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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, than you for waking up with us -- thank you for waking up with us. a san jose woman on her morning walk is killed by a hit- and-run driver after 7 a.m. yesterday on tully just east of highway 101. the driver is still on the loose. kpix 5's kiet do is at san jose police headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: laura reyes was just trying to stay healthy get back into shape when this car careened up on the sidewalk and killed her. that driver kept on going didn't stop and left the scene where she died on the scene pronounced dead there. the car was ditched a couple of blocks away found with a broken windshield, hood and tires. it was a red mitsubishi stolen a couple of days ago. friends and family are devastated. >> talked to her two days ago. >> loves her a lot. he doesn't know how he is going to do it. she was everything for him so
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he is really destroyed too. >> reporter: laura was married and she was taking classes at de anza college with dreams of one day running her own daycare center. investigators are combing through surveillance cameras from homes in the area that show the driver walking way from the abandoned car. if you know anything, san jose police want you to give them a call. live at police headquarters in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. new this morning, a high- speed chase across the bay area started in santa clara around 3:30 this morning and stopped on northbound 101 south of candlestick. the suspects are a man and woman. police say they were in a stolen car both had felony warrants for possession of stolen property. both are now in custody. the community is rallying together in roanoke, virginia after two journalists were gunned down on live television. ♪[ music ] a vigil was held last night
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outside of wdbj. two station employees reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward were killed on wednesday. parker's parents say they will push for tougher gun laws. >> that's something we will work for to the end of our days. >> parker's parents say they hope president obama will help them with their fight for gun control. her father says, quote, i don't want to see another alison and adam die because nothing gets done. the gunman was a former employee at the same tv station who took his own life later on wednesday. police searched vester flanagan' cars and apartment and a dumpster. inside the car, they found a pistol, ammunition, a briefcase with three license plates, and a wig. they also found some sort of "to do" list but they are not saying what was on it. a former fbi profiler says flanagan may have had more targets. >> so when the police have recovered "to do" lists or notes or journals in his car writings, i think that becomes significant because hopefully, he put in there where he
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intended to go. >> flanagan was fired from the station in 2013. he sued for discrimination and wrongful termination. he allegedly told the station, you better call police because i'm going to make a big stink. new testimony indicates a deadly shooting on pier 14 in san francisco was not intentional. the suspect juan lopez-sanchez admits that he fired the shot that killed kate steinle. but yesterday, the former head of the san francisco police crime lab said the shooter appeared to be accidental. he also said the same type of gun had been involved in accidental shootings before. other experts have said the bullet ricocheted. a peninsula pilot walked away from a plane crash yesterday. his single-engine plane crashed minutes after take-off from the san carlos airport bounced offshore way road into thick brush short of a public storage facility. the pilot was the only one on board. shore way was closed until a tow truck came to clear the wreck. help is on the way for
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people who were affected by this summer's wildfires. governor brown released emergency funding yesterday. the executive order will help residents and business owners in central california and lake and trinity counties. the rough fire in central california is the largest so far this season with 90 square miles of burnt terrain. >> wildfires have taken a big toll on washington state. more than 1,000 square miles have burned, nearly the size of rhode island. the good news is firefighters are holding stead difficult. winds are actually pushing -- steady. winds are actually pushing portions of the fire back on to itself. three firefighters died, 80 structures have been destroyed. on this friday now 4 minutes after 6:00 time for a look at the road ahead. hears gianna. >> it's not "friday light" in the east bay. we have brand-new reports of an accident as you work your way eastbound 80 near powell street. good news is it's the noncommute direction. no word of injuries but it may cause delays. it is blocking the left lane. westbound we are seeing brake lights as you work your way along the eastshore freeway. once you hit the bay bridge metering lights are on.
