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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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from her fall off of the bay bridge. the more time goes by the less likely it is that she will be found alive. the search has been going on for about an hour and a half. this is a coast guard helicopter which has since been grounded. they are going to send another one up so at daybreak. in the meantime there are officers posted along the shore hoping that she will end up making it out of the bay on her own. this all started with a car crash in the eastbound lanes of the bay bridge. officers found a vehicle stopped on the right shoulder. there was one passenger standing beside the vehicle. another two people walking away about 200 yards away. so an officer followed them. >> we believe it's the driver jumped over the rail and was holding from the railing and as the officer was about 50 yards away, she began to slip and fall. >> reporter: now, the coast guard has been tracking the
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likely direction of somebody who was in the water. they are trying to determine the flow as to where this woman might be. they are also trying to question the other passengers in the car. but the drop from the bike path was about 70 to 80 feet. the water is between 50 and 60 degrees. so every moment that goes by not good news. live on the bay bridge, anne makevoc, kpix 5. more evacuations have been ordered up in lake county as the "jerusalem fire" keeps raging out of control. it's burning close to the "rocky fire" with only a few miles separating the two fires at some points. the flames are burning through dry brush, manzanita and trees. the "jerusalem fire" has grown to 14,000 acres rapidly. 5% containment so far. no homes have been burned. but dozens have been threatened. last night cal fire ordered 10 more homes evacuated bringing the total to about 60. looking ahead, the fire will be incredibly costly for the lake
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county area, too. costing 4 to $5 million just for county workers to clean up the debris. >> how are they going to do this? where's the money going to come from? >> as for the "rocky fire" it's now more than 69,000 acres and is 88% contained. head down to the southeast a wildfire in arizona near the border with california, that's 40% contained. it broke out on saturday over the weekend in the mojave county and burned 11 homes there. evacuation orders still in effect for 100 families. yesterday crews were able to strengthen fire lines to keep that from spreading. and in southern california, more fire. crews have increased containment of the anza fire which started when a motorhome went up in flames in rural riverside county. one person was burned. three firefighters suffered minor injuries. that fire spread through vegetation near palm desert. it's 50% contained. >> impressive how fast they get
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those fires contained. >> you have to feel for the "rocky fire" and "jerusalem fire." they had the "rocky fire" 85% contained. and then boom, you know, just miles away another one. >> and we're hoping for containment of the "jerusalem fire" on the 17th of this month. so that's still a good five days away. good morning, everyone, on this "hump day." let's take a look at the stats. we are anticipating erratic winds to begin to settle down out of the west late day 10 to 20. that's good news. high temperatures between 78 and 85 degrees. outdoors right now temperatures are in the 50s and in the 60s and later today we're talking about temperatures near or close to average in the 60s and into the mid-80s. i have the seven-day forecast forecast featuring triple digits. that's coming up 18 minutes after the hour. we continue to watch the bay bridge commute where westbound traffic still flowing well leaving oakland heading into san francisco. just want to remind folks that all lanes remain open at the bay bridge following an overnight accident. the coast guard is there at the bay bridge looking for someone who may have fallen in the water but we do understand from
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anne makovec that the helicopters for now are grounded. they will launch once again after daybreak. so commuters will definitely notice all that activity as they make the commute into and out of san francisco. right now traffic is very light at the bay bridge. again, all lanes open on the span. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." guys? developing news in the south bay overnight. police in morgan hill arrested a man after a 12-hour standoff. kpix 5's kiet do is at a house on manor court, where a young man was holed up for about a dozen hours. kiet, good morning. reporter: good morning. take a look for yourself. this is the home after a 12- hour standoff with police, a mess. the doors were left open and there's stuff everywhere. it started at 1 p.m. yesterday when police got a call of a wanted felon here on manor court in morgan hill. now, when officers arrived they saw the man go into the home. we're told that this is the home of a friend. however, since the man was wanted for several violent crimes out of san jose, it was
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unclear if he was armed. police evacuated the home and the neighborhood. then the morgan hill police called the s.w.a.t. team. they used a bull horn to get him out of the house for the next couple of hours. he didn't budge until 1 a.m. when he was arrested. it turns out he is 24 and was booked into the santa clara county jail. >> at this point we're not disclosing what felony warrants he has. we're simply indicating that he does have several felony warrants out of san jose. >> and the neighborhood is back open against everyone allowed back into their homes. we're live in morgan hill, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you. sheriff ross mirkarimi of san francisco now has a valid driver's license once again. earlier this week, we learned he had been driving with a suspend the license since february for not reporting a fender-bender last fall to the dmv. mirkarimi says he called the dmv yesterday and resolved the matter. in the accident, the city-owned car he was driving was not damaged but the other car was.
