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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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an all too familiar scene. violence in ferguson, missouri, gunfire on the anniversary of the death of michael proun. >> a wave of violence in turkey, the u.s. conciliate in istanbul comes under attack. drone danger, four jet liners reporting counters with an unmanned aircraft as they approach one of the nation's busiest airports. he was a giant figure on the gridiron and in the press box. we remember football and broadcasting legend frank gifford. this is the cbs morning news for
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monday, august 10th, 2015. good morning and thanks for joining us. one year to the day following the shooting death of michael brown the sound of gunfire echoed through the streets of ferguson missouri. >> message to those that are looting. >> get down. >> shots were fired last night following a day of demonstration and prayer marking brown's death. don champion is in ferguson with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a day of peaceful protests turned into a bloody confrontation with police. one person was shot in an exchange of gunfire with four detectives. one black male is in critical condition right now. there was gunfire from at least two locations. several hundred demonstrators were met by police in riot gear
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overnight. at least two unmarked police cars were hit by bullets. >> well this is a tragedy for the family of this man and certainly for the officers involved. it is truly a tragedy. there is a small group of people out there that are intent on making sure that we don't have peace that prevails. >> now the shooting happened hours after a march marking the one year anniversary of michael brown's death took place yesterday afternoon. brown, an unarmed teenager was shot by ferguson officer darren wilson. wilson was cleared of any wrong doing. brown's father lead the march yesterday. >> my mission is to move forward and empower our kids. empower the youth. brotherhood. you know, this is a fraternity. if you haven't lost a kid, you can't get in here.
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you woenuldn't understand what feel. >> demonstrators observed 4.5 minutes of silence symbolizing the 4.5 hours his body lay in the street after he was killed. there will be a nationwide day reported they fed when police outside the conciliate shot back. there's no immediate reports of injuries. hours before the attack there was an explosion in an istanbul police station. ten people were injured in the bomb blast and two attackers were killed in a shoot out with police. part of the police station
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collapsed and nearby buildings and cars were damaged. no one claimed responsibility for that attack. this morning u.s. fighter jets are stationed at an air base in southern turkey ready to join a u.s.-led coalition fighting isis. 300 u. s. personnel left italy yesterday. last month they agreed to allowed the u.s. to use the base to attack isis strong holds across the border in syria. >> a new and fast moving wildfire is burning in northern california this morning. the jerusalem fire is in lake county, several miles north of the massive rocky fire. it quickly spread to 3,000 acres. firefighters are saying they expect to battle the fire for an extended period of time. some residents have been
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friends of 19-year-old christian taylor lit candles and released balloons in arlington, texas sunday night. the unarmed football player was shot and killed by a white rookie police officer friday. taylor's friends can't believe he's gone. >> you go from hanging out with somebody every day of your life. every day. we rode to school together and rode home together. >> edited video shows the minutes leading up to the deadly encounter with police. taylor stepped over a locked gate and minutes later banged his fist against this ford
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mustang and was able to slide into the car. security alarms warned him he was being watched but that didn't stop him. he walked back to the jeep and rammed it through the gate. police arrived later. brad miller walked up to the building but disappeared from the camera's few. more officers followed. arlington's police chief will johnson. >> there was a confrontation between officers and mr. taylor which led officer brad miller to discharge his weapon striking mr. taylor. >> officer miller fired four rounds. taylor's family wants answers. >> you train to take down -- you train to take down men with your hands. >> police say they have not interviewed officer miller yet. cbs news. houston police say a man that allegedly shot and killed 8 people had a violent criminal history. david connolly has been charged with capital murder and is being held without bail.