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they are cycling quickly but we are still seeing a backup. that's building almost to the maze at this point. your approaches to the bay bridge are sluggish. traffic is loading up. 23 minutes now westbound 580 from the top of the altamont pass to 680. a lot of delays out of tracy westbound as you work your way near mountain house. plan for that. gets better near 680 although we are hearing reports of an accident 580 near eden canyon. golden gate bridge is definitely "friday light" out of the north bay out of marin county into san francisco. no delays along doyle drive and looks like the san mateo bridge starting to see a few slower speeds there westbound 92. 880 to 101 now 17 minutes. here's a look at your forecast. you know, gianna, brian and maria, working these early hours can, you know, really be tiring sometimes but this will wake you up! look at this. it's our live weather camera looking out from san francisco. i need some sound effects for this, gang. >> ooo. >> that's really pretty, isn't
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it? so it's pretty and mild. temperatures are in the 60s shy of 70 in livermore, shy of 70 in concord. san francisco is at 65. santa rosa is a cool spot at 60 degrees. temperature-wise, up to about 10 degrees above average today. not as hot as yesterday. nearly 70 beaches, 80s low 90s peninsula up to 98 degrees in gilroy and brentwood and north bay numbers increasing cloud cover, partly cloudy, 60s. mid-80s. weekend forecast minutes away. thank you. people in alameda are worried an arsonist may strike again. several fires broke out yesterday including one in a recycling cage. anne makovec is live in alameda and it sounds ann, like firefighters have had their hands full where five fires have broken out. >> reporter: yeah. they really have. seven total here within about 24 hours. the arsonist is still on the loose this morning. there were five fires specifically that broke out
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within 20 minutes yesterday in a fou -square-block radius here in the old alameda naval air station. one fire was set here at the alameda point studios, which holds craft workshops like furniture makers and metalworkers. there's some fire and smoke damage inside but the water damage from sprinklers and firefighters' hoses was worse. >> one of our tenants was, you know, lost his business. we are going to make it good to him right away. we're all little guys here, really little guys. and we need to work. so we have to get up and going. >> reporter: all of these fires were set before 7:30 yesterday morning. but authorities have really been on watch throughout the past day to see if any more are going to be set or if this arsonist is maybe laying low. all these fires are under investigation. live in alameda, anne makevoc, kpix 5. employees golfing while on
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the job, abuses of state resources findings into an audit of a half dozen state agencies. caltrans is under fire. the audit found their management approved the time sheet of one engineer who played 55 rounds of golf on workdays over 19 months. it also revealed that california's prison healthcare operator cost taxpayers $3 million by paying a contractor to do paperwork. >> we believe that there are some billings that should have provided more specificity. we have taken those recommendations to heart. we have provided training to all our staff to make sure in the future that the billing is clear. >> the audit has already produced changes in billing procedures at correctional health service and the oversight of time sheets at caltrans. several democratic presidential candidates will be making speeches today. hannah daniels has the latest on the race for the nomination.
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>> reporter: democratic voters will hear from hillary clinton today at their summer meeting in minneapolis. at a campaign event in ohio thursday she compared her republican rivals to terrorists! ! for their views on women's issues like abortion. >> extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the -- terrorists groups. but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans. >> reporter: gop candidates including jeb bush and john kasich condemned the remarks and republican national committee called for clinton to apologize for her inflammatory rhetoric. her terrorist remark comes as a new poll shows she may be in trouble. support for the current front- runner has fallen by 10 points in the last month. the same poll also showed vice president joe biden doing better in a matchup against donald trump than clinton even though he hasn't entered the race. hannah daniels, for cbs news. time now 6:09. one doubled trump product
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] hard to believe this is the last friday in the months of august. good morning, everybody. 6:13. we are looking at downtown san jose unclear skies and currently 66 degrees there with a gentle breeze out of the east at 3 miles per hour. i will have the complete santa clara valley forecast and microclimate outlook coming up in less than five minutes. a member of the manson
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family may soon get out of prison. bruce davis is 72 and has been behind bars for 43 years. he was convicted of two murders with charles manson. and although he did not participate in the killing of sharon tate, her sister is speaking for all of the victims' families. the parole board has approved release four time but two governors have reversed the decisions. >> i'm very worried governor brown is no longer running for office and therefore, he might not care about public opinion as much. >> davis became a minister in prison and his attorney says he is rehabilitated. but a prosecutor says davis was manson's "chief lieutenant." the parole decision has a four- month review and then goes to the governor. today the dispute over how to split robin williams' estate goes to court. his children say the wife is cheating them. williams killed himself in his
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marin county home last august. despite a growing anti- vaccination movement an overwhelming majority of parents are vaccinating their children. the cdc reports more than 14,000 california kindergartners were granted a nonmedevac seen exemption during the 2014-2015 school year. the exemption rate is about 2.7% of all kindergartners. that number is down .6% compared to the previous year. la boulange is closing starting today. the first two are in san francisco on columbus avenue and market street. starbucks, which owns la boulange now is closing all 23 locations. it says maintaining them isn't sustainable for long-term growth. many customers say they are sad to see the cafes go. >> it's just different. seems like it's been here for a long time and, you know, something new maybe not as much charm or character may come in and -- so i don't know.
