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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 12, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> snipers, up on rooftop, cell service scrambled. a massive security deployment in the south bay tonight to protect a politician accuse of spewing hate. >> andria borba is live. >> reporter: liz, 300 people were in this venue eke tore hear this dutch politician speak. law enforcement agencies were just as eager to make sure no one with a car bomb got? >> islam has marked me for death. >> reporter: that was garrett
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zeldairs in silicon valley. outside the nondescript meting hall, be already snipers on top of preschools, roadblocks, and snipers with weapons out. a kind of activity typically only seen for presidential visits. a recent event in may, car soons of the prophet mohammed was shown and zildairs was the keynote speaker. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. he is famous in europe for his antiislam views. inside his speech, there were no fewer than nine heavily armed guards not counting dutch
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police. >> islam is evil and nothing else. >> reporter: the crowd had to pass through multiple layers of security to hear him speak. >> he was right on. >> yeah, he was right on. the major idea is he believes islams don't belong here. >> reporter: now his draws straw opinions on either side. typically, you would see protesters. while there was such a security presence, i didn't see any protesters but they were not getting anywhere near this venue. andria borba, kpix5. breaking news in morgan hill. for the last ten hours, police have had a house on manor court surrounded. police believe a wanted felon is inside. officers tell us they haven't been able to talk to the guy. they believe he is alone inside the house. but don't know if he is armed. it is not clear what he is actually wanted for, but police say he is a suspect in several crimes. san francisco sheriff has his drivers license back
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tonight. but, veronica de la cruz tells us there are some new questions about what ross mecerimi did and didn't do. >> reporter: the whole issue stems from a car crash? san francisco back in october. the dmv says the sheriff never reported it like the law says he should. tonight, the chronicle reports he also failed to report it to the police though he was driving a sheriff's department vehicle and that is in violation of a policy that he himself signed two years ago. mercurimi didn't know there was a problem with the dmv until yesterday. he went through the whole process. the matter has been resolved and tonight his wife iliana lopez is standing by her man. breaking news in the san francisco chronicle. the sheriff will be investigated for picking his child up from school. he reported it verbally and
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thought it was enough. live in the news room, veronica de la cruz, kpix5. three dmv employees are facing charges for allegedly taking bribes. as machine as 100 truckers paid $5,000 each for bogus commercial trucking licenses. the truckers allegedly got the licenses without taking a test. two of the dmv workers are from salinas, the other from sacramento. >> the defendants bought and sold test answers, and driving tests. >> reporter: it included accountable informants who received class a california licenses despite never taking the tests. >> three trucking school employees and operators are also facing charges. the department of homeland security, the fbi, and the dmv investigated three different conspiracies. take a look at the
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jerusalem fire. it is named the jerusalem fire because it started in the jerusalem valley. flames are chewing through the brush there. it has grown to 14,000 acres tonight. so far, no homes have burned but dozens are threatened. tonight, cal fire asked ten more home to be evacuated bringing the total number to 60. the jerusalem fire is one of the largest burning in california tonight. joe vasquez is on the fire line. >> reporter: this is the northeast edge of the fire. as we drove here yesterday, we didn't see this level of smoke and flames near the roadside. clearly, this fire is growing and spreading. >> the fire doubled in size overnight and has nearly reached the 70,000-acre rocky fire. the rocky fire is now nearly 90% contained.
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good news, firefighters are trying to steer the jerusalem fire into that area already burned out by the rocky fire. that would help them get a better handle on it. tonight, two alameda county sheriff's deputies are lucky to be alive. da lin showed us what happened when they knocked on a door and nobody answered. >> reporter: an eviction. >> this is a touchy situation. >> reporter: that ended with an explosion and fire. >> the explosion hit. boom. >> reporter: next door neighbors say a man being evicted didn't want to leave. they believe he set up a bobby when two deputies and a lock smith tried to get him out. >> he never came out during the day. >> reporter: they say he turned on the natural gas and jammed the lock with a broken key. when the lock smith tried to drill the lock open 11:00, the spark ignited the explosion knocking the two deputies against the wall causing minor
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injuries. >> i heard the second boom two or three minutes apart. >> reporter: five tenants from the other two buildings ran for their lives. >> it was a traumatic experience. i lost a few items in it. i don't have a phone, no shoes on. >> we all got out safely. that is important right now. but, i'm thinking about what's going to happen next. >> reporter: after firefighters put out the flames, they found a bad by burned body in the back unit where deputies tried to serve the eviction. >> the ben intent to hurt others, maybe you are not exactly where you want to be in your life. >> doing something like that, it comes from crazy people. not everyone is going to do something like that. >> reporter: investigators can't identify the body because it is bad by burned. the only person unaccounted for is the man who is facing eviction. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> all right, take a good look at this video. alameda accomplice say this guy is the prowler who could be responsible for half a dozen break-ins on the island.
