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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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condition. here's some of the cell phone video shot by a witness and posted to twitter last night by another bart passenger right after the shooting. police say it all started when they asked this guy to put out a cigarette, then asked for his id. they say he got confrontational and aggressive. >> started reaching for his waist band at that time. an officer tased him. they went to tase him, at the same time, um, he was tased, we're not quite sure of the time freight yet, he shot himself in the stomach -- we're not quite sure of the time freight yet, he shot himself time quite he shot himself in the stomach. >> reporter: police body camera is being reviewed. bart service was shut down for three hours yesterday. back to normal this morning. live at the west oakland bart
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station, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we'll go to a live look at the golden gate bridge. cloudy and lots of people waking up with us this morning. >> i have been very excited about this, this morning as well because we have a change in the forecast. and then another change just in time for the holiday weekend. good morning, everyone. as you are heading out the door this morning we have areas of drizzle all due to a very deep marine layer. temperature-wise very mild into the 60s. the winds are under 10 miles per hour except in concord 63 degrees a gust up to 23. it is currently 53 degrees in santa rosa. okay, here's what you need know about today. it will be cooler and it's going to be blustery. west winds 20 to 30 miles per hour and occasional gusts along the seashore at higher elevations up to 45. temperatures climbing up to 85 warmest spots. we'll have details but first, here's liza. as anne makovec mentioned bart is on time this morning. no issues with the system and all the first trains are on time. local transit across the board
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in good shape. we have roadwork, though, which will slow you down along 580. altamont pass very heavy backed up along the 205 interchange and the roadwork on 580 is eastbound approaching airway. a couple of lanes shut down until 6:00. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" in a few minutes. have an old traffic ticket you haven't paid yet? you might be in luck. the state will offer some drivers a chance to settle tickets for a fraction of what they owe. the plan is governor brown's idea. he says low income people often get trapped in a cycle of steep fines for just minor infractions. >> what the bill basically does, it says that if you are below a certain income level, you can have your fees reduced by 50 or 80%. >> sounds like a good deal. you can even get your license back if it's been suspended. in some of the cases the amnesty program begins october 1 and will run through 2017. a manhunt has closed
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schools for several districts in and around fox lake, illinois this morning. that's where a police officer was gunned down yesterday. andrew spencer reports the faa has enacted a no-fly zone near the search area. reporter: a friend of lieutenant gliniewicz says the officer was an optimist. >> he was an incredible human being. fun loving, just a character. >> reporter: the mayor of fox lake, illinois, about 60 miles north of chicago, added his own words for the fallen officer. >> not only did fox lake lose a family member, i lost a very dear friend. lieutenant joe gliniewicz is a 30-year veteran, a decorated police officer, a family man and a dear friend to the entire village of fox lake. >> reporter: a massive manhunt followed gliniewicz's death after he put in a radio call about three suspicious men, backup officers arriving to find him shot dead. >> i didn't think it was going to be him. i thought it would be him apprehending the suspect not the other way around. >> reporter: gliniewicz's mentor and many other young
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people interested in law enforcement. he had a passion for it. >> he taught them tactics. he taught them all kinds of police work. but the things he taught them most was lessons about life. >> he was always involved with community events, village events, et cetera. he really dedicated hundreds of thousands of hours into bettering the fox lake community, the illinois law enforcement and national law enforcement. >> reporter: a small memorial is outside the fox lake police department known to his friends as g.i. joe. i'm andrew spencer reporting. san quentin prison is slowly restoring services to inmates in the middle of an outbreak of legionnaire's disease. at least six inmates were diagnosed with the illness. dozens more have symptoms. so they are being monitored. the prisoners are now able to spend more time out their cells and again have access to hot food instead of individual boxed foods to keep the outbreak from spreading. the "right to die" bill in
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california has passed a hurdle. the assembly health committee voted 10-2 to advance the legislation. the bill is modeled after oregon's death with dignity act which became the topic of debate earlier this year when a sick woman moved to oregon to kill herself. so-called ecigs are not harmless. california center for environmental health tested 97 ecigarettes and other "vaping" products. more than half produced high levels of causing chemicals like formaldehyde. 7 had more than 100 times the amount. later today the center for environmental health will announce legal action against ecigarette manufacturers. 5:05. pg&e customers could be looking at a bigger monthly bill. the utility company is asking for $2.7 billion. the increase would cover the year through 2017 through 2019. homeowners would see their
