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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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because we saw one car on there. there is a few more coming. >> thanks for waking up with us. it's monday, august 10. >> it's not friday my more. i am frank mallicoat. a little traffic and weather to get you started. >> good morning. it's odd. you are looking at counting the cars. i am like, is that fog right there? fog along the seashore and sway this morning. currently towards the bay thin overcast skies. temperatures very mild except santa rosa in the 50s. later today slightly below average temperatures from the 60s to the mid 80s. full forecast in a matter of minutes. southbound 101 between tully and capitol expressway a serious accident. looks like all lanes may be shut down with the backup to story road. we will get more information from chp and have that in a few minutes. crews are battling a large
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structure fire in san leandro. lisa chan is at the blaze where some people are being told to evacuate. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning. well, an apartment building directly behind this fire was partially evacuated as a precautionary measure. we spoke with the alameda county fire chief. he says the fire is under control at this point. they believe they will be here for a few morse hours. firefighters got the call at 2:34 this morning and responded to a blaze here in san leandro. there was an explosion and the fire glue to a four-alarm fire. one woman when five minutes to grab her things and get our. >> i heard banging and i looked outside and the cops were just banging on people's doors and telling us to get out. and i grabbed a bag. i grabbed like some important
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information and like a few clothes and left. >> the fire tore through a mexican market and medical supply company. those are the only two buildings affected so far this morning. as we said, the fire at this point is under control. live in san leandro, lisa chan. a man is in critical condition after being shot by police during a protest in ferguson, missouri. the st. louis post dispatch identified ma than as 18 tyrone harris jr. reporter andrew spencer tells us demonstrations grew chaotic. >> reporter: with reports of thrown bottles and two businesses being broken into, police called in reinforcements in riot gear. the situation got tense. with demonstrators still shouting at the officers, police ordered the crowd to disperse.
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ferguson's interim police chief said he wanted to avoid inciting the crowd. >> we are trying to work with the community. we are explaining their rights. we want to be as patient as possible. >> reporter: that's when he heard gunfire. as people scramble for cover, the gunfire continues. it wasn't until later that officers could clear the scene sending intactcal units and pushing back the crowds. i am andrew spencer reporting. another massive wildfire has broken out in lake county and it's prompting new evacuations. the jerusalem fire erupted around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. it's a few miles southeast of the rocky fire, which is still burning. the new fire blew up from about
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100 achers 100 acres to 3,000 quickly. that fire is zero percent contained as it as it rampages through. evacuees are being send to middletown high school. cal fire expects to know more about daybreak about any structures that have born. this picture was taken in santa rosa more than 30 miles from middletown. this is the view. that is more than 40 miles away. at the same time, firefighters are making progress and getting the nearly 70,000-acre rocky fire under control. con tape. is now at 85% with full containment expected in the next few days. all evacuations have been lifted. a firefighter was killed over the weekend while battling a fire in california. mike hallen back died in the el
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dorado national forest. a large tree fell on him who was serving as an on-cal firefighter. >> he had that desire to contribute. and so that's any comfort, he lost his life making a real difference for all the people in the basin. a close group that worked together. a loss of one person reverberates through this entire agency. >> governor brown has ordered flags at the state capitol to be flo flown at half-staff. he is the second u.s. forest service firefighter killed in in the line of duty in the last few weeks. >> 3600 firefighters were on the rocky fire. >> good morning. we do have some mostly cloudy skies as you are stepping out this morning. a couple of different things going on. you take at look at sfo we have
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overcast conditions that continues to push onshore at this hour. temperature-wise let's take a look at some of those numbers. right now 56 in sant santa rosa. 63 in livermore. that upper level low as it passes through some mostly sunny skies. unseasonally cool temperatures. 60s beaches. full forecast coming up. and checking the roadways let's shed straight to san jose. a traffic alert. a very serious accident reported half an hour ago. it has southbound 101 chit shut down between capitol expressway. no estimated time of when the lanes will reopen. so use an alternate. 280 the best bet or guadalupe parkway. problem free both directions of the san mateo bridge. >> thanks. todayed is the last day cars will be allowed to make turns
