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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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it's not. it asked a federal judge to overturn that law. it sounded like what san francisco plans to do during the super bowl. so we went to find out. last month ed lee told phil lee the homeless wouldn't be allowed to be outside during the super bowl festivities. >> they will have to leave the streets. >> reporter: a recent justice department opinion said it's unconstitutional to jail someone sleeping on the street. >> i believe that the best touch is not so much the police duties of moving people. >> what do you do when they don't move? >> well, we ask them what do they need? >> reporter: you're talking around this. what do you do when someone doesn't want to leave the street and the justice department says you can't put them in jail? >> we dialogue until we get to the right result. >> reporter: police know dialogue doesn't work and looked at the justice department opinion. >> i'm on the street. i'm sleeping. you come up to me and say you have to leave. i'm not leaving.
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justice department says you can't -- >> there's opinions to varying degrees. >> reporter: there's no federal law. he is right. it's just a legal opinion from the justice department. they have to come in and sue the city like they did in ferguson, missouri as they saw what they thought was a pattern of discrimination. >> why would the justice department put those resources there? >> reporter: he says the justice department has better things to do. and some think nature might take its course. >> we are supposed to be headed for the most horrendous winter maybe that we have had on record that's going to bring cold and rain. >> reporter: maybe just take care of the street homeless problem while super bowl focus will be on the city. it could also wash out the super bowl and the city doesn't want that. mayor lee approved $3 million for additional services for the homeless for places to go if they don't want to sleep on the street. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> speaking of the city we have
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breaking news in san francisco. some man who swam away from police, you can see him in the water there, this is happening in the channel near at&t park. this all started about half- hour ago. police pulled him over for a traffic stop. but then he jumped in the water. police and firefighters looked for him but then he popped up in a nearby manhole. police saw him. he ducked back down took off again. now there's a standoff in the water. you can see the guy kind of climbing up. we have live pictures from chopper 5. he is coming up over what looks like a plastic fence there. and walking along the wharf area climbing over. i think there's a police officer in the water. looks like there's some sort of a diver or rescue swimmer down there. he was pulled over near channel street for suspicion by a
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police officer for a traffic stop and for some reason took off running and then jumped into the bay swam around near at&t popped up in a manhole cover and is now walking on one of the abandoned piers as you can see there. he has a pair of shorts on. not much he will else. those are dangerous structures. -- not much else. those are dangerous structures. there are loose boards. he is sitting on the edge as you can see. it's a standoff, the guy sitting out in the sunshine. apparently there's a dialogue going on between police on the rescue divers there and this particular individual. again, nobody hurt as we know so far. the man without the shirt jumped into the water a while a
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ago. it looks like an inflatable at the top of the screen. that's what we know. now he appears to be doing some exercises. yeah. so we are going to keep an eye on this one. if it changes dramatically, we'll get back to you but that's the situation right now. after a traffic stop he jump into the water, swam around and then climbed around the piers at at&t tonight. he was pulled over for a traffic stop and jumped in the water. police of course are closing in on the suspect who not only jumped out of the car but then
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dove down into -- he popped up through a manhole and then back into the water and moments ago we saw him climb over a fence and walk along the abandoned pier and now he is just sitting there -- ken, moments ago like you were just saying he was doing pushups. >> yeah. you know, as far as we know, all police want him for is a traffic incident. it happens in san francisco. he decided to get out and jump into water which obviously alarms police and bystanders. they lost him and he popped up in a manhole cover and then climbed up on the pier there. they are in the process of communicating with him and maybe trying to get him to come down off the pier there and -- >> we have no idea what he was pulled over for. he may have been driving under the influence as you can tell
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his behavior is somewhat erratic. so again looking at these live pictures happening right down by the water, the embarcadero, a man who swam away from police this is happening in the channel near at&t park, it started 30 minutes ago. police pulled him over for a traffic stop and he jumped into the water, jumped back out of the water on the pier. and this -- i won call it a rescue at this point but it looks like authorities have things under control and they are talking with the suspect now. if we do have any more information, we'll of course pass it along to you. the nfl is pulling out all the stops to kick off the road to super bowl 50. thousands of people packing into justin herman plaza in san francisco for a free concert and since we in the bay area are hosting the -- get used to it, because this is what it's going to be like. cate caugiran is above the
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plaza after having talked to the big headliners to performed tonight. tell us about it. >> reporter: if this is what we have to get used to, this is something i can get used to. the party is still going here at the restaurant. we have some people watching the game sticking around in this area after that concert that wrapped up, we can show you right now they are breaking down the stage where ellie goulding and train just wrapped up their set here. but we were able to get a chance to talk to both of these performers before they went on stage. ♪[ music ] this was more than an nfl opener for the lead sing ever train but also a homecoming. >> it's so beautiful. the bay area weather is beautiful. >> reporter: he knows who wants to play super bowl 50, no surprise. >> i think the two teams that are playing today in new england, they're always great and san francisco, i just think this is a special year for them.
