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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 3, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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out. >> one. >> two, three maybe. >> it's thursday, that means the weekend is almost here. i'm maria medina. >> hooray for that, right? >> right. >> okay. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> we're a little slow this morning. >> it is 4:30. happy thursday, everyone. gianna is back in the fold and roberta is here to tell us about what wonderful thursday we have. >> i don't know what happened. the time just flew by this morning, right? okay. so let's get to the weather so i can go finish combing my hair. as you look out the door, we have a layer of low clouds and fog at the coast. temperatures are very mild in the 60s except san jose at 59. it's 54 in santa rosa. and later today, if you thought it was refreshing on wednesday, it will be equally as nice today. 60s beaches, 70s bayside and peninsula, nearly 80 inland. the weekend forecast is minutes away. jumping over to the roadways right now, we do have a traffic alert this morning. chp is shut down both directions of marsh creek road.
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now we are getting reports that this is a fatal accident closed just east of clayton. use alternates. it's a pretty well traveled area. both directions closed marsh creek road. the accident happened about an hour ago. we'll get you more information as it comes in. other than that, the freeways are looking good. so far no delays through the altamont pass just some windy conditions though. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. 4:31. the final suspect now custody in connection with a homicide caught on camera in san jose office complex. security cameras captured the shooting of christopher wrenn last month. police announced yesterday duane aguero was arrested last thursday. this man. he is being held without bail. friends of the victim are now expressing relief. >> i don't believe anybody should be able to murder somebody and get away with it. he was a good man. he didn't deserve to be murdered. >> two other suspects in the case are both dead. each was killed last month in separate confrontations with
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police. a wildfire breaks out in lake county growing to 450 acres and is about 20% contained. the elk fire is burning near elk mountain road north of the town of upper lake and is moving up the flank of youngs peak. some homeowners are trying to protect their property using lawn sprinklers and hosing down dry graph. there is aerial support to keep the flames from spreading to neighborhoods. two major wildfires in the same county in august burned 95,000 acres and destroyed 71 homes. this morning commuters face not just normal traffic headaches but also an increased risk of dying in an accident. chp says the rate of deadly exists is up 20% compared to last year -- deadly collisions is up by 20% compared to last year. kpix 5's anne makovec reports. >> reporter: good morning. disheartening for people commuting this morning. not only, of course, are they facing increased traffic, now
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the increased risk of death or injures on the road behind the wheel. so of this year it's been one of the -- so far this year, it's been one of the deadliest on record. just in the chp jurisdiction, 120 fatal collisions so far this year. that's up 20% over last year. the chp says drivers appear to be ignoring the rules of the road, speeding or texting and driving. >> if you are texting while you're driving, have you ever noticed that you've drifted out of your lane? have you ever noticed there's a lot of space in front of you or all of a sudden you almost hit the car in front of you? i bet people would say yes. you were one of the lucky ones that didn't get involved in a collision then. >> reporter: so the chp is ramping up for the holiday weekend. they will be out in force and they are not going to be giving verbal warnings during the period. they say they are going to be immediately handing out tickets for any bad driving behavior. live at the bay bridge, anne
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makevoc, kpix 5. thank you for that. let's get to roberta now. it's thursday so we can kind of see the weekend out there. >> ye. >> buckle up, too. when you're jumping out, you're going to met low clouds and fog at the coast and condensation in the form of drizzle. hi, everybody! temperature-wise, not bad. we are in the 50s and 60s. it's currently 54 degrees in santa rosa. it is 59 degrees in san jose. it is in the low 60s in concord. later today, temperatures pretty similar to yesterday which means unseasonably mild away from the bay. but around the rim of the bay you'll be noting temperatures in the low to mid-70s from san mateo all the way around to union city. low 80s in morgan hill jumping up to 85 degrees in the gilroy area. 85 will be that outside number again. that will be in brentwood, tracy, oakley and mountain
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house. upper 70s in pleasant hill. 60s, 70s, 80s to the north. we have the labor day weekend forecast coming up. let's say good morning to gianna. good morning. we head near east of clayton right now. we have reports of pretty serious accident both directions of marsh creek road completely shut down for a fatal accident. again it is closed east of clayton. no eto when they will out. the investigation is under way. according to chp at least two hours for the closure, maybe more. so plan for taking an alternate route if you typically take marsh creek road near clayton where this accident is reported. one vehicle in the wreck. elsewhere check the altamont pass, no accidents but we are seeing brake lights westbound 580 out of tracy. high wind advisory in effect for the altamont pass. use caution. a few cars in the cash lanes of the bay bridge toll plaza, clear all the way into san francisco. traffic looking good from san francisco to oakland. the san mateo bridge so far it's a nice ride in both
