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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. liza has traffic and roberta has weather. >> it's going to be a lot of weather today. it's going to blow into the bay area. the big difference between yesterday and today, the winds are going to gusty. right now numbers are in the 60s. santa rosa and napa in the 50s. overcast at the coast and into the bay. even some localize the drizzle out the door later today climbing to the mid-80s well inland. we'll talk about the windy conditions but first here's liza battalones. >> caltrans is busy overnight in livermore westbound 580 approaching greenville picking up roadwork. slow traffic down to 48 miles per hour. a man is in critical condition after he reportedly shot himself during a confrontation with police at a bart station. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the west oakland station to
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explain what happened. >> reporter: everything is running normally on bart this morning but that man shot is in critical condition. here was some video posted by another bart passenger on twitter last night right after the shooting. police say the trouble started when they asked him to put out a cigarette then asked for his identification. they say he got confrontational and aggressive. >> waistband, one officer said tase him. he went to tase him and at the same time he was tased we are not sure of the time frame yet. he shot himself in the stomach. >> officials said he had threatened to jump on the tracks before this to commit suicide. the investigation is under way. police body cameras were rolling and that footage is being reviewed. the west oakland station reopened a 11:40 last night after being closed for three hours.
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hectic for bart passengers but everything normal this morning. anne makevoc, kpix 5. a massive manhunt continues this morning for three men who allegedly killed a police officer. this is right outside of chicago. fox lake police lieutenant joseph gliniewicz was killed yesterday while pursuing the suspects. he is the third police officer to die in the line of duty in illinois this year. a san francisco police officer is under investigation after a woman accused him of rape. according to court documents, the woman said the officer forced himself on her at her home last month. the affidavit says the two had gone to dinner earlier in the night and had alcoholic drinks at her home. uc-berkeley police are looking into a woman's report that she was sexually attacked at a campus library early yesterday morning. so far investigators aren't saying which library. we are going to switch gears now and a live look at the bay bridge. a little cloudy out there, right, roberta? >> it's a lot of cloudy out
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there now. we even had localized drizzle as you cross the bridge west on 580. not enough to use the windshield wipe years but enough to dampen the windshield heading into the city boot bay this morning. good morning, overcast at the coast and into the bay but the big story today will be that very impressive strong onshore push in the form of some wind. temperatures at 53 degrees for the coolest spot in santa rosa. warm if you want to call it that vallejo, benicia, martinez, oakland, 64. it is also 64 degrees in pacifica. today very to average at the coast into the bay -- today very close to average at the coast into the bay but inland high temperatures 10 degrees below average in some locations. fremont at 75 degrees. otherwise 87 in pleasanton when we should be in the mid-90s for this late summertime. 83 degrees in concord. we should be in the low 90s there. 87 degrees in danville. but meanwhile, temperatures in the north bay with the west
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wind 20 to 30 miles per hour along the coast. 67 degrees in stinson beach. it will be blustery in san francisco at 69 to 70 degrees, as well. and upstream we go to sunshine but breezy conditions 91 in cloverdale. the full forecast is about 10 minutes away. but right now the lady in red. liza battalones! >> hey there, roberta, good morning, everybody. we are going to take about the roadwork and some of the delays because of residual debris that's been out there because of the construction on 580 westbound at greenville. apparently there's still some gravel that was left behind from the construction so they are on scene cleaning that up. westbound 580 will be slow leaving the altamont pass already heavy approaching grant line so expect those backups this morning. now, no delays for marin county. keep in mind there is construction in the northbound direction of 101 approaching 580 in san rafael. you can see from these live pictures of the golden gate 101 leaving southern marin heading into san francisco. i'll have more "kcbs traffic"
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in a few minutes. at 4:34, cal/osha has joined in on the investigation into a construction accident that shut down part of highway 101 in burlingame. a large excavator hit a transmission tower on friday. high voltage lines fell across the freeway closing all the lanes for much of the weekend. it was a mess. another closure is expected sometime in the future so crews can install a permanent replacement for that downed tower. have an old traffic ticket you haven't paid yet in you might be in luck. the state will offer some drivers a chance to settle tickets for a fraction of what they owe. the plan is governor brown's idea. he says low income people often get trapped in a cycle of steep fines for minor infractions. >> what the bill basically does is says that if you are below a certain income level, you can have your fees reduced by 50 or even 80%. >> you can even get your license back if it's been