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it would be great for them to play a hometown gig, you know? >> reporter: but for ellie goulding that's a tricky question. she is new to the game. >> i'm very slowly learning about american football. it's a very new thing to me as a britt. but i know that it's massive and, um, my american friends like it. it's a huge deal. >> reporter: big enough to ask us if she could get in the game. >> i'll pretty tough. do we get women playing? do we have female players? >> reporter: i think she could hack it definitely. for the past 13 years the nfl has kicked off the season with a pre-game concert. the thing that was different this year is that that concert was not where the game was played. it was here in san francisco. so to commemorate super bowl 50 so really we were very lucky here, back to you. >> thank you, cate. we had a bit of a cooldown at the coast today. but it is still warm and downright hot in other parts of the bay area. some people are feeling the
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heat more than others including some bus riders. da lin reports from oakland. >> reporter: hop on an ac transit bus on this hot day, you'll find a lot of people complaining. >> muggy. >> very hot. miserable. >> reporter: no one is happy. >> i felt like i was in a sardine can. >> reporter: including the driver. >> it is so hot on that bus, it's hotter than fish street. >> reporter: ac transit says 39% of its buses, that's 230 buses, don't have air- conditioning. the only relief comes from the small top window. >> sweaty from here and it was blinding me because i couldn't see from the sweat coming down. i had to keep on wiping stuff off. >> reporter: some drivers worry about heat stroke and took the complaint to cal/osha. ac transit says it doesn't have the money to put air- conditioning into the older buses. >> it would be a real feat of engineering to be able to do that and in some cases, some of the buses it would be
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impossible to retrofit. >> reporter: they are putting the newer buses in hotter cities like castro valley, fremont and hayward, cities in the high 80s and mid-90s this week like oakland got some of the buses with no air- conditioning. >> you feel like you want to -- like dizzy. like i have a dizzy spell sometimes. >> reporter: ac transit is requiring all drivers to have watered with them. there's even -- to have water with them. there's even an emergency button to push if they feel sick. >> i have a cup of ice. >> reporter: for now a lot of water and fans. >> my back is soaking wet. and i'm on my way to go home so i can get in the shower. >> that was da lin reporting. the sun took a toll on sun valley mall in concord, as well. the heat forced a short in an electrical box. the mall lost all power for a few hours there. tonight just one store victoria's secret is still in the dark. meanwhile, in the south bay, 7,000 students were let
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out early today. the campbell union high school district let everyone go home about noon because many classrooms had no air- conditioning. now, there's something deep down inside me paul that says, what did our grandparents do out on the farm? >> they opened the windows. >> there are more questions than answers in that story. we'll get back to you on that. >> i'm here to tell you south bay, it will be markedly cooler for you tomorrow after a hot day today. look at these numbers. 108 in lived for a high. vacaville 109. triple digits in napa and santa rosa, concord and fairfield. still 95 in san jose. but we cooled down considerably. those numbers are kind of misleading in san francisco and pacifica. that was 10:00 in the morning. by 3:00 in the afternoon, we cooled down in san francisco to 69 degrees. the onshore flow is back. it hits the city and the coastline first.
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it's there and it also when we get that ocean breeze improves our air quality for the first time this week. tomorrow will not be a "spare the air" day. air quality better and temperatures are beginning to drop. but we are not out of the heat just yet away from the water. we'll talk about what happens this weekend. it's a significant change. that's coming up. a bay area ceo finds himself in legal trouble. tonight, how far he went to try and make the charges go away. >> a fire destroys homes and sends several people to the hospital and tonight, it looks like a minivan full of drugs is to blame. >> coming up at 6:30, $1,800 to live with 30 strangers in one house. we take you inside san francisco's newest kind of rental and we're asking, is this even legal? >> want to get you updated now on the situation unfold there is on that abandoned pier. a man swam away from police. a man swam away from police. we continue to monitor this ,,,,
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today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me.
