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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to attack the flames. yesterday it was too smoky and too cloudy. now a look at these pictures from chopper 5 about an hour ago. the view is just devastating. we've seen entire streets where homes have been burned at the foundation. cars are nothing but burned out shells. then the next block over everything right still be standing. there's one location where an entire apartment complex and the carport went up in flames. >> the valley fire has now burned 67,000 acres. some 13,000 people have been chased out as the flames continue to threaten thousands of homes. 585 houses have been wiped out. hundreds of other structures have also been destroyed. cal fire is throwing everything it has at this fire. more than 2300 firefighters are on the fire lines tonight. thousands of people are also without power. the flames have taken out several electrical lines. >> we're getting new information on where the devastating fire all started. kpix 5's juliette goodrich
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anchors our coverage live from middletown now. >> this is one of the personal stories directly behind me. this is what's left of the sanchez family home. investigators think the fire that caused so much destruction like this home here started about a 20-minute drive away from here on cobb mountain. the public is not allowed up there, so kpix 5's john ramos went up there to give us a look. >> reporter: the search for the fire's origin began with an ominous sign. cobb mountain is not the same place anymore. once known for vacation cabins and small resorts, cobb is now a silent display of nature's most random devastation. work crews are everywhere on the main road and as you climb higher, the mountain crests give a disturbing view of the size of the blaze. and if you look closely, there are plenty of grim surprises. there were warnings that something bad
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could happen but who really could have imagined this? finally on a narrow street called high valley road, something unusual. caution tape. there's so much damage up here that no one has bothered to put tape up. there it is on a nondiscript hillside. this is the place where the fire started. officials say they don't know where it got started, only that it began here about 1:00 saturday afternoon. there's a downed fire line but it's hard to tell if it's a cause or the casualty of the flames. the house at the top of the hill is gone, and so is its neighbors. but it was from here that the inferno climbed over the hill and headed down to middletown with nothing but fuel as far as the eye can see. >> john joins me live now. with that truck up there about 20 miles away from here, that must have been an eerie feeling to know that was the exact origin. >> it is strange to stand there
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on the site and realize something happened here that started the fire. you wish you could do something to go back in time and be here to stop it. >> navigating was also difficult, correct? >> honestly no, because the roads are completely deserted up there. all the residents are gone. there's emergency vehicles and a lot of pg&e crews. ultimately you're all alone over there. i happen to have the address. we found it and you wouldn't know because you see so many blackened fields around. but all of the sudden i saw this caution tape and it was weird because there is no caution tape anywhere around here. they just don't bother to put it up. all of the sudden i saw this. i see two of those trees and you could see the surveyors up there. there's a reason why they're paying so much attention between the field between the two houses. >> here we are in middletown and it is 20 miles away from the origin of the fire which was cobb mountain. joining me now is joe vazquez. he's also in
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middletown. i know you got a real sense of what it was like for a lot of people to return home to nothing today. >> just an emotionally wrenching day. authorities were letting people in 15 minutes at a time, just a few people at a time to check on pets and livestock. but they didn't know what their home was going to look like. would it be still standing? or would it look like this? >> looks like hell. looks like lake county is actually in hell right now. >> reporter: most people haven't had a chance to see that devastation until now. sheriff's deputies spent the day escorting families back in to the fire zone. ralph found his home unscathed. >> the moment you saw your house just now, what did you think? >> like total relief. i was like, wow. this is great. >> our dogs are there. there's hercules at the gate. >> reporter: carol found her dogs and her house also
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untouched by flames. >> i'm just really happy. god is watching over us. >> reporter: jenny parker's house is o but look at this. the tool shed on the edge of the property looks like a bomb blew it out. >> i thank the lord our stuff is here and our family is safe. but i'm looking around here, as you can see, my neighbors didn't fair so well. >> reporter: kenneth gingrich is one of the neighbors who is not so lucky. >> i still can't fathom that this really happened. i have a home and i just want to go home at the end of the day and i can't. and that's what i feel. i can't go home. >> it's just gut-wrenching for so many people. and even the folks who returned home to find that their houses were intact, it's very emotional for them too as they look around and see neighbors just wiped out. >> an entire neighborhood has been changed. joe vazquez. now let's go to kpix 5's emily
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turner at the evacuation site with all the evacuees. i know at 5:00 you first told us about some looters and the problem with looting. now you have new information. >> some new information is some good information. that information is that the sheriff says the arrests they've been able to make, they've been able to make because of social media. a few of the people have been able to go back in to the neighborhoods and they've taken their phones with them. those phones have taken pictures and video of the people that are now behind bars for that crime. >> reporter: first fire, then theft. >> we're getting a constant stream of reports. we've made several arrests for looting, people in the areas not supposed to be in the areas. we've had a run from law enforcement officers on occasion. >> reporter: it's a crime of opportunity in the worst kind of way. thousands of people stuck in evacuation shelters have spent days fretting about their homes being burned, and now even the ones who did make it can't breathe a sigh of relief yet.
