont pass. i'll tell you why. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, august 6. i'm frank mallicoat.
5:30 am
>> good morning, everyone. i'm maria medina. investigators in contra costa county arrested a man they believe set dozens of brush fires. the suspicious blaze started last spring. some got very close to homes and put residents on edge. they have been in at least eight cities. the hot spots were along highways 4 and 24 and on marsh creek road. anne makovec is in lafayette with more on how the investigation led to a specific suspect. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. one of the fires was set here along highway 24 in lafayette. they were set in the north and east bay between midnight and 5 a.m. >> reporter: on jewel 20 there was a 20-acre fire in bay point. eight days later a smaller fire in lafayette burned eight acres then july 30 a series of small fires scorched a hillside off highway 24.
5:31 am
at the time they didn't believe it was the work of the same serial arsonist. >> we needed to keep that secret to catch this person. the one thing we didn't want for for him to go into hiding and, you know, feel that we were on to him. so we kept that a secret. >> reporter: until yesterday, when contra costa county fire and cal fire announced this is their man, 29-year-old james wilson. >> this morning, mr. wilson was arrested out incident at his residence in bay points. >> reporter: he is in jail facing 8 counts. authorities believe he has started about 30 fires since april. one as recently this week and it seems each fire is worse than the last. >> it is not unusual for escalation. most start with small pardon me less fires but most of them are not harmless and they will escalate. >> reporter: what's worse, firefighters say he did it in the midst of governor brown's emergency drought declaration.
5:32 am
it could mean a harsher punishment. his bail is $1 million. he is in jail now in martinez. anne makovec, kpix 5. a couple of hours, governor jerry brown will get a firsthand look at the largest wildfire burning in california. he will get a briefing from officials batting the "rocky fire" near clearlake. 70,000 acres have burned so far. the fire is 30ers with contained. 43 homes were destroyed. 7,000 others are threatened. air national guard is leading a battling against the "rocky fire." they are using c-130 cargo planes. the mission is straightforward. refuel the plane, drop a big load of retardant and do it again. >> it gets tiring after a while with the heat and everything. but got a lot of folks out here helping us out. >> one of the pilots flew five missions on tuesday alone. they do have civilian jobs but one said this is what they do in their time off. i want to talk about fire.
5:33 am
but today you have a race that you're going to. >> oh, yeah. >> i just cannot believe that you're going to do it at 6 p.m. >> at stevens creek reservoir in cupertino, splash-and-dash. it's amazing, last year we had to cancel it because there was no water in the creek. inn every this year it's brimming with water. somebody opened up the gates. we may have thunderstorms today. we have that "rocky fire" forecast for you. not very optimistic. we have the winds out of the northwest southwest at 5 but again the fire can create its own windstorm. we have the minimum relative humidity 30 to 40 %. temperatures today 8 degrees warmer than yesterday. and we do have a potential of thunderstorms later on this afternoon. as we take a look out the door right now, we have temperatures 50s and 60s. we have a chance of thunderstorms today with highs going up to 94. details still straight ahead.
5:34 am
gianna? >> all right, roberta. we have a new accident in oakland northbound 880 as you work your way towards 80 into the maze reports of an accident blocking the left lane. chp just arriving on scene. looking at conditions near the coliseum. so far it's quiet. southbound extra volume as you work your way towards hayward. bay bridge stacked up very quickly backed up beyond the overpass now. no metering lights as of yet but that should change within the next couple of minutes. slow-and-go conditions there. that stalled vehicle now cleared and westbound 580 looking about 20, 22 minutes from the altamont pass and 680. today a judge is listening to a lawsuit that could decide the fate of uber drivers. today a judge is set to hear uber's case against making its drivers company employees rather than independent contractors. if uber loses, more than 160,000 california drivers could be eligible for paid expenses like cars and gas plus benefits like workers' comp. some drivers say they like the contractor status because it offers more freedom. a manhunt under way in louisiana for a gunman who shot and killed a shreveport police officer.
5:35 am
investigators say it started last night when police responded to a call of an armed man in a home threatening a family member. when police arrived, someone opened fire hitting the officer several times. the officer later died at a hospital. in contra costa county, a pittsburg police officer recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg. investigators say a man wanted for attempted murder ambushed the officer yesterday morning on east 12th street. the officer returned fire wounded the suspect who was brought to the hospital and later arrested. police released surveillance video of the latest in a rash of takeover robberies in san francisco. it happened july 28th. at air store on geary boulevard. at a store on geary boulevard. police say a group of women and men barged in ransacked the store, grabbing expensive perfume and other merchandise. investigators believe the robbers are connected to a group dubbed the rainbow girls, responsible for several takeover robberies in san francisco. >> within 75 seconds they are able to successfully steal over $11,000 worth of merchandise.
