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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and hundreds of other buildings. 9,000 more structures are threatened and 13,000 people have all been evacuated. today all of the schools in lake county are closed because of the fire. >> to get a sense of the fire's reach, let's take a look at the area in red. on the map. that's what's burned so far. cate cauguiran is in middletown this morning with details on a woman who died and on the heavy destruction in that community. cate? >> reporter: well, michelle, as we get closer and closer to the damage. it just gets more heart- breaking as you can take a look at the car right here, you can see the fire so intense it practically melted the tires off of this vehicle. and as you mentioned michelle, we are learning more about the woman who lost her life to this fire. she did live on the outskirts of middletown and lake county officials say she never had a chance. as the wildfire raged from the hillsides, ravaging homes, 72- year-old barbara mcwilliams was trapped. she lived in the western outskirts of middletown in an area called anderson springs and officials say the disabled
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retired schoolteacher wasn't able to join the 20,000 evacuees as they raced the flames to safety. and the devastation continues this morning for the hundreds of families that have lost their homes. cal fire says the damage is now close to 600 homes lost and thousands more threatened by this fast growing fire. one resident tells us most of the homes in his neighborhood were wiped out. >> there was 200 -- i probably -- what i could see maybe 20? i don't know. or less. >> if i would have came back and my house would have been like over here, it would be heart-breaking just unbelievable heart-breaking. >> reporter: on the front lines firefighters got a little bit of relief. skies cleared up just enough for air support to drop water from above. firefighters on the ground exhausted but persistent were digging in as flames from the valley fire continued to roll down the hillside. now we are learning from cal fire that weather wassen their side yesterday.
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-- was on their side yesterday. hopefully it will be a key and i can tell you right now it is much cooler than it was yesterday morning when we were here. so hopefully that does help out the firefighters on the ground. reporting live in middletown, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> well, eight of the people who lost their homes in the valley fire are firefighters. >> yeah it's true. don lopez one of the lucky firefighters though, he's a firefighter for the south lake county. he was in cobb where the valley fire first broke out when he heard the flames were headed straight to his home. he tells us he was absolutely stunned to see among all the ash and debris his home still standing. >> i drove down the street and i was looking around and all my neighbors are gone and i'm just devastated. i thought my house is going to be gone. as i came around the corner, i saw it. i didn't know what to do. i just started crying. i was just frozen. probably for about an hour. just staring at my house. and just glad it's still here. >> he says his daughter had no such luck though. her family lost everything in the fire. he was back on the front lines by the way yesterday and says
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he will continue to fight that fire. and we got much more on the valley fire online including a timeline of the fire. some videos as well. you can check it out our continuing coverage at and of course the firefighters out there are hoping the weather lets up a little bit. she said it was cooler out there this morning? >> with the difference is is that we have higher relative humidity. so that makes it feel a little bit cooler. at the same time because you have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. plus the winds are blowing out of the west at 15. so that adds a bit of a chill. the winds not so good news for the firefighters. the cooler air the higher humidity, definitely big pluses for fire fighting efforts, on again and off again rain showers tomorrow. today a little bit of an in- betweener day in-between systems. we're looking out towards sfo right now. mostly cloudy skies i bet you we see airport delays there after 6:00 a.m. right now we are in the 50s and 60s and later today, with the