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onto parts of market street in san francisco. tarting tomorrow private cars will not be allowed to turn on to market from cross streets between third and eighth. muni taxis and emergency vehicles are exempt, but not ride shares. it's part of the safer market street project aimed at improving safety for pedestrians. san francisco police officer knocked unconscious at the outside lands music festival. investigators say a man tried to get in without a ticket and ran through the front gate into that police officer. the officer's head hitting the ground briefly, knocking him unconscious. he is expected to be okay. the suspect arrested on a felony charge. >> pretty felony. . >> police were busy dealing with people trying to sneak in and people selling illegal merchandise. san jose police shot and killed a stabbing suspect after they say he confronted them with
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a weapon. after six last night a stabbing happened near virginia place and 34th street on the city's east side. the victim was taken to the hospital. later officers confronted a suspect near east san antonio street and packing place. they say they shot him out of fear their safety. we will have a live report at 5 a.m. with details. oakland a's honored scott lunger yesterday at the coliseum. a jersey, a badge number hung in the team's dugout. his family was presented with the a's jersey. and three family members got to throw out the first pitch, including his two daughters. one of the pitches was caught by hall of famer former oakland outfield ericky henderson. that was sergeant lunger's ferret player. weighs killed while conducting a traffic stop. frank gifford has died. gifford starred as a new york giant in the 1950s and 60s.
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his broadcast work included abc's monday fight football as well as olympics coverage. his family said he died suddenly of natural causes at his connecticut home. he is survived by wife kathie lee gifford and eight children. weighs 84 years old. a woman gets pulled underwater during a swim and comes back without an arm. her frighteningen counter coming up. what is cool about your school in e-mail your nomination at cool schools at we may ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an incredible rescue story in southern california. a man in a car that flew off a canyon road was saved by a photojournalist. our sister station nla was on the scene reporting on the crash. the car plunged off the highway near mount wilson and red box road. before leaving the scene photojournalist dolores gilliam
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paused to take a selfie. >> i heard "help," and then i heard it g. she heard the person screaming for help after we left and she got a hold of the 9-1-1 system via her news desk two- way radio system and we came back. >> sometimes selfie are a good thing. the driver is now in the hospital recovering. >> wow. good news for bay area commuters. gas prices are going down. the average price of gasoline dropped 11 cents over the last few weeks. under three bucks a gallon. 81 cents below the price last year. san francisco price at $3.49. that is a 10-cent drop from last week alone. police are looking into an unusual burglary. the burglers broke into nine offices stealing several come users. the offices are on the ninth floor. police say a window was smashed
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but it's unclear how the burglers got up there. there has been a won't spike in window smashing burglaries on the uc berkeley campus. donald trump continues to dominate the talk about the 2016 race. hannah daniels the attention has shifted to trump's comments about women. >> reporter: donald trump took to the sunday shows defending himself against claims he is disrespectful to women. >> i will be phenomenal to the women. i want to help. but. >> reporter: he attacked carly fiorina directly on twitter saying the only female gop candidate had zero chance at winning the nomination after she said in. >> as crazy as this presidental campaign process is, it does in fact give voters a window into how people respond under pressure over time. >> reporter: fiorina was referring to remarks trump made about "fox news" host megyn
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kelly who he claims questioned him unfairly during last week's gop debate. >> there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: fellow republican con continueders are worried the latest comment could hurt the party's chances with women. >> a florida woman lost part of an arm after being attacked by an alligator. she was swiming in a river saturday when she was suddenly pulled under water. witnesses say the woman fought with a large gator. a couple on the kayak hard her screams for help came to the rescue. they hit the gator with paddles before it released her but it got away with her forearm. >> her arm was bit up to here. >> it was gone? >> reporter: it was gone. she has nothing. completely gone. elbow down gone. this is how big around it was. you know, from the mouth. and then you seen the bathing suit hanging. she was completely naked. >> oh, my gosh. choppers were able to catch the gator eventually.
