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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  September 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> dahler: the state of emergency expands in california. a ferocious new wildfire explodes from 400 achiers to 40,000 overnight. destroying homes, and injuring firefighters. breaking, breaking news from phoenix, three so-called highway shooting copy cause under arrest, dramatic developments in europe's migrant crisis, germany overwhelmed, tightens its border, dozens drawn off greece. >> a new cbs news battleground poll shows ben carson 0 gaining ground on donald trump. >> and he has a lot more on his plate than most 16-year-olds, including his own restaurant. >> the question is why thoroughly, if the question is why so early, the question is why wait? >> this is the cbs evening news. >> good evening, i am don dahler
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with the western edition of the broadcast. a new incredibly fast-moving wildfire in northern california is scorching land at a rate of speed fire officials have not seen in 30 years. it prompted the governor to expand the state of emergency to two more counties today. one had already been declared for the butte fire? a separate fire south of sacramento that destroyed more than 80 homes. >> the latest fire, the so-called valley fire forced more than 17,000 from their homes in napa and lake counties. >> hundreds of homes are destroyed and four firefighters being treated for burns. >> danielle nottingham is there. >> it is just utter chaos, there scenario for firefighters, strong, erratic winds and extremely dry day and brush made even dryer by four years of drought. it turned a small lake county fire instantly into a monster. and sent thousands of residents fleeing. >> we had to drive through the fire on both sides of the road,
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it was really scary. >> >> alan bore land was among the 10,000 suddenly forced from their homes with no word at all on their fate. >> that's what the wait, why the wait is so hard to do, is not knowing about really anything, if there is anything to come back to. >> reporter: the flames raced through several communities, but the hardest hit was middletown, the fire struck its heart. >> everything behind the gas station is gone. the school is gone, the store is gone. and a lot of people have dogs stuck up there and they want to go get them. >> and the flames would not relent. >> watch what happens during this interview recorded by our sacramento affiliate kobr. >> step back. >> that is how quickly this tree caught fire and exploded. just like the valley fire itself. >> it broke out at 1:30 saturday
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afternoon, and grew from 50 achiers to 400 to 10,000 to 40,000 in just 17 hours. all in an area near clear lake, that had already been ravaged by two large wild fires this summer. and 150 miles from a fire that until saturday was the biggest concern in the state. the butte fire has now destroyed at least 81 homes officials say the number destroyed by the valley fire is now in the hundreds. as social media posted images of home after home going up in flames, the lake county facebook page offered help for residents and then this post at 4:00 a.m. the horrific magnitude of this fire in start to be revealed sunday. this is really bad. i mean, really bad. sunday did reveal how bad. homes, businesses, now just rubble. >> we are a strong community and we all stick together and we will just rebuild it day by day.
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>> firefighters have zero containment on the valley fire and flare-ups have continued here all day. and, don, a continued threat is the weather. the forecast calls for more erratic winds tomorrow. the same conditions that caused this fire to level block after block so fast. >> dahler: danielle nottingham, thank you. let's bring in cal fire spokesman daniel berlant. some residents are facing mandatory evacuation. are you advising people to leave the area entirely until this is under control? >> absolutely. there are thousands of residents that are in the those mandatory evacuation zones. many yesterday were only given minutes notice that they need to leave. today we are urging those, even under the advisory evacuatings they too should be prepared to go at a moment's notice. >> california has battled wild fires all summer what makes these so dangerous? >> what we are seeing here are extremely fast-moving wild fires. that are burning at the same intensity like we would see in a santa ana wind event. the only
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difference here the winds are nowhere as close as they would be in a santa ana wind event, with a little bit of wind and dry conditions, though they have been enough to burn as explosive rates and have unpress denned amount of acres burn in such a short amount of time. >> dahler: and you are in the midst of a drought as you mentioned. >> how is that affecting the water. >> we have to truck in water from other areas, our helicopters may have to fly further to get fire. many fires that burden of proof have been very destructive and no end in sight. >> dahler: daniel berlant with cal fire. thank you. >> there were dramatic developments today in europe's migrant crisis nearly three dozens refugees many of them children drowned when their boat capsized off greece. >> further north germany which has been overwhelmed by the flood of refugees tightened its border with austria. >> here is allen pizzey. >> it is tearing the cherished open borders to shreds. >> hungary says it will close
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this border on tuesday, but record of number of migrants are still coming. >> germany has welcomed nearly half a million refugees so far this year, mainly from war ravaged syria. >> the german's government announcement of temporary control on the borders w where r everyone seeking to enter the country is ed evident of how great the strain is, even on europe's most booming economy. >> passports are require from required from any country and no trains are allowed from austria. >> he accused his european partners of not doing their share. >> germany needs humanitarian responsibility, he said, adding that the burden must be distributed in solidarity within europe. many refugees don't want to be here anymore than europe wants them. there was nothing i a dream of except to go back to my country syria, asmaa alharaki said, when syria is rebuilt i will go back to it. >> meanwhile 10s of thousands of refugees are in limbo.