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southwest wind 5 to 15 miles per hour in the lake county and napa county areas, temperatures in the low 70s when typically we would be in the 80s. so a bit of a reprieve there as well. we're going to pinpoint the rain and when the firefighters can expect it and all of us as well. that's coming up but first good morning to liza. hi there and good morning everybody. we're going to talk about highway 4 where the chp has issued a sig alert warning. they're working hard to clear up the accident that happened about 30 minutes ago involving up to five cars and all lanes shut down with traffic diverted off at bailey road. we'll let you know when highway 4 is reopened and also altamont pass road has been shut down because of emergency road repair between greenville and carroll. chp is diverting off all altamont pass road traffic on to 580. you can see that westbound commute very heavy now. it is backed up beyond the 205 interchange and at the bay bridge toll plaza, though, still wide open at the pay
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gates. guys? thank you. traffic in san francisco is expected to be worse than usual this week with a big tech convention in town. kpix 5's kiet do joins us now to explain the changes made to accommodate dream force. >> reporter: yes, good morning you know it's being billed at the largest software convention on earth. according to the company sales force says that 160,000 people have already registered and thats roughly the population of the city of sunnyvale crammed into san francisco an already crowded place. as a result dream force now has a laundry list of detours and road closures and muni bus rerouting and visitors are being told to take public transportation or use alternate routes. parking control and police officers will be out in force. this is only day two of four. the conference wraps up on thursday. now with all the people. there simply aren't enough hotel rooms to go around. so 1100 people are tying in an unyou are -- staying in an
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unusual spot. the cruise ship. it's docked at pier 27. they partnered with celebrity cruises. after thousands of people got stuck paying a premium for hotels last year. rooms on the hotel ship start at $250 a night. and it is sold out. >> it's an experience being on board because we were able to offer more than five star service as a floating hotel. >> it's an interesting idea. as soon as they announced it i immediately wanted to stay on the ship. new experience, first time. >> reporter: neighborhood associations complained there weren't enough public notices put up about the hotel being on the waterfront there. this is the city's first floating hotel on that waterfront. so the dome boat will be docked on friday and again the conference ends on thursday. we're live in san francisco, kiet do, kpix 5. >> looks like fun. okay thanks. it is 5:06 now. a mistrial was declared for a teen accused in the 2013 murder of an off-duty paramedic. meanwhile another teen was found guilty of the murder.
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alameda county judge declared the mistrial for 18-year-old christian birden. he was initially accused of shooting can killing quinn bowyer in the oakland hills back in 2013. instead 17-year-old david mcneil was found guilty of the murder. tonight, the berkeley city council will consider a plan to boost the minimum wage to $19 an hour over the next five years. the proposal from the city's labor commission suggests bumping up the 2016 increase to $13 an hour. followed by an increase to $14.50 in 2017 and $16 in 2018, and $17.50 in 2019, and $19 an hour in 2020. the council will also vote on a proposal to raise the smoking age. it would prohibit the sale of tobacco products to people under the age of 21. according to the council member who submitted the proposal, nearly 9 #% of smokers -- 90% of smokers begin before the age
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of 18. he argues that tobacco should be regulated like alcohol. second gop debate tomorrow night and candidates are making their way to the reagan national library in the valley. reporter don champion shows us who might be next to challenge donald trump. ♪ >> reporter: an estimated 15,000 people gave donald trump a texas sized welcome. >> we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. we are. >> reporter: trump still leads in the polls but neurosurgeon ben carson is a close second. and carly fiorina who is gaining popularity will join them on the debate stage for the first time wednesday. the other woman in the race, hillary clinton, told extra's mario lopez she welcomes the opportunity to debate trump. >> because there's a lot to talk about starting with his you know, really outrageous statements about immigration. >> reporter: the former secretary of state will face- off against her democratic opponents in their first primary debate scheduled for october 13th.