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suspended in some cases. theamnesty program begins october 1 and runs through 2017. brook silva-braga has more on the case and the demonstrations planned outside the courthouse of six officers accused of killing freddie gray. reporter: later today a judge will decide what's next for the six officers facing criminal charges in connection with the death of freddie gray. >> the residents and citizens of this city expect their police department to be prepared. >> reporter: the officers won't be in attendance as attorneys argue whether they should be tried separately or if the charges should be dismissed. the defense is also seeking to have baltimore state's attorney marilyn moseby removed from the case citing conflicts of interest. gray died in april after spinal cord injury in a police van. the coroner ruled it a homicide. >> don't let the cops get off! >> reporter: activists will gather outside the courthouse
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this morning. >> the killers of freddie gray must go to jail and be prosecuted. >> reporter: gray's death sparked weeks of protest which calmed after the officers were charged and some worry any change in the case could ignite violence. >> i believe some people want an excuse to do things. >> reporter: the six officers face charges ranging from second-degree assault to second- degree depraved hard murder. the trial is set to start in october. brook silva-braga for cbs news. today a judge is expected to decide whether to allow certain evidence in a high- profile kidnapping case in vallejo. matthew muller is charged with kidnapping denise huskins in march. vallejo police said she faked it but found evidence linking him to her disappearance. today mullers attorney will try to have that evidence thrown
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out because of no warrant to search the phone. on july 1, kate steinle was walking with her dad and a friend when an illegal immigrant francisco lopez- sanchez allegedly shot her. the gun was stolen from a car. lopez-sanchez was released from jail in april after sheriff ross mirkarimi declined a request to turn him over. >> we are frustrated and we are here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure pain that my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. >> the sheriff says he can't comment on the litigation. but he extends his sympathies to the family. the same sentiment was shared by i.c.e. and the bureau of land management. a new proposal would require gun dealers in san francisco to record all sales. the plan is intended to reduce
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gun violence. right now there's only one gun shop in town and the general manager says this will drive them out of business. he already hands over surveillance video to police when they ask. >> what we don't do is voluntarily give private information to the police department voluntarily. we just don't do that. people are very private about their information. >> the goal here is not to run anybody out of business but from my perspective the public safety of san francisco residents comes first. >> supervisor mark farrell says the proposal could be introduced this month. 4:39 on this wednesday morning. caught on camera. an explosion rocking a south bay construction site. why this video is raising some questions. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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a stunning new turn in the dispute between santa clara county and the contractor working on the valley medical center expansion. as kpix 5's len ramirez reports, the county released video of an explosion during work on the long delayed project. reporter: >> couldn't pay me enough to do that. >> reporter: the video shows workers activating a steam pipe system for the first time at the valley medical center construction site. you can hear loud banging noises followed by workers' growing concerns for their safety. [ noise ] >> yeah, joel, maybe you should step out for a minute. >> reporter: they told one worker to get out of the underground vault where the pipes come together. he slowly rises up the ladder but has no idea what's about to happen. [ explosion ] >> get out! >> reporter: the system blew up in their faces. the crews yell and pull the worker to safety while 200- degree steam rushes out from the blown pipe. >> hey, get back! >> the worker could have been
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killed in the vault down there. >> reporter: the worker survived with minor injuries. but santa clara county officials say the explosion shows faulty design and safety practices by turner construction, the general contractor that designed and built the system. >> certainly a concern that they are not paying attention to the details. >> reporter: the county says the steam system has yet to be redesigned and rebuilt and is one of many problems adding to years of delays on the construction of a new bed building. >> we're prepared to just lock them out of the project. >> reporter: turner construction said in a statement safety is its number one priority but had no comment on the explosion saying it's given the county a full report. a spokesman accused the county of trying to divert attention away from its own mismanagement of the project. >> the real objective ought to be how do we find a path forward and stop blaming turner and subcontractors. >> reporter: turner construction has less than a week to respond to the county's concerns and outline how it