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i think one of the reason, that attracts people here is that it has a lot of character and history. >> starbucks bought la boulange three years ago for $100 million. one particular donald trump product is putting cash into the pockets of san francisco business owners. these pinatas are selling at a couple of stores on mission street in san francisco. they are $20 each and most of the stores say they can't keep enough on the shelves for everyone who wants them. >> the latino community is a little bit upset, some are angry. so i guess they decided to make a pinata out of him so people could beat the crap out of him basically. >> well, earlier this week trump angered latinos after he kicked a prominent latino anchor jorge ramos out of a press conference and told him to go back to univision. now time to check traffic and weather. 16 minutes after 6:00 on your friday morning. and it looks like a little
6:17 am
trouble out there. it's not "friday light." >> you have delays this morning. what was considered an accident is now reported as a broken- down vehicle eastbound 80 right at powell blocking one lane. tow trucks are on scene getting that out of the way. on the flip side you're starting to see break lights off the eastshore freeway -- brake lights offer the eastshore freeway. bay bridge traffic is business as usual metering lights are on. looks like you're slow-and-go but we are seeing a bit of a -- the metering lights cycling decent think so hopefully things will ease up quickly -- for this friday morning. quiet overall no snags along 880. both directions nice ride. busy westbound but no delays on the san mateo bridge. westbound 580 past the dublin interchange got a wreck there. not in lanes, but it's involving a big rig off to the right shoulder. busy out of the altamont pass towards 680. a few brake lights through san jose northbound 101 near mckee. overall quiet. this weekend some sporting events. cardinals and giants at&t
6:18 am
tonight. expect delays on 280 extension. also highway 37 looks good now but that will change over the weekend. we have the gopro grand prix of sonoma happening so it's going to be busy there. hopefully the weather will hold up. >> yeah. it's going to be very nice for the grand prix of sonoma. 79 degrees mostly sunny skies on sunday in sonoma. boy, is that going to be fun. i can't be there. i'm go to be at day at the park in livermore benefiting camp arroyo for terminally ill children and their families and it's going to be a spectacular sunday. saturday a little iffy. right now this is gorgeous. this is the scene looking out from san francisco towards the bay waters in oakland. and we have temperatures pretty uniform across the board except santa rosa at 60. otherwise in the mid-60s. it's 6 the at this early hour -- 69 at this early hour in concord. take a look at your temperatures for today. we are approaching 70 along the seashore. we have 80 degrees in san mateo. high 80s and low 90s around the peninsula then 95 the further
6:19 am
south you go in morgan hill up to 98 degrees. gilroy for one of the outside numbers, east of the bay we are talking about temperatures soaring up to 98 degrees in brentwood. we'll notice increasing clouds during the afternoon hours. and then we start calling it partly cloudy with a west wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. 60s in stinson beach through the 70s in sausalito to the mid- and high 80s towards san rafael. 88 degrees in santa rosa. and then we head further north where we will notice mostly cloudy skies and if we see any chances of rain on saturday, it will be in this particular location. 91 degrees in ukiah. 20% chance of rain on saturday. dry skies sunday and some very mild temperatures as we wrap up august and slide towards the labor day holiday. that's a look at your friday forecast. gang, take it away. >> thanks, roberta. if you are looking for more risk in gambling, the lottery just started selling a $30 scratch-off ticket in california. the prize, $10 million. it seems the price tag isn't
