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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a mexican market. when they got here there was an explosion and the fire quickly grew to four alarms and spread to a nearby medical supply company. we spoke to one of the owners of the family business. >> we are just, you know, praying to god everybody is okay. >> reporter: 50 firefighters are out here this morning along with a lot of concerned people who live nearby. the alameda county fire chief says this fire is under control at this point. as you can see, hot spots are still popping up and they plan on being here for at least a few more hours. live in san leandro, lisa scan, kpix 5. >> thanks. developing news now. a man was shot by police overnight in ferguson, missouri during demonstrations marking a year since the fatal shooting of michael brown. police called in reinforcements in riot gear and the situation became tense. protesters continued shouting at officers as police ordered the
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crowd to disperse. >> we are trying to work with the community. we are explaining to them their rights and we just want to be as patient as possible. >> a man allegedly exchanged gunfire with police and was critically wounded. the st. louis post dispatch identifies him as 18-year-old tyrone harris jr. demonstrations have become chaotic after nightfall and two businesses reportedly were looted. massive wildfire up in lake county and it's prompting some new evacuations. the jerusalem fire erupted around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. it's a few miles southeast of the rocky fire, which is still burning up there. the new fire quickly grew from 100 acres to 3,000 in a matter of hours. it moved so fast cal fire pulled crews off the rocky fire to work on the jerusalem fire. the fire zo percent contained as it tears through dry crash in rush and steep and rugged
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terrain. mandatory evacuations have been ordered for people living in the jerusalem valley area. evacuees are being sent to middletown high school. cal fire expects to know more after daybreak about any struck thundershowers that have burned. firefighters are making progress on getting the nearly 70,000-acre rocky fire under control. containment at 85% with full containment expected in the next couple of days. evacuations have been lifted. a funeral in south dakota for a firefighter killed while helping battle a wildfire in northern california. hundreds gathered in rapid city over the weekend for a tribute to david rule. he was killed july 30th at the so-called frog fire in the modak national forest. he had been helping fight the wildfires? june. another wildfire was killed
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while battling a california wildfire. mike hallenbeck died saturday. the u.s. forest service says a large tree fell on the 21-year-old serve. governor brown has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of hallenbeck. we concentrate on the fire itself. can't forget about the guys fighting away. you have something cooking in traffic, too, don't you? >> yeah. a major accident. we have got traffic and weather. we will do roberta first. >> we have been watching the fire conditions with this new jerusalem fire. it's heading into steep terrain, which means it's probably going to grow in intensity. right now taking a look at overcast skies. temperature-wise 54 in santa rosa. 63 degrees through the tri-valley. we have an upper level trough passing through the bay area that's going to cool many inland locations today. otherwise, approaching near 70 in san francisco. low 70s across the bay.
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mid 80s inland. your full forecast is still 18 minutes after the hour. stepping over to the roadways. southbound 101 is completely shut down for an didn't. it is a fatality. so chp on the scene for the investigators. no word when the lanes will reopen. we are starting to see the backup building at this point. use a few alternates. guadeloupe parkway southbound 88017 and 85 will help you navigate afternoon. the backup gets to 80, may be an option at some point through the morning. we will keep you updates on that. no other trouble spots around the bay area. quiet at the bay bridge. things are clear there. looking good at the golden gate bridge as you work your way into san francisco. 5:04. golden gate ferry officials say passengers can expect delays because of construction projects and dredging in the bay. delays should be limited to 10 to 15 minutes. there is a specific alert for the weekends of the 21st and
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28th of august and sent the 25th because of retrofit work at the san francisco ferry terminal. an investigation is underway after police in san jose fatally shot a stabbing suspect. it happened last night on the city beachside. kpix 5's kim joe is in san jose with what's known so far. >> reporter: good morning. one man is in the hospital with stab wounds and in serious condition as investigators try to figure out what started the whole incident. now, there are two crime scenes. the first one was a stabbing at virginia avenue and south 34th street. the suspect fled that scene and officers tracked him down to san antonio avenue and packing place. this morning a crime scene clean-up crew is scrubbing the officers where the officers shot and killed the suspect. when officers tried to detain him there was a scuffle. investigators say the officers fired their guns because they, quote, feared for their safety and the safe of the public. the suspect died at the scene. the initial stabbing call happened around 7 -- 6:30 in
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the evening. no officers were hurt. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a police officer knocked unconscious at the outside lands music festival in san francisco over the weekend. investigators say a man tried to get into the event without a ticket and ran right into the officer. the officer head hit the ground briefly knocking him unconscious. he is expected to be okay. the suspect was arrested on felony charges. >> pretty foolish. you know, entry gates are heavily staffed with outside lands personnel, let alone their security and you have a compliment of police officers. >> police say they were busy during the event dealing with people trying to sneak in like that one guy and people selling illegal merchandise. turkish police have a woman in custody following gunfire today at the united states consulate in istanbul. two people battled with police. the woman was hurt and then
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captured inside a nearby house. hours earlier a bomb attack in the same city wounded three policemen and seven civilians. it's not clear who was responsible for either attack. bernie sanders will be in oakland today meeting with nurses at the national nurses united office. yesterday the senator spoke to thousands of supporters in portland, oregon, about income inequality and some other issues. >> almost all of the wealth is controlled by a handful of people and together we are going to change that. >> sanders also spoke about sustainability energy. the need for the affordable higher education and the environment. meanwhile, on the republican side, attention still focused on this man. celebrity billionaire donald trump and his controversial comments about women. it began with last week's debate in ohio. trump says he's not apologizing and so far the controversy does not seem to be hurting his position in the polls either.
