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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's get our first check of weather and traffic. >> my phone was blowing up yesterday because everybody had to tell me where they were southeasterns rain develops -- experiencing rain drops. it's so rare anymore. everyone is so happy. >> wipers were going on the way in today. >> more because of the marine layer but yesterday the little down pairs that came and -- pours that came and went. good morning everyone, no rain in the forecast but as frank said, we do have some condensation, some misty conditions associated with the very deep marine layer. currently in the 50s and 670s. partly cloudy skies today and sunshine away from the bay. full forecast though coming up. we have a major closure. this is adjacent to the altamont pass and altamont pass road shut down in both directions between greenville and carroll. because of an accident. i'll have more on that and information on on more road closures because of the valley fire with my next traffic report. the valley fire in lake and napa counties is still going through populated areas. 62,000 acres have burned. the fire is now 10% contained.
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so flames have destroyed 585 homes and hundreds of other buildings. 9,000 more structures are threatened. 13,000 people have been evacuated and today, all schools in lake county are closed because of the fire. >> and to get a sense of the fire's reach let's take a look at the area in red on this map. it's massive. that's what's burned so far. joe vasquez reports on all the damage and how a woman died in that fire. >> reporter: she never had a chance. as the wildfire was raging through the hillsides, ravaging homes, 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams was trapped. she lived in the western outskirts of middletown in an area called anderson springs. >> bad. >> reporter: frank loss says most of the homes were wiped out. very few left. >> there was 200 -- i probably -- what i could see maybe 20? i don't know. or less. >> reporter: mrs. mcwilliams was at the back of the neighborhood, the disabled
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retired schoolteacher just wasn't able to join the 20,000 or so other evacuees as they raced the flames to safety. on the front lines, exhausted but persistent firefighters are digging in. as flames from the valley fire continue to roll out of control down the hillside. for the first time since saturday, the skies cleared just enough today for air support to drop water from above. fire officials say lower temperatures and higher humidity are helping them get better containment. >> i'm a pretty tough individual. but i had some fears. >> reporter: roger beavers is surprised and grateful to realize his home is somehow still standing even though so many of his neighbors will eventually arrive home to nothing. >> if i would have came back and my house would have been like over here, it would be heartbreaking. just unbelievable heart- breaking. >> reporter: no doubt it will be even more heart-breaking as more evacuees are let back in to survey the damage of one of
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the worst wildfires in california history. in middletown, i'm joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> all right joe, many people have been posting valley fire pictures on social media. this is what windsor fire crews are up against. you can see the flames and a woman posted this shot of the sky outside her house before she evacuated. so far she's heard her home is okay though but she won't be able to go back for at least few more days. >> and scientists are concerned about another factor that could hinder fire fighting. they say the snow pack in the sierra is the lowest in 500 years. with no snow to melt and turn into water, there's no relief from those bone dry conditions. well, governor brown has declared a state of emergency to deal with the valley fire while staying prepared for any others that might start. >> we need our short-term, which is to deal with the forests, with preventative fires. it's to build up our fire personnel and the equipment that is needed and be ready to pull in resources from all
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over. >> this morning some valley fire evacwees with go back home finally. they had to leave behind their pets. there's an evacuation center in caligo is a. people are helping feed and shelter house pets and farm animals. the red cross says right now, it really needs cash donations. that's the best thing you can do. you can designate your gift to victims of the valley fire you can also donate at all the lucky and save mart stores in northern california. got much more on the valley fire online and you can see our continuing coverage at >> just really feel for the people there. the pictures are amazing. they need some help though from mother nature. >> when you listen to a lot of them and they had to let the livestock and horses go in order to survive and they're hoping they will find their way through the fire to the creek, but many of the croaks have already dried up.
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it's just -- boy. extremely dire situation in the north bay right now. so only good news in all this is that the weather appears to be cooperating somewhat. in fact, today again, temperatures will be unseasonably mild. by a good ten degrees below average. so with the cooler air mass you get the higher relative humidity. the only problem is it's still breezy plus this fire is so massive. it does create its own wind storm. now at this hour the winds are relatively under 10 miles per hour to the south. oakland around the bay at 13. upstream 18 in fairfield and napa right now with the west southwest wind 11. we'll continue to blow today up to 15 and occasional gust up to 20. temperatures right now 50s and 60s and we have a very deep marine layer. as we take a look out towards sfo after 6:00 a.m. i guarantee you there will be some delays on some arriving flights. these temperatures are well below average. away from the bay. we should be in the high 80s and throughout the tri-valley. instead 74. 74 san jose. low 70s to the north. that full forecast is still
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straight ahead but first good morning lo liza. hi there everybody. start off in the east bay with an accident which has shut down multiple lanes of highway 4. this happened in the eastbound direction of highway 4 and you can see our sensors are picking up slow traffic just before bailey. in the bay point pittsburg area. just one lane is open. traffic very slow approaching this scene. that's a big accident to watch out for. westbound at the bay bridge toll plaza. everything is wide open at the pay gates and now just on the other side in san francisco there's an accident in the clearing stages westbound 80 at fremont street. and as crews clean up from an overnight accident, there is emergency road repair which has shut down altamont pass road. it's closed at this hour between greenville and carroll. all traffic is being diverted over to 580 and expect delays also throughout the day because of the convention traffic in san francisco. near moscone center. more on this including closures because of the valley fire with my next traffic report.
