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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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santa cruz where people are dealing with more than just the heat. >> this being a holiday weekend, there were always going to be a lot of people out here in santa cruz today. because of the extra warmth, the air temperature out here, a lot more people went in to the water than would normally and they found a lot more hazards out there, everything from rip currents to big waves. >> reporter: one by one the big waves rolled in and rolled over swimmers at santa cruz beaches. >> we've had about 30 rescues between saturday and sunday. >> reporter: captain britain miles says it's a combination of huge holiday crowds and a powerful swell all coming together at once. >> it's a long period swell which means it has a lot more energy and much more likely to knock people over and cause rip currents and things like that. >> reporter: lifeguards kept a close watch on the crowds which swelled in to the thousands on this sunny and warm day. but they were in and out of the water throwing life lines to
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tired swimmers. >> lots of raw power, huge waves tanking people and sweeping them. it was intense. >> reporter: hade -- hayden lloyd and his friends from sonora were in the waves but decided to come out. >> there were some kids, the lifeguards saved them. it wasn't nothing too bad. >> reporter: besides powerful, the waves were stealthy. >> it's a long time between sets. so for 10 or 15 minutes it can look very flat and lure people in to thinking there's no problem. once you get in to the water, oftentimes there are a lot larger sets of waves that come in and take people by surprise and that's what gets them in trouble. >> reporter: santa cruz lifeguards expect the big waves to be around for at least another day. many folks will go back to school and back to work tomorrow. you can't say summer didn't go out with a bang here in santa cruz. len ramirez, kpix 5. crews are finally gaining ground on the massive wildfire east of fresno. they're calling it the rough fire. the air is
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so bad there's a smoke advisory. the fire has burned 140 square miles. it is now 31% contained. the fire start ed back on july 31st, started with a lightning strike. several campgrounds are closed this labor day weekend. we're hearing from a family of a san francisco man who was killed off catalina island this weekend. kpix 5's maria medina with the investigation in to what went wrong on the water. >> this is what catalina looks like right now as the investigation continues in to the accident. michael harris' family got the call he died yesterday morning afthe boat he and his friends were in collided with another boat. the crash happened after 1 a.m. yesterday. one person is still missing. michael was the only passenger who died. his family says michael was with his girlfriend kelly and their friends enjoying the holiday weekend on a dinghy when a speeding boat hit them. however, the coast guard has yet to release the details on the accident. michael's family rushed to southern california
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from san francisco after learning about his death. his younger brother says michael was their rock. >> he was the one in the family that held us together. he was the strength. the one you turn to in times of strife. >> and there are dozens of tributes for michael on social media including this by his mother, jan. she writes, we were desperately trying to have a baby then wonderful michael came along. i remember the moment i held him in my arms and felt an overwhelming love. we'll be celebrating his life at some point but first we just want to bring him home. why i cannot see him is so cruel. michael's mother says police won't let them see his body while the investigation is ongoing. his girlfriend is expected to make a full recovery. a sheriff's spokesperson says they don't expect to find the missing boater alive. meanwhile the 49ers tweeted condolences today to michael's father and family. peter harris worked as the 9ers ceo in the early 2000s.
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maria medina, kpix 5. police found the woman who they say jumped off the bay bridge last month after crashing a stolen car. officers arrested her today in oakland. after the woman crashed the car she decided she wasn't going to wait for the chp. she went over the railing and landed 70 feet below in the bay. a dump truck driver picked up the soaking wet woman near the toll plaza but now she's dried off and in a jail cell. b.a.r.t. says track work that shut down the transbay tube this weekend is going exactly according to plan, so the tube should reopen on time tomorrow morning. buses had been taking passengers between west oakland and san francisco. b.a.r.t. closed the tube friday night to make some much needed repairs to the 40-year-old system. >> we're replacing over 13,000 feet of rail in the transbay tube and rebuilding a key piece of track right outside the west oakland station. >> once the work is complete, b.a.r.t. says the ride will be smoother, quieter, and safer.