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time now is almost 5:08. parents beware. a popular baby line is pulling a oneszy off the shelves. a free fix for pets. how this mobile clinic is helping pet owners save a couple of bucks. good morning. we have been noting temperatures are going up and down. i will tell you just exactly what to expect today. and we have got a serious accident in san jose. i will tell you how to ,, ♪ how's it progressing with the prisoner?
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. it is 5:11 on this monday, august 10. we swung our weather camera around to look at the city by the bay, the city of oakland and san francisco as well. both cities under overcast skies. we will talk about the clearing, the temperatures, what you need to know all coming up in less than eight minutes. >> okay. thanks. nearly two dozen people are dead after a typhoon swept across taiwan and mainland china bringing half rains, floods and powerful winds. mudslides occurred in a mountainness area of china causing three dozen homes to collapse. in taiwan the storm downed trees, traffic lights and power lines causing more than 4
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milhouse hold to lose power. new surveillance video reveals the final moments before an unarmed black teenager killed by police in texas. this is the video of 19-year- old christian taylor at the dealership. it shows him stepping over a locked gate, banging his fists against the car window and stomping on a windshield before a police officer shot him. >> and you try to take down with your hands. >> police say they have not interviewed officer miller just yet. a baby clothing company is recalling nearly a half million of infant onesies. precious cargo recalled the item because the snaps can detach posing a possible choking hazard. if you want to know if you have a pair you can tell by looking at the tag. it has a precious cargo and an elephant printed on it. fellow member of the fremont police crew is safe at home
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this morning after being lost over the weekend. this is him. his name is mikko. he is part of the k-9 unit. got away from his hand lever over the weekend. yesterday san jose officers spotted him. police say they are looking into how mikko escaped so it doesn't happen again. nearly three million animals are euthanized every year in shelters around the country. now one bay area spca is hitting the road to try to drive the numbers down. >> reporter: these people and their pets are in line for an early morning fix. but we are not talking about coffee. >> surgery suite on wheels. >> ready for employment. >> reporter: it's a peninsula spca mobile spay and neuter clinic offering free fixing for furry friends. >> we see a lot of animals coming to us as strays or owner surrenders.
