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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it. we were jumping up and down. >> they did it without lengthening the school year. >> reporter: because fewer than 50% of the classrooms have air- conditioning it's a health and learning issue. they have also canceled or brought sports practices indoors, fearing the triple- digit heat plus kids could be a formula for disaster. >> there's a lot of kids in the class. it's stuffy with that, too. and you can't, like, think. you can't concentrate. >> reporter: now, the school system has cut the day tomorrow, as well. they say that they are going to be monitoring the weather and they will make a decision tomorrow about whether or not to shorten the schoolday on friday, as well. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. well folks in san francisco are rushing to the stores to buy fans. but the shelves are cleared out. this hardware store on fillmore sold out of fans yesterday. several other stores telling us
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they are all sold out, too. >> and they are all gone. i -- even the ones costing over $100, they went like that. >> frederickson hardware says people have been coming in to fix things around the house that have broken down because of the heat. there's no better place to beat the heat than here, the beach. but the weather service is warning there are particularly strong rip currents. in palo alto, people headed to a community pool looking for some relief. some were swimming laps, others just splashing around. meteorologist paul deanno is live in san francisco. i'm under standing there's not much relief in the city, either? >> reporter: there isn't. although it is not as hot as yesterday, yesterday the hottest day in five years, 95 degrees, it is still plenty hot i can attest to that outside pier 35. we are in the mid-80s. it depends where you are because for some of you this is the hottest day of the year. for others, it's five to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday
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so let's talk about temperatures now. fremont 97 degrees. redwood city 96. oakland 91. but look at san francisco. 95 yesterday. 84 today. so not as hot in the city. not as hot in pacifica where it's 82. but look at what stands out. livermore that's accurate, folks. 107 degrees making today the hottest day of the year even inland. so some of you are matter than yesterday some cooler -- some of you are hotter than yesterday, some of cooler. the heat advisory is in effect tomorrow but not for the entire bay area because the first signs of cooling will come right along the coastline. so it's most of the bay area, but right along the immediate coast not included in the heat advisory tomorrow but it will be hot if you are not right next to the water. a "spare the air" day for the third day in a row, poor air quality, it will be unhealthy for sensitive groups in some area with moderate air quality elsewhere. warm in san francisco once again. the heat wave barely halfway finished. coming up, we'll talk about when not only will we see a drop in temperatures but a marked increase in cloud cover. we'll have that coming up in a
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few minutes. new at 5:00, california a big step closer to allowing people with terminal illnesses to end their lives. kpix 5's phil matier at the state capital and phil, not many issues lately that have brought out so much emotion on both sides. >> reporter: that's right. and it wasn't a question about democrat or republicans. this was truly a case for the lawmakers where they were voting their conscience. here's the story. >> take this option. what it will do is provide a measure of freedom to people who are dying. >> i have seen so many miraculous turnarounds in people's lives, when the doctors have given up,when the doctors have said, do funeral arrangements, and then the prognosis changed in a matter of moments. >> reporter: it was an emotional debate, one that cut across party lines, but in the end, the california state assembly voted to have
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california join oregon bypassing an assisted suicide law. >> somebody with a terminal illness less than 6 months to live and then they have to elect to meet with two separate physicians independent physicians who both agree on the diagnosis and the prognosis. >> healthcare is about saving people. i just can't believe that this will actually provide choices for my community. i think we should let the people of california decide. >> reporter: the issue was brought to the front by brittany maynard a 29-year-old with brain cancer who moved to oregon to kill herself. her husband was at the vote. >> it's an after affirmation of her choice. a sick person shouldn't have to leave the state to kill herself. >> reporter: the next stop the state senate where it will class. >> we are confident it will clear the senate floor. >> reporter: now chances are good that it is going to clear the senate floor.
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possibly as early as tomorrow. then it goes on to the governor's desk. he is not talking right now. he is going to be having a press conference a little later. we are going to go. we are going to keep you posted. we'll give you the latest at 6:00. in sacramento, phil matier. back to you. >> thank you. five states currently have some form of aid in dying protections and those do include oregon and washington state. who would spray-paint racist graffiti on fences in streets? san francisco police are staying this 62-year-old man. they arrested him yesterday. investigators say 6 locations were hit in the bayview and portola neighborhoods over the weekend. >> due to the nature and the fact that some certain witnesses did not want to be named, we keep them confidence but the public was helpful in identifying the suspect giving us information to lead to arrest. a marin county tech executive is going to jail for a road rage fight. a judge sentenced 41-year-old jeffrey smock to 90 days in
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jail and 90 days in home detention. last year he beat up a driver for hitting his mirror. today marks five years since the san bruno disaster when that pg&e gas pipeline exploded and forever changed that city. san bruno's mayor says today's anniversary is about remembering the eight people who died. 66 others were injured. 38 houses were destroyed. so far, 22 of those homes have been rebuilt. final phase of recovery won't be complete until 2017. meantime the mayor says pg&e needs to own up to its mistakes. >> not taking full responsibility or accountability for their actions. this was criminal. this could have been prevented. this was not an accident. and in my mind, somebody should do jail time for this. >> just this week, pg&e filed to have 28 criminal charges against the utility dismissed.
