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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. firefighters are slowly gaining ground on the destructive "valley fire" and today, it was back to school
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for some evacuees. but others still have a long road ahead of them. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live where some of those evacuees were happy to be back in a very familiar place today. anne. >> reporter: yeah. all of the people that live in the berryessa estates were allowed back home. what a joy. they were very thankful. but in the meantime, there are still thousands waiting for their evacuation orders to be lifted. >> i have no idea what day it is. i would have to look at the paper to figure it out. >> reporter: it's all blended together for this mom evacuated with her baby, will, who will be 8 months old tomorrow. >> you guys have been doing really good. >> reporter: her husband has been fighting the "valley fire" after it consumed their home in cobb. >> i am better than i was day one. >> reporter: things are getting back to normal in pope valley. the k-8 school reopened today. >> i think it's good. >> reporter: of the school's 52
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students, only about half showed up. >> it's nice to see my friends again. >> reporter: these students were evacuated last year, too, for the butt canyon fire. >> last year they have been driving through that scarring from last year's fire. so for a lot of them being evacuated this is going to be traumatic. >> reporter: but a welcome return to normal life for students and parents. >> it's nice to know what tomorrow is going to bring. >> reporter: for now, baby will and his mom erin will stay at the evacuation camp waiting for the all clear. >> i'll be fine. some of these people are going to need my help more than anything and that's what i want to do, help others, because, you know, we'll survive. >> reporter: there are a lot of people here that have wonderful attitudes like that. but you can imagine a lot of people getting very frustrated as well especially with the lack of information. the best guess that cal fire can give these people right now that they will be able to return their property with -- return to their property within seven days.
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live at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga, anne makovec kpix 5. some hot weather this weekend has fire crews worried about the fight against the "valley fire." here are the latest numbers. over 73,000 acres have burned. 585 homes have been destroyed with over 7,000 structures still threatened. cal fire says it's now 40% contained. evacuations have been lifted for the berryessa estate in napa county. cal fire says the goal is to have everyone back as anne mentioned in about a week. "valley fire" has claimed three victims and the lake county sheriff says he would not be surprised to find more bodies as crews search the burn zone. barbara mcwilliams, bruce burns and leonard neft were all trapped as flames raced through lake county last saturday. one other person remains missing. authorities are not releasing his name at this time. crews assessing damage from the "valley fire" had to call the bomb squad after finding an old military shell. it happened yesterday. bomb technician from travis air force base removed it then later detonated it outside of
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middletown. three men are accused of trying to loot homes. a deputy spotted them yesterday driving in the hidden valley lake area. he says they had masks, gloves, burglary tools and a loaded gun in their truck. two of the men are from brisbane, the other from san francisco. all are in custody. in the sierra foothills the "butte fire" is 60% contained. the size of the fire in amador and calaveras counties has remained under 71,000 acres. two people confirmed dead and 365 homes have been be individual to in that fire. investigators say it may have been caused by a pg&e power line that hit a tree. and a message of thanks for firefighters. people lining the streets in angels camp to thank the cruise battling the "butte fire" as they came through. firefighters from santa clara county posted this video saying they were truly humbled. a judge ruled this morning three correctional officers accused in the beating death of a santa clara county inmate will get to post bail. kpix 5's kiet do on the text
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messages that were used against the officers. >> reporter: the judge set the bail for each guard at $1.5 million saying the prosecutor did not prove they were a threat to public safety. we finally got our first look in public of these three guards today in court. rafael rodriguez, jereh lubin and matthew farris appeared in shackles and jail uniforms that said alameda county. that's where they are being held in protective custody. they all face murder charged for allegedly beating a mentally ill inmate to death last month. michael tyree was found unconscious an hour after surveillance cameras captured the three deputies entering his cell. the coroner said tyree died of massive internal bleeding. the district attorney's office asked for a $10 million bail. each saying that the guards posed a threat to public safety because of some incriminating text messages sent about a month before the inmate's death:
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>> we don't know what the context was, what text messages came before though, after those or whether in fact they are actually even texts that trace directly back to our clients. so we have to take a little more time to investigate the case and figure out what it means. >> reporter: the next court appearance is september 28. it will be sometime before they enter a plea. kiet do, kpix 5. >> earlier this week, dozens of santa clara county correctional cadets underwent emergency training on how to deal with mentally ill inmates. a south bay neighborhood is in an uproar after neighbors sued the parents of an autistic child. neighbors on arlington court in sunnyvale complained about the child's allegedly menacing behavior and now two homeowners are suing the parents saying the child is a public nuisance. they say the child's outbursts lowered property values on the street. parents of autistic children think it may lead to other