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>> reporter: they make about six stops a month. >> it really helps out a lot of people that really maybe can't afford it because if you take them to a hospital, a private hospital, it costs a lot of money. >> reporter: at private clinics the cost to fix your pet could be as high as $500. >> my roof needs to be done. >> reporter: connie's pup cujo came in for a quick snip. vets were able to get him microchipped and a tooth extraction. >> if we notice things, whether it's a tooth issue or a nail issue, some minor things, we try totaras that the time knowing it's best for the pet. best for the owner, too. >> reporter: for nearly ten years they have helped fix thousands of pets in the peninsula. cutting down on the stray problem and saving more of these little guys. >> there are a lot of unwanted pets out there. >> they are put to sleep if they don't get adopted. >> reporter: and scott says the numbers are shocking. >> in the 1970s we took in
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45,000 unwanted dogs and cats a year. the number is now down to 8,000. >> reporter: how useful is this service to the bay area? >> i think they should have it all over. >> reporter: are you ready to be neutered? the woofs have it. >> i think that was a no, actually. she has a cute dog. >> oh, my god, so in love with anderson cooper. >> yeah. well, that mobile vet clinic will be a stationed in daly city through november. all right. time for traffic now. we he got something cooking out there, don't we he? >> we have breaking traffic news as you work your way through san jose this morning. southbound 101 at tully, all lanes shut down for a fatal accident. two cars involved. happened before 3 a.m. this morning. right now traffic is backed up beyond 280 at this point. so expect some major delays. we checked in with chp. no word as to when the lanes
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could reopen. could be there for quite some time for the investigation. use guadeloupe parkway southbound, 85, 880/17 and now the backup is building beyond 280. use that as well well. that accident southbound 101 at tully. packed up to 280th. keep in mind as well if you plan or heading in that direction they will exit you off at tully and get you back on capitol expressway. westbound out of tracy right now mountain 205 area slow-and-go conditions. sluggish into livermore right now. lots of yellow and red on the sensors. very slow speeds. eases up once you hit the dublin interchange. extra volumes. okay pace through there. no delays in the eastbound side and no word of any construction working your way through the livermore area. checking the bay bridge. starting to see a few more cars on the roadway. getting a bit busier. no backups. clear through the toll plaza. metering lights are off into san
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francisco. in delays. and the golden gate bridge quiet out of marin county. southbound 101, 580 to the golden gate bridge plaza a good ride. road worked up. didn't cause too many problems. westbound 880 between 10113 minutes between hayward and foster city. 880 northbound, northbound 239 to the meza 15-minute drive. no delays around northbound 88 owe into weekend. that's a look at traffic. good morning. do you remember when we started our little weather watcher program? i might have one or two people checking in. now check this out. okay? here we go. there you have it. look at all the people awake this morning. i love you guys. i am feeling the love because these are the people that can see things i can't see like let's take a look. 53 degrees kathy. good morning, god des. otherwise, a look at this. 69 degrees. that would be jerry wilcox. he is in anitoch. clear skies there.
5:18 am
numbers right now banking between 53 and 69 heading out the door. we have mostly cloudy skies looking towards san jose at this hour. where the winds are slight under 5 we are picking up a bit of a wind out of the south of 15 and concord at 63. some areas of low clouds and fog lining the coast and into the bay. dry and seasonal for most except in our inland locations and the summer weather pattern returns by late week. right now a little upper level low pressure breeze through the northern half of the state of california. as that happens it's going to cool us in our inland areas. but high pressure rebounds by friday. wait until you see that seven-day forecast. currently 64. 89 in sacramento. hey, it's 52 degrees in truckee with a forecast high of 78. 70 monterey bay. fearly 70 in san francisco. and in pacifica 83 which is
5:19 am
seasonal in santa rosa. but east of the bay, these numbers are coming down due to the passage of that trough. upper 70s to mid 80s towards discovery bay. 78 in san jose. here is the look at your extended forecast. similar conditions on tuesday. we begin to warm by midweek and then by saturday we are going to be flirting with triple digits right here in the bay area. >> wow. >> amazingly fast. >> well, you know, summertime. it's about time. >> no kidding. well, this was a sight that whale watchers got in new zealand. it's a rare white humped back whale. researchers believe it is eight-year-old migaloo junior. he swam on the boat for a while giving spectators the show. des spit its rarity, there are two more white whales known to migrate on that coastline. one of television's most notorious pranksters has been arrested. steve-o has been arrested. he left an inflatable killer whale hanging from a crane.
5:20 am
he posted online the stunt was a protest against seaworld. 5:19 the time on this monday. hillary clinton's new college affordability plan could save students a lot of money. what she is proposing so cost won't be a barrier coming up. good morning. i'm back! and wait until you see the batch of sports i have got for you this morning. hold on to something. i'll be back. all right. what is cool about your school? e-mail your nomination at we may feature your ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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attention america.
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get yourself a free half gallon of dole classic lemonade with any 10 piece meal or larger purchase. because when you buy this chicken, there's free lemonade for the pickin'. it's finger lickin' good. welcome back. we have a deadly accident in san jose south 101. it's completely shut down. it happened before 3:00 this morning. debris in lanes. chp has lanes closed to clear and for the investigators. your best bet to get around is 87, guadeloupe parkway 85 or even 880/17. delays beyond 280. weapon update you through the morning. good morning. the giants enter this week in chicago with a half game lead in the wildcard race.