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three california dmv workers facing federal charges for allegedly accepting bribes. the case involves more than 100 commercial driver's licenses that truck driver school owners got for their clients. prosecutors say the owners paid up to $5,000 for each license so the clients wouldn't have to pass state tests. employees worked at dmv offices in salinas and sacramento. >> the defendants bought and sold test answers, test results, both written and driving tests. the investigation included the use of confidential informants who received class a california driver's licenses despite never taking the written test or the behind the wheel test. >> three trucking school owners also face charges. governor jerry brown signed two bills this week to boost police accountability. it comes after the use of excessive force by officers during california's "occupy" movement back in 2013. the bills make it clear people have the right to record or photograph police in public areas. another bill signed bans the use of grand juries in cases
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where police use deadly force. the ban comes after grand juries in ferguson and new york made controversial decisions not to bring charges against officers who killed unarmed black men. on to the presidential race now. a new poll shows donald trump is not damaged by the controversial comments he made last week about women. reporter andrew spencer has more as well as other candidates enjoying post-debate bumps. reporter: donald trump makes his first campaign stop since the republican debates last week. >> and by the way, they said i won the debate. is that nice? [ applause and [ applause and cheers ] >> the polls came out and said i won. >> reporter: if trump did win, he wasn't the only one. a new poll taken after the debates shows trump leading in the first in the nation primary state of new hampshire. but it also shows huge gains for former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina and ohio governor john kasich with fiorina breaking into the top five after not making it into the prime time debate last week.
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not everyone is impressed by trump's comments about megyn kelly last friday comments the chair of the state's republican party calls demeaning and disrespectful. >> we need a candidate that can speak to women in a respectful inclusive manner. we need a candidate who can speak to all voters in a respectful and inclusive manner and share that very uplifting optimistic vision that republican principles offer. >> reporter: trump never apologized. but he clearly hasn't given up on the female vote. >> i will be so good to women. i will work hard to protect women. >> reporter: a suffolk university poll also shows trump leading in iowa. despite his most recent controversy getting more support for women planning to vote republican than any other candidate. >> you cannot underestimate the appeal of donald trump to antiestablishment antipolitical antiwashington republican voters who feel completely disenfranchised from their own party. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer
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reporting. meanwhile democratic front- runner hillary clinton -- >> -- who is losing ground in new hampshire has agreed to give federal investigators her private home email server. those investigators want to know if it was used to transmit classified information while clinton served as secretary of state. yesterday, a top intelligence official revealed two of the emails that went through the serve your should have been marked top secret. the oakland raiders are a step closer to kicking off the 2016 season in l.a. yesterday the team presented a proposal for a stadium in a presentation to the rest of the nfl owners in chicago. the raiders are working to build a joint stadium in the city of carson with their rivals, the san diego chargers. as for the team's chances of staying in oakland? the developer working on the coliseum city plan is expected to reveal details on his proposal on august 21. it's 5:09 on a wednesday. bay area cyclists crowd a neighborhood meeting with a message for the police there. why they say new road rules are
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unfair. >> and a new tool to help ease the state's historic drought. see how these plastic balls can save 300 million gallons of water every, single year. >> i'm going to stick around for that. good morning, everyone from the kpix 5 weather center. typical temperatures today. but i'll show you when we'll top 100 degrees. >> and we're looking at brake lights now for all those commuters approaching and leaving the altamont pass westbound 580 jammed up from the 205 interchange. i'll have another update on the altamont pass ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, san jose! at 5:13, you have partly cloudy skies looking out past mineta international airport. so far, no reports of any local bay area airport delays. high temperature in san jose today topping off in the low 80s. i have the complete microclimate forecast coming up in four minutes. water experts in southern california home millions of blackballs will deal with the drought. they were dumped in a los angeles reservoir yesterday. they float on the surface. in theory, they will reduce the amount of evaporated water. >> this is a blend of how engineering really meets common sense. we saved a lot of money. we did all the right things. >> by reducing evaporation these shade balls will conserve