5:36 am
>> because of high quality surveillance video, take a look, police have a very clear shot of two of the suspects. they have identified three but so far no word of any arrests. and police in nashville shot and killed a man who stormed a movie theater yesterday armed with a pellet gun, pepper spray and happen. -- and hatchet. brian webb reports. reporter: vincente david montano has been arrested once more than a decade ago before his attack on movie-goers in antioch. >> this individual had an arrest in murphy'sboro in 2004 for assaulting and resisting arrest. >> reporter: the 29-year-old had a history of significant psychiatric issues for which he was committed four times. in a missing persons report filed just three days ago, montano's mother told police, her son was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. [ screaming and gunshots ] >> reporter: on wednesday he turned up here during an afternoon showing of the film mad max fury road armed with a
5:37 am
pellet gun and hatchet. police also say montano had on a surgical mask possibly to protect himself from pepper spray that he blasted the people inside the theater with. before he was confronted outside and then shot and killed by a s.w.a.t. team. authorities later detonated one of the backpacks he was carrying. >> there were items in there that we think were made to resemble a hoax device. however, after detonating it, it turned out to be harmless. >> reporter: this man sustained a hatchet wound in the attack. he thanked police for their quick response. >> that kind of gives me a little bit more faith in humanity again. >> reporter: so far no motive for the attack. brian webb for cbs news. politics love it or hate it you'll likely be watching tonight the first presidential debate of the 2016 campaign. kiet do joins us live from milpitas where people plan to
5:38 am
watch it this evening. good morning. reporter: good morning. the silicon valley gop is holding a watch party here at dave and busters in milpitas tonight. so far, donald trump has been heavy on ideas and opinions not so much on specifics and tonight, the candidates finally get a chance to take the man down a few notches and try and pin donald trump down on the details. all eyes will be on businessman donald trump who will be center stage at tonight's prime time debate. he has a double-digit lead over jeb bush and scott walker, his closest competitors. >> i'm not looking to hurt or embarrass anybody. >> reporter: but trump says he has never been in a debate before. and he insists he is not preparing for this one. other candidates like ben carson, who appeared last night on the o'reilly factor, will get a chance to pin downed donald trump on the issues. >> i only need to talk about what's true. >> reporter: the other candidates joining donald trump on stage are mike huckabee, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio and rand paul with chris
5:39 am
christie and john kasich barely making the cut each one looking to steal some of the spotlight for themselves. and the debate takes place at 6 p.m. pacific time on fox. live in milpitas, kiet do, kpix 5. >> we'll be watching. a new effort is under way to get oil companies to disclose how much money they make in california. billionaire environmentalist tom steyer is partnering with a group called consumer watchdog. they claim oil companies are gouging californians at the pump. and they want legislation that requires companies to disclose their profits and to provide an advance notice of any refinery maintenance that could affect prices. recently cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger talked about managing financial support for adult children so today it the flip side. adult children who are helping their aging parents. let's say hi to jill in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> so tell us, are more older americans now living with their children? >> reporter: yes.
5:40 am
bad news for those sandwich generation folks taking care of their children and their parents. for a myriad of reasons, whether it's financial, health or companionship needs, 3% of u.s. households 2.6 million, are comprised of an adult living with at least one parent. now, those numbers are likely to increase. that's as of price of retirement communities and assisted living is soaring. in fact, the american institute of architects has found that dedicated guest rooms and in law suites having gaining in popularity for homeowners nationally. >> if one or both of your parents move in what should you know? >> i know you will have a lot of emotional stuff. i'll deal with the financial side. consider the cost. planners and estate attorneys recommend paying for the older generation's needs using his or her own money for as long as it lasts. you know that, would include food, clothing, medications, but also the outlay for making your home safer for an older person. if you have siblings, don't
5:41 am
forget you have to discuss financial arrangements before the move. additionally, the whole family really needs to address some kind of plan b. that's in case the parent's needs become too much for him or her to be safely cared for at home. experts urge families to conduct research on local care facilities well before the need arises and for more information, you can contact a federally mandated area agency on aging. it is staffed by professionals who really understand the available funding sources in the local area. go to >> all right. jill schlesinger live for us in new york on a thursday, jill, thanks. ♪[ music ] today marks oo 50 years since the signing of the voting rights acts of 1965 and battles continue over the voting process. yesterday a federal appeals panel ruled a voter identification law in texas discriminates against blacks and hispanics in violation of the voting rights act. the case is one of a few across
5:42 am
the country that are being closely watched since a 2013 supreme court decision that blocked federal oversight of election laws in numerous states. ♪[ music ] okay. it is 5:42. whole foods under fire because of this. why experts are criticizing a new option sold at one of its stores. >> and if you are headed over to 880 over in oakland this is what your commute is going to look like. gianna has more ,, hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. wrong! we love yoga and sunshine and stuff. well foster farm's chicken has no added hormones. well i wish you didn't have any added negativity! ha! high five! yeah! he's not going far. they're local. introducing fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones.
