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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tonight utter devastation, entire neighborhoods look like this. right now one of the most destructive wildfires that california has ever seen is still burning out of control. in a little over 48 hours the valley fire has become one of the biggest in the state. >> it has and it keeps growing with no end in sight. here's the very latest on that fire. 62,000 acres have burned. it is only 10% contained. the flames have destroyed almost 600 homes and hundreds of other buildings. 13,000 people have been evacuated. all schools in lake county are closed tomorrow because of the devastation. >> everything you see in red, that's what's burned so far.
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we begin tonight with kpix5's joe vazquez who is live in middletown. >> reporter: as firefighters battle flames on several fronts tonight, we're getting an even closer look at more and more of the devastation. burned out cars, homes leveled to the ground, a life lost. she never had a chance as the wiesel was raging through the hill -- wildfire was raging through the hillsides ravaging homes 702-year-old barbara mcwilliams was -- 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams was trapped in an area out west of town called anderson springs. frank hoss says most of the homes were wiped out, very few left. >> there was 200. probably what i can say, maybe 20 or less. i don't know. >> reporter: mrs. mcwilliams lived way at the back of the neighborhood. her body was found last night. the disabled retired schoolteacher just wasn't able to join the 20,000 or so other vac we'lls as they raced the --
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evacuees as they raced the flames to safety. flames from the valley fire continues to roll outs of control down the hillsides. for the first time since saturday the skies cleared just enough today for air support to drop water from above. fire officials say lower temperatures and higher humidity are helping them get better containment. >> i'm a pretty tough individual, but i have some fears. >> reporter: roger beavers is surprised and grateful to realize his home is somehow still standing even though so many of his neighbors will eventually arrive home to nothing. >> if i would have came back and my house would have been like over here, it would be heartbreaking, just unbelievable heartbreaking. >> reporter: no doubt it willing even more heartbreaking as more evacuees are let back in to survey the damage of one of the worst wildfires in california history. in middletown i'm joe vazquez, kpix5. and a daring drive to show
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you one man shot this video as he drove through the raging fire saturday night to escape. he made it out just in the nick of time. he is one of the thousands of people who have been forced to flee their homes. many of them ended up at the napa county fair grounds in calistoga where our christin ayers is now. >> reporter: tonight there were several hundred people stranded they're at the fairgrounds, many of them no place to go. they're staying in rvs and tents. a lot of them don't even know whether their homes are still standing and they have no clue how long they'll be stuck here. a smoking smoldering pile of rubble, this cell phone video taken by a family friend is the only glimpse the borgess family has had of their house since being evacuated. for the moment the family lives in tiny tents on the calistoga fair grounds with hundreds of other evacuees. olivia says for her parents
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this is still are not real. >> i think after this whole thing happens, they don't have their house, that's when they're going to really feel it afterwards. >> reporter: many of the evacuees living at the fair grounds have no idea what happened to their homes. broke roberts has seen pictures of the destruction in middletown. >> it looked like hell, looked like a war zone. >> reporter: but he's heard only rumors about the fate of his home. >> someone told me it's burnt down. others told me it's fine. i'm just kind of like waiting until i can go back up there. >> reporter: for now the bright spots for these refugees have been small, the strumming of a guitar, the kindness of strangers. >> we kind of started as a hot chocolate stand. >> reporter: these young girls spent hours checking donations at a makeshift stand. >> then we kind of like holded up signs in front of the streets and people just started coming. >> reporter: in five hours they raked in more than $1,000 for people who lost homes. >> never guessed they would get that much money. >> reporter: tonight the red cross is the only hope for some
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people. volunteers pitched extra tents for anyone who might need them. they say they'll be here as long as the community needs them. last we checked about 500 people were expected to stay here overnight. you can see some of them milling around out here adjusting their tents. some people have their cars out here and are staying in those. we spoke to the red cross. they say they've been flooded with donations over the past few days. they have enough supplies. they're asking people who want to donate to just donate directly to the red cross. live in calistoga crist ayers, kpix5 -- christin ayers, kpix5. this is what windsor fire crews are up against. someone else posted this shot of the smoky sky outside of her house before she evacuated. she said so far she's heard her home is okay, but she won't be able to go back for at least a few more days. the town of hidden valley lake is also hit hard. reporter nick jane shows us some of the aftermath there. >> reporter: this is a perfect example of the kind of damage