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guys? people who drive in san francisco can expect worse than usual traffic this week around the moscone convention center. the dream force convention is now underway. it's the annual software conference put on by the company sales force. several streets in the area are blocked already and also this year, in an effort to prevent a shortage of hotel rooms, the company has arranged to dock a large cruise ship to provide rooms for about 1,000 attendees. a break-in at a south bay drone store all caught on camera. thieves targeted drones, plus in santa clara they crawled into a showroom after breaking a window and then quickly grabbed what they could and less than a couple of minutes. the store's manager says the break-in was not an isolated incident either. other drones plus stores in southern california and vancouver, canada have also been hit. >> our products are pretty hot. these -- these drones -- these are interesting pieces and of course everybody wants to play with them. >> the manager says they did not get any of the high priced
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drones. the store sells, because employees take them and lock them up every night. santa clara police are still trying to identify the suspects in the video. a bicyclist charged with attacking a dar and driver in san francisco is now in a jail. he posted bail yesterday and he was arrested september 5th after video of the attack surfaced here, the car's driver side window was broken and he has pleaded not guilty to assault, vandalism and false imprisonment. a man is now carjacked in connection -- charged in connection with a bizarre police chase and standoff in san francisco. noah aisha was charged yesterday with several misdemeanors including hit and run and evading an officer. investigators say he ran away from a traffic stop thursday and then jumped into a channel of water leading to a standoff at the old pier. >> that was a crazy day. after an off-season full of turmoil the 49ers pulling off a big win last night as they open the 2015 season in style at home in santa clara on prime
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time here on channel 5. it seemed to work. they're scheduled to be worn one more time later this season. how about carlos i'ves? rushing for 168 yards a couple of touchdowns as the 49ers beat the visiting vikings 20-3. >> first thing i would like this team to be is a team. and that's what -- that's what i think we have. that's what i believe we have. i think it's a really neat locker room. but i'd like to be tough minded. >> they were impressive. the niners on the road next sunday. they'll play at bitburg. they are make, their way to southern california for the second primary debate tomorrow. donald trump still leads in the polls. but neurosurgeon ben car couldn't is a close second -- carson is a close second. fiorina will join them on stage for the first time tomorrow. on the democratic side, hillary clinton says she welcomes the opportunity to debate trump.
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>> but i am certainly you know looking forward if you are the nominee to debating him in the general election because there's a lot to talk about starting with his you know really outrageous statements about immigration. >> the former secretary of state will face off against the democratic opponents in their first primary debate scheduled for october 13th. just getting going on a tuesday morning here at 4:40. multiple people are reported missing after raging floods get out of control in utah. some new video is showing. we've got that coming up. >> what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,
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some rare september rain in the central valley has helped crews battling the so-called rough fire in fresno county. at nearly 140 tow acres -- 140,000 acres, it's the largest current wildfire burning in
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california. the fire began july 31st and it's now 40% contained and some areas remain evacuated. the valley fire still raging out of control in lacuna ma pa counties. over the weekend on saturday, the fire has burned 97 square miles and only 10% containment so far. the flames have destroyed 585 homes and are threatening thousands more buildings. 13,000 people have been evacuated. today all schools in lake county are closed because of the devastation. the fire devastated a popular retreat in middletown. what are bonn hot springs has been known for its mineral pools and rustic beauty. but while the historic pools survived the fire, many buildings did not. that includes the retreat center and the bungalows which are now nothing but ash. the destruction has customers already feeling nostalgic. >> the scenery was basically what everyone liked. the adobe kind of housing and like thing. the spas, just kind of relaxing
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basically. >> healthy food. relaxing time. just -- center nice living. >> staff from harbon have not been able to get to the site and assess the damage yet but on the resort's website. they are already promising to rebuild. crews in utah are looking for at least five people missing after flash floods that killed at least eight others as cbs news' don champion reports the women and children were in two vehicles that were caught off-guard by a wall of water. >> yeah they're getting everybody out. >> reporter: witness video shows not only the power of the deadly flash floods, but also the desperate effort to save lives. here, crews one by one pull women and children out of the packed car being swept away by raging water. just in time, everyone got out. but there are some people missing in southern utah. fire officials say 16 women and children in two vehicles were