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it was over eight feet long and weighed more than 300 pounds. >> i don't know about you, but if i am in florida in the swamps in a river, -- >> there was a reservoir on thursday, i am glad i didn't hear that story. sure, it's a reservoir, but things mess with your mind. >> critters in there. >> but it's green and you can't see, you know? it's like, okay. good morning everyone. okay. if you are heading out the door a combination of a couple different layers of clouds. first off heading out to the bay bridge where we have thin overcast from a compressed deck of low clouds and even areas of patchy fog. numbers haven't been very good sleeping weather in the tri valley. 60s all night long. a brand-new work week am we do have some areas of low clouds and patchy fog. we are going to see dry seasonal conditions for most and then slightly below average in some
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neighborhoods. as summer returns by the late week, i will show you what i'm talking about. first off an upper level of low pressure. it's breezing through northern california. and as it does to knocks back some of the temperatures. it it will be a little bit cooler on the coast. mid-to-upper 90s away from the bay. now, today we are talking about 89 degrees in sacramento. 94 in redding. low 70s in monterey bay. a slight chance of a thunderstorm in the high syria sierra. 60s beaches, 60s-70s bayside. 78 in san jose. typical in fairfield. 83 in santa rosa. that's where we should be this time of year. numbers kind of all over the place. southwest ends 10, 15 miles per hour late day. almost identical conditions on tuesday. high pressure builds in and temperatures triple digits by saturday. make it a great day. before you go here is jana. thank you, roberta. if you are hitting the roads this morning in the south bay, a
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heads up. major traffic alert to report southbound 101. it's completely shut down at culley road due to a fatal accident. two car crash involved. it happened just before 3:00 this morning. all lanes are blocked right now for the investigation and there is debris in the roadway as well. that's going to take some time to clear. right now we are hearing delays as far back as story. no estimated time as it to when the lanes will reopen. use alternates. you can use guadalupe parkway. avoid 101. the accident is on the southbound side. use 880/17 connector and 85. everything else is on time as you work your way through there. elsewhere, bay bridge off to a good start. in delays. metering lights are off. clear out of oakland into san francisco. taking a look at the golden gate bridge great this morning as well. san mateo bridge, roadwork in
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both directions. it will be there 10 to 15 minutes. 14 minutes between hayward and foster city. if you plan on taking 880 this morning, northbound to oakland easy ride. southbound looking good. that's a look at your morning drive. he did this stunt. latest "mission impossible." rogue nation was the biggest money maker at north american box offices for the second straight weekend and earned $29.4 million. ticket sales, i want to see that. the "fantastic four" opened at $26 million. far short of its expectations. top five with the gift, vacation, and "ant-man." >> bill murray will have an onscreen pa are the in the new -- part in the new
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"ghostbusters." he was a star of the original "ghostbusters" movie in the '80s. it's not clear what role he will play in the new version. it was a very unique reunion over the weekend to mark 81 years since the first pavilion prisoners arrived at al ka kraft. >> ex-cons came together with the men. >> reporter: the old federal prison on alcatraz island is a tourist destination attracting crowds from around the world. once a year a small group of men arrive to explain what it was really like. >> there was a lot of tough people here. a lot of violence. you just do your time the best you can. >> reporter: bob luke is one of the few surviving inmates of the rock. he is part of a windling class of alumni who return each august to mark the prison's anniversary. it convinced bob to turn away
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from a violent criminal life. >> i don't like it here. i don't like this place. i have no good memories. so it's better now because all the people are here. >> reporter: but there were people here with good memories. many of the guards lived on the island with their families and donald bowden enjoyed his early teen years on this concrete playground. >> probably the safest place you could live because you knew where the bad guys were, right? we didn't even ever lock our doors. >> reporter: a few yards away where the doors were locked it was a very different story. >> there weren't many fights. if had this he got in one, it would be a murder. >> reporter: he was 24 when he game augured. he fits into his original uniform. the one he was wearing when he escorted the final prisoner off the island when it closed in 1963. >> i became part of history. >> reporter: you never know how history is going to turn out.
