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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the ocean and sent him crashing down across the great highway and then at sloat, a car hit this surfer. he had head trauma but we don't know the man's exact condition at the hospital. this all happened at 3:15 this afternoon. again, a surfer was lifted right out of the ocean by very strong winds came crashing down across the great highway where he was then hit by a car near slowly. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. the national weather service says the wind speeds in the area at the time were clocked at about 35 miles per hour with gusts going as high as 47 miles an hour. a whole foods security guard out of a job tonight after he literally threw a man out of the store. the bloody result left other shoppers shaken. kpix 5's da lin in oakland with the disturbing images. da. >> reporter: yeah, veronica. witnesses say that shopper was
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knocked out unconscious right here at the popular whole foods near lake merritt. now those shoppers want that security guard prosecuted. >> reporter: a young man's shopping trip to whole foods ended with him lying face down in his own blood. >> it was a very asymmetrical one-sided attack and it was a much larger security guard than the unarmed individual who was trying to buy his groceries. >> reporter: it started around 9:30. this witness said the guy argued with a cashier at the checkout. >> nobody was being violent or aggressive. nobody was raising his voice until the security guard got involved. >> reporter: she said when the man refused to leave the store the security guard slammed the man several times against a concrete wall and it wasn't over. >> after putting him in a chokehold covered his mouth and nose suffocated him for a number of seconds, and then threw him out the door on to the concrete face first, the young man didn't break his fall because i think he was unconscious. >> reporter: she says what's even more shocking than the unprovoked violent beatdown was the lack of response. >> no one who was working for
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whole foods called for paramedics at that point. they were interested in getting back up. the man was unconscious lying in blood. >> reporter: shoppers say the security guard should be arrested. >> the security guard is out of control and he has some anger issues. >> reporter: the store released a statement it reads, whole foods market considers the safety and security of all team members customers and members of our community a top priority. it goes on to say, while we moved swiftly to gather the facts we want to make it clear that whole foods market takes a zero tolerance approach to violence. as for that victim, he is in now in stable condition at a local hospital. live in oakland, da lin, kpix 5. the day after three deputies were charged in the death of an inmate, families of other inmates at the santa clara county jail are demanding some changes. kpix 5's len ramirez on the
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first step the sheriff plans to take. lenny. >> reporter: well, one of those plans will be announced later. but right now, protestor have been out here all day in front of the jail saying it's a crime scene time and time again. >> they are a vicious gang. >> reporter: family members of people locked up at the santa clara county main jail say the mistreatment of inmates has been going on for years. >> i told my son just comply, you know, and do the best you can. and don't get mouthy. >> reporter: they say it took the death of one inmate to finally focus on the problem. >> we want justice! >> reporter: family and community groups marched on the jail demanding reforms to prevent any other inmates from being killed in custody. >> we are come together as a group, a family and people, this is not okay. >> reporter: 31-year-old michael james tyree was found dead in his cell last week the coroner saying he had blunt- force trauma injuries that caused him to bleed to death
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internally. three correctional deputies, matthew farris, jereh lubin and rafael rodriguez were arrested on suspicion of murder. >> this type of horrific incident could not occur without systemic failures and gaps of accountability. >> it treats them like animals. >> reporter: several family members came forward with stories of how their loved ones have been mistreated in jail. >> they cuffed him and while he was cuffed, he was beaten while he was handcuffed. >> reporter: william mendoza is talking about what happened to his 27-year-old son earlier this year. >> these guys are constantly filing grievances and complaints and they mostly come back as nothing. >> reporter: sheriff lori smith who oversees the jail says that she does take those complaints very seriously and, in fact, plans to ask the board of supervisors for an increase in funding to expand and modernize the surveillance camera system inside the jail to better investigate complaints. reporting live on the steps of the main jail in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5.