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we're seeing in hidden valley lake. we're driving on this road. everything looks fine until you get to this spot right here and you'll see that the valley fire ripped through three homes one after another after another, the damage here absolutely immense as these three homes burned right to the ground. we don't know if it was a wind swept ember that got to this point, but exactly what we're seeing on hidden valley lake, on some streets completely untouched, others where one home beened and the others spared, but the valley -- burned and the others spared, but the valley fire made its way through this community with no rhyme or reason. we've seen probably 10 structures burned to the ground or maybe more than that as we've gone street to street assessing the damage. four firefighters are recovering from burns they suffered in the valley fire including richard reese. he's being treated at the uc davis hospital for second degree burns. today he got a surprise call from the governor and tonight scientists have new concerns. they say the snowpack in
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the sierra is the lowest in five hundred years. with no snow to melt and turn into water that means no relief from the heat and these bone dry conditions. the governor has declared a state of emergency because of the valley fire. >> we need our short term, which is to deal with the forests with preventive fires. it's to build up our fire personnel and the equipment that is needed and be ready to pull in resources from all over. lots of help has been pouring in for victims of the valley fire and their pets as you can see here. there's an evacuation center in calistoga that's housing everything from cats and dogs to horses. people have been bringing in big bags of food and other necessities, but the red cross says right now it really needs cash donations. you can designate your gift to victims of the valley fire at and donate at all lucky and savemart stores in northern calf. we will have more on the fire in -- california.
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we will have more on the fire in a few minutes. something that could help the firefighters, a big change in the weather. a live look at downtown san francisco right now and, palm, we had some scattered showers around the bay area today? >> yes. much cooler, scattered showers throughout the bay area, some of you with a steady rainfall for a little bit in the rainfall. kpix5 hi-def doppler showing those showers pushing into the central valley tonight, but we aren't done with the rain yet. gilroy earlier today did see rain showers along highway 101 capturing some much needed rain in the south bay. mount tamme nearly .2-inch of rainfall today, scott valley in the cruz mountains .1-inch rain and even oakland with some measurable rainfall. that's helping firefighters. the rain showers continue into tomorrow and the temperatures cooler today. that means higher relative humidity. it won't solve all the problems, but it will help the next 24 hours. futurecast just got updated for our next significant rain
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chance. we'll talk about that coming up. a live look at levi stadium in santa clara, took a while to get into gear, but the 49ers ended up thumping the vikings in their home opener tonight. >> it was a night of firsts for the 49ers, wasn't it? >> reporter: absolutely. the night before the game the spotlight was on adrian peterson, of course, but the star of the game was the other running back on the field, the other be in 28 carlos hyde. let's roll it up where the 49ers unveiled their new black uniforms, scheduled to wear them one more time this season. final minute of the 1st half. check this move, carlos hyde, little spin move, took it in the end zone. 9ers led 7 -0. hyde had 168 yards on the ground. 4th quarter more hyde, more offense. they just kept pounding the rock with hyde, a 17-yard run. the 49ers beat the vikings 20- 3.
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>> reporter: what would you like the identity of this team to be? >> first thing i would like this team to be is a team and that's what i think we have. that's what i believe we have. i think it's a really neat locker room, but i'd like to be tough minded and tough physically and smart. >> all right. so carlos hyde, his first 100- yard game, the 49ers and their first win of the season on to pittsburgh in six days. that's the story from santa clara. let's send it back to san francisco. >> we'll see you a little bit later in sports. right now let's go to kpix5's betty yu and the 9ers debuting that new look tonight. >> reporter: they sure did, allen and veronica, and i think after tonight's game a lot of those fans will want to buy the black carlos hyde jersey. we learned that the fans we'll very strongly one way or the
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other about the all black theme. the 49ers kicked off their season opener with a bold new lo, the stadium dressed the part, too. the end zones have been painted black and some fans sported the new jerseys. >> i luke the change. it gives excitement -- like the change. it gives excitement to the squad and i think blackout nights is something we should have forever. >> it messes up the color of my car. >> reporter: you'll understand when you check out this faithful fan's mini cooper. how do you feel about the 9ers alternate jerseys in black that they're wearing tonight? >> we didn't know that. >> they're trying to kind of copy the raiders a little bit. >> reporter: earlier today coach jim tomsula joked that black is -- >> assuming. the guys make fun of me. obviously it's neat. it's cool. the guys like it, you know. i'm trying to keep my connection to the younger generation. >> reporter: no matter where