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the company's accused of covering up major pipeline safety issues that led to that disaster. san jose police arrested two people suspected of starting several brush fires along 280 and highway 17 last night. the garbage, large tree and bushes went up in flames. we have photos of a boeing 777 that burst into flames during take-off from vegas yesterday. take a look at this. the wing of this british airways plane is burned with parts of the wreckage hanging off. the fire burned a big hole into the bottom of the plane. investigators are trying to determine what happened. the pilot reported a fire in the plane's left engine and within minutes, 170 people evacuated using the plane's inflatable emergency chutes. >> i was scared. we didn't know whether the thing was going to explode or what. >> the fire didn't reach the inside of the cabin but 14 passengers were injured during the evacuation. well, this is the day that
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apple fans have been waiting for. the company's latest and greatest gadgets are revealed. but tonight, some critics are saying that -- well, we've seen this stuff before. >> the maker of the mcmuffin takes a stand. mcdonald's major move to change the eggs we eat. ♪[ music ] >> oh, and welcome back, colbert . the comedian makes "the late show" his own. the early buzz a,,,, ♪ ♪
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it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. apple rolled out new products at the bill graham civic auditorium in san francisco. >> new iphone, new tv, new ipad. a pencil. >> even a pencil. >> cate caugiran looks at what he is new at least new for apple. >> i'm applauding you. [ applause ] reporter: apple ceo tim cook highlighted the latest fall line-up and but to the standard google and pc folks this is deja vu. >> a lot of the things they introduced are things you can
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already do with other devices. >> reporter: apple tv will get updates and siri. >> show me something new. >> reporter: google's "chromecast" an amazon fire stick already have similar features. >> this events for apple is a lot of catch-up. >> reporter: there were a few standouts. >> this is the most advanced ipad we have made by a long shot. >> reporter: the new pro boasts a bigger faster tablet with 3d touch so you can access different content based on the amount of pressure you add to the screen. >> i think this is really apple's way to try to attract new users for the ipad. it's declined in sales for six quarters in a row. >> reporter: apple also designed a new ipad keyboard to jump in on the new two in one market. >> those are things that could be a tablet if you want it or a laptop if you want it. >> reporter: but the secret new weapon to the ipad pro could be the new apple pencil. and that $99, it's probably one of the more expensive pencils you'll buy. it's a high price for this. steve jobs claimed no one would want a stylus but this is
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cook's apple now. the pencil detects position, force and tilt. it has a lightning connector so you can charge it directly to your ipad. >> if you are a serious apple user and willing to spend $1,000 on the ipad pro, $99 for the pencil isn't a stretch. >> reporter: the iphone 6a and new fashion bands for the watch. >> for apple it was a lot of nice features that people liked. but it wasn't anything that is, like, earth-shattering. >> right now iphone accounts for the most of apple sales so that could explain why we saw a lot of other revamps from products like the ipad, apple tv, and the apple watch. so again they are trying to get people to be more attracted to these other products so they can build up the sales for those. >> i was one of the folks who was making fun of the apple pencil. but it's actually really cool. once i saw you use it -- >> and the weight and feel of it is just like a pencil so it doesn't feel like a stylus where it's kind of light. this actually will detect shading as well so it's going to be great for those graphic artists. >> i don't think steve jobs
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would have approved. but it's not his company. >> it's cook's apple now. >> stylus. okay. thank you. investors weren't overly impressed with apple's announcement today. the stock was down 2% off a dime in after-hours trading, as well. it was another roller coaster day on wall street overall. the dow was down 240 after an earlier morning rally. nasdaq was down 55. s&p was down 27. mcdonald's announced it's going [ indiscernible ] egg free. it could change the egg industry. >> and the super bowl excitement kicks off in the bay area. we are talking super bowl 50 from a free concert to a chance to to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the iran nuclear deal taking center stage on the presidential trail. donald trump and ted cruz joined forces on capitol hill to say it's terrible. >> never, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. >> it is my hope and prayer
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that every one of those senate democrats reconsiders. >> a who's who of conservatives including sarah palin rallied outside the capital. not far away, democratic candidate hillary clinton praised the deal saying it's the best way to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> you remember president reagan's line about the soviets, trust but verify? my approach will be distrust and verify. >> republican house leaders delayed their debate on the deal to come up with a new plan to defeat it. the senate can block a resolution of disapproval. forget apple. how about the big announcement today from mcdonald's? it concerns the two billion eggs it uses every year. and mcmuffins, biscuits, big breakfast. consumerwatch reporter julie watts says mcdonald's is getting some praise from an unlikely group for this. julie. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it's called a watershed moment for animal welfare but they say
