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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 9. i'm michelle griego michelle griego. >> happy pump day, everyone! i'm -- "hump day," everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 6:00. with the thermometer rising yet again today, people all across the bay area will be trying to find ways to stay cool. go to a mall, grab ice cream and water is key which is especially important for people working and playing outside. some schoolkids in the south bay will go to fewer classes. the campbell union high school district will let students take minimum days today and thursday. and that means kids can go home some classrooms don't have air- conditioning so they are doing this as a precaution. >> i'm fortunate because i have air-conditioning. others don't. i assume it's hot. but we have air-condition.
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>> the district hasn't made a decision yet whether they will shorten the schoolday on friday. well, let's check the weather. what is it, 108 in gilroy today? is that the number? >> you know what, frank, you nailed it though saying what would you like to do if it's hot go to the mall? i took a poll on our kpix 5 and facebook page and that was the number one option of for people, go to the mall get free air-conditioning. out the door we'll hit the triple digits again today. look at the calm waters by the bay bridge. we have a beach hazard statement in effect today for strong dangerous rip currents and also sneaker waves. would you believe it's 70 in oakland? we have a heat advisory in effect for the second consecutive day for the entire bay area. 90 in pacifica. and all the way up to 107 degrees in gilroy. so 76 degrees will be the cool spot in half moon bay. i want to go there. 80s in moss and montera beaches, 90s and triple digits
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around the peninsula. 104 morgan hill. 99 in san jose. these temperatures are average 26 degrees above normal. 106 in livermore after yesterday. 104. it will be in the triple digits in santa rosa in petaluma. 101 degrees in napa. and meanwhile 103 degrees in cloverdale. computer models are suggesting 110 tomorrow. i'll show you where coming up. >> if you plan to make the bay bridge commute watch out for the accident which just cropped up beyond the metering lights so it's off to the right-hand shoulder. westbound 80 just a few cars out there but it is contributing to the already long delays for the bay bridge toll plaza. those backups began early. the metering lights are on. this is still out there. it is in the clearing stages. the chp tells us they hope to have all of this wrapped up within the next few minutes in the meantime expect at least one lane of traffic shut down
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northbound 680 approaching calaveras. it's an overturn accident with major injuries out there for almost an hour now. southbound 680. backed up from 580. i'll have a look at your drive into work. traffic still ahead. police are investigating the death of a man who was found underneath a bart train. it happened last night at the citycenter station in oakland. police say it does not appear foul play was involved. but it's still not clear how the victim got under the train. it shut down the station down causing delays on fremont bound trains. service this morning shouldn't be affected. today marks five years since a fiery blast in san bruno leveled an entire neighborhood. city leaders plan today to address changes that have been made since that day in 2010. the pipeline explosion killed eight and injured 66. the san bruno mayor plans to speak this morning at 9:00.
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meanwhile, pg&e has filed motions hoping to dismiss all 28 charges the company faces in relation to that explosion. multiple investigations pointed blame at pg&e accusing the company of diverting pipeline safety funds. federal prosecutors are seeking a fine up to $1.13 billion if pg&e is convicted. if convicted. supporters of a bill to curb climate change fell short of approval yesterday of the state assembly. a surprising number of democrats opposing or abstaining. the bill would set more ambitious remission reduction goals over the next few decades. it's eligible for another vote after summer [ indiscernible ] there is speculation in the tech world today as apple is about to hold a product launch. anne makovec joins us live with
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more. >> reporter: good morning. we are t-minus 4 hours away from the hour that tech enthusiasts have been waiting for since the last big apple announcement here at the bill graham civic auditorium this morning. normally apple holds its big event at the moscone center. changes start at 10:00 this morning. apple's ceo tim cook is going to be delivering the keynote address. tech enthusiasts expecting a lot of news for the iphone, ipad and apple tv. so the last year though they unveiled the iphone 6. today's announcement will likely be an s version which means no major changes but a few upgrades. >> something you could see is force touch which they introduced in apple watch where you touch it, you know, different sources pressure different feelings cause the phone to do different things. so this is something we can possibly see. >> reporter: the event is by invitation-only.