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monthly bills go up by about 4 bucks. state regulators will review the request and it's up to the california public utilities commission to make a final decision. it is now 5:06. radiation check in the bay area. what we're learning this morning about a special helicopter flying over neighborhoods. >> rent control controversy. petitioners going door to door in richmond searching for signatures. why one man says their tactics are alarming. >> and from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everyone. we have a big change in your weather forecast today. yeah, it will be cooler. but the weather feature you need to know about coming up. >> and we have roadwork this morning in san rafael. northbound 101 approaching 580. i'll let you know if it's slowing down traffic and give slowing down traffic and give you a complete ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wednesday, 5:09. high temperature 78 degrees. i'm looking ahead to thursday. are you ready for some football? it's the san francisco 49ers. we have jim tomsula and kaep and the gang playing host to the san diego chargers. game time temperature of 67 degrees. san jose is closer to helping its renters. right now rents can be raised
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8% a year. the city council is moving forward with a proposal to lower that amount. it would also make it illegal for landlords to evict tenants just so they can raise the rents. the average rent in the city is about $2,200 a month. 5:10. it's been one month since richmond approved the new rent control law but kpix 5 reporter christin ayers found out it might be repealed. [ indiscernible ] >> this is what -- >> no, this is what they were -- this is what they told me. >> reporter: the encounter captured on cell phone video show richmond residents confronting signature gatherers at their doors and at grocery stores. the subject, richmond's new rent control ordinance. >> we have rent controlled them. >> only 10,000 people in the city of richmond so it would be you or cannot be you. >> so i might not be covered? >> yes. >> so what we're trying to cover all -- >> it doesn't apply to the whole city? >> so if i sign this, i'll
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have rent control? >> yes. >> no. nobody said they would have -- trying to take back to get it amended. >> they sent out paid professional petitioners who are providing like really false information. >> reporter: a city councilwoman says it's not exactly clear who "they" r she thinks the people behind the petition are landlords and lobbyists who have the money and manpower to repeal richmond's new law which she says protects voters from massive rent increases. >> without this ordinance in place, we have a lot of families that would be displaced. >> reporter: zack ware has seen petitioners all over richmond and says the tactics are alarming. >> we are raising alarm in the community because this is a form of voter suppression. >> reporter: he and others are handing out flyers like this warning residents not to sign the petition. they hope to stop the petitioners from gathering just over 4,000 signatures by friday which could push a vote on the rent ordinance back to 2016.
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in richmond, christin ayers, kpix 5. the graton resort and casino has a groundbreaking ceremony this morning. it opened less than two years ago in rohnert park and has drawn large crowds. maybe you have seen it. the government helicopters that have been flying over the bay area this week. the choppers belong to the department of homeland security. it's going to be buzzing around the bay area throughout the weekend on a special mission to collect data that homeland security hopes would come in handy in case of a major nuclear disaster. it's disaster. ro. >> reporter: it's homeland security measuring radiation. >> it's naturally occurring from the ground and from the air and we are measuring the background levels. >> all that data that's collected this week will be
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used for base measurements. homeland security can then compare those levels against fallout from a dirty bomb attack or perhaps a nuclear meltdown. 5:13. good morning, liza. >> by the way, would you love your coffee? thank you, maria for the starbucks this morning! the morning commute is wide open leaving oakland heading into san francisco. frank, thank you very much. frank delivering my coffee this morning. appreciate that. westbound traffic looking good leaving oakland heading into san francisco with a 19-minute drive time leaving again oakland heading into the city. no traffic delays out there for the san mateo bridge either. westbound 92 moving well approaching and heading across the span. no eastbound roadwork this morning so all lanes are open in both directions of highway 92. take a look at our sensors along 580 leaving the altamont pass. it's going to be very slow for you from beyond the 205 interchange and in the noncommute direction east 580
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there is roadwork which has shut down a couple lanes of traffic that will be closed until 6:00 this morning. northbound 101 approaching 580, two lanes closed until 6 a.m. it's counter-commute, no backup yet. watch out for the work crews. north 101 in san rafael, again. the 280 commute approaching and through downtown san jose moving well with no major delays there. bart on time. no problems to report to you from muni or the altamont commuter express and just a quick reminder, remember, there will be no transbay service on bart this weekend this labor day holiday shut down no service between san francisco and oakland. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to roberta. check this out. ready? one, two, three. it is magic! voila! i now have your coffee. why does it say chew boo on it? >> because i'm a boo. [ laughter ] let's check the weather watcher in the microclimates this morning. this is a good handle on what