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is wouldn't have happened without california voters. chickens have an unlikely ally today mcdonald's. the fast food giant known for egg mcmuch is going cage free. >> it's the best indicator that it's about cage free. >> reporter: it's an industry changing announcement but they say california voters should get credit, too, since this move is likely a by-product of california's prop 2. >> california showed corporations that consumers think it's unacceptable to confine chickens in small cages. >> reporter: prop 2 doubled the amount of space required for each bird outlawing the so- called battery cages. although when voters passed it in 2008, egg producers initially chalked it up to kooky californians. they spent six years suing the state arguing the california law would impact the country. they lost. and now it has. >> mcdonald's is so big, there's just absolutely no way they are not going to impact an industry when they change the
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way their food is produced. >> reporter: the consumer psychologist points outdone done also uses 4% of eggs produced in the u.s. and with plans to serve breakfast all day it means more of an impact on suppliers a win for animal advocates, chickens and mcdonald's' image. >> consumers care about the food they eat not just the quality of it but also where it came from. so it's a big win for mcdonald's because it will greatly improve their image. and it needs it. >> reporter: and while cage free doesn't necessarily mean cruelty-free, advocates say it's a step in the right direction for the egg industry and mcdonald's. now, mcdonald's tells us the transition will likely take about 10 years. and even though cage-free eggs are more expensive prices won't go up. now, they are not the first to pledge to go cage-free. nestles, starbucks and others have made similar pledges. >> thank you. reps from taco bell are holding a town hall in san francisco tonight. they are hoping people will warm up to its new cantina
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concept. the new restaurant at 3rd street and townsend near at&t park would serve beer and wine. it could open as soon as next week. some neighbors are worried about noise and crime from late night crowds. the town hall meeting starts at 7:00. well, we are now 150 days from super bowl 50 at levi's stadium and the nfl season kicks off officially tomorrow night. but things got rolling today in san francisco. the nfl has temporarily taken over the area by pier 35 and justin herman plaza to kick off the season. ellie goulding was getting ready for her concert at justin herman plaza tomorrow. train is also going to perform. fans can see all the super bowl trophies won by the 49ers and raiders. >> really good. really cool what's in here. it's excellent to walk around. it's great. >> several former 49ers and raiders greats are signing autographs. there are games and training drills that fans can take part in. the celebration wraps up tomorrow. well, meteorologist paul
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deanno checking out some super bowl action. he is at pier 35 sweating it out for us tonight. >> yeah. and you mean it literally. we are sweating in san francisco. we have all heard the stories about san francisco, it's foggy and never gets warm. summers are cold. that's for people who visit in june, july and august. september, this year, 95 degrees yesterday. hottest day in five years. 84 degrees today even though it's cooler it's still well above average but we are talking the super bowl right here in the bay area coming up in february. but the fun for residents, not the folks coming in february, you could have super bowl fun right now. it's called the 50 tour. justin herman plaza and pier 35. we'll take you inside. you can get autographs. you can dress up like a 49er or raider football player. they have a football throwing machine. you can practice your skills catching a football. there's a kids zone. it's open tonight through the evening. it's open all day tomorrow. come into san francisco enjoy the sunshine and warm weather,
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hop inside pier 35. the 50 tour, it's the first stop of many this fall and winter. let's go to the golden gate bridge. look at that high in livermore. 107 degrees. that is the hottest day of the year in livermore. you get hot a lot. santa rosa you're in triple digits, san jose 93. 84 though in san francisco. that's 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. 90 for san bruno and 92 oakland. that will be the story still well above average, some would call it hot but the downward trend near the water will continue tomorrow. lows overnight tonight generally the 60s, napa 62, redwood city 63, san jose mild night for you 65. the north bay you will cool down the most. santa rosa waking up tomorrow morning to 53 degrees. the reason for the hot weather even at the beach, even in san francisco, is a strong ridge of high pressure centered to our north and northwest giving us a north-to-northeast wind. that's an offshore wind which eliminates or minimizes the flow from the ocean. and that's going to continue for most of us tomorrow. so highs will remain well above average. we are clear tonight. we're warm tonight. it will be hot again tomorrow. near the bay and inland.
