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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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of control it has destroyed 400 homes and hundreds are affected a large section of middlesex -- middletown is distracted many people escaped with little more than a close on their back, the buyer keeps spreading because of the strong winds and most of it has happened in cog mountain, middletown and hidden valley late including entire blocks. good morning everyone i am sean. >>mike: and i am mike. here's a map of the burned area. the fire is creeping up north and 17,000 people have now been evacuated. there are areas along highway 29 from kelsey built to middletown, joe
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vasquez has the latest. >>jon: as flames continue to rage and show how quickly everything is moving and all the devastation it leaves behind, driving to middletown the damage is large scale it looks like a bomb went off. entire neighborhoods are turned to ash and it looks like dozens of homes are gone. >> it's hundreds of 2000s of homes that have been destroyed. >>reporter: the heat was so intense it melted tires. it took out vehicles parked in their driveway. this is the fifth major wildfire in lake county and by far the worst. the other fires mostly affected rural unpopulated areas but this one is affecting the areas
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like cobb and middletown, with the help of swift wins it began spreading. >> we had over 40,000 acres in 12 hours, it's unheard of. this fire is moving. >>jon: is charging towards their homes. >> multiple structures are on fire. >>jon: the entire town is not destroyed. to give you an idea of how brandon the flames are, this house burned to the ground while the two houses on east -- each side looked normal. >> it took valuable hours to get evacuations underway and now they are fighting the blaze on several fronts in three counties and they are cyclic backdated to the homes and
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checking with cadaver dogs to see if anyone but decided to stay behind could have also died , i am joe vasquez. >>reporter: there are plenty of food and supplies but what they really need our cash donations. get online work text the red cross 290999 to make an instant $10 donation and we have a link on our website at cbs sf $10 donation and we have a link on our most schools are closed including lake and you and hope elementary and how will elementary. >>reporter: lets check weather, we were in the sierra and smoke is area -- everywhere. it was raining ash and we were trying
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to come up with the forecast for the valley fire and the bottom line is it's a dire situation and the wind should be better. we are thinking about cog in the middleton area as well but we have extremely dry conditions . we are hanging out hope for a little bit of light rain on wednesday but right now it is hazy and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it looks like the temperatures will be cooler than yesterday. under 80 for the most part and the full full cost -- forecast will be back in a minute. >>reporter: we are accidents even -- free right now and off to a good start. something you want to look for is we are close to third to fourth and in the lanes in and
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around there has been gridlocked. also we will have a close simon 237 and 101. our closures are in effect due to the fires and highway 29 has also shut down. avoid the area if you can. the mass transit is right on time. >>reporter: 4:35 am and they are trying to implement overcrowding during high hours. this is where they are adding this to all trans areas. >>reporter: more trains for tonight's season opener, the cable be in santa clara and they will be heading to the game during the height of the commute.
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they learned a lot during the recent pregame. adjustments will be monitored so that the right home can go more smoothly. >> as we get them into the game we know the numbers on how many people are coming from mountain view and santa teresa so we can figure out resources to get them back home. if there are more people than they anticipate we will have them go back. >>michelle: round-trip tickets are available and you can vote up your clipper card ahead of time and you can check out the action at kpix 5 . >>reporter: the raiders offense could not get on track yesterday at all and the quarterback left the game with an injury in the second quarter with an injury to his throwing hand and the bengals led 33-0.