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taking a live look at traffic on the bay bridge, it's moving. moving right along for a friday night. but just wait until the weekend. bart is shutting down the transbay tube again for track repairs. service between oakland and san francisco will stop late tonight and it won't resume until 4:00 on tuesday morning. bart will be running a bus bridge. but you should still plan on some delays getting across the bridge. things could be slow in the city, as well. there's a holiday weekend closure at 4th and king streets for the central subway project and the billy joel concert is at at&t park tomorrow night. in the meantime get ready for some changes on the golden gate bridge. starting tuesday, there will now be four northbound lanes open during the evening commute instead of three. the new configuration is meant to balance congestion from 4 to 6 p.m. it will be subject to change under special circumstances like a crash or other emergency. here's one way to escape the only privately owned island
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in san francisco bay. it's now up for sale. the asking price, $5 million. and what do you get for that? well, it could be complicated. kpix 5's john ramos takes us to red rock island. >> reporter: just off the richmond/san rafael bridge sits one of the strangest pieces of real estate in the bay area, red rock island. >> it was used as the original surveys for san francisco bay. it was the starting points. >> reporter: because it was used as a reference point, the island actually sits in three counties at the same time, contra costa, san francisco and marin, with a tiny piece of a sheer cliff actually being a part of the city of tiburon. realtor steven higby tried to sell the property for 14 years and says the shared jurisdiction makes building here a real challenge. >> you're not going to be able to, you know, do anything with this island without the blessing of, you know, everybody. >> reporter: but the world was a different place in the '60s when the island and its mineral
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rights were purchased by a man who planned to remove the top third of it, sell the gravel to extend sfo's runways and then drill a well for the oil and gas that's supposed to be underneath it. >> the oil is probably going to stay there forever because, you know, by the time you ever get permission we went even have internal combustion engines anymore. it will be against the law. [ laughter ] >> reporter: of course, someone could build a house on it. but higby recommends they do it on the contra costa side, where tax rates are lower. >> or it could be something's good evil lair. >> it could be. >> reporter: higby says he came close to selling it for about $5 million a few years ago but the owner died and his heirs suspended the sale. he says any future owner will probably be someone with a lot of money who just wants bragging rights to such a unique piece of property. in contra costa, san francisco, and marin counties, john ramos, kpix 5. [ laughter ] well, he has become an
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inspiration. a child shot now in a wheelchair but that's not keeping him away from the football field and his team is taking notice. >> a whale tangled off the california coast. tonight the efforts to free the massive animal. >> less than one hour before kickoff. yeah, kickoff! friday night football, we are live ,, but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train.
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the timing couldn't be worse. on the eve of a holiday weekend, health officials are warning people to keep their dogs out of the russian river. kpix 5's andria borba is there to show us why.
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andria. >> reporter: well, veronica, public health has been monitoring the russian river since early august at this point. they have now put up signs along the russian river warning about blue-green algae. it produces a toxic that killed a dog on saturday. the river and the beaches are not closed. but the areas where the water is still or stagnant is where this algae is growing. and the main concern at this point are the dogs. >> they like to go right where the risk is. they like to go to the water that can be full of the green muck and drink the water and eat the algae. >> reporter: now, that dog who died, died very suddenly within minutes after ingesting that algae. now, there's also warnings to partnership, to watch their kids particularly small children to put things in their mouths. they are also saying don't drink the water at this point. that's kind of a general rule.