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his alleged victims include a family of six children ages 6 to 13 and their parents. he told police he had a previous relationship with the mother. he once lived in the home. he told police he discovered the locks had been changed. >> donald trump refuses to back down despite growing criticism following the latest fire storm to hit his campaign over comments concerning megyn kelly. >> he took to the sunday shows defending himself against claims he's disrespectful to women. >> i'll be phenomenal to women. i want to help women. >> he attacked carly fiorina directly on twitter. saying the only female gop candidate had zero chance of winning the nomination after she said this. >> as crazy as this presidential campaign process is, it does give voters a window into how people respond under pressure
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over time. >> fiorina was referring to remarks he made about megyn kelly who he says questioned him unfairly during the gop debate. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her where ever. >> the latest comment could hurt the party's chances with women. roger stone that left trump's campaign over the weekend came to his defense. >> voters need to sort between rhetoric and the reality of his record. >> bernie sanders who is trailing hillary clinton trying to set himself apart at an event in portland. >> and that is what this campaign is about. is bringing people together. >> both candidates could face a challenge of their own from vice president joe biden should he choose to run in 2016. >> and trump is blaming his republican presidential opponent for fanning the flames of controversy when it comes to
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kelly claiming he meant to refer to her nose and or ears and nothing else. as for hillary clinton she will be in new hampshire today to unveil a new plan for making college more affordable. >> never a boring day with donald trump. thank you. a brutal attack in california has lead to murder charges against two men. one of them an undocumented immigrant. police say that she was sexually assaulted, strangled and beaten in the head with a hammer last month. she died one week later. one of her attackers is 29-year-old victor martinez ramirez in the u. s. illegally but many cities won't turnover suspects for deportation. federal immigration officials would not take the suspect. >> you know what we had to do? site him out. that's the problem with the system. this is not just in santa maria. it's all over the united states. >> he will be arraigned later this week. >> the amount of waste water
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that spilled from colorado's gold king mine is three times larger than the original estimate. 3 million gallons spilled into pthe river wednesday and thursdy instead of 1 million. the epa says it's laced with heavy metal. coming up, another unmanned aircraft is spotted by several pilots in a busy new york area airport and a british style soccer fight in the u.s. fans brawl in the streets of new jersey. this is the cb >> this portion of the cbs morning news sponsored by amope. ♪ [music]
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they can be heard chanting who are you? a phrase often used by english soccer fans. >> a drone was spotted flying near newark airport sunday. >> 58-37 you just saw the drone. >> three thousand feet it was probably about 400 off left flank. >> the federal aviation administration said the drone was seen by the pilots of four commercial aircraft between 8 and 14 miles of newark airport. they all landed safely. >> the private search has been called off for two missing teenage fishermen in florida. the families stopped their search. they say there was no new evidence or clues to guide the search. the teens had gone fishing on july 24th. >> a woman is recovering after being attacked by an alligator in central florida. she was swimming in the wekiva river saturday when the
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alligator attacked. one witness described what she saw. >> she was backstroking, just swimming like normal and when she went under the bridge i figured she was fine. >> i seen the lady. she was in shock. her armpit off here. >> doctors were not able to reattach the arm because too many time had passed. wildlife officers captured and killed the alligator. >> straight ahead, hero driver, a bus driver spots a toddler walking in the middle of the road and jumps into action. >> in money watch, what could be the ultimate souvenir for breaking bad fans is on the market. tuners... nd even piano were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the krub. around the country. on the cbs money watch, target makes changes after taking criticism from parents and a house from the tv show breaking bad can now be yours. >> good morning, the price of gas is falling at its fastest rate since january. analysts say in many areas gas prices could drop before christmas. aaa says the current national average is $2.60 for a gallon of regular that is down 5 cents from a week ago. here on wall street stocks are looking to rebound after last
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week's across the board losses. for the week, the dow lost 323 points. s&p was down 27 and the nasdaq finished down 92 points. precious cargo is recalling nearly half a million instant onesies because the snaps can detach and pose a possible choking hazard. they were sold as a promotional product. they have a corporate or community logo on front and style number, car-40 on inseam labels. no injuries have been reported. target is removing gender based labeling from its children's department. following complaints from customers gender based labeling will be removed from toys, bedding and entertainment. blue, yellow, and pink paper used for suggestions based on gender will be taken down but it will remain in children's clothing because of sizing and fit differences. if you're a fan of breaking bad you might recognize a house
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now on the market in new mexico. this house used as the fictional residence for aaron paul's character is listed for sale. the price $1.6 million. allison. >> and no, there is not a meth lab in the basement. thank you. when we return, unscheduled stop. a bus drivermorning news. holds to save a toddler in the middle of the street. we'll hear from him. buffs away hard skin. even on those hard to reach spots. it's amazing, you can see it and feel it. for soft beautiful feet. amope pedi perfect, love every step. just about anywhere you can use splenda®... calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar...
