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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 7, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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laquinta! >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> the bay area rumbling tonight. what a light show. this is what it look like in the south bay an hour-and-a- half ago. >> there have been dozens of lightning strikes in the past 20 minutes. this is what our reporter len ramirez saw in san jose. lightning like this is pretty unusual. let's get to meteorologist paul deanno. >> at last count, 200 lightning strikes in the south bay and east bay. easily the stormiest day of the year in and around san jose. gilroy, livermore, dublin, lafayette, walnut creek, alamo
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right now. recent lightning around antioch, discovery bay, vacaville, and gilroy. in the past ten minutes, there have been 12 different lightning strikes. it is a light show all throughout the diablo range. we looked to the south as to what is coming up next because the storm is moving from south to north, plenty more lightning strikes and more rainfall. because of the lightning, we want the rain, but not the lightning with the fire danger this high. that risk of lightning has enhanced our fire danger and a red flag warning continues until 11:00 tomorrow morning. it will be a stormy night in much of the bay area tonight. we will talk about what happens next coming up. thunder and lightning here, but the other rumble in cleveland where the gloves came off tonight for the first gop debate of the 2016 campaign. there wasn't a single woman on stage. >> but one of the first questions for donald trump had to do with what he thinks of women. >> you called women you don't like fat pigs.
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dogs. slobs. and disgusting animals. your twitter account ... >> only rosie o'donnell. >> no it wasn't. for the record. it was well beyond rosie o'donnell. >> i'm sure it was. >> your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. you once told a woman on celebrity apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. how would you answer the charge to hillary clinton who is likely to be the democratic nominee that you are part of the war on women? >> i think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. i have ... [ cheers and applause ] i have been challenged by so many people and i don't frankly have time for total political correctness. >> tonight, rosie o'donnell fired back on twitter saying try explaining that to your
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kids. >> we know donald would be donald right? allen, despite that, we got a good sense of some of the candidates tonight and one really stood out. >> indeed. you know, fox put three news heavyweights in. gave the prime time slot looks to make great tv. what they got was an informative and entertaining debate. >> is there anyone on stage ... >> reporter: the first question has barely been asked when the gasp could be heard rippling through the audience. >> pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person? raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. mr. trump? >> reporter: clearly, eyes an ears were on the candidate at center stage. the leader in the polls, donald trump, and moderators wanted answers. >> what evidence do you have ... sending criminals across the border? >> people that i deal with.
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that i talk to. they say this is what is happening. >> reporter: we watched the debate with kpix5 political analyst melissa griffin cane and jason clark. melissa says trump was a force, but ... >> he dominated but he didn't actually prevail over the entire proceedings. >> a lot of people expected and were tuning in hoping to hear more from him. >> reporter: in fact, one of the hottest exchanges didn't involve trump. it was chris christie and rand paul who provided fire works over american privacy. >> i'm proud of standing for the bill of rights andly continue to stand for the bill of rights. >> and megyn, that's a completely ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists but less from other people. how are you supposed to know? >> use the fourth amendment. get a warrant! >> reporter: but did jeb bush live up to his statement of being his own man? >> he might have cinched the
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nomination tonight. he did a tremendous job. he looked presidential. >> most of the negative fire power was focused on trump and some of the other candidates an bush was really able to kind of set out his vision a lot more clearly. >> reporter: both agreed that the big winner tonight, the 10th man, the one who barely made the cut for the a list debate. >> we have to unite our country again. we are stronger when we are united and we are weaker when we are divided. >> john kasich. >> we saw a lot of reagan like qualities about him. >> so much of what the debates are about are about the road testing. what do i want from another world leader and he sort of started to look like that tonight. >> reporter: the feeling is chris christie and marco rubio held their ground, but not walker, hudson, and huckabee. it will be interesting to see how the poll numbers flesh out. see who the top ten are.
