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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news, a shooting at a bart station. then things got really confusing. >> andria borba is at the west oakland bart station and just got some new information for us. andria? >> reporter: well ken, veronica, right now, we know there are bart investigators on the platform as well as people in the alameda county district attorney's office taking a look at what happened on the platform. the shooting happened around 8:00 tonight. you can see two officers standing over a man. we are told that is on the eastbound platform. the official version of events is that the two bart officers approached a man who was smoking a cigarette on the
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platform. they told him to put out the cigarette and he did. when they asked for his id, he began to fight with the officers. here is what the deputy chief says happened next. >> officers say he became aggressive. hay grabbed him at that time. a fight ensued. the suspect fought back the officers aggressively. had two officers on him. started reaching for his waistband. at that point, they tazed him. at the same time, he was tazed, we are not quite sure of the time frame yet, he shot himself in the stomach. >> reporter: now, we are told that bart officers were wearing body cameras and the cameras were activated. now bart says they checked their officers' weapon and it does not appear either weapon was fired in this incident. now hear what one witness had to tell us she thinks happened on the platform earlier
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tonight. >> i turned to leave and then i heard a shot and i turned back and i heard him yelling they shot me. and he just went cold. and the police officers stood there for a minute. and then, there was blood everywhere. and one of the cops started yelling he shot himself. and he just said that two or three times. that's all i witnessed. >> reporter: now, that victim is at high lands hospital being treated for a gunshot wound to the stomach. he is in critical condition now. this bart station is closed. it will be closed for about the next 30 minutes or so as the investigation takes place out here. there is a bus bridge in place to the 12th street station as well as the lake merritt station to get passengers to and from. the trains are going through the station, but not stopping. live in west oakland, andria borba, kpix5. >> reporter: the state is offering to give thousands of california drivers a big break
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on old traffic tickets they have not paid. drivers will get a chance to settle up for a fraction of what they own. it was governor brown's idea. he says low income people get trapped in the cycle of steep fines for minor infractions. >> what the bill basically does is say that if you are below a certain income level, you can have your fees reduced by 50 or even 80%. >> and, you can get your license back if it has been suspended. the amnesty begins october 1. a lawsuit against uber got a lot bigger. a federal judge granted class action status to a case involving california uber drivers. it claims uber drivers are imcorrectly classified as independent contractors when they are actually employees. the plaintiff pool now goes from four to about 160,000. >> they said we are employees.
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we should be entitled to overtime. workers comp. social security. all of the things being an employee comes with because uber controls so much of what we do. on the other hand, uber said no, you are contractors. we merely provide an app and you showup when you want to. >> next step, uber will most likely if not certainly appeal. september is starting where august ended with a wild ride. right now, the major markets in asia are down after the dive on wall street. the dow jones fell 2% 8%. today, it lost half of its gain. >> this volatility could continue for a while. the catalyst continued unease over china. the shanghai index is down almost 40% since june. the sell-off started today on news that chinese manufacturer
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hit a three-year low in august. the worry is the world's second largest economy may be slowing even more than feared. at the same time, the federal reserve is preparing to raise interest rates. >> it is not just stocks. today, the price of oil fell to $45 a barrel. rent prices are sky marketing all over the bay area. tonight, san jose is one step closer to beeping up the rent controlled law. rents can be raised 8% a year. city council is moving forward to lower the percentage amount and make it illegal for landlords to evict tenants just so they can raise the rent. the average rent in san jose is now about $2,200 a month. and in richmond tonight, just a month after the city approved its new rent control law, christin ayers found out it may be repealed.
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>> this is what they told me. >> reporter: the encounter is captured on cell phone video showing richmond residents confronting signature gatherers at their doors and grocery stores. the subject, the new rent control ordnance. >> we have it now? >> only 10,000 people in the city of richmond. so it could be you or not you. >> oh, so i might not be covered? >> yeah. >> so what we are trying to do is cover all ... >> it doesn't apply to the whole city? >> so if i sign this, i will have rent control? >> no. >> you are trying to take it back? >> yeah. >> they paid professional petitioners two are providing really false information. >> reporter: richmond city councilwoman beckel says it is not clear who they are. she thinks it is landlords and lobbyists who have the money and land power to repeal the law that she says protects voters from massive rent
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increases. >> without this ordnance in place, we would have a lot of families that would be displaced. >> zach ware has seen the petitioners all over richmond and says the tactics are alarm. >> they are raising the alarm bells because this is a form of voter suppression. >> reporter: they are anding out fliers telling people not to sign the petition. 4,000 signatures could push a vote on the ordnance back to 2016. christin ayers, kpix5. a san francisco police officer is being investigated tonight. a woman says he raped her. the victim told police he pinned him down and forced himself on her last month after she said no. the officer said he and the woman had been drinking and he can't remember what happened. tonight, cal police are looking into a report that a woman was sexually attacked at a library on campus. the woman told police it happened early this morning. police have sent out an alert
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to the entire cal campus. >> the family of the woman killed at san francisco's pier 14 is laying the ground work to sue the sheriff and others that they blame for her death. cate caugurian on the family's tearful plea for justice. >> this can't stand. this can't go on. >> reporter: on the steps of san francisco city hall, a father continues to seek justice for the daughter he lost held dying in his arms. >> as she fell, she said help me dad. that is my bedtime story. every night. and if you want it to be your bedtime story, every night, then, do nothing. >> reporter: kate steinle's family filed the paper work suing the immigration customs enforcement and the bureau of land management. the family says all played a role in the death of their daughter. >> we are frustrated. and we are here to make sure that a change is made so nobody