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we got appear inside look at the santa clara county jail today. the very jail that's been turned in a crime scene after an inmate was beaten to death allegedly by three correctional deputies. new at 6:00, len ramirez takes us inside. >> reporter: last week you had families of inmates and community groups outside the jail calling for reforms. today, inside the jail, you have the sheriff herself plus members of the board of supervisors agreeing that there needs to be more oversight and reform. there is the first video shot inside the main jail since three correctional deputies allegedly murdered an inmate in his cell weeks ago. inmates were kept away from the
6:16 pm
photographer. soon more people will be looking in on what happens behind jail doors. >> i think this is an eye opener that we need to do a top to bottom review and as the sheriff said we need to leave no stone unturned. >> reporter: sheriff smith and members of the board of supervisors announced the formation of a blue ribbon investigative package with help from the national institute of corrections to look into all jail practices. the review was prompted by the death of mentally ill inmate michael james tyree who was found beaten to death shortly after an encounter with three correctional deputies. the deputies were formally charged with murdering tyree and assaulting another inmate on the same night. the sheriff says about half of the 3600 inmates in the county system have been diagnosed with mental illness. >> training is important how to deal with people with mental health issues. but this was a rogue action from my perspective. >> reporter: sheriff smith said reforms could include raising the hiring standards for correctional deputies. only a high school education is needed now. that could change to two years or more of college which is the
6:17 pm
standard for many law enforcement agencies. >> it's very complicated. but i think that's why we really have a commitment into looking at what it is we do, how we do it. could we do more to prevent these kind of people from coming into the job? >> reporter: now, outside watchdog groups have been looking at the santa clara county main jail. in fact, in june prison law office took a tour and last month sent a letter to the sheriff saying the conditions they observed inside are harsher and more punitive than most of the jails they have observed around the country. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. learn more tonight about what a bay area ceo was willing to do to try to clean up some pretty big legal problems. after accusations he beat up his girlfriend. allen martin with who the ceo turned to for help. >> reporter: willie brown. there is no question willie brown, who spent 31 years in the state assembly, 14 of those
6:18 pm
as speaker, before becoming san francisco's mayor, is one of the state's top power brokers. but the "wall street journal" reports [ non-english language ] who was the ceo of radium 1 a digital ad company was willing to pay willie a million dollars to use his influence with the d.a. and make the charges go away. now, this is video of the man's penthouse shown during an episode of oprah. it's where he allegedly beat his girlfriend for a half-hour. but the videotape was thrown out by a judge and the woman would not cooperate. the charges were reducinged and the man pleaded guilty t two misdemeanors. there is a documentation of his meeting with willie brown and that he paid brown a quarter million dollars as a retainer and was willing to pay a million dollars to make the 45 charges go away but once that
6:19 pm
videotape was ruled inadmissible and the woman refused to cooperate, brown returned nearly $200,000 to chahal. he was eventually fired as ceo of radiumone. he, steve westly and willie brown refuse comment to the "wall street journal." we have calls in to all threeful we have yet to hear back for comment. it's possible chahal's probation will be revoked after another woman claimed he kicked her repeatedly. a scheduled here for that is november. >> the plot thickens. >> it does. >> thank you. san francisco leaders are turning the tables tonight on the author of some racist graffiti that turned up around town. kpix 5's devin fehely shows us they are spinning the hateful messages into a show of support. >> reporter: that's right. the second of two rallies is being held behind me. about 150 people are sending a message that the hate filled graffiti that popped up in this
6:20 pm
neighborhood in recent weeks will not be tolerated. this afternoon a broad coalition of community leaders gathered outside the famed gates of chinatown. they say they felt compelled to speak out after racist graffiti spelling out the words no more chinese was spray-painted on a half dozen buildings in the portola neighborhood. police arrested 62-year-old john schenone and charged him with a hate crime and felony vandalism but in the face of his hate filled graffiti activists say that silence simply wasn't an option. >> people are blaming immigrants. they are blaming people coming here to work. it allows people to think it's okay to cause vandalism and to use hate speech. >> reporter: so as i mentioned
6:21 pm
about 150 people have come out this evening for a rally to voice their outrage and their opposition to the hate filled graffiti that showed up in this neighborhood and they say that their message is that that message of intolerance and hate will not be tolerated. in san francisco, devin fehely, kpix 5. who is in front of you at the restaurant or behind you in line? >> a little story. >> ellie goulding. getting some dinner at the ferry building last night. >> she sing you a little song? >> not singing. that's why i didn't recognize her. she started singing, maybe i would have. >> cool. >> niecenice segue. temperatures in the 50s and 90s. the spread is amazing. half moon bay a high of 68. now down near 60. livermore your high nearly 110 degrees today tying you livermore for your hottest day of the year. you also did it on june 30.
