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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 17, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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find your walk near you at >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news tonight. this is the moment a powerful earthquake shook chile. it was so strong, we could feel the ripple effects here in california. >> the quake was an 8.3. it hit central chile late this afternoon. it triggered a tsunami advisory for hawaii and coastal areas of california. let's get right to our betty yu in the news room. betty? >> reporter: we are not talking about a major tsunami causing damage here, but energy from that massive quake is spreading out across the pacific and from
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chile, we are getting word of fatalities. three people have within killed including a woman whose roof collapsed on her. several powerful aftershocks including one with a magnitude 7 and four above a 6 shook that region. the tremor was so strong, people in buenos aires, and peru also heard the shakes. the quake hit during an afternoon newscast in santiago. buildings and flag poles swayed. people ran for cover. we have seen at least one scene of a collapsed building and people digging through rubble. elsewhere, damage at a mall, and panic pat the airport. the major quake triggered a tsunami alert in chile where authorities evacuated coastal areas. a surge of water flooded streets and alarm bells sounded
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at the tsunami warning center. an advisory has been issued tonight in hawaii and the california coast from southern orange county north to san louis abispo. a huge tsunami surge is not expected but dangerous currents are possible early tomorrow morning. this animation shows how a 2011 earthquake in japan triggered a tsunami that reached the california coast. watch how it tore through the santa cruz harbor damaging boats and docks. this tsunami caused more than $10 million in damages. this time, nothing as dramatic. officials in southern california will be closing some beaches and harbors. >> i'm actually tieing my boat and neighbor's boats. i'm making sure everything is secure. if we have trouble, at least we are tied to the docks pretty well. >> reporter: well in april of 2014, an 8.2 quake struck off the coast of northern chile.
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it triggered landslides, cut off power, and generated a tsunami. five people died. hundreds were killed in another powerful quake in 2010. chile is on the so-called ring of fire. an area of fault lines and volcanos prone to quicks and eruptions. in the news room, betty yu, kpix5. tonight, some relief for firefighters battling the valley fire. it has been raining most of the day in lake county. so much rain in fact, you can see it rush through down spouts and puddle on the roads in middle town. now, you can see the fire is still smoldering. this is what it looks like in the town of cobb today. close to where the fire started. kpix5's mark kelly is in middletown tonight with the latest. mark? >> reporter: ken, how quickly things can change. think about it. just four days ago, the conditions here were so hot and dry, it caused the valley fire to just explode. here we are tonight.
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it is damp and cold. at the evacuation center in calistoga, evacuees are doing their best to waterproof their tents. even family pets are hunkers down bracing for a wet cold night ahead. but there's hope that this rain will at least harness the wild fire that destroyed their homes. >> the rain has helped us immensely. the rain has slowed the progression of the fire. >> reporter: even in this rain, fire crews will continue with their containment lines and mopping up hot spots overnight. taking advantage of the cool wet weather. >> it has given me the ability to get out there and make some good headway. >> reporter: of course, the rain presents new challenges to firefighters too. muddy dirt roads and slick hillsides. >> but the benefits far outweigh the bad things the rain is bringing. >> reporter: back here in middletown now hate is raining, fire crews can focus on putting out the hot spots. the real concern is behind me.