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it will change slots. >> interesting tonight. very entertaining. >> it was. >> thank you allen. the candidates also talked about sanctuary cities and the death of kate steinle in san francisco. one viewer asked the candidates via facebooks if they would support kate's law and restrict federal funding for sanctuary cities and mandatory prison line for illegals who returned? >> president obama talked about fundamentally transforming this country. there are 7 billion people across the face of the globe. many of whom want to come to this country. if they come legally, great. but if they come illegally and they get amnesty, that is how we fundamentally change this country. and it really is striking. >> the president has threatened to veto the current version of that bill. what would fight night be without the undercard? earlier, the seven lower
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polling candidates squared off in the so-called happy hour debate. it won carly fiorina some buzz when she took aim at trump. >> i don't know. i didn't get a phone call from bill clinton. before i jumped in the race. did any of you get a phone call from bill clinton? i didn't. maybe it is because i didn't give money to the foundation or donate to his wife's senate campaign. >> speaking of hillary clinton, fiorina had this to say. >> hillary clinton lies about benghazi, she lies about e- mails. she is still defending planned parenthood and she is still her party's front runner. >> tonight, hillary clinton tweeted missing jon stewart already. >> there is another hash tag trending. hola donald. it means free food for everybody but you have to act fast. andria borba? >> reporter: that's right. they wanted to make sure they had a part of this debate,
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whether it was political or just a marketing ploy. but you do have to ask. it was the word everyone expected donald trump to say. >> mexico. mexico. mexico. >> reporter: and one company eat 24, the food delivery service from yelp decided to take advantage of that offering a coupon code for $5 off tacos or any delivery every time trump said mexico. >> this is a great way to get social media buzz. though it will cost them a lot of money. >> reporter: in a statement, eat 24 had this to say. we are not very political, but after reading a few articles on tmz, we learned donald trump, likes to talk about mexico. that is why eat 24 is giving away one free taco every time trump says the word mexico during the debate. baker street advertising calls it very savvy advertising like
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arabis arby's running thank you ads for jon stewart. >> they thank him for all the attention. there is no such thing as bad publicity. >> reporter: taco lovers came from two schools of thought. social awareness. >> by doing things like this, companies will get the conversation going. >> reporter: and been there, done that. >> consider it a distraction. it is just, you know, name recognition. >> reporter: now, for the record, donald trump said the word mexico four times. four codes were given out. they expire at 11:59 p.m. pacific standard time. >> thanks andria borba. the governor went up to lake county to see for himself the destruction from the rocky fire. here he is walking along a scorched hillside off highway 20 and betty, governor is pretty fired up about all the fires burning across the state. >> reporter: he really is. and this one in particular, the rocky fire is burning an
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unpredictable direction. and it is moving fast, the governor says it is the new normal. and more devastating fires are around the corner. >> california is burning. what are you going to do about it? it is not just california, extreme weather events around the country and world. it is not a game of politics. it is an exty sten usual threat to our whole well being and way of life. so come up with some response. >> the governor directed that message to republican presidential candidates. he warned that this is only the beginning of the season and august and september are traditionally even more threatening. he linked the extreme weather we have seen in this four-year drought to climate change. the governor takes this issue very seriously and he has become the leader on calling for action on climate change. brown says the state has spent an extra $2 million on fighting fires. the rocky fire has now burned
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more than 100 square miles and is 40% contained. >> wow. firefighters are really working hard to put that thing out and it is so persistent. now we have lightning strikes. >> i know. so we hope the weather works in their favor. >> thanks betty. well, a man cleaning out his garage found a box. inside that box ... grenades. he called the bomb squad who determined that they were from world war ii and at least one of them was still live. so ... they buried the explosived under this pile of sandbags and blew it sky high. the blast left a decent sized hole in the ground. they dug out what was left. it wasn't a lot. just a few pieces of twisted metal. no one was hurt. by now, you think criminals would know better. you can hardly do anything more without a surveillance camera watching your every move. tonight, check out the video that len ramirez got ahold of.