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don champion, cbs news, new york. time now is 5:08. caught on camera, new video is showing the power of a flash flood in utah. why some residents in this community did not get the storm warning. >> rain is certainly back in the forecast and i'll tell you exactly wren and where and -- when and where and how much to expect. >> the chp still has the sig alert in place for eastbound highway 4 where multiple lanes are shut down. an accident involving several vehicles. we'll have details oen this including -- on this including including -- on this including information on road closures
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good morning everyone. it was a talk of the town yesterday. some light rain showers falling in and around our bay area. today, is an in-between day. we have a very deep marine layer producing a little bit of drizzle and partial coastal clearing and sunshine inland. next shot of rain tomorrow. we'll tracked together in four minutes -- track it together in four minutes. thank you. the valley fire in lake and napa counties still burning strong this morning. the fire has scorched 97 square miles and only 10% contained and the flames destroyed 585 homes and threatening thousands more. 13,000 people have been evacuated out of the area and today all the schools in lake county are closed. and that fire has devastated a
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popular retreat in middletown. cate cauguiran is there with more on that. cate? >> reporter: well, frank, for lake county, harbon hot springs has been a home away from home for many. also one of the oldest in the country. now the hot springs was known for its mineral pools and rustic beauty a place for people to unwind. but all the historic pools survived the fire, many buildings did not and that includes the retreat center. the bungalows which are now nothing but ash and the destruction has customers already feeling nostalgic. >> the scenery was basically what everyone liked. the adobe kind of like housing and spas. just like relaxing basically. >> relaxing time. healthy food. it was just -- center, nice living. >> reporter: the website reads this is an emotional time for us and those who love this place, please know that we are confident that the hot springs can move forward with your prayers, support and encouragement. now the staff from harbin hot
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springs hasn't yet been able to go to the site and assess the damage. but they say they promise to rebuild. reporting live in middletown, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> in the sierra foothills, light rain and cooler temperatures are helping crews battling the butte fire. cal fire says the wildfire is now 35% contained. more than 71,000 acres have burned and some perspective on that. it's about the size of oakland, berkeley and san leandro combined. 166 homes have been destroyed and thousands of people still cannot go home because 6400 homes are still threatened. we have continuing coverage of the major wildfires on the website. there's also information on how to donate to relief efforts. time now is 5:14. eight people are dead and at least five others are missing after a flash flood hit southern utah. authorities say 16 women and children were in two vehicles caught off-guard by a big wall
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of water and hilldale. rescuers managed to save three of them. >> more significant flood than we've had for quite some time. obviously it took them off- guard. they were well back from where the flood channel usually is. >> the victims reportedly didn't get the storm warnings because their religion prevents them from paying attention to the media. former governor arnold schwarzenegger has a new gig. terminating the dreams of job applicants. he'll replace republican presidential candidate donald trump as the host of the apprentice. nbc severed ties with trump over talk of the immigrants. schwarzenegger was selected based on his expertise on global branding and entertainment. here's liza batallones. >> highway 4 is the hot spot. this is in the bay point area where it is just one lane shut down at this hour. chp is telling us that this accident in the final clearing stages eastbound highway 4
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approaching bailey. so do keep in mind that traffic will be slow in the noncommute direction this morning. the westbound commute direction was already heavy leaving the antioch area. we'll watch that and let you know when that eastbound direction reopens. and an update on road closures because of the valley fire, highway 29 shut down in both directions approaching tubs lane and highway 128 is also closed to traffic. both ways at ida clayton. now as we move on to the rest of the commute, the altamont pass is certainly been the hot spot this morning. the freeway is open. what is shut down altamont pass road, it is closed in both directions so this is a frontage road adjacent to the freeway. it is shut down between greenville and carroll because of -- they're doing emergency road repair in the area. west 580 is slow leaving the altamont pass but fortunately getting into san francisco, by way of the bay bridge, it's still looking good. very light traffic leaving oakland getting into san francisco. and westbound traffic right here at the san mateo bridge, still flowing well with no big
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delays leaving the hayward area. bound for foster city and we see some familiaring lights heading -- flashing lights heading across there. they are going across the bridge in the westbound direction. that's a look at your kcbs traffic. here's roberta. good morning everyone. i got to tell you i was just thrilled to be able to throw the windows open yesterday and be allowing the fresh air in. my weather watchers all reporting temperatures under 8 # degrees on monday. let's take a look at some of the numbers as we wake up and get ready to head on out the door this morning. john mill receiver reporting 57 degrees in -- mill receiver reporting 57-degree -- miller is reporting 57 degrees there. keith rodriguez is in san leandro and he has cloud cover as well. we do have some areas of drizzle this morning all because of a very deep marine layer. according to our hi-def doppler radar. that's precipitation. that is very light rain showers that will greet you as you're headingen out the door. -- on out the door. look i like to zoom in like that because then you get a good idea where it's going to
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be wet and slippery for the morning commute. telegraph avenue, in the east bay all the way across the bay bridge you will need the wipers on. mostly cloudy skies looking out towards the transamerica building and temperatures 50s and 60s. and it is a little bit on the breezy side this morning. around the bay, hayward west- northwest winds at 12 and oakland 13. up stream we go. 14 in fairfield. and light winds at this hour in napa. here's what we need to know today. we have that very deep marine layer for openers with only partial coastal clearing and we will see full sunshine away from the bay and another shot of precipitation on wednesday. it's because of this right here. in fact i'll pull on out so you can take a good look at it. it's a brand new cold front. and we have some wraparound moisture associated with that. here's your futurecast and here's the forecast today. few clouds and sun mixture and then here's a little bit of light rain showers where we need it most and napa and lake counties on wednesday. temperatures 70s 2349 central valley. 60s in monterey bay. our numbers unseasonably mild.