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to expect out the door. most people are reporting partly to mostly cloudy skies except for right here. 61 degrees so says steve in los altos and he says he has clear conditions. however, let's go ahead and take a look at jerry wilcox in antioch. 62 degrees clear skies there. again, otherwise we have anywhere from partly to mostly cloudy skies. in fact, i have been spoiled the past couple mornings seeing the morning star over the bay bridge. can't see it this morning due to the overcast conditions 50s and 60s out the door. today cooler and breezy. when i say breezy, downright windy at times west winds 20 to 30 especially at the seashore gusts up to 45 miles per hour by the evening compute. temperatures rebound by the holiday. subtropical moisture to the south is precipitation-free. this area of low pressure is providing rain across the pacific northwest butting up against the ridge of high
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pressure causing a pressure gradient therefore blustery winds today and tomorrow before we warm up. 86 in sacramento. 71 monterey bay. red flag warning in effect for the high sierra. we'll have some dry conditions again the keynote today, the increasing winds. 60s beaches, 60s, 70s bayside, 70s peninsula. up to 85 degrees in the warmest spot of our inland areas. ditto on thursday. and then by friday, additional cooling takes place before we rebound over the holiday. you know what, gang? i have been to at least a dozen or more a's games this season. i have yet to season any gray because of the rotation. he is on the mound for the good guys today. 73 degrees. go, a's. >> you woke up excited, didn't you? >> about sonny gray? every weather girl loves him. >> i have your coffee, ro. >> i don't know what's going on. [ laughter ] 5:16. as we move along, the glare of "friday night lights" is nothing compared to the southern california sun
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apparently. that sun is melting several high school football fields. reporter jeff nguyen shows us what's being down to fix them and who is footing the bill. >> reporter: sotomayor learning academy has been opened with a high-tech problem and the football field started to melt two years ago. do you feel robbed of your high school experience? >> yes. >> reporter: that's because cheerleaders like natalie rodriguez and football player eric martinez have never performed at a home game because the field had to be shut down. >> i feel like we're like less of a school. >> reporter: you see, the field had synthetic grass and cushioning plastic pellets that were supposed to withstand heat up to 180 degrees. >> started melting at 140 degrees. the ground temperature gets very hot because it absorbs heat. >> reporter: the material was guaranteed for eight years. they have been unstalled at 10 fields, five need replacement. today we reached out to the chinese company that makes them but haven't heard back.
5:18 am
the green line you see on the field is the synthetic plastic about which we are talking. they are supposed to be granular like this. but the heat caused them to clump up like this which eventually became patties like this. the district is fronting about $4 million to replace the fields. it's negotiating a reimbursement with the pellet maker. >> we don't get a cheer, the crowd isn't the same, our bleachers aren't that big. >> reporter: jeff nguyen reporting. 5:18. still to come, call it happy hour tax. how this could be a game changer. >> reporter: i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the u.s. marine that got the woman of his dreams. you won't believe who she is. and the duel matches the hype in los angeles. greinke versus baumgarner next. today jill schlesinger has advice for stay-at-home parents
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if you plan to make the 880 commute wonderful news for you, traffic light in both
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directions. just outside of the airport, 580 also moving well through oakland. the overnight roadwork we had at grant has been picked up. "kcbs traffic" is coming up. l.a. is now running to host the summer olympics in 2024. the u.s. olympic committee formally named los angeles as the pick city in the u.s. the city council then voted unanimously to allow the mayor to begin negotiations and sign deals to land those summer games. l.a. is the fall-back city after boston dropped out this year. l.a. will compete against rome, paris, hamburg and budapest which are also running to host the games. the final decision on the host city will be made in 2017. good morning, everyone. after losing to the dodgers at 12:38 a.m. yesterday morning, the giants were back at it sending madison baumgarner to the hill against
5:24 am
probable cy young winner zack greinke. duff duff bailed him out in the second inning. that play kept the game score list. 1-0 dodgers in the 7th inning and baumgarner hung that one to jack peterson who broke out of a slump and that made it 2-0 dodgers. you remember matt duffy's great play? line drive, blanco coming home 2-1. and the giants threatening for more. runners at first and second. brandon belt bid for a base hit turns into a double play inning ending. dodgers win 2-1 and that wraps up zack greinke's cy young award and there it is. 5.5 games out now with 30 left. they will face clayton kershaw in the series today. a marine based in north carolina is hoping to make a wrestler the belle of the ball. he posted a video to facebook
5:25 am
asking the usc star to be his date. >> i don't know how to like hit him up and saying like, yeah, i want to go with you like -- >> would you totally go? >> i would go, for sure. do i set up a time and place never been kissed and show up and, you know, have him waiting there until the clock runs out and i'm here. >> one piece of advice at the dance. do not bump into ronda rousey while she was dancing with her beau. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. >> you might end up on the floor. play of the day, we are going to toronto. we have indians and jays. the indians hit a lazy flyball in foul territory. the blue jays from second, slide on the knees, makes the grab. mighty impressive. the blue jays keep winning. they beat the indians 5-3 and garnered the play of the day. 5:25. coming up in the next half- hour, not your typical super bowl media day.