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don't drink the water in the russian river. you should be safe in areas where the water flows but don't try to get near the shoreline and get into the algae. most of it is okay. [ sirens ] >> but the blue-green algae is there and dangerous. live in sonoma county, andria borba, kpix 5. gunfire forever changes the life of a little boy in the east bay after being hit by stray bullets in a shooting last april. the star football player will never walk again. his story doesn't end there. kpix 5's da lin on the boy's new outlook on life and his new role on the football field. >> reporter: running play after play, the final hours of practice before saturday's first regular season game. the life back on the football field is different for kamar polk. he is calling place instead of running the ball. less than five months ago, two
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stray bullets hit kamar in the kidney and injured his spinal cord. >> i was in the hospital for three months and one day. >> reporter: he even celebrated his 8th birthday in the hospital. but the injuries couldn't stop him from rejoining husband team the vallejo junior jaguars where they won the division championship two years ago. >> it was fun playing football. >> we gave him a whistle and said kamar, you want to coach the staff? ever since then he has been smiling. >> reporter: his mother says it's helping him physically and mentally. >> it keeps him motivated. he was in the hospital kind of with the mindset that he will never do anything again, his life is ruined. >> reporter: doctors say kamar will never be able to walk again but the 8-year-old is not giving up. he is determined to be able to play football on this field again. >> he wants to do something in the future -- in i want to do something -- if i wanted to do something in the future, it would be play football. >> reporter: the focus now is playing the first game. his initial and number will be
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on the game jersey. in vallejo, da lin, kpix 5. >> police are still following leads in the shooting that injured kumar. they are not sure why the gunman opened fire into a large group of people that evening. a major decision today in the murder case of kate steinle. she is a 32-year-old woman shot and killed near the ferly building in san francisco. kpix 5's anne makovec tells us what happened inside the room. >> reporter: the judge ruled there is enough evidence to try the suspect for second-degree murder. a charge requiring malice during the commission of a crime. juan francisco lopez-sanchez is accused of killing kate steinle as she walked with her father on san francisco's pier 14 in july. he has admitted to firing the deadly shot but says it was an accident. >> if you believe that he wanted to kill kate steinle, why not get closer to her? why not fire more than a single
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time? >> reporter: a ballistics expert testified the bullet that killed kate may have ricocheted before hitting her in the back. lopez-sanchez's lawyer says the gun misfired when he found it wrapped in a t-shirt under a bench. at one point lopez-sanchez told police he was shooting at seals in the bay but his lawyer now says that's not true. >> it is a individual with a second grade education trying to put out an accident, you know, explanation for what happened because he doesn't understand american jurisprudence. >> reporter: that gun had been stolen interest a federal ranger -- stolen from a federal ranger's car in june. how exactly juan lopez-sanchez acquired it will be part of the trial. >> we are confident there's sufficient evidence to prove the crime and we look forward to trial and providing justice ultimately for kate and her family. >> reporter: in addition to the second-degree murder charge, he is also facing a charge of being a felon in possession of a gun which could enhance the punishment to life in prison. lopez-sanchez due back in court on september 18.
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in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. police say they have arrested one suspect involved in the deadly shooting at sac city college yesterday. but the shooter is still at large. police arrested one of the men injured on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. the shooting started after an argument between two groups of men. a 25-year-old student was killed. another man was seriously injured. the man arrested today was grazed by a bullet. police are investigating if the shooting was gang-related. fire crews doused a grass fire that broke out along i-280 near belmont. it happened alongside the northbound lanes just after the morning commute. a driver shot this cell phone video showing how close the flames got to the freeway. two lanes were closed for a time. helicopters picked up water from the nearby crystal springs reservoir to drop on the flames. the total of 15 acres burned. service is restored for at&t wireless phone and
