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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> entire neighborhoods reduced to ashes. tonight, we are getting our first look from above at the valley fire's path of destruction as cal fire zeros in on exactly where it started. tonight, some good news to report. the valley fire is now 30% contained. >> extra help has arrived. an additional 300 firefighters are joining in the fight. but you can see from chopper 5, they still have a long way to go. some of the evacuation orders are being lifted allowing people to go home for the first time in three days. >> oh no! bill's house is gone! oh son of a gun! >> the fire has burned close to 100 square miles. that is the area you see in red. we got an update from cal fire a short update ago. the fire has burned more than
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67,000 acres. 9,000 homes are still threatened. close to 600 houses have burned down an hundreds of other structures have also been destroyed. 13,000 people remain evacuated tonight. >> we have team coverage beginning with juliette goodrich who is live for us in middletown. >> reporter: it is an eerie feeling tonight. that is because a lot of people are still evacuated. not allowed to come back. some have actually been able to take a look at what is left in their homes. for example, the house directly behind me, you can see what it has been reduced to and all that is left now is a chimney and fireplace. and what is interesting is if we pan out, you can actually see that the white picket fence is still intact. it is just an example of how erratic this fire was. some homes spared. others completely destroyed. there are stories of survival. of people coming back to cia see their homes intact and stories of people who lost it
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all. >> it was like hell. >> reporter: for many, the return home is the first chance to see the devastation. ralph found his home unscathed by the fire. >> i was like, total relief. i mean, i was like ... wow. this is great. [ laughter ] >> the boat motor. the table saw. there's the kitchen sink. >> reporter: but it was a different story ... >> that was a computer. >> reporter: for kenneth and his family. >> this was a flower garden my wife planted. >> reporter: his home of 21 years is gone. >> many was my brand new tool house. >> reporter: they also lost their house pets in the fire, but remain thankful to the firefighters that they still have one another and they will rebuild. >> we got out of here alive. >> that is what is important. >> this is where i need to be. >> reporter: craig eves works at one of the only markets open in middletown. he says for now, this is his home. >> the only thing i own now is in my truck outside. >> reporter: craig lost his
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house in the fire. >> where the house was, the whole house went around the chimney. >> reporter: he says he is focusing on helping others by working and in a way, helps others helps him. >> his feet were very hot to the touch when we got him. >> reporter: and a sense of community continues throughout this town. >> what is his name? >> nugget. >> reporter: a stray chicken found running through the streets sits in safe arms tonight until its owners are found. and what is interesting is you see homes like the one behind me that has been reduced to rubble and there are homes that are still standing. and actual business district is still intact. in fact, we took a walk down main street this afternoon. and the high school is still all right. some law offices, insurance offices. some grocery stores are still okay. so it is just hit and miss. a lot of neighborhoods have been gutted because of this fire. in terms of evacuees returning
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home, firefighters want to make sure there are not any hot spots. that this area is safe for anyone comes home. >> all right, thanks juliette goodrich. christin ayers now is outside another home in middletown tonight where a man and his pregnant wife made a narrow escape. christin? >> reporter: yeah, veronica. this is what it looks like to lose everything. what is even worse is that the family who lives in this home did not have time to evacuate. nay were literally forced to take shelter in the middle of the fire and watch their homes get swallowed by flames. when the valley fire ripped through middletown, cody smith and his family came terrifyingly close to the flames. trapped on their own property surrounded by a wall of flames. >> 30-foot flames. >> reporter: cody, a pg&e worker was on the clock when his wife nine months pregnant calmed in a panic. >> my wife called me screaming saying the fire is here. the fire is here. >> reporter: he rushed home.