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>> truly saddened and heart broken thinking about the years of all the things they've lost. but to have things taken while you're vulnerable. because everybody here is vulnerable. >> reporter: crews are working around the clock to get people back in to their homes. law enforcement is on patrol. but the lake county sheriff says protecting lives is a bigger priority than protecting stuff. and until he's certain of that, no one is headed home. >> the best defense to looting is to get people back home. part of the reason for being up here is to do an evaluation, to make sure we can do it safely. as long as things are happening like this, clearly it's not safe at this point for people to return in to the evacuated areas. >> the sheriff's office said while it's thankful for the videos and photos that were able to lead to that arrest, they want to remind everyone do not take the law in to your own hands. maybe take a picture or video and post it, but certainly
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don't pursue those individuals. >> thank you. good advice. we hear those stories about looting and the possibility of arrest. there's also the stories of community and neighbors helping neighbors. when we locked in to a local hardware store, one of the only hardware stores open here in middletown we saw firsthand what community is all about. >> this is where i need to be. >> reporter: craig works at one of the only markets open in middletown. he says this is his temporary home now. >> the only thing i own right now is in my truck outside. >> reporter: craig lost his entire home to fire. he lives just a few blocks away from where he works and showed us what's left. >> where the house was right here, the whole house went around the chimney. the chimney was the srnt -- the center of the house. >> reporter: craig says what matters is he and his family are safe, and they can rebuild. >> it's going to be a blank canvas and we're going to start over. >> reporter: he said he's focused now on helping others and in a way, helping others helps him. >> the atm was down.
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if somebody came in and needed supplies and they didn't have cash, we couldn't run a card. so we just wrote their name and address and all the information on it and said come back when you can. >> we're live in front of what was the sanchezes home. this afternoon the couple did return back to be see if there was anything salvageable and there wasn't. they're just so thankful they were able to get out and be healthy with their three children. these are the stories you're hearing here. i should note i talked to some firefighters who said the main question evacuees were asking is when can we return home? they don't even have the answer. i don't know if you can tell but there is a breeze. the winds are still shifting and it is fueling the fire. so the fire fight continues in to the night. >> we'll hear from you later. thanks. another live look right now. these are live pictures from chopper 5. this is giving us a better idea of the smoke over the fire zone.
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chief meteorologist paul deanno joins us. let's talk about how the weather plays in to all of this mptz >> -- all of this. >> it certainly has. everything is so tinder dry. now finally a little bit of help. help in the form of rainfall. kpix 5 hi def doppler. it will give us steady rain, a few scattered showers are possible with also continued breezy conditions in lake county and north napa county tonight. the winds will be gusty. but they're coming up out of the southwest, keeping the temperatures down, and keeping the relative humidity levels high. the big headline is rain is likely this time tomorrow. as we look at futurecast the latest computer models say the steadiest rainfall will be exactly where we want it to be. mendocino and lake county up to a half of an inch of rainfall. won't put the fire out but man, would that help, and it's coming
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as soon as tomorrow. we'll talk more about the impact for the rest of the bay area and what happens after that. within the past hour big donations to valley fire victims, pg&e is kicking in $250,000 to the relief effort. this is the drop-off site at faith lutheran in danville. people are dropping off everything from canned food and clothing to even animal food and treats. the red cross is taking cash donations. you can call in a donation, 1-800-red cross. you can go to, designate your gift to the victims of the valley fire. you can text red cross to 90999 and give a $10 donation to the disaster relief fund. tonight california's wildfires getting political. coming up, how the governor is using images like these in his message on climate change. >> plus, things get ugly outside levi's stadium. the fight between rival fans that fight between rival fans that was caught on camera.