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rebuilding is seen as the only long-term solution. but the scale of the task can be judged by the scale of suffering people are willing to endure to escape. the u.n. refugee agency is calling for a comprehensive european response, meanwhile, crisis is out pacing bureaucracy at an accelerating rate. allen pizzey, cbs news, rome. >> dahler: since the end of last month, charlie d'agata has been covering the flood of migrants at times he has interviewed refugees in one country and caught up with them days later in another country along their desperate journey. tonight, his observations on aceh 0 tick situation. >> reporter: when we first arrived in budapest just over two weeks ago we were surprised how bad it was, but we had no idea .. how much worse it was going to get. >> the flash point was the train station, it encapsulated the crisis, the chaos and fear and information that changed by the hour.
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migrants bought tickets to germany only to be stopped by police from boarding trains. >> they have tickets for knew niche. >> why aren't you letting them go? >> like september 3rd it was beyond over crowded. some were trapped for days, hygiene became a big health issue. they told us, they thought they were being treated like animals. >> but then they suddenly let migrants board trains in the confusion, everybody kept asking us where they were going. >> i don't know if it is going to germany. but it turns out to be a trap. when the train stopped, police were waiting to herd the migrants to holding camps. this woman begged not to be taken away, her husband was so desperate that he grabbed them and threw himself on the tracks. >> the next day, fed up migrants stuck in budapest now numbered in the thousands decided to walk. they couldn't remain in that
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train station and they don't trust the hungarian government to help them. they will continue walking until they reach the border. >> the mood forced the hungarian's government hand and started busing migrants to the austrian border. they then boarded trains from austria to germany where we ran into jawan kamal a 16 queer old syrian we interviewed weeks before after he made that deadly crossing to greece. >> yeah. >> new life, new memories, new friends. >> jawan was, was a happy ending but thousands face even more suffering and an uncertain future. >> most of the people we met along the way are syrian refugees who have left behind lives that were once prosperous. >> a legal advisor on the train, a cardiologist with his three children whose life is a dentist, an agricultural engineer, a laboratory technician, and a staggering,
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heartbreaking number of children. toddlers, babies. >> ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances, making life and death decisions with no end in sight. charlie d'agata -- cbs news, ruska hungary. >> a new battleground poll released today shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton in two of three early voting states. on the republican side, donald trump is still ahead, but ben carson is gaining ground. >> here is julianna goldman. >> i am gratified to see so many people are actually starting to listen to what i am saying. >> in iowa former neurosurgeon ben carson is running just four points behind donald trump but the billionaire support shows no sign of slowing down. a majority of republicans in all three states are angry at washington and across the board say the most important thing is a candidate with experience in the private sector and getting
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things done. >> i am a deal makerly make great deals for this country. >> the polls showcase trump's broad coalition, in in new hampshire he i is winning among women, moderates, evangelicals and very conservative voters, that is even as he sounds less like a republican. >> we are going to be reducing taxings for the middle class but for the hedge fund guys they are going to be paying up. >> and more like another candidate who has taken a surprising heed. >> the american people in my strong view are sick and tired of establishment politics, of establishment economics, and they want a candidate who is prepared to stand up to the big money interests. >> senator bernie sanders is beating hillary clinton in new hampshire by 22 points, a state she won in 2008. >> in iowa and new hampshire voters are more likely to believe clinton's policies will favor the wealthy and sanders was backed by more women. in washington sunday, the clintons attended church and the
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democratic front runner said the pastor offered some lighthearted advice. >> basically said, you know, if you are going to read and listen to romance 12, you have got to be nicer to the press. so to my friends in the press, i will certainly take that to heart. >> hillary clinton is winning in south carolina, bernie sanders invites president joe biden basically tied there down in every state a major difference is enthusiasm, sanders is generating it and clinton is not. >> dahler: and just begun, julianna goldman, thank you, reporting from washington. three suspected highway shooting copy cats are under arrest in phoenix. and the dodgers mvp whose biggest hits were in the kitchen. when this western edition of the cbs evening news continues. >>
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>> dahler: today officials in arizona announced new arrests for a crime similar to the
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string of recent highway shootings in phoenix. authorities believe these suspects are copy cats. here is ti-hu chang. >> reporter: after two weeks of vehicles being struck by bullets, today the sheriff of maricopa county held a news conference to announce the arrest of a trio of teenagers using a slingshot and stones to hit cars and people. >> just probably a copy cat but that is still serious. >> reporter: since august, 11 vehicles traveling on or near interstate ten in phoenix have been struck by bullets or small projectiles. the attacks have also struck fear in many motorists who have taken to side streets and even cokohn vinceed some they have bn targeted by what turned out to be road debris. >> if the police can't find the person what are we going to do? i am just trying to go through day to day. >> one injury shattered glass and cut a 13-year-old's ear. >> and arizona state police arrested oscar de la torre munoz
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as a person of interest. he is being held on marijuana charges. today, the director of the arizona department of public safety was asked if munoz is involved in the shootings. >> i am not at liberty really to discuss that. i think there are three different mos, i couldn't tell he you if it is one people or a group of people or a guy changing what she doing. >> the governor ducey discussed these ending the shootings. >> dahler: ti-hu chang thank you very much. >> still ahead the county clerk jailed for failing to issue same sex marriage licenses returns to work tomorrow. but will she obey the law? >>
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>> dahler: rowan county
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kentucky clerk kim davis returns to work tomorrow for the first time since she was jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. but is she ready to obey a judge's orders? here is meg oliver. >> reporter: over the weekend, kim davis stayed out of sight. one of her attorneys harry mihet told us she is still reflecting between her faith and her freedom. >> she still thinking and praying very long and very hard about what she will do. i don't believe she has decided yet. >> the nonprofit organization planting peace erected this new billboard in morehead reading, dear kim davis, the fact that you can't sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we have already redefined marriage. director of operations davis hammet. >> what is the message you want to convey with this billboard? >> we are trying to send a message that will inspire her to think through this, to recognize that she is acting as an agent of the government and if she can't fulfill that duty she need to resign. >> after five days behind bars the 49-year-old clerk was released from jail last week.
