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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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the pressure is on for lawmakers in sacramento.
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today is the deadline for bills to pass the legislatedture with key issues on the table -- legislature, with key issues on the table. two of the biggest bills involve the "right to die" bill and the long-awaited statewide guidelines for medical marijuana. kpix 5's anne makovec has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: it's been two decades since california legalized medical marijuana and finally lawmakers are set to take action. it is part of a flurry of activity at the state capital today. the deal calls for the creation of a bureau of medical marijuana regulations to oversee everything from cultivation to retail distribution. cities and counties would still have the right to ban medical pot businesses and may be able to tax the sales on top of the state's tax. the agreement calls for mandatory testing for potency and it addresses some of the environmental damage done by outdoor crops. also up for a vote today, the end of life option acted
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otherwise known as the "right to die" or assisted suicide. the debate took on new urgency when brittany maynard moved from california to oregon to end her life after she was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 29. maynard's husband continues the fight, pushing legislators to pass the bill. >> i'm keeping my promise to brittany and fulfilling that promise, but it is certainly bittersweet. >> reporter: the bill would allow doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of medical cast for those who are terminally ill. the bill is modeled after oregon's law, where patients must submit two verbal requests 15 days apart, then submit a written request that is signed in front of two witnesses. among the other bills bouncing around the capital, one that would allow kangaroo leather imports and another imposing a new $2 per pack tax on cigarettes. deadline is midnight tonight. michelle? >> anne, almost as important as what might pass are the bills that won't today. >> reporter: a lot of disappointment on that front by the governor.
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he called two special sessions to deal two big issues, fund i medi-cal and state's $59 billion backlog in road repairs. no agreements on either issue. the legislature returns to work in january. anne makevoc, kpix 5. it is a day many will never forget. people across the country are pausing to reflect on the 9/11 terror attacks 14 years ago today. ceremonies planned nationwide to pay tribute to the more than 3,000 people who were killed in new york, washington, dc and pennsylvania. reporter marlie hall is in lower manhattan with more. >> reporter: the first bell rang at 8:46, the moment american airlines flight 11 slammed into the north tower of the world trade center. for family members who returned to ground zero year after year emotions are still raw. 2,753 people died when both towers of the world trade center collapsed. >> if i were to have one wish in this world it would be to
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meet my dad. >> reporter: many clutched photos of their loved ones as the names were read. >> michael george artinski. >> reporter: 14 years after the attack lower manhattan is rebuilt and thriving again but new yorkers and visitors say they will always treat this area as hallowed ground. >> when i'm down here, i constantly think about. i look at what's going on now, and it's a great sense of pride. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: at the white house, president and mrs. obama paid tribute to the victims. there was also a ceremony at the pentagon where 184 people died. and in shanksville, pennsylvania, where passengers and crew fought back against the terrorists and brought down united flight 93 before it could reach washington. at ground zero, families and friends visit the two reflecting pools and rub the names of their loved ones, determined to fulfill their promise to never forget. marlie hall, cbs news, new
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york. here at home the american flag flew at half-staff at fire engine 7 in san francisco today. sfpd with the mayor ed lee came to remember the first responders who died on 9/11. names of the 443 fallen new york firefighters were read aloud. engine 7 one of many memorial locations all across the bay. in union city, a ceremony was held honoring the victims of united flight 93. service was held at the memorial in sugar mill landing park. it bears each of the victims' names, along with where they were from. in san jose, people honored today's anniversary with a day of service. color guard marched in the flags as dozens gathered. volunteers will complete service projects at 8 south bay nonprofit organizations throughout the day. mayor sam liccardo gave opening remarks. >> the tragedy was more profound for our country during my own lifetime than 9/11. >> the event was coordinated by
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the united way of silicon valley. we are following some breaking news out of saudi arabia. 87 people have died and hundreds more were injured after a crane collapsed on a crowd today. the accident happened at one of islam's most important mosques. approximately 2 million people a year make a pilgrimage there. officials are investigating the cause of the accident. now, one marine is dead and six are in critical condition after an accident in san diego. 18 marines total were injured in a rollover crash yesterday at camp pendleton. the marines aren't releasing any information on the victims of the crash at this time. this accident comes two years after four marines were killed clearing explosives at that camp's training area. new at noon, nfl linebacker aldon smith is getting a second chance at a football career here in the bay area. in a surprise move, the raiders just signed him for a one-year deal. he was released from the 49ers back in august after another run-in with the law. the nfl is expected to suspend
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smith but until then, he is eligible to play. today the santa clara county district attorney's office confirmed three misdemeanor charges have been filed against smith for his august 7 incident. the charges include dui with a prior conviction, hit-and-run with property damage, and vandalism under $400. smith's rainment is scheduled for october -- arraignment is scheduled for october 6. a san francisco bound flight for germany diverted back to frankfurt because of a bomb threat. shortly after take-off it returned to frankfurt and landed safely. it was scheduled to arrive here in the bay area this afternoon. one passenger took this photo after getting off the plane saying, deboarding after being rerouted back to frankfurt. no word on what the security scare is about. everyone got off the flight safely. bart is about to make some schedule changes that will make your commute easier. gianna franco with a look at what you can expect come monday morning. >> reporter: schedule changes begin on monday for bart so be sure to check that before you head out the door. some things to look out for,
