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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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experts call it a fire of historic perportions. a stunning number of homes lost in the valley fire. the governor declared a state of emergency in lake and napa counties. good evening. in just a little over 24 hours the valley fire has scorched 50,000 acres in lake county. and tonight it is showing no signs of slowing down. cal fire says hundreds of homes and buildings have been destroyed but it is too soon for an exact figure. more than 10,000 people have been told to evacuate. some of them left their cars
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behind to escape the flames. cal fire is trying to make fire lines. >> the latest evacuations for clear valley and other areas are highway 29 down to tubs lane, middletown and hidden valley lake. entire neighborhoods have been wiped out. the full scope of the disaster is the not known. areas where homes were destroyed cobb mountain, middletown and the lake and they are going towards the thermal plant. some cooling towers have been lost. for a close up look at the disaster, we are in middletown much tonight where much of the town went up in smoke, joe? >> brian, huge fire and it moved very quickly. as you said the scope of it we are not sure. we have been driving around middletown and we have seen home after home just leveled to
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the ground, smoldering in ruins. in middletown, entire neighborhoods are turned to ash. many homes burned down to the foundation. >> dozens of homes destroyed. we are looking at in this area over hundreds of homes up to 1,000 homes destroyed. >> this corner at main and jefferson is one example of many that are wiped out by this fire and there is almost nothing recognizable here but you can see what remains of this washer and drier and then right over there in the next room in the corner, that iswhat used to be -- that is what used to be a stove. >> reporter: this is an apartment building, a frame and burnt out cars with melted tires. the valley fire is the 5th major wildfire in lake county. the mostly affected rural unpopulated areas. this one is consuming big
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chunks of towns. exhausted firefighters have been poke used on evacuations, 10 -- firefighters have been focused on evacuations. 10 crews are doing that. >> in 12 hours 40,000 acres, unheard of. >> that is really fast? >> that is correct. the fire was moving from the get go. >> reporter: witnesses describe 50 foot walls descending hillsides, charging towards their homes. >> vehicles pulled over to the side that were on fire. apartment complexes that were on fire. it looked like something out of the movies. >> reporter: now, firefighters are on the scene and what they are doing is going home to home not just checking on hot spots but to make sure that the people that stayed behind are okay. so far no reports of fatalities or injuries of people who stayed behind. i heard one firefighter say it is an incredible thing to hear,
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brian. >> you know, it was characterized by the guy you were talking to a minute ago it spread so quickly and the timing last night with the winds almost could not have been worse. >> reporter: could not have been worse. we are talking about one fire official told me 50 to 60-mile- per-hour gusts. that is really fast and it pushed, you know that is a mile a minute if it was going as fast as it could towards these homes. people had very little time to react and just a lot of them left with what they could. pile into the car and what is on their back. >> all right. out at mideltown it pays to bear in mind the homes, the 2010 sense nus middletown. a lot of the homes went up in flames. >> we were talking to firefighters. four of them burned on the frontline. they are expected to make a full recovery. they are treated at a burn unit at uc davis medical center. here is a picture of one of
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them. wright, he is said to be in good spirits. >> it went all of the way around us. no stopping it. there were -- it was watching the houses burn. just utter chaos. it was crazy. we watched all of the houses around us burn as we sat there with our noses and did what we could do. >> tonight, hundreds of people for shelters set up by the red cross. >> those evacuation centers are set up in these locations. the high school on main street. clear lake senior center on bowers avenue. and the napa county fairgrounds on north oak street. that is where mark kelly joins us with the latest. mark? >> reporter: and brian we just heard from fire officials just 50 minutes ago that is wrapping up right now. the mayor telling folks the fire victims not to worry. they will be taken care of. now, cal fire talking about how unique this wildfire has been.
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many people forced to leave their homes within minutes and get to this evacuation center. >> reporter: for this family this wood frame and mesh roof will be their home tonight. since the valley fire likely took their real home away. >> like a match book. boom. butch of black smoke behind me -- bunch of black smoke behind me. it was terrifying. >> this family has their important paperwork and each other. but at this evacuation center there is still a great deal they are missing. >> oh, my medicine. my truck, my boat, my clothes. >> reporter: if it is any consolation they are not alone. >> there have been tears shed. everyone is here. >> reporter: 600 slept here at the napa county fairgrounds tonight. today the red cross add more space, ready for new evacuees to pour in tonight. >> does it warm your heart to see this? >> yes. this is -- this is what it is about right here. >> reporter: at this shelter
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pets are welcome, too, under a few conditions. >> we have supplies and animals are welcome here they are not invited indoors. >> >> reporter: most of the day a stream of vehicles dropping off pet food to clothes and dishes. anything to help the fire victims rebuild their lives. but now, the american red cross says it really needs volunteers and ... >> money. we always need money. her is time. she is a fire victim but also a trauma therapist, hoping a positive message can get a small amount of solice to the others. >> look for the things in your life that are still there, still working and focus on taking care of those. >> reporter: of course when you have this number of evacuees hygiene is important. they are making sure they get enough showers and porta- potties. >> this fire just broke out 29
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hours ago and these people their house, their lives, property, utterly destroyed. but it does sound like hay have enough supplied donations -- like they have enough supplied donations, food and things like that? >> reporter: that is good, i have been here all day. the donations are pouring in. the red cross does say they have enough when it comes to food and clothing. no need to bring more of that. if you want to help out at this point, your best bet is to log on to and donate money. so they can help them faster. >> got. it okay, mark kelly live at the napa county fairgrounds. take a look at this ash from the fire is falling in the bay area. check out the picture from our own meteorologist. look close low you can see ash on the windshield of a car. this photo was taken in walnut creek 80 miles from the fire. >> some of the smoke is blowing in the bay area.