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...without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda® i guethought to the acidity much in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. anniversary march ended in n battle involving police.. plus-- more mandatory evacuations after a new wile erupts in lake county.. det on the damage it's already caused.. and-- not escaping from alcz -- they're going back to ity former prisoners are returng to the rock join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3
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good morning. it's monday, august 10-th i'm maria,,,, here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. >> a bus driver in madison,
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wisconsin was on his route thursday when he saw something unusual. a toddler standing in the road. driver tim homman stopped his bus and took quick action. >> i'm going to get that baby. that's pretty much what i told myself. i looked up ahead there for cars and then i asked her if it was okay if i picked her up. so i knelt down and i put my arms out and she put her arms up and said momma. >> he picked up the 1.5-year-old girl and brought her to safety returning her to her father. the hero driver says his job is all about being in the right place at the right time. wow. all right this morning frank gifford is being remembered as a legendary football player and broadcaster. gifford died sunday at his home in connecticut. he made it to the pro-football hall of fame after a 12 year career with the new york giants. he parlayed his success into a decade long career in the press
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box. he was a main stay as one of the voices of monday night football. his old broadcast partner al michaels paid tribute to gifford during the hall of fame game last night. >> he was a very special man in so many ways. he was a wonderful partner, a great teammate. i'll forever remember frank as the man that no matter what was going on around him, he was always the coolest guy in the room. his wife of 29 years, talk show host kathie lee gifford wrote on twitter last night deeply grateful to all for your out pouring of faith. >> frank was one week shy celebrating his 85th birthday. he died of natural causes. >> he was on the mind of many as the nfl kicked off it's preseason game in canton, ohio. this year's hall of fame inductees were honored before the steelers and vikings took the field. the vikings win 14-3. this is the cbs morning news.
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here in new york city, toronto's jose batista hits a home run at yankee stadium and a fan tosses the ball back on the field except it hits new york outfielder brett gardener in the head. he'll be okay but the yankees lose 2-0. >> meanwhile, a yankee's farm hand finds himself in a unique situation. he is trying to make himself a case for the major leagues but also preparing for the battlefield. >> alex robinett is a hard throwing right hander in the yankee's farm program. team manager patrick osborne. >> he is a great arm. a great breaking ball. >> but 90 plus miles per hour fastballs aren't his biggest
4:26 am
fire power. >> the 105 millimeter cannon. that will be a fun exciting job. >> the westpoint graduate is a second lieutenant in the u. s. army. he has been assigned to an artillery unit with the 82nd airborne. >> my mom's dad was in the british royal navy and my dad's dad was a marine. >> he was recruited by a number of schools including duke but his ultimate decision was based not just on what was good for him but what was good for his country. once i chose to go to westpoint i realized the chances of making a career out of baseball were going to be significantly lowered but i was fine with that because i was setting myself up to be able to join the army and that to me itself was worth the chance of not playing professional baseball. >> his senior season at westpoint robinett had a 2.01 e.r.a., 8 complete games and a
4:27 am
no-hitter. the new york yankees took notice. >> this is a kid the yankees needed to take a hard look at. he's opening eyes. he's a bulldog on the mound. >> westpoint graduates are committed to serving five years in the army but if he is offer a major league contract and the army agrees, he would be free to join the team after he serves two years active duty. >> is there a good chance you get deployed? >> there's a good chance. just something i want to do after having gone through westpoint and knowing my friends are going to be doing that too. i want to be there with them. >> the yankees say they're impressed. saturday night, robinett pitched for the single a charleston riverdogs. he has until the end of the month to prove this artillery man has what it takes to be a bronx bomber. cbs news, new york. his mom must be real proud of him. coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, more on last night's shooting in ferguson, missouri on the one
4:28 am
year anniversary of the police killing of michael brown. we'll take you to the scene. plus the latest backlash over donald trump. we'll speak with wall street journal columnist and we'll take you to a special nasa exhibit to remember the final cruise of challenger and columbia. that's the cbs morning news for this monday. thank for watching. have a great day.
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good morning. it's monday, august 10-th i'm maria medina. good morning. we are going to start off with a live look at the golden gate bridge. thank you so much for waking up with us. frank is holding up the number 1
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because we saw one car on there. there is a few more coming. >> thanks for waking up with us. it's monday, august 10. >> it's not friday my more. i am frank mallicoat. a little traffic and weather to get you started. >> good morning. it's odd. you are looking at counting the cars. i am like, is that fog right there? fog along the seashore and sway this morning. currently towards the bay thin overcast skies. temperatures very mild except santa rosa in the 50s. later today slightly below average temperatures from the 60s to the mid 80s. full forecast in a matter of minutes. southbound 101 between tully and capitol expressway a serious accident. looks like all lanes may be shut down with the backup to story road. we will get more information from chp and have that in a few minutes. crews e


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