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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i'm frank mallicoat. happy friday. you made it through the workweek. and we're going to hopefully get you through your friday with a little traffic and weather. welcome to the sleepless nights club, julie. >> thank you. >> just dropping by for one day. >> actually i have a great forecast today. a lot of folks -- everyone is excited for the rain and i got all these questions is this the beginning of el nino? are we going to get this every day? no! we are in the middle of a warming trend, 90s and triple digits hitting records by the end of the weekend but for right now out the door any which from the 40s to the 60s your current temperatures depending where you live. clear skies areawide. 60 in oakland, 59 san francisco. your full forecast including the warming trend is coming up. first how are the roads? >> looking good. good morning, everybody. caltrans has been busy overnight. they have a couple of ramps shut down right at the heart of
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the dublin interchange. 580/680. those ramps will be closed until 5:00 this morning. there are detours in place and so far traffic seems to be getting through the detour okay. i'll have another look at "kcbs traffic" including an update on a new accident in san jose. the "valley fire" claimed more victims. at least three are dead but some of those who fled are being allowed back into their homes. kpix 5's anne makovec has been covering the fire this week and she is live at the evacuation center in calistoga. reporter: the evacuation orders have been lifted for the berryessa estates. good news for them. but there are still a lot of evacuations in effect for lake and napa counties and a lot of those people have been here at the napa county fairgrounds since last weekend. some of their homes are still standing. but 585 homes have burned down. for two days this week, the sheriff's office had been escorting people back to their properties to see what if anything is left.
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those escorts ended abruptly wednesday night. no word on if they may restart. the only realtime line given now cal fire says it will under control within a week. other questions, at this point, unanswered. >> poor people that lost their homes, fema brought in to put trailers on their properties? what's going to happen with the school? >> things are happening and we're going to get you in as soon as we possibly can. >> reporter: there are 800 people staying at this camp, 150 of them are children. they have showers here, rows of porta-potties and hot meals. but people are just sick of it. they do say though that they are very grateful to the city of calistoga. there's been an outpouring of support and a lot of appreciation from these evacuees. but everybody is really tired of this situation. live in calistoga, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> i can imagine. thank you. three bodies have been pulled from the rubble inside
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that "valley fire" burn zone. officials say leonard neft a 69- year-old man. his car was found burned an abandoned. the family believes by the time he tried to evacuate it was too late. another victim bruce burns lived in a trailer at his family's scrap metal recycling yard. neighbors say he was probably sleeping and couldn't get out. the third victim 72 barbara mcwilliams was found dead saturday. she was a disabled woman with ms and was trapped inside her home. the "butte fire" 150% contained. it's burned 75,000 acres. two people are confirmed dead and three 65 homes are destroyed. the "butte fire" is 50% contained. it may have been started by a power line hitting a tree. people lined the streets of
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angels camp that thank crews fighting the fire. firefighters posted this video saying they were humbled. we had rain a day or two ago and the heat is on again. >> the heat is on again. now, we are looking at air quality for this weekend. we are going to see a light offshore wind and that means we could see some more smoke coming our way. we aren't seeing significant air quality concerns. north bay moderate because of the smoke. the rest of us good air quality officially with the exception of [ indiscernible ] that's just valley air. this weekend we could see air quality deteriorate a little with more of the offshore flow maybe to moderate in the east bay. as for your temperatures out the door this morning, we are looking at temperatures bottoming out near 50 in napa. 60 oakland right now. 58 in pacifica. throughout the day, the weather
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headline is sunshine after a clear start. sunny and seasonal temperatures day. warm to hot this weekend. more on that forecast coming up. first a check of the roads. we have this accident on 85 that happened in the northbound direction in san jose. northbound 85 approaching bascom. it's an overturned car off to the right-hand shoulder. one lane may be shut down momentarily once chp gets there to clear up this accident. northbound 85 just before bascom but our sensors along 85 are still picking up light traffic for now but heads up for major closures right at the heart of the dublin interchange. all of this because of roadwork. the west 580 connector ramp to 680 shut down until 5:00 this morning. but so far, traffic for west 580 seems to be doing okay right here heading through the detour. i'll have another look at "kcbs traffic" in a few minutes. caltrans moved a step closer with plans to implode part of the old bay bridge. yesterday they got approval from the san francisco bay conservation and development