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mid 70s in the inland areas, the winds will be out of the west and southwest at 15. warmer weather for the weekend. make it a great day. thanks roberta. go whale watching this is you want to happen. right here, this amateur video from australia shows three humpbacks getting very close to a boat filled with excited tourists and you can almost touch them there. the whales are about halfway through the migration season which ends in late november. a physical education advocacy group wants the state to crackdown on 90 school districts including some in the bay area for not meeting pe standards. the group called cal 200 has filed a petition that's named palo alto unified and los altos and menlo park city and mountain view. according to the group, the district and its petition are not complying with the law that requires at least 200 minutes of physical education for students every ten days. you may want to spend less time sitting at your desk or couch. researchers in the netherlands prolonged sitting times and
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sedentary behavior increases body fat. the study examined how less activity affected middle-aged people and it found that increasing physical activity and reducing sitting time are both important in reducing the risks of increased body fat. >> how long is this show? >> right [ laughter ] . two and a half hours. still to come new research shows aspirin might fight more than just headaches, how experts say the over the counter drug could be a major game changer coming your way. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up, a new head coach for the san francisco 49ers. could they make it 1460 on monday -- 1-0 on monday night football? highlights and the baseball story straight ahead. >> and what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at to us at and we may come and feature ,,,,
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good morning everyone. new coach, new uniforms, and a brand new season. here's how it came down last night against the minnesota vikings. there are the new black uniforms, scheduled to wear them one more time later this season. final minute of the first half. carlos hyde with the spin move to shake free. take it to the end zone.
5:24 am
7-0 lead. hyde. well over 100 yards for the first time in his career. the fourth quarter, san francisco now up 10-3. and they just keep giving minnesota a heavy dose of hyde. the 17-yard run. the 49ers win on monday night football, beating minnesota 20- 3. baseball. let's hope -- she gets her birthday wish. giants taking on the reds. stay hot, that man marlon byrd. double deep the right and knocked in bell. the giants beat the reds 5-3 and san francisco has won four in a row. but they still trail the dodgers by seven and a half games. and fans trying to break the deadlock with a little rally dance. a's and white sox going extras. tied at 7 and 14th inning and melky cabrera singles to right. the throw is late and soto scores and chicago wins this five hour marathon 8-7. only
5:25 am
blemish for the 49ers last night, reggie bush a calf injury. coach says it's not serious, we'll have more on that tonight but the 49ers off to a roaring start under the jim tomsula 1- 0. don't forget. he won his first game as an interim coach back in 2010. so officially, he's 2-0. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. >> they look good. okay dennis, how about the other game last in addition? they had a win bill -- night? they had a twinbill. phillies and falcons, a great one handed pick. take a look at that. pretty nice handiwork there. going up. there it is. and down it comes. but in the end, it was the falcons who won the game 26-24. but eagles get your play of the day. it is 5:25 right now. still to come, cameras are rolling during a wild break-in at a hotel in the midwest. how authorities say that deer got inside. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do, we're live in san francisco where dream force is in town
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and the traffic is about to go from bad to worse. from bad to worse. we have got,,,,,,,,,,
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at a look at some of the devastation left behind as one of the most destructive wildfires california's ever seen continues to burn. we're live up north with the very latest. plus, thieves storm a south bay drone store and all caught on camera. why the owner doesn't think this is an isolated incident. from the severe weather kpix weather center -- a sig alert in place for highway 4 where multiple lanes
5:30 am