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will get this project back on track. if the county isn't satisfied with that response, a new contractor could be working here by this time next week. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> that incident happened almost a year ago. the county says it just got the video from a worker this week amid the county's threat to fire turner construction. worker seen in the video is no longer at the construction site but turner said he did return to work the day after the incident and stayed on the job for another month afterwards. incredible. hillary clinton is looking to bring in some more campaign cash from the bay area. she is planning four fundraisers later this month in saratoga, belvidere, orinda and san francisco. meanwhile, carly fiorina will be in the next republican presidential debate. cnn tweaked its criteria. any candidate can participate if they have been in the top 10 of the polls since the start of august. she got a bounce after the first debate. the next debate is at the
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reagan library in two weeks. wall street now is hoping for some good news today after the stock market took another big plunge yesterday. today the asian markets closed down again but not too sharply. the european exchange made slight gains. here in the u.s., the dow and the s&p futures are up slightly giving a little ray of hope today. yesterday was a down, down day. the dow was down 470. nasdaq fell 140. a lawsuit against uber could change the future -- [ indiscernible ] the federal judge grand class action status for uber drivers. they say the drivers are incorrectly labeled as independent contractors when they are really employees. there are now 160,000 people in the class action lawsuit. >> we are entitled to workers' comp., social security, all of the things that being an
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employee comes with. they said because uber controls so much of what they do. so on the other hand, uber said no, you're independent contractors. we merely provide and app and you show up when you want to. >> uber will appeal. you want breakfast but don't want to wake up too early to get it? mcdonald's just announced it will be carrying its breakfast menu all day long. egg mcmuffins, everything will be available. officials hope the change will boost the slump in sales. how many times do you go to mcdonald's at 10:40 and they cut it off at 10:30 -- just an egg mcmuffin. >> i have never head one. >> you haven't lived, ro. >> when i was at a gardener at a tv station in san diego, they used to send me on a daily run for egg mcmuffins for the whole staff. >> their coffee is good, too. >> really? good morning, everybody. no matter what you're getting ready to do out the door,
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prepare for a blustery day. winds currently in the concord area are gusting up to 23 miles per hour. otherwise as we take a bird's- eye view towards the bay bridge the winds are out of the west only at 7 miles an hour. winds under 10 at all reporting stations again except for concord. the pressure gradient will increase our onshore push, our winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour during the day today especially at the shore and the higher elevations. tonight gusts up to 45 miles per hour. temperatures are cooling off today and tomorrow rebounding for the holiday weekend. this is an area of low pressure to the north of us. we have clouds spilling in from the south as well that's subtropical moisture. but as this area of low pressure presses up against our ridge of high pressure, it causes that pressure gradient and that's why we do have the winds. temperatures again warmer by friday. 80s in the central valley today. unheard of for the beginning of september. mid-70s in the high sierra where we do have a red flag warning in effect for extremely
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dry conditions. 71 degrees at monterey bay. our numbers are coming down into the 60s at the seashore, 60s, 70s bayside up to 80 degrees warmest location around the peninsula and way from the bay temperatures in the 70s climbing to about 85 degrees for the outside number. ditto thursday and then we'll begin to warm just in time for the holiday weekend. that is your wednesday forecast. here's liza. >> good morning, everybody. 580 roadwork once again causing some delays now for the drive through livermore. starting at the altamont pass, traffic is backed up beyond the 205 interchange. you can see our sensors picking up delays from beyond mountain house so you make your way down the altamont pass towards livermore. the westbound roadwork has been picked up but off on the other side of the freeway you will see eastbound 580 construction shutting down the two left-hand lanes until 6:00 this morning. there's also roadwork in marin county. this roadwork is in san rafael. north 101 at the 580 interchange just before you make the turnoff towards the
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san rafael bridge left lanes are cut off due to construction. 101 across the golden gate bridge, still good shape no delays. the rest of the drive has been fine wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. and the usual 18-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze. 880 through oakland, no delays in either direction both this and five are moving well. the first bart trains have left the yard on time no delays for the bart system. that's your "kcbs traffic." the traffic app wave is getting help from someone familiar. stephen colbert the host of the late show is lending his voice to the app this month. >> keep left. good idea. i'll put my turn signal on and to save time i will leave it on for the rest of the drive. [ laughter ] >> you can laugh while you drive. it lasts until september 22. as for the late show colbert starts next week and by the way it was just announced vice president joe biden will be one