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live pictures now from chopper 5 as we update the valley fire. it's burned 67,000 acres, 13,000 people still evacuated and nearly 600 houses and hundreds of other buildings destroyed. 2300 firefighters are on the fire lines tonight, trying to protect other homes and communities but people are still evacuated because firefighters say they're just unsure of this fire and how it's going to move. weather is going to play a factor. we'll keep updating the valley fire for you throughout this newscast. that fire has not only devastated neighborhoods. it's also managed to burn its way in to california politics. as kpix 5 phil matier shows us, the governor today brought up our disastrous fire season while speaking on a summit on climate change. >> mankind has to rise to this
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incredible existential challenge. >> reporter: for a governor who likes to talk about climate change, jerry brown knows it's a topic some people don't want to hear about. >> whenever we talk about climate change, it's a bit remote. >> so to make the issue less remote, brown got specific today, pointing to the very visible challenges facing california. >> we're talking about lowest snow pack in california in 500 years. we're talking about a forest fire season that now extends several months more than it did just a few years ago. >> reporter: brown says disasters like the valley fire and the drought represent the new normal or in his words, the future. he says politics are standing in the way of solutions. >> america has its own political pollution that prevents people from taking climate change. there's a lot of that. >> reporter: this is also coming at the tail end of his not too great showing when he tried to get his climate
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initiative, cutting gas in california in half, and they said no. >> that was a bitter defeat for him. he doesn't like losing. >> no, he doesn't. do any of them? other news now, video has surfaced of a parking lot brawl at levi's stadium. tonight police are looking for witnesses. devin fehely on the ugly incident that followed the home opener. >> several 49er fans attacked a minnesota vikings fan. >> reporter: it was the ugly aftermath of what had been a beautiful night of football, with a kickdown and stomping and punching a man wearing a minnesota vikings jersey outside the stadium. a lone security guard can be seen trying to
6:17 pm
intervene and break up the fight, but not before the unruly mob gets a few more shots in on the helpless victim. the stadium denounced the fight while reiterating their, quote, steadfast commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all our visitors to levi's stadium and unacceptable behavior such as this will not be tolerated. it's not the first time the violence has reared its head. in another incident, fans watching a 49ers game in downtown san jose attacked fans from the opposing team. in this latest incident, santa clara police say they've managed to track down the victim and are now working to identify the attackers seen in the video. >> that's the real challenge in front of law enforcement, figuring out who the people are that can be seen in that video but the police department says identifying, catching, and prosecuting them is important
6:18 pm
because they hope that will have a deterrent effect. in santa clara, devin fehely, kpix 5. heavy rainfall in southern california triggered dramatic rescues. this is los angeles where three men and a dog had to be saved when the l.a. river rose in a park. the southern california rain also created a mess on the roadways. massive mudslides covered the streets in orange county. silverado canyon road was blocked off to traffic because of it. >> wonder if that's what's in store for us maybe this winter with an el nino. >> interesting to see both extremes. wet and dry playing out in the same state right now. southern california, mudslides. saw what's going on in utah and arizona. we have a lot of extremes going on right now. for us we need to put an end to one extreme which will be our fire danger. it will be reduced significantly tomorrow with rainfall moving in.