of eastbound traffic are shut down. i'll have details. and good morning everyone, it's tuesday, september 15th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. today cooler temperatures and higher humidity are helping firefighters battling the valley fire in lake and napa counties. so far, 62,000 acres have burned. the fire is 10% contained. and the flames have destroyed 585 homes and hundreds of other buildings. 9,000 more structures are threatened. 13,000 people have been evacuated. today all schools in lake county are closed because of the fire. >> and a map here showing the extent of the fire thus far, you can see the large area in red there. that's what's burned since that fire started on saturday afternoon. cate cauguiran is in middletown with the details on a woman who died in that fire and on all the widespread devastation. good morning. >> reporter: absolutely tragic this morning. frank, i want to let you know that we know cal fire will be regrouping and the next couple of hours to kind of talk strategy for the day. but a closer look at the damage
5:31 am
still. take a look at this garage door, just basically melted and mangled and this morning, we're also learning more about the woman who lost her life to the fire. she lived on the outskirts of where we are here in middletown. lake county officials say she never had a chance. now as the wildfire raged from the hillsides ravaging homes, 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams was trapped. officials say the disabled retired schoolteacher wasn't able to join the 20,000 evacuees as they raced the flames to safety. and the devastation will continue this morning for hundreds of more families cal fire says the damage -- now close to 600 homes lost. and thousands more threatened by this fast growing fire: one resident tells us most of the homes in his neighborhood were wiped out. >> there was 200 -- i probably -- what i could see, maybe 20? i don't know. or less. >> if i would have came back and my house would have been
5:32 am
like -- over here. it would be heart-breaking. just -- unbelievable heart- breaking. >> reporter: now the front lines firefighters got a little bit of relief. skies cleared up just enough for air support to drop water from above and we know that's crucial in fighting the flames. firefighters on the ground exhausted but persistent were digging in as flames from the valley fire continued to roll down the hillside. but still more and more on the outskirts of that fire line we're seeing damage just like this. here in middletown. we do know that the weather was on firefighters' side yesterday. hopefully it will be key in helping them fight the fire again today. and i mentioned to you guys earlier that it is much cooler than it was yesterday morning. so hopefully that will help them out. reporting live in middletown, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> many people have been posting valley fire pictures on social media. this is what windsor fire crews are up against. a woman posted this shot of the smoky sky outside her house before she evacuated. she says so far, she's heard her home is okay.
5:33 am
but she won't be able to go back for at least a few more days. >> this morning, some valley fire evacuees will be allowed to go back home to care for livestock and pets. had to leave behind. as for those already rescued there's an evacuation center in calistoga. teaming up with animals of all sizes there. people are bringing in food and other necessities to feed and shelter house pets and farm animals there. the red cross says right now, it really needs cash donations. you can designate your gift to victims of the valley fire at, you can also donate at all the lucky and save mart stores in northern california and rock we have much more -- of course we have much more on the valley fire online, see the continuing coverage at so she says it feels cooler out there. you say that's because of the humidity and the wind. >> that's exactly it. it feels a lot cooler and currently 60-degrees in middleton right now. much relief for the fire
5:34 am
fighting efforts. not much rain there yesterday but it was huge relief. as far as the fire forecast for today is concerned, again, the relative humidity is higher. that's good news. the temperatures are averaging about 10 degrees below normal. so that is certainly good news and they know we'll have some -- then we'll have some more rain showers in the forecast for wednesday. going to watch the winds right now up to 16 in throughout the tri-valley and 14 in fairfield and 10 in napa. these winds will be increasing to 15 and occasional gusts up to 20. however, this fire is such a monster it creates its own wind storms. so again we'll keep a watchful eye on the winds over there in the valley fire area. temperatures out the door right now if the 50s and 60s but with the moisture in the atmosphere, the higher humidity, a bit of a breeze and it feels cool. it feels raw. we have some drizzle at the coast. later today, sunshine away from the bay and temperatures 60s and 70s. the full forecast in less than ten minutes and right now here's liza with the alert. the chp issued the sig alert roberta for highway 4. been in place for over 30 minutes now where multiple lanes have been shut down.