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directions between 880 and 101. contra costa county investigators are looking into the death of a man whose body was found in a burned shed. firefighters discovered the body in bay point yesterday after dousing the fire in a yard in the home yesterday. the victim's identity is not released. no one else was injured. thousands of workers in silicon valley could be getting pay raises. today, san jose mayor sam liccardo is expected to announce a plan to increase the minimum wage across the valley. he will have the support of mayors from seven cities in santa clara county including palo alto, cupertino, campbell and santa clara. the current minimum wage in california is $9 an hour. the city of san jose already has a higher minimum wage currently $10.30 an hour. there is no word yet on the amount of the proposed regional minimum wage. new report says more than 300,000 veterans died while awaiting care. the va's inspector-general
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found that out of 800,000 records stalled in the end rolement system, about 307,000 belonged to veterans who died. the investigation found the va, quote, has not adequately established procedures to identify individuals who have died. breaking news this morning in north carolina. one u.s. marine is dead, nine others hurt, after a helicopter made a hard landing at camp lejeune. word just came down that it happened during a training exercise late last night. the cause of the accident is under investigation. today donald trump meets with the chairman of the rnc. the key question, if trump does not get the republican nomination for president, would he support whoever does? cbs' don champion with the very latest on the campaign. reporter: the head of the republican party will try to convince donald trump today to sign a pledge supporting the party's eventual nominee. >> he is not going to make the pledge. >> i will not make the pledge at this time.
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>> okay. >> reporter: the republican front-runner refused to make that promise during the first gop debate leaving the door open to a third party run. rival jeb bush seized the moment this week launching a new campaign ad calling trump a germ mow phone and democrat in disguise. he even questioned trump's political tie this is spanish during an event in miami. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: in true trump fashion the billionaire challenged bush to set the example by speaking english while in the united states. >> people who aren't willing to risk failing never succeed. >> reporter: on the democratic side, all eyes are on vice president joe biden. at an event in miami wednesday, he brushed off questions about whether he is entering the presidential race. >> people are trying to look at hillary clinton's approval ratings at least among americans and say there's, you know, she is getting weaker and there might be be opening for him. >> reporter: the latest poll shows democrat consider biden their first choice if clinton
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falters. in another poll she does better among moderates, blacks and hispanics than biden. don champion, cbs news, new york. a former employee for hillary clinton says he will plead "the fifth." brian was subpoenaed last month to testify before the house committee last week. they will question the security of her private emails during benghazi. he help set up the server in 2009 but sent a letter to the committee he would not testify. warmer ocean water may cause birds to get sick from malnutrition. a center in fairfield is treating 45 birds. they normally live their lives on the water and rarely are seen by people unless they are in distress on beaches. there are no hard facts about why the birds are getting sick but the warmer pacific water may be driving prey further away. >> if the surface of the water is warm, then they can dive 300 feet. if the fish are below that, they can't get them. >> some of the birds are so
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thin they have been force-fed and once they get switched to whole fish those fish need to be injected with air to make them float and easier to eat. it is now 4:40. the number of drone sightings just keeps going higher. now the faa is hoping a new smartphone app will help tackle the growing problem. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police critics are pushing for a bill here in california that would require officers to track instances of racial profiling. more now from kpix 5's christin ayers. reporter: a march on the state capital activists with the "black lives matter" movement came here to dekraai
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police brutality. >> california [ indiscernible ] leading state in case of police killings over 120 this year. >> reporter: to call for the governor's support of a bill that would force officers to track instances of racial profiling. [ singing and chanting ] >> reporter: as marchers were making these demands -- >> this is the first kind of showing and transparency of this kind of information of any state in the country. >> reporter: -- attorney general kamala harris was in los angeles unveiling her answer to a public outcry over safety and police brutality, a sweeping public website open justice that tracks everything from arrests to officer assaults to deaths of detainees. the numbers show even though african-americans account for just 6% of california's population, they make up 17% of arrests and 25% of deaths in custody. legal analyst paul henderson says this kind of access to this level of information is a game changer. >> it certainly is groundbreaking to see the attorney general come out with