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33-13 was the final. >>michelle: today was the last day for developers and oakland community group is expected to unveil today their affordable housing proposal near lake marion. this is the same side of a high- rise battle between a private developer and affordable housing . >>frank: and other nontraditional candidate is making progress on the republican side. he is getting ground in iowa running four points behind celebrity billionaire donald trump. according to the tracker it appears to give carson some momentum going into wednesday's debate. >> i'm gratified to see that so many people are listening to what i am saying >>frank: chose bernie sanders with the ticket agent over
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hillary clinton. sanders is from neighboring vermont. >>frank: president. obama's campaign may be over but he will be in iowa in des moines training education secretary arnie duncan for back to school bus tour the president also plans to announce a change to the financial aid system that will allow students to apply for assistance three months earlier. >>michelle: times 4:38 am and we follow a raging wildfire in california were thousands of people have to be there home, updates after the break. >>frank: and a same-sex marriage dispute and how local activists are trying to get attention. michelle make what's cool about your school? email us at,,,,,,,,,,
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>>michelle: the valley fire is one of the worst in decades. >>frank: with an update we are in middletown where entire neighborhoods have been wiped out. kate back -- >>reporter: driving to middletown is heartbreaking, instead of homes we see this, the aftermath looks keen to a war zone and we saw active flames as we drove into the town and the valley fire is one of the worst to hit lake county and one of the most aggressive buyers to people have seen and the fire has grown from 50 acres to 50,000, it is an all hands on deck and some firefighters that have scheduled vacations asked to cancel them so we know they are these 1500 firefighters on the ground. they have declared a state of emergency and there were four firefighters that were injured that are now in stable condition
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. from my experience we know that firefighters will be getting ready to do their morning briefing and their method of attack. we know they have a lot of head of the -- them. >>michelle: we are monitoring it closely. >>frank: the cost of gas has dropped $.47 in the national averages out to 244. as for local areas the current averages $3.02 in oakland and 320 san francisco. gases selling for 255 in santa clara. >>michelle: in kentucky it's back to work this morning for accounting clerk that was refusing to issue marriage licenses. a federal judge
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ordered her not to interfere with office staffers that started issuing licenses why she was away. >>reporter: the kentucky clerk will return to work this morning for the first time since she was jailed for refusing to issue marriage license. she spent the week reflecting. she is thinking and praying very long and hard about what she will do. >>frank: they put up a billboard in davises town and it says the fact that you cannot sell your daughter for three goats and account means we have redefined marriage. >> we want to send a message for her to recognize that if she cannot fulfill her duty she needs to resign.
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>>frank: thousands came out to show pride in the east bay yesterday. there was dancing and entertainment and even bull riding at the gay pride festival. it was a record-breaking fundraiser this year and they said oakland is proud to be a city of progressive values. >> it's 2015 and we all need to get along and accept each other for who we are individually. >> everyone needs to see themselves as accepted. the pride festival through the city has helped the community with other festivals and events since 1997. >>michelle: the weather was great this weekend. >>roberta: a little bit cooler.
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saturday it was really obvious when the heatwave with top. we had all these remnants roll into the bay area and it was extremely windy and everyone thought it was sprinkling and yesterday it was set up for the greater game. >>roberta: with overcast conditions and due to the fire. it is refreshing in the 50s and 60s. we have partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures will be cooler and we have a rain chance in north bay and rain chances for everyone on wednesday. we have tropical moisture and we have an area with pressure to the north that will skim across and as it does
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it will produce a chance of north bay raid. anything we get will be beneficial for firefighting effort and we are not expecting enough. very light if anything at all. >>roberta: were talking about mid-60s of the beaches and 70s throughout the peninsula and just shy of 80 degrees and we left you on friday and it was cooler. here's temperatures today. it's cool today and tomorrow and chance of rain. and beginning on wednesday we start to get more conditions by the end of the workweek and full on conditions for saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 60s with sweaters.
