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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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mike sugerman who is in middletown. mike. >> reporter: the rain is helping firefighters but it's not doing much for the clean- up, which has begun. this is a sound middletown residents will be hearing for days, weeks, months, even years. machinery. first things first, roads cleared of power lines. unstable trees next on the agenda. >> away from the power lines so the trees won't fall over or hopefully don't catch on fire. >> reporter: this is the first step in getting people back into this evacuated community. how long? they aren't sure. locals have never dealt with such devastation. >> i could only imagine. i mean, all these places got to be cleaned up and, you know, the roads, we'll have those back open as soon as all these lines are up and everything, they will be open pretty soon. but for all these guys cleaning the houses, it's going to take months, years. >> reporter: this is a town now
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populated primarily with emergency crews, public works, telephone workers, arborists, pg&e. the rain is certainly helping the firefighters, but it's not helping them. [ laughter ] >> the rain is never fun. that's part of our deal. we don't -- rain or shine, we're working. >> reporter: the question everybody wants to know and is asking, when? when, when? when can we come back to our town? the answer is, nobody is sure. they are guessing maybe by the end of the weekend. in middletown, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the valleys is up to 70,000 -- "valley fire" is up to 70,000 acres and 30% contained. so far almost 600 structures have been destroyed, 7,000 threatened. more than 2700 fire personnel are working to put out the fire. fire crews have worked around
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the clock before coming here for rest. kpix 5's juliette goodrich is in lakeport with a chance to speak with firefighters who have been on the front lines. juliette. reporter: allen we are at the fairgrounds in lakeport. this is command central where a lot of the firefighters are resting after being on 24-hour shifts. it's dinnertime now so they are going to be lining up for a whole host of food and really it takes a village to fuel these firefighters. they have been here since the weekend and they don't know how long they will be here but they say they will stay until their job is done. welcome to tent city temporary housing for thousands of firefighters at the lake county fairgrounds. this is normally used as a recreational speedway. >> we're able to take that area and construct tents, put sleeper units in it and now simply something that has a normal day-to-day use is now being used by the fire departments to be able to accommodate the firefighters coming off the fireline and
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sleeping them. >> reporter: it takes a village to fuel these firefighters. >> they come in. they get fed here. they get all the supplies, water, restock, everything that they are going to need to be able to sustain a 24-hour period on the fire lines. >> reporter: strategic planning happens inside command central while the firefight continues outside. all of these firefighters aware of the dangers of their job and aware that four of them have lost their homes to the "valley fire" but continue on with the firefight. >> it's the job. those are people that, um, have taken a hit and they keep on working because that's what we do. >> reporter: the rain is a welcome sight. >> we are looking at pretty much the entire area under rain similar to lakeport. >> reporter: meteorologists are track the weather patterns used for operational planning. >> and so i'm concerned currently with how much longer our rain is going to last. after that, we'll start to dry
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out so i'll be looking at the extended forecast then. >> reporter: we're back out here live at the staging area where hundreds of firefighters have been for several days now and they are lining up now for dinnertime and it looks like it's hamburgers on the grill to feed them before they go back out on the fire lines. and yes, the rain is a welcome sight. but the firefighters tell me that the next couple of days will really tell the story because it's supposed to heat up and their job isn't done yet. that's the latest here. i'm juliette goodrich, kpix 5. fire crews may not be getting a lot of rest but they are getting at least some relief from our weather. check out these pictures from cobb. rain falling on downed power lines. power poles still smoldering there. it's kind of an eerie scene, charred scene. paul deanno track the rain. >> a lot of rainfall. this is wonderful news. the more the better. that's the bull's eye. north sonoma county as well as of what's going on this very second up and down highway 29 all the way from lower lake
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south through middletown, down to angwin and healdsburg we are picking up moderate rainfall. pockets of moderate rain around sonoma and yountville, santa rosa, napa, american canyon, south to vallejo interstate 80. bethel island, antioch heavier showers and for the drive home from work, san francisco, oakland, berkeley, san leandro, and richmond getting in on some light to moderate rainfall. guerneville has received an inch of rain just today. it has been five months since anywhere in the bay area received an inch of rain. it's happening now. calistoga, graton, healdsburg, more than a third and it's still raining. mill valley in napa .10" or more so specifically for the "valley fire," the rain will taper off this evening. it will get sunny tomorrow. it will be warmer tomorrow. but the winds thankfully won't be as strong only five to ten miles an hour so relief at least temporarily up towards lake county right now. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast coming up. all that rain is coming down on evacuees living in
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tents. thousands will spend yet another night of the evacuation center at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga. many got out fast and couldn't teague much with them. julie watts says we can all learn from the tragedy and julie, it's just so important to have an evacuation plan. >> reporter: you know, from oes to the mormon church there is no shortage of lists online telling what you you should have in your emergency go bag but fact is we don't have one most of us. on the way up we stopped off and knocked on the door of an unsuspecting homeowner to demonstrate just how difficult it is to pack up in a hurry when you're unprepared. [ knocking ] >> hi. >> hi. >> we're doing a story on disaster preparedness. how prepared are you for a fire or an earthquake right now? >> oh, not very prepared. >> reporter: lori is not alone.