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a new proposal to change the way people buy guns. what lawmakers want to happen during every purchase. >> and if you have an old traffic ticket that you can't afford to pay, well, the courts in california are about to show you some mercy and cut those fines by half or more. we have a live report straight ahead. >> if your commute takes you across the altamont pass, be prepared to be hitting the brakes this morning. got lots of delays from the 205
5:30 am
interchange. i'll have details. >> and as you are heading out the door this morning the big weather change you need to know about. i have all the details. good morning, it is wednesday, "hump day," september 2. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. a confrontation with bart police over a cigarette ended when a man allegedly shot himself during the struggle. anne makovec is live at the west oakland station to explain exactly what happened. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. the good news for bart commuters today is that everything is running as normal. all the lines are back open. the man who was shot is still in critical condition this morning. here's some video posted to twitter directly after this confrontation last night. this was shot by another passenger. police say the trouble started when they asked the guy to put out a cigarette. then they asked for his id. they say he got confrontational and aggressive and reached for something in his waistband. so they tased him.
5:31 am
and then they say he shot himself in the stomach. we heard from a woman who was there. >> i turned back and heard him yelling, they shot me. and then he just went cold. and the police officer just sort of sit there for a minute and then, um, there was blood everywhere. and one of the cops just started yelling, he shot himself. and he just said that two or three times. >> reporter: now, officials say that before this, this man had threatened to jump on the tracks to commit suicide. the investigation is under way and police had body cameras on. they were rolling and that footage is now being reviewed. the west oakland station was reopened at about 11:40 also night. so it was closed down for about three hours. anne makevoc, kpix 5. we'll switch gears now take you outside for a live look at the bay bridge. people coming in on their commute here at 5:30 on what looks like a pretty good day. a little blustery, huh?
5:32 am
>> we were spoiled the past couple mornings. we saw the morning star, taking a look at the bay bridge. remember we saw it rising in the east setting in the west marking the end of the day? all right. we are not seeing it now. >> wow. >> we have overcast conditions. we have a vigorous onshore push this morning with low clouds and fog and drizzle along the coast into the bay. temperatures mild. 58 in napa. 53 in santa rosa. even though concord is at 63 degrees, we have been picking up wind gusts up to 23. today temperatures pretty close to where they should be for this time of the year along the coast into the bay. otherwise, below average in san jose at 78 degrees. temperatures up to about 85 for the warmest locations east of the bay. north bay numbers stacking up from the 60s to the 80s. west winds to 30. we'll talk more about that liza, that's coming up in less than 10 minutes. >> all right. we are going to hang out for that one. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the altamont pass. long delays already for those commuters on 205, westbound
5:33 am
traffic heavy now from mountain house, stays slow down the altamont pass towards livermore. once you're in livermore, do keep in mind traffic may be slow because of earlier roadwork approaching airway. bay bridge metering lights looks like they will be switched on any moment now if they haven't already. westbound traffic stacking up almost to the 880 overcrossing. once you get on the bridge, traffic slows well getting into san francisco. the bay bridge is the only bridge right now with traffic delays. southbound 101 heading across the golden gate still in good shape. and as anne makovec mentioned earlier, bart is on full service with no delays after police action at the west oakland station. all mass transit is on time. more coming up. cal/osha joined the investigation into a construction accident that shut down part of 101 in san jose. high voltage lines fell on the freeway closing lanes for the
5:34 am
weekend. another closure is expected to allow crews to install a permanent replacement for the tower. getting a traffic ticket is bad enough but many drivers can't afford it when extra charges are tacked on after you don't pay it in the first place. kpix 5 reporter kiet do with more about the state's new program which should provide a little relief for a lot of people out there. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: yes, good morning. the governor signed this into law to help people out of what he called a, quote, hell hole of desperation. we are talking about low income people trapped under a mountain of court fines and penalties. it is estimated that nearly 5 million people in california have had their licensed suspended because they got a traffic ticket they couldn't afford to pay and then hundreds of thousands of court fines piled on top of that. it's estimated the amount of unpaid traffic tickets in california is more than $10 billion. legal aid groups say it's a
5:35 am