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internet customers who lost it yesterday. vandals cut lines in humboldt county causing a widespread outage. customers as far away as lake and sonoma counties were affected. we are just getting information into the newsroom right now getting details on a motorcycle accident tying up traffic in san francisco. this happened just within the past hour at polk and bay streets. there was a collision between a cab and a motorcycle. the injuries in this one said to be pretty serious. streets are closed in the area for the investigation. football season ramping up for many schools around the bay area. >> paul deanno joins us now live from burlingame for "friday night lights." paul? >> reporter: a little windy out here but it's a great night for football kind of a fall feel in the air. it's the panthers and the mustangs warming up right now near to the camera. burlingame high school off in the distance in the green and white. capuchino high school from san
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bruno we have the panthers and the mustangs. "friday night lights" kicking off. it's been windy all day especially this afternoon. ocean beach a peak wind gust today of 47 miles per hour. that's significant where that incident happened earlier today and also, quite windy for this time of year. sfo reporting a 41-mile-per- hour wind gust. daly city 32 miles per hour. and in the south bay not as strong but still breezy san jose 24 miles an hour. that breeze brought in a strong onshore flow keeping temperatures in check. concord one of the few spots in the 80s. santa rosa 85. san jose 76. a brisk 73 in oakland. and san francisco windy throughout the day 68 degrees. a's home tonight mariners 7:05 first pitch breezy tonight at the stadium 68 degrees. burlingame kind of a chilly start tomorrow morning mid- to upper 50s. 70 by lunchtime mid-70s with sunshine saturday afternoon. sausalito art festival both tomorrow and sunday sunny with
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highs in the low 70s. and in livermore the harvest wine celebration on sunday only sunny and hot, 90. we are talking about cool today but we are sunny by sunday. there's a change coming, an area of low pressure which brings in breezy cooler conditions. that's moving east allowing high pressure and above average temperatures to return. that process begins tomorrow. napa 85 degrees tomorrow. concord 84. santa rosa 86. fremont 80. and pacifica 67 degrees. the warmest days over the holiday weekend will be sunday and labor day monday. we'll see 90s inland. upper 70s low 80s near the bay. mid- to upper 60s at the coast. once we get warm we stay warm. we were cooler than average for a week. we will now be warmer than average for a week. back out here live in burlingame, we talked at 5:00 about burlingame the panthers. now let's talk about capuchino high school established back in 1950 famous alumni if you are a baseball fan, keith hernandez. the class of 1971, and if you are a fan of the thigh master
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or three's company susan somers graduated from the high school in 1964 suzanne somers. >> that's good knowledge, man. >> yeah. see in well, it's amazing what wikipedia can do for you in about five minutes. >> good stuff, thank you. still ahead, fantasy meets reality in the south bay. >> reporter: i'm devin fehely live in san jose where thousands are expected this weekend for the comic-con convention which costumes are hot this year coming up. >> plus, they were already pricy but now some say it's gotten ridiculous! the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san jose getting transformed in a a world of wizards and superheros this
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weekend. comic-con is taking place. kpix 5's devin fehely is looking underdressed. where's your costume. >> >> reporter: a lot of us as kids like to pretend we had superpowers and got dressed up. we stopped that when we got older. but not these folks where the costume is key. >> i'm the hero of time. >> reporter: there are costumes that conceal your identity or your intentions perhaps. and costumes that reveal, a side of that you others might not see. an inner strength, a hidden demom, a wondrous woman. >> it's like better than halloween. >> reporter: both types of costumes are on display at san jose's comic-con with you thousands walked alongside witches and wizard and rubbed shoulders are superheros and villains. >> it's kind of like you can assume any sort of persona or any kind of traits that you want. >> i'm jedi master oliver queen. >> out of costume i find it very difficult to talk to
6:24 pm