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>> i just want to give god the glory. his people have rallied and you are a strong people. >> her lawyers says a solution is still possible if they remove davis's name, title and authority from the marriage licenses. during her absence, deputy clerks issued licenses and vowed to continue even after she returns. >> they are her colleagues and her friends. she hates the fact that they have been put in this impossible situation. along with her. >> on friday, davis filed a motion asking the court to ask her to continue banning marriage licenses for her entire office until a lawsuit is settled against her. don, her attorney told me the earliest a decision is expected on that is wednesday morning. >> dahler: all right, meg oliver, thank you very much. up next, remembering basketball's great moses malone. >>
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>> dahler: heisman trophy winner jameis winston nfl career got off to a rough start today.
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his very first pass as quarterback of the tampa bay buccaneers was caught, just by the wrong team. titans corner back coty sensabaugh returned the interception 26 yards for a touchdown. basketball great moses malone has died. over a 20 year career, he was mvp 3 times and earned the nickname chairman of the boards for his prowess in the paint at one-point leading the league in rebounds for five straight seasons. in 2001 he entered the basketball hall of fame. malone died in his sleep of undisclosed causes. he was 60 years old. the los angeles dodgers have loved a beloved member of their family, dave pierson worked as a chef serving vips as dodger stadium for 50 years after following the team west from brooklyn a friend to legends like vin scully and tommy lasorda he ultimately became a legend himself. for his food and his devotion. pierson had been battling lung cancer in recent months. he was 75. coming up, a teenage chef who is
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a long way from the kids table. >>
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>> dahler: finally tonight, it's probably safe to say most 16-year-old boys only venture into the kitchen to grab a snack, but for one california teen, the kitchen is where he discovered his passion and his future. >> with the opening of his first new york restaurant just hours away, 16-year-old flynn mcgarry is feeling the pressure. >> 14 courses that lot of prep work. when do the nerves set in? >> the nerves are always there. but they usually set in like maybe 20 minutes before people arrive on the first night. >> on saturday evening's tasting menu, hand made peanut ritz crackers with foie gras and at a price of $160 a head. >> so you are getting some great ingredients there is foie gras, there is caviar on the menu, very nicely aged beef on the
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menu. >> welcome to my kitchen. >> mcgarry's love for cooking began as an early age. >> i started cooking mostly because i didn't really like my parents food. i mean, i was kind of like i can definitely do better than this, and they are like gre by all means you can take over the cooking. >> his mother hosted a popular super can club in their los angeles home. >> this is amazing. >> eventually landing him on the cover of "the new york times" magazine. >> give me a second. >> teen chefs are trendy on food centric cable shows. >> this dish is only flowers. >> but mcgarry is getting noticed for his imaginative creations. >> a lot of guys your age would be fantasizing about cars or girls or sports. i get the sense that you are kind of thinking up new ways of preparing foods. >> all the time. almost too much. >> is flynn a novelty or do you think he is the real deal? >> he is 100 percent the real deal. >> carla ruben is sponsoring his restaurant, uh rekarks i think if people can stop talking about
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how old he is, they will see it because his food is absolutely tremendous. >> is this the culmination of a dream or the beginning of a dream? >> definitely the beginning. if this is the culmination that would be a little -- a little sad. a little too early. >> mcgarry finished high school last year. he began small with only 24 customers last night, but his reputation is growing. reservations at eureka are sold out until mid october. >> that's the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs "60 minutes", i am don dahler in new york, thank you for joining us and good night. >> captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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tonight: entire neighborhoods are wiped outd thousands have been forced flee with just the clothes their backs: (from mark kelly's pkg) it s like a matchbook. it was li boom. butt to (from 530 terrifying escape) it went l the way around us. there wa stopping it. we just watchee houses around us burn. tonight: evacuees who made it out with just seconds to spare are telling their sto. while hundreds wait to hearf their homes are still stand kpix 5 news is next. (from mark kelly's pkg) it s like something you see in t movies. it was terrifying.,,
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state of emergency. tonight- hundreds of homes are gone.. as an it is something like -- that you see in the movies. horrifying. >>


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