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census data shows only half of americans have an emergency evacuation kit. lori says it is on her mind following a recent fire in her novato neighborhood that forced the family to evacuate. >> you're like, okay get me out of the house and you just don't really care what you take. >> reporter: so we have a challenge for you. grab whatever you can in the house if you had 10 minutes to get out. >> 10 minutes? >> reporter: ly reluctantly agreed and while she ran around the house we took inventory noting ruby the dog and some irreplaceable artwork. >> i think i'd grab you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: a short time later we took stock of all that she grabbed. my computer with all the account information and everything like that the chargers in case we need to contact people and phones. >> reporter: she realized she couldn't grab important documents because she didn't have the combo to the safe. we notice you have a dog. >> oh, yeah. i definitely --okay, yeah. >> reporter: pet owners should plan to grab leashes, food and color photos of the pets in case they are lost. also important prescriptions, clothes, and for the kids a
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favorite stuffed animal for comfort. >> i have these two journals that i write for my daughters and so it would be nice. >> reporter: and that's when it really hit home for lori. >> i would like to grab a million more things but the most important definitely when i left the other day, we got each other so -- >> reporter: that's the sentiment of many we spoke with the loss is tragic and heartbreaking but they are so relieved that the family is safe. coming up at 6:00, we spoke with a lot of people here and we'll tell you the one thing that they wish they had taken with them and the one thing that most people did take with them. live in calistoga, julie watts, kpix 5. how about adding insult to injury? looters are starting to target evacuated homes in the burn area. a couple of suspects were arrested with safes in their car. deputies say they caught this man 26-year-old royce sterling moore casing homes in the area. they arrested him for possession of burglary tools
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and drug paraphernalia. if you would like to honestly help the fire victims, the red cross says it needs cash. you can give online at or text red cross to 90999. make an instant $10 donation. well, news on the other major wildfire burning in northern california. just minutes ago, the coroner confirming a fatality in the "butte fire." that's the one burning in the sierra foothills. the remains were found in the community of mountain ranch. the "butte fire" burned 71,000 acres and more than 300 structures. still to come, a sexual assault at a bay area school. the alleged victim is an 8-year- old girl. and tonight, a school employee is under arrest. >> a homemade clock a tech savvy teenager hauled off in handcuffs. tonight mark zuckerberg wants to immediate him and so does the president. >> and watch out, the software glitch that's putting a big appl,,,,,,,,
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details coming in on a major earthquake that has rocked chile. the 8.3 quake struck off the coast about 150 miles northwest of santiago. reports that buildings swayed and people rushed into the streets in chile's capital. tsunami warnings are also in effect right now for hawaii. we are going to stay on ton of this and bring you more -- on top of this and bring you more as we get it. an 8-year-old student was reportedly sexually assaulted at spark charter school in sunnyvale. an 18-year-old was arrested yesterday. he was a lunchtime monitor and after school teaching assistant. police roamed the school grounds today speaking to parents and students police asking any potential victims to come forward. >> this is a very upsetting incident for any community a school or neighborhood.
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i think it's important that they address their parents, their students, anybody who potentially is impacted by this. >> here's a mugshot of jonathan chow. he worked at the school for a month. a new jersey high school student could be in serious trouble for one of the dirtiest football plays you might ever see. it was caught on video. watch as he ripped the helmet off his opponent right here. he then smashed him in the head with it and then he let go. the other play has a cut that took 10 stitches to patch up. the ref called a personal foul on the play but didn't eject the player. the school suspended him and police are investigating. a texas teen is a social media sensation after being detained for bringing a homemade clock to school. this picture is make the rounds showed the 14-year-old amid mohammed in handcuffs -- ahmed in mohammed in handcuffs.