people. i'm kind of introverted. >> reporter: one of the headliners of the convention, iconic actor lou ferrigno who for a generation of fan boys will forever be the incredible hulk. >> oh, oh!! you're doing an interview! [ censored ] ! i didn't know. michael rooker here. i had no idea lou ferrigno was here. lou, what's your last name again? >> it's about power. when you're in the makeup and the sensitivity you bring to the character, my whole life i had a lot of anger. that comes to the character of the hulk. that's why the hulk was so popular. >> reporter: for anyone who ever wanted to don a mask or ditch the drab dressings of your everyday life for a cape or costume, comic-con is not only coming, it's here. yes. so the inspiration for the costumes really kind of can come from anywhere from a book, movie, as you see here we have some people from "star wars," even from videogames. really pretty much anywhere and the height of this convention will probably be saturday and
6:25 pm
sunday. live in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> i see your costume. you're the superhero news reporter. >> this is my alter ego. like clark kent and superman. >> thank you. comic-con runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. sunday. coming up, in our next half- hour a new tool for police in the search for a bicyclist who bashed in a driver's window. >> who would win if the elections were held now? our exclusive survey looks at the potential head-to-head matchup. >> plus, rescue efforts under way toni,,,,,,
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shoppers at an oakland whole foods say security guard beat a customer so badly he ended up in the hospital. they say it started with an argument at a cash register and quickly escalated when the guard stepped in. the security guard has been fired. no word on whether he will face charges. a kite surfer hospitalized
6:29 pm
tonight after being blown on the great highway at ocean beach in san francisco. police say he was doing a trick when a gust of wind sent him sailing off the water over the beach and slamming down on the roadway. he was then hit by a car. no word on his condition. there's a health warming up tonight at the russian river. keep your dogs out of the water because of a bloom of toxic algae. one dog died from exposure. the river and beaches are still open to people but visitors are told to stay away from standing water where algae grows. it was a video that went viral. a group of cyclists confronted a driver in san francisco last week. then one of the critical mass cyclists attacked her car. only on "5", kpix 5's joe vazquez has the new video that could lead to that bike rider. joe. >> reporter: ken, the video was shot in the hours before the attack here in the marine in a district last -- marina district last friday. ♪[ music ]
6:30 pm
>> reporter: kpix 5 has now obtained video earlier in the evening from an anonymous person who doesn't want to be identified. it very clearly shows the face of a rider wearing the same clothes same shirt, same shorts, as the man in the video that has been seen worldwide. a cyclist with critical mass attacked a zipcar with a woman inside as she tries to drive around the scrum. >> hey! >> reporter: the man with the destructive bike lock has a long moustache wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt that reads nonviolence is our strength. the moustachioed man smiles a lot as he rides through the streets of san francisco. >> yeah, the video here is definitely clear. >> reporter: but police are not smiling now. they want to talk to him. >> we are hopeful you will put the video on tv. we are trying to get the best still photos that we can of the individual so that you can put those photos out and we're
6:31 pm
hopeful that either the video or the pictures will jog someone's miamiry and will cause them to notify -- jog someone's memory and cause them to notify us. >> reporter: zipcar has shown police the vehicle. the windows were smashed and it's got about $3,000 in damage. also investigators have identified the woman inside the car who escaped without injury. >> we have reached out to the victim and left her a message. we are waiting for a reply. >> reporter: even if she does not come forward, police are hoping to go forward with felony vandalism charges. they hope she talks to investigators and they hope to talk to anybody who recognizes the man with the moustache. reporting live, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. breaking news in the north bay. fire crews in windsor battling a house fire that's threatening to spread to neighboring homes. this video shows the intense flames. look at the black smoke. you can get an idea of just how windy it is in the area. sparks from the fire have ignited a grass fire.
6:32 pm
no word yet on how the house fire started. a new poll out shows if the election were held today gop front-runner donald trump would beat all democrats according to a nationwide poll done by surveyusa. it shows trump leading with 45%. the closest contender is vice president joe biden who isn't even in the running. surveyusa interviewed 1,000 adults. the margin of error is 3.3%. donald trump is riding high in the polls. he may have hit a speed bump. he stumbled on a radio show when asked about the leaders of various terrorist groups. >> so the difference between hezbollah and hamas doesn't matter to you yet but it will? >> it will when it's appropriate. i will know about it than you know and believe me it won't take me long. >> trump dismissed the interview saying hewitt asked gotcha questions.