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300 million gallons of water a year instead of just evaporating into the sky. that's 300 million gallons to fight this drought. >> the balls cost 36 cents apiece and are expected to last 10 years. someone has stepped forward to take responsibility for the toxic mine spill that turned a colorado river orange. it's the epa. the agency's administrator will tour the area today. environmental workers accidentally unleashed the spill a few days ago while inspecting the old gold mine. towns along the river have been told not to use water. a state senate bill requiring a 50% cut in gas and diesel use by 2030 now facing stiff opposition. a san joaquin county business anding acultural leaders says it will hurt people working in the agricultural industry and increase food costs. proponents say the legislation is needed, though, to help the environment and create jobs. dozens of bicyclists showed up at a police station in san francisco to complain they are being picked off.
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officers increased enforcement along a popular bike route called the wiggle. among other things, police want cyclists to stop at stop signs. the protestors say it goes against the san francisco's mission to enforce rules for everyone. motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. >> this is a matter of sfpd violating the trust of people who took their promises about vision zero and focusing. >> there's a growing number of reckless cyclists in san francisco and police say it's their job to prevent behavior that leads to accidents. liza has the traffic report. >> good morning, everybody. happy wednesday. we are going to start off once again with the bay bridge. westbound traffic still flowing well leaving oakland heading into san francisco. those metering lights are on. all the lanes are open on the bay bridge. there is a search ongoing coast guard out in the waters looking for someone who may have fallen into the water following an overnight accident that
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happened on the bridge. all lanes are open and traffic is very light for the drive between oakland and san francisco. anne makovec is there and we'll hear from her in just a few moments. we have the giants playing today at 12:45. this always delays traffic before and after game time and today it's going to cause delays for the evening afternoon commute. again game time at 12:45. expect delays on 280 and city streets and on the bay bridge. the rest of the dry where the golden gate commute is fine. sipper truck passed through there and there's four southbound lanes available to you for the drive out of southern maren hiding into san francisco. a 14-minute drive time for south 101 leaving 580 approaching the golden gate. over here at the richmond/san rafael bridge, we have seen more traffic the last few months for this commute. west 580 so far doing okay approaching the toll plaza. silicon valley also in good shape.
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my weather watcher they are up and they are reporting in this morning. 49 degrees at half moon bay. that would be edward williams and he says thin overcast stars what a treat aat the coast. it's a very thin layer of overcast this morning. that's what we see looking out towards the bay bridge. temperatures we are in the 50s and 60s. except in half moon bay right there at 49 degrees. that's some good sleeping weather. ed, go back to bed. some very mild temperatures out the door for the most part near average temperatures today. then downright hot by saturday. this is an upper-level area of low pressure. it's been spinning its wheels off the coast now. the front right there actually had some precipitation associated with it. what's happening is it's drawing in some cooler air mass so that's what's keeping our temperatures close to normal if
5:18 am
not even slightly below average. tomorrow moves out high pressure from the desert southwest. so we are going to heat up by the weekend. sacramento, davis and stockton. mid-90s in fresno through merced into modesto and manteca. 74 degrees the forecast high in monterey bay. 70 pacifica and san francisco for daytime baseball. 70s in fremont, union city, milpitas. mid-80s east of the bay, 80s to the north, upper 70s and low 80s across the santa clara valley santa clara valley. cooler thursday. then 101 by saturday inland. we have heston on the mound for the good guys clearing of the skies at at&t park. go, giants. >> the astros probably can't wait to get out. the a's roughed them up three out of four the giants beat them up last night. >> they are enjoying their time here too much. >> thank you, roberta.