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just like that, poof, the largest deficit in the race in a month. bruce bochy helplessly watching this one. bottom first cubs threatening. and cubs scoring. the ball drops in right field. runner scores. cubs up 1-0. cubs closer hector rondon. cubs take a three and a half game lead in the wildcard race. a's honoring scott lunger yesterday. oakland lead fleeting one. yeah. rasmus says, yeah, how does that look. three-run shot. they led by one. bottom nine and here come the a's. one of those patented rallies. final of 5-4 on a danny valencia walk-off. and at world championship,
5:25 am
look at that shot, from shane lowry. over a 50-foot tree. lands on the green. birdies the whole and wins by two shots in akron, ohio. the bridge stone classic. that is sports at this hour. some of you i will see when i talk sports with the seniors in the redwoods up in marin. he see you later. play of the day. we have phils and padres. a line drive. this tore at my heart. watch the ball girl making the great grab. look at that. that is you a sop. making the grab and making a highlight. i was a ball boy at at&t two weeks ago. that is a good ball dudette right there. that is your play of the day on a monday. 5:25. some scary moments at the outside lands when a cop is
5:26 am
knocked unconscious. why the man who injured him is now in big trouble with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] chaos in ferguson. one person is injured? missouri for an anniversary march. it ended in a gun battle. a wildfire. good morning from the kpix weather center. some neighborhoods will cool today. i'll show you where. and we are following this major incident in san jose. a deadly crash has all lanes shut down. i will tell you where and how
5:30 am
to get around the mess. good morning. it's monday august the 10th. i am frank mallicoat. >> i am marine medina. flairups after an early morning fire. kpix's lisa chan has talked to people who rushed out of their homes this morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, firefighters aren't going into the building right now. they say it's just too hot and they are worried the front of the building might collapse. hot spots keep popping up. they got the call at 2:34 this morning. once they got here there was an explosion. the front window to a mexican market blew out at the corner of marina and doolittle in san leandro. this is an older building with double roofs. when the fire moved to the attic they had problems putting the fire out. residents in an apartment building directly behind the fire had to partially evacuate as a precautionary measure. we spoke to a woman who said she had five minutes to grab her things and get out.
5:31 am
>> i heard banging and i looked outside and the cops were just banging on people's doors and telling us to get out. and i grabbed a bag. i grabbed like some important information and like a few clothes and left. >> reporter: most of the damage is in the mexican market. that is where the fire chief believes it started. a medical supply company right next door is also heavily damaged. there are about 50 firefighters out here this morning as well as a couple investigators. while they are still putting out hot spots, they do say the fire is under control. live in san leandro, lisa chan, kpix 5. developing news. a man was shot by police overnight in ferguson, missouri during demonstrations marking a year since the fatal shooting of michael brown. police called in reinforcements in riot gear and the situation became very tense. protesters continued shouting at officers as police ordered the crowd to disperse. then gunfire erupted as the
5:32 am
interim police chief was talking to reporters. >> we are trying to work with the community. we are explaining to them their rights. and we just want to be as patient as possible. >> to those who are looting -- [gunshots]. >> a man allegedly exchanged gunfire with police. critically wounded. the man is 18-year-old tyrone harris jr. a new and dangerous wildfire raging in lake county leading to a fresh round of evacuations. the jerusalem fire erupted 3:30 yesterday afternoon. it's a few miles southeast of the rocky fire. it blew up from about 100 acres to 3,000 in just a matter of hours. it moved so quickly cal fire pulled the crews off the rocky fire to work on the jerusalem fire instead. the fire is only -- is just zero percent contained as it ram pages through dry grass.
5:33 am
mandatory evacuations have been ordered for people living in the jerusalem valley area. evacuees are being sent to middletown high school. cal fire expects to know more after daybreak about any structures that have burned. firefighters are making pros congress in getting the nearly 70,000-acre fire under control. containment 85% with full containment expected in the next few days. tough monday for commuters. here is guiana with a traffic alert. >> all right. we take you down to san jose where we have kept our eye on this accident all morning long. it's a traffic alert 101 where all lanes are shut down. it is a fatal accident. two it cars involved. it happened two and a half hours ago. now that the morning commute is getting busier delays are building. southbound direction is the non-commute direction. back to 280 at this point. delays on the northbound side. that is the commute direction.