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lawsuits. a man suspected of a well planned vallejo kidnapping reportedly fainted in court today. 38-year-old matthew muller collapsed and had to be treated by paramedics in court. he was in the process of pleading no contest for an unrelated dublin home invasion. the judge accepted his plea and found him guilty on all charges. muller is also the main suspect in the vallejo kidnapping of denise huskins. but he has not yet faced federal charges in that case. big sugar crackdown in orinda classrooms is causing a backlash from parents. birthday cupcakes are banned as part of an effort to cut sugar in schools. parents aren't happy saying this decision was made without their input. a petition was started to bring back those sweets. a luc' in berkeley is off limits to swim -- a lake in berkeley is off limits to swimmers because of toxic algae. lake anza was closed. dogs can die from it and humans
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can get rashes and intestinal problems. warning signs it around the lake and the regional park in the area and so far there is no indication when the lake will re-open. help on the way to improve security in a bay area airport plagued by trespassers. mineta international airport will receive nearly $1.5 million in federal funding to study improvements to airfield safety. the airport has been at the center of concern after high- profile security breaches on the tarmac. in april 2014 a teenager breached a fence an survived a flight in a wheel well to hawaii. study will begin in november and it will take two years. and san jose airport ranked fifth in the nation for security breaches over the past decade. this year there have been at least five breaches including the man who was discovered walking on the tarmac back in january. a plan to demolish a section of the old bay bridge was approved despite concern it might harm the bay. the bay regulatory commission unanimously granted caltrans permission to use explosives to
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tear down the largest pier in the old bridge. environmental watch groups had argued the implosion will pollute the bay with concrete debris. the implosion will happen november 10. a major financial blow for planned parenthood. what happened today that could lead to a government shutdown. >> and before estate side the pope will go to cuba. his message today for the island nation. >> and we are sunny and mild to start off the day but a significant warmup is on the way. details about some fabulous beach weather th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new this noon, a divided house passed a bill to block planned parenthood's federal funds for a year.
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right now, plan planned gets about $450 million in yearly federal funds. this bill would shift planned parenthood's funding to the thousands of government-backed community health centers. gop lawmakers are outraged overseecretly recorded videos that show planned parenthood officials negotiating prices for fetal tissue. >> we shouldn't be sending $500 million of taxpayer money to funding an ongoing criminal enterprise. >> instead of dealing with the economy of our country, republicans are up to some more, um, um, of their i don't know how to even to describe it, insults, lack of respect for women. >> senate democrats have enough votes to block the bill. an impasse could threaten legislation needed to keep government agencies from closing october 1. the obama administration is making it easier to trade with and travel to cuba. the department of commerce and treasury removing a series of
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restrictions on travel and business in cuba. the new rules go into effect on monday. the u.s. economic embargo on the nation remains in place. pope francis about to make a historic four-day trip to cuba. he is set to travel to the country tomorrow to, quote, share faith and hope with the people. last night the pope delivered an unprecedented televised message to the cuban people telling them that jesus loves them. few cubans are regular church- goers. until recently, the communist government was hostiles towards the catholic church. a military hearing continues to determine today to determine whether former army sergeant bowe bergdahl should be court-martialed. the soldier spent five years in taliban captivity after desertion in afghanistain 2009. he was released last year in a controversial prisoner exchange. the charges he faces carry a possible life sentence. some developing news. croatia has closed its borders
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to refugees seeking asylum. countries are flooded with thousands of migrants daily and don't have the resources to handle them all. mark phillips is in croatia where families are being split up. >> reporter: the refugees came to croatia because the route through hungary next door was closed. the violent scenes in the middle of the week when the hungarians shut the borders started a migration into next door croatia. but the open door policy of the croatian government lasted one day. after an influx of more than 8,000 migrants in that day, the croatians now say they are closing their borders, too. this person from iraq. where do you want to go? >> um, i haven't decide yet but any country that is safe for me. >> reporter: even for those who manage to get across to the despair here has been added [ indiscernible ] as buses, not enough buses, are being brought in to take the migrants to
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reception camps, people swarm them. as police started taking women an children first, families became separated. one thing the families of refugees have managed to do in that travel was stay together. now many are being separated. to make matters worse the route through western europe from here goes through slovenia. they are refusing refugees. mark phillips, croatia. >> croatia has joined the list of countries refusing to take any refugees. let's check in now with julie watts for a look at our weather. >> you know, it's a beautiful forecast. beautiful today. going to be warm to hot this weekend. might be too hot for some folks. but let's check in with our weather watcher. already, well, maybe we'll check in with our weather watcher. [ laughter ] >> already warming up in some areas. we are going to start inland san ramon 80 right now. clear skies plenty of sunshine