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washed away monday evening when severe storms sent flood waters down canyons in the town of hilldale. >> as far as who is survivors and who's missing, we don't know at this point. >> reporter: through the night, the search continued for more victims. the youngest is thought to be just 4 years old. there were three survivors. >> more significant floods than we've had for quite some time. obviously it took them off- guard. they were well back from where the flood channel usually is. >> reporter: the floods hit a community that's home to a polygamist sect. the meteorologists say several severe storms moved through the area in just a few hours. don champion, cbs news. >> the state government is making a statement about saving water by replacing the capitol lawn in sacramento. yesterday, crews transformed 1,000 square feet of grass through a process called sheet mulching. mulch helped soil hold on to water and part of the state's fix it for good campaign which pushes californians to take
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permanent steps to save water. they include fixing leaks, replacing toilets, and converting yards. some mother nature could chime in and she did just a little bit yesterday i guess right? >> just a little bit. i know i was driving through oakland yesterday on the way to pleasanton and bam. it was wonderful. with really refreshing and then the smell of rain. today we will have an in- betweener day. we have another chance of rain showers back in the forecast on our wednesday. good morning everyone. let's take look outdoors right now where we do have the hi-def doppler radar and we're picking up a little bit of light precipitation and this is all associated with the very deep marine layer and i like to zoom in on that brisbane area. because be very mindful even though it may be condensation associated with the marine layer the roadway still can be very slippery when braking. sfo under mostly cloudy skies at this hour and temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. the winds have been up to about 10 miles per hour. all right, here's what we need to know today. first off a very deep marine
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layer with areas of drizzle. partly cloudy skies in some areas away from the bay, full on sunshine. but extremely mild conditions. then our next shot of precipitation will come tomorrow. this is it. area of low pressure that brought us a little bit of moisture yesterday is now moving out of here. in its wake we have some clearing and some clouds. this upstream is a brand new disturbance and we have some showers that are gathering around the core. the center of this area of low pressure. and that's wherewell see some of the -- we'll see some of the wrap arched moisture wanting to move into the bay area. here's the lunch hour today. sure you can pack a splurge head on outdoors. it will be -- lunch and head on outdoors, it will be unseasonably mild for this time of the year. otherwise, your futurecast is indicating we have some much- needed precipitation on wednesday far reaches of the north bay where we need it for the valley fire, otherwise we will dry out on thursday and begin to warm. thunderstorms a possibility in the high sierra today as well as in yosemite. we'll watch that closely for the potential of any fire danger.
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upper 50s and low 60s at the beaches with only partial clearing there. of 0s common across the central bay today and that's pretty spot-on for this time of the year. 70s will be common around the peninsula but in livermore, at least a good 10 to 13 degrees below average. 75 in fairfield. the winds will be up to about 15. here you have the extended forecast with that next chance of rain showers generally less than a tenth of on inch of rain. then the heat is back on especially sunday approaching triple digits. that's a look at the tuesday forecast, here's liza batallones. hi there roberta and good morning everyone. as she just said, roadways are damp in some areas and we're seeing more accidents out there. the big run along -- one along highway 4. the chp is intermittently shutting down all lanes of eastbound highway 4 approaching bailey. at this point, it's just one lane that's open and they have been shutting down all lanes periodically to work to clear up this stent involving -- accident involving four weeks again along highway 4. back to the valley fire, i want to highlight some of the road closures of course. highway 29 has been shut down in both directions at tubs lane
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and calistoga. 128 is closed as well in both directions approaching ida clayton. there's a closure just adjacent to 580. altamont pass road has been shut down with all traffic being diverted off to 580. it is closed for emergency road repair between greenville and carroll. all lanes of 580 itself remain open and you can see our sensors have picking up very -- are picking up very slow traffic for the westbound 580 commute. now the bridge commutes are still looking okay. westbound traffic is fine approaching san francisco. remember in the city. traffic is going to be bumper to bumper around moscone because of the sales force convention happening all week. right now it's an 18 minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the city. b.a.r.t. is on schedule. no delays for any of the local transit systems and if you plan on making the 280 commute, 280 very light right now through san jose and right here as we go quickly to the live pictures, 280 moving well approaching lee avenue. that's a look at the kcbs traffic.