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today guard and inmates stood side by side. the fear and violence and animosity have faded into the past and all that remains are the memories. on alcatraz, john ramis. >> i cannot believe you have never been there. >> i know. my kid keeps asking. >> you have to go there. you will be mesmerized for three or four hours. a great trip. check it out. a toxic mess spilling in the ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hi everybody. good morning. it is your monday. it is 4:53. let's look at the temperatures you can anticipate.
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morning overcast skies. partial coastal clearing into the 60s. 70s and 80s pretty common across the peninsula. wrapping around to the santa clara valley. numbers coming down due to an upper level trough that will be breezing through the area. a southwest wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. petaluma, your forecast high temperature in the mid-to-upper 70s. warmest locations in the far reaches of the north bay. 86 in cloverdale. the roadways, all lanes are blocked southbound 101 at tully for a two car crash that resulted in a fatality. it happened 24 are 5:00 this morning. use guadeloupe parkway, 85 as an alternate. update in a few minutes. >> thanks. 4:54. drones continue to cause major concerns for air travel. yesterday four commercial flights reported seeing a drone near newark airport in new jersey. federal investigators say the drone was very high, about three how feet, and close to the runway's approach path. it did not force any flights to
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make adjustments, but an investigation is underway. tesla is revving up to open another store in the bay area. this one in dublin. it will be at the former side of a jeep dealership. the palo alto company is said to have a eye on the location for a time. they have started remodeling the showroom. this will be the eighth store in the bay area. state regulators meeting this week to draft a new code of conduct for the public utilities commission. they have been accused of having a cozy relationship with pg&e following 2010 pipeline explosion. the president of the puc stepped down last year as a separate investigation was open regarding a rate setting procedure. a health risk in colorado as toxic wastewater pours into river. the spill started last wednesday when an environmental protection agency clean-up grew accidentally breached the debris dam. it's been flowing about
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500 gallons of wastewater laced with heavy metals per minute. chemical specialists say this could have a damaging effect on humans and animals. >> every metal that we have found, the toxic metals in water, is bad for our system. >> the epa plans to continue treating the drainage coming out of the mine site. they will also be doing more testing at the river and will publish that data as it becomes available. coming up in our 5:00 hour, caught on camera people duck for cover after gunshots erupt demonstrations in ferguson, missouri. and live in san leandro where firefighters responded to an early morning fire. an explosion inside ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news.
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good morning. thanks for waking up with us. it is monday, august 10. >> it is nearly 5:00 on your monday. firefighters are busy dousing hot spots after fire engulfed a building in san leandro this morning. kpix 5's lisa chan live at the scene where people have had to be evacuated. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning. the fire is not completely out just yet. firefighters had a hotspot put out. flames were on top of the mexican market. you can see more flames just popped up there on the roof. a lot of people are standing on the corner here at doolittle and maroon a this morning here in san leandro because of an apartment building behind me that was right behind this fire. it was partially evacuated as a precautionary measure. there are also a lot of other nearby apartment buildings as residents who were woken up very early by this blaze. firefighters got the call at 2:34 this morning to a fire at a mexican market.
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when they got here there was an explosion and the fire quickly grew to four alarms and spread to a nearby medical supply company. we spoke to one of the owners of the family business. >> we are just, you know, praying to god everybody is okay. >> reporter: 50 firefighters are out here this morning along with a lot of concerned people who live nearby. the alameda county fire chief says this fire is under control at this point. as you can see, hot spots are still popping up and they plan on being here for at least a few more hours. live in san leandro, lisa scan, kpix 5. >> thanks. developing news now. a man was shot by police overnight in ferguson, missouri during demonstrations marking a year since the fatal shooting of michael brown. police called in reinforcements in riot gear and the situation became tense. protesters continued shouting at officers as police ordered


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