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police say he may have sexually assaulted a young girl after he broke into her home. he is going to turn toward the camera here. surveillance camera caught him lurking around the roadway inn motel. tonight, san jose city council told the police department go ahead and use a drone. it is a one year pilot plan. city leaders assured the public the drone will not be used for spying. only to find criminal suspects or search for an explosive device. the faa still needs to give final approve. tonight, bicyclists rode to a san francisco police station to tell police stop picking on us. officers have stepped up enforcement along the popular cyclist route called the wiggle which zag zags. police want cyclists to stop at stop signs. now, this seems pretty reasonable. what's the problem? what's the beef? >> reporter: well liz, this month, police here at the park substation cracked down on all types of bad behavior on the
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road. but the most tickets went to, you guessed it. the cyclists. police say they started ticketing cyclists to get their attention that running stop signs like this is dangerous. >> we want the behavior to cease for the safety of everyone that is shareing the road. >> reporter: but captain john stanford got more than just the cyclists' ascension. tonight, he got an angry crowd. >> the line of people getting pulled over on page street. >> reporter: cyclists packed tonight's neighborhood meeting. even spilling outside in a show of solidarity. >> and we have been asking for fair and equal traffic enforcement. >> reporter: chris cassidy with the bicycle coalition says police have been unfairly targeting cyclists treating them as bad guys on the road and that goes against the city's vision zero mission to enforce rules for everyone. motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. >> this is a matter of sfpd violating the trust of people
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who took their promises about vision zero and focusing on the deadly traffic behavior seriously. >> reporter: even captain sanford says motorists cause more fatalities but it is his job to prevent behavior that could lead to accidents. >> running these red lights, failing to stop at stop signs. it is very wreckless behavior. >> reporter: but the cyclists say the real wreckless behavior is motorists texting and driving. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. jeb bush came out swinging again hillary clinton while donald trump went after both of them in his first post debate campaign aexperience. jeb bush went open the attack against democratic front runner hillary clinton during his speech at the reagan presidential library tonight. partly, blaming her for the rise of isis. >> isis grew while the united
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states disengaged from the middle east and ignored the threat. and where was the secretary of state? where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? >> reporter: 2,000 miles away, billionaire businessman donald trump took the stage in birch run michigan. he is leading two polls in new hampshire and iowa. >> jeb and hillary on the same day, they said donald trump has too strong a tone. we have heads being chopped off in the middle east because they are christian. the world is cracking up and they are worried about my tone. i should be toned down. >> reporter: despite leading in the polls, iowa republicans gave trump mixed reviews for his debate performance, but other candidates vying for the white house have enjoyed a boost since last week. that includes retired neurosurgeon ben carson and
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former hp ceo carly fiorina. >> she is a fresh voice. she is eager to take on hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton called bush's comments on isis a desperate move. and said the facts are very different. one more note about jeb bush. he will be on stephen colbert's first late show september 8 on kpix5. by the way, colbert tweeted my first gop candidate. luckily, i do 200 shows a year so i think i can fit them all. [ laughter ] hackers discovered a new way to swindle wall street. >> tonight, the bay area company caught up in $100 million insider trading scandal. >> tonight, one bay area city has the hottest rental market in the country. no, it is not san francisco. we will show you what you get for your money. >> a new tool to help the drought tonight, see how these drought tonight, see how these balls can save,,
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>> the feds have broken up a high-tech insider trading scheme. panera bread sent an earning announcement. the hackers stole the information and traded 75,000panera shares before the news was released to the rest of the world. they made $900,000 in an hour in 15 minutes. >> cyber criminals are relentless, tireless, impatient. so, they will constantly keep attacking individual computer networks if they are ones they want to penetrate. >> the feds say the hackers used the same stunt to make more than a million dollars off silicon's valley's tech log. another service attacked was business wire in san francisco. the firm has hired security expert to make sure everyone is protected. tonight, the hottest rental market in the country is right here in the bay area.
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no. it is not san francisco. actually, it is oakland. rent prices have jumped 20% in the past year there according to zumper to almost $2,000 a month. christin ayers shows us what you will get for all that money. >> reporter: kate miller is one of the lucky ones. my jaw dropped when she told me how little she is paying for her rent controlled studio in oakland. >> i pay $600. >> that is unheard of! >> i can never leave! >> reporter: oaklanders are staying put in rent controlled apartments because leaving can mean paying double, quadruple the rent. some locations, one bedrooms are going for up to $2,500 a month. >> we have never seen rent this high. a higher rent per foot. >> reporter: brandon geraldo of
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collier international says he has never seen competition this stiff in oakland. >> they say we are getting up to 40 applications on one unit. >> reporter: one of the building owners, tapland, his company owns 300 units in oakland. his biggest renter ins millennials whose tech salaries are big, but not big enough to live in san francisco. >> why wouldn't you want to live in oakland? it is warmer than san francisco, more affordable than san francisco. you get more space than you get in san francisco. >> reporter: so how long will the boom last? taplin has high hopes. >> we will see rents collide between san francisco and oakland. >> reporter: but his brokers say there have been unprecedented growth. 10 to 15% every year for the last three years and that has to change. >> it will have to tap out at some point. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> even with the rental spike, oakland is still cheaper than san jose or san francisco where the average price of one
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bedroom is going for $3,500 a month. in santa clara, metal thieves are hitting dozens of businesses in the middle of the night. the target, water meters. as betty yu tells us, these guys are no amateurs. >> reporter: this is all that was left after thieves stole three water meters outside the river of life christian church in santa clara. the city quickly replaced them. but three days later, crooks came back and did it again. the church had no water for 3,000 worshipers that sunday. >> it really caught us, you know, unexpected. so, we didn't know that the copper inside was that much. >> reporter: the city says this happened 36 times. in less than a month, all across santa clara. always overnight in front of businesses like these. it started handing out these fliers to scrap metal yards and
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put up a $5,000 reward. >> they will cut the pipe in these locations. >> reporter: the director of water utilities says they have done research. >> they are cutting off the water first. that requires a special tool. they have done this before or they had some knowledge. >> reporter: the department has spent more than $50,000 to repair and replace all the meters. because of this crime spree, the city says it is already looking at switching to meters with no scrap metal value. by the way, the last time i saw water meter thefts was 2007. they caught the guy back then. in santa clara, betty yu, kpix5. >> river of life church had hired a security guard to watch the meters. in los angeles, officials are rolling out a cool first of its kind tool to combat the drought literally. they released millions of these so-called shade balls into the city's water reservoir.