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commission. now the plan just the go-ahead from the u.s. army corps of engineers. caltrans wants to use explosives to demolish the largest pier on the eastern span. a homeowner found a man trapped inside a burning vehicle then doused the flames with a garden home until help arrived. investigators say the driver had a medical condition that likely led to the crash into the house. a kidnapping case that vallejo police called a hoax could be very costly for the city. more now from kpix 5's maria medina. reporter: >> it is mr. quinn and miss huskins that owes this community an apology. >> reporter: immediately after denise huskins was found alive, vallejo police publicly called her kidnapping and rape a hoax. >> i will classify it as a wild goose chase. >> reporter: and now six months later. >> they have filed this claim. >> reporter: their san francisco attorneys are filing a legal claim against the city of vallejo insisting the
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statements made by police have kept denise from landing a job and ruined their reputation. >> they were painted to the world as having been involved in a terrible hoax. >> reporter: in the legal claim handed to the city of vallejo leaders it says, when aaron quinn called police for help, they believed he was lying. they didn't want to hear any more about any claimed intruders and that they knew aaron had really killed denise even take the incredible step of putting aaron's phone on airplane phone after told investigators the kidnapper would be calling for ransom. >> he was kept behind a closed locked door for 18 hours. >> reporter: meanwhile, his fiancee they say was being raped repeatedly. she was eventually released her alleged captor matthew muller arrested not too long ago and now victims attorneys say he is not the only perpetrator in this case; so are the police. >> denise and aaron were victims of horrific crimes. and they had the right not to
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be victimized by the vallejo city police. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. >> the suspect in the case matthew muller is due in court today for a preliminary hearing. three correctional deputies are due back in court today in the case of an inmate who died in santa clara county's main jail. a bail hearing is set for jereh lubin, matthew farris and rafael rodriguez. they are being held for allegedly beating inmate michael tyree to death last month of prosecutors opposed bail for the three saying they pose a flight risk because they face possible life sentences. it's day two for a military pretrial hearing to determine whether former army sergeant bowe bergdahl should face court marshal. he was held by the taliban for five years after deserting hisness to afghanistan in 2009. he faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and a possible life sentence. the contractor fired from the valley medical center expansion project in san jose
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is now facing a lawsuit. a worker nearly blown out of an underground vault while testing a new steam pipe system last year wasn't badly hurt but santa clara county says it's just one example of the quality and safety issues that have put the project nearly three years behind schedule. turner construction blames the county for the delays citing hundreds of change orders and slow decision-making. the county is now taking tens of millions of dollars in damage. 4739. caught on camera -- 4:39. caught on camera police officers tackle a california teen for jaywalking. what he is saying about the incident. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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a police takedown of a teen in stockton is going viral. >> get the [ censored ] off me! >> police say 16-year-old emilio mayfield was standing in a bus lane tuesday morning and refused to get on the sidewalk. that's when an officer stopped him. a bus passenger recorded the video of the struggle that followed. when the officer called for backup, nine more officers took emilio to the ground. >> i feel traumatized by that and i felt like i was beaten and slammed on the floor. >> the video the officer had his baton out but the suspect was also grabbing and holding on to the baton. >> emilio was cited for resisting arest and trespassing. 4:42. the 14-year-old boy arrested at school after he made a clock will be transferring to another school. ahmed mohamed was arrested monday at a high school in irving, texas, after the clock he made was mistaken for a
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bomb. ahmed is considering schools inside and outside of the country. his father from sudan believes his son was targeted because of his race and religion. the sacramento man who thwarted a terrorist attack received a special thank you from the president. >> whatever they do, they are going to do it well. and, uhm, you know, we just want to say thank you to them for not only saving so many lives but also for making america look so good. >> spencer stone, alex skarlatos and anthony sadler put their lives at risk to tackle a gunman on a paris- bound train last month. they got recognition from world leaders and got them to the white house yesterday. >> pretty surreal. we stood in the oval office today. never thought i would be inside there. >> there was a moment in time where i just froze when i walked in and saw him looked at him for a second. >> really cool nice guy.