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of colbert's guests next thursday. maybe he will make an announcements. happy hour may soon get a little more expensive. a bill is being proposed by an east bay assemblywoman to tack on a nickel when people order cocktails at a bar. it's estimated it could bring in $140 million or more in its first year. the money would help fund programs for people with developmental disabilities and that has some people scratching their heads. >> our systems are just falling apart. we are on the brink of collapse. >> why. where's the correlation or how does someone decide oh, we'll get 5 cents on every drink? why not on every ice cream cone or soft yogurt or can of soup? >> since it is a new tax it requires a two-thirds majority vote by lawmakers for approval. >> that will cut into your budget. >> a little. >> thank you. it is 4:50. an angry showdown because a county clerk refuses to ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. on this second day of the month, take a look at san francisco average high 69 and today it will be spot on. it will be seasonal. but it sure will be blustery especially along the seashore. 60s but west winds 20 to 30 miles per hour will make it feel raw. 70s, 80s around the peninsula today. good morning, san jose at 78 degrees. east bay numbers stacking up into the low and mid-80s but again a very blustery afternoon slated. 67 degrees in stinson beach and by tonight, wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. sonoma at 83 degrees blustery west winds as well and the
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highest west winds at saint helena with the wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. off to a running start at the bay bridge toll plaza, wide open with no delays all the way across the bridge into the city. but we have roadwork on 580 in livermore 101 in san rafael. i'll have details with "kcbs traffic" ahead. a russian rocket went to the international space station today. the crew will deliver supplies and bring two crew back to earth. eight people are dead this morning after fire rips through an apartment building in paris. among the dead, two young children. four others were rushed to hospitals. officials are looking into whether or not the fire was intentionally set. it took over 100 firefighters to get that fire under control. more than a dozen people are displaced after a fire in
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san jose that started in the garage in the home on nacomas drive. >> it happens quite on. i don't know the statistics. i can't speak to that but it happens quite often. >> the red cross is providing temporary housing for the families. owner of palo alto's only mobile home park rejected a buy- out bid to keep the park open. developers would like to build market rate housing on the property, and displaces the people at the mobile home park. the city, county and nonprofit group are hoping to buy the property and keep it as affordable housing but the property owner turned it down because of a lawsuit filed by the tenants. protestors are targeting netflix over its parental leave policy. a small group stood outside the company's los gatos headquarters yesterday saying the unlimited parental leave
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only applies to the wealthiest. they are demanding the same policy apply to all netflix workers. they have collected more than 100,000 signatures on petition. standoff over same-sex marriage could take a new turn this week in kentucky. rowan county clerk kim davis is being summoned to federal court tomorrow and refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses based on her religious beliefs. she has until the end of the business day today to respond to the motion. yesterday she again refused to issue a license in defiance of the supreme court. >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses? >> under god's authority. >> what i will not tolerate is people who want to use their beliefs to discriminate against other people and make people's lives hell. >> davis released a statement saying, quote, it is not a light issue for me. it is a heaven or hell decision. davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses in june rather than comply with the
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legalization of same-sex marriage. police say he shot himself. coming up what led to a confrontation that shut ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's wednesday, september 2. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. it is nearly 5:00 on this wednesday. a man is in critical condition after he reportedly shot himself during a confrontation with police at a bart station. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from the west oakland station with the bizarre sequence of events from yesterday and last night. good morning. reporter: good morning. yeah. a lot of it caught on camera. the good news for bart riders is everything is running as normal this morning. but the man who was shot here at the west oakland bart station is in critical
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condition. here's some of the cell phone video shot by a witness and posted to twitter last night by another bart passenger right after the shooting. police say it all started when they asked this guy to put out a cigarette, then asked for his id. they say he got confrontational and aggressive. >> started reaching for his waist band at that time. an officer tased him. they went to tase him, at the same time, um, he was tased, we're not quite sure of the time freight yet, he shot himself in the stomach -- we're not quite sure of the time freight yet, he shot himself time quite he shot himself in the stomach. >> reporter: police body camera is being reviewed. bart service was shut down for three hours yesterday. back to normal this morning. live at the west oaklaar


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