6:20 am
keeping people away. many store owners say scratchers have been selling well there. the odds of winning are twice that of a $1 scratcher. streets turned into raging rivers and buildings crumpled from winds and rain. we are keeping an eye on tropical storm erika as it heads for the u.s. >> good morning, everybody. i'm going to tell you how tough the road is that the giants have to hoe in the national league. ,,
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aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. good morning, everybody. a little baseball to throw at you. the giants, it's all giants all the time. huh? hey, a first-ever in the history of their home ballpark. now, when you sit close to the plate, keep your head on a
6:24 am
swivel, baby! look out! nice classic reaction from this lady. getaway game with the cubs yesterday. acrobatic move by madison baumgarner. look at him a little pirouette. whoa! contorted his body to field that one. also with 12 strikeouts, he is 16-6. here's the pitch right at ya. and it's going back. way back. a 3rd inning blast from marlon byrd three-run job, 5-1 giants. 8th inning, rookie tomlinson had not homered this year until a bases-loaded number. first career major league homer, it's a grand slam for tomlinson. first time in the 15-year history of the ballpark the giants have hit 7 grand slams in a single season. giants won the game and the series 9-2. cardinals a little bit later on today. darryl dawkins died yesterday of an apparent heart attack known for that ferocious dunks shattering backboards.
6:25 am
his nickname was chocolate thunder. dawkins was just 58. usain bolt taken down! >> mama mia! >> right after he won the 200- meter dash at the world in beijing. the photographer just stumbled off that motorized scooter and took him out. the fastest man in the world! apparently it looked worse than it really was. bolt got up, brushed himself off and he was okay. that is sports at this hour. so here's what's ahead for the giants. it's the cardinals for the weekend and starting monday, on back end, at the dodgers. that's monday, tuesday, wednesday. boy, they got to navigate something and get away clean, 2.5 games behind l.a. in the national league west. see you later. time for the play of the day. the blue jays and rangers, toronto's cliff pennington hits
6:26 am
a deep flyball to left center field but left fielder will venable stretches out and makes a spectacular backhanded catch robbing pennington of extra bases. rangers win the game 4-1. and that is your play of the day. just how much water is the state saving? the new numbers are in. the counties saving the most and who is missing the mark. >> reporter: and san jose police need your help to find a hit-and-run driver who crashed into a woman and left her on the street to die. we have a live report straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fast food employees may have struck a critical blow in the height for higher wages. the ruling that could help workers nationwide. >> reporter: an arsonist is on the loose this morning. i'm anne makovec live in alameda where people are nervous. we'll show you damage caused so far. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, all week long we have been talking about chances of rain for this weekend. now i'll show you where and when. >> how about some good news for the roadways? we have had a couple of busies spots but right now it is "friday light" on the san mateo bridge. details coming up. good morning, thank god it's friday! it's august 28, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm maria medina. it's :30. a san jose woman -- it's 6:30. a san jose woman was killed by a hit-and-run driver yesterday morning at 7 a.m.