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one teacher in irving, texas, thought it might have been a bomb. some are accusing people of overreacting because the student is muslim. police won't seek charges against him. >> obviously we'll review this as any high-profile incident of any nature. it involved the state of the and in the abundance of caution under the circumstances. >> stand with ahmed has been tweeted more than 750,000 times today. facebook's mark zuckerberg has taken notice and has extended this invitation. he posted ahmed if you ever want to come by facebook, i'd love to meet you. keep building. ahmed might have as to squeeze that in. he now has an invite from the white house, as well. who comes first? >> still to come, a special honor for the victim of a high- profile san francisco shooting. the tribute the city is planning for kate steinle and the question we have for the mayor about it. >> and the bay area football legend throws his political support be,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the mayor of san francisco wants to put up a memorial to kate steinle the woman shot and killed on pier 14 allegedly by an undocumented immigrant. as tragic as the killing was it
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is an unusual circumstance for the city. kpix 5's phil matier went to talk to the mayor about it. phil what did he say? >> it's interesting. because as far as we can remember this isth never happened before. there's been some pretty horrific crimes here that people might want to memorialize. we asked the mayor what made this thing so special. here's what his answer was. >> she was somebody that was innocent, killed on our streets. >> reporter: cate caugiran was more than just an innocent -- kate steinle was more than just an innocent victim. her death set off a national debate when the accused shooter juan francisco lopez-sanchez had been defor the five times and was on the -- deported five times and was on the streets because the san francisco officials disregarded a federal immigration hold that would have kept him in custody as part of the sanctuary city policy. how much of this is politics? it's a national issue. >> i know for one particular candidate who wants to make it. >> reporter: still, there were 31 other homicides in san
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francisco this year. 48 last year. none of them got a plaque. >> every situation is different. i don't value her being more special than anybody else. >> reporter: mayor lee said the action came after a personal phone call to kate steinle's father jim who was with his daughter when she was shot and held her in his arms as her life slipped away. >> a way to honor her life and her positivity for a city that is officially apologizing for that event and try to prevent it from happening to anybody else. i was supportive. >> it's a wonderful gesture by the city. better would be changing the flawed sanctuary policy. >> reporter: u.s. homeland secure chief jeh johnson in town this week appears to agree. >> it is in my judgment not acceptable to have no policy cooperation. >> he was talking about the way it was being enforced. >> reporter: the steinle family is also suing the san francisco
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sheriff's department plus the federal immigration offices as well saying that this case was botched on both sides. now, at the same time, one of the supervisors four in fact are introducing a resolution at the democratic central committee to reaffirm the city's sanctuary policy. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. it has been more than 4 months since i have been able to say this. more than an inch of rain has fallen in parts of the bay area today and it's still pouring in the north bay. kpix 5 hi-def doppler now tracking the rainfall moving south of the golden gate which will absolutely slow down that evening commute. junipero serra freeway, 101, the san mateo bridge, castro valley, 580, 680, 880, everything with an 80 at the end of it dealing with rainfall right now including alamo and danville but here's the most important thing. lake county, mendocino county, north napa, north sonoma county, the bull's eye for the steadiest slash heaviest rainfall today exactly where we
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needed to reduce that fire danger and fire threat. video to show you from middletown. that's ground zero folks. look how heavily it was raining earlier today. and it continues this evening. not going to put out the fire but it certainly will help out a tremendous amount. it is raining steadily in middletown and all around southern lake county this evening. san jose 73. you're wondering where the rain is? you'll get it tonight around 11:00. san francisco rain now 68 degrees. oakland, livermore, raining for you with temperatures in the low 70s. overnight cloudy skies rain moving through the peninsula and the south bay. morgan hill will get some as well low tonight in the low to mid-50s in the north bay, mid- to upper 50s in the south bay. unstable air is here. it's a simple wonderful weather pattern. ridge is gone allowing the influence to come from the north low pressure system moving into far northern california dragging a front. it's textbook stuff but it's been so elusive the past several years and unfortunately once we get finished with tonight, it will be elusive again. so let's focus on this one rain event because that's all we
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get. 8:00 this evening the rain continues to move south. that's you hayward and union city and newark. redwood city, palo alto, you will get your rain this evening. san jose around midnight you will see some rainfall and then by tomorrow morning the rain is gone. it will be sunny before lunchtime and a big strong ridge of high pressure building in behind the low which means sunny and warmer weather toward the weekend. but for tonight showers are likely even a steady rainfall at times before that sunshine returns tomorrow. it will be heating up this week but it's raining outside now. we can be thankful for that. concord 80. san jose tomorrow 76. redwood city 75. 60s at the coast. san ramon showers later on this evening your high 76. pleasant hill 80. san francisco 68 degrees. novato 76. cloverdale 80 degrees for a high. sunny and warm friday and warm to hot over the weekend. 70s inland. fire danger dropping because of the rainfall tonight.