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guys back to you. the san ramon man whose car was stolen last week has been reunited with his '67 ford mustang fastback. >> someone stole a pickup and trailer containing the race car last week. friday an oakland police officer found the pickup in an industrial park with help from his patrol car's license plate reader. the trailer and mustang were located nearby and chad wick was pleased to see most everything intact. >> i thought they were going to pull the motor and transmission out within the first day. but there was so much heat from facebook and the police departments and the highway patrol and that i think that they put it in their storage yard and scurried like cockroaches to get away from it so they wouldn't get caught. >> he's very happy and that's because the custom car is worth more than $100,000. >> lucky man. good for him. porsche is taking on tesla eventually. the automaker is showing off a
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prototype for a battery driven sports car. the mission e. will be a four door luxury sedan and porsche's first all electric model. the company is emphasizing long distance driving with a range of more than 300 miles. the car is expected to hit dealerships in the next five years. authorities in nebraska have released surveillance video of a bizarre break-in. a deer crashing through a window and running amok in a hotel. this happened last month in the town of york. someone was finally able to trap the deer in a laundry room of all places. authorities say the deer was not injured and was later returned to the wild. time now 4:51. american airlines admits it made a big mistake, details this morning on how a plane that wasn't certified to fly overseas made it into ,,,,,,,,,,
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good tuesday morning, september 15th. time check for you now is 4:54. take a look at the temperatures on your screen today. unseasonably mild away from the bay. partial coastal clearing in the 60s today. 70s common across the peninsula and into the santa clara valley. otherwise a fullon sunshine later today. highs topping off in the mid 70s. when we should be in the mid 80s. we do have a southwest wind and stinson beach at 67 degrees. 73 degrees in novato and partly sunny skies and cooler temperatures to the north. 7-degrees in clover -- 78- degrees in cloverdale. we have a closure now in the bay point area. eastbound highway 4 has been shut down all lanes are closed because of a multi-car crash. eastbound just before bailey road and bay point. no estimated time when these
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lanes will reopen. and the chp has issued a sig alert. i'll have an update on highway 4 and a complete look at your drive into work in just few minutes. american airlines admits it sent a plane from l. a. x. to hawaii that wasn't certified to fly across the ocean. american used an airbus that didn't have important items like extra fire extinguishers or extra oxygen for medical emergencies. american should have sent a different model. an employee recognized the error as the plane traveled to honolulu august 31st. the airline canceled the return trip and the plane flew back to l. a. without passengers. >> pilots didn't know. they weren't the ones that called american airlines and said we have a problem. somebody in dallas said i think you have a problem. and notified the pilots. >> it was just shocking to me that it was possible to make that level of mistake given all the technology and all the people who double check those things. >> american only started flying the airbus to hawaii last month. they used to fly boeing 757s.
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the faa is now investigating. arizona authorities are offering a big reward to help them track down a freeway shooter. police hope a $50,000 reward will lead to an arrest. on sunday, three teens using slingshots were charged with copycat crimes but police still believe the main suspect is still on the loose. there have been 11 shootings along interstate 10 in phoenix since august the 29th. the most recent happened on thursday. a suspect in mississippi wanted for the shooting death of his girlfriend and a college professor is dead. police say they were chasing 45- year-old shannon lamb when he shot himself to death. they believe he shot and killed his girlfriend yesterday and a delta university professor in his on campus office. lamb also worked at delta state as a professor. the ongoing strike against seattle public schools has parents scrambling to arrange for child care up north. the city of seattle opened some community centers to help the parents but several filled up quickly yesterday and some
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families were turned away. today the city will open even more centers. strike has delayed the start of the school year for about 53,000 students. >> reporter: the valley fire one of the worst wildfires in california history. and i'm cate cauguiran live in middletown to give you a closer look at the damage and an update on the fight. >> and i'm kiet do, we are live in san francisco. dream force is in town. there are no hotel rooms for everybody. so the innovative solution they've come up with. they've come up with. we're talking about a ,, they've come up with. we're talking about a ,, the buttery jack was a huge success. people went crazy for a burger with melted garlic herb butter. now, here's the sequel... ...with portobello mushrooms. boom.
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hang on, i don't want anyone to trip... ok. oh yeah. that's jack's new portobello mushroom buttery jack, the sequel to the classic and bacon & swiss, topped with the same melted garlic herb butter, plus portobello mushrooms and grilled onions. spoiler alert: it's awesome.
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good morning everyone. it's tuesday, september 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. the valley fire and lake and napa counties continues to rage this morning. so far, 62,000 acres have burned. the fire 10% contained. flames have destroyed 585 homes
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and hundreds of other buildings. 9,000 more structures are threatened and 13,000 people have all been evacuated. today all of the schools in lake county are closed because of the fire. >> to get a sense of the fire's reach, let's take a look at the area in red. on the map. that's what's burned so far. cate cauguiran is in middletown this morning with details on a woman who died and on the heavy destruction in that community. cate? >> reporter: well, michelle, as we get closer and closer to the damage. it just gets more heart- breaking as you can take a look at the car right here, you can see the fire so intense it practically melted the tires off of this vehicle. and as you mentioned michelle, we are learning more about the woman who lost her life to this fire. she did live on the outskirts of middletown and lake county officials say she never had a chance. as the wildfire raged from the hillsides, ravaging homes, 72- year-old barbara mcwilliams was trapped. she lived in the western outskirts of middletown in an area called anderson springs and officials


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