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5:18. a trip to the store may be costing more than you think. one company's solution to prevent overcharges coming up. good morning, everyone. what do baumgarner and two other players have in common? and brandon belt had two home runs at at&t all season. wait until you see what he did last night. straight ahead. it's a well paying job in hot demand. jill schlesinger on why you may want to consider a career in nursing. reporter: if you're considering a career change, start by identifying an industry that pays well and is in need of more workers. nursing tops the list. there are a variety of educational options if you want to pursue a nursing career. if you have a bachelor's degree in a nonscience-related field, you can apply to more than 200 accelerated programs to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing in two to 2 1/2 years. if your bachelor's is in a science field, you may be able to complete the degree in 12 to 18 months. nurses here in the bay area earn an average of over $125,000 a year.
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and job openings are likely to rise as employers replace thousands of workers leaving the field by 2018. many employers are seeking to beef up the number of male nurses. nationally, male nurses make up under 200,000 of the total 2.6 million rns. men entering nursing at mid career come from a variety of fields including social work, emergency medicine, public safety and the military. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,
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good morning, everybody. we continue to watch the bay bridge where there is a search in progress right now, the coast guard leading the search following an overnight accident involving a solo vehicle where a person may have fallen off the bike path into the water. this is video from earlier this morning where it did slow down some of that traffic as drivers noticed all the helicopters on scene. for right now we understand from kpix 5's anne makovec, the coast guard is grounded. the choppers are grounded. they will continue their aerial search after sun-up. certainly for now, all lanes are open on the bay bridge. you can see just regular backup at the toll plaza. i'll have more information on this and a complete look at traffic still ahead. good morning, everyone. for the first time in major league history all 15 home
5:24 am
teams were winners last night. that included the giants, who were happy to be home after getting swept out of chicago. irish heritage night at at&t. matt duffy had zero home runs in 501 at-bats in college. this would have been his tenth in the majors if not for carlos gomez. his glove hit the wall at the same time the ball landed in the leather. how about it. brilliant catch. madison baumgarner joined juan mar shell and jonathan sanchez as the only giants to strike out 7 players in a row. baumgarner had 12 and got a little help from that man! brandon belt, not one but two home runs, seven of his last ten hits are home runs. giants beat the astros 3-1. baumgarner goes the distance. giants 2.5 back of the dodgers. the blue jays are undefeated with troy tulowitski in the line-up. bob melvin called the second inning perhaps the worst the a's played all year. marcus semien made one of two
5:25 am
errors allowing two runs to score. that was the difference. the a's lost 4-2. it was toronto's ninth straight win. jets quarterback geno smith was sucker-punched by a teammate ikemefuna enemkpali and will miss six to ten weeks with a broken jaw. the dispute was over a $600 plane ticket. the jets gave enemkpali a one- way ticket out of town. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, klay thompson on a bike, let it go. and it's good. man, how good is this guy? how good are the warriors? good stuff. that is your play of the day. it is 5:25. a bay area city loses tens of thousands of dollars because of stolen water meters. now the problem is out of control. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do. we're live in morgan hill. it was a long day and night for
5:26 am
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. one bay area city has the hottest rental prices in the country. we'll take a look at what you can get for your money. >> a wildfire in lake county is growing. what's making it difficult for first responders. >> from the kpix 5 weather center we are keeping an eye on the fire forecast plus when temperatures hit the triple digits. >> and the backups are growing quickly now at the bay bridge toll plaza where the meters lights are still off. i'll have details with "kcbs traffic." >> and good morning, everyone. it's wednesday august 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning. i'm maria medina. to the latest on this morning's breaking story at the
5:30 am
bay bridge, an intense search for a person in bay waters. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from the scene with an update. anne. >> reporter: as far as we know this woman is still in the water. the water is very cold in the bay and this woman also likely has injuries from her fall off the bike path a couple of hours ago. if she does not turn up on her own within the next hour or so, the coast guard is sending up another helicopter at daybreak. in the meantime, they have a boat in the water. they have officers posted along the shoreline hoping this woman will turn up on her own. this started with a car crash. only one vehicle involved in that crash. it was on the eastbound lanes of the bridge. officers approached the car and they found one passenger and two others walking away. they had jumped a railing on to the bike path when an officer approached them. the woman who they think was the driver was hanging on to the railing and then she fell into the bay.