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they stand fans just want the team to win after a troubled year both on and off the field. >> i think expectations are low this year, so the ceiling is very high, i think we can reach it. >> reporter: and tonight we heard a lot of 9ers fans say that the team did much better than they expected. right now a lot of them are dealing with some traffic and congestion as they make their way out of the main lot. many drivers we spoke to today said it really wasn't too bad. of course, a win will make that ride home and the traffic more tolerable. live in santa clara betty yu, kpix5. we're following breaking news, 16 women and children swept away in a flash flood. >> tonight american airlines admits it flew the wrong plane to hawaii, one that was never supposing to over the ocean. >> plus continuing coverage of the valley fire, half of the neighborhood burned but not this house.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. breaking news, seven people confirmed dead, six others missing after a flash flood ripped through southern utah. heavy rains fueled the flood. authorities say a large away of water smashed into two cars carrying 16 women and children. they were then swept downstream. three people survived. this happened late this afternoon in the city of hildale, utah, near the arizona border. hildale and its neighbor colorado city, arizona are the home base of a polygamous sect
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run by warren jeff. just about an hour ago cal fire upped the number of homes destroyed in the valley fire to 585. hundreds of other structures were also wiped out by the flames. the fire still growing, it has now blackened 62,000 acres. we've also learned that 72-year- old barbara mcwilliams died when the fire erupted saturday night. she was disabled and she was trapped in her home. tonight we're learning that eight of the victims who lost their homes in the valley fire are firefighters. >> don lopez is one of the lucky ones. he's a firefighter for south lake county. he was in cobb where the valley fire first broke out when he heard the flames were headed straight to his house. he tells us he was stunned to see among the ash and debris his home still standing. >> i drove down the street and i was looking around. all of my neighbors are gone and i'm just devastated. i thought minimum house is going to be gone. as -- my house is going to be gone. as i came around the corner, i
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saw it. i didn't know what to do. i started crying. i was staring at my house for about an hour. i'm just glad it's still here. >> unfortunately his daughter wasn't as lucky. her family lost everything. he's back on the front lines today and said he will continue fighting. when they're not hard at work at the valley fire, many firefighters sleep at camps like this one. this is a staging area at the lake county fairgrounds. cal fire set up the camps so the crews can get a meal, shower and a little sleep. firefighters often spend up to 30 hours working on the lines before they can take a break. however, they can be called at any minute to come back out if major flare-ups occur. heartbreak and prayers tonight for a popular retreat reduced to rubble. mark kelly reports from harvin hot springs in middletown. >> reporter: for lake county harvin hot springs, one of the oldest in the state, has long been a home away from home. >> very peaceful, you know. it's very nice.
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>> relaxing time, healthy food. it was nice living. >> reporter: but like so many homes in this valley the fire took over. saturday the entire resort had to evacuate. the flames quickly closing in. for jacob pike the new age retreat with its mineral pools and rustic country beauty was his place to unwind. >> the scenery was basically what everyone liked, the adobe kind of like housing and spas. >> reporter: fortunately the historic pool survived, but many of those beloved buildings from the retreat center to the cozy bungalows now nothing but ash. >> i can't imagine. >> reporter: today the website reads this is an emotional time for us and those who love this place. please know that we are confident that lar harbin hot
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springs will move forward. -- harbin hot springs will move forward. here we are just a 1/2 mile from the spas, power lines completely down. take a look behind me. the road to harbin completely impassible. still the folks from halbin according -- harbin according to their website plan to rebuild. tonight american airlines admits it recently sent the wrong plane from l.a.x. to hawaii, one that wasn't certified to fly across the ocean. the problem, flight 31, an airbus a321s doesn't have key things such as extra fire extinguishers or extra oxygen for medical emergencies. american should have sent an a321h. an employee recognized the error as the plane made its way to honolulu august 31st. the airline notified the f and canceled -- faa and canceled the return trim. the plane later flew back to -- trip. the plane later flew back to