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rush hour trains have been added to the pittsburg-bay point-to-sfo lines. also richmond to millbrae line will have direct weekday service extended until 9 p.m. train cars have been added during rush hour so all other transbay -- to all other transbay routes and the 3 car train is eliminated. check for more information. many of the rush hour trains will be ten cars long and the agency will keep those longer trains running an extra 15 minutes earlier in the day because more riders are leaving later in the morning. a roadway in marin county will be closed again today to continue a massive paint spill clean-up there. a big rig carrying paint crashed on lucas valley road yesterday morning. the road was shut down until last night. today only one lane has been reopened. crews are back on the scene cleaning up the 1500 gallons of paint that spilled into a watershed there. later this afternoon the road will be completely shut down again for a final removal of
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all that paint. nearly 5 months after freddie gray's death, baltimore's mayor has made a decision about her political future in the city. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will not seek re-election. she says that she wants to spend the remainder of her term helping the city cope with the police brutality scandal. her announcement comes one day after a judge ruled that trials of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray will remain in baltimore. the officers are charged with gray's death. he died in april a few days after a severely spinal injury while being transported in a police van. his death sparked riots in baltimore and nationwide. this week, the city reached a $6.4 million settlement with the family. scientists are perplexed. mountains and ice patches on pluto. tornadoes on the sun. more amazing images coming from outer space. >> and here is a way to stay cool at school. the bay area p.e.
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class that's putting zen in paddle boarding. >> and warm weather continues today but changes are on the way. here's a glimpse of things to come. your forecast is next. this is the dawn of an old day.
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some newly released float toes of pluto has scientists scratching their heads showing the dwarf planet is varied and complex more than expected. the photos reveal unexpected terrain including mountains, ice patches and smooth plains. they are the latest in a trove of images that are still downloading from the new horizon spacecraft's fly-by back in july. across the solar system, 3.5 billion light areas away, the sun is putting on a show.
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this giant swirling plume of plasma resembles a tornado on the surface of the sun for 40 hours last week. scientists say the plasma is made of ionized iron particles and it stretches and pulls back and forth by magnetic forces. a wildfire in the sierra foothills has doubled in size since yesterday and is now close to 32,000 acres. the butte fire has destroyed 6 buildings and two outbuildings in amador and calaveras counties. 6,000 other structures are considered threatened. fema has authorized federal funds to help california battle this fire because it has potential as a major disaster. we could use a little cooldown for the firefighters and a little bitty one is coming, right? >> yes. i think i can handle that. i can cool things down. in fact, we are already cooler today. let's go ahead and check in with our pitches. this is just the beginning of a cooling trend that gets much more impressive next week. starting off with antioch 58 degrees right now. partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions for you there.
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down south, 82 -- we really are warmer inland than we will be long the along the coast. let's check the temperature spread. there's a pretty significant difference between the coast and inland temperatures. check out livermore to san francisco. 97 livermore, 66 in san francisco. this is because we have a deeper marine layer today than this week. that's kicking off the cooldown. high pressure is slowly weakening. as it does, temperatures are decreasing. we are going to increase the onshore flow. we have a curve ball this weekend. we have the remnants of -- we have the remnants of hurricane linda cooling down temperatures. but it will increas humidity and will feel warmer than it actually is. temperatures are going to be cooler but it may feel warmer.
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sunny and hot again inland. we have a seabreeze and some coastal fog so a little bit of relief near the coast. more clouds and humid this weekend. that's the story for your weekend plans of sunset tonight 7:24. sunrise tomorrow morning, 6:49 a.m. here's a look at the high temperatures around the bay today. starting off in the south bay inland temperatures in the triple digits. 102 morgan hill. 90 santa clara and san jose, 91 los altos. upper 60s to near 70 half moon bay, pacifica today. 70s and 80s around the bay. inland triple digits fairfield, pittsburg, antioch not quite as high as yesterday but still hot. 98 danville, 87 in vallejo. and again, around the bay a little cooler 70s and 80s for the most part. 95 in santa rosa. the extended forecast shows the cooling trend continues. 90s, increasing clouds and humidity. next week back to the 80s by midweek. we are finally back to near normal for this time of the
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year. >> when you're applauding the 90s, you know it's been hot. >> no kidding. this is pretty cool. one south bay high school has figured out a way to stay in school and beat the heat. >> p.e. class at presentation high school is in san jose. took on a different look today. check it out. the teachers decided now was the time to try paddle board yoga. students jumped in the pool on their boards for their p.e. class all the while staying cool during the heat wave. >> today's a perfect day to do it because of the fact that it's really warm. we cooled the pool a little bit so when the girls go into the water they can just get cooled off. they can hang out and it is a fun experience. >> presentation high school said it's one of the few high schools across the nation to offer paddle board yoga and kids get class credit. in this hot weather, some words of wisdom for pet owners. we know the heat can be dangerous and our pet expert dangerous and our pet expert will tell us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dangerous and our pet expert will tell us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, foand millions moremericans lwho feel its effects.s, let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at checking wall street on this final day of trading up 77. it's a good day. all right. triple-digit temperatures are not only uncomfortable for people, they can be deadly for pets. and our pet expert dr. jill chase joins us now to talk about keeping pets safe in hot weather and what to do if your pets get overheated.
