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tv   KPIX 5 News and Pre- Game Show  CBS  August 15, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> the site of tonight's first preseason game for the 49ers and the beginning of a new chapter for the scarlet and gold. hello, everybody. mr. bear, mr. 49er, mr. raider, linemen alongside. at the conclusion of the pga championship is currently airing on our sister station kbcw. right now it is all about football in this one. are you ready to go with this one? >> i'm pitching to go, raring to go. >> there we go. there's some new faces on the 49ers sidelines this year. tomsula is the new man in
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charge. the defensive coordinator is the former nfl head coach in eri mangini. the only assistant to hold the same job from the harbaugh regime is running backs coach. just a quick little knee jerk reaction on tomsula. >> great guy. wonderful person. well liked by the players. a lot of energy. every time i talk with him i come away impressed. they have the best running back coach, but tomsula, fantastic guy. ton of fire. >> i like the self deprecating approach on jim tomsula. he's a regular dude. >> he takes time to get to know everybody. everybody he comes in contact with jim, he takes time to know about you and what you're about and goes out of his way to really make an impression. that's what i've been left with every time i've had the chance
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to talk with him. >> it's kind of been kind of a dress rehearsal for tomsula tonight. let's head out to houston at dennis o'donnell who recently chatted with the new man in charge. >> the 49ers warming up for their first preseason game and the beginning of the jim tomsula era. i think the hiring of the tomsula came as a surprise to many outside the organization but inside there is a very positive vibe that everybody is on the same page. >> i know collin had the much celebrated, well chronicled workout with kurt warner in the offseason and this is a big year for him. for years we heard the label potential. at some point it becomes time to shed the potential label and move on to the next level. do you feel collin is at that point? >> i mean, colin kaepernick is very early in his career. he's played in the super bowl. colin kaepernick has never been
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broke. okay? colin kaepernick is a guy that busts his tail all the time trying to get better and that's what he's done. we talk about him going away this year in the summer. when the new cba came out, there's a block of time there coaches are not allowed to be with their players. colin kaepernick came into the nfl after that cba was signed. his rookie year he went to atlanta and worked out. his second year he went to miami and worked out and got better at things. his third year he went to arizona and worked out and got better at things. and you know, i keep talking about the list of things. he and geep meet after the season, they put the list down. geep has his list, colin has his list. colin goes out and he finds somebody that he pays to work with him. and that's what he's done. >> let me ask you on the defensive side of the ball because everybody talks about what you lost.
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justin obviously and patrick willis. but two years ago this was a fierce pass rush. are you closer, do you feel you're closer to returning to what you had a couple of years ago? >> yeah. i'm obviously when you start talking about that group, i worked with them intimately, and i know every one of them intimately, and that is a great group. and it's great depth. and they're hard workers. let's pay the respects to justin smith. let's pay the respect to them. they earned it, they deserve it. absolutely. they're awesome football players. they don't play anymore. the guys we have, i don't want anybody trying to be justin smith. i want you to be the best version of yourself. >> jim, how excited are you to get this rolling? >> the excitement level for me is big time. everyday i get to wake up and
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coach football i'm excited. >> you're the head coach now. >> i get it. and i'm excited about that. no doubt about any of that stuff, but i really think about today. it's the day-to-day tore me, man. we talk about you look at your gps, it doesn't show you the destination. it shows you where your next target is. i'm focused on the next target. >> obviously he lost a lot to either retirement or free agency, a lot of the pro bowlers, but he's very excited about the players he's got here. i'm going to explain how the 49ers expect to get up to the line of scrimmage with 22 seconds left on the play clock. 49ers taking the field right now. in fact, there are some faithful here in the stadium. back to you. >> i heard the faithful. thanks, dennis. tonight following the game is the fifth quarter, and after that is our super bowl special count down to gold, and then at
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9:30, money. one last thing i hope wanted to ask you about tomsula before we go to the commercial break. when you're an assistant coach like tomsula was, you had your hand in the dirt, you've been in the line. you're kind of like one of the guys. then when you're the head coach, what changes? maybe in his perspective and the players. >> you've got one side of the ball to worry about. he had probably 8 or 9 defensive men to worry about. now he's got 53 to worry about, offense to worry good, the defense to worry about, the owner to worry about, the media to meet with. before he was with his guys in the trenches, doing his thing. now he's got a lot bigger role. >> i can't wait to see what he does with that spotlight. ahead with all the departures on defense could a local guy steal a roster spot? former cal star did desmond bishop returns to his roots. ,,,