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we're looking at san jose. sunny most of the day in san jose. mountain view, high of 76. now the cloud cover moving in. that's about a one-day warning that rainfall will be moving in. dublin, 74. fairfax, berkeley, daly city breezy today. scattered showers on the radar. don't get your hopes up. not a drought buster. not going to be a huge deal, but given the fire we're dealing with right now in lake county with the rainfall heading there tomorrow it is wonderful news. rainfall especially for the north bay mountains. big area of low pressure. this is something we'll see several times throughout the winter. as it digs to the south our opportunity for rainfall will also increase. there's a front coming about 24 hours away. it will hit the north bay first and stay there for the majority of the day. that's why these numbers being picked up by our futurecast are higher north of the golden gate. san rafael, about .8. look at mendocino and lake county. some of the blues will indicate a quarter of an
6:20 pm
inch to half an inch of rainfall. san jose, you're farthest away from the front, about .02 of an inch of rainfall. so it will be raining late tomorrow in to the thursday morning. by thursday afternoon that rain maker moves out. our next ridge will move in and yes, that means sunny weather returns and warmer weather returns. we'll see some 90s away from the water by the weekend. if you like it cool, tomorrow will be a wonderful day. rain moving in for the evening commute. redwood city, 73 degrees tomorrow. rain primarily for the north bay tomorrow afternoon. then we're right back to the sunny stuff. here we go through the weekend. hot. 80s near the bay. 90s in lnd -- 90s inland. i looked at the calendar, okay, wet season begins november. that sounds so far away. but in six weeks from now the wet season begins. let us hope and
6:21 pm
pray it starts off with a bang. >> i'm cleaning my gutters. >> smart move. do it now before it rains too much. still ahead, dream force becoming a nightmare for some folks. how the business confidence is affecting everything from traffic to lunch lines. >> plus, we're getting a new look at designs for the look at designs for the wa
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palo alto company hopes to save $2 billion annually. the announcement came today as part of hp's new corporate strategy. computers and printers will be one business. hp enterprise will focus on software and data analysis. the transition should be complete by the end of next month. the dream force convention underway in san francisco and in some ways it's like a whole new city within the city. we sent mike sugerman to get the behind the scenes look at the convention. yesterday you were on the cruise ship. today you're down in the trenches. >> i'm landlocked today. you say i went behind the scenes, it's too crowded to go behind the scenes. i couldn't get behind the scenes. i could hardly get in front of the scenes. imagine this. take the city of santa rosa, about 160,000 people, all of them at one time decided to come to the market and have lunch. that's what it was like today. >> reporter: many of the 160,000 people with dream force described the convention.
6:25 pm
>> amazing. >> reporter: here's how some of the other 800,000 residents of san francisco describe it. >> everyone is in a hurry. >> reporter: and not going far. >> what are we in line for here? >> i'm waiting to get down the escalator. >> what are we waiting in line for? >> lunch. >> lunch? do you think it's a lot longer because of dream force? >> absolutely. >> reporter: there's good news abouthat. >> burgers are like $12, $13. >> reporter: and they're lining up for them. it's among the reasons dream force brings in 200 million for the city. >> it's tough on the locals trying to get anything done. >> reporter: check out this. downtown san francisco workers, this is your week to brown bag. >> how long were the lines? >> 5 , 10 times longer than normal. >> i just breezed in to chipotle yesterday, no line at all. today it was out the door.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: one business promises no waiting at all. >> medical marijuana delivery. >> reporter: christian michelle says business is good. >> there's a lot of people in here that need discreet delivery. we offer that. >> reporter: give ing people different--giving people different kinds of dreams. >> a lot of dudes around here. this is a real dude fest. i don't know the numbers but a lot of guys. not many women. and none of them wear ties. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. we continue to follow the valley fire tonight. chopper 5 live overhead near cobb mountain where it all start ed. we'll have a live update coming up. >> plus, even with destruction all around, people are finding ways to comfort each other. how one man is lifting spirits despite his own loss. >> plus, this fire damage giving way to progress. a year later we check in on another northern california community. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california. our top story tonight, the valley fire remains out of
6:30 pm
control. it's not slowing down. 13,000 people remain evacuated as the flames threaten thousands of homes. take a look. chopper 5 over the geyser's geothermal plant damaged in the fire. those are cooling towers destroyed when flames came rushing over the hill. that facility operated by cal pine. >> this is a latest look at the burn area. in this updated map you can see how much burned yesterday. at 95 square miles it is nearly as large as the city of sacramento. >> juliette goodrich anchoring our coverage tonight from midtown. >> there are stories of homes being saved, and some of them have been pretty dramatic, juliette. >> there are some amazing
6:31 pm
stories. not all the homes look like this where they're now reduced to ash. firefighters have done an incredible job. one family can thank a group of firefighters for saving their home tonight. let's show you some video that was posted. it's quite remarkable. the san -- the sacramento fire department posted this video on its facebook page. it's hours after the fire exploded on cobb mountain. you can see the flames raging all around this home. the firefighters busted through a fence and dragged their hoses as far as they could. they put out the flames just as they reached the roof. here is a look at the aftermath. the home is still there thanks to the hard work of those crews. everything surrounding the house is gone. we've seen so many images in so many neighborhoods where some homes have been spared and others reduced to absolutely nothing. we've seen all the evacuees who have huddled together at the evacuation center in napa. that's where kpix 5 emily turner