6:22 pm
morgan hill 104. san jose actually cooler, 95. hayward down to 92. san francisco 84. that was 10:00 in the morning. it will be another mild night tonight mainly low to mid-60s. oakland you will wake up tomorrow morning 62. fremont 65. and san rafael 62 degrees. things are changing. by this weekend, it will be warm but not hot. a mixture of sun and clouds for the mountain view art and wine festival this weekend. sunnier coming up on sunday with temperatures in the 80s. not the 90s and 100s. you may not know this but monday night football the 9ers and the vikings is right here on kpix 5. we'll watch the game here, mostly clear and 78 degrees for that early next week. changes all week long ridge of high pressure offshore wind hot. not the case anymore. the onshore flow is returning at the coast. watch this guy down here in the remnants of hurricane linda, that will be sending tropical moisture our way. so two things on saturday, one the heat wave even inland will be done by saturday. but also, a lot of cloud cover. the latest computer model
6:23 pm
information coming in suggests nearly 100% cloud cover. not the low clouds but mid- and high-level clouds. so a cloudy and humid day coming up on saturday with a little more sunshine on sunday. next week back to normal. this pattern with the light to moderate onshore flow is what we usually have and it returns next week. one more hot day inland tomorrow. you're not out of it yet. livermore 103. napa 100. concord 100. but san francisco, only 75 degrees. everybody is cooler by the weekend but saturday also cloudier. by next week, ah, it will be refreshing. 80s inland, 60s and 70s near the bay. the pendulum swung hot next week and goes back to the cool side. >> very nice. >> i'm very excited. >> going to be comfortable. pause -- [ pause ] there were doubters at first. >> but now this bay area-based airline is topping the charts
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the fbi is offering up to an additional $25,000 to the person who can help solve a murder cold case out of oakland. andrea nakano was 22 when he got into a fender-bender, an argument ending in gunfire. in a kach no died killers got away. aya nakano died. now the fbi is working with the oakland police department. the total reward fund is $125,000.
6:27 pm
aya nakano's mother was there for the announcement and she wants justice for her son. police are looking for the suspects responsible for a neighborhood fire in bay point this morning. police say the flames started in this van which they found was full of drug pipes and lighters. the flames quickly jumped from house to house destroying two and damaging two others. neighbors evacuated their homes in the middle of the night. this video was captured from one firefighter's helmet cam. 7 people were injured mostly from smoke inhalation. the total cost of all the damage is at least $850,000. all right. imagine this. $1,800 to live with 30 strangers in one house. >> yeah. only on "5" we take you inside san francisco's newest kind of rental. >> he is known for his signature moustache and tonight charges against this bay area ,,
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can't afford an apartment in san francisco? how about creative housing? >> you will get a bunk bed and plenty of company but is it
6:31 pm
legal? kpix 5's mark kelly was not invited in. so the only way to check it out was to go undercover. >> reporter: heidi is moving into her new digs. we asked her to go into this building in the heart of san francisco's mission district undercover to get an unbiased taste of a new kind of rental. it's a bunk bed that she is sharing with a stranger in a house with 30 other people. this victorian behind me on south van ness avenue doesn't have a marquee or any type of sign. but it is a hostel advertised on "airbnb." she had to answer a questionnaire and do a skype interview. >> i think people move in for the community part of it. i mean, that's what it sounds like. >> reporter: she finally made the cut and paid $1,800 a month to be part of a community called, [ non-english language ] homes project. >> it's a huge hallway. walk in and have rooms and bathrooms on the side. it's decorated nicely.