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this is the view from dublin. you can see the haze and the view is worse. lots of smoke is visible there. there are 1,000 firefighters on the scene of the blaze. they are battling both flames and weather. near the blaze right now the temperature is near 80 degrees. the winds gusted to as high as 36 miles an hour over the course of the day. while winds settled down it is extremely dry with humidity running around 15%. one of the reasons the fire burned rapidly is the dry fuel after 4 years of drought. southwesterly winds tonight will push the fire to the north and the east and those winds will gust to 20 miles an hour. there is good newses, high pressure will give way to a pack of colder air that is coming in from oregon. temperatures will cool at least 10 degrees in lake county tomorrow. the winds ease up a bit. the humidity rises. a chance of showers in the area by wednesday morning. in the meantime, firefighters have their hands full with this and the other big fire. >> yes. the other big fire is in gold
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country where firefighters are making progress on the butte wildfire. it is 20% contained. charred 65,,acres. but the damage from one when it ex-- 65,000 acres. but the damage from when it exploded can be seen everywhere. a man who lost everything said the flames destroyed his home in just a matter of minutes. >> the firestorm that came across these hills from being from there to here in 15 minutes it was in the backyard above those trees and these trees were all on fire when i left. it came up in minutes. >> reporter: evacuation orders are still in effect as 6400 homes remain threatened. stone terrain making it difficult for firefighters to get to some spots. >> coming up, people and pets affected by the devastating fires. they need your help. what you can do to help ease their pain. b.a.r.t commuters expect relief on your way ,,,,,,,,,,
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my name is jeff richardson, the vice president of operations here at c.k. mondavi. to make this fine wine it takes a lot of energy. pg&e is the energy expert. we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california.
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all schools in lake county will be closed and clear lake. >> people are looking for safe havens for pets. neighbors are finding strays left behind. others need to take your own pets to a safe place. the best place to take them, napa county fairgrounds on north oak street. volunteers are working to take care of pets and reunite them with owners. >> i want to emphasize something we mentioned. people who lost everything in the fire need your help, the best gift is cash. through the redcross at make a $10 donation on your phone. something you should not do, donate to gofund me sites. b.a.r.t is making scheduled changes, they say, will make your commute a little less crowded. kpix5 morning reporter has more on what you can expect starting tomorrow morning. >> reporter: scheduled changes begin on monday for b.a.r.t.
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check that before you head out the door. things to look out for, rush hour trains have been add to the bay point to sfo lines. richmond line, will have weekday service extended until 9:00 at night. train cars add to rush hour to all routes and eliminating the 3-car train and another change, more show and go service for b.a.r.t to oakland. check out our web site for more information. coming up next, time for a cool change in the bay area. maybe even ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thousands came out to show their pride today.
