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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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tonight: cal-fire is actually pulling crews off even bigger fire, to help fight . good evening, i'm juliette a new wild fire e phroeds in a matter of hours. tonight, cal fire is pull -- explodes in a matter of hours. tonight, cal fire is pulling people off another fire to fight it. >> the jerusalem fire erupted in if lake county at 3:30 this afternoon. this shows you where it is compared to the massive rocky fire that is still burning tonight. this fire went from 100 acres to 3,000 in a matter of hours picking up a huge plume of smoke, moving so fast that cal fire pulled crews off of the rocky fire to get this fire under control. at last check there is 0 containment on this new fire as
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the flames tear through dry grass and brush. homes threatened and mandatory evacuation orders are issued tonight. >> initially we move north to northeast. the fire is moving if a eastward direction. the exact number of the people evacuated but the entire area off of jerusalem grade road and all of the roads here it has been ordered evacuated. >> reporter: evacuees are ordered to a high school. the smoke plumes can be seen for hours. 30 miles from middletown. this is how the plume looked. another one, 40 miles away. gives you an idea of the extent and the range of the fire. the weather conditions could be worse. the temperatures at the scene. low 70s. a general cooling over the next 48 hours. tomorrow, winds out of the southwest. gusts at 20 miles an hour. highs are expected to be near 90 degrees. even that is cooler than it has
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been. the cause of the fire tonight still under investigation. there is a chance it was intentionally set. tonight, lake county sheriff deputies say they have a suspect in custody for allegedly starting a smaller fire in that same area. >> meanwhile, firefighters are making good progress in getting the nearly 70,000 acre rocky fire under control. containment is at 85% tonight. with full containment expected in the next few days. all evacuations have been lifted. sad news tonight from southlake tahoe where the wildfires taken another deadly turn. 21-year-old mike halenbeck was killed battling the sierra fire in the national forest. the forest service says he was with a crew battling the flames in a remote area when a tree fell on him yesterday. he was working as a volunteer. >> he had that -- that desire to contribute. so, if that is any comfort he
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lost his life making a real difference for all of us here and the close group that work together and the loss of one person goes through my entire office and,this entire agency. >> his death is the second firefighter fatality in northern california in the past 10 days. new at 11:00, san jose police shot and killed a stabbing suspect after they say he confronted them with a weapon. the stabbing happened 34th street. shortly after they got a suspect. they shot him out of fear for his safety. the suspect died at the scene. nobodyes was hurt and an investigation is underway tonight. >> a san francisco police officer was knocked unconscious at outside musical festival tonight. christian says a guy trying to crash the festival ended up knocking out a police officer. >> it happened at an entrance
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on the south end of golden gate park. the man trying to hit him. trying to sneak in. he ran straight,the front entrance and right into an officer. >> pretty push. you know, the gates are heavily staffed. personal let alone their security. you have police officers. >> reporter: despite the not so discreet location the man made a run for it right through the entry gate. the officer's head hit the ground knocking him unconscious for a few seconds. >> when the officer woke up he still had part of the suspect is's shirt in his hand. one of several cases where sfpd had to step in during the 3-day music festival. two major things that we deal with are people trying to sneak into a venue and illegal sell of merchandise and things like that. >> reporter: these two women
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bought 2 wristbands from a scalper. but, they were fakes. >> we walked through and it is just like the most -- we got so caught off guard i can't even tell you. like a kid walking in a candy store thinks he has $100 and he swipes the credit card and he has 0. >> reporter: officers were given overtime pay for their work but no taxpayer's money was used. berkeley police are investigating a smash and grab bush later on campus. it was on the 9th floor. a window was smashed but not cheer how they got there. they say there has been a spike in window-smashing burglaries recently on. caus. new video tonight reveals the final moments of an unarmed
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black teenager killed by the police in texas. the reporter says the fbi is now asked to join the investigation. friends of 19-year-old christian taylor lit candles and released balloons in if texas sunday night. the unarmed state university police officer was shot and killed by a white rookie police officer on friday. taylor's friends can not believe he is gone. >> he was awesome. we went to school together and came home. >> reporter: edited video shows the minutes leading up to the encounter. he stepped over a locked gate then banged his fits on this mustang and stomped on the windshield until he was able to slide into the car. the security alarms warned him he was being watched but it did not stop him. he walked back to his jeep and rammed it through the gate. the police a ratified 2 minutes later. 49-year-old officer brad miller walked up to the building and
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disappeared through the camera's view. more officers followed. arlington police chief will johnson. >> during the arrest there was a confrontation between the officers and mr. taylor that led officer brad miller to discharge his weapon, striking mr. taylor. >> reporter: officer miller fired 4 rounds. taylor's family wants answers. >> shooting an unarmed man. you are trained down to take down men with your hands. >> reporter: the police officers have not interviewed officer miller yet, back to you. reporter his to duck as gunfire erupted in the streets. [music] [gunfire] . >> it has been one year since michael brown was shot and killed by a white police officer. tonight, the police in riot gear are trying to keep the piece. no reports of injuries from the shooting but protesters have been throwing things at the