5:31 am
it's a drop around 75 feet. >> obviously, the water is cold. it's between 50 to 60 degrees. so the longer you stay in the water obviously the more chance of hypothermia and also the longer it is to locate the person, the, um, survivability is lessened. >> reporter: they have been tracking her likely direction. they have been questioning the other passengers as to this woman's state of mind. we will let you know when we have any confirmation on whether or not she has been found. live on the bay bridge, anne makevoc, kpix 5. more evacuations have been ordered up in lake county as the "jerusalem fire" keeps raging out of control. it's burning close to the "rocky fire" with only a couple of miles separating the two. the flames are burning through dry brush, low manzanita and trees. the "jerusalem fire" is grown to 14,000 acres rapidly. only 5% containment so far. no homes have burned but dozens are threatened. it will cost up to $5 million
5:32 am
just for lake county workers to clean up the debris. >> how are they going to do this? where is the money going to come from? >> as for the "rocky fire," it's now more than 69,000 acres and is 88% contained. across state lines a wildfire in arizona near california is now 40% contained. it started saturday in mojave county burned 11 homes and evacuations are still in effect for 100 others. yesterday, crews were able to strengthen fire lines to keep that from spreading. >> what did you say yesterday? frank, it would be nice to have a newscast where we don't talk about a new fire. right? >> i know. it's all about fire. >> i remember years ago interview people from the california department of forestry and they say this is a problem all year. extremely dry conditions especially as we heat up on the weekend. good morning, everyone. can you see the live weather
5:33 am
camera? it's the moon on its way to becoming a new moon. good news is we can see it this morning because we have thin overcast. temperatures are currently in the 50s and 60s. very close to normal temperatures in the 60s at the beaches. 70s and 80s common across the peninsula to 86 degrees morgan hill. 88 degrees in gilroy up to nearly 90 in brentwood today. and north bay numbers from the 60s to 81 in santa rosa. full forecast coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. good morning, everybody. we are going to start off once again with the bay bridge where the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up at the toll plaza from already the 880 overcrossing. bridge officials are cycling those metering lights slowly this morning again. delays at the toll toll plaza beyond the 880 overcrossing. we have been watching the bay bridge where the coast guard still has a search in progress for someone who fell into the water following an overnight accident. we'll keep you updated on that. as far as we know right now the chp tells us that all lanes remain open on the bay bridge at this hour.
5:34 am
of course, as soon as that changes, we'll let you know. guys. >> thank you so much, liza. developing news in the south bay. a few hours ago a police standoff in morgan hill came to an end. a young man is now under the rest. house on manor court to tell us what we know so far about this tense situation. >> reporter: good morning. this thing pretty much wrapped up a couple of hours ago. this house is what it looks like after a 12-hour standoff, pretty much just a mess now. the doors were left open when we arrived. and there's stuff pretty much everywhere. this all began around 1:00 yesterday afternoon when police got a call of a wanted felon here on manor court in morgan hill. when officers arrived they saw the man go into the home. we are told it is the home of a friend. but since the man was wanted for several violent felonies out of san jose, it was unclear if he was armed, police told the homeowners to get out and evacuated the neighborhood. morgan hill police called the s.w.a.t. team and they used a bull horn to try to coax him out over the next couple of hours. he didn't budge. the suspect finally arrested at
5:35 am
1 a.m. he is 24 years old and booked into the santa clara county jail. the police thank all the neighbors for the patience. they had an offer for people who didn't have a placespend the night. >> what we have offered that they can go to our office of emergency services at the police department or we can also offer them hotel vouchers. >> reporter: the neighborhood is back open again. all the neighbors are allowed back inside their homes. live in morgan hill, kiet do, kpix 5. a man is dead two alameda counties sheriff's deputies are injured after an explosion at an apartment in oakland. neighbors say a man being evicted did not want to leave his home. he apparently set up a trap turning on the natural gas then jamming the lock so when a locksmith tried to drill it open yesterday a spark set off the explosion knocking the two deputies against the wall. five tenants from other units ran for their lives.