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here is a look at that coveted invitation invoking siri the apple voice controlled assistant. there's also some rumors out there that there might be a siri-controlled apple tv, i -- we shall see. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. republican presidential candidate ben carson is giving donald trump a run for his money in san francisco. white house hopeful said he is all for securing or borders and putting america first. >> you know, when you get on an airplane, you ever notice the announcement that they make, they say in case of an emergency, oxygen mask will fall down. put yours on first. and then administer help to your neighbor. that's my policy. >> carson has emerged as a strong challenger to trump. polls show he is picking up ground in the key state of iowa. big night last night day one of the colbert era of the late show is in the books.
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last night he made his premiere as host of the late night show here on kpix 5. cbs reporter don champion has more highlights from the ed sullivan theater. he didn't score a seat inside. hi, don. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. you know, colbert's big debut had it all. lots of energy, plenty of laughs and, of course, some surprises. and it's clear that colbert's ready to leave his own mark on late night television. ♪[ music ] reporter: stephen colbert brought new energy to the stage at the ed sullivan theater last night. he kicked off the new late show and set the tone early with band leader jon batiste. he had some fun equating the media's love for donald trump's sound bites with his own love for oreo cookies. >> mexico is taking our economy and they are ripping it in two! >> reporter: his first guest was actor george clooney who said he agreed to stop by for just one reason. >> i'm just here to see you. >> well, thank you very much. >> i think that's what everybody is here for. >> yeah! [ applause and cheers ]
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>> reporter: colbert then turned to politics welcoming republican presidential candidate jeb bush. >> i don't think barack obama has bad motives. i just think he's wrong on a lot of issues. >> you're so close to getting into class. [ laughter ] >> you are this close. >> reporter: it was a friendly audience for colbert's first show. most who attended were fans. many seemed quite happy with his new job. >> we have always watched the colbert show but that's not his real character and it's just amazing to see him and how smart he is and how funny he is. >> it was amazing. singing, dancing, cookies, cotton candy. >> reporter: the show ended with an all-star version of the song, everyday people featuring mavis staples setting the new stage for even more musical and comical performances to come. and there really was a touching moment when colbert paid respect to his predecessor. colbert said that david letterman changed comedy forever and he called himself a first generation letterman fan.
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there will be more tonight when he welcomes scarlet johansson and kendrick lamar at the show. >> any favorite moments from last night? >> well, i mean -- >> we have to watch it in irs. >> i have it on dvr waiting for me at home. i'll watch it. but what i love about colbert is he not only hosts, makes people laugh but sings and dances too. >> who knew? >> got some energy. >> reporter: he's got the moves. >> he is getting rave reviews. >> i'm sure dave watched. do you think? >> wonder what he thinks. >> maybe he did. >> maybe he loved it. >> don champion, thanks so much from new york. >> thank you, don. it is 6:09. back here at home, a plane catching fire at mccarran airport in las vegas. we are going to hear from some of the passengers on board when those flames erupted. >> and heinekin is buying a major stake in the lagunitas brewing company. what will and won't change for the beloved bay area brand.
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did you sleep well last night? i didn't think so. we have more hot conditions coming up and now, the new weather advisory you need to know about. >> we have had car fires this morning and now a brand-new accident at the bay bridge westbound. we'll have details on this and give you a complete look ,,,,,,
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plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. how many gasolines clean better tthe answer is a big fat zero. chevron with techron. care for your car. good morning, everyone. your time check is 6:13. we're taking a look at beautiful san jose where yesterday's high was 99 degrees. one degree shy of a record. today, identical conditions a "spare the air" in effect a heat advisory and relief when we could all expect -- when we could all expect it coming up.