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their oakland pride, that is. there was dancing, entertainment and bull riding at oakland's gay pride festival. a surge in sponsored led to a record-breaking fund-raising year. the mayor was also there. she said oakland is proud to be a city of progressive values. others shared the same sentiment. >> it is very important because it is 2015. we all have to get along and accept each other for who we are, individually. >> everyone is just being themselves and come out. it is accepting. >> reporter: road closures in oak land are still in effect. the festival ends in about an hour. we want to go back now to our big story. the valley fire. it forced thousands of people to flee their homes and dozens more evacuations could be ordered. cal fire says the flames destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings. it is sending in teams to get a
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better idea of the devastation. right now the fire is at 50,000 acres and there is no containment. take a look at this picture of the valley fire from space. it is from the national weather service showing how brightly the fire burned overnight. the photo also shows the butte fire that is not glowing as bright. all right, in the weather department we have good news. we can probably all use the cooler weather even a chance of showers coming in by wednesday. favoring the northside. both of those things, breath of fresh air for firefighters, hopefully, we shall see. it is warm. livermore it is 91 degrees at 10 minutes until 6:00. oakland, cooler near the shoreline, 67 degrees. santa rosa, 83. out the door tomorrow morning we will look at mostly cloudy skies along the shoreline and the bay. inland partly cloudy. beginning the day from middle 50s to low 60s. and here is what is happening,
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high pressure relaxes over the eastern pacific. high pressure, high temperatures, giving way of cooler temperatures. now, what we are expecting is the low pressure. it sinks south to the pacific northwest. a cooler week ahead with more low clouds. a chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. maybe showers on the wednesday. and, then by next weekend we will warm it up inland. in the meantime, the temperatures inland, down by 10- 15 degrees tomorrow. you can see on the future cast, high cloudiness into the bay area. low clouds along the shoreline. as the day goes on the clouds dispense and more sunshine. again, less sun than we had today. the temperatures fall 10-20 degrees inland tomorrow. north bay, rain by midweek. temperatures warming up by next weekend. the 49ers are playing tomorrow night. taking on the vikings tomorrow night, day time temperatures, 72 degrees. a game broadcast here on
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channel 5. forecast 61 at yosemite. the usual low clouds, overnight lows in the middle 50s. [broken audio ] >> in the extended forecast we will look for things to cool down tomorrow, 10-15 degrees inland by tuesday and wednesday. it will be in the middle 70s inland. and, so, much cooler, a chance of showers in the north bay on wednesday and then by the time we get to the latter half of the week we will warm it up for the week skpepbd be right about where we are today. expected -- weekend and be right about where we are today. expected to be. 2015 was supposed to be the 2015 was supposed to be the ,,,,,,,,,,,,ew era for the
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yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness. jack del rio is the 8th coach in 12 years, the other 7 did not have cooper and mac. that core has many experts thinking the raiders were prime for a big opening-day win. smith signed on friday and played against the bengals today. quite a bit in fact. the 1st quarter, scores the first two touchdowns of the afternoon. 10-0 in the 2nd quarter. tucks the ball and run.
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gets close to a 1st down. hits his throwing run. he was examined on the sidelines and he would leave the game with a hand injury. x-rays negative. the injury plus the raiders struggles on defense made for a long day. scores 2 touchdowns, dalton, 24- 0 at that point. matt, a solid preseason. struggled today when carr went down. overthrew here, picked off by nelson. the bengals put the game on the way on the second touchdown. 30-0 cincinnati. they run a 396 yards against the raider defense that was expected to be improved. only question, will they avoid a shutout? the answer is, yes. now, reece, the raiders lose 33- 13. >> i have been in the league long enough to know.
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you don't -- you don't reach your goals in the first week. i start fast and got my butt kicked at the end of the season i start slow and won championships at the end of the season. you know, that is what i will continue to tell these guys. a lot of faith in what we can do. but, that does not mean much w. -- much. what we have to do is what we have to do. >> it was embarrassing. you know, it will take all of us to get better and start here in this room and this locker room and put something better on the field. seahawks looking jacked out of his mind to start the season. 3rd quarter, leading seattle 17- 13. st. louis, austin, watch him keep his feet inbounds as he goes 75 yards for the touchdown and the rams have 24-13 lead over the hawks. under 5 minutes to play. tied at 24 now. sacks nick, he picks the fumble up, runs in for the touchdown,
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seahawks lead. but less than a minute left, finding a wide open player, game-tying 37 yard touchdown. tied it at 31 and we go to overtime. in ot the rams were up 34-31 after a field goal. so, 4th-1 for seattle but lynch is turned back. and st. louis wins a thriller, 34-31 in overtime. baseball for the giants. nothing like a series against the padres to try to make a final push for a playoff spot. but it is late san francisco is out. pw-fpl -- bottom of the 2nd, now, giants are up 4-3. in the 5th, now, giants win 7- 3. they sweep the padres but remain 7.5 games of the red hot dodgers in the nl west. deep in the heart of texas
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against the rangers. now, dead center field, they lead. now in the 5th t is 3-0. now, beltre, doubles the lead for texas to make it 6-0 with that baby. that is the 2nd home run of the day. beltre won in 5 runs and texas wins 12-4. >> all righty. thank you very much. >> all right. we want to get back to the valley fire. we are continuing to monitor the devastating fire in lake county. in a little over 24 hours it destroyed hundreds of homes and burned 50,000 acres. cal fire says it remains out of control. 10,000 people evacuated. and more people have been put on stand by to evacuate. we will have a complete update on this fire coming up at 6:30. in the meantime, appreciate you watching. "cbs evening news" is next. >> we will have news ,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> dahler: the state of emergency expands in california. a ferocious new wildfire explodes from 400 achiers to 40,000 overnight. destroying homes, and injuring firefighters. breaking, breaking news from phoenix, three so-called highway shooting copy cause under arrest, dramatic developments in europe's migrant crisis, germany overwhelmed, tightens its border, dozens drawn off greece. >> a new cbs news battleground poll shows ben carson 0 gaining ground on donald trump. >> and he has a lot more on his plate than most 16-year-olds, including his own restaurant. >> the question is why thoroughly, if the question is why so early, the question is why wait? >> this is the cbs evening news. >> good evening, i am don dahler


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