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>>lee: a lot of traffic tonight and we have an accident brewing and we head out to the seed we start to see the drive time and because of this accident we go out of here and it eases up on the 205 and there is 60 mi./h in which you get past the accident it goes to clayton road and it is completely shut down. also in san francisco it is close near the missoni center between 3rd and 4th. you can expect that around this area and because of this if you
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are headed towards the business area we are not seeing trouble spots and it looks nice and there's a little bit of a backup and 18 minutes as you see your way towards the main bridge. between 880 and 101 we saw this over towards san francisco, 14 meeting -- 14 minutes from 582 101. everything is on time as you head out the door and take a look at conditions through south bay, northbound 1012 san jose, so far, so good. it'll brake lights on the south side and so far so good i want to 80. >>michelle: a new miss america has been crowned. >> the new miss america is miss
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georgia. >>michelle: miss georgia didn't offer performance to win the title and a $50,000 scholarship, contestants were from all 50 states, the district of columbia and puerto rico. >>michelle: a great weekend at the box office is the perfect guy managed to take top delete. they are nearly $26 million in ticket sales and a walk in the wood and mission impossible groundout the top box office. >>frank: it is 4:49 am and one of the studies taking place in san francisco is tracking the health of survivors of the atomic bomb blast in world war ii and john raymo's looks at
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the prognosis of survivors. >>john: if anyone knows about being in the wrong place at the wrong time it is 84-year-old jack, when he was 10 years old he left his hometown of sacramento to visit family in japan. that's when pearl harbor was attacked and he was stranded in the country and then one day about four years into the war he was with a group of young factory workers. >>john: jack was on the outskirts of hiroshima. >> it flew over my head and i probably weighed 100 pounds then i was thrown in the air. >>john: he survived miraculously but lived with the fear that he would get cancer from radiation. that is why she joined other bay area atomic bomb survivors at st. mary's medical center today. >> this is a one in a kind
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study as you can imagine. >>john: since 1977 a group of japanese doctors come to the united states to track the progress of survivors. most of them are now in their 80s and the prognosis is good. there were many deaths in the first few years from radiation illnesses, over the decade, survivors have shown a few abnormal health effects from the exposure. >> i believe it's positive. >>john: so far the findings of change what we know about the effects of radiation and give them peace of mind to those that live under the shadow of the terrible cloud. in san francisco, john raymo's. >>frank: doctors with the study say results go far with atomic weapons but it does offer hope
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to those that survived. >>michelle: the time is 4:51 am and dozens of kayakers were and dozens of kayakers were rescued
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>>michelle: 4:54 am and there could be an average of the mid- 60s and partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 70s in santa clara valley and temperature wise it should be 60s through the 70s and it's refreshing and unseasonably cool. north of the golden gate bridge we will have a slight chance
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for much-needed rain, a slight chance of rain showers in the clear lake area and high 70s. >>reporter: we are brake lights at westbound i 80 and on the scene of an accident involving 4 vehicles. this is the way to work with this and 17 minutes now headed towards 680. >>michelle: passenger planes bumped into one another lax, united fire lines -- airlines clip the wings of a departing alaska airlines jet and no one was hurt but passengers had to be taken off the planes and rebooked. the federal aviation administration and national transportation investigation board are investigating. >>frank: 50 kayakers had to be rescued when they ran into rough seas over the weekend, rescue boats picked them off on hog islands and pelican point yesterday at 1 am, the kayakers
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were on a guided night tour when the winds picked up and wanted to boats kayak capsized and two people were treated for hypothermia. >>michelle: there was a meeting to discuss the migrant crisis and redistribute the tens of thousands of people and escaping poverty in the middle east and asia and africa. they are calling for a quota system and eastern european states. >>frank: classes are canceled for the fourth straight day as 53 as 53,000 students are disputing issues of pay raises in the length of the school day to make up for the loss of the time. they will have to consider shortening holiday breaks or adding days. >>michelle: it is 4:56 am and we follow breaking news in northern california where a massive wildfire is burning out
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of control, we are live with what is feeling -- fueling the fire. >>reporter: and we look at the stadium and what is new when it stadium and what is new when it comes to traffic,,,,,,
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right now, a massive wildfire continues to rage out of control in lake and napa counties. leveling entire communities and causing at least one death. the valley fire has destroyed at least 400 homes. plus hundreds of other structures. a large section of middletown is gone with buildings turned to ash. and many people escaped the flames with little more than the clothes on their backs. this morning, the fire just keeps spreading. fanned by those strong winds. and most of the destruction has happened in the towns of cobb
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mountain, middletown and hidden valley lake including entire blocks in middletown. good morning everyone, it's monday, september 14th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 and here's a map of the current push area. the fire is running to the southeast into napa county and also creeping up north in the northeast. 17,000 people have now been evacuated and evacuation orderings have been extended to the clear lake rivera and soda bay regions and also in the place along a 30-mile stretch of highway 29 from kelseyville to middletown. kpix 5's cate cauguiran joins us live in middletown where the devastation is widespread. good morning. >> reporter: it's widespread and it's heart-breaking frank. i mean take a look at this see it for yourself, this used to be somebody's home, now just been reduced to ash and rubble. it's the same thing for hundreds of other people here in lake county. this morning they will not have homes to come back to because fais fire was so aggressive and


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