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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> out of control. a new wild fire explodes across 39 square miles in a matter of hours. tonight, ee s are evacuated and four firefighters are in the hospital. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. the valley fire burning in lake and napa counties has more than doubled in size in just the past three hours. it has now exploded across 25,000 acres. and, firefighters have not been able to get any containment at all. there are reports of homes and other buildings going up in flames. tonight, mandatory evacuation orders are in place along a 30- mile stretch of highway 29 from lower lake to calistoga. the area is home to at least 10,000 people. and, sharon chin tells us a lot of them are having trouble
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getting out tonight. sharon? >> we are hearing reports of wrong way traffic as people scramble to get out. southbound is the only way out. people are tweeting highway 29 is at a standstill. no one can travel down highway 29. everybody must be headed to clear lake on which ever road gets them there. and highway 29 is a mess. so many people have just seconds to evacuate. the valley fire burns out of control. a massive fall of flames consuming rough terrain that sent four firefighters to the hospital with second degree burns. evacuations stretched along highway 29. clear lake and calistoga. fire crews told all 1800 people in the town of cobb to leave. mandatory evacuations also issued for middle town and lake
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county shown here shrouded in heavy smoke. neighbors are helping neighbors escape safely. >> their barn burnt down. they are hoping to save their homes. i know a lot of people here have lost their homes. >> reporter: two shelters are open tonight. one at the kelseyville presbyterian church. the four firefighters at the uc davis burn center are in stable condition. sharon chin, kpix5. >> the fire has grown so fast, it is already visible from space. this is an infrared satellite image from noaa. and the bright dot of white light is the valley fire. strong winds are in the fire zone near cobb mountain. northerly winds near 43 miles an hour. still warm, 78 degrees. humidity is low. winds will be gusty tomorrow. and none of that is good news
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for the firefighters. >> meanwhile, the butte fire has spread to 65,000 acres in amador and calaveras county. cal fire has it about 15% contained tonight but at least 15 structures are destroyed and 6500 more are still threatened. >> a gentleman said everything is threatened right now. but we are hoping for the best. >> we are getting ready to head out. >> other homeowners are already surveying the damage from the four-day-old fire. some have discovered their homes burned to the ground. more than 3500 firefighters are on the front lines tonight. adding insult to injury, looters are in evacuated homes in the area. police arrested a man who forced his way into a house to
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burglarize it. we are following both of these fires very closely. stay with and kpix5 for the latest. back in the bay area, oakland's mayor is speaking out about some graphic footage. she says it is not always necessary for the public to see things like this. the videos show a pair of deadly encounters between officers and suspects. mayor libby schaaf told us transparency is important, but there needs to be a balance between the privacy rights of victims and the public's right to know. >> families deserve to have their questions answered and have their tones present while they view it. the question of a more full release to the whole public is one that is very troublesome to me. >> mayor schaaf want to have a
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public discussion. police are searching for a deadly overnight shooting in hayward. a man's body was found next to a car at about 2:00 a.m. investigators are trying to track down witnesses but so far, they don't have any leads on the gunman or the motive. the victim's name has not been released. >> tonight, police in arizona say the man detained for questioning in connection with that string of shootings along i-10 is not the prime suspect. 19-year-old oscar munos appeared in court booked on unrelated charges. investigators are pressing him for leads. at least 11 shootings have been reported along i-10 since last month. several cars have been hit. but so far, nobody has been seriously hurt. >> well now, onto campaign 2016 and a shrinking field of candidates for the gop presidential nomination. who is in and who is out and who is now in donald
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trump's cross hairs? >> governor perry is gone. good luck. he was very nasty to me. >> reporter: donning a new camouflage campaign hat, donald trump said farewell to rick perry who once called him a cancer on conservatism. >> it seems to be unlucky to attack me. >> reporter: he issued a warning shot to everybody who has taken him on including senator rand paul who questioned why a reality star is leading the republican field and former neurosurgeon ben carson who earlier this week stepped into the trump boxing ring when he questioned if brash billionaire's faith. >> i realize where my success has come from. i don't deny my faith in god. and i think that is probably a big difference. >> reporter: carson later apologized. one poll shows him within striking distance in iowa
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backed by 21% of likely caucus goers compared to 27% for trump. >> who wants it? come on. come on, get me one. >> reporter: campaigning there today, trump claimed the outsider mantle discussing his self-funded campaign and the money he is turning away. >> one guy said he wanted to give me $5 million and i turned him down. i said i done want it. >> the next republican presidential debate is wednesday at the reagan presidential library. tonight, the company that managed hillary clinton says it had no knowledge the server was wiped. that is according to a new report from the washington post. more than 30,000 e-mails clinton seas she deleted from the device could be recovered. deleting e-mails is not the same as wiping a server which is completely erasing data from
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the hard disc. three bills are sitting on the governor's desk would regulate legal marijuana statewide. pot clubs would need to follow new rules to stay in the business and a state agency would be created to license them. the big winners would be the patients. >> when you have different producted tested, sometimes they come back with wildly different results than what was stated on the packages. people need to know they are getting the right dosage and ratio. >> the governors have expressed concern over legalizing marijuana use, but his office did help craft the new laws. >> thieves stole about 100 pairs of running shoes for kids in need. they broke into an old ambulance they use for a storage unit. the group helps kids to run 5ks
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and half marathons to keep them healthy. the thieves made off with all the donations including shoes, shirts, water bottles, and snacks. >> we even had a sign in here saying the stuff was for need kids and they still took it. >> we are already feeling all the love from the community. >> the kids start training next saturday. a couple of donors have already donated shoes and snacks to fill the gap. still to come, the fires raging along lake and napa counties tonight. >> the odds california will see a wet winter is looking better tonight. but a lot of the rain is not going to fall where we need it most. >> and a google test project comes crashing down on a neighborhood.