vicious cycle. people can't go to work to earn money to pay the fine, resulting in more fines. >> sounds like april win -- sounds like a win-win to get your name off a list you don't want to be on and gives the state the opportunity to get some money it needs to keep roads together and bridges and so forth. sounds like a good idea. >> reporter: it applies to tickets before 2013. all fines will be reduced by at least 50% if you prove you can low income up to 80%. it doesn't apply to reckless driving, dui or parking tickets. now, here in santa clara county, the court also start sending out letters to people who qualify starting on october 1. this one-time program only lasts for another year and a half. and it ends march 2017. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. six officers charged in the death of freddie gray in baltimore will be in court today. brook silva-braga with more on
5:36 am
the case and the demonstrations planned outside the court house. reporter: there is stepped up security outside the baltimore courthouse where later today, a judge will decide what's next for the six officers facing criminal charges in connection to the death of freddie gray. >> the residents and citizens of this city expect their police department to be prepared. >> reporter: the officers won't be in attendance as attorneys argue whether they should be tried separately or if the charges should be dismissed. the defense is also seeking to have baltimore state's attorney marilyn moseby removed from the case citing conflicts of interest. gray died in april after a severe spinal cord injury while riding in a police van. the coroner ruled it a homicide. activists plan to gather outside the courthouse this morning. >> the killers of freddie gray must go to jail and be prosecuted. >> reporter: gray's death sparked weeks of protests which calmed after the officers were
5:37 am
charged and some worry any change in the case could reignite violence. >> i believe some people want an excuse to do things. >> reporter: the six officers face charges ranging from second-degree assault to second- degree depraved hard murder. the trial is set to start in october. brook silva-braga for cbs news. >> today a judge is expected to decide whether to allow certain evidence in a high-profile kidnapping case in vallejo. matthew muller is charged with kidnapping denise huskins in march. vallejo pled said she faked it but found evidence linking muller to her disappearance. muller will ask to have it thrown out because police didn't have a search warrant for the phone. the family of the woman killed at pier 14 is suing the sheriff and two federal agencies they blame for her death. july 1 kate steinle walking on the pier with her father when an illegal immigrant juan lopez-
5:38 am
sanchez shot her on the pier. the gun had been stolen from a car of an agent with the bureau of land management. he was released from san francisco jail in april after the sheriff declined an i.c.e. request to turn him over. >> we're frustrated. and we're here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure the pain my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. >> and the sheriff says he can't comment on the pending litigation but he extends his sympathies to the family. the same sentiment was shared by i.c.e. and the bureau of land management. meanwhile, a new proposal would require all gun sales in san francisco to be video recorded. the plan is intended to reduce gun violence. supervisor mark farrell says the city attorney is reviewing the proposal. it could be introduced this month. a wild week and a half for
5:39 am
the stock market and we'll find out in less than an hour how today will begin. >> so far it looks okay. hannah daniels has the moneywatch report from new york. share some good news with us. >> reporter: good morning, frank and maria. well, good news so far is futures are pointing up but we'll have a better idea in an hour. there could be another roller coaster ride on wall street today after a rocky ride overseas. asian stocks opened with sharp losses but recovered not most part. a weak chinese economy has u.s. investors on edge. the dow was 469. airlines will decide whether you can use a phone during your flight. the transportation advisory committee approved the recommendation. if the call is safe and secure. u.s. regulators are weighing the issue. organic may not mean it's
5:40 am
the business. it may not be worth the price. on average, organic food is nearly 50% more expensive. >> we are stunned here at kpix 5 because we hear kermit has a new main squeeze. what's up with kermit? >> reporter: yeah. the amphibian moves fast. he moved on. kermit the frog's new girlfriend, he has one, the famous muppet revealed that his new love is denise. she has red hair. this of course comes after he and miss piggy called it quits last month after 40 years together. >> her name is denise? >> and red hair. >> hi, ho, i'm kermit the frog here talking with um, -- that's enough. [ imitation of kermit ]
5:41 am
>> love it. thank you. 5:41. new this morning, three san bernardino deputies are now facing assault charges after they were seen on camera beating a man. video of the incident shows the suspect being hit in april. he had led police on a chase and tried to escape on a stolen horse. 7 deputies involved will not be charged because they didn't know there was a threat when they arrived at the scene. >> when these other officers are running, what they hear on the belt recording and i'm not going to get into the details, i'm going to leave that to the court, they hear something the other officers are yelling. >> the three who are charged could spend up to three years in jail if convicted. all 10 deputies involved are on paid administrateive leave.