5:36 am
>> it was a traumatic experience. i loves a few items in it. -- i lovelies lost a few items in it, no phone, no shoes. >> we got out safely. that's important right now. but i'm thinking about what is going to happen next. >> firefighters found a man's body in the back unit. the two deputies have moderate injuries. the locksmith minor injuries. two families left homeless are now getting help from the red cross. police say they publicly misidentified a man arrested at the outside lands festival in golden gate park last weekend. the man with the name police gave out tells the "chronicle" he lost his wallet two years ago and the suspect must have had his id because on sunday, that suspect ran through the south entry gate led police on a foot chase. he is now under arrest on suspicion of two felonies including resisting arrest. a state of emergency could soon be lifted in ferguson, missouri. things were more calm on the streets yesterday after days of protests marking one year since
5:37 am
the death of michael brown. sunday a man in the crowd shot at police. the officers fired back wounding the suspect. he is now charged with several felonies. a texas police officer who shot and killed an unarmed college football player during a break-in at a car dealership is out of a job. brad miller was fired from the arlington police force yesterday after he shot 19-year- old christian taylor multiple times on friday. the city's police chief says miller should not have approached taylor alone. san jose city council has approved a pilot program to allow the police department to use a drone. city leaders assured the public the drone will not be used to spy on them. under the new policy, the drone will only be used in two types of situations, to support the bomb squad in dealing with explosive materials or when there is a live gunman or hostage situation. the plan still needs approval from the federal aviation administration. oakland is now the hottest rental market in the nation. according to the apartment
5:38 am
rental website zumper, rent surged 20% last year more than any major city in the country. the median price for a one- bedroom apartment is about $1,980. that's still less than what would you pay in san jose or san francisco. a major chain that's been refusing to take apple pay now says it will accept it after all. jill wagner of joins us now. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, frank and maria. global markets are rattled after china's surprise decision to de value its currency. it makes chinese products less expensive overseas but it gives china an unfair advantage. stocks for companies that sell products in china like apple and general motors took a hit. really dragged down the markets yesterday. the dow fell 212 points. the nasdaq down 65. ford is bringing manufacturing jobs back to the united states. the automaker shifting
5:39 am
production of its 2016 trucks from mexico to ohio. it le create more than 1,000 jobs tore two types of trucks. rite aid shunned apple pay as part of a group developing a rival pay system. but now rite aid says it will accept apple pay this month and android pay when it becomes available. >> jill, we like to talk about food here in the morning. people are grabbing their breakfast right now and we hear there's a new sweet treat on the market. >> reporter: that's right. now you can get your girl scout cookie fix for breakfast. quaker is going to be rolling out its first girl scout cookie-inspired granola bars in two flavors, thin mint and caramel coconut. and they each have about 100 calories. but who could have just one? >> got to the got to have two. they can't be good for you. girl scout cookies for breakfast? >> i buy the thin mints and keep them to myself.