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but right along the coastline, the beginning of the end. you will get a seabreeze tomorrow and it will be much cooler right along the coastline. and that's usually a 24- to 48- hour advance notice that a heat wave is ending and that's what will happen starting tomorrow at the coast. concord, 104 tomorrow. livermore 107. not any relief away from the water. if anything tomorrow may be a degree or two hotter. san jose triple digits for the first time this year. that's your forecast for tomorrow. santa rosa another day at 100. vallejo 96. but san francisco leveling off in the low to mid-80s. your extended forecast, if you are inland you have two more hot days to go. your relief begins saturday. if you are near the bay a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow. a few more on friday. then back to the 70s over the weekend. and the coastline, the heat wave is finished. you will be in the 70s tomorrow and friday. highs only in the 60s saturday and sunday. one other item of note is we'll see an increase in cloud cover over the weekend. some remnant moisture from hurricane linda, that will be rolling through giving us an increase in humidity and
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somewhat cloudier over the weekend. popular spot pier 35 along the embarcadero, everybody comes out when it's sunny in san francisco. everybody is out doing something when it's 84 degrees in san francisco. and i think, guys, just about everybody has walked by us over the past couple of hours and it will be warm again tomorrow and mild again coming up on friday. but it's hot away from the water. hottest day of the year. back to you. >> oh. you can just tell paul is glistening. you know? [ laughter ] >> feels hot, yeah. >> all right. >> it was 100 degrees when i left today at 2:00. thank you, paul. the heat by the way impacting the commute for some folks. caltrain is running trains at a maximum speed of 60 miles an hour between san jose and san carlos. caltrain telling riders expect some minor delays because of that. stephen colbert crushing the competition. the reviews are pouring in for the newest late night host. the newest late night host. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stephen colbert debuted on cbs last night didn't disappoint. >> it was great. more than 6.5 people tuned in to watch. that is doubling "the late show" viewership from a year ago. >> well, folks, if i knew you were going to do that i would have come out here months ago. [ laughter ] >> from hollywood to politics, the new host of covered a lot of ground and he brought his familiar humor and sarcasm to the show. >> claims that mexico -- >> what is it like to be the arm candy in a relationship? [ laughter ] >> he is a very serious person. >> yes. >> she must just say like we're going to meet some extremely intelligent people. >> smart people. >> these are not show folks. please don't talk. >> more of this less of that. [ laughter ] >> that's good. >> 2016 republican presidential candidate jeb bush also made an appearance. colbert's bay due ended with an all-star -- debut ended with an
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all-star musical performance. tonight he will welcome elon musk and scarlet johansson tonight at 11:35 after the 11 p.m. news. don't miss it. oh, my goodness. he was so funny. >> scarlet johansson, you say. >> and he can dance. he has some moves. [ laughter ] >> i can't stop talking about it. i loved it. more buzz to talk about this time about the super bowl. we are talking about the halftime show. >> oh, yeah. >> have you heard about this? >> there are reports that say bruno mars has been invited to headline super bowl 50 halftime show but all right there's no official confirmation that he is indeed the choice for the nfl. it's a surprise considering he was the halftime performer for super bowl xlviii. there are other rumors, too. those being taylor swift who is in talks with the nfl to headline the halftime show. >> maybe colbert. he can dance. get him out there. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,, [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00. new at 6:00 tonight, some call it an attack on the way kids learn. why one district is moving special education students into regular classes. >> plus, you saw san francisco's big kickoff of super bowl 50. the game itself will be played in santa clara. how else the south bay plans to share in the spotlight. >> thanks for watching as 5:00. the "cbs evening news" with jim
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axelrod in for scott pelley tonight. try to stay cool. see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> axelrod: as congress debates the iran nuclear deal, republicans rally against it. >> every single thing about this deal is wrong, and we should never have allowed this to happen. >> axelrod: also tonight, terror at takeoff-- a commercial jetliner with 170 on board catches fire. >> people could see flames, and people wanted to get off the plane. they were just terrified. >> axelrod: that vicious hit on a ref. did an assistant coach put them up to it? and, cbs news exposes a thriving black market that's robbing the world of priceless pieces of history. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axelrod: good evening. scott's on assignment. i'm jim axelrod. and this is our western edition. investigators are trying to figure out why an engine on a british airways jet caught fire


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