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an initiative that is so sweeping and so broad and addressing open data and connecting it to public safety and law enforcement reforms. >> reporter: for california, this may just be the beginning. >> we are leeing the way now -- leading the way now with this initiative to bring information in a new way in an open data platform to a broad spectrum of citizens and that's what's going to improve public safety. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the legislation still faces some challenges though. analysts say many questions still need to be answered about how police officers would collect race-based data. today a kentucky county clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples will defend her actions. a federal judge ordered her to comply with a supreme court decision to allow same-sex marriage but she says her religious beliefs prevent her from doing so. now, if the judge finds her in contempt, she could face fines or jail. stocks in asia rose today
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following a rebound on wall street. japan's main index was up 1.4%. in south korea stocks were up slightly. taiwan's benchmark added .0.6%. markets are closed today for a holiday. yesterday the dow jones industrial average added 293 points. >> it was a good day. with more drones in the air, pilot safety is a serious concern. but now, as you might imagine, there's an app for that. or soon to be. the faa has an app in test mode that could be a game changer called b4u fly. it's designs to check your location and tell you from you in a fly-friendly zone. the pilot with our sister station in baltimore sheds light on issues up in the air. >> as a pilot, i can talk to other pilots and other helicopters. i can't talk to a drone operator. in my opinion, it's only a matter of time before you have that catastrophic accident. >> a record 650 drone sightings
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have been reported by pilots this year alone. nearly triple all of 2014. a southern california lifeguard released gopro video of a rescue to demonstrate the dangers of rip currents. this videos was shot saturday off huntington beach in orange county. it shows the lifeguard paddling toward a woman screaming for help and pulling her to shore. experts say most rescue are not in deep water. >> water moving around next thing you know they are trying to go, next thing now they are in deep water, not good swimmers and the panic button goes off. >> authorities say lifeguards rescued about 500 people in the huntington beach area last weekend alone. temperatures in the bay are warmer this year making it more attractive for swimmers. according to the noaa, water temperatures in san francisco bay hovering around 66 degrees. that's about 5 degrees above normal for this time of the year. alameda, richmond, redwood city also feeling the heat. swimmers say they are well
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aware of it. >> it feels great to be out there swimming in the water. it's 66 degrees. and it's absolutely gorgeous. this has been the warmest year since i have been swimming. >> about 15, 16 years of swimming, pretty much every week in the bay. >> a little san diego up here in san francisco. this all coincides with the worldwide warmup oceans with the cause and duration unknown. one person said it definitely is not el nino. >> gosh. 66 degrees is warm to you guys? >> it's incredible. in the 20 years that i have been swimming in the bay this is the warmest season. we have been a big swimming in two weeks -- we have a big swimming in two weeks. it's great, no wet suit. out the door, we have thin overcast over the bay waters right now where the temperature in the bay is in the mid-60s. otherwise, air temperatures in the low 60s. so it's actually kind of nice
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jumping in the water. it's warmer in the water than as you stand out by the seashore. the winds have been blowing again this morning kind of breezy not as windy as yesterday. but nevertheless, currently in oakland a westerly at 13. san francisco at 16. it's slight in san jose. we have 15-mile-per-hour winds in fairfield yesterday at this time we had 23-mile-per-hour winds. breezy overnight and into the early-morning hours. it will stay a bit breezy today. and then temperatures begin to warm over the weekend after overnight lows in the 40s. here's what you can anticipate. the clouds will clear out a little sooner along the coast today. this is what to expect with the breezy days and the cooler nights. we'll have ample sunshine as high pressure builds in from the western pacific. what we are experiencing is a bit of a pressure gradient between the low that's diverting off to the east and the high pressure that's building in from the west. 80s throughout the central valley when this time of the year we should be in the 90s. low 70s in the high sierra where we are kick starting the
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morning at 46 degrees in truckee. 69 the forecast high in monterey bay. our numbers typical for this time of the year along the coast and the bay. but inland is averaging 10 degrees below normal. 80s usual will the tri-valley, instead 70s. here's the extended forecast. we begin to warm up for the holiday on monday. by the way, we have us some football tonight right here on kpix 5 beginning at 7:00. it's the chargers in town against the 49ers. 70 degrees. make sure you dress in layers. good morning. checking the road, let's check an area near marsh creek road where we are dealing with a serious accident. the investigation continues into the fatal traffic. marsh creek road shut down both directions east of clayton. plan for that as an alternate using highway 4 but delays there, as well. highway 4 okay for now westbound through antioch into pittsburg no delays toward the