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police. local media reports they have broken into at least one business. a man suspected of killing 6 children and two adults in a home near houston told the investigators he broke in because the woman he used to live with changed the locks. the victim's were found shot to death this morning after a standoff. their ages were from 6-50 years old. the suspect gave up following a shootout with the police. the investigators say a man had previously been involved with a rocky relationship with the mother. the authorities have been called out to the home before but it is not clear why. the oakland a's saluted hayward police sergeant lunger before today's game. a jersey with his name and badge number hung in the dugout. his family were presented with a's jerseys and though family members threw out the first pitch. one of them was caught by former outfielder, henderson. his favorite player. the officer was killed while
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conducting a traffic stop on july 22nd. frank gifford has died. he was 84 years old. he played for the giants. most nowadays remember him for his broadcasting career. he did play-by-play on monday night football for 25 years. he married kathy gifford in 1986. donald trump is not done assaulting women. tonight a new target. why he says the former bay area businesswoman gives him a headache. a woman gets pulled under water during a swim and comes back without an arm. it ,,,,
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terrifying moments in a florida beach when a woman was pulled under water. the woman fought with the large gator. a couple heard her screams for help and came to her rescue that hit the gator with her paddals until it released her but it got away with her arm. >> her arm, bit, bit up to here. >> it was gone? >> it was gone. she had mothing. gone. elbow down, gone. this is how big and round --
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nothing. gone. elbow down, gone. this is how big. she lost her bathing suit. she was naked. >> they were able to catch the gator. it was 8 feet long and weighed over 300 pounds. no apology from trump. he says he does not demean women. trump says women would be wise to vote for him. >> i will be tpepl tpepl to the women. i -- i will be phenomenal to women. >> reporter: trump was defy ant and dismissed the firestorm. >> i just want to get on with the rest of it. blood was pouring, i was going to say nose and ears. >> i apologize when i am wrong. i have thousands of women working for me right now. they are doing phenomenal well. >> reporter: one network he
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did not appear, fox news. >> he felt attacked. he was not. it was a fair question. >> reporter: it cost him his top political advisory and one appearance the republican front- runner rivals are struggling to respond. >> no. i just don't want to be negative. >> reporter: some seem to be weary of kicking the hornets nest. >> i made a decision with trump. if i comment on everything he says my campaign will be consumed on it. >> it is not our role, it is our role to run for president. it is for the voters to do everything else. >> that we heard of late from mr. trump it is not appropriate. >> i will not be quiet. i will call out mr. trump or anyone else. >> it was inappropriate and offensive comments, period. >> reporter: trump fired back saying 24 million people were not tuning in to watch her.
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that was not his only attack on the former hewlett-packard ceo. he tweeted he gets a headache listening to her and she has a 0 chance of winning. state legislatures are meeting to drop a new code of conduct for the public utility commission. they are accused of having a too cozy of a relationship with pg&e following the 2010 pipeline explosion. the president stepped down last year as federal and state authorities opened up investigations regarding rape setting procedures. waterflooded an area this afternoon. a water main broke in the area of bell avenue. traffic was diverted while crews fixed the pipe. everything is all clear tonight. no word on what caused the water main to break. >> the police in the south bay spent the night looking for one of their own. a police dog that escaped. here is nico after he was
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reunited with officers in fremont. he escaped from his handler's home. three police departments pitched in to find the dog. hours later an officer spotted nico. >> he is one of ours. we are just relieved that everybody is safe and sound including our dog. >> the police are looking at how nico escaped so it does not happen again. 3 million animals are euthanized every year in shelters. now, we are shown one bay area spca is hitting the rode to try to drive the numbers down. >> these people and their pets are in line for an early morning fix. but, we are not talking about coffee. >> that is our surgery suite on wheels. >> ready for the appointment? >> we are listening to his heart. >> it is the phoeb spay and neuter clinic offering free fixes for local fury friends. >> we take it out into targeted
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communities where we see a lot of animals coming as strays or owner surrenders. >> they make 6 stops a month. >> it helps out a lot of people that really can not afford it. they can not afford to take them to a hospital. a private hospital. it costs a lot of money. >> private clinics the cost to fix your pet can be as high as $five00. $ 500. >> reporter: they were able to get the doing microchipped and a tooth extraction. >> minor things, we will try it at the time knowing it is best for the pet. they only go under once and best for the owner, two. for 10 years, the clinic fixed thousands of pets here in the peninsula. cutting down, saving more of these little guys. >> unwanted pets out there. >> yes. >> they don't get adopted.
