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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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gridlock on the streets of san francisco tonight. and the transbay bart shutdown is just the tip of the iceberg. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. we are going to start with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza which probably shows traffic stacked up, it usually does actually at this hour and, in fact, there it is. a lot of those people are going to the billy joel concert at at&t park. sharon is near the stadium. the bart closure is just part of the problem, right? >> reporter: that's right. traffic right here is jammed up because of a weekend construction project. the road is closed off 280 north at 5th street and king. and so you detour here to berry street near at&t park. on top of that 50,000 people are coming to the concert at 8:00 tonight at at&t. the first billy joel concert in san francisco in more than 40 years so traffic will get worse and then there's that bart closure. some of bart's estimated 80,000 weekend riders are taking the
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bus since the transit agency closed the transbay to for maintenance and upgrades. victoria left early from pittsburg to her job in san francisco. >> that's a inconvenience, yes. but you know, they do what they can. i think they are trying. you know what i mean? and, um, i would rather have upgrades and be safe than, you know, be unsafe. >> reporter: bart is running limited bus service between san francisco's transbay terminal and oakland. it's getting help from other bus agencies like ac transit, muni and golden gate transit. bart says ridership is down 40% over last labor day weekend. >> all things considered, doing pretty well but we're still advising people to budget between 30 minutes and an hour for their trip over the bay bridge. you never know what can happen with traffic especially if you are using the airplane. >> reporter: the best bet is staying close to home if you can. the plan is to re-open the transbay tube tuesday at 4 a.m. people coming here to the billy joel concert tonight are
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avoiding this traffic if they take the ferry. san francisco bay ferry offering rides from alameda and oakland here to at&t park. if you do have to drive, you can 6th street exit. live in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix 5. another traffic alert by the way for san francisco drivers. van ness avenue is closed between geary an post. it's going to stay that way through the holiday weekend. construction crews are working on an underground tunnel for a new hospital in the area. so only buses and emergency vehicles are allowed through right now. in other news now a bomb threat cleared out several terminals at l.a.x. for hours this afternoon. airport officials say someone called the fbi around 2:30 saying there was a bomb inside a homeland security van. parts of terminal 3 through 6 were evacuated. traffic outside was also diverted causing big delays all over the airport. police never found a bomb and terminals have since reopened. a hammerhead shark has attacked a kayaker in southern
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california. video from a helicopter as it lifted off from the pacific coast highway to take the victim to the hospital. that attack happened north of malibu. reports say the kayaker was bitten on the ankle and treated on the beach. he is a man in his 20s. the shark that bit him was 10 feet long. it's perfect weather and a perfect weekend for a swim in the russian river but tonight health officials say it's not safe for children and pets. a bloom is turning the river toxic. not everyone is heeding the warning. >> reporter: no toxic algae is going to keep these boys from swimming on a holiday weekend. you guys know about the blue- green algae. >> oh, yeah. but we just --it's okay. >> i read about it and, like, people told me it's mainly about dogs and stuff. i don't know. i didn't really read about it. >> reporter: health officials started posting these signs up and down the russian river. they are most concerned about kids and pets because they are
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more likely to unknowingly swim in the toxic algae blooms and drink the dangerous water. and, in fact, this 3-year-old golden retriever died last weekend after a swim here. >> an animal that's affected by this toxin will start to be a little bit uncoordinated. the muscles won't work so well. >> reporter: the deputy health officer, karen holbrook, says the river is safe to adults. but with a few key rules. don't drink it. and stay out of the shallow standing water where toxic algae likes to grow. >> but moving water that's clear, we feel is safe and people can be there. >> reporter: so what's making this toxic algae? it's a combination of the drought and the hot summer heat. >> definitely the pre- conditions that set up blue- green algae growth. >> reporter: these guys say they are careful, have been swimming in this water for weeks and never got sick. but others more reluctant to take a dip. tell me this, would you swim in that river? >> no!
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>> reporter: in healdsburg, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> this is the first time blue- green algae has shown up in the russian river. >> county officials say the warnings will stay up until we get some rain probably. the california company is recalling its cucumbers after a salmonella outbreak that has sickened hundreds of people in 27 states. the cucumbers were imported from mexico and distributed by andrew and williamson fresh produce of san diego. since july 3, nearly 300 people have gotten sick. a 99-year-old woman in san diego died. tonight whole foods has fired the entire security firm for one of its oakland stores after this, a cell phone image showing a customer lying face down in a pool of his own blood. witnesses say a security guard threw him out of the store thursday night after the customer argued with the cashier. >> after putting him in a chokehold covered his mouth and
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nose suffocated him for a number of seconds, he then threw him out the door on the concrete face first. the young man didn't break his fall because i think he was unconscious. >> the man is recovering at the hospital. the security guard was fired yesterday and today, whole foods took it a step further and replaced the firm the company said, while we don't have the final results from the police investigation of this incident, we do have a zero tolerance policy for violence. as a result of the violent behavior of the security guard at whole foods market oakland, we are replacing the security firm in the store. still ahead, a couple of bay area firefighters are on the way to a call when they suddenly end up needing rescuing themselves. >> and it's a sure sign california's fire danger is only getting worse. now homeowners can buy ,,,,,,,,,
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two bay area firefighters are recovering tonight after their truck went off the road and landed 30 feet below in a creek. it happened about 11:30 this morning on wooden valley road in napa. that's off highway 121. and this is the aftermath of the wreck. you can see the truck wound up on its side after tumbling into the creek.