6:31 am
on tully road east of highway 101. kiet do has the latest on the search for the driver. >> reporter: it's been an emotional 24 hours for the friends and family of laura reyes. they were actually driving by the crime scene yesterday had no idea it was her until police came calling. laura reyes was out on her morning walk something she does every day. but this time, she didn't come home h. >> every morning she did for her own health and actually -- i told her, um, wait a couple more weeks and i'll be joining you every day. >> reporter: yesterday morning, police investigated a hit-and- run near welch park and tully road. a red mitsubishi reported stolen two days ago was found abandoned a few blocks away tires blown out, the windshield and hood bashed in from the impact. the force of the crash sent laura into the intersection. >> i have a bad headache. my stomach really upset. it just -- i'm thinking over and over like, i can't believe
6:32 am
it, i can't believe it. >> reporter: she says laura had been living at her home for a year taking classes at de anza college with the hopes of becoming certified to run her own daycare center. laura's husband lives at the home, too. >> he loved her a lot. he doesn't know how he is going to do it because he doesn't know -- she was everything for him. he is destroyed too. >> reporter: police are combing through surveillance camera of the homes -- through surveillance video of the homes in the area where the car was abandoned and shows the driver walking away from the vehicle. call police with information. live at police headquarters in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. moments ago florida governor rick scott declared a state of emergency as tropical storm erika heads toward the u.s. the tropical storm erika is dumping heavy rains bringing winds up to 50 miles per hour. four people are confirmed dead as tropical storm erika moved across the caribbean. it could reach hurricane
6:33 am
strength before hitting south florida early next week. >> and roberta was there? you were in the vicinity a week' do. we were keeping our eyes on hurricane danny and one week ago today i was in english harbor a little old village outside of antigua and i have been keeping in touch with the folks there every day since i have been back and they have been telling me what's happening in dominica. 15 inches of rain there, 20 people still missing and now we have erika past antigua with much-needed rain. they have a worse drought than us here in california. and now, it looks like this tropical storm is going to gather some strength and momentum. once it passes the dominican republic it should make landfall in miami as a category 1 on tuesday. we'll keep an eye on the potential of hurricane erika. back at home we are watching this, the sun making an appearance. the sky is brightening up. we'll notice a few increasing clouds throughout the day today. we'll refer to it as partly cloudy and boy, it's mild out the door 69 degrees in concord
6:34 am
going up to the low 90s 70s at the beaches 80s and low 90s at the peninsula. mid-90s morgan hill. 88 san jose. so these temperatures are coming down from yesterday when we had 102 in livermore. today into the 90s a little bit more comfortable with increasing cloud cover. and in stinson beach a west wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. mostly cloudy by late day hours in the north bay. those chances of rain for the weekend, that's still coming up in less than 10 minutes. gianna? thanks, roberta. all right. let's check the roadways now. looking good in some spots. it's "friday light" on the san mateo bridge. live look now westbound conditions moving right along no delays 14 minutes between 880 and 101. if you want to head eastbound into hayward traffic clear through there no road construction on the san mateo bridge. we are seeing brake lights at the bay bridge toll plaza sluggish westbound 80 through emeryville towards the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the metering lights are on. traffic is backed up there pretty much to the maze at this point. west 580 a little sluggish as well as you approach the bay bridge. oakland looking good though no
6:35 am
delays. it's actually very quiet both directions as you work your way north- and southbound. we have an accident westbound 580 in dublin just past 680. it's over to the right shoulder. we are seeing yellow speeds under 45 miles per hour. back to you guys. governor jerry brown tells californians to cut back on their water use and we heard him loud and clear. state water board reports water use across the state dropped by 31% last month. that's well beyond the governor's mandate of 25%. city of san jose is setting an example for the rest of the state in san jose. people used 38% less water. they say keep up the good work. >> a lot of people are replacing their toilets or getting rebates for high efficiency washers, installing drip irrigation or drought- tolerant plants. very helpful. >> state water regulators are looking to crackdown on underperforming communities. these are some of the state's
6:36 am
biggest offenders, livingston in merced county missed its targets by 29%. in san diego county, fallbrook missed by 27%. and in san bernardino county, the phalen pinon hills district missed its targets by 27%. a. investigators hope to catch an asonnist. several fires broke out in alameda including one on ferry point and kpix 5's anne makovec joins us from there. >> reporter: it's been quiet this morning after 7 fires were set in the early-morning hours yesterday. this arsonist is on the loose today. five were set over 20 minutes at the alameda naval air station. one fire was set at the alameda point studios, which has craft works shops, things like
6:37 am