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>> we are following breaking news in lake county. a massive wild fire erupted near the town of cobb and there are reports of homes and other buildings burning to the ground. the fire has grown from 50 acres to 25,000 acres in just nine hours. people have been evacuated along a stretch from lower lake
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to calistoga. four firefighters have been hurt battling the blaze. the firefighters were taken to uc davis with second degree burns. all four are expected to recover. we are going to continue to cover this fire very closely tonight. stay with kpix5 and for the latest. well, foggy weather likely played a role in a plane crash that killed two crew members working on a tom cruise movie. this is what is left of the twin engine plane. it went down yesterday afternoon in the columbian andes. one of the people killed was a hollywood stunt pilot. one person on the plane survived. they were working on cruise's fourth coming film. well, a rude awakening for a southern california neighborhood this morning. the sun was just coming up when a google test project suddenly came down. >> reporter: it is a bird, it's a plane. it is a loon balloon?
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this quiet chino hills neighborhood got an early morning wakeup call with a big surprise saturday morning. >> my husband came in. i sent him out for the paper. he says there is a huge tarp in janet's tree. >> reporter: the balloon was so big, it landed in two front yards an down the street. google says it is part of their project loon to give internet access to rural parts of the world. it was in a research flight from nevada when it came crashing down on this man's yard. >> we are surprised to see this. knowing what it actually is. >> reporter: before anyone knew what it was, deputies told people to stay away. then neighbors say two cars full of people came to the site and said they were from google
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as they cleaned it up. google said we coordinated with local air traffic control as we managed its slow decent. sorry about the surprising start to a saturday. though many were surprised, more were fascinated by this new technology landing in the front yard. >> many people came by taking pictures. selfies. >> reporter: luckily, when it crashed, no one was injured and it didn't cost any damage to any property. >> earlier this year, project loon announced a pip with the government of sri lanka bringing internet across the island nation. government scientists say there is a 95% chance that a strong el niño will be building through the winter but a lot of the rain may not fall where we need it the most. >> reporter: the water in california's lake oroville used to reach all the way to the tree line. but, the golden state's reservoirs are running on
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empty. they have lost six trillion gallons of water during four years of punishing drought but wild and wet winter weather is in the forecast thanks to the intense warming of the pacific ocean. bill is a nasa oceanographer. he says el niño should bring rain to california with the pacific northwest that has been ravaged by wild fires is going to be drier than normal this winter and heavy rain in southern california is not a drought buster. the area is engineered with concrete channels designed not to capture water but to flush it out into the ocean to protect homes from flooding. >> we made a decision in southern california many years ago to turn our rivers into flood control channels. remember, there is only one thing that is more important in california than water. real estate. >> reporter: the state's largest reservoirs are in
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northern california where el niño storms are much less likely to hit. pacific ocean temperatures are also so warm, nasa hydrologist jay is worried california will get rain, but not the snow it desperately needs. >> why is snow so much more important than rain? >> think of it as a big statewide freezer that keeps the water frozen in the mountains in the winter and lets it down in the spring. without the snow, there is nothing to melt. >> reporter: and that could leave those reservoirs still low and dry. >> no matter what happens, it will almost likely take more than one wet winter to bust four years of drought. let's get you caught up on conditions near that valley fire burning near the small town of cobb. if you have been to clear lake, and south of there, you will run into cobb. a small town. because we have northerly winds, the winds are driving
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the fire generally south. those should shift to the southwest tomorrow. they are northerly tonight and strong. some of the gusts have been up to 40 miles an hours. humidity is very low. neither one of the factors is exactly encouraging. so that is a big story in a big suddenly explosive fire. you can see the southerly flow aloft which is bringing a few showers to the peninsula and up around point reyes. a few sprinkles tonight. it is not going to help the firefightersful right now, concord 73 degrees. in oakland, 70. livermore, 72. in san jose, 67 in santa rosa, 64. here is what is happening. low pressure spinning offshore, the remnants of hurricane linda are bringing the slight chance of showers to parts of the bay area. also windy. it was windy enough to fly an