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hillary clinton offering her first apology about using a private email server while she was the secretary of state. in a facebook post she writes, yes, i should have used two email addresses one for personal matters and one for my work in state department. not doing see was a mistake, i'm sorry about it and i take full responsibility. previously she refused to apologize. her poll numbers are going down. a team from the ntsb today is beginning their investigation into a plane fire at las vegas mccarran international airport. >> may day may day request fire services. >> 2276 heavy fire services on the way. >> passengers on other planes captured images of the black smoke and flames pouring out of the plane. 157 passengers and 13 crew members scrambled down emergency slides to evacuate. at least 14 people were treated for minor injuries.
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>> i was one of the first people off. i looked up from the chute and the flames were twice the height of the aircraft. >> it was scary. just shocked more than anything. >> mccarran is the ninth busiest airport in the u.s. it took about 8 hours for flight delays to clear. a disturbing incident at uc- berkeley. a 71-year-old man is accused of recording a man in the bathroom. richard anderson taken into custody on sunday. the victim a 49-year-old man had gone into a bathroom stall when he noticed someone reaching underneath the stall with a smartphone. negotiations are planned today as san francisco city college faculty gets closer to a strike. last week faculty passed a motion to raise union dues to create a strike fund. instructors have been working
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without a contract since june, threatening to strike because of fewer classes. one of the world's biggest names in beer is buying a 50% stake in petaluma based lagunitas company. lagunitas enthusiasts are concerned deal with heinekin means the brewery is going corporate but the company promises customers its beers will still taste the same. netherlands-based heinekin will open the brand it new markets around the world. >> they are brewing so much over the past decade, in california and the united states, imagine what they could do on the other continents in other countries. >> lagunitas is the 6th largest craft brewer in the u.s. if you enjoy a frosty beverage today might be a good day to enjoy one. [ laughter ] >> it's going to be hot. >> everybody is really concerned about the people there. >> they are from the bay area. >> don't bring in people from
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all over. [ laughter ] >> what? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] what?! nobody slept well last night. driving into work at 3:30 in the morning, i had the ac cranking! >> that's how hot it is. >> that's how hot you are! >> oh, boy. >> we are talking about the bay bridge accident. fortunately no injuries it is westbound just beyond the metering lights. so no lanes are shut down. but it is causing more of a looky-loo -- now i have frank's thing going on -- westbound traffic at the toll plaza backed up into the macarthur maze. the metering lights are on. once you get on the bridge, traffic picks up heading across the span into san francisco. now, the rest of the commute it's been busy. we have had more car fires this morning, one on the san mateo bridge, cars overheating. so do drive safe out there. westbound traffic approaching the altamont pass has been delayed because of an accident and a car fire. so westbound 580 slow from the 205 interchange approaching and passing vasco. looks like there may be some
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delays approaching isabel, as well. now, eastbound 92 the earlier car fire we had in the noncommute direction has been cleared out. all lanes are now open for you and that westbound drive traffic volumes are up now for west 92 but still no major brake lights at the toll plaza. looks like we may have a brand- new stall. we have flashing lights midspan westbound. this is what an offshore flow looks like. the skies are clear. no winds. bay waters are calm. before you we have a beach hazardous statement in effect today for the coast. dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves at the coast. if you wanted to jump in the water, be mindful of that. temperatures not cooling off well at all. livermore at 65. it's in the mid-60s still in san francisco and san jose. we have the second consecutive "spare the air" day in effect. the 6th one of the summer season. we also have for two days in a row now a heat advisory in