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starr good morning. 5:44. let's take a look at your uv index report for today: it's high. most harmful rays between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and increasing cloud cover across the santa clara lifting to the north. i'll tell you what i got your
5:45 am
full forecast coming up in four minutes. nasa is providing a new view of the moon. it's the dark side of the moon. nasa camera caught the meanwhile it moved in front of a very sunny section of the earth. the perfect position made for an illuminated look at the moon's dark side. bill cosby must testify in his sexual abuse case. an l.a. county judge says the comedian must give a sworn deposition. he is accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl in at the playboy mansion in 1974. he will be asked questions from the accuser's lawyer on october 9. cosby is accused of drugging and raping dozens of women. whole foods is no longer selling an item after it was criticized and ridiculed. the product was labeled asparagus water at one l.a. store. it was basically water with three pieces of asparagus in it. >> here's a company trying to promote health and wellness and
5:46 am
you stick a couple of asparagus spears in regular tap water, um, and charge 6 bucks for something that really has no nutritional value, no possible conceptual health benefits. >> some people bought it, probably. whole foods says the product was intended to be water with the essence of vegetables to be used as broth. >> i'm thinking not so good. hey, spicy foods could help you live a little longer. researchers say a new study found that people who ate spicy foods once or twice a week had a 10 to 20% risk of death from heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. capsaicin reduces inflammation. i don't have an asbestos tongue so i stay away from that stuff but i guess it's good for you. >> guess i'll love longer than you guys. >> i eat three chilis serranos a day. i have a garden with six different types of chilis that i
5:47 am
grow. rick bayless in chicago is infamous for making mexican food. let's get to the roads. there's a lot of traffic through the altamont pass. lots of brake lights westbound. altamont pass to 680. 23 minutes. those delays begin right around mountain house. they really slow. we had a broken-down vehicle at grant line. according to chp, it's still out there. so two right lanes are blocked as a result. now, we are seeing delays on that eastbound side. i'll have to get a check with caltrans on this one. we have some roadwork near hacienda and again near greenville so we'll see if that's been cleared but again busy as you work your way on 580. westbound dublin interchange seeing delays. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on backed up beyond the first overpass 19 minutes off the eastshore freeway from the carquinez bridge. 880 pretty quiet at least through this portion both directions not seeing any delays right now. north of here though we have reports of an accident right around the 80 connector so that's going to slow you down. it's blocking the left lane. brake lights through antioch westbound right around "a" street. that's where most of the slow-
5:48 am
and-go conditions are. we had an earlier accident along 80 and 101 central freeway that's been cleared. things are free-flowing through san francisco. here's roberta. good morning, everybody. our live weather camera is featuring the bay bridge and the clouds in the foreground there, as well. areas of low clouds and fog, such a mild start to this thursday. 50s and 60s. 64 not very good sleeping weather. it's going to be muggy today. fog lining the coast around pacifica. showers possible this evening. increasing cloud cover today with that chance of a thunderstorm by tonight. this is interesting. it's our satellite and radar. notice this plume here. i want to blow this picture up a bit here. you can see this plume of moisture extends out to the hawaiian islands. this is the upper level area of low pressure tapping into that plume of moisture so we have a chance of thunderstorms and a few showers primarily in the higher elevations of the bay area today but boy, by tomorrow
5:49 am
morning, we can have some rough roadways. 96 in sacramento today. 102 in redding. sun-up is at 6:17. by the time it sets tonight at 8:13, we'll have realized a warmer day, a bit muggy. we'll call it partly cloudy. 70s beaches, 70s bayside, mid- 80s peninsula and from the 80s all the way into the 90s east of the bay outside number today will be 94 degrees. now, tomorrow morning, early, the subtropical moisture moves out of here leaving behind partly sunny conditions and unseasonal weather from saturday through wednesday. it's the houston astros. they are in town tonight. boy, number one team playing our oakland a's. increasing cloud cover in the upper 60s. make it a great day! >> thanks, roberta. the reigning miss sonoma county is going into the marines. athena cain applied to traditional colleges but then she had a change of heart. she admits her decision is not typical for a beauty queen.