6:32 pm
joins us now. i know you have another story of people helping people and one man going above and beyond the call of duty. >> he went above and beyond the duty and there are several other people. maybe even thousands of people who are going above and beyond that call of duty. it's so nice to see a silver lining for such a dark cloud. the folks here are finding that silver lining and gratitude as well. >> reporter: this is the kind of smoke fire evacuees don't mind seeing and that's exactly why ron foster has set up shop at the valley fire evacuation center. >> watching you guys on the news, seeing this whole thing come down and i could not sit calm and wait. >> reporter: he's been here 12 hours a day every day since saturday, donating his time and 5,000 pounds of meat for evacuees. >> comfort food, making them feel better some way somehow. >> reporter: that kind of
6:33 pm
kindness has played a big part at making life at the evacuation center run smoothly. food, donations, even free massage and acupuncture are available for the people who right now have nothing. >> it's amazing. i would have never imagined so many people would have gotten together to help everybody. it's just a great feeling. >> reporter: the people are so grateful. they're actually saying they're eating better here than they have been at home. >> and there have been so many donations that the red cross is now asking people to stop bringing things. it's like a swap meet. they announced that today. they said if you want to donate, donate monetary funds. they can use that down the line. also in that 5:00 briefing they said folks here now have showers. another positive thing. but unfortunately they aren't letting anyone else go home tonight. none of those sites are clear.
6:34 pm
>> thanks so much. that is the question, when can they return home? the firefighters said they didn't know at this point. it depends on the wind and fire condition. i want to show you video we just got and it shows another glimmer of hope and that positive side. this clip is making the rounds on social media. a group playing music, another act of kindness for the people who were waiting to see if they still have homes. that's the latest from middletown. juliette goodrich. back to you. as emily said, you can help the victims of the valley fire if you call in a donation. 1-800-red-cross or you can go to and designate your gift to the victims of the valley fire. also you can text red cross to 90999 and give a $10 donation to the disaster relief fund. >> if you're looking at all the
6:35 pm
devastation from the valley fire and wondering how does a community rebuild from something like this, well, we can show you. today marks the one-year anniversary of the boles fire in weed, california and that fire destroyed more than 150 homes or about 1/3rd of the town's housing stock. so what does that fire zone look like one year later? wilson walker takes us back for an update. >> it happened so quick. you didn't have time to think. >> reporter: just hours after the fire burned her family's home to the foundation, we met cathy besk. >> i'm looking for my wedding ring. >> reporter: two blocks away we met pastor bill hofer. >> are people going to pull together or explode? >> reporter: here we are one year later. >> it hasn't exploded. i'm thankful for that. >> that's the counter in the front bathroom. i know exactly where my rings were.
6:36 pm
that was pretty amazing. >> reporter: yes, she found those rings, and she's finally rebuilding. >> we get to start all over. >> reporter: you'll see vacant lots right next to brand new houses, and you'll see houses just getting started next to houses that were almost finished until the owners ran out of money. if the question is how is this town doing one year after the fire, you'll find about 153 different answers. >> a story for every house that burned and every family that was impacted. >> it's changed everybody's lives. everybody is in a different place. >> reporter: for a lot of those people the best place to start over turned out to be someplace else. >> the folks who are gone, i'm pretty sure they're not coming back. >> reporter: those who have stayed have given the town what it needed most. >> economy-wise it's booming. >> reporter: that construction boom is actually one of the reasons rebuilding has been slow. work is constantly being put on hold when multiple homes need the same help at once. >> there's only so many roofs,
6:37 pm
so many framers. >> reporter: one year later the besk family is laying new foundation. >> it's like, thank you, lord. we get to have our home back. >> reporter: the town as a home is holding together. >> we still have a long way to go. >> reporter: long way to go that comes with plenty of time for reflection. >> it's a lesson of appreciating what you've got when you've got it but if you lose it, you can move on with it, brush all the ashes off and make something good out of it. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. probably not what you want in your food. which restaurants get a failing grade when it comes to antibiotics. >> facebook working on a feature that some people have been askin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
we are getting a look at the nba champs' soon to be new
6:40 pm
home. here's an animation of what the warriors' new home will look like. it will sit on 12 acres of land in the mission bay and include a 5-acre park next to the water. the cost, over $1 billion. the team is working on getting approval to build. many of the nation's biggest fast food chains are getting failing grades tonight. a new survey finds a lot of the meat they serve comes from animals that are routinely given drugs. julie watts on when many consumer groups are trying to change that. >> reporter: it's fast, cheap, and usually pretty tasty. but according to a new report, many of the food has a not so secret ingredient. >> their meat most likely was produced with the use of antibiotics. >> reporter: that's a problem. not just for animals living in conditions that require antibiotics to keep them from getting sick, but also for the people who eat them.