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effect until 7:00 tonight. we will also have a heat advisory in effect for tomorrow and it will encompass all 7 million people that live right here in the bay area. this is what we all need to know. it's going to be hot all week long. it's going to be hotter in pleasanton today at 10 a-- 105 degrees than in palm springs at 102 degrees. it will be even drier than palm springs in the desert at 7% relative humidity. that's dangerous very dangerous for the potential of high fire danger. this right here again, an offshore flow. southern california is seeing subtropical moisture with a chance of a thunderstorm in throughout the desert southwest. we'll begin to see the return of the onshore push by saturday, it will affect all of us by sunday. 105 in sacramento today. 85 degrees in the mountains. also 58 degrees in monterey bay but that's cooler than yesterday's record high of 95 degrees. we had a record high yesterday
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of 95 in oakland, today 97. coming down a couple of degrees in san francisco. boy, you'll barely feel the difference. it's hot in san francisco at 93. upper 90s santa clara valley. 106 in livermore. up from 104 yesterday. 101 in santa rosa. outside numbers 107. it will be in gilroy. computer models suggest 110 in gilroy on thursday. i'm going with 108 at this particular time. will you feel the difference? then tumbling back into the 90s by sunday. try to be careful today, everyone. it's 6:20. chp officers have been handing out fuhr tickets over the past few years -- out fewer tickets over the past few years with one exception. how one group of drivers is breaking the law. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up a retiring giants coming up a retiring giants pitcher was the oldest ,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. sister act, venus versus serena williams at the u.s. open. donald trump asking john mcenroe to be his running mate. 35-year-old venus a run for her money against serena after losing the first set. venus second set 6-1. third set serena blows the return past, winning the set 6-3 and advances to the semifinals. i'm guessing she will be colbert's guest next monday night. who is with me? giants in arizona where angel pagan reminds everyone we're still number one at least until october. top of the third, tim hudson that is the oldest guy to hit a
6:25 am
home run since steve in 1986 for the giants. he is 40 years old. and how about this one? top of the ninth, joe panik, he is nowhere near hudson's number, he goes deep. giants win 6-2. sonny gray seven shutout innings last night against houston facing scott kazmir in the fifth off the second deck mark khanna three-run shot made it 4-0. that was the final. sonny gray picks up win number 13. and by the way, the 49ers monday night football right here on channel 5 against the minnesota vikings. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day from foxboro, massachusetts, usa brazil in an international soccer game. u.s. was down 4-nil but danny wayne put the americans on the scoreboard with this rocket, a laser that whizzed right past the head of the brazilian goalie. right in the back of the net
6:26 am
there. and worth another look. i every he watches that baby and perfect placement. brazil won, though, 4-1. but we get the play of the day. >> 6:26 right now. this oppressive heat is not going anywhere. that's leading to extraordinary measures in one bay area school district. >> we are a few hours away from another big announcement from apple. apple. coming up, some
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three bay area jail guards accused of beating an inmate to death now charged in a second violent assault. >> and california's largest wildfire continues to grow in the sierra. what new evacuations are in effect. >> it's going to be hotter today than yesterday. and not even as hot as tomorrow. full forecast is coming up. >> slow traffic at the altamont pass with a car fire and accident. i'll have details. >> good morning, it's wednesday, september 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. the big story today, the heat wave! ! it's not letting up just yet. in fact, hundreds of students in the campbell union high school district are going home early today and tomorrow. many classrooms don't have air- conditioning. so they are doing this as a precaution. and what better way to beat the heat and that by heading to the coast -- than by heading to the coast? our cameras caught people cooling off enjoying the water. you can bet there will be
6:31 am
plenty on the shores again today. >> if you have a neighbor with a pool, be friendly. >> i swam two days at my gym, club sport. we have a brand-new advisory out. it's for very dangerous rip currents and some sneaker waves. so be mindful out to the beaches today. this is an offshore flow. we don't have a hint of a marine layer in the vicinity. very comfortable overnight in the mid- to high 60s. today a heat advisory in effect for the second day. in addition another "spare the air" day. temperatures across the bay area today topping off at 93 in san francisco.