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look at the downed power lines. we see them dangling all over middletown. the good news, check out this pg&e staging area. this is the amount of crews working hard tonight to get the lights back on. >> there is absolutely a lot of the utility crews working. >> reporter: now some of the street lights are back onto night. a convenience store has its lights on. the grocery store in town is running off a generator at this point. but the fact is most of middletown still looks like this tonight. dark, and damp. live in middletown, mark kelly, kpix5. the rain started in lake county about 8:00 this morning. it is now 11:00 at night. it is still raining albeit lighter than before. but we will take every drop. kpix5 high-def doppler showing scattered showers continuing in sonoma county, lake county, mendocino county, napa county. scattered showers continuing on the peninsula now. and in the east bay, we have seen scattered showers and the rain continues in the santa
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cruz mountains as close as san francisco international. drops ton lens looking at the pyramid. it is raining in san francisco. how about mount tam? an inch-and-a-half of rain today. guerneville, nearly two inches of rain. napa and orinda, .10 inches of rain. the weather is helping the fire fight and will continue to tomorrow. we will have more on our weather in the next zone days coming up. >> thanks paul. the valley fire has blackened over 70,000 acres but the rain has made a big difference. containment is up to 35%. more than 3100 firefighters are on the fire lines battling the flames. when they need a break, they come to this makeshift tent city at the napa county fairgrounds. there, they can refuel again with food and rest before heading back out to the front line for another 24 hour shift. we know the fire has killed at
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least one woman, but tonight, at least four others are still unaccounted for. cadaver dogs were brought in to search burned out neighborhoods in middletown and cobb. >> one of the missing is 69- year-old leonard neft, a reporter for the mercury news. his family has not heard from him since saturday night. a reporter told nick james she is afraid by the time he decided to evacuate, it was too late. >> he just never felt like he was threatened. never felt like he was threatened. until toward the end. >> reporter: from sacramento, adele pleaded with her husband to evacuate their lake county home, but the valley fire was far enough away that he believed he was safe. >> so i was telling him, you know, what was going on. i said you need to leave. he goes well, he says i don't think it is coming this way. i say but you need to leave. >> reporter: she called him over and over every 20 minutes.
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finally convincing him to pack his car. the last time the couple married 30 years spoke was saturday night. >> the last phone call, i told him please hon, you need to leave. you need to leave. and he said i don't think i can get out now, but i will try. and i can hear he was scared. he was getting scared. >> reporter: his escape out of anderson springs may have looked like this. another homeowner there recorded video driving out of the inferno. after the last call, lin never answered his phone again. >> he is not there and we don't know where he is at. >> reporter: the 69-year-old's burned out car was found on a rural road half a mile away. no sign of him. >> and firefighters have another big fire on their hands tonight. the butte fire which is still burning in the sierra foothills. we are hearing a pg&e power line might have started that
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fire. a man's body was found today in calaveras county. he is the second person to die in the fire, pg&e says one of the power lines may have hit a tree but it is waiting to hear from investigators. the butte fire has charred 71,000 acres and is now 47% contained. the president called governor brown today saying he is praying for california. he also made it clear the administration will continue supporting state and local fire fighting efforts. if you would like to help the victims of the valley fire, the red cross says cash donations are best. you can give online or by phone. i'm the only person up here that fought against going into iraq. >> can i response to that? >> just a second. >> you know, you do have your 1%. >> round two for the republicans. the gloves thrown off tonight as the candidates clashed in southern california.
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donald trump taking center stage yet again allen. looks like there were no shortages of heated exchanges. >> reporter: once again, there were exchanges but not as many as last time. candidates knew what to expect of trump this time. and at three hours long, moderators knew there was time for issues. there may have been light hearted moments like secret service names. it is high energy donald. >> reporter: but there were jabs taken at the front runner. >> his visceral response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly. my goodness, that happened in junior high. are we not way above that? >> i never attacked him on his looks and believe me, there is plenty of subject matter there. >> reporter: but the gop debate steered toward issues. >> they were trying to find the divisions between the candidates and the division. >> reporter: the only woman candidate on stage, carly fiorina pushed on funding