6:33 pm
hewitt will among the moderators on september 16 for the next gop debate. the vice president told an atlanta synagogue last night that unless he is able to devote his whole heart and soul to the campaign, he won't do it. he says whether he runs is whether he and his family have the emotional energy. the latest jobs report was a mixed bag. u.s. employers added 173,000 jobs in august, that's fewer than expected. but the jobless rate still fell to a seven-year low 5.1%. here in california, it's down to 6.2%. that's about half of what it was on labor day four years ago. there's also been a sharp rise in job creation. but not necessarily the kind of jobs that many people are looking for. >> the concerns have shifted from the number of jobs to quality of jobs. particularly, the rise in the
6:34 pm
contingent employment in terms of part-time work and what, um, is known in the field as involuntary part-time employment, people who want full-time work but take part- time. >> despite the mixed signals, the new numbers could be good enough for the fed to raise rock bottom interest rates later this month. the prospect sent stocks down. the dow was down 272. the broader indices took double- digit hits. marriage licenses are being issued in kentucky where a county clerk is in jail. the first couple to get it, two men, it was their sixth attempt to get one. a judge ordered the clerk to jail after she refused to issue licenses to gay couples because of her religious beliefs. her attorney says she is reading the bible and resting comfortably with a clean conscience. she could be in jail for up to a week. first they were too see- through. now ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sticker shock for women who wear "lululemon" yoga pants. the store has hiked the price of the highly popular pants by as much as 22%. many people say that is just too much. others have taken to social media to express their outrage. if the price is too much for you, we have a also of other options that won't bust your budgets. it's on our website, "the late show" with stephen colbert kicks off next tuesday right here on cbs. i sat down with stephen in los angeles tried my best to get him to san francisco. >> this isn't san francisco- based. this is l.a. there are laws, okay? far out, man. [ laughter ] >> cool, dude. >> far out. >> yeah yeah. why don't you bring the show up to san francisco? >> i would love to. where should i do it? >> here's the perfect deal. we have the super bowl coming up. it's going to be in san
6:38 pm
francisco in february. >> cbs has the super bowl. we -- we, you, you -- ken has it cbs only cbs. >> i'm in the 401(k). >> just only cbs. >> it's part of me. >> no food, no water, only cbs. no shelter. only cbs. it's an all encompassing eye. >> he is dying to get up here. >> i'm dying to know how much caffeine he drinks. >> really wants to come to san francisco. we are going to see if we can make it happen. tuesday's debut show will run about 10 extra minutes. put your seatbelt on. [ laughter ] well, a bay area woman was getting ready to move. so she packed her stuff into a u-haul and tonight, everything she put in there is missing. i'll have that story and much more tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. as we head into and through the holiday weekend, it's friday night, football time "friday night lights." it's not just the players
6:39 pm
getting ready. the cheerleaders getting ready, as well. we are live in burlingame where it's been windy all day. we'll talk how long the winds lasts and your holiday weekend forecast next. >> got a good one for you to end the week. 49ers-raiders. doing some roster trimming. a story of like father, like son. >> he is one of the big reasons of why i'm here. >> and it's family first in queens, new york. uncle vern is delivering sports and that's around the corner. ,,
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stepping out of low income neighborhoods into the world of medicine. two bay area students spent the summer working with doctors and are changing the color of a research staff at the same time. students rising above in just a few minutes. a rescue effort off the southern california coastline this evening. it's a blue whale tangled in fishing line. this happened off the coast of
6:43 pm
palos verdes. as the whale swam deeper under water, you can see that floating red buoy and the line tangled around the tail averaging about 98 feet they say. blue whales are the largest animals. they were hoping to free the whale. let's go outside for friday football. paul deanno live in burlingame where, what, paul, the panthers taking on the capuchino mustangs, right? >> yeah. mustangs and panthers tonight. it's time. it kind of feels a little chilly outside. the breeze is kicking up. a little taste of fall. we have a fall treat. high school football is back. the first game of the season from san bruno and the home team which you see practicing right now burlingame. the panthers jv game 33-0 burlingame. we'll see who is victorious tonight. the first game of the season and it's a bit chilly and windy outside. san francisco at the airport wind gusts up to 39 miles per