5:34 am
expect busy traffic. speeds dipping under 25 miles per hour in some spots. so let's get you around the metro area. use guadeloupe. delays up to 20 minutes for that didn't. use 87, 270, 270, 880. here is roberta. you will feel the difference. much cooler in many of the inland locations. good morning, everyone. 5:34. overcast skies from francisco into the oakland area. the marine layer is more to the east than around the peninsula. currently we have san francisco at 60. santa rosa at 54. condo a south wind at 15 miles an hour. sunshine on the beaches. mid 60s. pleasant and 70s for the most
5:35 am
part around the peninsula. up to 83 degrees in morgan hill. san jose at 78. still averaging four and five degrees below normal. now, check out livermore. yesterday was 89 degrees. today 10 degrees cooler there due to an upper level trough. also knocking back some of our temperatures to the north. today 83 degrees in santa rosa . some of the warmest locations in the far reaches of the north bay into the mid-to-upper 80s. we have the full seven-day forecast coming up. 48 minutes after the hour. frank and marieeria. >> thanks. today is the last day cars will be allowed to make turns on parts of market street in san francisco. starting tomorrow private cars will not be allowed to turn on a market street from cross streets between 3rd and 8th. muni, taxis, emergency vehicles of course are exempt. but not ride shares. it's part of the city's safer market street project aimed at improving safety for pedestrians. a san francisco police officer was knocked out cold at
5:36 am
the outside lands music festival. investigators say a man tried to get into the event without a ticket yesterday and rammed through the front fate right into the officer. the officer's head hit the ground, briefly knocking him unconscious. he is expected to be okay. the suspect was arrested on a felony charge. nearly 200,000 people are estimated to have attended the festival. investigators in the south bay are trying to piece together what happened in the moments before police shot a stabbing suspect killing him. kpix 5's kiet do is live in san jose with more on last night's deadly encounter. kit. >> reporter: good morning. one man is in the hospital with a serious injury after being stabbed last night as investigators try to figure out what triggered it all. now, there are two distinct crime scenes. the first is the stabbing that happened at virginia avenue and south 34th street. the suspect fled that scene and officers tracked him down to san antonio avenue. this morning a crime scene
5:37 am
clean-up crew is scrubbing the area where the officer shot and killed the suspect. when officers tried to dough tina terry him there was a scuffle and the officers fired their guns because they feared for their safety and safety of the public. the suspect died at the scene. last night officers found the victim who had been attacked by a knife and took him to the hospital. no other officers were hurt. we are live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. days after the first republican debate of the 2016 presidental campaign, most of the talk is about the current frontrunner celebrity billionaire donald trump. the attention is mainly focused on his controversial comments about women. trump says he is not apologizing and so far the controversial does not seem to be hurting his position in the polls. former hp executive carly fiorina is the only woman seeking the republican nomination. >> as crazy as this presidental campaign process is, it does, in fact, give voters a window into
5:38 am
how people respond under pressure over time. >> her campaign has been getting more attention because of her performance in the so-called happy hour debate and trump's comments on women. today democratic presidental frontrunner hillary clinton will unveil a $350 billion plan aimed at making college more affordable. her so-called college plan aims to help student debt. apple is coming out with a new iphone next month. it's that time of the year. >> jill wagner, is back in the big chair after a week of vacation. welcome back. good morning. >> reporter: thank you. good morning. well, we will see if the markets can rebound this week. the dow opens today at the lowest point since february after falling for seven straight days. on friday the dow dropped another 46 points. the nasdaq fell about 13.
5:39 am
target will be removing gender-based labeling including toys, abouting and entertainment. for example, in the toy area target will take down pink and blue paper that was used to suggest items based on gender. so target says this decision actually stems from customer feedback. and apple will be unveiling the newest iphone in september. of course, rumors are swirling about what's in store. so that new phone is expected to look pretty much exactly like the iphone 6 possibly with new color options. it's expected to have pressure sensitive touch force screens and a better camera. frank and maria. >> whatever it takes. whatever it takes. it's been in the dumper for the last couple of weeks. okay. air b&b fans and people that want to go to new york on a budget, there apparently is a listing out of this world for new york, right? >> reporter: well, this is a pretty interesting one. this listing promises spectacular views of the
5:40 am
manhattan skyline starting at just $22 a night. of course, there is a catch, right? you are sleeping in a parked van in queens with no water, no lek trusty, and no bathroom. but it does come with a real bed. what do you think? any takers? >> it's like being in a live truck. >> there you go. been there, done that maybe 30 years ago. you know what? the funny thing is i bet they get some takers. >> >> reporter: absolutely. >> all right. >> reporter: you got to be young, i think, to do that though. >> maybe. jill wagner, you guys are ganging up on me. the oakland a as hongered scott lunger. a jersey with his badge number hung in the team's dugout. three family members threw out the first pitch. ricky henderson was there.