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an update on the bay bridge. searchers are checking the area around the toll plaza for a woman who may have fallen into the bay. the chp says the woman fell into the water after a car crash on the span. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the scene and we'll go back to her live shortly. it is 5:43. the city of santa clara says it's already lost more than 40,000 bucks because of thieves stealing water meters in the city. the city says it's happened 36 times in less than a month. always overnight in front of businesses. investigators believe the meters are being stolen to be sold as scrap metal. >> they are turning off the water before they cut the meters off and that requires a special tool. so they either have done this before in other places or they have some knowledge. >> the city is offering $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton agreed to hand over her private
5:44 am
home email server to federal investigators. as cbs news' hannah daniels reports, those investigators want to know if the server was used to transmit top secret information. reporter: hillary clinton has directed her team to hand over her private email server along with a thumb drive to the justice department. the development comes amid an ongoing federal investigation into whether the democratic presidential front-runner sent or received classified information on an unsecured system during her time as secretary of state, something clinton has denied. >> i did not email any, um, classified material. >> reporter: on tuesday a top intelligence official revealed two of the emails that went through the server should have been marked top secret. in a statement, state department spokesman john kirby says, quote, department employees circulated the emails on unclassified systems in 2009 and 2011 and ultimately some were forwarded to secretary clinton.
5:45 am
they were not marked as class fight. >> republican presidential front-runner donald trump pounced on the news during an appearance on fox. >> did she commit a crime? yes. will they prosecute it? perhaps no. >> reporter: a recent cbs poll shows the email controversy may be taking a toll on clinton's campaign. >> nationally, the trustworthiness and honesty numbers for hillary clinton are going down. but let's point out among democrats, they still find her trustworthy and honest. >> reporter: her camp says they will cooperate with the government investigation. hannah daniels, cbs news. >> feds say they busted a high- tech inside trading scheme. a couple years ago panera bread sent an earnings announcement to its news distribution service. the hackers stole the information. they then traded 75,000 panera shares before the news was released to the rest of the world. they made nearly a million dollars in about an hour.
5:46 am
>> cyber criminals are relentless, tireless and patient so they will constantly keep attacking individual computer networks if they are ones they want to penetrate. >> the feds say the hackers used the same stunt to make more than a million dollars off silicon valley's alliant technology. another wire service hacked was business wire based in san francisco. the firm has now hired security experts to make sure everyone is protected. a silicon valley company says it has a solution to stores charging people more than the listed price. the company guarantees the shelf tag and the cash register are 'nsync. the technology enables retailers to change prices more often to be competitive with online real tailors. the oakland commute at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights are on early because of the developing
5:47 am
situation at the bay bridge. there was an accident that happened overnight and reports the coast guard helicopters are down now and will resume aerial search at daybreak. all lanes are open on the bay bridge right now. it is contributing to longer delays than usual at the toll plaza. it's already backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing and those metering lights are cycling very slowly now for the commute out of oakland into san francisco. if they do decide to shut down lanes, we'll be back with more information on that but again, all lanes are open on the bridge. there is a grass fire burning right now in menlo park. the menlo park is asking folks to avoid eastbound bayfront expressway between willow and university. they do have one lane shut down not too far from the dumbarton. close by the san mateo bridge
5:48 am
westbound five approaching the toll plaza with no big delays report leaving hayward bound for foster city. that's your traffic. now to roberta. >> summer break is over for many kids in san jose, antioch, san mateo, south san francisco unified school district. out the door this morning, for the morning bell in the 60s by lunchtime, mid- to high 60s. 70s except for the antioch unified school district. temperatures in the 80s. it's over! parents are so happy today. [ laughter ] >> all right. this is a live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. see that right there? that is the 4% waning crescent moon. pretty awesome this morning bus we are able to see a very thin overcast along the coast today 50s and 60s. we'll have sunshine for everyone today. temperatures near average and we are going see a robust warmup by the weekends. i love this satellite-radar
5:49 am
image. it's perfect. kids going back to school will learn this. this is -- i'm way too happy about this. i'm kind of giddy. area of low pressure off the coast about 200 miles. this is the core the frontal boundary with precipitation associated with it. but it's just not busting through our dry air mass to bring us any much-needed rain so the slow going to hang there until about tomorrow afternoon. then it's going to eject to the east. as it does so high pressure will firmly build in for the desert southwest and that's when we'll begin to see that warmup by the weekend. meanwhile, today 74 degrees in monterey bay back through carmel. 60s northwest california. 80s in the high sierra. 90 yosemite. 90 sacramento through davis into stockton. our numbers near 70 today. pacifica moss and montera beaches. 70s bayside, 80s peninsula. upper 70s santa clara valley to the 80s across the north bay. 87 outside number in brentwood today. and then it looks like we'll see triple digits by saturday. enjoy your wednesday.