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planned parenthood. she talked about losing a child to a drug overdose and how she would deal with difficult world leaders. >> i would rebuild the missile defense program in poland. i would conduct aggressive military exercises in the baltic states. vladimir putin would get the message. >> carly fiorina was great. she overtook donald trump in mentions which is a crude measure of someone's popularity. i think she showed she deserved to be on the stage. >> reporter: cane says chris christie was another candidate who stepped up. >> while i am as entertained as everybody else about carly and trump's career, for that 55- year-old construction worker with no job who cannot fund his child's education, they could care less about your careers. >> reporter: while trump took a swipe at jeb bush's mexican american wife ... >> this is the country where we
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speak english. not spanish. >> well, i have been speaking english here tonight. >> reporter: cane says bush held firm and had to. >> he had a lot to lose tonight. if he didn't perform well. and, he did. >> reporter: now, the new york times broke down how much time each candidate got. trump, 20 minutes of air time. bush, 17, carly fiorina, 15. scott walker had the least, nine minutes. the next gop debate is in six weeks. that's a long time. >> certainly entertaining wasn't it? >> reporter: for much of the three hours. >> nobody held him back. i think people are seeing the characters. >> all right allen thank you. [ laughter ] >> loving it. six weeks away. we are following breaking news tonight. a bay area neighborhood evacuated after a possible home invasion. >> and this teenager arrested >> and this teenager arrested for being ,,,,
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>> we are physical lowing breaking news in vallejo. the swat team there has a house surrounded and da lin is live. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, home invasion, robbery, possibly with two victims being held hostage inside a house. heavy police presence here near the corner of belmont avenue. swat officers have surrounded a house further down the street here. 1240, belmont avenue. now just before 6:00 this
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evening, the solano county sheriffs deputies say two men with guns stormed into the house to rob the family. they say two victims were inside at the time. deputies and snipers have since surrounded the house and evacuated nearby homes. we talked to a man who lives next door to the victims. >> first thought was my son was home alone so i showed up. the street is blocked. sheriffs with guns out. i told them my son is home. that is my concern. >> there has been no successful contact made hat this point. our efforts are continuing. >> you guys believe they are still inside? >> it is possible, yes. there is no indication that they have exited the home at this point. >> reporter: negotiators have been trying to talk to the suspects but no one is responding. there is a possibility the suspects left the house already. now deputies cannot talk to the people inside or can't get the suspects to surrender. eventually, they will have to storm in to see what is going on inside. live in vallejo, da lin, kpix5.
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tonight, a sacred cross stolen from a san francisco church. thieves broke through the back door of saint anthony's church in the mission and they swiped several chalices and several crosses. the most priceless among them, a relic, a gold plated cross with the bone of a saint embedded in it. >> the chalices are replaceable. but the relics are not. one is over 125 years old. we always have it here. now it is gone. and we are left with nothing. >> we are told the church did not have any alarms or any security cameras. so far, police have not made any arrests. a new jersey high school student could be in serious trouble tonight for one of the dirtiest football plays you may ever see. the whole thing was caught on video. watch as he ripped the helmet off of his opponent. he then smacks him in the head with it. and then ... he lets go. the other player has a nasty cut that needed ten stitches.
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the refs called a personal foul on the play but did not eject that player. the school has suspended him for the incident and police are investigating. well, support pouring in tonight for a texas teenager who was cuffed for bringing a homemade clock to school. his teacher thought it was a bomb. >> i made it to impress my teachers. >> reporter: on monday, ahmed mohamed brought to school this homemade digital clock, a circuit board wedged inside a pencil case. he showed it to his engineering teacher but told us it was his english teacher got alarmed when the clock deeped in his backpack. >> i brought the clock to my teacher and showed it to her after class. and i plugged it in and showed it to her. it was a working clock. she said it looks like a bomb. >> reporter: the 14-year-old was arrested wearing a nasa shirt for building a hoax bomb. >> i just felt like i was a criminal. i was profiled as a terrorist.