5:41 am
his favorite player. lunger was killed in hayward last month? football player and broadcaster frank gifford passed away. he starred for the new york giants in the '50s and '60s and was unticketed into the pro football hall of fame. you may recall his broadcasting work that included monday night football as well as the olympic coverage. he suddenly died yesterday of natural causes at his connecticut home. he is survived by wife kathie lee gifford, five children. frank gifford was 84. time now is 5:41. a store survival. a man was alive after his car flew off a cliff. and a look at 880. 101 sub in the south bay not so much. guiana has you covered traffic wise. wise. and roberta can't wait to tell ,
5:42 am
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good morning everyone. time check for you. 5:44 on this monday morning. if you look at your tv screen what you are looking at is the uv index today. if you are in the santa clara valley, very high at 8.1, which means you need to protect against sun damage by using an spf 30 plus. lather behind the ears as well. we have your full microclimate forecast in four minutes. >> thanks. southern california pilot was killed after crashing his banner plane yesterday. it happened after the pilot hooked an advertising banner at an airport in compton. no one on the ground was hurt. aviation experts say banner towing can be dangerous because planes fly at lowell visions. there have been 25 in
5:45 am
california in the last decade. a woman as attacked by an ale gator. she was suddenly pulled under water. witnesses say the woman fought with the large gator. a couple in a kayak heard her screams for help, came over to rescue her. they hit the gator with their paddles until it released her. but it got away with her forearm. >> her arm was bit. her right arm was bit up to here. >> it was gone? >> it was gone. she has nothing. completely gone. elbow down gone. this is how big around it was. you know, from the mouth. and-this you see the bathing suit hanging. he had her whole bathing suit. >> trappers were able to catch up with the gater. it was over eight feet long and weighed 300 pounds. our sister station was on the scene reporting on this crash. the car plunged off angeles
5:46 am
crest highway. before leaving the scene not owe journalist paused to take a selfie. >> i heard help. and then i heard help again. >> because of her ears, she heard the person screaming for help after we left and she called -- she got a hold of the 9-1-1 system via her news desk two-way radio system and we came back. >> while the driver is now in a hospital recovering. 5:46. good news for bay area commuters this morning. gas prices are going down all over the nation. in san jose average price for a gallon of regular unleaded $3.36. compare that to $3.46 just a week ago. oakland $3.39. in and in san francisco $3.48. average price statewide is $3.59. i got it under three bucks. >> that's good. >> under three bucks. >> where? >> over in the east bay. >> where? >> where?
5:47 am
>> we will be there tomorrow. we have a traffic alert? >> we do. a pretty busy situation through the south bay right now. southbound 101 completely shut down. it is a fatal accident. two cars involved. it happened just before 3:00 this morning. you can see both directions really slow-and-go. yellow conditions on our sensor. that means traffic under 45. maybe down to 25 miles per hour in some spots. so what we are going to do is get you around this busy drive here. northbound delays the commute direction. give yourself a few extra minutes or hop over to guadeloupe parkway. that helps. southbound you can do the same. 280 an option as well. no delays on 280. both directions everything is clear. and 85 also a choice to use if you want to go southbound. 101 mountain view to highway 17 no delays. and southbound 880, an easy ride. southbound 101 right at tully, all lanes blocked for a deadly crash. there is debris in lanes.