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the equipment including hose and ladder scattered all oversea a special tow truck hauled it out of the creek. the firefighters were on the way to another emergency when they ended up in one of their own. >> napa county fire was responding to a vehicle accident of a motorcycle down in the road on wooden valley road. as they were responding, for an unknown reason the fire truck left the roadway and went down the embankment into the creek. >> wooden valley road was closed for a bit but it's reopened. massive wildfire has shut down nearly a dozen sierra campgrounds through the holiday weekend. the rough fire has burned about 84,000 acres near hume lake in fresno county. it's only about 25% contained and the air quality is terrible! campers and hikers are being advised to avoid the area for now. and the fire danger is so bad right now, some stores are now selling heavy duty fire retardant for home use. phos-chek is a consumer version of the same orange stuff they
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drop from firefighting planes. but there's one big difference homeowners will like. it's colorless. >> this does not have the red dye in it or anything. it's clear. so you can spray it on your house, spray it on your vegetation, it doesn't hurt anything. if you sprayed it on your house you would want to wash your windows. >> certainly. well, a five gallon bucket runs about $50. san mateo police are having some trouble with the phones tonight. the department says it's experiencing technical difficulties with its nonemergency line. 911 is still working but nonemergency calls are temporarily being rerouted through a dispatch center in burlingame. >> we have protocols and practices in place to handle these types of situations. so there was a equipment malfunction. however, it did not cause any kind of disruption or interruption in our service. >> the city's i.t. department is working on that problem tonight. how do you lose track of the largest animal on earth?! up next, the race to find this
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missing blue whale before it's too late. >> temperatures climbed today, did you notice? they will do the same thing tomorrow. we are in for some warm times as you will see when we cover as you will see when we cover the forecast. ,,,,,, ♪
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a sheriff's helicopter has joined the search for a blue whale tangled in fishing line off the coast of southern california. the 80-foot mammal was spotted
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off catalina yesterday dragging line an buoy. at the time it was too rough to cut the line so rescuers attacked a larger buoy instead to make the whale easier to spot. by this morning, it vanished. rescuers say the whale seemed healthy right now but unless it's freed, the huge animal could eventually tire and die. thousand in san diego is being -- the sand in san diego is being transformed. artists are competing in the u.s. sand sculpting challenge. for the first time this year, the competition has a theme, the 2016 summer olympics in rio. one artist created a sculpture of former olympian bruce jenner and his transition to caitlyn. >> the muscle guy, you know, bruce jenner, you know, sport idol turned woman. you know? it just, uhm, extremes. you know? dealing with extremes. and i just wanted to try to capture that in my sculpture. >> artists say the best tools
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to create their masterpiece are their own two hands. >> it would be nice to have talent, wouldn't it? >> and lots of sand. [ laughter ] >> i flyer that. i wish i could do drawing and sculpting and all that. i admire that. outside the surf is building and there are beach hazards posted tonight for rip currents and high surf and sneaker waves all because of a long period swell that's affecting especially south and southwest facing beaches. so be careful if you head to the beach this weekend because there could be some of those big waves breaking. as we look toward the golden gate bridge, clear skies from south san francisco all the way through point reyes nothing but sun and a nice finish to the day and concord right now 85 degrees. oakland 74. livermore 85. san francisco will hit 70. santa rosa 80 degrees. here's what we're expecting. high pressure is building over the west. as a result, temperatures can be coming up. heat will be on, on sunday. temperatures today came up about 8 degrees over yesterday's readings in some of the warmest spots and we'll
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look for the numbers to come up again tomorrow and then by midweek that will push us to near 100 inland by the time we hit tuesday and wednesday. one of the reasons, there's just nothing in the way of our usual air-conditioner offshore. a few high clouds float through tomorrow but low clouds, they are not there. so it will heat up even along the beaches. not to epic proportions but you can see plenty of blue. it will be near 100 by tuesday and wednesday, warm all week. nice night tonights to billy joel 66 degrees at at&t park at music time. sausalito art festival where i would be playing tennis if they didn't have all the paintings set up. 80 tomorrow. millbrae art and wine festival this weekend downtown it will be beautiful. sunny and warm and 79 degrees. heading out of the bay area it will be about 92 at sacramento. 93 for fresno. and in the bay area, a little bit above average. but that's going to change by the time we get into midweek.
