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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. and we have breaking news. brushfire at the summit on 17, a lot of people coming home from a labor day weekend at the beach drove straight into this about a 1/2 hour ago. >> the fire started along the side of the road at the summit of highway 17. our betty yu and her photographer jim flanagan drove right by it. in fact, here is a live look. you can see all of the fire trucks. firefighters are mopping up hotspots right now. they had the fire out in about 30 minutes, but you can still see smoke rising in a few spots there's smoldering. >> this is what it look like a bit earlier today. flames were shooting up everywhere and spreading pretty rapidly. it's still in the 70s out there right now, but luckily hardly
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any wind danger, power lines across the highway from where the fire was burning. highway 17 northbound is shut down right now. we aren't sure when it will reopen. we don't know how it got started, but this fire is just about out. what you're looking at was about 40 minutes ago. firefighters are out there keeping an eye on thing and mopping up hotspots. tonight -- things and mopping up hotspots. tonight hateful things about chinese people spray painted around the bay area in several neighborhoods. at least five locations were damaged in san francisco's bayview and portola district. tonight mark kelly tells us police are investigating this as a hate crime. >> reporter: on this wall was graffiti the phrase no more chinese. it's gone now of public works scrubbed off the words, but the message it left behind -- >> that's just something outrageously unacceptable. >> reporter: andy yang is of chinese descent and has
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experienced racism firsthand but having that hate plastered all over this corner of the neighborhood from the back of the building to the grocery store takes it to a whole new level. >> if this is what people wants to advocate, there's no hope in this great city in the world. >> reporter: people in portola are proud of their little neighborhood in san francisco's southeast corner calling it a true american melting pot. how long have you lived here? >> 15 years. >> reporter: have you ever seen anything like this? >> no. first time. >> reporter: but now many here wonder has that melting pot come to a rolling boil? is there tension in portola? >> not personally, not for me, but i know there's always conflict. >> reporter: not long after the tagging someone was quick to send a message right back at the vandals painting over knot, so the graffiti -- the no, so the graffiti means more chinese instead. by nightfall public works was scrubbing away, but some worry no amount of washing will completely get rid of the late.
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>> it makes me think maybe racism will never end. >> reporter: in portola, mark kelly, kpix5. >> tonight a supervisor said hate and prejudice have absolutely no place in our communities and we will not tolerate this behavior. the search is on tonight for a san francisco man who went missing on a camping trip last seen on his boat docked near angel island around 1 a.m. this morning. his wife are the reported him missing at 6 a.m. this morning. the man is 42-year-old walter van lier described as 6 feet tall, 190 pounds. the coastguard and several other agencies spent the afternoon searching around the island. his wife thought he might have gone liking. live look outside. it was hot, hot, hot in the bay area today and, paul, that's just the start of this hot weather, isn't it? >> just the start and perhaps the coolest day of the week today where we nearly hit 100 degrees, 98 in livermore today,
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the hotspot, fremont, vallejo, los gatos 90s, san francisco the second hottest day of the year for you 89. the only spot shy of 70 degrees was bodega bay. 70s in pleasant hill and potrero 70 degrees. tomorrow as we head back to work and kids are back to school bad air quality as this ridge of high pressure sits directly over the bay area, east bay and south bay unhealthy air quality. as ken mentioned, i'll second it is just the beginning of a hot week. how hot and how long is coming up next. no better place to beat the heat than right at the beach. bay area beaches were packed today as you can imagine, especially santa cruz. our betty yu tells us don't turn your back to the water. >> reporter: a relaxing day at the beach can quickly turn dangerous if you get caught in
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a big rip current or one of the huge sneak are waves that creep up near the shore. ask this surfer jacob ibarra. he's okay. his friends helped pull him in. this long weekend lifeguards at the santa cruz beach boardwalk tell me they rescued at least 45 people. they pulled 30 people to shore yesterday alone. >> swells we have this time of year are particularly treacherous because coming from a long way there can be 15 or 20 minutes of very flat waves which lulls people into a sense of security. they get out in the water and a big 5 or 6-foot set of waves comes in. >> reporter: captain britton miles said the holiday weekend and powerful swells created a perfect storm. the national weather service is warning swimmers about the dangers. the duarte family from sacramento kept an extra eye on jayden from the shore. what were the waves like?