5:50 am
the makers of a new water conserving showerhead have apple's ceo tim cook in their corner. he is among their first investors. nivia's showerheads have also been installed at apple's corporate headquarters in cupertino. the small company is based in san francisco. kim kardashian and a drug make remember in hot water with the fda. the they weren't amused when she endorsed the drug for morning sickness on social media. the fda said the endorsements was misleading and didn't include notes on the drug's risks. the fda asked the company to change the branding or stop selling the drug entirely. we'll talk about a high wire act. nick wallenda set a personal record taking the highest altitude central at the wisconsin state fair. take a look. wallenda walked 1500 feet 10 stories above the ground on a wire no wider than a nickel.
5:51 am
he was cool and never wavered. he once walked on a wire across the grand canyon. he assistant coach says it's all about confidence. he is a seventh generation wire walker. >> that is like kids stuff compared to the grand canyon with wind and sitting down a couple times. >> i'd rather be on the ferris wheel at the fair. >> i'd rather watch him. 5:51. a warning for people that have pets out there. the bay area town where coyotes are threatening ,, ♪
5:52 am
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! good morning. if your commuted takes you close to the dumbarton bridge out of menlo park, just be advised we have one lane shut down eastbound on the bayfront expressway between willow and university because of a grass fire next to the road. all lanes of the dumbarton bridge are open. i will have another update on this including an update on your bay bridge commute with "kcbs traffic." another legal headache for ridesharing company uber. hong kong police raided its offices yesterday and they arrested three office staff
5:55 am
members five drivers. the drivers are suspected of illegally carrying passengers and driving without proper insurance. uber says it stands by its drivers though and welcomes the opportunity to work with authorities on updating the regulations. pet owners in pacifica are on high alert after reports of an aggressive coyote. it's been spotted near the lands end apartment complex on esplanade avenue. one man said a coyote charged at him and his dog yesterday morning. wildlife experts say pet owners should stay closer to animals when outdoors and anyone who spots a coyote should keep at a distance. alameda police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man responsible for half dozen break-ins in their city. police say this is the man they are looking for. he may have sexual assaulted a young girl after he broke into her home. a surveillance camera caught him lurking around the roadway inn motel. investigators identify the man fatally shot by san jose
5:56 am
police over the weekend. police say edrinne rivera stabbed a man. a short time later he was spotted by police carrying this meat cleaver. police say he brandished the cleaver when they confronted him. that's when two officers both fired their guns. rivera died at the scene. this is the city's fifth officer-involved shooting this year. time now 5:56. coming up in our 6:00 hour, a south bay standoff ends in an arrest. how long it took police to detain that suspect. and we have some new information at this hour on what started as a car accident and ended up with a woman falling off the bay bridge where authorities are ,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, "hump day,"
6:00 am
august 12. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:00. we begin this hour with some breaking news on the bay bridge. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live with the latest on the search for someone who may have fallen in the water. >> reporter: a woman. and the chp says it has gotten several reports of a woman who was soaking wet and may have been flagging down traffic. they are trying to review videotape from this area here in the bay bridge to try to figure out if that indeed may be true but a woman fell off of the bike path a couple of hours ago. if this woman is not found, the coast guard is sending up another helicopter at daybreak. in the meantime they have a boat in the water. they have officers posted along the shoreline hoping this woman will turn up on her own. it started with a car crash. only one vehicle involved on the eastbound lanes of the bridge. officers approached the car and they found one passenger there at the car. and they saw two other people


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