5:48 am
they need to clean the mess up there. freeway closed for the investigation. they are diverting traffic off the freeway at tully. back on at capital. we have been trying to get in touch with mvp to see when the lanes will clear. westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze backups. delays as you work your way through. not bad on eastshore freeway. a bit of a backup. our live weather camera featuring the bay bridge due east towards the port of oakland. 54 santa rosa to the 80s in concord, clayton, walnut creek. we have a south wind at 15 miles an hour through the tri-valley. we have areas of low clouds andpology heading out the door this morning. dry and seasonal for most. but cooler inland. and then summertime weather pattern returns by the end of the week. this is an upper level disturbance. do you see some of the precipitation associated that low? well, it is going to bank up against the northern half of the
5:49 am
state. but we will not see any rain. just becoming partly cloudy by tuesday. it's going to bring cooler air mass into our area today before you warm up near triple digits. by the weekend. i have that seven-day forecast. currently 62 going up to 70 in monterey. boy, it's bombing the high sierra this morning. 52 degrees in truckee. going up to the mid 70s. numbers near senty in pacifica and in san francisco. mid 70s in san rafael. otherwise, mid 80s in fairfield and discovery bay. 78 in san jose. that's where we were yesterday. but today down from 89 in livermore to 80 degrees. ditto tuesday. look at saturday. near 100 degrees, frank. >> wow. bring it on. okay. thanks. 5:49. hey, bill murray a new part in the new ghost busters movie. he will will make an appearance in the reboot. he started the original "ghostbusters" movie in the
5:50 am
'80s with dan aykroyd and harold reamis. it's not clear what role he plays in the new versio the former home of the late show with david letterman is featuring a new marquee. george clooney is the first guest september 8. a toxic mess spilling into colorado rivers. what's contaminating the water for ,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
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know better sleep with sleep number. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at good morning. a deadly two-car accident has south 101 at foley completely shut down. freeway is closed for the investigation. they are diverting the traffic off at foley and back on at capitol. expect delays there. use guadeloupe parkway as an alternate. also 880/17 or 85. delays on the northbound side of 101. so slow-and-go there. southbound 101 completely shut shut down at foley. taking a look at the week ahead, it will be cooler in many inland locations today banking between the mid 80s 60s -- 60s
5:54 am
at the beaches. drones causing a concern for air travel. yesterday four commercial flights reported seeing a drone near newark airport in new jersey. federal investigators say the drone was about 3,000 feet high and close to the runway's approach path. the drone did not force any flights to make changes, but an investigation is underway. dublin getting a new tesla showroom. it's not clear when it will open, but the store will be on the road where there was once a jeep chrysler dealership there. tesla has started remodeling the showroom and is hiring and training employees. it will be the eighth store in the bay area but the first in the tri-valley. state regulators meeting this week to draft a new code of conduct for the puc. they have been accused of having a cozy relationship with pg&e and following the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. the president stepped down last
5:55 am
year as federal and state authorities opened separate investigations regarding rate setting procedures. a health risk in colorado has toxic wastewater pouring into rivers. it started last wednesday when an environmental protection agency clenup crew accidentally breached a dam of a mine. chemical specialists say this could have a damaging effect on humans and animals, too. >> every metal that we have found, the toxic metals in water, is bad for our system. >> epa plans to continue treating the drapage that is coming out of that mine site. they will also be doing more tessing at the river and will publish that data as it becomes available. a man suspected of killing six children and two adults in a home near houston told investigators he wreck in because the woman he used to live with changed the locks. the victims were found yesterday morning after a stand-off.
5:56 am
their ages range from six to 50 years old. the suspect gave up following a shootout with police. investigators say the man had previously been involved in a rocky relationship with the mother. investigators had been called out to the home before, but it's not clear why. it is now 5:56. new details on deadly police shooting in ferguson, missouri as protesters mark one year since the death of michael brown. and live in san leandro where firefighters have been busy battling a four-alarm fire inside a mexican market and a inside a mexican market and a medical supply compan fantastic four-cheese omelette is packed with crispy bacon and fresh veggies. (explosion) check please! introducing the fantastic four-cheese omelette. denny's. welcome to amercia's diner. fantastic 4,
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it is monday, august 10. i am marie medina. >> i am frank mallicoat. a rough start to the weekend.
6:00 am
san leandro a huge fire engulfed a building this morning. lisa chan live at the scene where some were forced to evacuate. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are a lot of people standing around here on the corner this morning here at doolittle and marina. that is because an apartment building directly behind this fire was partially evacuated as a precautionary measure. there are about 16 units. four of them are empty right now. there are other nearby apartment buildings as residents who were up early this morning saw the blaze. firefighters got the call at 2:34 this morning. when they got here there was an explosion in the front windows. they blew out. the fire quickly grew to four alarms and spread to a nearby medical supply company. we spoke to one of the owners of the family business. >> we are praying to god everybody is okay. [inale


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