6:32 pm
it looks clean. >> reporter: the plus is, a communal kitchen well stocked. and three bathrooms per floor, though they weren't always spotless. >> you still have those typical roommate issues. but times that times 30, 30 people sharing a house. >> reporter: the minuses, small bedrooms. >> the four-person bunk room is tied with the beds backed up to each other. >> reporter: even her two bed bedroom was tiny. >> there's a bed and desk and it's small. >> reporter: most of the residents are in their 20s, she said from out of town, many from out of the country. >> it's just one of those i need to get to the city. and this is going to be the first stop. and then i'll find something else. >> reporter: the tenants seem to be happy. but is it legal? the chief housing inspector says bedrooms have to be 170 feet to accommodate four adults but the inspector can't go in to measure unless there's a
6:33 pm
complaint from inside. so far there hasn't been. >> whenever we do an inspection it's consensual. >> reporter: as for using it as a hostel. >> that's a policy matter i would leave to the board and to the planning department. >> we have a complaint an active complaint on that property which we are investigating. >> reporter: but he says it's not that simple: because they are advertised for a 30 night minimum stay. >> it makes it residential. typically yes. >> reporter: doesn't that fly in the face aof our goal in san francisco now which is to -- if we have a dwindling housing supply we need to fix that? >> you're pointing out what could be an issue that needs to be addressed further. but at this point, the codes don't address that. >> reporter: legal or not, heidi on the whole gives the homes a thumbs-up. >> personally for me, it's not really my cup of tea but i could see how, for other people who like that style of living, um, that it would work. >> reporter: in san francisco,
6:34 pm
mark kelly, kpix 5. >> mark tried to talk to them. they run several hostels in the bay area. they had no comment. neither did the landlord, who owns the building. he is making tens of thousands of dollars every month renting it out. more on him as we at any our investigation tonight at 11 -- as we continue our investigation, tonight at 11:00. we have an update on this bizarre standoff in mission bay. right now the suspect is still just sitting on the dock by at&t park. and he has been speaking with the police negotiator. that negotiator has been talking with him and, uhm, we are told that he ran away from a traffic stop about an hour ago, still unclear why. he jumped into the water and then he popped up in a nearby manhole before retreating back down again. then he tried to "swim for it."
6:35 pm
he climbed on an abandoned dock. no where to go from there. but so far he is not giving up. and we are keeping an eye on it. we'll have another update. the critical mass bicyclist accused of attacking a zipcar judge faced a judge today. 39-year-old ian hespelt walk into a san francisco courtroom. his arraignment was postponed until monday. he is charged with four felonies including assault and false imprisonment. it all stemmed from this, the august 28th attack captured on video. it shows the suspect smashing the side of a car with a bicycle lock. the car had $2,000 of damage. a big rig carrying paint overturned in marin county today spilling its load down a ravine. lucas valley road will be closed until 10 p.m. while it's cleaned up. officers say the driver tobacco a turn too tight. the trailer slid off the road. 1500 gallons of paint spilled into the watershed. an earthquake shook up the east bay this morning. did you feel it?
6:36 pm
it was a 2.5. it happened around 7:30 this morning. it was centered just west of uc- berkeley's campus. there have been three earthquakes along the hayward fault this summer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight virgin america ranks number one in a new customer survey. the bay area-based airline has been flying for only eight years. what makes it so popular? in a day when most people dread getting on an airplane? consumerwatch reporter julie watts went to find out. >> reporter: from plush pillows to mood lighting lumbar support and leather seats virgin america is number one ranked by travelers on another list this time fortune's list for best in business travel. but the bay area-based airline consistently ranks on top. so what is it about virgin america? >> we started with the very
6:39 pm
unique philosophy and that is if a guest could build an airline what would that look like? >> reporter: virgin america's dave around says it looks like this. power, wi-fi, tvs, on demand ordering in every city, in-air luxuries that paid off. >> we have our most successful quarter ever. >> reporter: you may remember when virgin started out, analysts said they couldn't make it but they did. in spite of the high rankings not? >> is on board. >> i'm surprised because -- not everyone is on board. >> i'm surprised because they are such a small airline. >> reporter: he says they are good but not great fly to too few cities, excluding popular business routes. others are now offering many of the same perks. why do you think they are ranking number one? >> it's the name. people see that on a list and they say, even if i haven't flown virgin they have to be the best. other airlines have caught up with virgin in many ways. >> reporter: but virgin says not so fast. when it comes to the top rankings, in air perks are part
6:40 pm
of it but consistency is key. >> some of our competitors have some of those things sporadically but we have it all the time no matter what. >> reporter: they are the only airline based in silicon valley so they say because of their tech savvy clientele, they were the first to roll out wi-fi on every flight, power in every seat and they are rolling out satellite wi-fi which they say is 10 times faster than anything you will find now. julie watts, kpix 5. niemann farms is known for its humane livestock practices but they have been bought. the sale to a poultry giant. i'll have that and more tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. and still ahead here at 6:00 national honors for a bay area food guru. the project that earned alice waters presidential award.
