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tv   KPIX 5 News and Pre- Game Show  CBS  September 14, 2015 7:00pm-7:21pm PDT

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makes me wish i was in the locker room ready to strap it on. >>dan: what an off-season for the 49ers. it will be a tough one, after tonight to get the steelers, the cardinals and the packers. the four teams combined to go 41 and 23 last season, it's a long season of 16 games but there is a heavy emphasis on getting out of the gate strong tonight. >>reporter: they definitely want to start fast and everyone wants to see how they are going to play and if the offense will click. it's a good opportunity for them to go out there and establish the game and that's it. >>dan: all eyes will be on number seven in black. everyone believes that much of the game will rest on the shoulders of colin kaepernick. the plate 13 games as a rookie and finish the last five games
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as one of the best quarter -- quarterbacks in the league. he spent part of his off-season with kurt warner on becoming a better pocket packs -- passer. >>reporter: alongside us is kurt warner and he will do the national radio call and i know the certain quarterback that wears number 7 and i guess you'll be eyeballing him a lot? >> no question about it, we got to work together in the off- season and he's a great young kid that works is that often wants to be great. i am hoping that something i do can help him out on the field. >>reporter: what mechanically will you look for? >> we worked on maintaining and being comfortable in the throwing position. at least he is hopeful when he's outside the pocket and moving and making plays but in the national football league you have to be able to take what we call layups in the
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quarterback position. you're comfortable in the pocket and you're able to read those plays. those plays that are out there that are easy you have to be able to make those as a quarterback. >>reporter: if he does you can be like hey, i did that. >> it's all about him, if you see strengthen the football field it's because he put in the hard work and was committed to it. this is no credit to me it's about colin and him getting better. >>reporter: have a good call tonight and we will listen for it. if you want to hear more about kurt warner she has a good book out. back to you in the studio. >>dan: i was wonder how he got those services >>jerry: there's no questioning collins commit he is on the back 100% but some of questioning his ability. we saw
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some inconsistencies, what are your thoughts? >>dan: they need to get the timing down and if it's going to be a big mess like it has been the last couple of years you have to put the ball there and have they progressed that for -- far, i don't know, i think the key is copper neck and everyone talks about him being a better pocket passer and i think the threat of him running and actually showing that he is committed to doing that keeps him on it. >>jeremy: you lose effectiveness when you do that. >>dan: some quarterbacks are only as good as the offensive line and davis went to retirement and joe staley is the only returning starter at his position. with so much in flux you were a pro bowl center,
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people challenge and played together for a long period of time inconsistency is important >>jeremy: joe looney was a starter all preseason and they let him go and then they added to the starting lineup. i think these guys are going to have some growing pains and hopefully they can get it together but at the end of the day it's tough to jump into a situation like that and be able to pass games off and nonverbal and work up to the second level. a lot of that stuff takes timing with the guy next to you and it takes a while, it really does. the key to this defense is to see how quickly they play together. >>dan: what about the guys that his back, navarro bowman returns and adrian peterson is back for the first time since last year's
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opener, he was put on paid leave from the vikings after being indicted on child abuse charges. he will not face jail time but was put on probation and will do community service. he ran for over 1200 and scored 11 touchdowns. he was unquestionably the best running back in the game. >> for the first play and second plate third play i will take a deep breath and be ready to roll. >>dan: to you stack the box and let him beat him, if you're worried about adrian peterson who's had a year off. >>jeremy: i hope he blasts have. >>dan: they will start either keith or kenneth acker. they
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had four interceptions and crumbly recoveries and went to the pro bowl whose rookie season . joining us now is 49ers safety eric reed, is there any better way to start a season than monday night football? >> there's no better way, we have the home game and we are excited. >>dan: the 49 -- 49er defense has undergone a dramatic change and we had jimmy ward back and when i noticed is this is it team that looks like it has more speed in the secondary, what is your assessment of the defense? >> we have some new faces but we have guys that have played well in preseason and get out there. >>dan: the 49ers did not show a lot defensively. it is apparent
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that eric mangini will be more aggressive and they need to dial it up a little bit. they need to bring the kitchen sink tonight, is this more exciting? >> playing against adrian peterson i look forward to that as a guy in the locker room for a long time. it's kind of surreal to me but i look forward to that as well. >>dan: you been practicing throughout the preseason and since the beginning of august. have there been any wrinkles on what's can go on in the preseason game? can you give the insights to 49ers on the potential of the offense? >> we have a lot of potential and they do a good job in the off-season and we have people
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that spread the ball around. >>dan: one year ago you were considered by many as a super bowl favorite, the team that would go to the big game but from an outside perspective but are has been lowered, what has the feeling been like in the locker room, isn't more optimistic? >> our goal is not only to make it to the super bowl, it's to win the super bowl and that's what were working towards this year. we are not afraid of that and we don't really care what anyone else is about us. i personally like being the underdog, it was like that back in college and it worked well for us. >>dan: will he play or not, i'm talking about the megastar from the land down under how jerry haynes took an entire country by storm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>>dan: you are looking at levi stadium in santa clara and see the black jersey up there, that's what the 49ers will be wearing tonight and they invite you coming up in minutes right here on channel 5. jared haynes signed a deal with under armour this weekend and he has still not played a down of regular- season football and has an endorsement contract. he could have left millions on the table when he walked away from rugby but it seems he will make a lot of it back. >>dan: jared hayne had no idea what was in store for him when he left sydney last october. >> i think i did not realize this. >>dan: to gain success in the
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preseason and australia used in the main course. it writes for the daily telegraph in sydney has been staying in south bay for one month. >> there was nine pages in the paper about making the nfl. >>dan: that's only a small slide and there are 14 games in the nfl online shop is selling the number 38 jersey like coffee cakes -- hot coffee cakes. >> everyone thought it was a conspiracy and no one could believe that he was doing this for real.