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>> reporter: the copper thieves knew what they wanted and wasted little time in taking it. >> it's a pretty big loss for us. >> reporter: it happened early thursday morning in leo recycling in san jose. they recorded it at 1:00 in the morning. the remarkably clear video shows two men getting out of a dark chevy pickup. one walks down the sidewalk while the other appears to be casing the building from the gate. then, the first man casually throws the heavy barbed wire gate wide open and walks inside. another camera moves up to the building. all three men begin the big haul. bundles of copper piping. $3,000 worth as calmly as if it were a home depot. in less than five minutes, the pickup drives away with one man still in the bed securing the load. employees working the night shift can be seen making their rounds, but, it was too late.
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the thieves were already gone. >> we are pretty dumb-founded they were bold enough to walk through the front gate with all the cameras up. >> reporter: adam dowel says it shows where security needs to be beefed up. >> late at night is when our maintenance crews come through the gate. they are working on the trucks and heavy machinery. >> the gates are not always locked. >> they are not always locked. >> reporter: dowel is turning the video over to police who will investigate with the benefits of the suspect's pictures, their vehicle, and license plate. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. tonight, a child goes camping at yosemite and gets the plague. >> more turf trouble at levi stadium tonight. gotten so bad, niners had to relocate. >> you take popular
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>> san francisco police officers are walking russian hill tonight warning women to watch out. watch out for a serial groper. he sneaks up on his victims, late at night. grabs them from behind, and runs off. >> it is a big concern for me and my husband. we live in the neighborhood with two small kids. we want to keep the neighborhood safe. >> so far, no one has gotten a good enough look at this guy for police to come up with a sketch. we learned tonight that a california child has the plague. reporter peter dowel tells us the kid got sick after a visit to yosemite. >> reporter: it's the first case of plague reported in california since 2006. due to privacy laws, not many details have been released about the child who is recovering in la county. no other family members reported symptoms. >> the plague is extremely rare. >> reporter: dr. brian austic
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is the director of medicine at valnise and says plague is a deadly bacterial infection. >> fever, vomiting, swollen lyph nodes. >> reporter: don't feed or get close to wild rodents including squirrels. >> i saw a squirrel. >> reporter: something sharli and her kids will no longer be doing. >> we will be very protective in the park or hiking. >> reporter: peter dowel, kpix5. >> just 42 people have gotten the plague in california over the past 45 years. nine of those people have died from it. guys who hit the gym allot may have six pack abs but they may not be as healthy as they look. christin ayers explains why. >> reporter: we caught them getting a workout near lake merritt today. nearly all of them admitted this is not all they do to get
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buff. >> you work out, you have a little protein shake with some frozen strawberries. >> protein bars. >> a protein shake out of the fridge. >> reporter: a new study says 40% of men use protein bars, powders, and pills to build muscle and burn fat. but some were overdoing it. 22% of men surveyed said they were using the supplements in place of meals. 8% had been told by doctors to cut back or stop taking them and 3% had been hospitalized for kidney or liver damage after using too many supplements. the supplements are sold at stores like this one. experts say with a healthy diet, some of them can be good for you. others? not so much. >> there is nothing really inherently wrong in the supplements. the question is, what's in the supplement? what else is in there nor. >> tamar cohen says you should work with a nutritionist before starting supplements because some contain ingredients that
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can be unhealthy t. even good supplements should be used in moderation. bottom line ... >> a supplement can fill in the gap, but it will not replace food. >> i think it tastes bet tore eat real food. >> continue eating the food, home cooked meals. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers on the nightbeat. >> the study found men with low self-esteem were more likely to use the supplements. bay area skies lighting up tonight. when's the last time you saw something like this? lightning. this is video from morgan hill about two hours ago. and in san jose, this is what you guys saw. one lightning bolt after another. our reporter len ramirez says this was all in the span of about 20 minutes. >> it is usually a great sign meaning rain is coming. we love the rain. it sounds awesome. but you have to be careful because of the fire danger. in this case, the good coming with the bad at the same time. we want the rainfall. rain is a wonderful thing. san jose received in 15 minutes more rain than you typically see in the entire month of