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♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> aldon smith, self destructive momentum in his career with the 49ers last week. he was arrested on suspicion of dui, hit hit-and-run, plus vandalism. it was his fifth run-in with
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the law since joining team in 2012. he heads a list of offseason departures for the 49ers. boilen and willis retire. culliver signed with washington. since we're talking on the defensive side of the ball, how about these changes? that's another one of the things to look for in this game tonight with the texans. >> without a doubt. they have so many different holes to fill on this defense side of the ball. justin smith huge loss. that guy was the straw that held this team. now they get one of their guys back. that will help. they've got somebody that's been in there, been in the trenches and probably played some of the best football in the nfl before the injury. they've got a lot of young people to fill the role in. tonight will play a big deciding factor in which one of the guys will step up and play that role. >> the incident with aldon
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smith had a trickle down effect because it's my understanding they had already planned on blitzing a lot. now they're going to try to blitz even more. tonight will be a nice look at guys like eli harrell who one of the guys that might be able to replace him. >> without a doubt. he's going to have to step up and play big. at the end of the day what's going to happen, it puts the back end on one-on-one coverage with no help. you don't get that in a hurry, it makes it real difficult with that secondary. there's questions back there, too. at the end of the day, hopefully that blitz gets there and the protectors of the secondary gets there. >> speaking of the secondary i want to see brock today against hopkins who was the texans leading receiver. i know it will be early in the game. it may not even happen. there's just the allure of that, at least when the 1's get out there. >> it's exciting to get back out on the field for all these guys. it's preseason. it's kind of like giving your sister a kiss goodbye but at
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the end of the day it's still football and you get excited to get out there and do it. what was the score when the 1's came out on offense, defense. there's so much breaking down. at the end of the day it's good to get back out there and get your feet wet again. >> you know what, navarro bowman, he won't play so expect to see a lot of desmond bishop. the name should sound familiar to fans in the bay area. dennis o'donnell standing by with his story. >> as a boy he idolized linebacker lee woodall. that's why he's playing the position today. wearing the red and gold, not what he expected a few years ago. >> some days i wake up and i'm in a situation and i'm like, i'm too good. you know what i mean? i'm like, i feel like i'm dope. >> desmond bishop sometimes is at a loss for words when trying to explain why he's fighting for a roster spot in santa
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clara. >> lost the football, picked up by bishop. >> bishop recovered 8 tackles, recovered a football and signed with the packers in 2010. but a serious hamstring injury in 2012 forced him out of green bay. the 49ers are his fourth team in four seasons. >> i think like maybe a week before i got cut i was thinking like i'm not going to be -- i might be the ray lewis of green bay. >> but ray lewis was -- guys from hunters point neighborhood in san francisco usually don't end up at cal, much less the nfl. >> one of my first games in pop warner we played in candlestick park. i can see it from my bedroom window. >> reporter: while candlestick park symbolized hope of an nfl dream, there was another landmark in hunters point just as famous for different
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reasons. bishop's corner still stands today. >> my grandfather who passed away, rest in peace, he came from the south end and he brought property and bought a corner store that was the hangout for everybody. that's where like everything in the neighborhood, the heart of it, that was the middle point. everybody came there and did their business there. and got a reputation as being tough because everybody there, you had to be tough to be around there. >> one of those tough guys was dennis bishop, desmond's father. >> i pulled up some police reports from i think it was like '88 and read it, and tiffs baffled that my -- and i was baffled that this is my dad. of course he's not like that today. he's very calm and mellow. >> he's grope up. >> yeah. and he instilled a certain kind of toughness. >> but the toughness was not innate when it came to football. and dad, a former player in the
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usfl did something about it. >> there was a kid in our neighborhood by the name of kenny brown. it was like a hill, and first day with pads, like most kids, i was scared to hit. it's not like natural. so i put my hand in the way, hurt my finger. i was shying away from contact. and so he got the idea to get kenny brown, the toughest kid in the neighborhood, fully padded, put him at the top of the hill, put me at the bottom of the hill and he ran down the hill and i had to take him on. >> i had him run my kids over until they were crying and bleeding and snot running out of their nose. >> eventually i started taking him on and realized i could do it. by the end of the season, kenny wanted no part of me. >> reporter: while kenny brown gave bishop his toughness, his mother, sherry, might have saved his life when she decided to move the family away from bishop's corner. >> one morning there was a shoot-out outside. a guy on the ground murdered.