6:32 am
107 in gilroy and brentwood. these temperatures a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday when we topped off at 104 in pleasanton and livermore. today 106. 80s, 90s and triple digits north of the golden gate bridge. it's hot everywhere today with that "spare the air" day in effect. and 103 degrees in cloverdale. 110 degrees in the forecast. i'll tell you when and where, but first here's liza. >> good morning. we'll talk about the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had long delays. backups began early this morning. an accident we had at the metering lights is just cleared. but westbound traffic at the toll plaza still backed up clear through the macarthur maze. 580 element backed up to 24. a 24 -- 580 backed up to 24. a 24-minute delay. south 880 moving well through hayward. now, as you make your approach
6:33 am
to the san mateo bridge, be prepared for delays. it is very slow this morning. we checked in with the chp. no accidents or anything. just a lot of folks making this westbound commute. earlier eastbound car fire has just been cleared. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." guys? >> all right. thank you, liza. big day for apple this morning. the cupertino-based company is about to throw one of its products launch events. kpix 5's anne makovec reports from san francisco. >> reporter: change of venue from apple's normal announcements at the moscone center. we are right by san francisco city hall. behind me is the bill graham civic auditorium where this event is going to be held. you can see the television trucks all lined up and security is pretty tight around here. they do have barricades up for this big event starting at 10:00 this morning. apple's ceo tim cook is going to deliver the keynote address.
6:34 am
tech enthusiasts are expecting a lot of news out of this event for iphone, ipad and apple tv. last year it was the iphone 6. today may be an s which means just upgrades, no major changes. >> one of the big updates we are expecting is a bigger ipad which people have been calling the ipad pro. this is something that could appeal to business users and help apple get that business going again. >> reporter: this event is invitation-only. here is a look at that coveted invitation invoking siri the apple voice-controlled assistant. they are also talking about a new touch response feature called force. and a software upgrade for the apple watch. back to you. >> ann in the announcement expected today regarding apple tv? >> yeah. you know, there could be several things going on with apple tv. the product is three years old. i have not upgraded it myself yet. but they are talking maybe
6:35 am
about a siri controlled feature to that. maybe a gaming situation. so we'll see. 10 a.m. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a fast-moving wildfire burning in fresno county is forcing dozens of mandatory evacuations. you can see heavy concentrations of smoke and pollution hitting communities near the fire. the so-called "rough fire" has burned more than 97,000 acres in both the sierra and sequoia national forests. a surf star from santa cruz,recovering after a wipeout. sean dollar broke his neck in four places and had a concussion while surfing over labor day. he was able to pull himself to safety out of the water. he is in the hospital now and is expecting to make a full recovery. last year he took a tumble during the mavericks invitation and was submitted for the wipeout of the year at the xxl
6:36 am
big wave award. by the way, he didn't win. three correctional deputies are now charged with murder after the death of a santa clara county jail inmate. as kpix 5's betty yu reports, the guards are now accused of another attack the same night. >> reporter: one by one, the three jail guards filed into the courtroom in handcuffs wearing inmate uniforms. >> those who were supposed to protect michael tyree did not. instead, they killed him. >> reporter: 31-year-old michael tyree was a mentally ill inmate found beaten to death in his cell last month. the d.a. says matthew farris, jereh lubin and rafael rodriguez are to blame. the santa clara county sheriff's office put out a detailed report of the moments leading up to the killing. inmates heard michael scream, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, stop! and heard sounds of thump, wall banging and what sounded like
6:37 am
blows to a person's body. michael had injuries all over his body. investigators say he died from internal bleeding. he was left in his cell for more than an hour. >> we also filed felony assault charges against these three correctional officers for an assault on a different inmate named juan via a few minutes before the murder of michael tyree. >> reporter: the d.a. also revealed that that same night, the three guards confronted a second inmate about an argument with another inmate. the officers hit inmate via in the head and twisted his arms leaving visibility marks on them. all three correctional officers are facing life in prison. right now, they are being held without bail in protective custody at the santa rita jail before their next court hearing here next week. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. if you are driving alone and want to save time think twice about sneaking on the hov lanes. an average of 41% of drivers on santa clara county's
6:38 am
expressways are cheating in the carpool lane. that's according to officials. if caught, the ticket is $491. police say carpool violations are up 3,000 tickets from last year. stephen colbert era on cbs' late show is under way. his first show included a tribute to david letterman. cbs reporter don champion has more highlights from the ed sullivan theater. reporter: stephen colbert brought new energy to the stage at the ed sullivan theater last night. he kicked off the new late show and set the tone early with band leader jon batiste. he had some fun equating the media's loved for donald trump's sound bites with his own love for oreo cookies. >> mexico is taking our economy and they are ripping it in two! >> reporter: his first guest was actor george clooney who said he agreed to stop by for just one reason. >> i'm just here to see you. >> well, thank you very much. >> i think that's what
6:39 am
everybody is here for. >> yeah! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: colbert then turned to politics welcoming republican presidential candidate jeb bush. >> i don't think barack obama has bad motives. i just think he's wrong on a lot of issues. >> you're so close to getting into class. [ laughter ] >> you are this close. >> reporter: the show ended with an all-star version of the song, everyday people featuring mavis staples setting the new stage for even more musical and comical performances to come. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> on tonight's program, colbert's guests include actress scarlet johansson and tesla and spacex ceo elon musk. that's at 11:35 right here on kpix 5. you and i of course will have to dvr. >> who knew he could sing and dance, too? >> yeah. >> great energy. >> he is great, very talented. >> time now is 6:39. a bay area kid's basketball coach suffers some nasty injuries after he was jumped outside a game. why he blames rival coaches for the attack.