furniture and metal. there's smoke, fire and water damage from sprinklers and hoses. >> we have a disaster to deal with. >> that's 300 gallons a minute. the sprinklers didn't go off everywhere but the whole place just filled up in the entire building. and there are many other businesses in here. >> reporter: so all of these fires the 7 fires were all set before 7:30 yesterday morning. they are all under investigation. authorities obviously hoping to catch this arsonist before he or she has the chance to strike again. live in alameda, anne makevoc, kpix 5. heavy hearts in roanoke, virginia after two journalists were gunned down on live tv. ♪[ music ] a vigil was held last night outside wdbj. two station employees reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward were killed on
6:38 am
wednesday. their colleagues are still trying to come to terms with it. >> what's going on, what was that? no response. the longer there was no response it was clear that something was very wrong. >> the on air staff held a moment of silence during yesterday's morning newscast. the station president and general manager said he has received an outpouring of condolences and support. back in the bay area, muni will announce some commuter friendly changes today. san francisco mayor ed lee and mta officials will reveal a series of service upgrades. some of the routes have been redesigned to make better connections to popular spots. it will be adding more trains and buses on its busy routes. the changes will start september 26. a recent ruling by the national labor relations board could have major implications for low wage workers. fast food companies like mcdonald's have argued it's up to franchise owners to set
6:39 am
employee pay an benefits. yesterday -- pay and benefits. they voted to redefine the employee-employer relationship yesterday, that could allow unions, better wages and benefits for all workers at the companies. a woman is suing her former landlord after she raised the rent of her san francisco home by 315%. she says in may her landlord raised her rent from about $2,100 a month to $8,900! now she filed a wrongful eviction lawsuit claiming the rent increase violates the city's rent ordinance. the suit also alleges the landlord kept the security deposit. it turns out a former subway franchise owner contacted an executive 7 years ago with her concerns about pitchman jared fogle. cindy mills claims fogle talked to her back then about paying for sex with minors. the company says it doesn't have a record of mills' complaint. fogle is on house arrest right now after he pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography and traveling for paid sex with
6:40 am
minors. three bay area universities are among the best in the world according to a new ranking. stab ford is number 2 -- stanford is number 2, uc- berkeley is 4, uc-san francisco is 18. the center for world class universities in shanghai took a half dozen factors into account including alumni and staff winning awards and the number of articles published in nature & science journals. it is 6:40. are contact lens companies charging you too much money? what a new case is discovering and how it could affect you. >> a suspicious van handing out free treats turns heads in one valley neighborhood. can you really give away free candy? the candy man can. we'll talk about it after a break. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's take a look at the big board. you can see the dow jones
6:41 am
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6:44 on august 28. the last friday of august. let's see what you can expect today. 60s approach 0 with increasing clouds along the seashore. 80s and low 90s peninsula. good morning, san jose, your forecast high 88, 95 morgan hill. 98 degrees in brentwood but hey, that's okay. that's down from 103 yesterday. it was 102 in livermore down to 94 degrees. becoming mostly cloudy late day in the north bay with temperatures from the 60s to the mid- and high 80s and there's a 20% chance of showers saturday morning in the north bay in cloverdale with a high today of 90 degrees. all right. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us from
6:45 am
new york. good morning, norah. >> reporter: good morning, brian and maria. we head back to new orleans 10 years after hurricane katrina and revisit people we met to see how the city has changed. plus we'll talk with ricky kliman about what to expect from the jury in the prep school trial. a county clerk defying court orders to marry same-sex couples. what will happen there. and singer josh will be in studio 57. the news is back in the morning. have a great weekend. >> thank you. "cbs this morning" is coming up at 7 a.m. time to take a look at the markets. asian stocks closed higher but the news not so good in europe and on wall street. >> for more on the market volatility we turn to kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: we are ready for this week to end. aren't we? we haven't seen a wild week like this in years. couple of huge gains after those two big dives at the beginning of the week. we do have a bit of calm being
6:46 am
restored on wall street this morning. the market is lower, but still any moves under a triple-digit is a welcome sign. china did gain some ground today but there's growing speculation that beijing itself bought stocks in order to stem that bleeding. that's something that would hurt confidence in china's stock market and its economy. now, the u.s. economy continues to show some signs of improvement. as far as consumer spending goes, personal spending rose in july and income rose at their fastest pace since last november on top of low gas prices. that's a good sign for retailers as we get closer to the holiday shopping season. also facebook continues to be the social network of choice as mark zuckerberg says. they had one billion visitors in one single day on monday. they have never done that before. facebook continues to grow. it's got 1 1/2 billion users around the world. let's take a look at the big board see how we're doing so far this morning. dow dropping by 70 points.