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has to endure pain my mom and dad and i go through on a day by basis. >> reporter: on july 1, kate was walking with her dad and a friend when juan francisco lopez sanchez allegedly shot her with a stolen gun. he was released from jail after an ice request was denied to turn him over. he has pleaded not guilty to kate's murder. in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> the sheriff says he cannot comment on the litigation, but he extends his sympathy to the family. the same sentiment was shared by ice and the bureau of land management. tonight, plans are in the work to make gun purchases tougher in san francisco by wire requiring all gun to be video taped. the video would be happened to police. the aim is reducing gun violence. the general manager of the only gun store in san francisco says
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it could drive him out of business. he already hands over surveillance video to police when requested. >> what we don't do is voluntarily give private information to the police department. voluntarily. we just don't do that. people are very private about their information. >> the goal here is not to run anybody out of business, but from my perspective, the public safety of san francisco's residents come first. >> the city attorney is still reviewing the proposal. it could be introduced later this month. hillary clinton coming back to the bay area looking for another deposit into her campaign war chest. she is planning four fundraisers later this month at saratoga, belbadier, orenda, and san francisco. meanwhile, carly fiorina will be in the next presidential debate. cnn has tweaked criteria. now any candidate who has been in the top ten since the beginning of august will be
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included. fiorina enjoyed a nice bounce in the polls despite being put on the under card. the next debate is september 16 at the reagan library. a worker gets blasted from a manhole and survives. tonight, this video raising some serious questions about a major south bay construction project. >> also tonight, the special helicopter checking for radiation in some bay area neighborhoods. >> it is one of the most unusual houses in the bay area. tonight, the flintstone's house is for sale. and we get a rare loo,,,,,,,,,,
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>> an explosion at a construction site. a worker blasted out of a manhole and survives. tonight, len ramirez shows us the video raising serious safety questions. >> couldn't pay me enough to do tar. >> the video shows workers activating a steam part-time center for the first time at the valley medical center construction site. you can hear loud banging noises along with workers' growing concern for their safety. >> maybe you should step out joel. >> reporter: and tell one worker to get out of the underground vault. he slowly rises up the ladder but has no idea what is about to happen. the system literally blew up in their faces. the crew's yell and pull the worker to safety while 200- degree steam rushes out of the blown pipe. >> get back! >> the worker could have been killed if he had been down there. >> reporter: the worker
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survived with only minor injuries but santa clara county officials say the explosion shows faulty design and safety practices by turner construction. the general contractor that designed and built the system. >> certainly concern they are not paying attention to the details. >> the county claims the video was turned in by one of the crew just yesterday amid the county's threat to fire turner construction. the county says the steam system has yet to be redesigned and rebuilt and is one of many problems adding to years of delays on the construction of a new bed building. >> we are prepared to just lock them out of the project. >> reporter: turner construction has less than a week to respond to the county's concerns. a new contractor could be working here by this time next week. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> the worker blown out of the hole is no longer at the construction site, but turner claims he returned the next day and actually worked for a month
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after the accident. tonight, we know more about a government helicopter that has been flying over the bay area. the chopper belong to the department of homeland security. lit be buzzing around the bay air through the weekend. the helicopter is on a special mission to collect data that could come in handy during a major nuclear disaster. >> we are measuring radiation around the bay area. >> that is not ideal. i guess it is good they are measuring it but why? >> we are looking at natural background radiation that is naturally occurring from the ground and from the air. and we are measuring those background levels. >> homeland security needs to collect base measurement that's can then compare those levels against fall-out from a dirty bomb attack or a nuclear melt down. you could be in for a rate hike. the utility company is asking permission to collect an extra $2.7 billion. those increases would cover the year's 2017-2019.
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homeowners would see their monthly bills rise by about $4. state regulators will review the request and it is up to the cpuc to make a final decision. it is being called apple's largest account hack ever. tonight, more than 225,000 apple accounts in 18 countries includeing the u.s. exposed. the good news, yours probably isn't one of them. that is because it only targets jail broken iphones. it is when you customize your device and install apps outside of apple's security policies. happy hour could be a little more expensive thank to a so-called cocktail tax. this east bay assemblywoman is proposing a tax that would tack a five cent tax onto a mixed drink served in a bar. that money would go toward program to help people with developmental disabilities. >> our systems are just falling apart, you know. we are on the brink of collapse.
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>> where's the correlation? how did someone decide we will get five cents on every nixed drink? why not ice cream cones or soft yogurts or cans of soup? >> if the bill is passed it could bring in $140 million. that is if the bill passes by a two-thirds majority. one of the most unusual homes in the bay area is on the market to knight. if you have ever driven north on 280, you will probably seen the quirkily looking flintstone house. mark kelly gives us a look inside. >> she said i want to create a work of art within a work of art. >> reporter: that is what architect eugene tssui did when he was commissioned to create the flintstone house. the kitchen looks like it was pulled from the pages of a dr.