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>> after meeting the president the three men were honored in a ceremony at the pentagon. the death toll from flash floods in utah now stands at 19. 7 victims were hikers killed in zion national park when the floodwaters rushed through. six of them were from camarillo in southern california. the 12 others include women and children. the death toll will continue to rise with two more people missing. a chilean port city is a disaster zone this morning. that's after the 8.3 quake killed 11 people. damage is in the billions. hundreds of thousands of people are still staying in shelters. seismologists say thanks to structural reinforcement there isn't as much damage as there could have been. the effects of the earthquake were felt in california. dozens of surfers flocked to santa cruz for the waves. most doubt they were related to
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the quake. the official tsunami advisory extended only to a point on the california coast south of big sur. it did not include santa cruz or the bay area. [ indiscernible ] >> but the impact of the quake was visible in more subtle ways. this time lapse video of the santa cruz harbor showed the tide rising and falling as much as a foot in 10 minutes. it was nothing like what santa cruz saw in 2011 when a powerful wave from the japanese earthquake seriously damaged the santa cruz harbor. if you want to go to the beach this weekend, it might be a good idea, huh? >> fantastic beach weather. >> absolutely. >> and although, you know, we live in a neighborhood near a beach in san francisco and there's going to be no parking. i can tell you that right now, because everyone will be going to the beaches this weekend. it's going to be perfect. the perfect weekend for the beach. let's go ahead and take a look
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outside. we are in the midst of a transition. a beautiful warming trend areawide not too hot tomorrow though getting there on sunday. right now, 58 degrees concord. 60 oakland. 59 livermore. 57 out the door in san jose this morning. we are off to a clear start, sunshine later today as high pressure continues to build kicking off a warming trend. we have a light offshore breeze, as well. that's helping to warm things up. not going to be great for fire weather because that's obviously a drying direction. but we are going to see sunshine and warm conditions this weekend. so mostly clear start with a little bit of patchy coastal fog this morning. sunshine today, near seasonal temperatures today. but warm to hot this weekend starting out warm getting hot inland by the end of th weekend. 67 today half moon bay. 69 in san francisco. 80 san ramon. 84 napa. 82 novato. 81 san rafael. 84 degrees your high temperature today in santa rosa. looking at the extended
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forecast, today seasonal temperatures. as we move on into the weekend, though, above seasonal norms. warm to hot saturday and sunday. we are talking 70s at the coast, 80s by the bay, 90s maybe flirting with the triple digits on sunday for some of the warmest spots inland. cooling trend though begins on monday continuing into next week as we increase cloud cover beginning monday. mid-level clouds moving in monday into tuesday. temperatures back to seasonal norms by midweek. now for a check of the roads. hi there, julie. good morning, everybody. we are still watching san jose where there is this accident that happened 85 northbound approaching approaching bascom. a car hit a deer on the road. at this point, at least one lane of traffic is shut down. it happened northbound 85 just before bascom but since it's so early, you can see our sensors are picking up light traffic still for the northbound commute heading through the san jose area. but just keep in mind caltrans is quite busy overnight. they are still out there right at the dublin interchange. we have a couple of ramps shut
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down to traffic until 5:00 this morning. fortunately so far traffic doing okay heading through the detour area. westbound 580 brake lights closer to the altamont pass. it's going to be heavy from the 205 interchange approaching grant line at this hour. now, in oakland, watch out for this motorcycle accident that happened westbound 24 just beyond broadway. it is off to the right-hand shoulder. and so far traffic seems to be doing okay in the westbound direction. our sensors are picking up some slow traffic eastbound. it could be because of overnight roadwork. caltrans was out there eastbound through the oakland area. heading for the bay bridge toll plaza we'll still call it "friday light." it's early so it's wide open at the pay gates and traffic is flowing well leaving the east bay bound for san francisco. 19 minutes is what it costs you to make the drive between the carquinez bridge and the maze. san mateo bridge still flowing well no big roadwork overnight so highway 92 still looking good between hayward and foster
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city. gm is going to settle hundreds of civil lawsuits by paying $575 million. the suits are related to that faulty ignition switch. meanwhile the automatic agreed to settle a criminal investigation, as well. federal prosecutors in new york expect gm will pay a $900 million fine to avoid prosecution on wire fraud charges. general motors was accused of making false safety claims to consumers over the internet. happening today in mountain view, construction work continues on new light rail tracks. that means the westbound lanes of central expressway will be closed starting at 8 p.m. crews are finishing up construction on the tracks between mountain view and [ indiscernible ] stations. detours to the eastbound lanes will be in place and the lanes will re-open at 5 a.m. monday. >> this is the final day for a bay area bakery chain. mike sugerman reports customers are disappointed the remaining stores are all
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shutting down. reporter: the special today at la boulange, wiped away like the local beloved bakery. >> really upset. >> reporter: sherry was crying along with pastries in her arms. >> has the best coffee, croissants and the people are always so sweet. you have to have their hazelnut chocolate croissant. you want me to buy you one? they are great. >> reporter: they are good i have to say. >> i think it's so tragic. i just feel that it's so unfair that starbucks bought this chain to get rid of it. >> reporter: that's just a taste of what local foodies are thinking. i call up starbucks. they denied it. >> they are very unsympathetic and very unsentimental. >> reporter: john's magazine detailed the deal and believes starbucks bought the chain for $100 million for its recipes to get better food in the storms. the bakery itself taking a bite out of its bottom line. >> that's the name of capitalism unfortunately.