6:47 am
nasdaq down by 8. s&p down by 5. maria and brian, back to you. >> thank you, so much. have a good weekend. >> you, too. can't come to soon. if you are thinking about upgrading your iphone you may want to hang on until after september the. apple is hold -- until after september 9. apple is holding a convention in san francisco on that day. rumors are swirling but chances are the software giant will unveil the new iphone 6s. it will reportedly look the same but apple is keeping a tight lid on details. >> so apple has always been, you know, the mastermind of marketing of being able to kind of push the rest of the buttons for people to be really wondering what exactly they are doing. >> it's likely that event organizers at apple needed a bigger venue and that's why they chose the 7,000 seat civic auditorium. tesla's new electric sedan just got the best grade possible by earning a perfect 100. consumer reports says the model s p85d scored 103, which
6:48 am
required some tinkering with the old rating s the car goes from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. but its energy efficiency struck a chord with testers. tesla's shares saw a boost after the announcement. contact lens makers are struggling to defend their pricing policies in court. right now the nation's largest contact lens companies won't provide products to retailers who don't agree to sell them for a certain price. the companies are suing to overturn a law in utah banning minimum prices. if their argument is rejected, that could lead to more states adopting similar laws. officials in utah say that could lower prices by as much as 35% nationwide. it is 6:48. let's check with gianna and how the commute is going. >> let's take you to 580 right now this morning. westbound just past 680 reports of an accident with a big rig was on the right shoulder may have lost a lane at one point because we have a backup westbound just past 680.
6:49 am
you're going to see just before the 680 dublin interchange, as well. so keep that in mind this morning. east of there, backup continues to the altamont pass. 23 minutes westbound 580 altamont pass to 680. slow-and-go out of tracy, as well. other than that, westbound 80 as you work your way along the eastshore freeway this morning a little sluggish. we have some brake lights out of berkeley into emeryville. stalled vehicle out of lanes. looks like it's a busy ride through there. once you get to the bay bridge metering lights are on stays slow through there as well and your approaches to the bay bridge are backed up into the maze. westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze that will take about 25 minutes this morning. now, oakland looks good. northbound near the coliseum, not a bad ride. in fact you are clear as you work your way through there. southbound not bad. traffic looks good hayward a few brake lights. other than that if you plan to cut over to the san mateo bridge, other than some extra volume, you're still having -- you're still doing nice speeds, 16 minutes now west 90, 880 to 101. everything is on time for mass transit.
6:50 am
san jose north 101 slow but other than that, pretty quiet. roberta gianna, now what i love about my -- you know what i love about my weather watcher? >> that's what? >> just about everything. i can look at different people around the microclimates and checking in with me with a report and for example right over here, 76 degrees. that would be jerry wilcox. he reported in just three minutes ago. 76 degrees in antioch and that helps me confirm the observations i have been looking at this morning. and yes, a very mild start to your day. another thing we have been noticing this morning is the increasing cloud cover. it was crystal clear just about 60 to 90 minutes ago and now we are starting to see some of the clouds drift in from the north. it is 68 degrees in livermore. it is in the mid-60s in san jose. and it is 65 degrees in san francisco. okay, here's with we need to know on this last friday of the -- here's what we need to know on this last friday of the month of august. not as hot as yesterday but still in the 90s inland. we have a 20% chance of rain nicking the far reaches of the
6:51 am
north bay for saturday morning only. and much cooler days ahead. let me explain why. first off satellite and radar. we are picking up some precipitation across the northwestern quadrant of the state of california all associated with this upper area of low pressure we have been talking about all week long. across the entire lower 48, we are going to be noticing a pattern change. high pressure firmly in place over the deep south is it going to allow what will potentially be hurricane erika to make landfall around florida perhaps by tuesday. meanwhile this area of low pressure is continuing to pull down some cooler air mass so we have some mild days after today. 98 sacramento. 83 degrees with a fire weather watch in effect for high sierra very dry there. 80 monterey bay. 92 ukiah. sun-up 6:36. temperatures today 70s at the beaches, 78 san francisco, 76 pacifica. mid- to high 90s away from the