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so let's check out the temporary transbay bus terminal in san francisco where b.a.r.t.'s bus bridge is picking up and dropping off passengers. b.a.r.t. says it has 77 buses hauling passengers across the bridge. san francisco police are investigating what they call a hate crime. anti-chinese graffiti. these slogans appeared in the bayview and portola districts over the weekend. this one on university street is one of at least five spots where the same slogan was painted in what appears to be the same handwriting and same color. this morning somebody had already painted over it. police are checking to see if there's any surveillance video that shows just who did this. we have new details tonight on how police caught cyclists seen on video attacking a driver during last month's critical mass. the man swings a rock and smashes a car window as the driver tried to get through san francisco's marina district, but police had more video to work with. we obtained this video that showed the suspect riding a
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bike before that attack wearing a brown shirt and sporting a handle bar mustache. police say they spotted him on saturday night outside the billy joel concert at at&t park and arrested him. a 29-year-old man is behind bars on drunk driving charges after the chp says he hit and killed a bicyclist near brentwood. the crash happened on balfour road east of sellers avenue about 6:30 last night. officers found the 54-year-old bicyclist unconscious on the side of the road. she died it escene. e -- died on the scene. investigators are investigating a crash in san jose. investigators say about 2:30 this morning the driver was speeding when he hit the curb and rolled over. the driver was thrown out of the car and died. one of his passengers was hospitalized for minor injuries. the other passenger ran off. another animal tested positive for the plague. the dead squirrel was found in a picnic area of lake tahoe last
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month. earlier this summer two human cases of the disease were reported. both victims had visited yosemite national park. they've since recovered. thousands of people attended a funeral this afternoon for a chicago area police officer who was killed in the line of duty. police are still looking for those killers. >> joe was a great husband, an awesome dad, a mentor to the police officers of tomorrow, and a friend to many including me. >> officers saluted the casket of police lieutenant joe gliniewicz. he was shot near his patrol car last week after calling for backup while chasing three men that he called suspicious. police hope surveillance video will help them find the gunmen. a barrage of festival goers are coming home from the desert. cars coated in the infamous burning man dust. the extensive cleanup process costing big bucks. >> get ready for a plunge at the pump.
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this is the final day of burning man festival. bay area burners are coming home in cars and trucks that look like this. these cars are lined up for a scrubbing. kpix 5's mike sugerman says cleaning up the nevada dust and dirt mean big money for bay area businesses. are you doing there job right now? >> i am. i'll tell you, the businesses are cleaning up, literally. they're coming back, burners are coming back and these businesses are doing the jobs that burners don't want to. >> reporter: not everyone in san francisco's mission district went to burning man, it just seems that way. >> let me take a wild guess. back from burning man. >> yes. >> reporter: how did i know? because cars, like people, have
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spent the week eating the dust of the desert at black rock city. the dust is alkaline. that's just the opposite of acidic but it's just as bad. everything it touches generally turns yucky. >> it's still dust from the time there. >> reporter: he says he's already washed his prius twice. it will take several more times. which is why more than 500 cars from burning man are expected to get hosed at san francisco's touchless car wash. >> how much for a car wash today? >> for a burning man car wash, $100. >> $100. >> 100 big ones. >> reporter: are these people getting hosed as well as their cars? pattie says no. it takes twice as long to clean, and the normal recycled water filtration system has to be bypassed because the silt would ruin it. >> we saw a 94-year-old woman who has been 10 years in a row. >> dirty car?
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>> she definitely had a dirty car. >> reporter: so did chris mecina. >> we woke up in a quarter inch of dust. >> reporter: he needs a good washing too. they say the dust gets in to body parts you didn't even know you had. >> would you pay $100 for someone to clean you? >> if i went to burning man they'd do it for free. >> they've got 80 people working here. well, 81. it will be like this the rest of the week. come on by. i'll give you a special deal as well. >> oh, nice job. keep working there. mike, thank you. >> my second career. >> just think wax on, wax off, mike. gas prices dropping a few pennies a day. that's good news. you can afford that car wash. aaa shows six out of 25 california cities are already selling gas for less than $3 a gallon. prices around the bay area range from 60 to 70 cents lower than last week. best numbers at $3.11.