6:41 pm
>> it's a routine contributing to the antibiotics resistance in humans. >> reporter: she and several consumer groups are trying to change the trend. they're rating the nation's 25 largest food chains based on rampant use of antibiotics. panera and chipotle got as. most chains got fs including burger king, taco bell, pizza hut, kfc and subway. >> i know it's not good meat. now i'm concerned about what i've purchased. >> reporter: starbucks also got the lowest grade. >> it has no publically available information about their policies. >> reporter: but will consumers and fast food chains pay attention? she hopes so. a recent study finds an increasing number of americans want meat without drugs. now they just may have a tool to help them get it. >> we think it's time for them to step up to the plate literally. >> this is based on surveys
6:42 pm
sent out to those chains. those chains that didn't respond and don't have public information automatically got f rating. starbucks was the only one to get back to us saying it is working with suppliers to address concerns. california lawmakers are considering a measure that would ban over the counter antibiotics in livestock. >> people want to know. >> absolutely. >> and a lot of this information isn't public. so if it's not public and they wouldn't reveal it, they got an f. you pretty much can't eat anywhere if you're worried about it. [ laughter ] two kayakers on a whale watching tour near moss landing and then a humpback whale breaches on top of them. tonight it's all caught on camera. we're going to show you on bay area night beat. come join me later on tonight at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12. first comes the cloud cover, then the rainfall. finally. a little bit of rainfall moving through the bay area. everybody will get some, but some of you will get a lot
6:43 pm
more than others. live peek at the cloudy south bay sky. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, do the 49ers love their head coach or what? >> got that first win. >> even his speeches are picking upstream. ,,,,
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facebook is work to add a new feature. a dislike button. ceo mark zuck erburg made that announcement today. users will be able to use that button to express empathy for unpleasant news. i kind of dislike this drought. sick and tired of having to live with it. up in lake county, sick and tired of dealing with fire. let's have a change. let's get rainfall. looking at our kpix 5 weather watchers which we like a lot. only 59 degrees right now, pat,
6:47 pm
cloudy skies. breezy in bodega bay. not even 60 degrees. marin county, cool temperatures there. linda mather reported mainly cloudy skies. west wind at 21 miles per hour and only 62 degrees. good pictures coming in. cloud cover is beautiful. that's becky duke s reporting things in. sun setting behind cloud cover. clouds that will yield rainfall by this time tomorrow. as we look live outside and show you the current temperatures, there's one number i love to share with you. that's 30% containment of the valley fire has increased from 15% to 30%. still 67,000 acres in size but now 30% contained. great job, firefighters, doing their work, working around the clock. san francisco, 62 degrees right now. livermore, santa rosa, oakland, 67. it's windy, cool, and there are a few showers on kpix 5 hi def doppler. much of that is not hitting the ground but that's where our boundary is tonight.