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big. >> reporter: if you do get caught in a big wave -- >> the best thing to do is dive under it. a lot of people try to dive over it and it hits them harder, but if you take a big breathe of air, dive under it, wait for it to pass and pop up on the backside of. >> reporter: the increased risk of rip currents and sneaker waves are expected to continue through tomorrow from the north bay down through the central coast. in santa cruz betty yu, kpix5. at least two men were stabbed tonight at the santa cruz boardwalk. we saw one bloody victim loaded into the ambulance texting on his cell phone. another had an arm injury. at least three people were in handcuffs. it's not clear if they had anything to do with the stabbing. tonight b.a.r.t. says the transbay tube should be open in plenty of time for the morning commute. this is a live look now at the west oakland station. since saturday it's been the end of the line in the east bay. b.a.r.t. has been busy working on the tracks which means no service between oakland and san
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francisco. >> we're replacing over 13,000 feet of rail in the transbay tube and we're rebuilding a very key piece of track right outside the oakland station. >> the kubel is scheduled to reopen at 4 a.m. -- the tube is scheduled to reopen at 4 a.m. this is the last scheduled closure. a bike rider is under arrest tonight for attacking another biker, cate cauguiran and the key piece of evidence. >> reporter: this key piece of evidence. >> may, no, no, no -- hey, no, no, no! >> reporter: kpix5 got this video from last month showing a moustache man with a shirt that read nonviolence is our strength. later that night that same man was shown attacking a zipcar.
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saturday night officers recognized him from the videos at the billy joel concert. police booked him on felony offenses of false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism, maliciously and willfully throwing a substance at a vehicle and a misdemeanor for inciting a riot. >> he's a good guy generally. >> reporter: but it's surprising to you? >> yeah. it's surprising to me, very surprising. >> reporter: he apparently works at macy's men's store in union square and his friends say this is not the ian they know. he did not return our request for an interview. gas prices keep dropping and tonight there's a bold prediction how low they'll go. the average price now in san jose, 3.10 a gallon, san francisco 3.28 and oakland 3.13 according to aaa. we're paying 60 to 70 cents
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less a gallon than last month, but predicts come christmas the average price in california will plunge to 2.50 a gallon. some bay area drivers we talked to tomorrow said bring it on. >> i'd like to see -- talked to said bring it on. >> i'd like to see that. >> this holiday weekend was a good time to fill up. labor day gas prices haven't been this low since 2004. the chp said this woman jumbled off the bay bridge to get away from them, tonight how her run from the law finally ended. >> hollywood star james franco has a new role tonight, high schoolteacher and why he's coming home to the bay area to teach. >> one more night till the ,,,,,
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tonight one of the bay area's most bizarre manhunts is over. it started nearly a month ago. the chp said a woman crashed her car on the bay bridge and then jumped in the water. andria borba is on treasure island with how it ended. >> reporter: the clp said they got a tip this -- the chp said they got a tip this morning and moved in quickly to make the arrest. at some point everyone's luck runs out and since you are looking at a booking photo, she can officially mark that moment as labor day 2015. it was august 12th when the california highway patrol says 25-year-old erlin crashed this nissan maxima around 2 a.m. on the bay bridge and ran,
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well, swam away from the scene. >> they went over the side into the bay and managed to elude them. >> reporter: she survived 60- degree water, sharks and a 70- foot fall and managed to hitch a ride to the east bay. the reason she jumped? the chp says that car she was driving was stolen. >> we did confirm through the lapd that there was a stolen report noted for that vehicle that she had been driving that was involved in the crash. >> reporter: erlin was arrested this morning in oakland on charges of car theft, possession of a stolen car, hit and run, dui and evading arrest. the chp in san francisco says this case and arrest is definitely one for the record books. >> when we arrest her this morning, she didn't appear to be injured in any way, no long lasting effects. >> reporter: erlin sits tonight presumably dry at the santa rita jail in dublin. there is some information the