6:40 am
>> welcome to camp cambrian. homeless people in rvs are taking over the street ,,
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♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand.
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but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. :43. good morning, everyone. san francisco, you are be hot today at least 24 degrees above average at the 3 degrees. let me show you why we have a heat advisory in effect for the bay area. 90s to triple digits around the peninsula. up to 104 degrees in morgan hill. tied 106 in livermore. 107 brentwood, 106 degrees in
6:44 am
antioch. 84 stinson beach. with not a breeze in sight. 1300 in petaluma. hot everywhere at 103 degrees in cloverdale. time now for a look at what's coming up a little later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: can you see my smile from ear to ear for you michelle? welcome back!! >> thank you so much. i missed you. >> three girls in the house! i'm so happy for you. how much time did you think about me, michelle, after taking care of baby number 3? not very much. >> every day. >> we are so glad you're back. we are glad you're back, aren't we, frank. >> we are! absolutely, gayle. thanks for saying hi. >> welcome back, michelle. goods to you. [ laughter ] >> i guess you want me to tell you what he is coming up. ahead we are at las vegas at the airport there hearing from passengers on that british airways plane that caught fire. plus, isis is making millions off the antiquities it hasn't destroyed. we'll go undercover in the black market. this was a six-month investigation. and we'll have all the big
6:45 am
moments from last night's premiere of "the late show with stephen colbert. the critics say he is off to a good start and i agree. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on the do the. and michelle, i haven't heard what did you name your baby daughter? >> i -- hope it's a really good name. just saying. >> gayle is good but i named her sierra. sierra lola. she is a little cutie. >> very nice. >> but i did think about you. >> send a picture to my email. >> i will do that after the show. nice seeing you. >> call her, gayle. >> bye, frank. [ laughter ] >> thank you. always a pleasure. [ laughter ] >> it all started at clock. an illegal rv park is getting attention at one cambrian park neighborhood. today they could be out on the street. kiet do is in san jose with the story you will see only on "5". reporter: in cambrian park,
6:46 am
neighbor russ mason named his collection of rvs at ross and hillsdale, camp cambrian. >> camp cambrian is not a nice place to live if you're a taxpayer. >> the way its right now, i can barely afford a place of my own. >> reporter: rudy bought this beat-up rv with $400 money saved up from han package. he showers at "24 hour fitness" and uses the bathroom at the starbucks next door. he works part time as a landscaper and can't afford an apartment. >> it's horrible to pass judgment before you even you know -- the real story about somebody. >> reporter: it all began in january 2014 when the flames restaurant was destroyed in a fire. word got out and rvs came into the neglected lot. the councilmember says with the lack of affordable housing the city is it trying to show compassion -- the city is trying to show compassion. >> we want to help the situation as opposed to throw them out but only to go to another part of the city. >> we are trying to take
6:47 am
action. just trying to take not in an aggressive way. >> reporter: is that the newest resident of cambrian? >> yes. as of saturday. >> reporter: dr. steve beverage has a dental practice next door where people are tagging the walls and sleeping and doing dishes in the parking lot. cleaning up the mess yourself makes it hard to be compassionate. >> food to, um, rubber gloves to condoms to just trash. when it starts affecting everything you have worked so hard for that you have tried to build up, then you have to put your foot down. >> reporter: after some digging and leg work, we finally contacted the new opener and his broker. it turns out the two had not been out to the property in months. the owner had no idea the fence company took the fence down, making the site a magnet for the homeless. >> he is very apologetic that this has happened on his property. he wasn't aware of it. >> reporter: is it fair to say he sorry? >> absolutely. they are going to build a new store there produce new jobs and tax revenue and it will be
6:48 am