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iron kite in san francisco. gusty winds will ease up a little bit. then low pressure dives out of the gulf of alaska not bringing much rain, maybe a chance late tuesday, early wednesday, we might get a few showers in the north bay. general, the theme will be it will be a little breezier and cooler in the week ahead. nothing like what we had on wednesday and thursday inland of this week. it will also be warm. temperatures rebound a little bit tomorrow. here is why. plenty of clouds over the bay area. sunrise, we are look at finally some clearing, especially in the south and east bay. that will lead to a bump in temperatures. that is for tomorrow afternoon. north bay gets a few more clouds. here is what we are expecting. gusty winds tonight. a few sprinkles, high temperatures rebound on sunday. not to stratosphere heights we saw earlier in the week, but lit be plenty warm inland. and a mix of sunshine and clouds the rest of the day. a nice day to get out. 81 at the wine festival
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tomorrow. and the giants taking on the padres. 64 degrees. also, raiders at the coliseum, 71 degrees. partly cloudy skies. last, but hardly least, the 49ers playing on monday night, and, the temperature at game time, about 72 degrees so a nice football night. that will be on monday. forecast for the bay area, tonight, will hit lows in the upper 50s , low 60s . ands, tomorrow, fairfield hits 88. napa, 85. santa rosa, 83. here in the city, 69 degrees and 74 at oakland. san jose tomorrow. 83 degrees. sunday, we are looking at partly cloudy skies. and then monday, tuesday, wednesday, the numbers really cool down to just the mid 70s for tuesday. as we get into the latter half of the week, the numbers rebound a little bit. but again, the big warming that we had last week is now a thing of the past. that is probably good news. >> and here we are. straight ahead, we have giants
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baseball. the atmosphere electric. you might say near perfect inside at&t ,,
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>> baseball leads it off. madison bumgarner. boy, he had quite a day. going for his 18th win, tonight
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was memorable. first some offense. marlon byrd, bottom fourth. this would be good enough to score two giants. byrd, three for three tonight in the game. bumgarner had a perfect game in the seventh. he got two outs. and then, melvin upton jr. , he ended the perfecto and the no- hitter. clean single. bumgarner was just four outs away. he did get a complete game one- hitter. giants 8, padres 0. still seven- and-a-half behind the dodgers. want to see some healthy beef? that's it. that's what they grow in texas. rangers hosted the as . mark hannah erased a deficit. as won the game. a final of 5-1. red sox davis ortiz milestone moment joined the 500 home run club.
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fourth red sox. 2-2 pitch. off of tampa's matt moore. and the red sox won the game the final of 10-4. we are coming back with the college football wrap. college football wrap. not much drama in any of these , these 100% beef burgers, college football wrap. not much drama in any of these , are stacked with bacon, sweet bourbon sauce, and apparently my mom's fave, spicy sriracha sauce. eat it, don't tweet it mom. denny's big burger bash, with burgers starting at $6.99 i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e.
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>> back with american football of the college variety. local pack 12 stuff. stanford cracked the win column. christian mcaffree carrying the flag. second quarter, oh, flicker play allowing kevin hogan to hit a wide open. 53-yard play. 7-0. fourth quarter, i think it is time for a little love. stanford's bryce love. 93-yard touchdown. a shut-out most of the night. won the game 31-7. here it comes, the california golden bears hosting san diego state. 20 seconds left in the first half. maurice harris, yeah. 14-7 cal at the break. for san diego state. first play of the second half.
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321 yards and three touchdowns. this, the former alhambra high school star, trevor davis. golf. bears 2-0. won it 35-7. filing in for this one, san jose state at air force academy. san jose state, tyler irvin. he gone, 66 yards. air force led 14-13. then, fourth quarter, 17-16. c.j. johnson, the closer. air force pulled away and won the game 37-16. oh, the superfriends were here. dc comics finists watching number 7 oregon and michigan state. third quarter tied at 14-14. lj scott. nothing going to stop him. spartans would hang onto win this one 31-28.
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miami heat star dwane wade and gabrielle union checking tout women's final. flavia pennetta. and roberta vinci trading shots. pennetta won and immediately announced her retirement. to soccer, chris wondolowsi and the earthquakes playing host to seattle. we are in the 82 minute. san jose san jose up 1-0. sounders score on the rebound. and shot the game ending in a 1- 1 draw. and out of boxing, floyd mayweather jr. facing andre berto in what he claims is his last fight. yeah right. his first fight since may. berto is no match for mayweather. if this is his final fight, mayweather would end his career
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>> we are continuing to follow breaking news where the valley fire is burning out of control. it has grown to 29,000 in nine hours. there is only one way out of town. highway 29. mandatory evacuations all across the highway. there are reports of what amounts to chaos of people trying to escape the flames there. stay with for continuing coverage. tune in to kpix5 sunday morning for the latest. for now, i'm brian ,,,,,,,,
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