5:42 am
a class action lawsuit says uber drivers deserve to be classified as employees, not independent contractors. >> 880 is moving. liza will have traffic and roberta cannot wait to tell you about your forecast, right, roberta?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning. 5:44. look at your tv screen. your uv index today is 6.6 which ranges from high to very high. stay with us. i have your labor day forecast coming up in less than 4 minutes. a lawsuit against uber could change the future of on demand ride services. a federal judge granted class
5:45 am
action status to a case involving california uber drivers. it says drivers are incorrectly classified as independent contractors when they are actually employees. four drivers were originally suing. yesterday's ruling increases the number to 160,000. >> they said we're employees, we should be entitled to overtime, workers' comp., social security, all the things being an employee comes with, they said because uber controls what we do. uber says you're independent contractors. you show up when you want to show up from the app. >> uber will appeal the decision. politics now. hillary clinton looking to get more money from california. she is planning four fundraisers in the bay area this month. one in saratoga, belvidere, orinda and san francisco. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina will be in the next debate. cnn tweaked the criteria so any candidate can participate if
5:46 am
they have been in the top 10 in the polls anytime since the start of all. she saw a bounce in the polls after the first debate. the next one is at the reagan library in two weeks. the nfl will break tradition when super bowl 50 comes to the bay area. they plan to hold a special prime time kickoff event at s.a.p. center in downtown san jose. it would take place on monday night february 1 where all the players and coaches will address the media. now, in the past, media day has taken place on tuesday morning with only the press. this year, fans can buy a ticket to sit in the stands and watch. >> we know that there are lots of fans who would love to be able to come in and hear their favorite players talking about whatever it is they care about. we expect the arena will be packed and there will be tens of thousands of families coming here to enjoy this big event and certainly we love having them. we love having their tax dollars, as well. >> the nfl has not set a ticket price yet but says it will be
5:47 am
less than $30. and get excited! kpix 5 is your home for super bowl 50! here's the countdown, about 158 days away from invading the bay area. >> if you have never been to a super bowl it's more fun just to the in the city of the super bowl. you can see the game right here on channel 5 but so much goes on >> you know what would be exciting not this weekend which is labor day weekend but the following weekend the host committee of the super bowl has announced the lombardi trophy tour. and it kicks off in mountain view on saturday and it ends up at the oakland coliseum because we have more lombardi trophies here in the bay area than any other city between the raiders and 9ers. we are 158 days away. so let's talk about traffic. >> let's talk about this morning's commute. i'm in 9er red. we'll talk about the san francisco commute getting into the system by way of the golden gate bridge. southbound traffic moving well leaving southern marin heading into the city. a 14-minute drive time between
5:48 am
the 580 interchange and the golden gate just keep in mind this is counter-commute but if you normally drive through san rafael you have to watch out for work crews out in the left- hand lanes new york 101 just before the 580 turnoff and they will be out there for at least the next 10 to 15 minutes so watch out for them. westbound traffic at the bay bridge is already beginning to slow down with delays extending to the 880 overcrossing with the metering lights on drive times between the carquinez bridge and maze 19 minutes. 880 wide open no delays so a nice ride for the southbound drive leaving downtown oakland passing the airport heading towards hayward. no backups so far. but at the san mateo bridge you will see just a brief delay at the toll plaza. it's still moving well though heading all the way across the bridge toward foster city. levi's stadium the 49ers will play host to the san diego chargers tomorrow night 7:00 game time temperature of 67
5:49 am
degrees. right now we have temperatures in the 60s in throughout the santa clara valley. the winds under 10. cool spot santa rosa at 53. it is 58 in san jose. west winds increasing out of the west especially next to the seashore and high elevations gusts by tonight up to 45 miles per hour. rebounding by the weekend. rain across the pacific northwest. this area of low pressure slides to the east and drifts to the south. less wind this weekend. 86 degrees in stockton, davis,