5:50 am
>> a lot of people think they are just kind of pretty little models or they sing or want to be designers and that's not the case for me. i wanted to prove that i could walk around with a crown on my head and be a normal person, be a patriot and be in the military. >> good for her. after boot camp she will train as a combat engineer at a base in north carolina. cameras are rolling during a record cocaine bust at sea. a record cocaine bust at sea. how th a hamelted cheddarger, with crispy hash browns and an egg your way. now that's a burg... (explosion) (groans) you want that to go again sweetie? the thing burger. welcome to denny's. fantastic 4, only in theaters. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling...
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♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! good morning. it's august 6, thursday. 5:53. we're taking a look at the potential of rainfall. look at pleasanton, perhaps over the next 24 hours, .04." okay! here's hoping. we'll talk about the rain and when you can expect it coming up. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic really starting to stack up. we have delays almost to the foot of the maze at this point. still quiet though coming off the eastshore freeway. mobile 2 just cruised through there. there's no real brake lights until you work your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. also that earlier accident north 880 at 80 into the maze is now cleared out of the road.
5:54 am
traffic starting to move better along 880 through oakland. a look at the san mateo bridge coming up. ceremonies are under way in japan to mark 70 years since atomic bomb dropped on rear hiroshima killing 140,000 people. power outage made a mess of traffic last night at l.a.x. traffic signals, elevators escalators all went down just before 8:00. the electricity came back around 9:30. backups lasted for hours. it's not clear what caused the blackout. but no flights were affected. we are getting an up-close look at one of the coast guard's biggest cocaine busts. the alameda coast guard shot this video as it raided a drug sub off the coast of central america. the four men on board gave up. officers boarded the sub and
5:55 am
popped open the hatch. inside were hundreds of bales of cocaine amounting to 16,000 pounds worth $180 million. >> when board a vessel you're not sure of the integrity of the vessel what's going to come out hatch of the vessel so they have to be prepared for anything. >> the coast guard says it's raided 25 drug subs over the past 10 years. microsoft is offering parents more time for paid leave increasing paid leave from 8 to 12 weeks. mothers can take another 8 weeks after that unpaid. parents can choose if they want to take all their leave all at once or they can split it up. they will also be able to ease back to work part time. now this comes after netflix announced a big change to their presents tal leave program yesterday. the streaming company is offering up to one year parental paid leave after birth or adoption. they say it's to keep employees
5:56 am
happy. a serial arsonist is waking up in jail this morning. the string of fires he is accused of setting as investigators build their case. >> the big gop debate is tonight. a crowded field of republican candidates is trying to figure out what to do about donald trump. i'm kiet do with a live report st attention america. get yourself a free half gallon of dole classic lemonade with any 10 piece meal or larger purchase. because when you buy this chicken, there's free lemonade for the pickin'.
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5:59 am
good morning. thank you for joining us. it's thursday, august 6. i'm maria medina. >> friday is right around the corner. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> an east bay man accused of being a serial arsonist in jail. the blazes started in april and continued into the summer sometimes near homes in 8 cities. the hot spots with 4, 24 and marsh creek road.
6:00 am
anne makovec is in lafayette with more. >> good morning. >> reporter: there were a lot of similarities between a lot of these fires including the fact that they were all set along highways. i'm here along highway 24 in lafayette which is where one of these fires was set. they were also all set under the cover of darkness in the early-morning hours between midnight and 5 a.m. here's a look at the suspect in this case. 29-year-old james wilson. he was arrested in bay point yesterday at his home. some of the fires he is accused of setting, a 20-acre fire in bay point on july 20th. and then 8 acres in lafayette on the 28th. then two days later, a series of small fires burned a hillside off highway 24. this guy's accused of setting 30 fires since april. >> it is not unusual for serial arsonists to escalate at some point. most do. they will start with small seemingly harmless fires, but most of them are not harmless. and they will escalate.


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