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>> my heart was pounding, weaving in and out of traffic. >> reporter: power lines falling behind him. he realized it was too late to evacuate. the only safe haven, the horse arena outside his home. >> we all sat in there. >> reporter: it was in his truck inside the arena that cody took these pictures. he said the flames made the windows hot to the touch and the sound of the fire was like nothing he had ever heard. >> it was really loud. it was rumbling. my sister asked what is this noise and it was from the flames and the wind roaring. >> reporter: for two hours they hunkers down here with the flames blowing over the tops of the cars until their worst nightmare came true and the house cody built eight years ago lit like a match and burned to the ground in 15 minutes flat. >> it was devastating. i turned the car around so my car couldn't see it. >> reporter: tonight, this is all that is left. >> this is everything. 3700 square foot house. >> reporter: the smiths had no time to remove anything from
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the house. no photographs or important papers. but cody says all that matter they survived and his wife's due date is just a week ago. >> we will have the baby and move on from there. >> reporter: the smiths were stuck in the fire four hours straight. they were finally rescued and let out by pg&e workers who koa by reached on the radio. in spite of of the destruction done to their home, they weren't hurt and neither were any of the animals. christin ayers, kpix5. the valley fire is bigger than walnut creek, concord, martinez, alamo, danville, and benecia combined. 67,000 acres. there is rain on the radar to the north which will make it to lake county in the valley fire and the bay area tomorrow. winds are still gusting tonight
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up to 30 miles an hour. higher humidity levels, we have had that. that continues tomorrow. but what is new is rainfall. and not just a little bit of rain. the latest computer models say nearly an inch of rainfall in mendocino county and lake county. that would absolutely be wonderful. we will talk more about the impact on the bay area coming up in about ten minutes. >> it will help a lot. thanks paul. for the first time tonight, we are getting a look at the area cal fire has pinpointed as ground zero for the valley fire. our photographer john ramos went up to cobb mountain. he found this caution tape on a hillside between two homes. cal fire surveyors were out there today. investigators say they don't know exactly how this fire started but they are looking at a burned out shed next to a two- story home. the hillside is charred leading
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investigators to believe the fire started in or around the shed. the house at the top of the road is gone and so is the neighbor's. >> from there, the fire climbed over the hill and headed down to middletown. the sacramento fire department posted this incredible video to its facebook page. this was saturday night just hours after the fire exploded. you could see the flames raging all around this home. the firefighters busted through a fence and dragged their hoses as far as they could. they put out the flames as they reached the roof. everything else was on fire. tonight, that home is still standing. tonight, we are seeing the destruction from above. mark, this gives us a whole new perspective on the fire doesn't it? >> reporter: that's right veronica. i was in middletown last night. it was eerie to see the burned down homes and the power out. destruction everywhere.
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seeing it in daylight gives us an idea of how long it is going to take middletown to now rebuild. you can see what used to be an apartment build tag stood around the parking lot now flattened to a rubble of white ash. cars clearly burnt. here is another incredible shot. several homes are covered in the red flame retardant there. and another building there completely burned to the ground. this one, we heard a lot about this. this is the geyser's geothermal power facility. the largest of its kind in the world. the fire did severe damage of the cooling towers. there are signs of hope. some homes and cafes and shops were actually spared. in the studio, mark kelly, kpix5. well, this is what is left tonight of one of the schools in middletown. the flames raced through a classroom. three dozen teachers and hundreds of students lost everything. as far as lake county schools are concerned, they will remain closed tomorrow. no word yet on when they will reopen. >> if you want to help, the red
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cross says right now, it really needs cash donations. you can go to and designate your gift to victims of the valley fire. coming up, a beatdown outside levis stadium after the 49ers home opener. tonight, a witness tells us what happened right before punches started flying. >> and, a close call off the central california coast. that's a humpback whale almost ,
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♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> tonight, the 49ers are promising to deal with an ugly incident outside levi stadium. devin fehely shows us the clash
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between rival fans after last night's home opener. >> reporter: it was the ugly aftermath of what had been a beautiful night of football with 49ers fans delivering a brutal beatdown, kicking, stomping, and punching. the man wearing the minnesota vikings jersey just outside the gates of levi stadium. capture on cell phone video, a lone security guard can be seen trying to break up the fight, but not before the mob gets in a few more punches and kicks. the 49ers reiterated their steadfast commitment to a safe and enjoyable experience to all visitors at levi stadium. and unacceptable behavior like this will not be tolerated. but this is not the first time. before the team left candlestick, we recorded a fistfight in the stands.