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seuss novel, but whimsy is they wanted him to create. >> there were no limits. >> reporter: he drafted these plans for a brand new second home on the same land. but the second building never got built. they worried they would draw more tourists to the flint stone house. >> they knew it would attract a lot of attention. maybe even more so than the first building. >> reporter: the second building or not, curiosity about the flintstone house never went away and now on the market for 4.2 million. >> that's a good price. yes. that is a good price. >> reporter: eugene says the flintstone home shouldn't be sold to anybody. >> that person is not afraid to stand out from conformity. from the usual everyday mentality of living. >> reporter: in hillsboro, mark kelly, kpix5. >> wow. it was built in 1976. i wonder how big it is. >> i think it is under 3,000
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square feet to debt you the truth. a long time ago, i was inside. it is in good condition and could sell very fast. paul, what they don't tell you is the car in the garage, you have to pedal with your feet. [ laughter ] all right. we had a beautiful day. tomorrow, much cloudier, cooler, windier, potrero hill looking down on the financial district. it will be a foggy start in san francisco with a low of 60. livermore, 60. fremont, 59 degrees. we can now begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the dry season. september, a little bit of rainfall. about a quart ever of an inch. october, more than one inch, november, three inches of rainfall on average. wouldn't that be nice? well, we are talking about an el niƱo winter and rain hopefully approaching the bay area. this particular pattern will be cooler, cloudier, breezier, but
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not wetter. the rainfall will stay to the north. but a strong area of low pressure makes a close pass to the bay area. we will be cooler than average. some of you, 10 degrees cooler than average and it will be breezy, too. it will not feel that warm outside until saturday. holiday weekend. low out, ridge of high pressure in. temperatures will not get hot. but they certainly will get warmer but it will be noticeably cooler. overnight lows for some of you in the north bay, 40s for the first time since may, but temperatures will rebound to average for the week. san jose, 77. los altos. 76. san mateo, 71. morning cloud cover in danville, pittsburgh. upper 70s for highs. a couple of degrees cooler in san francisco. foggy start. minimal sunshine in the afternoon. san rafael, 78. lake and mendocino counties low 70s . warming up for the weekend. holiday weekend, three day
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weekend, labor day, will be the hottest day of the next seven. but a cool-down. a little taste of fall in early september. >> looks good. >> thanks paul. coming up, late show host stephen colbert has some directions for you tonight. >> and coming up on the late, late,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> tonight, the late show host stephen colbert wants to help you get around. >> he is lending his voice to the ways traffic app this month. >> keep left. good idea. i will put my turn signal on and to save time,ly leave it on for the rest of the drive. >> okay. so it lasts until the 22. the late show premiers a week from tonight. right here on kpix5. also tonight, we are learning vice president joe biden will appear on the show next thursday. >> going to be a good one. >> have you ever used veronica, facebook to try to get a date? >> you know what? i'm not talking to you anymore. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> well that is definitely a
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yes. >> it is not a yes. one u.s. marine got his wish. wish. a woman ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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my name is mark amann. wish. a woman ,,,,,,,,,,,, i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me.
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one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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>> after losing to the dodgers at 12:38 this morning, the giants were back at it sends madison bumgarner to the hill against zack greinke. look at this. matt duffy bailed him out. that play kept the game scoreless. 1-0 dodgers in the 7th inning. bumgarner hung it to joc pederson. he goes deep. remember duffy's great play? he does it at the plate too. gregor blanco is coming home. we have a 2-1 baseball game and a chance for more. now, runners at first and second base. brandon belt, the chance to play hero. but no. inning ending double play. dodgers win 2-1. that pretty much wraps up zack greinke's cy young award. here it is. the giants drop five-and-a-half games, they have 30 left to play. they will face clayton kershaw
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tomorrow. marcus semion hanging with the women's swim team. count it. six, four, three on the double place of employment he struggled in the field. not tonight. the rest of the show belonged to batman. the angels win it 6-2 snapping oakland's game streak. rhonda rousey is known for beating women into submission inside the octagon. now, a marine based in north carolina is hoping to make her the belle of the ball. jared hasher posted a video to facebook asking the umc star to be his date. >> i don't know how to like hit him up and say yeah, i want to go with you. >> would you totally go? >> i would go for sure. do i call him? do i set up a time and place like never been kissed and show up? have him waiting there until the clock runs out? >> i thought that was really
11:31 pm
well-played by rhonda rousey. right? here is the marine. you never think it is going to happen. and typically, you will hear athletes say i haven't seen that. that is pretty cute. but she actually accepted. >> i give the kid credit for
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i expect you to join us. you bring the coffee, i'll (door closing) pop? henry: francis, i'm in the sunroom. i'm having a whiskey. you want one? we have a guest. well, does he want one? no, she doesn't. come, join us. hello. sister mary, frank reagan. thank you for seeing me. i didn't know i was. (henry chuckles) oh, i-i'm sorry.


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