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tomorrow in san mateo 80 degrees. 74 at pacifica. 84 hayward. morgan hill tomorrow. 89. 90 campbell. east bay 90 at livermore, pleasanton, concord and pittsburg. up in the north bay plenty of sunshine tomorrow wake up to a beautiful sunrise and then 89 degrees at santa rosa 87 for petaluma and novato. and in ukiah 85 degrees. saint helena 90. the extended forecast tomorrow a little warmer. low 90s inland. then we'll be in the 100s by tuesday and wednesday. and we don't back off much from that. we'll still be in the 90s for thursday, friday and saturday. juliette, they were begging her it go down and interviewstein colbert but she was too busy. let's find out why and who did it. >> who did? well, we are just three days away from the premiere of the late show with stephen colbert right here on cbs. and the new host still can't quite believe it. >> never in a million years thought i would be asked to take over for dave. dave, my freshman year of
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college was his freshman year in late night. when he started his show. i mean, that's all we watched. i loved johnny carson. he was just king and johnny was, you know, god, sort of olympian but dave was really stupid and approachable. he was like us. we wanted to throw things off buildings. so i always -- he was always my late night host. he was always the guy i admired the most but never thought i'd take over for him. it was a happy accident, how about that? >> ken bastida had the fun assignment of interviewing him and late show with stephen colbert kicks off tuesday night right here after kpix 5 news at 11. all right. full slate of college football games. et it's always full of surprises. and cal the average scoring over 1 ,,,,
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college football up top. there are no darn fees. that's why -- there are no guarantees. that's why you have to play. stanford learned that the hard way. david shaw 21st ranked cardinal on display. christian mccaffrey broke off a 12-yarder, set up a field goal. cardinal 2-touchdown favorite. here's clayton thorson. wildcats played error free. a little seem -- a little seam and "he gone"! 2nd quarterrer keeper. 42-yard play. northwestern up 10-3.
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stanford offense or not get any traction. --couldn't get any traction. thorson to schuler. 4th quarter field goal put them up by 10. rough day for kevin hogan in the offense. picked in the end zone by kyle cairo. hogan sacked three times. hogan 20 of 35, a buck 25. sacked three times. oh, man. an embarrassing performance for stanford in this road loss 16-6 the final. the headliner for grambling state today the band at cal. grambling hill early and hit often. third play of the game, daniel lasko touchdown cal 7-0. later in the quarter, how did it go for grambling? the ball just bounced right off the receiver's coconut. into the hands of cameron walker, it's a pick six to make it 14-0. cal had a couple of interceptions returned for touchdowns. late first now 21-0, jerry goff, kenny lawler, 19 yards. cal had 35 points in the 1st quarter. final two minutes of the half. 45-0 now.
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vic scores on a short run. cal won the game 73-14. goff over 300 yards 3 touchdowns in one half. the second most points since 1937. hey, it's a good day for freshmen quarterbacks. here's ucla's josh rosen picking apart my alma mater, virginia cavaliers in pasadena. nice grab by thomas duarte. up 1-6. bears ranked 13th for a reason. look at the big fella. that's lineman kenny clark for the score. through three touchdowns. ucla in a cakewalk. 34-16. back to the chalkboard for mike leash. his washington state cougars shocked by portland state. steven long ground and pound! broke a 17-17 tie late in the game. the vikings hung on for the upset. 24-17 the final.
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first win over a pac-12 team in program history. these cougars had a better day. byu down one in nebraska came down to this play, "hail mary," touchdown ] touchdown! mitch matthews 42 yards and brigham young won it on the road 33-28. nfl final roster cuts in. 49ers empire, get out your jarryd hayne jerseys. the former australian rugby star has made the 53-man roster. he was the feel good story and star of the preseason for the 175 yards rushing, second in the nfl. he also averaged 18 yards on punt returns. we got some other 49er moves. linebacker ahmad brooks stays on the team despite being charged with misdemeanor sexual battery on august 27. brooks has been excused from the team since being charged. also, runningback kendall hunter placed on the ir,
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linebacker nick moody cornerback marcus cromartie were two of 14 released. late yesterday afternoon raiders cut backup quarterback christian ponder who was signed in march to be derek carr's backup. he was beaten out by matt mcgloin. other raider cuts, they released recently signed safety and former 49er taylor mays. they waived george atkinson iii and michael dyer also waved a sports department favorite friend of the program number of 95 defensive tackle ricky lumpkin. second round of the pga play-off deutsche bank championship jordan spieth what's happened to his putting! missed par at 17. shot a 2-over 73. missed the cut!
6:57 pm
fella named charley hoffman third shot of the par 5 second from 100 yards out he played like this all day. give me the back spin. set up a birdie. hoffman at 8-under 63. he leads the field by 3 shots. >> college football finally here! the pros are coming in a week. >> thank you, vern. thanks so much for watching. thanks so much for watching. we'll see you back h,,,,,,,,,,,,
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