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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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,,,, foand millions moremericans lwho feel its effects.s, let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at >> live, from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, a state of emergency. this wild fire just keeps growing and growing and tonight firefighters are admitting they have lost control. >> allen martin has the latest now on the butte fire torching the gold country tonight. allen? >> reporter: in 48 hours, this fire has exploded from a thousand acres to almost 65,000. containment is only 5%. at sunset, the 25 aircraft being used were grounded for the night. so, it is up to the 2400 firefighters to hold the line. the fire really took off to the south and east. it has spread over two counties, evacuation orders and advisories are in place tonight for several communities from san andreas south to angels camp and east to avery. the governor declared a state of emergency allowing the office of emergency services to mobilize and the national guard
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will be available as well. two out buildings have been destroyed. 6400 more homes are threatened tonight. reporter nick james is on the fire line tonight. >> reporter: the butte fire blew up again friday for a second straight day. behind me, you can see the orange flames lighting up the ridge here. it is worth pointing out for the second straight day, this fire has more than doubled in size while containment was cut in half. this was the scary scene in san andreas. a smoke plume. evacuation orders were resended as they say the fire burned parallel to the town pushing toward angel's camp and mountain ranch. we came across several structures destroyed. record heat and four years of drought are making this an incredibly difficult fight for firefighters as the butte burns out of control.
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>> reporter: this was posted to instagram showing a fire truck and crew working the fire on both sides of the road. tonight without air support, it is extremely risky for the rues working in the dark. there is always the threat of falling trees or stepping in a bumping stump hole. local crews helping out include san mateo and marin. allen martin, kpix5. we know about the dry fuels but what is changing tonight is the wind direction. all week long, in the sierra, it was a north to south wind. tonight, it is switching. it is now a south to north wind. that is the change up there. now, the dry conditions, that is not going anywhere any time soon. a four-year drought has everything so tinder dry, it is burning on contact. the winds are changing to a south to knot wind. we will see gusts on saturday 20 miles an hour. interesting you may have seen
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some darkish clouds just before sunset. one of our cameras here potrero here is the smoke from the butte fire pushed back toward the san francisco bay area. we will talk about our change with that new south wind coming up. >> thanks paul. dramatic new video tonight of what happened moments before oakland police shot and killed a man last month. christin ayers shows us the officers were wearing body cameras. >> reporter: the body camera video begins with a foot chase. officers give the command. then, a spray of gunfire. we blurred out the body of nate wilkes as he falls to the ground, but you can see the gun he was holding. this was one of two chest camera videos released. the other video is from a july 19th incident. you see richard linyard running off. while officers are searching
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rooftops near 65th and international, they make a gruesome discovery. his body squeezed into a space less than a foot wide. back on the ground, they pull down a fence. and drag linyard's body from out from the tiny space. a doctor later told linyard's family he choked on his own vomit. oakland police showed the video to select media but were legally compelled to make them public. the good news is. >> they are showing more transparency but they are picking and choosing which shootings to show and not to show and there is one in particular they haven't shown yet. and i don't think that is right. >> reporter: the shooting he is talking about, this one. june 6. demorie hogg discovered unresponsive in his gun. police try today wake him and
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opened fire. he says people deserve to see that video and any others involving police shootings. >> i think that uniform policy should be, they should all be released unless there is some dramatic exception that warrants it not be released. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. meanwhile in san francisco, two police officers were caught on camera joking about police shootings. tonight, kpix5's emily turner has that video that launched an investigation. >> reporter: two officers stop at happy donuts in snowy valley and joke about what they would and wouldn't want captures of the body cameras police are soon to get. >> the guy holding the gun still. still pointing at you. >> reporter: the conversation was posted on instagram in november, but resurfaced this week. the original poster didn't respond to our request for an
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interview, but plenty of other people are talking about cigarette it is kind of alarming that people who wield guns as part of their jobs would joke about stuff like that. >> there is implicit trust in police officers and i help they realize that. >> reporter: it may not be against police policy, but two copping talking flippantly about death in a donut shop certainly doesn't look good. >> this is obviously not the kind of graphic conversation officers should be having. >> reporter: sfpd knows who the officers are and they may be disciplined but they have to wait for the investigation to be complete before they release that information. in san francisco, emily turner, kpix5. tonight, we learned a whole food store in oakland where witnesses say a customer was beaten by a security guard now has unarmed guards patrolling the store. in a tweet, whole foods says in addition to disarming guards we are enhancing sensitivity and
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response training for guards and team members. the man who was thrown out of the store appear to be unconscious in this video taken from a customer. he is recovering from a concussion and facial surgery. whole foods has switched skirt firms. tonight, ex-49er aldon smith is getting another chance. andria borba explains. >> reporter: when the 49ers cut smith, tomsula said he would see him playing in the nfl again. now he got a chance. to the surprise of many, the raiders signed aldon smith on the same day he was charged with three misdemeanors in santa clara county. >> maybe he plays a full year for the raiders and does a great job. maybe they got a steal. >> reporter: he got wrong up for his third arrest this summer and lost his job with the 49ers but kpix5's vern glenn says that number doesn't
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matter. the on the field numbers do. >> smith has had 44 career sacks. that is the kind of talent you just can't find. everybody would want that talent. >> reporter: that is the head coach jack del rio and the raiders are taking though they don't see it that way. >> we are very thorough in what we do and how we do it. so, we feel very confident about the addition. and about our football team going forward. >> reporter: and in oakland, justin tuck who shares an agent with smith now shares field and locker room with his friend. >> he is good. i know he has been working hard, itching to get back on the football field and i know he is excited. >> reporter: for fans it comes not down to leadership and role models but the player himself. >> i think he can straighten himself out. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. >> the nfl has not officially suspended smith for his latest
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arrest. tonight, work at one of the biggest construction projects in san jose has come to a grinding halt. santa clara leaders have locked out the contractor in the valley medical center expansion blaming delays, quality, and safety issues after this. this video shows what happened when turner construction was testing its installation of a steam pipe system a year ago. a worker blown out of a vault. he wasn't seriously injured. the county is now going to fire turner. >> extremely unsatisfied. we gave them many opportunities to cure the defects and solve the problems and they have not. >> the county says turner will be fired next week. a bill that would allow terminally ill californians to end their lives is sitting on the governor's desk tonight.
