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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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know better sleep with sleep number. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a san jose family's dog dies just hours after wading into the russian river. the warning going out tonight for this holiday weekend. >> parts of the river are turning toxic tonight. >> it's the result of blue- green algae bloom. signs have gone up telling people to keep their kids and pets away from the water but the warning came too late for one heartbroken san jose couple. >> reporter: brooke and alfredo were so upset by the death of their dog, they didn't want to appear on camera.
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when they took their dog posey to the russian river, they had no idea this would be the last day they would spend with their two-year-old golden retriever. >> she loved the river. >> reporter: they rented a raft late saturday morning. >> as we rafted, she would jump in and out of the boat. >> reporter: a few minutes later brooke noticed something wrong with posey. >> i said honey, she is having a seizure. her back leg had gotten caught in the folds of the raft. as i pulled her leg out, i looked at her eyes and she looked at me and her eyes rolled back in her head. >> reporter: the couple paddled down the river toward help. other rafters helped with cpr, but it was too late. >> my husband said we couldn't save her. >> reporter: tests later confirmed posey died of toxic algae. >> i want people to know that the river is not safe and you can't listen to authorities when they tell you everything
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is fine. >> reporter: the family says their only hint of trouble was as they paid for the raft, the company advised them of a minor algae outbreak that a shower would rectify. sharon chin, kpix5. >> the river and beaches are still open for recreation, but people are advised to stay out of standing water and avoid any algae they see. a day at the beach ends with a bay area kite surfer flying into oncoming traffic. he landed near the great highway near ocean beach. betty yu tells us what happened. >> reporter: the wind has not let up since the afternoon when it carried a kite surfer some 300 feet from the ocean behind me. tonight, he is still alive, but he suffered some serious injuries. this man went out to ocean beach to kite surf around 3:00 this afternoon. and ended up in an ambulance with life-threatening injuries. san francisco police say strong winds lifted him up just as he
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was getting ready to launch at the shoreline. the blast of wind threw him right into traffic on the great highway near slope boulevard. then, a car hit him. he got stuck underneath this suv. >> it is definitely a freak accident. this is a relatively safe sport. you need to be more of an expert level when you are in this wind. >> reporter: alex has been kite surfing for years. >> he probably got in an uncontrolled kite loop. the kite will spin uncontrol blue and drag you at the wind speed. >> reporter: the strongest gust of wind was 47 miles an hour. it is exceptionally windy today. i'm standing just off ocean beach. check out all the sand blowing in the wind right into the parking lot. >> you just pull. >> reporter: alex showed us the emergency release on his gear. for whatever reason, the kite surfer couldn't get to his in time today. a kite that is too big for today's conditions can also end
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up overpowering the surfer. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> let's take a live look at the embarcadero bart station in san francisco right now. in less than an hour, the transbay tube will be shut down for the long weekend. no bart service between san francisco and oakland. buses will run instead. crews will finish up track work between the west oakland station and the tube. >> we are doing the single largest track replacement in bart history. it is 40 years old track and it is time to be replaced so what we are hoping for tuesday is a smoother quieter and safer ride through the transbay tube. another live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that. it is just past 11:00 and it is already backed up now. people are coming into the city at this hour. the transbay tube again scheduled to reopen at 4:00 on tuesday morning. so tonight, we are getting our best look yet at the
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bicyclist behind an ugly confrontation on the streets of san francisco last week. only on 5, joe vasquez has the new video that could lead police right to him. >> reporter: kpix5 has now obtained video from earlier in the evening from an anonymous person who doesn't want to be identified. it very clearly shows the face of a rider wearing the same clothes, shirt, an shorts as the man in the video that has been seen worldwide. a cyclist attacked a zip car with a woman inside as she tried to drive around the scrum. >> hey! >> reporter: the man with the destructive bike lock has a long mustache, wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt that reads nonviolence is our strength. the man smiles a lot as he rides through streets of san francisco. >> yeah, the video here is definitely clear. >> reporter: but police are not smiling now. they want to talk to the guy.