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>> and scott says the numbers are shocking. >> imagine that. 1957, they used to take in 45,000 unwanted dogs and cats a year. our numbers are down to 8,000. how useful is this? >> i think they should have it all over. >> are you ready to be neutered? [dog barking] >> the woofs have it. >> well, the mobile vet clinic will be stationed in daly city through december. it is done on a first come, first served bases. >> we are usually talking about fog and low clouds. look at the pacific. here we are. sanfrancisco, here are the islands here. see this guy, not a guy, that is hurricane hilda. right now closing in on the big island of hawaii. winds here yesterday made it a category 4 hurricane. it was powerful. now it is losing strength. it moves into cooler waters. it is approaching the islands still more than 500 miles east-
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southeast of h-rbs elo with winds of 100 miles an hour. category 2 right now. you see the path it is on. it will go east of the island chain by wednesday into thursday when it should be down to just tropical storm stat us and well off shore. but, the steering currents in this are weak. the event was winds out there. not influencing it strongly one way or the other. could get close enough to the islands to douse it with a good deal of rain. it will not be near hurricane strength by the time it gets close to the big island on thursday. as we look at the ridge. concord, 55. not many out there. 65 at concord. oakland, 66 right now. santa rosa, 6. now, here is what is happening. low pressure off of the pacific northwest. lingering out there for a few days right now. finally, it will get a shove and closer to central california later in the week. so, the low pressure comes down the temperatures come down with it. not big time but the numbers will shed a few degrees
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tomorrow and also on tuesday. but then by the weekend we will warm it up again. near 90 degrees by the weekend. now, people out there on 580. cooling down tomorrow. more low clouds ahead. sunshine, warmer temperatures by the weekend if you like that kind of thing. travel weather heading outside of the bay area. 89 in sacramento. 94 degrees. at the aquarium, 71. cooler than average, 70 in the city. 82 in concord and 80 in san jose. down in the south bay, looking at 76 degrees. same for santa clara. 80 for san jose. now, over the east bay tomorrow. near low 80s for the most part. danville, 80 degrees. sunshine, 79 at san rafael. the numbers will be near 90 degrees. extended forecast we got slight cooling trend. the temperatures low 80s inland.
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but, the latter half of the week, warming it up by friday and be near 90 degrees by next sunday. so, pleasant week ahead for the bay area as for what is ahead in the news, something unusual. >> well, tonight, ex-cons are not escaping from alcatraz they are going back. >> i don't like it here. i don't like this place. >> why former prisoners are returning to the rock coming up on "gameday" bottom of the hour, she is the woman of the hour. the story of the weekend. kimberly chambers the first woman ever to swim from the fedderline island to san francisco. just look as fresh as the day before. >> i am feeling it, believe me. [ laughter ] >> a few aches and pains. it was worth it. >> she is joined by her training partner. i would imagine it will be just a little bit before you are in the pool again to train for something else. >> i am just proud of her
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>> i am just proud of her success and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target, and upgrade to a shiny new everything. and now when you buy a phone, get 20% off your target run. all things mobile. all in one place. a remarkable reunion at alcatraz. >> ex-cons came together with the men that used to keep an eye on them. >> reporter: the old federal
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prison is now a tourist destination. attracting crowds from around the world. and once a year a small group of men arrive to explain what it is really like. >> there was a lot of tough people here. a lot of violence. you are just doing your time the best you can. >> reporter: bob luke is one of the few surviving inmates of the rock. he is part of alumni that return each august to mark the prison's anniversary. it helped convince bob to turn away from a voy length life. still, holding no warm place in his heart. >> i don't like it -- from violent life. still, holding no warm place in his heart. >> i don't like it here. better now that people are here. >> reporter: many of the guards lived on the island with their families and don enjoyed his early teen years on this concrete playground. >> the safest place you could live, you knew where the bad
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guys were, right? we did not even lock our doors. >> reporter: a few miles away, doors locked, a different story. >> there were not many fights, they got in a fight it would be a murder, you know. >> reporter: jim was only 24 when he became a guard here. he still fits in his original uniform. the one that he was wearing when he escorted the final prisoner off of the island. >> i became part of history. >> you never know how history is going to turn out. today, guard and inmates stood side by side. all of the fear and violence and animosity faded into the past and ,,,,
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