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lawmakers passed the so-called right to die legislation this afternoon after emotional lobbying by the family of brittany maynard. she is the woman with brain cancer who moved to oregon to legally inher life. it would allow doctors to prescribe life ending medication for patients with six months or less to live. the governor has not said if he plans to sign it. the first major candidate has dropped out of the race for the white house. >> i step aside knowing our party is in good hands as long as we listen to the grass roots. listen to that cause of conservatism. if we do that, then our party will be in good hands. >> former texas governor rick perry was strapped for cash and at the bottom of the pack of the 17 republican candidates. hillary clinton is
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continuing to lose ground. her lead over vermont senator bernie sanders has fallen to single digits for the first time. 39% to 39%. john mcaffee is on the run again, this time as a presidential candidate. >> my government is dysfunctional. for the 300 million other americans, you are in the same boat with me. so stand with me to protect our freedom. >> the antivirus software magnet says he is launching the cyber party to focus on government surveillance. he says he doesn't think his run-in with police in belize over the murder of his neighbor will hurt his political chances. $100,000 race car stolen right out of a bay area guy's driveway. tonight, we will show you where police just found it. >> and cashing in on superbowl 50. wait until you hear what some bay area homeowners are charging to rent out their house. >> only on 5, a bay area senior
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community is at home to a growing pot club. we go inside and find out why so many are turning to marijuana. ,,t their goal isn't to get
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>> tonight, an expensive one of a kind race car stolen from a san ramon home this week has been found and it is okay. emily turner is in oakland tonight. where was it? >> reporter: it was in this yard behind me 27 miles from where it was stolen. this is the best kind of news. can you imagine how badly it hurts when something like that
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is stolen? it was stolen right in the middle of the day. in fact, it was stolen right out of the owner'driveway. you couldn't see the car. it was inside of a trailer. chp tells me this the racing community is a pretty small community so someone had to have known it was in there. the owner was very upset it was taken. >> it kills you. it is like having your child kidnapped. [ laughter ] you know? you don't know where to look. >> reporter: now, this morning, the truck that was pulling the trailer with the stolen car, with the car that was stolen was found in oakland so when they were able to kind of pinpoint it in this area, oakland police and california highway patrol worked together and they were able to locate the trailer in that junk yard. they got a picture of the trailer, sent it to the owner of the car. he said yep, that is in fact my trailer and he was thrilled
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when he found out they found it. >> how is his reaction? >> he is thrilled. he is ecstatic. i think he thought he would never see it again. he is extremely happy. >> reporter: they also recovered another stolen truck inside the junk yard. they are not going to say it is a chop shop, but several stolen cars were recovered here. they have a person of interest in this case. but no more information than that. but that is good news right ken? >> you bet. beautiful automobile and i bet that owner in san ramon is feeling pretty good tonight. emily turner in oakland. thank you. superbowl 50 offering a golden opportunity to anyone with space to rent. tonight, julie watts shows us locals are already trying to cash in on the room rush. >> good idea. >> reporter: they are not football fans, but paul and his wife laura can't wait for the superbowl. the couple who live just a block from levi stadium are hoping to rent out their two-
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bedroom. their asking price? more than $3,000 a night. >> it is a big opportunity. and, we want to take as much advantage as we can. >> reporter: so do their neighbors. rentals are listed as five times the regular price for superbowl weekend. and andrew mcconnell says there is no question some homeowners will be able to cash in. >> demand will be greater than ever. >> reporter: one reason, a limited supply of hotel rooms in san francisco, san jose, and santa clara. some analysts predict the entire bay area could be sold out. but mcconnell says rental opportunities for homeowners will likely be limited to either the very high end or the bargain conscious fans. >> the top end propertys will go to corporate sponsors and shared accommodation single bedrooms. lower tier properties for bargain hunters. >> reporter: though he says
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homeowners like paul and laura could also be winners thanks to their prime location. julie watts, kpix5. california lawmakers have until midnight to finish voting on landmark legislation. >> it bowl bring legislation to the marijuana industry. there is a growing popularity from a group that might surprise you. >> reporter: across from the lawn bowling greens at an upscale gated community in walnut creek, inside this clubhouse, a meeting is underway and it is jam packed with seniors. welcome to the medical marijuana education and support club. about 100 members are present, but they are not here to get high. >> not at all. at my age, i am going to be 88. what difference would it make? but i don't. >> reporter: these seniors are looking for an alternative