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august, but the lightning, huge, huge problem because it could lead to dozens of new fire starts in and around the bay area because every lightning strike packs a punch. we have had more than 200 new lightning strikes to the south and east of mount diablo. the rain is letting up for you in walnut creek. concord, martinez. still coming down very good. gilroy, 50 lightning strikes over the past hour. we are seeing a lot of rainfall there. a lot of rain continues. basically, in the east bay and south bay. san francisco, marin county, and san mateo. not much. overnight tonight, we are talking temperatures dropping down to low 60s with a chance of thunderstorms continuing until sunrise tomorrow. why is all this happening? miami florida averages 50 thunderstorm days a year, we experience two. twice a year. we don't get a direct hit this time of year. it is pulling up tropical
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moisture that adds to the lift in the atmosphere. showers and lightning strikes. how long will it hang out? until about sunrise tomorrow. quickly in, quickly out. we will be unstable through the night. roberta gonzales will have the forecast in the morning. tomorrow afternoon, we are sunny. the storm is gone taking the rain with it. a different low will get the on shore flow going for the weekend with very comfortable temperatures and no rainfall. but the unstable air is with us until 8:00 tomorrow morning. scattered thunderstorms with quick clearing by tomorrow afternoon. highs tomorrow, 80s , concord, san jose, much calmer than tonight. santa clara, 78. hayward, 76. 85 in pittsburgh tomorrow. dublin, you heard thunder. san francisco, 69. novato upper 70s for you. upper 80s toward clear lake. 200 lightning strikes tonight with dozens more likely overnight tonight. we'll be right back.
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>> well tonight marks the end of an era. john stewart signs off one last time from the daily show desk. >> this is the daily show with jon stewart. >> stewart hosted the satirical show on comedy central for 16 years. his sarcastic tone gave him the ability to call out politicians and policies. >> it changed the way that people look at news. and now news operates. and i think they become a little more self-aware. >> stewart will donate his daily show set to the museum in washington. trevor noah takes over as host next month. coming up in sports, the as try not to blow another lead late and the giants were in the winning city life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. >> giants new pitcher mike lee was scratched from his start in chicago. he has a strained hamstring. the giants got their first look at the new video board at wrigley field. the bomb probably looked great in lights. a three run home run. heston only lasted four innings. brandon crawford, the two run shot. that ended up being the giants final hit. hector sanchez grounded out to end the game. the rally fell short. the giants are now a half game behind the cubs in the wild card chase. former as shortstop, jed
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lowrie came back to bite his old team tonight. he drove home the go ahead run. niners news, if you plan ongoing to the 49ers open practice, you have to make other plans, they canceled the event because of bad turf. they will have a closed practice instead. jim harbaugh told the media in ann arbor what he probably wanted to stay in san francisco. >> just to let you know, we are going into a submarine tomorrow. and, you won't see us for a while. you won't hear from us or see us. we will be working. we will be in a bunker mentality until we decide we are not. >> all right, college coaches don't have media requirements. nfl coaches do. upset alert at stanford. the bank of the west classic,
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wozniaci was sent packing in straight sets by unseated lachanco. 6-4, and 6-2. they do things differently north of the border include how they hit home runs, from montreal. he back hands it out of the park. i would say a lot of luck involved in that. what do you guys think? >> interesting. >> i couldn't get past the color of the bat. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> that creeped me out. >> it just happened so fast. >> what is goingty happen with that turf at levis? >> people are saying throw in some astro turf but you can't do that. >> the season starts in a week. >> and they had the same problem last year. >> they had three to four times last year. >> all you landscapers e-mail us. tell us what you think. we'll be right back.
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>> scorpion is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning
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