6:44 pm
hour. the winds will relax this evening but very strong earlier today. ocean beach up to 47 miles per hour. oakland currently 72. livermore 72. santa rosa down to 79. and 69 degrees currently in san jose. another chilly night for the north bay. santa rosa 46. coolest morning since may. napa 47 tonight. fremont 56. san jose 55. san francisco dropping into the 50s which hasn't happened that often. fresno sunshine 85. monterey morning cloud cover, 71 will be the high tomorrow. and lows near freezing tonight and tomorrow night and in tahoe tomorrow only a high of 59 degrees. a taste of fall isn't going to last. low pressurely gave us the windy cooler conditions, it will move east over the weekend allowing high pressure to return from the west and that will push our temperatures back to average and then above average coming up over the holiday weekend. we'll stay breezy to windy this evening. some fog forming along the coastline. sunshine for everybody this
6:45 pm
weekend. and it will be a gradual warming trend which begins tomorrow. so let's talk about tomorrow. the beginning of the three-day holiday weekend, 80s in los gatos. 80s in palo alto. upper 70s for san mateo. double, benicia, antioch all in the low to mid-80s. daly city 68. sonoma 83. petaluma 82 tomorrow. cloverdale your high 87. st. helena up valley highway 29, 85 degrees for you. sunday warmer. monday labor day even warmer. we'll see 90s inland, low 80s near the bay, close to 70 at the coastline. cold stuff is done after today. less wind and hire temperatures. back out here live, we are 12 minutes and 24 seconds away from kickoff. we are talking about friday night football lasting through the fall. by the end of the high school football season, guys, we should be receiving rainfall from el nino. that's a wonderful sound
6:46 pm
because it's been a long time. we could use some el nino rain which typically begins in november. >> good news. >> back to you. >> thank you. phospholipids, echocardiograms you don't hear those words from young people who might be discussing them wit confidence. >> two of our students rising above can tell us all about it. wendy tokuda reports. >> it is amazing. and it's because of their summer internships. students rising above doesn't just get kids through college. it has a summer internship program that really is crucial for low income kids. a first step into the professional world and a career. >> what i have here are have some standards and then i have these -- >> reporter: jorge is changing the color of the research staff at children's hospital oakland. >> i'm adding my protein in here and then i'm comparing it to the standards. >> reporter: he is one of 47
6:47 pm
low income first generation students in a summer internship program at the children's hospital oakland research institute. core c. this or -- chori for short. >> i learned a lot. it shaped my path. >> you taught me. >> they find it life change many of them coming in, uhm, without any experience either in a clinical setting or in a laboratory setting. and their eyes are opened. they are, um, they're wowed. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the big goal is to diversify the medical field. they are both students rising above who were also selected as chori interns. >> this is the first time i have worked with a doctor talked with a doctor not as a patient but as a coworker. >> reporter: one was studying the use of echocardiograms
6:48 pm
ultrasounds of the heart. >> a lot of patients showed inconsistent echoes. >> nine weeks later they have language that they never had before. >> shortening measures how much the heart contracts. >> reporter: she has grown up poor moving around a lot. but she always loved science. and the medical field. >> none of my family members are doctors or anything like that. so i kind of had to rely on secondhand experience from television. >> 33 patients were normal. >> reporter: this summer has changed that. >> i was always afraid to talk to professionals. they seemed like big scary people. that's what we hypothesize. however, we have our data here and -- >> reporter: now she explains her research with such confidence. >> we added various conditions. >> reporter: jorge grew up in the fruitvale district of oakland one of four children with a single mother. two of his sisters are disabled. it's one of the reasons she is interested in medical research.