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>> i think it was a very underhanded thing to do. >> reporter: it's leaving a bad taste in her mouth. local foodies said good-bye to a favorite bakery today even as they took home gift baskets from the staff here as the door closed on another local favorite. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> it's not just the bakery. they have great salads, beet salad was fabulous and almond croissant, to die for. >> i would always go for the pastries. >> their coffee is better than starbucks. >> oh-oh. he said it. >> i did. i like starbucks, too. but -- awfully good. okay. it is friday, folks. 4:51. up next, gamblers are being warned about an online poker scam. details on how hacker,,,,,,,,,,,
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4:54. south bay 80s. morgan hill 85. 85 in los gatos, as well. 87 brentwood. 86 pittsburg. and 83 in vallejo today around the bay temperatures hovering in the 60s and 70s. 71 alameda. 74 san leandro. 67 stinson beach. slightly cooler but still pleasant along the beach today in the uppe 60s. your full forecast including a warming trend where we'll get hot is coming up. good morning, everybody. the zipper truck is preparing for the morning drive. southbound traffic looking good heading into san francisco. no big delays. westbound 24 accident in
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oakland, details with my next traffic report coming up. croatian police say more than 13,000 migrants have entered their country from serbia since the first groups began arriving more than two days go. today croatia closed all but one of its border crossings with serbia. theyrefugees have been able to enter croatia through cornfields. clayton stoner facing charges in his native british columbia for hunting and killing a grizzly bear there. here's a photo with the bear's head in 2013 when he was playing hockey for the minnesota wild. he is accused of violating the wildlife act in british columbia. it allows hunting only for people who maintain a primary residence in the province. >> our investigation has concluded that mr. stoner allegedly failed to meal the residency requirements under the wildlife act. >> the charges include hunting without a license and hunting
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wildlife out of season. certain to has a hearing in vancouver next month. online poker players, beware. someone might be peeking at your cards. a new computer virus lets some online players cheat their way to winning. security experts say the virus is installed on computers after downloading poker-related programs. the spyware then takes screen shots of the infected player's cards and sends the information to hackers who up the stakes to steal money. >> hopefully this is going to be rectified somehow so that we can continue doing what we love for a living and hopefully poker will be around for a long time. >> concerned players can report problems to the targeted sites. a legal victory for apple may require samsung to change its devices. yesterday a federal appeals court in washington decided samsung can no longer copy some of the features available on iphones. that including auto-correct and the slide to unlock move.
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$120million samsung has to pay apple, a fraction of what apple asked for. a mix of good news and bad news for people evacuated from the "valley fire." i'm live at the evacuation center with the latest on what thousands of people are dealing with this morning. >> three jail deputies accused of murdering an inmate want to of murdering an inmate want to post bail but the d.a.'s office,
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good morning. it's friday, september 18. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 on this friday. and the "valley fire" becoming more deadly by the day. at least 3 are dead but some of those who escaped the flames will soon get to go home.
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kpix 5's anne makovec live at the evacuation center in calistoga with the very latest. reporter: some of these evacuation orders being lifted since this past weekend. berryessa estates, that evacuation order is lifted with hopefully more to come very soon. but a lot are still in effect for lake and napa counties and a lot of these people have been staying here at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga. frankly, they are getting tired of it. some of their homes are still standing. but 585 homes have burned down in the "valley fire." for two days this week the sheriff's office had been escorting people back to their properties to see what, if anything, is left. those escorts ended abruptly wednesday night. no word on whether or not they will restart. the only


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