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and, of course, she brought a friend, this is rebel. she is a cutie. what kind of dog? >> i think she is a labradoodle and she is so not a rebel. she is so sweet. >> she is. >> so what do we need to know especially in these hot temperatures? >> you know, i think the best thing is to keep your dogs at home and make sure there's adequate shading and cool spaces to be in and lots of cool fresh water. don't leave your dog in the car. even 10 minutes is lethal. i just read how a family's dog in oakland died from being left in the car. >> i just someone who left their dog in the car but cracked the window open. that's not good enough on days i like to. >> it's not. i actually was resting in a car you know while waiting for a baseball game to finish with my kid and i was only in there for like 10 minutes and it got so hot inside and it was 65 outside. so yeah, that's not a good way to go. it is lethal. if you should see signs of overheating which would be panting or starting to seem like they are not mentally okay or there's convulsions or anything like that which is
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serious obviously take your pet to the vet immediately. but what you can do if the intertry is get cold water on a -- in the interim is get cold water on a towel and douse them down. be mindful of not getting them too cold. >> i think rebel likes t she is happy. >> she is. >> she getting some love right now. [ laughter ] >> thank you, dr. jill. remember, if you have a question for dr. jill, just email or leave a comments on our facebook page and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday at noon. >> rebel is definitely in the friday mode there. in today's jobs report jill schlesinger looked at one way to keep employees happy. show a little gratitude. >> reporter: over the last year the labor market has been improving. california has added more than 430,000 jobs. that growth makes it harder to hire talented people and also means that companies need to keep their current employees happy and productive or risk losing them to the competition.
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expressing gratitude has been proven to be an effective tool for motivation and satisfaction. a survey by the john templeton foundation found that employees give their best efforts on the jobs when coworkers and bosses appreciate their work. workplace coaches recommend a simple exercise to promote work place gratitude. write every team or staff member's name on a separate piece of paper. then ask everyone to write one nice word or thought about each member of the team anonymously. distribute the comments to team members so they can see what their coworkers appreciate about them. you can suggest that everyone post this to their computers so they see it every day as a reminder and it's not just for others. gratitude is a two-way street. 93% of those polled agreed that grateful bosses were more likely to be successful. only 18% thought grateful bosses would be seen as weak. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. this is the dawn of an old day.
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s. you know, i love mussels anytime of the year. and when i see mussels like this the way you make 'em, it's beautiful. >> it's a great combination especially this time of year because, you know, the mussels are coming out in the markets really great and also what's coming around is broccoli. i use the top. we put them in the pan with hot peppers to give it a nice balance. and then the mussels are cooking in white wine and threw them in here and that's all we
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did but the reason why we cook them separately first is because with mussels or clams if they don't open up in the pot don't serve them. take them out. they are not going to be any good. >> a little salt and pepper. just to bring out the flavors. you need to have that seasoning layer. and then you just serve it like this. >> look at that. >> there's a lot of liquid on the bottom so have a bowl and good piece of bread. >> that looks beautiful. i have to find some bread right now and maybe a glass of white wine. thank you, bella. coming up at 5:00 for the first time we are hearing from one of the irish college students injured in a deadly berkeley balcony collapse. his difficult recovery and what he remembers about that night. that story and more at 5:00. we want to pass along a sports note hoping for a grand slam for serena williams, got to win all of the majors in one
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calendar year. she lost in the semis to roberta vinci. >> she was so close. >> she was tired, late night interview last night. she was cranky. >> it was hot. >> it was hot. hot everywhere but we are cooling here. the temperatures are coming down of the here's a look at the seven-day forecast -- the temperatures are coming down. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. 80s next week. that's it for the kpix 5 news at noon. see you monday morning.
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♪ [ indistinct conversations ] >> ivy: [ exhales deeply ] >> nicole: so wyatt said that we need to organize all the shoes, looks, and accessories. >> charlotte: already did it. and everything's all hung up in order. >> nicole: great. >> kristina: and hair and makeup are on their way for touch-ups. >> zende: all right. i'd say the interns are on point today. i think we're ready for the shoot. let's do it. >> nicole: question is, is anyone else? >> ivy: well, i just hope steffy and liam haven't forgotten. >> wyatt: this is your first photo shoot as the new face of forrester. this -- this -- you think the president and her v.p. are gonna miss this? >> ivy: well, right now, i just hope steffy and i can put the past behind us. look, i-i'm not saying that we're gonna be best friends or anything, but i did delete that video of her and aly.


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