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>> we are hopeful you will put the video out on tv. we are trying to get the best still photos so you can put those photos out and we are hopeful either the side owe of the pictures will jog someone's memory and cause them to notify us. >> reporter: zip car has shown police the vehicle. the windows were smashed and it has about $3,000 in damage. investigators have identified the woman inside the car who escaped without injury. >> we reach out to the victim and left a message for her and we are waiting for a replay. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. the suspect in the pier 14 killing of kate steinle will stand trial. a judge said today there is enough evidence for juan francisco lopez sanchez to be tried for second degree murder. steinle was walking with her father when she was shot. sanchez says he found the gun wrapped in a t-shirt under a
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bench and it went off accidentally. the trial could hinge on if the jury believes that story. the santa clara county sheriff is promising sweeping changes at the main jail after an inmate was beaten to death. the announcement comes hours after protesters marched on the jail. our len ramirez was there. >> they don't care. >> reporter: family members of people locked up at the santa clara county main jail says the mistreatment of inmates has been going on for years. >> i tell my son, comply, do the best you can. >> reporter: they say it tragically took the death of one inmate to finally focus on the problem. >> we want justice. >> reporter: family and community groups marched on the jail demanding reforms to prevent others being killed in custody. >> we are coming together as a group. a family, a people. this is not okay. >> reporter: 31-year-old michael james tyree was found dead in his jail last week. he suffered blunt force trama injuries that caused him to
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bleed to death internally. three correctional deputies were arrested on suspicion of murder. >> this type of horrific incident could not occur without systemic failures and gaps of accountability. >> they treat them like animals. >> reporter: several family members came forward with stories of how their loved ones have been mistreated in jail. >> they cuffed him. while he was cuffed, he was beaten while he was handcuffed. >> reporter: william mendoza is talking about what happened to his son earlier this year. >> they are filing grievances and they come back as north. >> reporter: sheriff lori smith who oversees the jail takes the complaints very seriously and is asking for more funding in her budget to modernize the cam are system inside the jail to better monitor what goes on. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> the district attorney's
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office is reviewing the case an it will determine what, if any charges should be filed. there could be a shakeup in the race for the white house. for the first time, an exclusive new survey usa poll out tonight shows every democrat trailing donald trump in a head to head matchup. if the election were today around the only two candidates were trump and clinton, 45% say they would vote for trump. though his lead is within the margin of error. if the two candidates were trump and bernie sanders, 44% said they would vote for trump. again, within the margin of error. donald trump's rivals are questioning if he really has what it takes. the billionaire businessman failed a pop quiz and now he is accusing a radio host of asking gotcha questions on foreign policy. >> to know who they are, do you know the players without a score card yet? >> i will tell you honestly, i think by the time we get to office, they will all be
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changed. they will all be gone. >> when you are the front runner you can expect tough questions. a conservative radio host wanted to know if donald trump is ready to be commander-in- chief. >> are you familiar with general solemani? >> yes. go ahead. tell me. >> he runs the curds forces. >> okay. i think the kurds have been mistreated. >> no, the refinings lair forces t bad guys. >> he lashed out at the host. >> when you are asking me about who is running this, this, this. that is not, i will be so good at the military, your head will spin. >> trump's rivals were quick to pounce. >> you can't flippantly say well, i'll hire the best people. you have to have some sense of what is at risk here. >> i think if you don't know the answer to the questions you will not serve as commander-in- chief. >> candidates have stumbled and
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survived before. in 2000, george w. bush could only name one of the leaders when he was quizzed. we will take you inside a wild fire. why they are bigger than ever this year. >> and beaten up at whole foods. tonight, a witness tells us at a fight with a security guard that left a shopper like this. >> and the sign says sale pending but the sticker says no californians. tonight, why some people in portland say they have ,,,,,,,,,
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>> this two-acre brush fire nearly took out a north bay neighborhood. it starletted when a house fire
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spread to some dry grass in the sonoma community of windsor. fire crews threw so many resource at it, it was out in an hour. but cbs reporter carter evans tells us as the drought drags on, homeowners may not be so lucky next time. >> reporter: across the west, wild fires are burning hotter and faster. >> they move sometimes a mile an hour. well beyond the capabilities of ground crews. >> reporter: dennis burn a fire behavior analyst. he says massive amounts of dry brush and millions of drought- stricken trees are burning fast. when you look out in the forest and see all the dead trees, what is going through your mind? >> that if we get another ignition, quite possibly, people are going to die. >> reporter: this is a rare view from inside the fire. less than a minute after flames appear, the heat generates powerful wind gusts, blowing the fire in all directions. within two minutes, flames incinerate trees an engulf the