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>> reporter: he was fingerprinted and taken to juvenile detention. school spokesperson. >> we were doing everything with an abundance of caution to protect all of our students. >> reporter: police later concluded the device was harmless. just a clock as ahmed mohamed said all along and declined to press charges. the police chief larry boyd denied the teen had been profiled because he is muslim. >> we live in an age where you can't take things like that to school. horrific things happen. we have to ere on the pseudoof caution. the reaction would have been the same regardless. >> reporter: but social media exploded in outrage. people posed with the clocks in solidarity. the hash tag i stand with ahmed was tweeted half a million times. facebook founder mark zuckerberg invited him to stop by and president obama tweeted cool clock ahmed. want to bring it to the white house? we should inspire more kids like you to like science. it is what makes america great. >> i didn't think i would be
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getting any supporters because i was muslim. i didn't think anybody would care. >> reporter: ahmed may get the last laugh in all of this. google has sent him a tweet. they are very interested in meeting him. the company says hey ahmed, we are saving a seat for you at this week's google science fair. you want to come? bring your clock. #istandwithahmed. first it was a chicken and now it is a duck causing mischief on a bay area freeway. the chp tweeted this pick of a duck in the back of the cruiser. and this little gal was wandering around i-80. the duck was captured and taken to an animal shelter. you may remember two weeks ago it was a chicken when chip the chicken wondered into the bay bridge toll plaza. something going wrong with the birds on the bay bridge. people flipping the bird. birds running around. chickens. >> i'll let you explain that
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one. it is a good day for a duck though. it rained. rained in san francisco. how about that? only totaled three one- hundredths of an inch 50 times more rainfall in marin county than san francisco today. you want to talk about micro climate, there it is. looked stormy throughout the day. it is raining at the giants game and it continues to rain in the santa cruz mountains. san mateo county, santa clara county, you are not finished with the rain. san jose, 58. san francisco, 58. by the time you wake up tomorrow, the rain will be finished. our area of low pressure, the unstable air that dove down from the north dragged the front through the bay area. fired up the rainfall exactly where we needed it. right over the valley fire up to an inch of rainfall in lake county, mendocino county. that low pressure will scoot on out of here. so let's talk about future cast and how much more rainfall we can expect. scattered showers continue 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. showers done though by 9:00
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tomorrow monoing. really minimal impact on the morning commute. by the time you drive home from work tomorrow, the kids are finished with school. even the cloud cover is gone. what happens next? unfortunately, there is not a series of low pressure areas. here comes the next ridge back to the 90s by the weekend. we are talking showers continuing overnight tonight. sunshine back tomorrow afternoon. it will be warmer, but not the hot stuff, we will have that saturday and sunday. concord back to 80 degrees with afternoon sunshine. san jose, a few overnight showers. your high 76. union city, 72. san mateo, 73. upper 70s for walnut creek in livermore. concord as i mentioned 80 degrees. san francisco, only 68. kentfield, 77. cloverdale, 80. we are done with the rain for a while. as a matter of fact, the two warmest days will be saturday and sunday. we will see 80s around san francisco bay. very thankful for the rain we had today. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of chile tonight. at least three people confirmed
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dead after a magnitude 8.3 quake hit just off the coast triggers a small tsunami. there have been reports of waves up to 15 feet high and several strong aftershocks. >> a tsunami advisory has been issued from san diego to san louis. people have been tieing their boats down just in case. a big surge is not expected but sea level changes are dangerous,
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>> the as called up barry zito today. he hasn't thrown a pitch in the big league since 2013. but he was not exactly overjoyed by the news. >> you get put on the pedestal your whole life. >> barry zito joined the team in chicago. apparently will pitch only out of the bullpen and the as night need it. michael had a monster two run shot and the white sox beat the as 9-4. freaking out at the giants game tonight. have you ever seen rain? [ laughter ] i sang it ken. >> that would be the one and only ♪ i want to know jake peavy hit a home run and the giants win 5-3. nfl. on sunday, derek karr bruised his throwing hand on this play. i have bad information.
2:08 am
i heard he was out two weeks. that is not the case. after today, taking a majority of smacks in practice, he says he will be ready to play sunday against the ravens. tom brady was off sunday. he posted this picture with his feet up watching football saying could probably be said about the gop debate tonight. >> you still have the trump hat up there. he loves winning. have you talked to him at all? any advice for the debate? >> uh no. [ laughter ] >> he's a guy who likes winning like you. you think he has what it takes? >> i hope so. that would be great. a putting green on the white house lawn. >> i think brady may have taken too many shots to the head. [ laughter ] how about this guy at the indianing game? a foul ball goes through his outstretched arm, banged him. watch the officials come out and he gets a yellow ... i think he got a green card or
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a yellow card. look! he got a yellow card! are you serious? [ laughter ] >> what does that mean? what's a yellow card. >> he got ejected. do we have the superbowl? >> it's co,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the late show with stephen colbert is up ,,,,,,,,
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