a first class retail building there for everybody's benefit. >> reporter: good morning. the owner tells us he will be calling the police today to kick all of these people out. and then they will try to have the fence up by the end of the day to keep them out. back to you. >> okay, kiet. and i understand last year the city of san jose was looking at actually creating a parking lot where the homeless could come and sleep in their cars legally. how is that working out? >> reporter: yeah, so that's called the safe parking program. they did get funding for it of a quarter million dollars. right now, they are still looking for some community partners. they hope to have this pilot program up and running with up to 30 spots where people can stay overnight sometime by the end of the year if they want to launch. that live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. it is 6:48 right now. let's check traffic. >> it continues to be a busy commute. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the 880 drive. a big rig accident now involving a couple of other
6:49 am
vehicles, as well. this is southbound 880 near "a" street causing a lot of those delays that you're looking at. so traffic is going to be backed up to oakland at this hour. the 280 commute in san jose has been trouble-free. we haven't had any accidents or major issues for this stretch of 280. it will be slow in the commute direction northbound approaching downtown san jose. and the 101 drive leaving morgan hill bound for the south san jose area is going to be gummed up as well so you're going to see delays leaving morgan hill. stays heavy past the 280/680 interchange slow to great america parkway at this hour. no major problems to report to you for 237. now, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, that's been very slow with backups into the macarthur maze and drive times are up now between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. expect a 28-minute drive time. and it's taking folks 20 minutes to make their way through the toll plaza delays approaching the metering lights. and the golden gate commute has been a very, very easy ride.
6:50 am
southbound looking good from southern marin no major delays. here's roberta. liza, thank you. my little minion! you're looking bright as the sun today. you're gorgeous. [ laughter ] >> hi, everybody. as i'm reading my facebook page how nobody left is last night because it was -- how nobody left is last night because it was so warm, let's see what weather watchers are up tonight. temperatures have dropped a little bit according to -- 58 degrees dana, it is refreshing outside at this very early hour. thanks for waking up early with us this morning and playing along at home. this is the scene looking out towards the bay bridge. the waters are calm. the skies are clear. we do have temperatures now at 53 degrees in santa rosa to 66 degrees in oakland. that's mild out the door. we have a "spare the air" day in effect. it is the 6th of the summer season. meanwhile for the second day in a row we have yet another heat advisory in effect. this time it encompasses the
6:51 am
entire bay area. and anticipates another heat advisory for thursday. it's going to be hot all week. it's going to be hotter in pleasanton today at 105 than in palm springs at 102 degrees. it will be drier as well with a relative humidity falling to 7%. that's desert dryness because of this right here. the coast is clear. that's what an after shore flow looks like. we have -- that's what an offshore flow looks like. we have high pressure over the northern half of the state of california. it's going to be hot inland and cooler at the bay then we begin to see some relief by sunday. that's when we should see the return of the onshore push. 85 degrees in monterey today. down from 95 yesterday where we had a record high 85 also in the mountains in the high sierra. sun-up at 6:46 already happened and by the time it sets tonight at 7:27, it's going to be a scorcher today. record heat in gilroy at 107 degrees. 106 in livermore up from 104 yesterday. 90s around the bay, upper 90s
6:52 am
triple digits peninsula. cool spot half moon bay 76. otherwise 90 in pacifica. notice tomorrow even hotter. gradual cooling by sunday. 81 degrees at the a's game. it is 6:52. a youth basketball coach hospitalized saying he was attacked by other coaches after a game in oakland. christin ayers has his story which you will see here on kpix 5. reporter: a swollen eye, fractured bones in his face and a fractured knee grace the face of a volunteer basketball coach who never expected the job he loved would get him hospitalized. >> hard when somebody is trying to get the community. >> reporter: broyce batchan's wife says it happened here at a basketball tournament at at oakland east jamtown in jack london square. there was an argument over the ages of some of the kids on a sacramento team called the "west coast ground up." the next day, the ground up lost a game.