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from brian there. 65 degrees along the coast. we'll see plenty of sunshine in pacifica. we'll see plenty of sunshine throughout the day today and all weekend long. let's check in with your currents outside right now. concord 79. 70 in oakland. 79 livermore. san jose 73. 76 in santa rosa. clear skies pretty much areawide thanks in part to this high pressure building. as it builds, so will the temperatures. offshore flow is drying things out keeping conditions clear even at the chose to weekend. so nice beach weather for sure. afternoon sunshine promotes highs near seasonal norms and warm to hot this weekend depending on where you are. sunset tonight 7:13. sunrise tomorrow morning 6:55. checking in with the highs around the bay today starting off down south 85 morgan hill, 82 cupertino. along the coast in the upper 60s near 70. temperatures inland in the
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upper 80s for the warmest spots. brentwood, antioch, fairfield. around the bay 60s around 70 degrees for some of the cooler spots. low 80s in the warmer spots around the bay. up north 84 in santa rosa. so today seasonal. tomorrow above seasonal norms. topping out on sunday. we are going to peak near triple digits for some of the warmest inland spots. we could be flirting with records by sunday but beautiful and sunny even along the coast. the extended forecast shows cooling next week into the low to mid-80s back to seasonal norms. we have the walk to end alzheimer's this weekend that a lot of kpix 5 folks will be at. 70 degrees here in san francisco. so that is warm for us in san francisco. >> that's perfect walking. >> he it is. >> not too hot or too cold. an ugly day in the stock market. the dow got crushed on this last day of trading on a friday. whoo! down almost 300 points right now. good news for bay area home
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buyers. prices are down. the median price paid for a new or existing home was $650,000 last month. that's down 1.3% from july. it's still a 6% increase to a year ago though. in august, home sales slumped 10%, as well. some real estate experts say the slowdown is tied to a tighter inventory of homes for sale and affordability. it is the story that's sweeping the internet today. why this setter has risen to ,,,
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well, got quit a mess. take a look of the a watermelon mess on a north carolina freeway. a truck crashed after the truck blew a tire on thursday. the melons were on the way down to florida. tons of melons scattered across lanes of interstate 95. the fire department used high pressure hoses to wash the mess out of the lanes. the driver had minor injuries. the melons no so much, they don't look so good. no melons for tony today. it's all about spuds. >> these are the little ones. today he is shopping for mini golden potatoes. >> reporter: well, today's tip
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of the day is mini gold potatoes baby yukon gold. they have different names once in a while but they are great. when you cut them in half inside they are yellow. it's like mother nature put butter right inside them. loaded with flavor and the mashed potato you can make out of this is incredible. a little more than russetts. yellow all the way around. a lot of times they are sold in nets. that's okay but look through the net. no potato sprouting at all. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away. that's so importantle but don't store them for too long maybe a week at the most. buy them and enjoy them quickly. baby potatoes, baby gold potatoes. i love these. they taste great and they are great for us. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. now there's an app for bacon lovers looking for fellow bacon lovers. oscar mayer developed the app called sizzle and it works like
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the popular dating app tinder. your profile includes photos, hobbies and bacon preferences, crispy or chewy, smoked or peppered. you may find the perfect match. >> think they are running out of app ideas. just a thought. although i do like bacon. and in today's jobs report, jill schlesinger has advice for those looking for a new career. reporter: there's a job you may have prepared for simply by searching for one yourself. a career counselor. counselors assist people with job related decisions by helping them choose a career path or educational program suitable for their skills. career counselors work in colleges, government agencies and career centers as well as in private practices. they develop plans to improve their clients' current careers and provide advice about entering a new profession. some may work in outplacement firms and assist laid-off workers with transitioning into new jobs or careers. others work in corporate career centers to assist employees in making decisions about their career path within their companies. most employers require career
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counselors to have a master's degree with a focus on career development. and some prefer to hire licensed career counselors although a license is required in many settings. to learn more about the requirements in california, you can visit the national board for certified counselors website, i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is a sweet story out of washington state. two dogs missing for a week were finally found with one of the dogs keeping watch over the other. the setter stuck by the side of the bassett hound. finally someone noticed the dog turning toward a ravine which led to the stuck dog. >> they are buddies. >> yeah. >> i heard they ate a lot of food
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♪ >> wyatt: so, do we have a deal? >> bill: [ sighs ] spencer fashion house. >> katie: i'll help them. >> bill: you'll help them? you have any idea what kind of help you're talking about, katie? i would need someone with your experience to run the show. >> katie: done. >> bill: you... it has to be about more than trying to impress your girlfriend. you want to do that, you can borrow the jet, you can borrow the yacht, but, wyatt, you are asking me to invest a lot of money in a company. >> wyatt: no, no, no. i'm asking you to let me make us all rich... er.


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