5:12 pm says drivers could pay an average of $2.50 by christmas. the wait just about over. stephen colbert takes over tomorrow night. crucial advice from his predecessor. >> while most of us enjoyed the three-day weekend, the presidential candidates were in the campaign trail.,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on this labor day, the president announced he's requiring paid sick leave for hundreds of thousands of workers whose companies do business with the federal government. at a union rally in boston today, the president pointed out his order does not affect 44 million americans in the private sector who don't have paid sick time off. only congress has the power to help those workers. mr. obama's executive order takes effect in 2017. in jail for refusing to do her job. now lawyers for kentucky county clerk kim davis have filed an emergency motion hoping to get her relieved. davis defied the supreme court's ruling on same-sex marriage and denied marriage licenses to same-sex couples saying it's against her religion. if she still is in jail, davis' supporters plan to go without food on thursday. republican presidential candidate mike
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huckabee plans to meet with her tomorrow. the race for the white house getting more interesting during the traditional and summer holiday. cbs reporter craig boswell with the latest poll shaking up the democrats. >> reporter: bernie sanders began his labor day having breakfast with members in new hampshire and is building his lead in the granite state. the latest poll shows sanders at 49% and hillary clinton at 38%. >> it's not just poll numbers. i think the energy, the enthusiasm our campaign is generating is growing. >> reporter: the vermont senator is gaining grown in iowa where clinton is working hard on the holiday meeting with union members. she remains the frontrunner in iowa, but her lead has been cut in half. during a stop in pittsburgh, vice president joe biden was asked if he's getting in to the race. >> you have to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he started off the day with union leaders and fired
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up steel workers. >> when the middle class does well, the wealthy do very well, and the poor have a way up. so organize, organize, organize. god loves you. >> reporter: if biden runs, he'll need to raise money quickly. and labor unions have traditionally opened up money for democrats, giving $61 million to the party in 2012. biden says he'll make a decision by the end of the summer. craig boswell, cbs news washington. tomorrow night brings a new era for late night television. >> it's the big debut for the late show starring stephen colbert here on cbs. and susan marquez is outside the newly remodeled ed sullivan theater in new york with a preview that only a cbs reporter can give us. >> stephen colbert is absolutely ready. when i sat down to talk to him, he said he hit up his predecessor and his mentor to get advice before his
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huge debut. >> reporter: stephen colbert says he asked his former boss, jon stewart, for some pointers as he prepared to take over cbs' the late show. >> have you already talked to jon? >> yes, i have. >> could you share a little tidbit? >> he said you'll have fun. >> reporter: the pressure is on colbert for tomorrow night's big premier. >> that first week or so, maybe even the first couple of weeks, you've had all this time to prepare and to put things in the can and it really is an opportunity to put your best foot forward. >> reporter: colbert is taking over the slot that david letterman held for 22 years, just before letterman's final show in may, colbert also asked the late night legend for advice. >> i said do you mind me asking you these questions? he said no, no one has asked me these questions before. i said they seem like pretty basic questions to me. he said who would know to ask them? how many people would understand the answers i'm giving you? i thought that's nice. we're two guys talking
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shop who have a very unusual job. that was a nice way of him handing me the keys. >> one of the keys fits the door to the late show's historic home here in broadway. this is where the audience will file in tomorrow and get their first look at the renovations. >> we've restored it back to the 1927 theater. it's beautiful. the stained glass and architecture. it's a happy spot to be on the stage. >> reporter: and it's almost showtime. >> jon stewart said of stephen colbert that he's a better person than he is a performer. he tells time magazine he's the best performer he's ever worked with. absolutely can't wait for it. reporting live in new york, suzanne marquez. back to you guys. >> i can only imagine, no top 10 list. no stupid pet tricks. but tickets have to be in pretty high demand i'd have to imagine. >> yes, he actually raffled off a ticket which was a
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tongue-in-cheek response to jeb bush raffling off a ticket but he did say the person who wins that vip ticket gets to ask a question of the republican presidential hopeful which i'm sure will be hilarious. and i do think he'll work in some of his signature best, how he was a reporter on the daily show. that's something that was absolutely incredible. and a little known fact, he was a correspondent, so he has experience. >> looking forward to watching it on our station, kpix. thanks for the behind the scenes. >> thank you, guys. back here in the bay area, the story is the heat. this is ocean beach in san francisco today. a ranger told us he's never seen it so busy. probably 15,000 to 20,000 people on the stand. you might want to make plans to head out to the beach after what paul deanno has to tell us now. >> do tell. >> that guy right here. >> you know, the rest of the country, temperatures begin to drop in september as they should. peak of the heat, the