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>>dan:e led the team in rushing in preseason and some of them were worthy of the highlight reel. >> i am not shocked at all. >>dan: he is a rugby coach and has a foot tall background as well. he thinks rugby skills could open the playbook for the 49ers. >> he would be a good passer and whichever way he is running he will pass actively. he would put something in that wasn't expected. >>dan: he joined the team in march and was originally out of place with his shirt off you posted this photo thumbing his nose at those that just criticize him.
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>> people thought he was lazy but he's probably one of the best guys that has ever played the game. >>dan: he is a lot to prove to himself and football stands -- fans but to his mom he has nothing left to prove. >> my whole dream as a professional athletes was to play here in my hardest and i did that everything else has been a bonus. >>dan: the question was would he be suited up for tonight's game and the answer is yes. >>jeremy: this guy is special and he might make the difference in this game today
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and he could break one of these things and take it to the house. it might be the difference between winning and losing. >>dan: howdy like that for our? >>jeremy: i enjoyed watching him and i enjoy looking at him and see what he can do. >>dan: there's something about number 38 that added a lot of spark to the preseason and we will see tonight. in terms of the black jersey 49er fans do not like change, remember when they changed the helmet. this is the black uniform, how do you like them? >>jeremy: i think their sweet. as a fat guy i don't like to wear the white ones, they show too much. i wouldn't want to wear them. i want to go out there in those black jerseys. >>dan: to talk about their increased value and two days after signing with the raiders
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former linebacker aldon smith was on the field. he made two tackles and hit the quarterback ones. the league is still reviewing the charges against him and he could still be suspended and he spoke yesterday after the game. >> how did you feel? >> not good. but i went to the same thing, and everything happens for a reason, that is how i look at it . i don't think too much about it, i just move on and move forward. >>reporter: i thought he spoke well. >>dan: what are your thoughts on him? >>jeremy: he said this organization stands behind you and it was a slap to the 49er organization and they stood behind him for the first five
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incidents. i think he forgot to think the 49ers and that was your interpretation. >>dan: we disagree. >>jeremy: we will disagree more on the fifth quarter, we will see you after monday night foot tall -- football. >>reporter: we are not done yet, fans of the 49ers and fans of the vikings are streaming into santa clara to watch the return of the adrian against, don't adjust your tv those are the alternative uniforms. black and red. they hope to be inspired tonight as the 49ers host the minnesota vikings. the final game of week one on of the 2015 season.
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hi, everybody. i'm chris berman along with trent dilfer. good to be with you. and it's the first monday night game in the new stadium. the niners didn't have one last year. of course, we know this is the home of super bowl 50. 49ers are hopeful to be the first team to play in their home stadium in the super bowl. minnesota vikings, they are wondering when the season is going to start. they played in canton eight years ago, and now here. and adrian peterson, suspended for a year last year. he is back. mvp years ago. and he hasn't taken a football hit in a year. how will he be? >> trent: i have no doubt that he is going to be a fire breather. he is going to light any field he steps on on fire. more importantly, i had puts a fire in his teammates, his coaches. heck, the whole state of minnesota has fire in their eyes waiting for adrian peterson to hit the field.
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this guy has not taken a live hit in a year. it's been thought through practice. he didn't play in the preseason. my caution is this. the first time he takes that hit, the ball is trying to get ripped away from him, and he is trying to get back in the 2013 mode as quick as possible. >> chris: we wonder, and lindsey czarniak is working with us. and lindsey, good evening to you. agrdrian has an idea how it's going go tonight. >> lindsey: that is right. he says perspective. he said every game is just a game. but he knew he would have to battle emotions tonight. and he told me he had moments that were emotional. one, he ran out of the tunnel. number two, the coin toss. and number three, this is the moment he is most concerned about. right after the singing of the national anthem. i watched him. he did kiss his hands and point to the sky afterwards. i asked him what is it going to be like when you step on the
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field to play? he said excitement and he took a breath and said redemption. boom? >> chris: thank you. the 49ers, these are not your father's niners. they are not your niners, not your son's niners. they are your grandson's niners. >> trent: my opinion, the best inside line backer in all of football. especially when he is back. e niners are excited to have navorro bowman back. >> chris: he will be calling the signals for jim tomsula's 49ers. he was an interim coach one time in 2010. and he will go up against mike zimmer's vikings.


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