5:50 am
sacramento. low 70s in monterey. sun-up 6:40. sunset 7:38. we'll have the return of the onshore push by then, as well. this morning, we do have overcast conditions a little drizzle at the coast with partial clearing. 60s there, 70s bayside, 70s peninsula climbing up to 85 degrees in the warmest spots inland. again, blustery day today and thursday. friday less wind but cooler temperatures. rebounding for the holiday. and by the way we have sonny gray on the mound for the good guys and daytime baseball and temperatures into 73 degrees. gang? >> all right, roberta. thank you. happy hour may be more expensive. an east bay assemblywoman has introduced a bill that would tack on a nickel tax when people order a cocktail at a bar. that could bring in $140 million or more in the first year alone. the money would be earmarked to help people with developmental disabilities. opponents of the plan are wondering what that has to do with alcohol sales though since it is a new tax requiring a two-
5:51 am
it is a new tax requiring a two- thirds majority vote by ,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
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good morning. temperatures across the bay area, we have 60s, 70s at the beaches to 80s inland. [ echo ] >> and if you plan on making the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound traffic slow noun from the 880 overcrossing with the metering lights on. more "kcbs traffic" still ahead. [ echo ] more than a dozen people have to find a new place to stay after a fire in san jose. the fire began early yesterday morning mountain garage of the home on in a comas drive. all 13 people inside got out. crowded homes are common in the city where the high cost of housing forces multiple families to live under one roof. >> happens quite often. it happens quite often. >> the red cross is providing temporary housing. some protestors are targeting netflix over its parental leave policy. a small group standing outside the company's los gatos
5:55 am
headquarters yesterday says the unlimited parental leave only applies to the wealthiest of their employees. they demand the same policy apply to all netflix workers. a standoff over same-sex marriage continues in kentucky. rowan county clerk kim davis is summoned to federal court tomorrow as she refused to issue any marriage licensessed based on religious beliefs. she has until the end of business day today to respond to the latest motion in the case. yesterday she again refused issue a license in defiance of the supreme court! >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses? >> under god's authority. >> what i will not tolerate is people who want to use their beliefs to discriminate against other people and make people's lives hell. >> davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses in june rather than comply. she says she had a religious awakening after her fourth marriage and this is a matter of going to heaven or hell. it is now almost 5:56. it's a familiar sight along
5:56 am
280. now the flintstone house is on the market. we'll talk to the architect and take a tour inside the unusual home. >> police say he shot himself. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
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good morning, i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:00. a chaotic scene at an oakland bart station when a man reportedly shot himself during a confrontation with police. anne makovec joins us live from the west oakland station to explain. reporter: bart service was shut down for over three hours last night. good news for commuters, everything is running smoothly this morning. but the man who was shot is in
6:00 am
critical condition. take a look at the video posted on twitter after this shooting. it was cell phone video shot by another passenger. police say this all started when the guy asked -- when they asked this guy to put out a cigarette. then they asked him for his identification. they say he got confrontational and aggressive. >> started reaching for his waistband at that time. one officer said tase him. he went to tase him at the same time, um, he was tased, we're not quite sure of the timing, he shot himself in the stomach. >> reporter: now, officials say before that, he had threatened to jump on the tracks to commit suicide. the investigation is under way. police were wearing body cameras. those cameras were rolling so that footage is now being reviewed. coming up in the next half- hour, we'll hear from a witness who saw how this all went down. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. need to get out of a traffic ticket but can't afford it? no


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