6:53 am
the family friend says coach broyce stepped out for a cigarette and the next thing he knew -- >> they beat him ruthlessly five on one. >> reporter: tiffany's son found the coach in the parking lot. no one saw the assault happen although there are surveillance cameras here but employees plan to review them. coach broyce told his wife the people who assaulted him were coaches from the ground up team. >> hope they find them because i don't want nobody else to find this. -- i don't want nobody else to go through this. this crime has to stop. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the coach's wife says oakland police investigators spoke with him at the hospital yesterday. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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6:57 am
certain number of migrants and ply or the advertise -- prioritize those coming from war zones to help hundreds of thousands of refugees. critics say it's not enough to solve the crisis. federal investigators will arrive at mccarran airport in las vegas today after a plane caught fire just before take- off. 172 people were on board a british airways jet when the left engine burst into flames last night. at least 14 people were hurt. most of them while using the inflatable emergency slide. today the city of san bruno marks five years since the pipeline blast that leveled an entire neighborhood. the explosion killed 8 people and injured 66 more. the incident led to a record $1.6 billion penalty against pg&e. california's largest wildfire has forced new evacuations orders in fresno county. the "rough fire" started with a lightning strike more than a month ago. it scorched more than 100,000 acres in and around the sierra
6:58 am
national forest. the campbell union high school district will let students take minimum days today and tomorrow because of the heat. so that means the kids can go home at noontime. some classrooms don't have air- conditioning so they are doing this to keep the students safe. i'm anne makovec live in san francisco, where the eyes of the tech world are on the bill graham civic auditorium here behind me. we are expecting another big announcement from apple. that is going to be at 10:00 this morning. apple ceo tim cook will deliver the keynote address. tech enthusiasts expecting news for the iphone, ipad and apple tv. since last year they announced the iphone 6, today will probably be an s version with no changes but upgrades. >> you could see force touch the feature that they introduced in apple watch. this is something where you touch it, you know, different source of pressure, different feeling, caused the phone to do different things. so this is something we can
6:59 am
possibly see. >> reporter: today's events is by invitation only. here's a look at it invoking siri apple's voice controlled assistant. one of the other rumors is that a.m. tv may be adding a siri feature. we'll see. it's at 10 a.m. right now live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a big rig accident southbound 880 just before "a" street blocking multiple lanes. sounds like a couple other cars are involved in this accident. very long delays approaching the scene. so it's going to be heavy approaching the accident. stays slow towards the san mateo bridge turnoff. and it is a "spare the air" day. local transit looking good. roberta? this is a beautiful view. you have to take a look at this. look at the golden gate bridge. no sight of the marine layer at all. we have a heat advisory in effect in addition to the "spare the air." in the 50s santa rosa, otherwise it is so mild out the door in the mid-60s. everybody has that heat advisory today because we are talking about temperatures in the 90s around the bay. yes, san francisco, 93 degrees.
7:00 am
up to 107 degrees hottest spot inland. captions by: caption colorado captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, september 9th, 2015. welcome to cbs this morning. terrifying moments when a plane's engines burst into planes on a las vegas runway. more than a dozen are hurt. accusations against the new england patriots claim the team's cheating scandals run deeper than first thop. steven colbert makes his debut. we begin this morning with a look at today's eyey'snd >> things seem to be twice the height of the aircraft.


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