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camera. it happened so fast. >> reporter: carol leads the u.s. forest service fire behavior assessment team. they are using flame resistant fire equipment. it helps them to fight the fires. >> which way is it going? uphill and side hill at the same time? >> that video shows you if you are in front of a fire, you are not going to survive it. there is nothing you can do to survive it. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service spent a quarter billion dollars fighting fires. they will now have to boar refrom other programs. carter evans, cbs news, squaw valley. a whole foods customer in oakland was left bloodied and bruised after a security guard literally threw him out of the store. da lin spoke with the horrified customers who saw it happen. >> reporter: a young man's shopping trip to whole foods
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ended with him laying face down in his own blood. >> it was a very one-sided attack. a much larger security guard than an unarmed individual who was trying to buy his groceries. >> reporter: it started around 9:30. witness zoe says the guy argued with the cashier at the checkout. >> but nobody was being violent or aggressive. >> reporter: when the man refused the store, the security guard slammed the man several times against the concrete wall and it wasn't over. >> after putting him in a choke hold, suffocated him for a number of seconds and then threw him out the doors onto the concrete face first. the young man didn't break his fall because he was unconscious. >> reporter: what is more shocking than the unprovoked violent beat down was the lack of response. >> no one who was working for whole foods called for paramedics. they were interested in getting backup. they wanted to secure the situation. the young man was lying in a pool of his own blood. >> reporter: many whole food
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shoppers are disgusted saying police should arrest the security guard. >> the security guard is out of control and he has some anger issues. >> reporter: paramedics took the victim to a nearby hospital. last we checked, he was in stable condition. in oakland, da lin, kpix5. >> the security guard was fired today. no word on whether or not he will face any criminal charges. a bay area woman packs her whole life into a moving van only to have the entire truck taken. well tonight, she is hoping that cops can get it back. shauna heinz filled a 15-foot u- haul with her belongings and parked it on a seemingly nice street in north oakland tuesday. came back five hours later and it was gone. >> every sickle piece of paper. everything i have down in my life up until now was in that truck. every photo, every memory, every journal that i wrote. so, it is way beyond, you know,
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a tv disappearing, you know. this is a serious issue. >> reporter: shawna got a tip police found the truck, she is waiting to see what they were able to recover. a lot of californians have been moving to portland looking for cheaper housing and people there are saying stop it. look at this for sale sign. oregon realtors says someone has been slapping these stickers on signs all over town. it is a california silhouette with a big red slash through it. portlanders are apparently upset that out of state buyers are swooping in and driving up housing costs. speaking of rising costs, a lot of lulu lemon customers have sticker shock now because the starting price of yoga pants, ken? $98. >> serious business. some of them are getting more expensive. julie watts says that could boost business. >> reporter: they are the holy
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grail of yoga pants. >> why lulu lemon? >> they are amazing. the fabric is high quality. thick. >> besides that, they are really flattering. >> reporter: but even the lulu lemon loyal are having a hard time swallowing the recent price indris. >> i feel they are a little expensive. >> i don't want to pay an extra 22%. >> reporter: some have taken to social media in protest to complain about the prices and this is not the first lulu lemon controversy. >> they are really teflon coated. >> they are. they have gotten away with the ceo saying unkind things about women's butts. >> reporter: but they are still standing and the price increase could elevate the brand for the core demographic. >> the yoga mom is like the new soccer mom. >> reporter: though the price increase is dangerous as it will likely push average consumers to cheaper alternatives from the growing
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number of copy cat competitors. lulu lemon says the new seam technology is part of the reason they had to increase the price. they say of the 12 types of pants they have, they only increased the price on five of them and lowered the price of seven. julie watts, kpix5. leaving me autoof out of the island aren't you guys? all right,ly talk about the weather. it was a windy day. sfo, 41 miles an hour. windy in daly city. fairfield, 21 miles an hour wind. even you in the south by dealing with the wind today. but it is relaxing tonight and it will not be a factor tomorrow. look at the lows in the north bay. santa rosa, 46. napa, 47. mountain view, 56. starting tough holiday weekend in san jose, 55. labor day, a lot of travel.