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and a 49ers game party in san jose, they attacked viewers of the opposite team. the real challenge is identifying the attackers seen in the video. but they say that is very important because they hope catching and prosecuting them will be a deterrent to other fans. in the south bay, devin fehely, kpix5. >> things got a little heated at uc berkeley tonight. a protester interrupted a forum of homeland security director jay johnston. >> our first amendment rights. i'm not done. you have not given anyone an answer. [ screaming ] [ chanting ] >> the activists were escorted out. they said they were urging johnston not to enforce the priority enforcement program. well, the republican
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presidential candidates are gearing up for round two. donald trump got a new competitor since the last debate right? >> reporter: a lot of eyes will be locked on ben carson tomorrow night and here is why. at the last debate, carson practically a no-name. but now the new york times cbs poll has carson now just four points behind trump. and the other candidates seeing a surge since the last debate. carly fiorina. and trump has taken jabs at her and carson. they are all set for the gop showdown. taking a break tonight in preparation for the debate, donald trump talked healthcare for veterans. >> you deserve it. >> reporter: trump has been waging a war of his own since the last debate. his most recent grenade launched at carry fiorina. >> those two going head to head will be the thing to watch.
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>> reporter: trump making fun of fiorina's face to rolling stone magazine could work in her favor. just check out her latest campaign ads. >> ladies, look at this face. >> it does give her some legitimacy. you look like a real candidate when the candidate in the lead takes aim at you. makes you look important. >> reporter: certainly important tomorrow night. ben carson. once his numbers picked up, trump started targeting him. >> here is the headline, carson surging. i said what about me? where is my name? >> reporter: but carson is not likely to fire back at tomorrow's debate and that could be trump's kryptonite. >> if carson doesn't hit back, and that is not his style, then it starts looking like a bully beating up on somebody not hitting back and that is something that could turn off some people. >> reporter: so jeb bush is still in a tough spot, but his
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numbers are so low, we don't see him bumping them up even if he does well. >> we will see who has the money. >> and all the fireworks. >> right. a cliff hanger in southern california. this home is in danger of collapsing. the storm water took out a retaining wall as well as two sewer pipes sending a quarter million gallons of sludge toward the la river. well, in utah, the torrential downpours have been deadly. 16 women an children were swept away by a flash flood. at least 12 of them died. cbs reporter ben tracy on those who made it out alive. >> oh my goodness. >> reporter: in less than half an hour, streets in this small town turned into a raging river. >> they are getting everybody out. >> reporter: witnesses captured this dramatic rescue as several women and children were in danger of being swept away were pulled from the stalled vehicle. >> she believes that it is
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going to be flooded over so she is still in the vehicle. >> you are still this contact with her. have her get out of the vehicle so she doesn't get swept away. >> reporter: officials say two vehicles were washed up a road into a channel by a wall of water. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> the whole front yard is gone. >> reporter: people in these towns of 3,000 people say they have seen flooding before, but nothing ever like this. >> we are just crazy humbled by this. we realize this is an act of god. >> reporter: this white metal back here is all that is left of one of the vehicles that was swept away by flood waters. we learned at nearby zion national park, two hikers have been found dead believed to have been killed by the flood waters and five others are skill missing. ben tracy, cbs news, colorado city, arizona. >> the town of hilldale is home to the polygamist sect. betty yu shows us, a
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humpback whale walloped a couple of kayakers. >> reporter: a whale watching tour on the calm waters of monterrey bay turned terrifying within seconds saturday. a breaching humpback whale nearly crushed a couple to death in a kayak. a whale of this size can weigh nearly 80,000 pounds. all of the drama caught on video by a passenger on a whale- watching tour with sanctuary cruises. >> we went over there. verified they were okay. >> reporter: luckily, it wasn't a direct hit. the whale's 15-foot long fin smacked the couple. they were visiting from the u.k. experienced kayakers brought them to safety after their kayak overturned. >> there was some crushing when the whale struck it. >> reporter: shawn fury with monterrey bay kayak showed off the damage. he was their guide. >> everybody was in really good spirits. they handled it well. >> reporter: this scare is an
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example of how dangerous kayak whale watching can be. >> it is nature and these are wild animals. there is no predicting what they will do. they are feeding and making large circles looking for fish. if you are within 200 yards, it is still possible they will come near you. >> reporter: it is why monterrey kayaks has decided to stop doing these tour ins the meantime. betty yu, kpix5. all right, we are going to have something strange falling from the sky tomorrow. it is rainfall. a lot of it potentially in the north bay mountains. kpix5 high-def doppler calming down a bit tonight. showers for the sierra. thunderstorms earlier. redding and red bluff. things will be fired up because of that area of low pressure. that boundary we were just able to pick up. there it is. that is the front that will give us rainfall in the north bay first. and then drag all the way south of san jose. you will get rain about this time tomorrow.