5:35 am
they are making progress at this point it's just one lane of traffic is shut down. because of the multi-car crash eastbound highway 4 before bailey. just a one lane shut down and traffic is beginning to recover through the area. as we quickly highlight some of the road closures because of the valley fire in the north bay. highway 29 remains shut down at tubs lane and as with 128 it is closed in both directions approaching ida clayton. meantime over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and you can see traffic is already stacked up from beyond the 880 overcrossing. on the other side of the bridge in san francisco, an earlier accident we had approaching fremont street has been cleared up and do remember traffic is going to be jam-packed. we're going to have a lot of foot traffic and lots of cars around moscone center because of the sales force convention in the city. 880 still rolling well in both directions through oakland. i'll have more kcbs traffic in just a few minutes. michelle? and liza big crowds and horrendous traffic are expected in san francisco in week with that big -- this week with that
5:36 am
big tech convention in town. kpix 5's kiddo joins us now -- kiet do joins us now to explain the effects of dream force. >> reporter: yes, good morning. the largest software convention on the planet has begun in san francisco and so have the traffic headaches. as a result, dream force now has a laundry list of closures and detours and muni bus rerouting to talk about. visitors are being told to take public transportation or use alternate routes and they're being warned of heavy foot traffic and to expect major traffic congestion in and around the moscone center. every day this week from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and that ends on friday. the convention is boasting up to 160,000 attendees and the grummening from neighbors has already begun. >> we're concerned. many of us are concerned. with the loud noise, the amplified music. the -- the glare from lights. the traffic congestion. perhaps even the traffic gridlock. that would result from the dream force is going to spill over into our neighborhoods. >> reporter: all righty, we are
5:37 am
live here on howard street. [ please stand by for captioner transition ] ,,,,,,,,,,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ the cities of livermore into pleasant, clear to the 580 interchange, a long commute for this stretch leaving the pass. expect back-ups. going to stay slow in patches. i'll have more traffic for you in just a few minutes. >> arizona authorities are offering a big reward to help them track down a freeway shooter. police hope a $50,000 reward will lead to an arrest
5:55 am
in the case. . american airlines admits it sent a plane from lax to hawaii that was not certified to fly across the ocean. american used an air bus that did not have important items, like extra fire extinguishers or extra oxygen for medical emergencies. americans should have sent a different model. an employee recognized the error as the plane traveled to honolulu august 21st. the airline canceled the trip, and the plane flew back to l.a. without passengers. >> they weren't the ones that called american airlines and said, "we have a problem." someone in dallas said, "i think you have a problem," and notified the pilot. >> it was too shocking to me that it was possible to make that level of mistake given all the technology and all the people who double-
5:56 am
check those things. >> american only started flying the air bus to hawaii last month. it used to fly boeing 757s. the faa is now investigating. a lot of parents scrambling to race for child care because of an ongoing strike against seattle's public schools. the city opened some centers to help out those parents. some families actually -- days city will open even more centers, a strike delayed the start of the school year for about 53,000 kids. it is 5:56. berkeley is considering drastic action to reduce smoking. the patrol up for a vote later today. >> the valley part of the worst wildfires in california history. i'm kate kogeri live in middletown with an update on ,,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning everyone, it's tuesday, september 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> and hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00 at this hour, and today cooler temperatures. some higher humidity are helping the firefighters up north battling that valley fire in lake and napa counties. so far, 62,000 acres have burned. fire only 10% contained. the flames have destroyed 585 homes and hundreds of other buildings are in harm's way. 9,000 more structures are threatened. 13,000 people have all been evacuated and today all the schools in lake county are closed because of the fire. now a map shows the extent of the fire thus far. you can see the large area there in red that's burned. that's what has burned since the fire started saturday afternoon. cate cauguiran is in middletown with the details on a woman who died in the heavy destruction -- and the heavy destruction in that community. >> reporter: well, frank, let's first go to some more damage that we are seeing he


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