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solution to their medical problems. >> i had a massive stroke six years ago. i had trouble with sleeping and i decided to find out more about cannabis. >> reporter: the must be first met four years ago with just 20 members. >> we kept our group quiet. >> reporter: renee lee is the president. she underwent brain surgery. but the cocktail of drugs left her debilitated. >> i couldn't walk a quarter of a block. i spent most of my time in bed. >> reporter: she decided to give medical marijuana a try. >> it was like a miracle cure. >> most of the people in my office are older. the average age is 76. >> reporter: eloise theisen specializes in medical marijuana. >> most of them are comeing to me for pain, 35% is sleep, and the rest is anxiety,
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depression, cancer, parkinsons, dementia, alzheimers. >> reporter: but not all members want to be identified. >> the seniors think of it still as reefer madness. many of them do. >> reporter: 77-year-old doug stites wants to speak out. he says cannabis helps with his anxiety and stress. he has congestive heart failure. he doesn't smoke. he uses a tincture. >> i take the drops at bed and that allows me to sleep all night. >> reporter: the club meets once a month. tonight's speaker, san francisco mayoral candidate amy ferral white. >> we have to move past the stigma. not just the just say no, but just say know. >> reporter: judging on the crowd's reaction, they were fired up. in rossmore, allen martin, kpix5. raise your hand if you are sick and tired of the heat.
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five days of temperatures 15 to 25 degrees above average. everybody's hand is raised over there. we are talking rainfall on the radar right now. that is the change for you. kpix5 high-def doppler. this rain will not impact us, but we will see an increase in clouds tomorrow and a big drop in temperature. livermore all week long, at or above 100 degrees including 108 yesterday. 105 today. things are changing for the weekend. week one of the nfl. raiders at home on sunday. 1:25 right here on kpix5. cloudier, more humid, not as warm. 49ers at home, monday night. right here on kpix5. we are the football station. mostly clear and cooler. a kickoff temperature in santa clara. 72 degrees. why the change? high pressure is out. this low pressure area to our south is the first of two keeping temperatures down the next week. cloud cover already working its way up to the south. it will not only be a humid day, baa cloudy day and a much cooler day. no 100s . no 90s . 80s at the
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warmest. 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. next week, new low pressure area kicking up the northwest wind. that will be a chilly breeze. some of you may not even hit 80 away from the water as soon as monday. changes are coming, the heat wave is finished. cloudy, humid tomorrow. inland highs will only be on the 80s . a trade off most of us will take. it will be a cool breeze. san jose, out of the 90s for you. 86 tomorrow. los altos, 87. san mateo, 78. highs in the 80s inland. fairfield, 89. cloudy day in san francisco, 72. san rafael, 84. cooler sunday. even cooler monday. once we get cool, we stay cool. no heat for the next seven days. that is your forecast. 21 games left and now the giants are making a move? and, hey, another 49er turned raider. dropped in alameda this morning. ,,,,
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i'm a gas service my nrepresentative. n. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. >> nfl up top. look who is back in football. aldon smith. pass rushing sack king signed a
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one-year deal with the raiders. number 99 released by the 49ers a month ago after multiple off field incidents including an august 6 arrest for dui. shortly after smith signed today, the santa clara county da charged him with dui, hit and run, and vandalism for that august incident. as of now, he is eligible to lineup opposite mack against the bengals on kpix5. giants 2016 schedule out. they hosted the padres in the 7th inning. parker got a fat one. for the first time since august 21, they gained ground on the dodgers. seven-and-a-half the gap now. peavy got the win. even the manager's son finished the game. meantime, rangers took as jesse chavez and snapped an 18-
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today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep.
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>> back with tennis, was it the 38 unforced errors? serena williams the victim of a shocker. the hash tag was blame drake. she was run ragged by roberta vinci. here is the match point and here is a drop shot. called the biggest upset in women's tennis. 2-6, 6-4, 6-4. unbelievable. >> what gave you the belief that this moment was possible? >> when i wake up i said okay, i have a semifinal today.
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try to enjoy. don't think about serena. play. enjoy. enjoy. but i did not expect i would win. >> we will get out of here with the bears. boulder, colorado. home of michael james. trying to hang onto the last day of summer. a hammock. they take in 25,000 calories a day to stock up for winter hibernation. hibernation. we will be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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