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yosemite, gorgeous chilly mornings. sunny afternoon. redding, 85. up toward shasta lake, sacramento, 84 for the state capital. and fresno, 84 degrees. monterrey, partly sunny. low pressure gave us the wind, the cool weather. will once again tonight. the chilly air is exiting over northern idaho, western montana. moving away from us opening the door for something else to move in. that something else is a ridge of high pressure which is slow to arrive but once it gets here, it will be slow to leave. a warmup begins tomorrow and will last seven days. back to the 90s inland. close to 80 near the bay. 70s at the beach. so for tonight, the breeze is relaxing. a little bit of fog at the coast t not that much, sunshine for everybody this weekend. all three days and the gradual warming trend begins tomorrow. back to average in san jose. sunshine, 82. sunnyvale, 81. union city city, hayward. low 80s in the san ramon
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valley. 82 in kentfield, wine country, 85. should be a pleasantly mild day in ukiah. a little warmer sunday. a little warmer still coming up labor day. once we get warm, we stay warm. we had a week of cool, now we have a week of not cool. >> look at the forecast. >> nice to get outside. >> all right. >> thanks paul. well, we are counting down to the debut of the late show with stephen colbert. >> i got a chance to talk to him. find out what he thinks about san ,,,,
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it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> well, the late show with stephen colbert kicks off next tuesday right here on cbs. >> it does. i sat down with stephen in los angeles and tried my best to get him to san francisco. >> sell me on san francisco. >> all right, san francisco. well, you know, that is where the yahoos are and the googles and the facebooks. there is a reason they are all there. >> sour dough bread. >> we should get you something to eat. is he hungry? >> i am, someone get me a crab
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please. [ cheers and applause ] >> we talked about food. tuesday's debut show will run about ten extra minutes. >> you should have brought him some food ken. >> yeah. he has to come up. speaking of late show, serena williams is in her magical run toward a grand slam hit a speed bump. and could the hole for ,,,, [female announcer] through labor day at sleep train's mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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>> baseball up top for the giants. one for six with runners in scoring position. it just doesn't add up. not tonight. giants fans, downtown denver at the rockies. very first inning, back to lack long balls. this one from the bat of nolan arenado. 2-0, just like that. to the 6th inning, giants cut the lead in half. after angel pagan singled in juan perez. it was 2-1. 9th inning now, last chance. no. 5-4-3 double play. final, 2-1 rockies. the giants have lost seven in a
11:30 pm
row and are seven-and-a-half back of the dodgers. to bob melvin and the as add home hosting the mariners. as once had a 4-0 lead. saw it disappear. tie at 5-5. watch it. 16,382 saw seattle score six in the third and won the game, a final of 11-8. tiger woods and daughter sam eyeballing some u.s. open tennis. watch serena williams in her court come back to outlast bethany sands. battle from five, all in the second. really, had to hustle. won the last two sets. 7-5. look at her on the run. she can move. last set, she is trying to win a career grand slam. excuse me, a calendar grand slam. has not been done in 27 years. nfl. notable 49er cut.
11:31 pm
defensive end darnell dockett. others cut as well. raiders bring them in. the linebacker co moore. follow with me. cco moore. >> raiders. >> they made some cuts. co moore was traded to the indianapolis colts. >> what about ozzie? is he playing for the 49er ins. >> he is going to make that >> he is going to make that ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> blue bloods is up (truck beeping) (horn honking) (both horns honking) come on! come... (tires screeching) (engine revving) (tires screeching) damn it! hey. move your car! you move. are you kidding me? i've got deliveries to make.


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