6:41 pm
>> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, why is the 49ers coach trying to slow down the decision [ inaudible ] >> paintball or bullet. >> i don't play basketball for money. >> what he did with $3 million today. coming up. ,,,,
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new at 6:00 alice waters honored at the white house today. john ramos on how the farm-to- table chef left her mark on the world and the bay. >> alice waters. >> reporter: when famed berkeley chef alice waters was awarded the national humanities award at the white house it wasn't for writing or painting.
6:45 pm
it was for something far more universal. >> when you choose food as your subject, the conversations are endless and they go everywhere. you may not eat the same things but we all eat. >> reporter: esther cook has no alice for more than 20 years and says while the acclaimed restaurant chez panisse brought her fame her true gift to humanity may be here at martin luther king, jr. middle school in becker. >> it's a garden where you can reconnect yourself with the source of your food. >> reporter: waters created this garden classroom and its adjoining kitchen to teach a new generation a new way to eat. a new way to think about what the earth provides. >> many families say the kids took over the cooking at home. >> reporter: waters' friend says the '60s activist turned chef has an even deeper purpose than that. she sees food as a way to join
6:46 pm
people together and turn conflict into discussion. >> when i heard that alice was getting this award, it was fitting to me. because for alice, she comes from a place of community and connection. >> reporter: which is the very definition of the word humanity, come to think of it. in berkeley, john ramos, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] weather and what an interesting weather day today with nearly a 50-degree temperature spread and we can see some of that temperature spread with our kpix 5 watcher. hot spots we have some triple digits on the map right here. 102 is the current temperature in paul smith's backyard in brentwood. we'll head up to napa another day for dave 101 and sunshine. we have some 90s and some 80s. and even some sites. you're hanging out very close to san francisco bay. and alameda certainly is close. sunshine you are grabbing the marine influence and it is only 79 degrees. some areas along the coast are down to 59 degrees. here's a look at san francisco international airport. the temperature there at the 11th business ye airport on
6:47 pm
planet earth is 74 degrees. oakland 882. livermore out of the 100s, congratulations, it's 99. san francisco down to 70. the city will drop to 58 tonight. fremont 65. livermore 67. fairfield tonight 63 degrees. really interesting scenario. all week long we have been talking about a ridge of high pressure in the perfect spot to eliminate the ocean influence. we had a northeast wind so the ocean is still chilly relatively speaking. it didn't matter this week because the wind was coming from the other direction. that began to change last night. it's changing more today. we'll change more tomorrow. now our focus will be down to the south. watch this. an area of low pressure formerlily known as hurricane linda will send some subtropical moisture in our direction. saturday heat wave is done even inland because now the wind is coming out of the south also dragging up some cloud cover. you will be surprised how not hot it is on saturday. and also, how cloudy it will be on saturday. so one of the cloudier days we have had in a while coming up for the first half of the weekend then by next week we
6:48 pm
setal an average weather pattern. low pressure to our north. high pressure off to our south and west. what this means the onshore flow is back and with the west wind temperatures below normal. one more day and we'll cool off after tomorrow. it will be a warm night tonight for most. anywhere near the water tomorrow your cooling continues but inland you're still hot and we'll see humid conditions with more cloud cover coming up this weekend. how hot? concord another day at or above 100 degrees. morgan hill you will do it again, too. milpitas 94. hayward 80. walnut creek 101. antioch 102. livermore 103. san francisco, ah, relief, 75 degrees. sausalito 75. but right up the road, petaluma 95. microclimates, it's crazy, cloverdale 101. lakeport 103. cooler near the bay and at the coast. we are all cooler over the weekend but cloudier and next week we get the sunshine.
6:49 pm
but we lose the heat. so after all this back and forth we are ,,,,
6:50 pm
♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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[female announcer] through susave up to $400 on train's beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. this is exciting because everybody is talking about the aussie. i know he is one of your favorites.