6:48 pm
it will push through the bay area tonight. giving us rainfall, especially in the valley. fremont, 56. mountain view, 56 degrees for your overnight low. cloudy and breezy conditions continue all because of this. southwest flow ahead of the front but we will actually get rainfall when the front arrives. let's turn to futurecast predicting what we think the weather will look like in the future. 7:00 tomorrow morning, showers begin. mend -- mendocino county. rain pushes in to solano, contra costa. about this time tomorrow rain pushing south. and the south bay, you get your rain late tomorrow night in to thursday morning. not much rainfall south of the golden gate. likely less than a 10th of an inch of rainfall. the wonderful news is where we need the rain right now the most in the north bay mountains, that's where the most rainfall will fall up to a half inch of rain. much less rain south of the golden gate
6:49 pm
but some. and sunny and warmer weather returns on thursday and that's going to hang out for a while. let's embrace this change while we have it. rain late in the day. pretty cloudy. sunnyvale, 74. union city, 72. berkeley, richmond, san francisco, upper 60s. you'll get rain by late tomorrow evening. winds are 66. lakeport, cloudy with rain likely. thankfully, 65 degrees. warmer and sun nier thursday. friday and through the weekend we get sunny and hot with 90s returning inland. rain in the forecast for tomorrow. ,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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i'm not sure i'd run out and buy super bowl tickets quite yet, but the 49ers surprised some folks around the nfl with last night's 20-3 win over minnesota. >> got that first win, baby! [ cheering ] >> here's what i'm going to tell you. that's nice. that's great. that's one. we got one thing. we got a game ball. [ cheering ] >> it's only one game, but
6:53 pm
there's no denying that jimmy t. has won over the 49ers locker room and the team loves playing for that man. >> jimmy is a great guy. bottom line is we're here to have fun and play football. he lets you know right up front what we're here to do. that's the kind of coach you want to play for. he's lively, compliments you. he gets on you when you mess up but at the same time we're playing football. we just go out and have fun. >> he has great confidence in his players going out and playing, and allowing us to go out and make plays. he continues to tell us that. he continues to preach that and i think that's what gives this team energy, what gives this team life. >> kaepernick clearly took a page out of buddy holly's book. the famous rock and roller from
6:54 pm
the 1950s whose distinctive visual was those glasses. those glasses were lost in a plane crash. they were discovered 21 years later after buddy holly. kaepernick bringing back that style. i like it. jim tomsula ever give a great press conference? that will be the day. [ laughter ] but he is getting better. you'll just have to figure out what he's talking about. >> day off. tomorrow is seeing eye day. >> what's seeing eye day? >> clean up and installation. >> oh, i thought you said seeing eye. >> c&i. [ laughter ] >> there's my verbiage. i'm an eloquent speaker. >> everybody is happy. the vikings saw carlos hide pretty well. he was running right past them. the big bopper carves out the vikings for 168
6:55 pm
yards, shattering his previous career high of 55 yards. scored two touchdowns and wowed everyone with his spin move, including himself. >> my hips are pretty stiff. i got to move. and he was that guy back there. >> hyde's spin move drew comparisons to the one by ohio state's braxton miller that nearly broke twitter earlier this season. with hyde being a former buckeye, jed york tweeted, quote, someone needs to figure out who teaches the spin class at ohio state. #it works. taylor mays was resigned to replace his spot on the roster. seahawks spent all offseason of people second guessing. the decision not to hand the ball off to marshawn lynch to win the super bowl. sunday they were in a similar short yard situation. this time
6:56 pm
lynch caught the ball but he was stopped short to end the game, leading to more second guessing of offensive coordinator darrell bevell. lynch's mom didn't pull any punches. she said the offense caller should be fired. someone needs to go fishing. okay. >> the fish will have to wait. >> anyway marshawn lynch, consider thought in that super bowl play carol figured everybody was going to focus on lynch, surprise him by passing. so he tried and didn't work. >> got picked off. >> exactly. >> we'll see you later at see you later at 11:00. find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [indistinct chatter] steve: welcome to the show. good, good. how's everybody? i appreciate you now. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. listen to me. returning for their third day with a total of 20,985 bucks, from marietta, georgia, it's the champs. it's the williams family. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] but from mount prospect, illinois, it's the fabiano family. all of this for a chance to win some cash and a state-of-the-art ford edge.
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let's get it on, everybody. give me palmer. give me joe. let's go. top 5 answers on the board. name something about steve harvey that makes his wife one lucky woman. joe. joe: he's got lots of money. steve: he's got lots of money. joe: we're gonna play, steve. we're gonna play, steve. steve: ok, they're gonna play. i sho' thank the lord for the number one answer. i got to tell you something, 'cause i was wearing poverty out. all right, name something about steve harvey that makes his wife one lucky woman. anthony: he's a great dresser. he's handso. >> good answer.


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