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sun angle is june and july. for us it's all about the wind direction. when the wind direction changes in september, we sometimes get our hottest weather and right on cue, labor day week, likely the hottest week of the year. oakland 90 degrees right now. livermore, you've warmed up to 98. san francisco off of a high of 89, still 82 in the city. san jose, santa rosa 90. san bruno, 85 degrees and fog-free. warmest day in the city so far this year. san francisco, august 16th, 90 degrees. almost got there today. pretty good chance at some point in time this week you'll hit 90 degrees once again. the good news is nights are longer than the summertime. even though we get super hot during the day, we'll see 50s tonight. napa down to 55. san jose, con cord and livermore in the low 60s. why in september do we get hotter whereas the rest of the country begins the cool-off? all about the wind direction. if you get a ridge directly offshore, a big strong september ridge that does not move induces an offshore wind
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which eliminates it. the winds coming from the north or east, we don't get the ocean cooling. for the next four days at a minimum, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, this ridge eliminates the ocean influence and we'll be hot. triple digits for the next three days away from the water and 70s along the beach. as we head toward the weekend, we'll get a change. that ridge sags to the south. we'll grab a little bit of the ocean influence but not much. temperatures will drop. we'll stay likely above average for each of the next seven days. september right on cue will be very warm to hot. there will be relief at night as we mentioned and low humidity with these hot temperatures does mean the fire danger will be high. likely the highest fire danger we've seen so far this summer will be the next several days. concord, 14 degrees above average. 100 for your high. morgan hill and gilroy, triple digits again. well in to the 90s. los altos, sunnyvale, triple digits in pleasanton. pittsburg, 102. close to 90 in san francisco
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again. clover dale, 100 degrees. hot tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. minimal cooling as we head through the weekend. likely not back to average until next week. we always know it's coming. still kind of a shock. especially kids going to school, some without air conditioning. pretty uncomfortable. swip right for employment. a new job app that works like a dating profile.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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where's your phone? i knew you had it. selfies not just one of the most popular ways to take a picture. it could also be a tool for advancing your career. >> julie watts on how you may soon be able to snap, swipe, and use selfies to land a job. >> reporter: landing this internship was a snap for max walker, as in snapchat. >> i found they were doing this snapchat campaign and it caught my eye. it was a creative way to express myself and apply to a
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position. >> reporter: creativity is exactly what sherry ann green was looking for. >> snapchat really gave us an impression of people's personalities and how they would engage with social media really early in the recruitment process. >> reporter: snapchat is one of the many social media tools companies are using to recruit millennials, allowing applicants to get noticed with creative multimedia tweets to hiring managers or through video cover letters. mark newman is the founder of higher view, one of a growing number of video platforms for job interviews used around the world. video interviews can be more cost-effective and give a leg up to candidates with great personalities who may not look as good on paper. the technology might be even more important for baby boomers than millennials. >> in order for you to get noticed and be seen as an
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innovator, you have to embrace the technology. >> reporter: as for max, his internship turned in to a full-time job thanks to snapchat. >> i'd say it's a less personal way. you're not a statistic. you're more a human voice and personality. >> because they're cost-effective, experts say these technologies are likely the future of recruiting. for those companies that still use traditional methods, reaching out to hiring managers could actually help you land an interview when your resume alone might not. something to think about. an interesting video, tweet, or text. >> old dog, new tricks. >> thank you. now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> here's the cbs evening news. bernie sanders surges past hillary clinton in a new hampshire poll while donald trump ups his standing in iowa. european nations open their borders to thousands of migrants. can they keep up with
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the number of refugees coming in? and the american dentist who sparked global outrage for who sparked global outrage for killing cecil the,,,,,,
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 news room. new at 6:00 tonight, a bay bridge commute nightmare then a custody battle. will the real chicken owner please stand up? tonight the mystery solved. how chip will be reunited with her rightful owner. >> plus, why get a hotel when you can have a floating bedroom?
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like airbnb on the water. all that coming up >> quijano: the race is on for the democrats. sanders pulls ahead of clinton in new hampshire. >> reporter: where were you when you saw those poll numbers and what did you say? >> i said whoa! >> quijano: also tonight, by sea and by land. thousands complete the perilous journey from war to freedom. blindsided. why did two players sack the referee? and the american hunter who killed a beloved lion is finally telling his side of the story. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> quijano: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. this is our western edition. the race for the white house is a marathon, not a sprint. for the democrats, it just got a lot closer. as the candidates marked the labor day by marching in parades


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