6:52 am
bay. west winds 10 to 15. there's that chance of morning rain saturday, otherwise dry skies, mild conditions as we wrap up the month of august. make it a great day. >> thanks, roberta. it is a little early for halloween but folks in a sacramento neighborhood are wondering about a van advertising free candy. the neighborhood kids were thrilled and curious. one 12-year-old tobacco a picture but parents were -- one 12-year-old took a picture but parents were suspicious. >> i was nervous about it so i wanted to get evidence in case anything happens. >> very ominous as far as looks like blood. and just a creepy white van with no windows in the back. >> mystery solved. the van is headed for burning man festival in the nevada desert. goodyear's three blimps have flown over countless sporting events but the last of them is being replaced by aer did ridgable. unlike a blimp, it's shaped
6:53 am
like a cigar and aluminum. >> your safety the big concern. coming up, why state regulators are taking a close look at pg&e. >> reporter: and san jose police need your help in finding a hit-and-run driver who crashed into a woman and left her on the streets to die. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at with two weekend to go before the fifth anniversary of the san bruno pipeline explosion, pg&e is under scrutiny once again. state regulators have approved a probe of the utility. the cpuc's safety enforcement division will look at all aspects of the company. businesses are re-opening at the scene of this week's on air shooting in roanoke, virginia. more details are out showing the gunman's long history of
6:57 am
confrontation and bullying of coworkers. police say vester flanagan shot and killed reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward early wednesday morning. on the eve of the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina, president obama says the people of new orleans are an extraordinary example of renewal and resilience. he spoke in an area of the city that was once under 17 feet of water. tomorrow marks 10 years since the storm hit new orleans. firefighters are holding their own against the largest wildfire ever on record in washington state. that okanogan fire is 450 square miles. officials say fire lines are holding. >> people in alameda are worried an arsonist will strike get. firefighters had five fires in a foursquare block radius in a 20-minute period yesterday morning. investigators are looking for the person responsible. i'm kiet do live at san jose police headquarters where officers are looking for a hit- and-run driver who struck a woman by the name of laura
6:58 am
reyes. she was out on her morning walk yesterday when a car careened up a sidewalk and killed her. the driver kept on going and left her on the street to die. this morning, police are also looking for her. this happened near tully and king roads in east san jose. the car was ditched a couple of blocks away with damage from the impact with laura a broken windshield, hood and tires. it was a red mitsubishi stolen a couple of days ago. friends and family are devastated. >> talked to her two days ago. >> he loved her a lot. he doesn't know how he is going to do it because he doesn't know you know -- she was everything for him so he is destroyed too. >> reporter: and laura was married. she was taking classes at de anza college with dreams of one day hoping to run her own daycare center. investigators are combing through surveillance video from homes in the area where the car was abandoned that shows the
6:59 am
driver walking away from the crashed vehicle. san jose police need your help. if you have information, call them. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. checking your friday commute it's actually easing up a bit at the bay bridge. delays now from the may see to the 880 overpass but the metering lights are on cycling quickly. slow-and-go up the incline. sluggish off the eastshore freeway. delays westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze through berkeley and near emeryville. maria, don't get all jelly on me tonight. look where i'm going to be san jose earthquakes take on the rival galaxy. it's going to be awesome 8 p.m. great conditions. that's the scene outdoors now. 60s and low 70s at 71 degrees in concord going up to a high today in the low 90s. much cooler inland than it was yesterday in the triple digits. we do have that 20% chance of far reaches of the north bay being nicked by a couple of rain showers. otherwise dry skies for the
7:00 am
weekend. >> captions by: caption colorado ♪ morning to, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning. >> florida declares a state of emergency. tropical storm erika taked aim. >> tributes pour in for the news crew gunned down during a live report. the leading democratic presidential candidates try to win over party leaders in minneapolis. but the one man who won't be there could steal their thunder. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. 45-mile-per-hour sustained winds.


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