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the black plastic floating devices not only protect water from dust, chemicals, and wildlife, they stop the water from evaporating. >> this is a blend of how engineering really meets common sense. we saved a lot of money. did all the right things. >> by reducing evaporation, they will conserve $300 million of water every year. that is 300 million gallons to fight this drought. >> the balls are made in la and costs taxpayers 36 cents apiece. they are expected to last ten years. nobody has talked how to get them out. >> you could have a killer game of bachi though. outside tonight, we have shade in the form of cloud cover over san francisco. not as much as 24 hours ago. and it may prevent you from seeing the perseid meteor shower, but the good news is it is lasting all week long and less cloud cover tomorrow night. fremont, 59 tonight.
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san jose, 59. napa dropping to 55. 6:22 sunrise tomorrow. big news for the island of hawaii. hilda is no longer a hurricane and will pass to the south. there will be a lot of rainfall, but not as big a storm. good news there. looks like we will get a direct hit from this storm off here, low pressure off the california coastline. all it is doing for us, it is feeding in a pretty strong on shore flow getting stronger over the past couple of hours. tomorrow and thursday will be two more days when we have sunshine in the afternoon, but not much heat. because we are getting the ocean influence. that will last through thursday, then friday, that low takes off. big pressure are the the desert southwest. we will get the same ocean into our west, but with the wind not coming from it, it will get hot quickly. that begins friday. temperatures running near or below average two more dais and we transition to warm, hot
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weather friday. concord tomorrow, 82. five degrees below average. san jose, 81. should be a comfortable day in cupertino. hayward, 76 degrees. fairfield, vacaville, san francisco, 69. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. windsor your high tomorrow, 80 degrees. we stay on the cool side through thursday. friday, we are hotter. the two hottest days will be over the weekend when we will over the weekend when we will see 70s at the ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> well, tonight l are a lot of confused drivers wondering what they can and cannot do on san francisco's market street. >> yeah, there are new rules banning turns between third and eight streets. signs are up, but that didn't help. the idea is to keep intersections clear and get some of the traffic off the street. our mike sugerman asked the chief about the plan. >> westbound, you can do a straight shot. >> i think it is the other way around. that is eastbound, that's westbound. you can't turn coming this way. >> right, so when you are westbound, you get directed off
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between third and tenth. i'm sorry. third and eighth. [ laughter ] >> most drivers were following the new rules. >> that is the most dangerous job in america right there. >> ly give you something a little less confusing. what do madison bumgarner, juan marshon have in common? and brandon belt had two home and brandon belt had two home ,,,,,,,,
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>> for the first time in major league history. all 15 home teams were winners includeing the giants who were happy to be home after being swept out of chicago. irish heritage night at at&t's meaning i'm going to shanghai kelly's tonight. that should have been his tenth. if not for carlos gomez whose glove hit the wall at the same time it landed in his leather. madison bumgarner struck out seven players in a row. he got 12 in the game. brandon belt, his second home run of the game. seven of his last ten hits are home runs. he has 17 on the year. giants beat the astros 3-1. bumgarner complete game, giants remain two-and-a-half back of the dodgers. blue jays are undefeated with troy tulowitski in their
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lineup. bob melvin called the 2nd inning the worst they have played all year. marcus semyon with errors. the as lost 4-2. toronto's ninth straight win. jets quarterback geno smith was sucker punched by a teammate and will miss six to ten weeks with a broken jaw, the dispute was allegedly over money for a $600 plane ticket. the jets in term gave nepali a one way ticket out of town. >> nobody sees a sucker punch coming. i don't care what the situation is. this is not a ufc match. we are football players, not fighters. fighters. if you want to box, life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. >> ncs, los angeles is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow at 4:30. stay up all night. four or five hours, no big deal. see you then! ,,,,,,
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