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let's talk timing. let's get right to it 8:00 in the morning. the rain begins in mendocino county. hangs out there. it will hit the golden gate by 6:00, 7:00. push into the south by by 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning thursday. then thursday afternoon, we have mainly sunny skies. working from the north to the south. this is incredibly encouraging news. the latest computer model data suggests about three quarters of an inch of rainfall for ukiah. you have not seen that since mid may. a quarter inch in san rafael. a tenth of an inch in concord. san jose, furthest away from the action with the front, you will see 39 times less rainfall than ukiah. but that is where we need it in the north bay where we have the huge fire danger. low pressure moves out thursday. high pressure building in for the weekend. forget rainfall. we will be up near 100 degrees by saturday and sunday. the north bay gets the most rain. that begins tomorrow morning. much less rainfall south of the golden gate but still some and
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it may impact your evening commute. thursday, we are sunny and warm once again. rain moving in san jose. very late tomorrow. high of 75. sunnyvale, 74. evening rainfall, danville, concord, pittsburgh. highs in the 70s for you. san francisco, rain for the drive home. 67 and very wet. cloverdale, lake port, ukiah. i haven't said very wet in so long. very wet. by the weekend, we are sunny and warm. 80s near the bay. 90s inland. but my focus is on the glorious rainfall tomorrow. >> good news. we need it. >> all right, thanks. coming up, we are showing you how a dream convention has become a nightmare for anyone trying to get around san francisco. >> and coming up on the ,,,,,,,,
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♪ just you and i ♪ >> the force is with san francisco tonight. the dreamforce. >> the convention has taken over and tonight, mike sugerman shows us. >> reporter: who says will is no such thing as a free lunch. >> looks like chicken for lunch now. it is free if you are
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registered. >> reporter: that's a lot of chicken for all 160,000 people if they want to eat it. some may have to. >> you will lose weight really fastment food is expensive. >> reporter: people from anywhere else and there are 78 countries visiting here. they have trouble with our prices. >> very expensive. worse than chicago. a grand slam at denny's is $12. at home it is 6.99. >> burgers are $13. >> that's not the case in miami? >> we stayed at the mariott for 239. >> how much will you drop? >> a couple of grand? >> reporter: not for those in their salad days. the city takes in $200 million during dreamforce. one $12 hamburger at a time. mike sugerman, kpix5. >> maybe they all went to the giants game, too. >> maybe, but i saw a story where people were renting out
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their condos for $1,000 a night. $1,000 a night! >> we are in the wrong business. i'm calling it folks. this is a must-win game for the giants tonight. they played comeback ball, ,,,,,
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>> the only casualty from last night's 49er win was reggie bush who suffered a calf strain. he is listed week to week. a win over minnesota, seemed like nothing had gone right for the 49ers since tomsula was hired as head coach. now his era is off to a good start and the entire staff working together is the reason for success. >> no one guy here has all the answers okay? what we are trying to do, i mean, we are in silicon valley. in this is place where they put beanbags in rooms and you sit around it and talk about stuff and brainstorm? know what i mean? we are trying to utilize that. to me, that is utilizing everything you have. >> the giants have gotten pretty desperate for healthy
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players these days. the giants trailed 8-6 going through the bottom of the 9th inning. now, buster posey, bait hit. duffy will try to score. here is the throw, the tag, and he is safe. the game is tied extra innings. but ... downtown goes frazier. todd frazier into the seats and the reds win 9-8. the giants are currently eight games back of the dodgers in the west. the dodgers are still playing as we speak in extra innings. the as greeted jeff samardzija by knocking him around in chicago. 6-2, josh reddick had a two run jack and the as scored a season high 17 runs. they win 17-6. how about this? this bills fan mixes a lot of alcohol at the tailgate. no shot. down goes frazier. he got a faceful of rv.
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>> again. >> i could never quite get it. we cover a lot of 49er raider games. i want to go to a game and i want to be able to see the game i don't understand the strategy of inebriation. >> drinking until you can't see anything. >> that one guy had to go to sleep in the rv. >> probably missed the football. ly paid $300 for his ticket. >> we will be right ba,,,,,,,,,,
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