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chp is not releasing tonight including where in the city of oakland she was found. live on treasure island, andria borba, kpix5. campers are heading home from burning man tonight with some very dirty cars. now one san francisco carwash is cashing in on that. touchless carwash is offering a cleaning special just for cars that went to the art festival in the desert. this year they expect more than 500 to line up for a good scrubbing and they say clean-up can take twice as long as a normal wash and the process wastes a lot of water. >> we recycle all of our water. we use 10 gallons of freshwater car, but we cannot reuse the water that came from burning man. so it's very high acid. it's impossible to filter out. so this uses up a lot of water, these cars. >> a lot of car rental agencies refuse to even let their cars near burning man because of the cleaning costs. at burning man singer kathy
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perry had fans in stitches. check this out. she was doing donuts on her segway in a dust storm, loses control of it, stumbles off and had to chase it down. apparently she's not embarrassed. she posted this video on her own instagram. actor james franco is heading back to palo alto high only this time he'll be teaching. franco will lead 24 students through a film workshop. they'll work on an episode from a film that franco wrote. the actor says it's the kind of class he would have taken back in the day. so he's teaming up with one of his former teachers to do just that. to score a spot in the class students have to write 200 words on why they want to be in the workshop. they also have to produce a one minute cell phone video introducing themselves. palo alto district students have until midnight friday to apply. and most of them seem pretty excited. franco's on instagram post got over 90 -- instagram post got
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over 92,000 likes in less than two days. the curtain will rise on a new nighttime talk show here on cbs in less than 24 hours. >> suzanne marquez has an inside look at the new late show with stephen colbert. >> reporter: that's right. we are less than a day away now until we see his big debut and stephen colbert, i sat down with him, he is ready. he's excited. he hit up some tv greats, his predecessor and his mentor, to make sure he does not mess up his big debut. stephen colbert says he asked his former boss jon stewart for some pointers as he prepared to take over cbs' the late show. have you already talked to jon about how you're going to do the show? >> yes, i have. >> reporter: can you share tidbits? >> he said you'll have fun. >> reporter: the pressure is on for tomorrow night's big
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premier. >> that first week or so or maybe first couple of weeks, you've had all that time to prepare and it's an opportunity to put your best foot forward. >> reporter: just before letterman's final show in may colbert also asked the plate night legend for advice. >> i said do you mind me asking you these questions and he said no. no one ever asked me these questions before. >> i said really? they seem pretty basic. >> he said who would know to ask them? who would even understand the answers i'm giving you? i said oh, that's nice. we're two people with an unusual job talking shop and it was his way of handing me the keys. >> reporter: this is where the audience will file in tomorrow and get their first look at the renovations. >> we restored it back to the 1920s theater. it's beautiful, stained glass, gothic architect. it is just a beautiful and like
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happy spot to be on that stage. >> reporter: and it's almost show time. i have to say most people are asking how do you get a ticket? they are handing out some stand- by tickets under the marquee tomorrow at 1 p.m. via a lottery. so i can only imagine how many people will be out here and how many they're giving out, so lots of excitement happening out here. >> it is exciting and to your credit it's 2:15 east coast time. >> you're not doing hawaii, are you? you'll be up until 5 in the morning for that one. >> reporter: i will be out here at 2 p.m. tomorrow through 2:30 in the morning. don't worry. i have it all covered. >> sneeze a trooper. >> reporter: they're handing out some coffee in the morning, so maybe i'll come out for my cold brew, get my caffiene rush and i'll be set for the day. >> perfect. should be a great debut. suzanne marquette in new york, thank you so much.