6:49 pm
>> i'm very determined to be successful and be in a science- related career to give back to the community and to my family. >> never got scared of it. you always just pushed ahead. >> reporter: now both of them are a step closer to a career in the medical field. and if you want to help more students like jorge and yasenia get to college and step into the professional world, go to you can find,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
nfl up top. and a reminder that this is not all fun and games. today, the business of final roster cuts. notable 49ers cuts, defensive end darnell dockett. roughly six months signing him, he is a three time pro bowler played sparingly in the preseason because of injuries. and in addition to dockett, others were released, looney and daul. it must be set by 1 p.m. our time tomorrow, the 53-man roster. reall know the big 49ers story line this off season was the number of player exits,
6:53 pm
aldon smith, patrick willits retired, frank gore a colt, but runningback reggie bush likes this idea. hey, guys, try spotlighting the guys who are here! >> all of heard about in the media is people talking about what we've lost. nobody is talking about what's still here. we got a great team. we have the guys here. i think for us it's going to be about, um, our focus week in and week out because as you know the games only get harder as the season goes on. obviously our first goal is to win the division. and we'll start from there. the raiders! biggest move was announced an hour ago. they traded linebacker seal moore to the colts for a late round pick in 2016. moore was the projected starter at outside linebacker but never fit into jack del rio's scheme. so oakland is reportedly going to release backup christian ponder. this just in. stay tuned. off to the tennis game.
6:54 pm
serena williams got all she could handle from bethany's far court. williams drops the first set and was in trouble. but she got out of it. after that, williams in the third took the final set. 6-love that's point. advances to the fourth round by keeping her calendar year grand slam hopes alive. how about assistster venus williams? -- sister venus williams? she schools the 12th seed. williams at 118 miles per hour, that's an ace. she is seeded 23rd. won in straight sets. venus could face serena in the open quarterfinals. i want you to see this play. you think joe panik is ready? huh? with his bare hands! made a play last night in the rehab assignment in sacramento. panik may be back in san francisco next week.
6:55 pm
college football stanford at northwestern saturday. cal hosts grambling for its 2015 opener. there have been a lot of sons of nfl ballers in the college game. here comes another. this fella is in bear territory. number 19 in white, receiver brandon singleton, to him, a walk-through practice at cal is a big deal. >> to me for the next level everybody [ indiscernible ] in order to be just one step better got to pay attention to detail and do the little things right. >> reporter: what's the best advice you ever got from your dad? >> got to win. yeah. [ laughter ] >> playing it simple, you got to win. >> first down at the 43-yard line. the catch is made by nate singleton for the touchdown. >> reporter: three years after dad nate singleton won a super bowl with the 49ers, his son was born. but like they say, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
6:56 pm
cal found and signed this playmaker from louisiana. the true freshman's first collegiate game saturday begins his hometown team and his father nate's school, grambl university. -- grambling university. >> it's ironic. i was almost meant to be here. my dad has been a life-long coach on and off the field so it's been a ongoing thing you know, he is always there to critique me and tell me how to get better and i think he is one of the big reasons of why i'm here today. >> took this shot from singleton -- >> i think he got me in the blocking department. [ laughter ] >> yeah. he will have plenty of practice with the blocking. his hope is that the game will be so lopsided he might be able to get in before the end. >> freshman. all right. thanks, vern. ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
6:57 pm
♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. how you folks? thank y'all very much. appreciate you, now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for their second day from tampa, florida. it's the gallman family! [cheering] and from old bridge, new jersey, it's the voza family. [cheering] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new, stylish ford fusion hybrid, right there. audience: [cheering] steve: i've got a little money to give away. let's play!
7:00 pm
give me cameron, give me fred, let's go. audience: [cheering] steve: here we go, guys. top 8 answers on the board. name a fruit that's the size of a hemorrhoid. cameron. >> a melon. steve: a melon. >> yes. steve: boy, you in trouble. >> [laughs] steve: cameron, melon! [buzzer] audience: aw! steve: fred. >> grape. steve: a grape. [bell] audience: [cheering] steve: pass or play? >> we're going to play. steve: let's go. audience: [cheering] steve: hey, judy. >> hey, steve. steve: what do you do, darling? >> well, i'm the mother of 3-- college student, med school student, and one who just graduated. steve: wow. >> and i'm a teacher, over 30 years. shout-out to jefferson school. steve: this is the most expensive period of your life. med school, college,


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