6:52 pm
>> yeah, he is. you were supposed to bring me back the jersey. where is it? >> what number is? >> uhm -- >> 46. >> number -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> 36? >> 38. >> 38. >> yeah, close. but he was one of the most compelling stories of the preseason. australian jarryd hayne but even though his popularity became an innational story the 49ers are trying to put the brakes on the jarryd hayne. >> i don't want to take anything away from what the man has achieved but all he has achieved is an opportunity to be in the locker room. >> reporter: he rushed for the second most yards in the until in the preseason but he won't be carrying the ball like this on monday night when the 49ers host the minnesota vikings this time for real. >> just because he is from 3,000 miles away or wherever he is from he is still a rookie in this league.
6:53 pm
so most rookies, unless you're the top 10, 15 pick in the draft, they don't get that much hype. >> you know what i mean? we got to keep everything in perspective and understand the preseason is the preseason and right now is right now. this is real bullets flying. that was kind of paintball. this is real bullets. [ laughter ] >> we need to get that guy on more often. now, at this time last year the 49ers were a super bowl favorite. but the expectations have been lowered. and according to steve young, a big challenge lies ahead. >> look, from a long time player and observer it's scary right now. >> reporter: there's plenty of reason for uncertainty surrounding the 49ers and with the loss of so many key players in the off season, young feels the pressure will be on the teams to remaining stars. >> navorro bowman and colin kaepernick are the guys that are going to have to bear the brunt of that expectation from a lower altitude and they are going to have move forward and that's the -- i have been
6:54 pm
there. it's a hard challenge. >> reporter: for kaepernick the tougher challenge will be continuing to evolve as a pocket quarterback. while many fans are clamoring to see him run, young knows the key to a successful season rests on the quarterback's arm, not his legs. >> i had to learn to tie my legs up and do the job which is deliver the ball from the pocket. and i always had my legs. but they were the side dish. the main dish is my arm. and i think that for colin that's what needs to hatchet the main dish for him has to be -- it has to be in his own mentality. my legs are just here in emergencies. >> reporter: the new look 49ers will need to establish their new identity quickly. five of the first seven games are against play-off teams. >> how they come out monday night is going to be important. like, well, we thought the 49ers weren't going to be great. they look really good. that's vital the first month to send that signal to the rest of the league that we're not dead. we're doing great.
6:55 pm
in fact we're thriving. really important in the early part of the season. >> are you jacked out of your mind for football? kpix 5 has you covered in week one. we have the raiders and bengals on sunday. vikings and 49ers on monday night football both games followed by the it jeremy newberry the most -- great jeremy newberry the most objective analyst. the bid for the gram slam finally slowed down. her semifinal match against roberta vinci was rained out and rescheduled for tomorrow morning. draymond green cashed in this summer when he landed an $82 million contract. today he is donating $3.1 million to michigan state. to put that in perspective, how much his alma mater, more money than he made in his first three seasons combined. >> that's a huge fish!
6:56 pm
>> that's 13-year-old alex ferguson. that is a bass. he is from albany. he pulled in this largemouth bass and he wouldn't tell us the lake. he called it a secret lake somewhere in mendocino county. he caught it on a silver blue cast master. he has been fishing since he was 4 but look at that. >> i would have gone with the yamamoto light blue. >> that kid has the look of a future bass pro fisherman. catch of the day. if you think you can do better, e mail us your fishing pictures at did you see ken's guns right there? >> yeah. >> see ken's gut right there? >> why not get on the maintain? why are the 49ers downplaying this? why not again the on the hayne train? >> you're going to see him on >> you're going to see him on special times no by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show. [theme music playing] welcome to the show. my man. let's go. how is everybody? thank you much now. i appreciate you. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. from san diego, california, it's the "dreeden" family! the dredden family! dredden. dredden? it's dredden? got to straighten it out. it's the dredden family! >> whoo! >> come on! let's go! steve: and from dayton, tennessee, it's the fitzgerald family! [cheering] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here
7:00 pm
in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid, everybody. let's play "feud," everybody! give me jeremy. give me kristen. [theme music playing] all right, y'all, here we go. top 6 answers on the board. name something done to nuts that mr. peanut's wife might do to him for cheating on her. >> crack him. steve: crack him. ok. [ding] [cheering and applause] >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering and applause] hey, sarah. >> hi. steve: what do you do, darling? >> i'm in education, too. i'm a second-grade schoolteacher. so, yeah. steve: second grade? whoo. all right, let's play, sarah. >> all right. steve: name something done to nuts that mr. peanut's wife might do to him for cheating on her. >> um...i'm gonna say hide them. steve: hide them. [buzz] [audience groans]


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