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and it was, you know, for a kid to experience that. it's funny, because i kind of normalize it, part of, you know, whatever. but my mom snatched me up and like two days later we moved up north to a better situation. >> reporter: that better situation was fairfield high school. and the start of a successful football career derailed by injury. bishop signed a short contract last december with the 49ers, but was looking for work in the offseason. once again, family stepped in. >> my auntie is a season ticket holder, been a season ticket holder for 34 years maybe. unbeknownst to me, my mom and my auntie collaborated to bombard trent with email after email, like breaking down my stats, telling him all about me, that i'm healthy now. and that all i need is a chance. i was like why would you do
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that? i was taken aback. but at the same time i was like, hey, it might work. three days later, my get called me and said the 49ers want to bring me in for a workout. >> reporter: bishop hopes to make the team for his family and the biggest kid from hunters point. >> this is like kenny brown running down the hill at me. and i took that on. you know what i mean? it's whatever. i'm ready for whatever. >> reporter: bishop says he wants to restore bishop's corner into something more positive influence on the neighborhood. right now, he's interested in restoring his football career. you'll see that coming up at 5:00 right here on kpix. back to you. >> that is a great story. speaking of restoration, there is a new version of colin kaepernick. what to expect tonight from him, and the rest of the 49er offense. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> for the first time since 2004, the 49ers will not have frank gore in uniform. gore signed with the colts in the offseason in hopes to have a shot at winning a super bowl. he made it clear on nfl network, quarterback andrew luck gives him that chance. >> especially with number 12, man. i'm not knocking my other quarterbacks, i respect them. been around this guy a couple
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of months now. he's a different breed. he's smart. he make me feel young, man. he run the huddle, you know. and i never had that. >> all right. so we are back with number 62 and let's talk about number 7. all eyes are going to be on what he did. i should say in fairness, kaepernick says he didn't have a chance to call his own plays like andrew luck does. so there's a little response to that. >> there's a lot to that. he could see him in the feel, give me the play. it's hard to have command when you're trying to say hurry up, and the verbiage being so much. andrew luck is probably one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl at this point right now. at the end of the day, being behind andrew luke.
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>> in the offseason much was made of kaepernick working with kurt warner in arizona, revamping his whole passing style, form or whatever. i'm just curious to see if he will stick to that game plan or when the heat's on, when he takes those three steps back, and the pocket's converged on him, he reverts back to what he knows. >> how many reps has he had at it? once repetition becomes habit. if you've taken enough repetitions, something becomes habit. how much time did he have to work with him? is all that stuff ingrained now? but at the end of the day he is what he is. he is so dynamic because he can make those plays with his feet. you want him standing there, cleaning up the throwing motion a little bit. but at the end of the day you don't want to take that from him, because it makes the defense play honest, spy somebody. if you don't play him to run the ball, he will beat you with his feet. >> excellent point. kickoff is getting closer right
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here on kpix 5. you saw frank gore with the coltser earlier. what to expect from the guys ,,
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>> you saw frank gore in our last segment with the colts. here's who the 49ers are hoping to replace him. carlos hyde, reggie bush, kendell hunter who missed all
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of last season. hyde is a bruising running back out of ohio state. bush will catch passes out of the back field. bush the veteran, has been mentioning hyde. as we are back to our kpix studios. about the replacement for frank gore, we're so used to seeing 21 up there going up. but there's hope. there's a new blocking scheme in front of him. this is a whole new revamped thing under geep chryst to attack the defense, to create holes for the running back core. >> without a doubt. i think the key to this season, i think carlos hyde is a great back. i think reggie bush is a dynamic out of the back field catching the ball. i think they're going to be all right if they can replace anthony davis in the run game. when anthony davis was not in the lineup last year the team struggled to run the ball effectively. when he was in the lineup they were pretty good running the football. their record reflected that drastically in the games he played and didn't play.
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he's gone. they've got to get cohesion on that offensive line. if they can't get that right side playing good ball quickly, they've got a chance. if not kap won't be able to step into his throws. the key to the season is how good the right guard and right tackle play. >> got to keep 7 upright. we're ba,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pep jeremy no bigger 49er than that one today. >> he's a special little guy, had a great time doing the special olympics. just want to thank the family for sharing him with me. >> that is awesome. that's going to do it for us. for jeremy, myself, joey out there watching, thanks so much. get ready for 49er football. we send it to the three ready
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to go.


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