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los angeles without passengers. >> the pilots didn't know. somebody in dallas said i think you have a problem and notified the pilots. >> it was just shocking to me that it was possible to make that level of mistake given all the technology and all the people who double check those things. >> american only started flying the a321 to hawaii last month. it used to fly boeing 757s. the faa is investigating. 1,100 people attending sales forces annual conference in san francisco are sleeping in a rather unusual spot tonight. they have a floating hotel. check out the dream boat, a luxury cruise boat. sales force partnered with celebrity cruises to offer the unique accommodations. that was after thousands got stuck paying a premium for hotel rooms last year. rooms on the shim start at 250 a night and -- ship start at 250 a night and it sold out. >> it's an excellent experience being on board because we are able to offer more than five star service as a floating hotel. we have swimming pools,
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jacuzzi, specialty restaurants and bars, penalty house suites, regular suites. it's fantastic. >> it's an interesting idea. as soon as they announced they were going to do it, i immediately wanted to stay on the shim, new experience, first time -- ship, new experience, first time, give it a shot. >> the dream boat will stick around until friday. cloudy conditions throughout the bay area today, undergoing a pattern change, temperatures about a dozen degrees below normal and looking behind the about a bridge, clouds behind -- bay bridge, clouds behind it as well. we'll be cloudy tomorrow and potentially rainy coming up on friday. we have a couple showers on the radar right now, a couple light showers may impact oakland, vallejo. fremont 57 tonight, cloudy night in san francisco, sun coming up nine minutes before 6:00 tomorrow. hello, fall, big broad area of low pressure off to the north and west, the jet stream diving
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down toward us. the low will make its way closer and drag a front through likely after lunchtime on wednesday, showers wrapping around that area of low pressure. some of you in the north bay may get more than 1/4 1/4 inch of rainfall. high pressure will build in on thursday. let's talk about this pattern change. it holds on two more days, cloudy tomorrow, potentially wetter on wednesday, almost 1/2 inch of rainfall in mendocino and lake county. wouldn't that be great for the valley fire and the firefighting efforts there. santa rosa 1/4 inch and computer models saying more rainfall coming up on wednesday. cool and breezy the next couple days, may see a passing shower or two tomorrow. the best rain chance will be after lunchtime on wednesday. 73 in concord tomorrow, 12 degrees below average, another breezy day in santa clara, 72,
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union city 70, san mateo only 68, concord, pittsburgh, low 70s, cloudy in san francisco 65, san rafael 72. cloverdale, ukiah, 72 degrees. 90s inland saturday and sunday and 80s near the bay. that's your forecast. time for sports. hello, dennis. what a night and what a day yesterday. not so good news across the bay as the raiders suffered some key injuries and the 49ers, man, did they answer the critics next. critics next. >> come up on the late show ,,,,
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not a first -- a lot of firsts for the 49ers, hthe deb in the black uniforms and not the debut that jarryd hayne had in mind, a muffed punt. he did rebound with a couple decent runs from scrimmage
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after replacing an injured reggie bush. scoreless until about a minute left in the half. carlos hyde spins out of a tackle, goes for 10 yards and a touchdown. look at that move. san francisco defense held minnesota out of the end zone and sacked quarterback kenny bridgewater five times. boldin and antwon combined to bring him down there. hyde had never gone over the 100-yard mark. he shattered it tonight. the 49ers win 20-3. jim tomsula is 2-0 as a 49ers head coach. >> whatever he sets up in the locker room and just his emotion and his personality there, that's our team. we carry that over to the field. you can see the o line the way they was blocking, carlos hyde the way he was running the ball. we're just doing it for him. he's our leader. >> reporter: there's been so much talk about how the 9ers are going to be a really lousy team. >> we know joy when you guys
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talk about it like -- we enjoy when you guys talk about it that way. we just go to work. >> no time to enjoy it, the 49ers travel to pittsburgh next weekend. up next why a woman didn't have anyone backing her up in the wi,, welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero? with three authentic italian deli meats; spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh.
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injury updates for the raiders, derek carr questionable way hand injury and charles woodson has a dislocated shoulder. the giants take on the reds, double deep to right, brandon felt knocked in. giants bead the reds 5-3. san francisco has won four in a row but still 7 1/2 games behind the dodgers. trying to break the deadlock with a little rally dance, a's and white sox going extras 7-7 in the 14th. melky cabrera, chicago wings the five hour marathon 8-7. i am just curious about the traffic right now at the stadium because we knew it's going to be a lot getting out.
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do we have a picture of that, by chance? there is the stadium. >> they're all still in there partying. >> traffic is moving, but you can bet there's going to be a can bet there's going to be a little congestion, the first ,,,
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the late show with stephen colbert is coming up next. >> got some good guests. our next newscast starts tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> good night. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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