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eastshore freeway. we are starting to see a few brake lights at the altamont pass. 25 minutes now altamont pass to 680. so out of tracyle see slow conditions. windy -- wind advisory in effect per chp so use caution there westbound. no delays 880 to 101. 13 minutes westbound. north 101 along the peninsula, if you have an early flight to catch at sfo, from 92 to the 80 split takes about 18 minutes. today the film society will premiere a new documentary directed by alexandra pelosi. she is the daughter of congresswoman nancy pelosi. the film is called, san francisco 2.0. it's a look at the pros and
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cons of how san francisco has evolved amid the tech boom. hbo will televise it this month. some scientists in scotland discovered a protein that allows ice cream to last longer and melt slower. they say it sticks to fat and air to create a smoother stable mixture. the researchers are in talks with food companies about potentially using the protein in their products. 4:51. it's a new videogame called trump him. find out how you can soon be throwing soccer balls and liquor bottles at donald trump -- if you want to -- all from the comfort of your own home,,,,
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good morning. if you look at san francisco and oakland temperatures spot on for this time of the year. but around the bay 70s across the peninsula with the clearing of the skies 70s and low 80s across the santa clara valley which is below average. east of the bay, these temperatures are averaging a good 10 degrees below normal. north the golden gate bridge from a windy 67 degrees in stinson beach to a breezy 83 in sonoma, good morning, windsor, your forecast high today of 80. checking the roads now, "sig alert" continues marsh creek road completely shut down between morgan territory and clayton road for the investigation into a fatal accident that happened just about an hour and a half ago. again, both directions closed. use highway 4 as an alternate. a baltimore judge refused to dismiss charges against 6 police officers in connection with the death of a black man. freddie gray died from injuries he suffered while in custody back in april. an attorney argued that marilyn
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mosby's comments were inflammatory but the judge denied the motion. one of the bay area's most mysterious murder cases, jury selection begins in april of next year for the trial of antolin garcia-torres accused of killing 15-year-old sierra lamar last seen near her home in 2012. her body was not found. s.a.t. scores were below average for college-bound students taking the tests. only 42% met the benchmark for college. students scored an average 495 in reading, down from 497. math scores and writing scores were all down. the top score is 800. fresno state university student happy to be alive after being robbed and has iphone to thank for it. a gunman fired a single shot at the student over the weekend.
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the bullet struck the iphone. take a look, which was in the student's pants pocket. it ricocheted through the jeans. you can see the phone was shattered. police the gunman followed the student home. >> had a ski mask on. he approached the victim as he was walking from the rear grabbed his computer trial to pull it away from the victim. victim wouldn't let him take it and next thing you know the suspect had a gun. >> that student is shaken up but otherwise fine. however, he did leave town and reportedly told his roommate he is not coming back. mexican videogames developers have out with a game that lets people throw things at donald trump. a trump cartoon character appears on stage making comments that are hostile to latinos and then a range of projectiles appears at the bottom of the screen like tequila bottles and thorny cactus leaves. as more objects hit donald trump, the trump figure is
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driven further off the stage. it is 4:56 on this thursday. you have heard of babysitters and petsitters but how about a potty sitter? yup. san francisco is hiring them. how much you could be making by the john. >> i'm kiet do live at the main jail in downtown san jose where the third and final suspect in a gruesome execution-style killing has finally been ,,,, sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. we're going to start off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and as frank just pointed out there is no chicken on the road this morning. >> it's a chicken-free commute. [ laughter ] >> exactly. good morning, it's thursday, september 3. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00. and san jose police say they have arrested the last
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outstanding suspect for a stunning homicide in a north side office building. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live out of san jose with the latest on that suspect. good morning. >> reporter: the suspect is duane guerro and is now behind bars here at the main jail in downtown san jose. not a whole lot of details yet about how and where it all went down. all we know is that aguero was arrested in san jose on august 27. it was made public yesterday. surveillance video caught the murder of christopher wrenn last month on lundy avenue. it appears the victim was surrendering with his hands up. he was killed execution-style. friends and family are expressing relief. >> i don't believe anybody should be able to murder somebody and get away with it. he was a good man. he didn't deserve tore murdered. >> reporter: the two other suspects in the case are both dead. each was fatally shot by police last month in separate


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