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fire danger goes back up this weekend but this is good stuff. >> we'll take it. >> couldn't come at a better time. it's round 2 for the republican presidential candidates tonight. they are facing off in a debate at the reagan presidential library in simi valley. and ken, it's another opportunity for the field to try to catch up to donald trump in the numbers anyway. >> this was great theater when fox did it a couple of weeks ago and the numbers were phenomenal. so a lot of people will be tuning into that, as well. we might actually be able to see some of the candidates stretch it out a little bit. trump is still ahead in the polls. cbs' poll came out yesterday showed ben carson is closing in. a little different group tonight. there are 11 candidates taking part. since the rules were tweaked a bit that opened the door for carly fiorina in the first debate there were just 10 in the main event. things are just starting. gloves have not come off yet.
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candidates just started introducing themselves. >> i say not in a brag attorneys way i have made billions and billions of dollars dealing with people all over the world and i want to put whatever that talent is to work for this country so we have great trade deals, we make our country rich again, we maic it great again. we build up our military. we take care of our vets. we get rid of obamacare. and we have a great life altogether. thank you. >> so the reagan library what a great setting there. they have air force one behind them, all the candidates will be stretching it out. and, um, trump a little product placement there with the trump tie and, um, you know, the whole story will be what he says, what he doesn't say, and how they react to him. >> the whole thing is the candidates have to try to take down trump but build up their own campaigns at the same time. >> really interesting. and, of course, we'll have more coming up, coverage of the debate coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. see you then. and speaking of which, donald trump picked up an interesting endorsement today from new england patriots
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quarterback tom brady. >> guy likes winning like you. you think he's got what it takes? >> i hope so. it would be great. get a putting green on the white house lawn, i'm sure of that. [ laughter ] >> the san mateo native has almost always kept his personal political leanings private. he did tell "60 minutes" he did tell "60 minutes" several years ago he
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while the software upgrade for the apple watch will take a little longer it was planned to be released today but a bug is taking longer to fix. the company didn't say when it will launch, just shortly. updates will let users replay to emails and allow for more powerful apps. if you are looking for a job, u.p.s. may have the answer. the package delivery service is looking for new employees to help increasing deliveries in the upcoming holidays. 90,000 people will be hired
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nationwide full and part time. the positions have the potential to become more regular. apply on the u.p.s. website. for a look ahead on the "cbs evening news," scott pelley in new york. >> reporter: here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. a 14-year-old was arrested for an innocent science project. was the blunder racially motivated? plus, a play-by-play of what to expect in tonight's republican presidential debate and an epidemic of drug abuse on the streets of america imported from china. we'll have that tonight on the western edition of the ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow.
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i'm ken bastida. new at 6:00 tonight, jail deputies sent back to class. the emergency training now required after an inmate was beaten to death. plus, a spike in crime in berkeley hitting close to home for the city's mayor. and the hot spots police are pointing to. join us tonight at 6:00. that's 30 minutes away. in the meantime we are keeping an eye on hi-def doppler. >> yes. >> why not show the ray car? >> why not? >> when you can and it's not just spinning and showing -- let's see green. >> it's wonderful news because it's still pouring up in the north bay up by the "valley fire." but now the rain has made it south of the golden gate, that's you castro valley and fremont and hayward, san mateo. it's working its way south impacting the evening commute
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but we need it. >> the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: show and tell takes a twist and turn after handcuffs from the police-- >> made me feel like a criminal and terrorist. >> pelley: a pat on the back from the president. also tonight, round two for the g.o.p.'s sweet 16. how many will be standing after this debate? at least six hikers are killed by flash floods and the search goes on for victims of the wildfires. and below the sidewalks of new york, the wait for a train nearly 100 years late. >> we are about 84%, 85% done. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. an alarm clock that went off in irving, texas, got the attention of the entire nation today.


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