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>> very exciting. you don't have a ticket. you can watch it from your own home on channel 5. >> right here on kpix5. i checked a couple minutes ago it is warmer in san francisco right now than in new york. they're in the 60s back in new york. we will be the hotspot coming up this week. here's a peek outside, completely fog free until seven to 10 days from now. the warmest day in san francisco so far this year 90 on august 16th, 89 for a high today. we'll likely get there later on this week. the good news is it's dry air and nights are longer. both of those thing allow us to cool down at night. daytime will be hot. the earnings will be warm. it will be refreshing in the morning, redwood step 69. it's not only that there is a ridge of high pressure. it's where it's centered that is so critical for us because most of the summer our flow of air comes in from the relatively chilly pacific ocean. it's this time of year we
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actually get warmer. everybody else gets colder because our wind direction can change from the north or northeast cutting off the influence of the pacific ocean. that's what will happen the next several days with this ridge centered to our north and west, no ocean influence, no ocean cooling. mother nature's air conditioner is turned off, 90s in san francisco. the ridge finally pushes south bringing back a little onshore flow saturday or sunday. we have a long hot week ahead. nights will be cool. low humidity will be high fire danger, in the extreme category the next several days. concord tomorrow 100 degrees, close to 100 in san jose, milpitas, palo alto, triple digits in walnut creek and pleasanton, 96 in novato, nowhere close to normal until sunday. this will be the longest heat
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. colbert nation is picking up steam tonight. >> yeah. thanks to a click, swipe or ping the late show is finding a whole new generation of viewers. take a look. from snapchat. >> oh, hey, snapchat. if you can't figure out how to work the tv, ask your parents for help. they owe you for all those times you synced their calendars to icloud. >> to his own app. >> it's me, shhh. worship me! >> stephen colbert is already dunking the old late show into a new big digital pond with skits that are amassing millions of views online. >> when i premiered the colbert, the internet burned to the ground. >> like the shaving of the col beard on youtube. >> i call this the half wolverine. >> or the twitter invasion of
11:25 pm
norway where he buildinged the prime minister to pledge more -- urged the prime minister to pledge more money to girls schools. i was invited to los angeles to sit down with stephen. the talk quickly turned to tech. >> sell me on san francisco. >> all right. san francisco, well, you know, that's where the yahoos are and the googles and the apple and the facebooks. >> i love them all. >> there's a reason they're all there. >> sourdough bread. giordelli square. >> we could get him something to eat. they hope to grab a new generation of eyeballs creating memorable moments that will go viral. >> see how it all comes
11:26 pm
together? i'll have more of my interview with stephen before the late show debut. could not have planned it better. >> cue the chicken. the a's relied on the long ball to try to get past the astros and there is no crying in baseballs, but giants fans in baseballs, but giants fans like the babies fe,,,,,,,,,,
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well, since his return from the dl tim hudson has come out of the bullpen twice. tomorrow he will return to a starting role and hopes he stays there as he finishes his 17th and final season in the big leagues. joe panik back off the dl today saw his first action in a month with a pinch-hit double. top of the 2nd inning the d- backs bill gosling takes it deep to center and gives the d- backs a 3-0 lead. in the 6th now 5-0 a.j. pollack drives it deep into the left field bleachers and makes it 6-0. a crushing loss. hopefully they do better tomorrow. any rules about wearing green and gold striped socks? it's only white pants, right?
11:30 pm
the a's lead houston going into the 7th, but there's one crushed off rodriguez. the three-run shot cuts oakland's lead to two, but in the bottom of the inning it's fair down the left field line. oakland hangs on snapping their five-game losing streak. in tennis the u.s. open on the men's side, set point in the 2nd set and federer with a for court backhand that lands right on the line, great shot. federer wins the match in great sets. defending national champion in college football no. 1 ohio state opening up their season at virginia tech. 3rd quarter buckeyes leading 21- 17, oh, nice spin move there as former quarterback braxton miller goes all the way in for a touchdown, a 53-yard touchdown run to make it 28-17.
11:31 pm
ohio state wins 42-24 avenging their only lost last season. >> college football is here. >> this time of year is when we're going come on, giants do something, pull it out. they have at least three times in the last five years, but i'm not sure there's enough left in the tank. the tank. >> you don't ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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my name is mark amann. the tank. >> you don't ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me.
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one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. just think tomorrow night
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you'll be introducing the stephen colbert show. >> i know, so exciting. late meteorologist: washington, dc, hasn't seen snow like this for thanksgiving in decades. the roads are slick, and visibility is near zero. a bitterly cold windchill makes our nation's capital feel more like the frozen arctic. what caused the shift in temperatures is this high-pressure system that you can see... i've flown in worse, honey. paris. yeah. quick there and back. no leftovers-- i will be there to cut the turkey. (quietly): i know, i know. (knocking on door) there's my cab. love you. (weather broadcast continues) i'll just be another minute. (silenced gunfire)


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